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Beware! SmartChoiceInvest has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hi everyone! So far it’s been a slow enough day for news in the HYIP industry which is normally the case for Saturday, so I hope you’ve all had an enjoyable weekend so far. There’s a few things to catch up with as there always is of course, so I’ll be getting to that in a moment, but first I want to start with a new short term program called SmartChoiceInvest which opened ten days ago and was listed on the MNO Basic Listing before the admin decided to upgrade during the week. So let’s take a closer look at the plans SmartChoiceInvest are offering plus their other main features, and see if you think they’re worth putting a few bucks on.

SmartChoiceInvest has five plans to choose from, and is normally the case with programs like this some are reasonably priced and can easily make a modest profit for experienced investors who understand how to play HYIPs like this. There’s a couple of others best avoided as they are unlikely to yield much more than an easy couple of bucks for the admin. Admittedly they all carry some degree of risk some plans carry a much better chance of getting paid than others as we shall see. I have to say though that in comparison with similar short term HYIPs the rates being offered by SmartChoiceInvest‘s admin would strike me as being very much more realistic and achievable overall, but mostly those offered to the more modestly sized deposits. The main difference between this and the programs similar to it is that SmartChoiceInvest are making daily interest payments as opposed to on expiry ones, so that at least does something to take the edge off some of the riskier propositions there.

So to start with the first plan runs for a term of just 1 single day and makes one interest payment on expiry, a payment that includes your principal. So join today and get paid tomorrow. The minimum cost of joining is $5 and for anything up to a deposit of $50 SmartChoiceInvest offer a return of 102%, or 2% profit. You may make a larger deposit if you can afford to, and expect a higher percentage in return. The rates are calculated as follows:
Deposits of $51 to $200 will earn 103%, from $201 to $1,000 will earn 104%, and from $1,001 to $5,000 will earn 106%. Check the SmartChoiceInvest members area for information on larger investments if interested.

SmartChoiceInvest‘s remaining plans take a slightly different direction than we would normally expect at this time, with the second one running for 2 calendar days but making daily interest payments. You can join for a $5 minimum and for anything up to $50 receive a daily payment of 53%. That adds up to 106% in total by the final day, and includes your principal. So it’s your own money back plus 6% net profit. Higher rates are offered to bigger investors, and are calculated as follows:
54% per day (108% total) for amounts between $51 and $200, 55% per day on $201 to $1,000 (110% total), and 57% daily (114% total) for anything from $1,001 up to a maximum value of $5,000. You can find applicable rates for anything bigger than 5K in your members account area.

Next we come to a plan that makes daily payments for a term of 3 calendar days. $5 is the minimum cost to join, and for anything up to $50 SmartChoiceInvest will pay you back 38% interest per day, principal included. That comes to 114% in total, or your own money plus 14% profit. For larger deposits SmartChoiceInvest apply the following rates:
39% per day (117% total) for amounts between $51 and $200, 40% per day on $201 to $1,000 (120% total), and 42% daily (126% total) for anything from $1,001 up to a maximum value of $5,000. See your account area for further information if genuinely serious about risking more than that.

The fourth plan runs for a term of 5 calendar days and also pays per day. The same $5 minimum deposit is required to join and for anything up to $50 SmartChoiceInvest are paying back 25% interest per day, a figure that includes your principal. The total therefore come to 125% so that’s 25% profit for yourself. For anyone going further the following rates are offered:
26% per day (130% total) for amounts between $51 and $200, 27% per day on $201 to $1,000 (135% total), and 29% daily (145% total) for anything from $1,001 up to a maximum value of $5,000. Again for anyone seriously thinking of going past that you can see what SmartChoiceInvest are offering from inside your members area.

SmartChoiceInvest‘s final plan pays every day for a term of 10 calendar days and costs $5 to join. The return is 16% per day on anything up to $50 and that includes your principal. So that comes to 160% back altogether, or 60% profit. If you’re feeling lucky and wish to take a bigger risk then SmartChoiceInvest make the following offers:
17% per day (170% total) for amounts between $51 and $200, 18% per day on $201 to $1,000 (180% total), and 20% daily (200% total) for anything from $1,001 up to a maximum value of $5,000. Check out your SmartChoiceInvest members area to see what they offer to investments bigger than that. I’d just add that the rates would be difficult to maintain, but not impossible as long as the initial deposit is small. In other words assuming SmartChoiceInvest is still online and paying in ten days (which is by no means guaranteed) you’d stand a far better chance of collecting interest on a $5 deposit than a $5,000 one for the term’s full duration (and please note that I said chance, not guarantee).

Payment options are OK, with SmartChoiceInvest using all the popular processors such as SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney. Payments are not instant and will have to be requested from inside your members area. The admin says you should expect to see the completed transaction in your chosen e-currency account in not more than 12 hours, a schedule I hope he doesn’t struggle to keep up with.

If the SmartChoiceInvest investment plans remind you of so many other short term programs of the recent past then so too will the design. The program runs off a licensed GoldCoders script which most will spot instantly, though overall I can’t say it looks particularly memorable or unique. Hosting is provided by MaxAntiDDos who are keeping SmartChoiceInvest on a dedicated server by BlackLotus, so that at least is positive. Just remember that that only applies to the actual website and has no bearing on the safety of your deposit. There is also an SSL connection available. If you have any further questions or just want to make some suggestions to the admin then the main point of contact with him is by filling out the e-mail ticketing form on the contacts page.

