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Beware! BankPaying has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everyone! I still have lots to get through on MNO over the next couple of days, and the program I’m looking at before today’s news section is one called BankPaying. At two months online this can’t exactly be termed a brand new program, however once you see the investment plans and see that BankPaying is a long term HYIP and yet to complete its first cycle this becomes less of an issue. In fact with the new season getting started I’ll guess the admin is only thinking about expanding the advertising strategy around now. But despite not completing the first cycle yet BankPaying has still been online long enough to put the first members into profit, so some of you will probably have seen some positive feedback on them before now.

If you are familiar with BankPaying, and I don’t see why plenty of you won’t be, then before we get any further you should be aware that this is now a very different program to the one that first launched back in early November. BankPaying started life as a much higher interest program, however the admin has since reassessed this decision and moved to change the plans to what we now see on offer today. The rate itself appears to have been cut but what was ultimately the goal in doing this was to extend the life of the program and make it eventually more profitable in the long run. Members who joined under the old set-up have since been moved to the new plans. I don’t know how they reacted to that, but I can only tell you about what BankPaying are offering to you at the time of writing.

What you have in BankPaying right now, which is all that really matters, is basically just one investment plan. It’s broken down into two subsections depending on how much you wish to deposit, with the bigger spenders getting the higher returns as you might expect. It need only cost you a $10 minimum to sign up and become a member, and once you’re in the plan runs for a term of 80 calendar days. Between $10 and anything up to a $4,999 maximum you can earn a daily interest rate of 2%. Unlike a lot of longer term HYIPs though, BankPaying are including your initial principal as part of those payments, so by the time the plan expires your total earnings of 160% will be your own money plus 60% net profit. Granted that might not sound like as much as what’s on offer in many other similar style HYIPs, but a just as important though often overlooked quality is sustainability in investor’s portfolios.

So if we look at a practical example of this plan in action, let’s say you invested $100. For this BankPaying will return $2 per day for 80 days. You should earn back an amount equal to your deposit on receipt of your fiftieth payment, and then start counting the profits from that point on. On expiry of the plan your earnings will hopefully come to $160 in total, which includes your initial hundred (like I said not returned in a separate payment) and $60 profit.

For those looking for a larger payout, and consequently a higher risk to go with it, BankPaying are offering a 2.3% daily interest payment for the same 80 calendar day term to anyone spending from a $5,000 minimum and no upper limit. Again they factor your initial spend into the payments and will not return in in a separate on-expiry payment. In addition to keeping the plan more sustainable, this also allows you to break even a bit faster, after 44 days. Profit starts to come after that, and your final return which adds up to 184% includes your own money plus 84% profit.

The investment plans might seem OK but other aspects of BankPaying do leave some room for improvement, or at least they do from the investor’s point of view anyway. Starting with payment options, the list includes EgoPay, PerfectMoney, and LibertyReserve, so that would need to be expanded if BankPaying are to attract more serious players. Up until now payments have generally been instant which is always nice, you just need to log on to your members account area, make the request, and you should see the money in your account in under a minute. The admin does however reserve the right to process these payments manually in the event of any technical glitches. Should this be the case then there is no exact timetable for payouts given, with the FAQ simply saying “shortly”.

Somewhere else BankPaying could improve things is in the area of website security, but what they do have is quite a decent script, having been licensed from ProBizScript which is acknowledged by those in the know as dependable enough. The issue is that of the hosting provider. BankPaying is on a dedicated server with the support and protection of CloudFlare. The admin seems convinced this is a good choice, however I would not be in agreement with him on this one. I’m sure their a perfectly good company in “the real world”, but when it comes to the HYIP industry we all know the rules are a little different. I’ve seen them host a couple of HYIP websites in the past, and I have to say in all honesty that the results were poor. It’s a good thing then that BankPaying are keeping a number of mirror sites running at the same time. In addition to the .com extension you can also access the site by using either .net or .biz, with more to follow according to the admin. The website is SSL secured however.

For any further questions or account related issues then you can get in touch by filling in your details in the online ticketing form and submitting it via the support page. BankPaying are also keeping a Facebook page so you can check them out there too. For a more personal touch however the program also employs a network of regional representatives around the world. You can see a list of names and contact details on the website so you might be lucky and find someone you can converse with in your own language. Who knows, maybe even one of your neighbours, lol! If not then just contact the admin through the regular channels but if you’re any good at that sort of thing and would like to have a go at being a representative yourself then there’s an application form you can fill out. I have no idea what the rewards are, I’d guess an improved ref commission rate, though you’d really have to ask the BankPaying admin that yourself.

