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Beware! ForkStrategy has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everybody! Hope you’re all looking forward to the weekend again. I must say it’s been an exceptionally quiet end to the business week with almost no important news stories to report this evening. But I’ll get to that in a the news section after I tell you a bit more about a new medium-term program called ForkStrategy which has just been added to my monitoring page. By no means a flawless program it is nevertheless one I’d be cautiously optimistic for and would have some reasonable expectations of. I mean there are some drawbacks which I’ll get to in a moment, but overall I do think this one was put together with a longer view in mind. Success is never guaranteed obviously, but it does look as is if sustainability was firmly on the agenda when the admin putting it all together. So let’s take a closer look at the main features of ForkStrategy and see if there’s anything there you like.

Starting as usual with the investment plans, I have to say that whereas I’m positive about ForkStrategy as a whole, their plans could prove a little tricky to sell. The thing is that while they’re sustainable and achievable by industry standards, they also only pay the members back once on expiry. That’s not unusual of course but when you remember that ForkStrategy is as I said a medium term program it’s a leap of faith that many investors may not be prepared to take. For example, one plan runs for 45 days. That would be fine were the admin to offer daily, even weekly interest payments. But instead you have to wait the full term before ever getting a cent back from it, and how many experienced players are prepared to do that? Very few I’d reckon, so it’s going to take a long time for ForkStrategy to earn the confidence and reputation to overcome this difficult task. The good news is though that all the ForkStrategy investment plans come with very affordable minimum spending requirements, so in financial terms the risk really doesn’t have to be as big as you think at first, or at least not unless you make it so yourself. You are also free to spread your deposit between the plans, concentrating the bigger part of it in the shorter term options and putting a smaller amount in the longer term ones if that’s how you want to play it.

Having said all that, ForkStrategy‘s shortest term plan has some way to run yet before completing it’s first cycle and putting the first investors into profit, and starting the program off on the road to earning the trust and reputation I was talking about. You can join for a $10 minimum deposit and the term then runs for 15 calendar days. On expiry you can expect one single payout of 115% that includes your original principal. So it’s your own money back plus 15% profit on top for yourself. The same rate applies to all deposits no matter how big or small, up to the maximum amount allowed of $20,000.

The second plan also carries a $10 minimum deposit, or anything up to a $20,000 maximum if you prefer. The difference is that the term runs for 30 calendar days, and only on expiry of which ForkStrategy makes one single payment of 150%. This includes the investor’s principal, so it’s your own money back plus an extra 50% net profit to go with it.

And lastly ForkStrategy‘s highest risk plan, but still only carrying a $10 minimum requirement to join, runs for a 45 calendar day term. This time all deposits up to a maximum value of $20,000 are promised a payment of 200% on expiry. Nice if it works out for you but I’d suspect most deposits here, if any ever even get made, would be a hell of a lot closer to the $10 minimum than the $20K. Anyway, that’s entirely up to you of course and I’ll just remind you that your principal is counted as part of the payment so it’s double your money back for this plan.

Payment options are pretty good, though that’s fairly commonplace now with any new program that wants to be taken seriously by experienced industry players. The list of processors allowed by ForkStrategy includes SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, PerfectMoney, and LibertyReserve. Payments are made manually by the admin and require you to log into your private ForkStrategy members account area and making a request. After doing so you are asked to allow up to 36 hours for all transactions to be completed. Incidentally, bank wires are also accepted but as a totally different set of rules (minimum transaction limits, processing times, and so on) would apply you should contact the admin directly for instructions.

