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Beware! ADSolid has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hi everyone! Friday again so I hope you’ve all had a good week and are looking forward to a couple of days putting your feet up and taking it easy. As I said in yesterday’s post I’m taking the day off myself from the news updates, but I still have something for you that you may like which is a new interview I received from the admin of ADSolid. That’s a recently launched long term HYIP which if I’m honest a lot of readers have commented they find unnecessarily complicated but I think was explained well enough in my review of the project first published here. We’ll see if the admin of ADSolid (reviewed here) makes it any easier for you himself in a moment, but to give you the basics of what it’s all about the program offers 1.2%-2.1% for a term of 150 calendar days but with payments on business days only, and your principal back on expiry. So let’s hear what the admin has to say about it all.

1. Hello Timoleon, please introduce yourself to the readers of MNO and tell us please about your own involvement in ADSolid. What experience do you have in the HYIP industry?

Hello! My role in the project is to coordinate and direct the work of our team of professionals. I’m reading a lot and getting information from different sources and I’m analyzing it before making a decision. In the HYIP industry I am working for the last several years and I have the experience in running such projects.

2. Explain the investment plans in detail to us. What ROIs are on offer. What are the minimum and maximum amounts to invest?

ROI of our plans is not as simple as it seems at first glance.

First, we pay only on weekdays, so from 150 days you need to subtract about 28%, in total only 108 days are left at which we pay. The simple math (look at the plan “Gold”) is 1.2% x 108 = 129.6% of profit plus deposit itself after the investment position is complete. But it does not include these features: daily deposit rate is growing by 0.002%, without any conditions.

Over the entire period of investment the investor receives +22.35% of these, from the first glance, tiny accruals.

Then, depending on the situation in the project, we add 0..0.2% to the daily rate. This is an average 12..17% gain for the entire period of investment. To receive this bonus, you just need to visit your private office daily. The logic is this: investor visiting the site, browses the ads, and gets a bonus.

In addition there is a bonus for posting payout proofs on forums. When registering them in his account, the investor gets +0.003% as an accrual to the deposit rate for its biggest investment position. Payout proofs can be registered once a day, and if so, then for the entire investment period it can be +33.5% extra profit!

Accommodation of payout proofs and referral links makes our project more stable and popular. The minimum investment amount is $10 and the maximum – $50,000.

3. What payment options are you currently accepting? What’s the time scale between members requesting a payment and actually receiving it to their payment processor accounts?

At this moment we accept Liberty Reserve, SolidTrustPay, Perfect Money, EgoPay fully automatically. As well we are planning to add PexPay and BitCoin.

The minimum withdrawal amount is dependent on the payment system and its requirements. That’s $0.01 for Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money, $1 for Egopay and $0.5 for SolidTrustPay. 99% of withdrawals below $50 are processed automatically. 1% is the error of payment systems and these payouts processed in semi-automatic mode with a maximum of 12-24 hours (once a day). Payouts over $50 also handled several times a day, but in manual mode.

4. How secure is the website of ADSolid? What are you doing to protect it and members’ accounts from hackers? Are you on a dedicated server? Who is your host? What kind of anti-DDoS protection do you have?

You cannot completely protect yourselves from DDoS attacks, because they can be very powerful, so that entire data centers are falling down. Our server has an increased capacity and it is optimized and protected. The server is located on the Staminus site. CDN services (distributed caching) and AntiDDOS are provided by CloudFlare.

In the case of attacks on the site, they will be distributed to many tens of CloudFlare servers, and only cleared traffic will go to our server. CloudFlare has the ability to block IPs using different parameters. They can completely block the subnet, and even entire countries. As of protection of our program, I can say the following. Our programmers have more than 10 years of experience each in programming websites. We use an excellent, secure and fast framework.

Also, even on our server, all of components of the site are encrypted by the latest version of ionCube, which is known to be uncrackable.

We constantly monitor each mistake, each exception in the program and on the server, we know even that the user incorrectly filled a text field. So we are sure for the safety. In addition, in our wallets it remains only the operating balance, so roughly speaking, there is nothing to steal.

5. What kind of script is ADSolid running off? Where did you get it, how safe is it, and why do you think this one is most beneficial for you as an admin and your members?

Yes, you’re right the script we have, is completely unique. This means that we are not restricted to any modifications and development. The script is constantly improving, or refactoring, as our programmers use to say. When we need a new module, I say, George, Nicholas, we need to do it. And a in a couple of days we get the module ready. About the safety of the system I have answered in the previous question.

6. Can we see any statistics regarding ADSolid? How many members have joined since the beginning and how many are active at the moment? Are you pleased with the support from the members so far? How important a role do they play in bringing in new members?