Texts are copy/pasted and have been used in other online HYIPs in the past, so I’d suggest you ignore it anyway, but for the record BankPaying are claiming to be some sort of international investment company, but details are a bit sketchy as you would expect from an online HYIP and don’t get get into any specifics. Whatever you think about that yourself, you really have no way of verifying it and so therefore the only sensible option is to disregard it completely. While it’s true the admin has done some things to try and improve the lifetime of the program, you still need to treat them as any other online HYIP, which is as an opportunity to make some money but an unpredictable and high risk one that can carry a very high cost if it doesn’t work out. The only way to minimize that cost is to only spend sums of money well within a sensible limit that it wouldn’t bother you to lose, and if joining BankPaying at all then try to keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.



To start the news section today I’m pleased to say there’s been some good news from NewGNi. I know some of you will have mixed feelings on this, going by the mail I’ve been receiving anyway, but the situation there has definitely improved. It hasn’t exactly changed mind you, but it has improved if that makes sense. Just to remind you of what’s been happening there recently, you might remember that after a solid 12 months of non-stop payments, the NewGNi admin Jurgen finally announced a short holiday for the program over the Christmas and New Year holidays. Nothing wrong with that, or even unusual, as plenty of other long term programs were doing the same. The trouble arose last Monday, when payments to members were not only promised to resume, they were also promised to be completed. Things unfortunately didn’t quite work out like that, with payments resuming OK, but not being completed. A lot of members were left frustrated by this, with Jurgen simply stating very briefly that he was finished for the day, and would carry on with the remaining payouts on Tuesday (today) and Wednesday.

Under the circumstances I had no other choice than to move NewGNi to Waiting Status on my monitor, especially as they now only pay one day per week in the first place. Prior to the holidays NewGNi had no problems completing all payments on time every Monday as is how they’ve been doing things since closing to new members on December 1st last. Therefore not many people could see any logic as to why they couldn’t be completed upon returning from holiday. They didn’t accept any new members after all so the workload could hardly have been that much bigger.

But whatever the reason for payments not being completed on Monday as promised – and let’s be clear about this speculation about what’s going on helps nobody – the payments did indeed resume today as promised, and this time a lot more bigger sums were paid out than yesterday. So with all due respect to members still waiting to get paid, I know this doesn’t put money in your pockets but at least it’s a very positive and welcome development. Not enough for me to take NewGNi off Waiting Status on my monitor I’m afraid, but it doesn’t push them any closer to Problem Status either. So all in all a good day for investors but far from a perfect one. Jurgen himself told me that he’ll be issuing a newsletter later in the week, though I thought that may have been more effective had he sent it today. As Jurgen is the one in charge of the money however you have little other choice in the matter except to be patient and see what happens. I too will give NewGNi the benefit of the doubt here, as Jurgen has never once let me down in the past, but I’ll keep a close watch on the situation and would urge all existing members to show caution until the situation with post holiday payments stabilizes. I’ll decide on the final status of the program tomorrow – either Paying or Problem – based on whether the payments are completed as promised tomorrow or not.


After 20 days of successful payouts and two successfully completed cycles of 15% for 10 days CashROTOR has added the fourth and fifth payment processors in EgoPay and Pexpay. They join SolidTrustPay, LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney:

Dear Investors! Both EgoPay and PexPay are now supported by CashROTOR. All withdrawals are instant and not limited.

CashROTOR has become the first biggest short-term program of the 2013 for a reason – impeccable and instantly processed payouts to all payment processors with a very lucrative plan offering 15% for 10 calendar days with 50% net profit overall. For the existing members of CashROTOR there is no need to add their new EgoPay or PexPay account anywhere, since the program is running off a unique script and they can rather continue making deposits and process withdrawals as usual. I’m finally starting to see the admin fulfilling his plans to expand as discussed in my interview with him published here. With more payment processors added and instant payouts processed to all CashROTOR will be even more attractive for investors looking for a lucrative HYIP. Just remember that CashROTOR is a high-risk program, so only invest what we can afford to lose, but in my honest opinion it’s moving in exactly the right direction and growing quite nicely over the last few weeks. For more information please refer to my detailed review published here.


Just yesterday I reviewed SafeguardWallet on my blog (click here to read it) and I’m already receiving some great feedback from readers congratulating me on the next great entry to the list of short-term programs on MNO this year. I would like to remind you that SafeguardWallet pays 18% daily for 8 calendar days and the first withdrawals have been processed to members’ LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney accounts – the only payment processors so far accepted. Although the admin reassured investors that two more popular payment options would be added in the near future – EgoPay and SolidTrustPay – we’ll wait and see if that really happens. By the way, you should remember that all the withdrawals from SafeguardWallet are processed manually by the admin and can take up to 24 hours. In the first official newsletter from the program the admin asks for patience as the withdrawal requests are not paid fast, but do allow the full 24 hours to elapse before complaining. Please read the first ever official newsletter from SafeguardWallet, hopefully the first of many, below:

SafeguardWallet Newsletter #1
Hello SafeguardWallet Members,
We are sending out our first newsletter. Our newsletters will be sent out periodically to keep all members informed of the happenings of SafeguardWallet.
First thing we would like to address is payout time frames. We have stated on our website that please allow 24 hours for ALL PAYOUT REQUESTS. Please do not contact us prior to the expiration of a 24 hour time frame.
Additionally we would like to announce that we are going to implement EgoPay and SolidTrustPay in the future. EgoPay will likely be first followed by SolidTrustPay once everything has been verified.
Thank You SafeguardWallet Members!