On the technical side of things the ForkStrategy website is immediately impressive, and I don’t just mean in relation to the actual security but to the whole design and organization as well. For instance there’s a lot of genuinely practical information one can make proper use of and not just the usual HYIP nonsense about fictional currency dealings. For example the investment plans are spelt out in a bit more detail and strategies to help you decide which plan is better designed for you rather than just listing them off for you. Also included is a comparable table of payment processor fees. But in addition to all that the ForkStrategy website is running off a Gotenks script, SSL-encrypted by Comodo for safer browsing and more secure transactions, and hosted on a dedicated server with the support and protection of BlockDos who are acknowledged as one of the best options for HYIP related websites. If you have any further questions for the ForkStrategy admin or any account related issues then you can get in touch by filling out the support ticketing form and submitting it via the contacts page. ForkStrategy will in turn give a tracking ID number for your query so you can follow it and make sure it’s dealt with to your satisfaction. A more useful tool however might be the Live Chat feature where, if there’s an operator online at the time, you can get your questions answered in real time.

If you’re really interested in hearing it, the alleged business plan supposedly supporting the payouts to ForkStrategy members is we are told sports arbitrage betting. I think we’ve heard that one more than once in the past by now, indeed just like almost any other stories used by HYIPs. The choice to believe it or not is entirely up to yourself of course (I know what I think, which doesn’t have any bearing on the success or failure of the program anyway), but despite the good original website and interesting texts there is in fact very little given over to proving any of it. So I would suggest you not take it too seriously and only treat ForkStrategy as you would every other online program. That means establishing a spending limit you can comfortably afford to lose and will never exceed under any circumstances. And if joining ForkStrategy at all then keep them as a smaller part of a wider and more diverse portfolio.



The HurricaneAssets website (reviewed here) was under a huge DDoS attack yesterday, making it inaccessible to investors for a number of hours. Fortunately, all the necessary measures were undertaken which allowed to bring the site back to normal work in no time as it was reported on the site later on:

DDoS Attack
Currently we are experiencing an enormous DDoS attack, which can cause the issues with the website access. Our administrators are already working to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

HurricaneAssets has been online for five weeks already paying on 0.9% for 30 business days and 1.1%-2.4% for 150 business days with principal back on expiry plans. The program became more popular when it recently expanded the list of the payment processors which now includes EgoPay and SolidTrustPay in addition to the original LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney. I guess the DDoS attack obviously launched by HurricaneAssets‘ competitors yesterday is yet further proof of the program’s success.


As you might know, the administration of the most popular payment processor SolidTrustPay is located in Canada which is sometimes subjected to extreme winter snowfalls at this time of year, and one side affect that can accompany this is disruption to the telephone network. According to information on the official blog of SolidTrustPay their phone support center was not working properly due to some harsh weather conditions today, but management are hopeful of getting back to normal by the beginning of the next business week. Before re-posting the announcement about STP’s phone support I would like to encourage you all to read my most recent interview with the STP CEO Stella here, so to know more about this payment system:

Phone Support Closed – February 8, 2013
Unfortunately, SolidTrust Pay’s phone support centre – which is located in an area without public transit – is closed today due to inclement weather. Regrettably, due to heavy snowfall today, our phone support representatives are unable to safely travel to work.
For assistance, please visit our support centre and submit a ticket for online help. Our staff will be responding to ticket requests as quickly as possible.
We look forward to returning to regular office hours on Monday, February 11 and thank you for your patience.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 24 hours:
From MNO Sticky listProForexUnion, OilOfAsia, MGProfit.
From MNO Premium list: ProfitableSunrise, EurexTrade, SureInv, StallionGold, 4FXInvestment, BensonUnion, VisitAd, Stravia, PerfectForex, GoldenPayment, Xgolding, AirCargoXpress,  Black&WhiteFund, FatProfit, Profitable2013RewardsWeekly, StockEvoTrade, ADSolid, HurricaneAssets, ExpressProfitShares, AXAIndustries.
From MNO Standard list: TradExFund, PureIncome.
From MNO Basic list: TrackInvest, XtremeRichness, InvestmentCapital, MainaLimited, Finance7, Fxen, Money&Credit, StableInv (the first payment received).

That’s all the news for this Friday night, guys. Not much, I know, but at least I didn’t have to tell you about any closures as all the currently monitored programs on MNO are working smoothly. Have a nice weekend and hope to see you all again tomorrow with a detailed review of ExpressProfitShares plus the regular daily news from the HYIP industry. Stay tuned for that and see you all then!

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