At this stage there’s probably very few of you actually expecting to find some kind of business plan in operation behind SmartChoiceInvest. It would be naïve of anyone to believe anything here would be genuine anyway. For the record they simply describe themselves as a “trading company” and leave it at that. Trading what exactly, I have no idea. It’s not stated but I very much doubt it’s anything. There’s been a lot of HYIPs like this in the recent past and in all fairness considering the huge rates they offer some of them haven’t been al that bad, but not forgetting that none of them can sustain themselves forever you need to act accordingly, take advantage of it at the right time, use SmartChoiceInvest only as a smaller part of a wider investment portfolio, and always always stay within sensible and affordable spending limits.



Please note that the coming Monday is an official holiday in the US which will be used by many HYIPs as an excuse not to pay anyone. StallionGold today announced that there will be no interest credited to members’ accounts on Presidents Day which falls on February, 18th so be aware of that when you check your account with them on Monday and don’t expect to see your usual profits that usually credited on every business day on the 1.5%-4% for 100 business days with the initial principal return in four instalments during the term. I would like to remind you that StallionGold is currently ranked a respectable #4 on MNO’s Premium listing after paying for over five months to LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, EgoPay, OkPay, and PexPay. Investments start from only a $1 minimum so it’s affordable to literally everyone while the instantly processed payouts are just another bonus that made StallionGold so popular among MNO readers. If you’re interested in knowing more please check out my detailed review of StallionGold published here or my interview with the program’s admin Edward here. The latest short can be read below:

Presidents Day
Dear investors and website visitors, due to the Presidents Day celebration within the locales affecting our business operations, no profits will be credited to user accounts for the day of upcoming Monday, February 18th, 2012.


As you know from my review of ADSolid (published here) the program positions itself not only as an online HYIP offering 1.2%-2.1% for 150 days with instant payments processed to LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay, and EgoPay accounts and the interest credited on business days only with the principal return on expiry, but also as an advertising platform offering promotion. So starting from February 18 and for the duration of the month ADSolid will hold a contest in which the best referrers will be rewarded with a percentage of the amount spent in the program by the advertiser. Sounds confusing? Well, the full rules of the contest are published on ADSolid‘s website and MNO readers can also familiarize themselves with them below:

Dear Partners!
Thanks to your support, our project keeps developing at a rapid pace! Thank you for your work with us!
Many of you have already got payments in the amount of 10% of the funds raised by advertisers. It was decided by administration of the project to hold a competition to attract a greater number of advertisers in ADSolid and the winners will get cash prizes!
1) The contest will be held for 30 days.
2) Participants must draw new advertisers using their referral links.
3) The winner will get a percentage of the funds raised.
4) Funds raised from several advertisers are summed.
5) These prizes are immediately available to the withdrawal from the project.
The competition starts on February 18!
Percentage that we will pay to our partners from the amount invested in the project by advertisers.
First Place – 50%, Second place – 40%, Third place – 30%
Winners of the fourth to seventh place will get 20% of the funds invested by advertisers.
List of winners (after approval) will be published on the websites of our partners, as well as in the newsletter.
Good luck!


The admin of TradExFund issued another newsletter that was really more of a self promotional stunt as it didn’t contain any new or practical information on the program. He just informs members about the successful completion of the first month online and reported about 1,000 active investors. Although one month does not even mark the completion of the first cycle as TradExFund pays 5% for 30 business days to LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay, and EgoPay accounts, the admin seems to be very enthusiastic about the future and promises to make it one of the most successful projects of 2013. Well, so far we still have to see even one proper cycle before making such bold conclusions, but TradExFund is definitely getting there gradually day after day when the payouts are paid like clockwork. Despite the recent hacking attempts that forced a move from instant to manual payouts, TradExFund seems to be unstoppable so far and I hope that the admin will keep up the good work for a long time to come. The latest newsletter from TradExFund (reviewed here) in full can be read below:

TradExFund NewsLetter
Dear TradExFund Members,
We are happy to inform you today, that our program is now a month online on paying status and we would like to thank our members for their great support and trust as we complete our one month online. During this period TradExFund project has achieved over 1000 active members. Despite the problem we faced on the hacking of our website Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money account but our project still remain strong. The only thing we did is to start manual processing of payment into our members account to avert future reoccurrence and we will again start Instant payments within a few days. We promise you earlier that our project will be one of the best in the year 2013 and beyond and as you can see that we are getting stronger and fulfilling our promises. We want to also thank all our members for your trust we wouldn’t have achieve this without you. We want to inform you that our suggestion box is still open to all members and we welcome criticism as well to enable us wax stronger. Once again we thank all our members for your trust and great support .
Thanks & Regards
TradExFund Team


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 24 hours:
From MNO Sticky listProForexUnion, MGProfit, OilOfAsia, PerfectForex.
From MNO Premium list: ProfitableSunrise, FelminaAlliance, StallionGold, TureProfit, 4FXInvestment, BensonUnion, MajestiCrownGoldenPayment, Stravia, FatProfit, Black&WhiteFund,  AirCargoXpressExpressProfitShares, AXAIndustries, ADSolid, WaldmanDiamond, HurricaneAssets, MalaysianINC, CostaAlliance (the first payments received).
From MNO Standard list: SmartChoiceInvest, AxiomInvestingGroup, PureIncome.
From MNO Basic list: EasyGrowthInvestmentCapital, MainaLimited, Finance7, Fxen, Money&Credit, TheInvestmentBank, SecureGains (the first payments received).

That’s all for tonight. Please come back tomorrow for the full review of a program called MalaysianINC and all the daily news from the HYIP industry. See you then, folks!

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