Although being on MNO since September 2012, TureProfit has been online since December 2011 and will soon be marking its 13th month online in January. That’s a fantastic achievement for any program and the decision to join the 8% for 50 weeks plan with principal back on expiry put a lot of investors in profit. Obviously it’s all about the betting on the right horse and who would’ve thought back in 2011 that TureProfit would become such a wonderful and long-lasting program for everyone? Anyway, somehow they managed to achieve this and continue to pay to every single investor who made a deposit of at least $10 via LibertyResereve, SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, or PerfectMoney payment processors. Even last month when it was announced that the admin of TureProfit Julian decided to change the investment plan a bit and return the original principals to investors, not many of us believed it was a true gift to all the members rather than a marketing gimmick. But here we are, for more than a month the very first investors of TureProfit got their principals back. By the way, up until now only withdrawals to EgoPay were not done instantly, being done manually by the admin within 24 hours of request. Now, the script was modified to allow instant withdrawals to EgoPay too, and after testing this feature today I can confirm that it is true and I was paid instantly today. And after fixing the issues with missing deposits all the deposits made into TureProfit should appear instantly after you pay for it from your payment processor of choice. I wish TureProfit (reviewed here) an another successful year ahead and more profits for investors. You can find the latest newsletter from Julian below:

TureProfit News – EgoPay instant payment is available now.
You have received this email because you are our membership. Perhaps you have noticed in the past few days, when you deposit, obviously have completed the payment, but the money can not be added to your account. Our staff had to add to your investment manually. This brings a lot of inconvenience to our investors. we are sorry for this matter. Now we can be pleased to tell you that we have fixed our script, everything can run normally. Your investment can be added to your account immediately. Of course, if you still have any trouble, please let us know. Besides, we have upgraded our EgoPay payment system. Once you request withdrawal, it will be paid immediately. But, if pending, don’t worry, we’ll process it manually soon. Worth noting that EgoPay payment system requirements minimum payout is $1, so your EgoPay withdrawal shall not be less than $1. Otherwise, you can not complete the payment.
Finally, we look forward to all investors will have a perfect 2013 as in the past, we will provide you with the best financial services. Please keep away from those scam projects, away from the imitation of our project. Only here your money is the safest. So please remember our unique website. Our online support is ready for servicing for you. Or you can call our representative for help. That is welcome.
Best regards, Julian Lester


Stravia (reviewed here) has also officially announced today that all withdrawals made from to LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, and EgoPay are going to processed instantly from now on. After four weeks online Stravia deserves some recognition for its fast payouts on the 2.7%-5% for 70 business days plan with principal returned on expiry. In a few weeks we should see the first members in profit there. The decision to go ahead with the instant payouts after a testing period should positively affect the program level and attract a lot of investors who prefer instant payouts over those manually processed by admins. But just in case you are not paid instantly by Stravia please be patient as the rule for 36 hour manual payments still applies in the event of some technical glitch. Here is the latest from Stravia:

Stravia Newsletter – Instant withdrawals to all processor
We announced earlier that we were testing out instant withdrawals and we are glad to announce that it was a success with our members.
All withdrawals through Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money and Egopay should be instant now.
If any withdrawals doesn’t go through instantly for any reason, we will process it manually in 36 hours or less.
Best regards, Stravia Inc.


ReferToWealth proved to be another dismal failure as this awful scam stopped paying yesterday. With 1% daily returns and less than 40 days online the program was nothing but a disaster for everyone who had the misfortune to join. The admin had some issues with payouts before and ReferToWealth was already moved to Problem status on MNO once, but it was fixed pretty fast after the payouts resumed. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen this time and the program went down without saying a word and will be remembered as just another failed scam. Please do not invest in ReferToWealth as the program has been moved to Problem status on MNO and will probably continue to Scam status soon!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 24 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: CashROTOR, UsdTrading.
From MNO Premium list: ProfitableSunrise, EurexTrade, SureInv, StallionGold, ProsperaNova, Mox, ProForexUnion, DiamondAsset, BensonUnion, 4FXInvestment, EpicRoyalFund, TureProfit, Nubcoyu, Stravia, ZionFinance, BankPayingSafeguardWallet, GISolutionsAlevrasInvestments, MGProfit, AlphaCapitalFx.
From MNO Standard list: –
From MNO Basic listTrackInvest, ForexMoneyBank, Sun7Life, InvestmentCapitalMainaLimited, Finance7, TheInvestmentBank, Money&Credit, Monearn.

That’s all I can think of tonight, guys. Please stay tuned for tomorrow’s detailed review of MGProfit accompanied with the usual daily news from the HYIP industry. See you all then!

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