We are developing steadily and almost do not have any fluctuations in investments that are not needed. A number of our users has exceeded 600, and the amount of deposits is now over $ 50,000. And it’s for less than a month of work. Our team has justified expectations and that is confirmed by loyalty of our investors in the program.

7. How can members contact you if they have any questions or support related issues? I notice a phone number on your website, so during what time (GMT) will members find an operator there?

The best way to communicate is to use our ticket system. E-mail messages, including the contact form on the site, also fall into the ticket system. It is comfortable and the history of communication is fully visible, and we can move tickets between departments. On average, 3-6 times a day we check the tickets and respond to them. Phone number is for general information only, as in our program there are no special secret codes to make some action with the user accounts.

8. What have been the most common questions and problems you’ve had to deal with so far? Is there anything you wish to say here so that members can avoid having to contact you later?

In principle, our investors are not asking many questions, because everything is clear on the site. The main error is when people buy promotional credits instead of investing, even though we have published a message in the advertising module. We quickly correct such situations, removing credits and transferring money to the inner balance.

9. How have you been promoting ADSolid so far? What advertising strategy have you been using? How are you getting new members to join?

Now we carry a variety of effective advertising campaigns, including the Asian sites. Our brand is recognizable, and soon we will start to advertise on monitors and blogs, that are not in the top ten in popularity. New members come from monitors, blogs and through the referral program. We also have a variety of tools to increase the advertising: we pay for placement of referral links and for posting payout proofs on forums.

10. What plans do you have for the future of the program? Will there be any changes or improvements coming?

In the near future, in terms of technology, we plan to add Vietnamese and Indonesian (end of February) and Japanese (early March). After the Asian languages we will be adding European ones. We also plan to add the payment system PexPay and Bitcoin. Of course, we continue development of other promotional tools on the site. As of the audience growth and increase in turnover, we will hold various competitions directed both to attract advertisers to the project and to attract other investors.

11. I see also that you have been making the ADSolid website available in a number of other languages. How’s that been coming along? What have you done so far and will there be others? Have you noticed any improvement in business since this started?

On localizations of the site I wrote in the answer above. In principle we could add a hundred of language localizations, if it would be the goal. Our software allows us to translate the site, including the locale languages. On average, it is required 10 days for the translator to translate the site. At the moment, several translators are working simultaneously. Now we have selected the ten directions of translation, since the users from these countries are the most active in the project. According to statistics, when users get the site localized into their language, they start to be more active on the site and with more loyalty, especially when the translation is made by professional translators from native speakers. Localization of the site can be fully switched in the profile settings, as well you may receive messages from the project in your own language.

12. I also have to say that like most HYIP players I am highly skeptical about your alleged business activities.
I simply do not see how either:

a) members advertising their own websites can generate any income whatsoever (maybe for them, but definitely not for you), or

b) how one off payments from outside advertisers can generate a sustainable cash flow to pay regular interest rates.

One look at the ADSolid website leaves no doubt that there’s nowhere even close to the number of ads needed to generate the kind of money needed to pay investors, so aren’t you basically just like any other online HYIP?

a) We do not get revenue from ads placed by investors. Promotional tool is presented to investors as an additional feature.

b) Of course at this point, our project is not super popular and part of the money we pay out to investors is from our offline advertising business.

The amount of advertising on the site does not reflect the amount of stored credits. we have discounts for advertisers who purchase a decent amount of advertising. Therefore the average sum from the advertiser starts from $ 250. With the increase in popularity of the site (and we are constantly working on this and developing the site), and with the increase of promotional tools, the project will quickly become self-sufficient and then will generate a profit. We believe in the project and will be crediting it as long as necessary.

13. And finally is there anything else you wish to say not covered in this interview? Also please feel free to comment on the review of your program published on MNO. If there was anything you felt unfair or mistaken then you are welcome to explain this in your own words here.

In my answers to the 13 questions that had different directions, I told almost everything what I would like to convey publicly. Thanks for your blog and for the offer to answer interview questions! I wish good luck to your blog in the prosperity and development!

Sincerely, Project Manager ADSolid, Timoleon Corrales.

That’s about it for today, guys. Just to say thanks a lot to Timoleon for taking the time and effort to reply to my questions and explaining his program to us in his own words. And if you’re already a member of ADSolid or just thinking about joining it then I hope that you found it interesting or in some way helpful towards deciding whether the program might be suitable for you or not. If you think it is, then let me wish you the best of luck with them. I’ll be back again tomorrow with the latest news updates from the industry so stay tuned for that and see you all then!


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