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Beware! TrackInvest and Black&WhiteFund have stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everyone! After a pretty grueling day yesterday which consisted of no sleep followed by twelve hours of traveling I’ve just woken up to my first full day in Barbados and can think of no better way to start it off than putting together the day’s news stories while having breakfast on my balcony looking over the beach down below. In fact that’s the reason why I’m getting started so early so I can get down there as soon as I can. But before the play unfortunately comes the work, and I want to begin today’s update with a closer look at a program I think a lot of you may be familiar with by now. It’s called TrackInvest and it’s a medium to long term HYIP that’s been listed on the MNO monitor for a number of months already. You won’t have actually seen it on my blog before now as it’s only been part of the basic listing on my monitor, but I can assure you it’s been a very solid and dependable program up to now. So with the admin deciding it’s time to step things up a gear or two and increase his program’s exposure by moving up to the Premium List – where he drops straight in at the number nine position by the way! – it’s time to take a closer look at their plans and other features to see what you think of TrackInvest yourselves and see if you think it might be worth taking a chance on.

Starting with the investment plans, TrackInvest have four of them to choose from, and at over 100 days online now have completed cycles on all of them, and in some cases several times over so it’s fair to say this is a well established project and a respected one at least by those who know it. You can join for a minimum deposit of $10 and the first plan runs for a term of 15 calendar days. In return you are offered a daily interest payment of 3.5% and then on expiry have TrackInvest return your principal. So your payments come to a total of 52.5% which is your net profit once your initial deposit is returned. TrackInvest have no maximum limit on the size of deposits here.

The second plan is slightly more expensive but doesn’t need to bankrupt you either as the minimum only goes up to $25. It’s also a slightly longer investment term, running for 30 calendar days. In return for joining TrackInvest are offering members 4% interest per day, which adds up to 130% in total. TrackInvest will then return your original principal on expiry in a separate payment, leaving the 130% as your net profit. A more important statistic though is how long it takes you to break even, in other words earn back an amount equal to your deposits making it impossible to lose any money of your own. This happens after 25 days into the term. TrackInvest have no upper limit on this plan either by the way.

The third option makes daily payments for a term of 45 calendar days. The minimum deposit increases to $50 which is still inside a reasonable level for most players, and again TrackInvest have no upper limit, though you shouldn’t go taking that as a green light to spend more than you can afford to lose. The interest rate is 4.5% per day which adds up to a total return of 202.5% by expiry (though you’ll have already broken even after 23 days). This then becomes your net profit once TrackInvest return your initial deposit.

The last plan is a little more expensive again, but with a $100 minimum requirement would still be OK for a fair number of investors to find it affordable. It runs for a term of 60 calendar days during which TrackInvest are offering members 5% interest on their deposits per day. You reach the break even point 20 days into the term, and complete it with payments adding to 300% by the end of the term. TrackInvest then promise to return your principal, making that your net profit. As with the other plans there’s no upper limit to what you can invest.

The list of payment options is pretty average really. Not the worst but room for improvement at the same time. I mean it hasn’t hindered the program putting in such a stellar display for over three months now, so I guess there’s enough investors happy enough with the selection. As of now you may join TrackInvest using either EgoPay, PerfectMoney, or LibertyReserve. Payments are made manually by the admin and should be requested from inside your private TrackInvest members account area. Once done you are asked to allow anything up to 36 hours for all transactions to be completed.

Despite the fact that TrackInvest have have put in such an undeniably great performance over the last couple of months it seems the admin felt there was some room for improvement. After recent attacks on the site he decided he’d be much better off moving to BlockDos, and of course he’s probably right. BlockDos are widely acknowledged as the best provider serving the HYIP industry, and they are now keeping TrackInvest on a protected and dedicated server. The program is running off a script that’s under license from GoldCoders and the website is SSL encrypted by Comodo for safer browsing and safer transactions.

For any further questions, comments for the admin, or account related issues you can get in touch with him by a variety of methods, though depending on where you are in the world you might want to try one of their regional representatives. You’ll see a list of names and their telephone numbers alongside the areas they cover. Otherwise you can try filling in your details on the customer support form and submitting it through the contacts page (you may also use this form to request a callback) or else just e-mail them directly at the address listed. The TrackInvest website comes with a Live Chat feature though it’s not clear when or if you can find an operator there as it’s definitely not a 24 hour service. Social media users will find TrackInvest maintaining a Facebook profile if you’d like to check them out there. And finally there’s a postal address in Panama and while I’m in no position to verify it you should all know by now that these are generally serviced offices for correspondence and not where you find anyone connected to TrackInvest physically located.

I don’t really have all that much to add about the program, the performance speaking for itself. I just want to point out (the obvious) that the texts and website content don’t really indicate to me that this is anything other than an online HYIP. A pretty good one mind, but still an online HYIP nevertheless. The official line is that TrackInvest are involved with “ForEx and Commodities” though any proof of that is unseen. You’ll know then that the best course of action with TrackInvest is to treat them like any other high risk activity. The admin is definitely serious about the program and making it one of the prime players in the industry, though you will still need to follow the same basic rules, such as staying well within an affordable spending limit that you can afford to lose, and if joining TrackInvest then do so as part of a wider and more diverse portfolio.



It’s not often I start the news section with a scam warning, but fortunately they rarely come much bigger than this one. The biggest news story of the day is that ProfitableSunrise is no longer recommended for new investments, and after being one of the top three programs in the HYIP industry for so long has now been moved to Problem Status on my monitor. The reason for this is because payments to online payment processors have now ceased, and only payments to bank wire transfers are supposedly continuing. You are now being asked to submit your bank account details in order to continue to receive payments you used to receive without any problems to the regular payment processors like SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, PerfectMoney, or LibertyReserve. The writing’s clearly in the wall now for ProfitableSunrise and under no circumstances be passing on such details to them. It will only end badly for all concerned.

It’s difficult to put your finger on the exact origin of the problem, but I know that US readers in particular have become concerned in recent weeks about the state authorities in North Carolina issuing a warning to citizens/residents that they should not be dealing with this program which has no official sanction to be trading in that jurisdiction. Now I and 99% of MNO readers were never in any doubt as to the true nature of ProfitableSunrise and what they were all about in the first place – ie a high risk online HYIP. Generally speaking the HYIP industry as a whole functions entirely under the radar of local/state/national authorities, and internationally remains very much a minority activity, so it’s very much a rare event that any program comes to the attention of the financial regulators. But it has happened a couple of times in the past, and when it did the program went from one of the best to a total scam alarmingly quick. And would appear to be what’s going on with ProfitableSunrise now.

ProfitableSunrise has been one of the best long term HYIPs seen in the industry for, and this is no exaggeration, a number of years. Long term industry observers will easily place it up there alongside some of the best from the last great industry boom in 2009 (think GeniusFunds, PanaMoney, GNI, and the like) so when they finally go it’s a bid deal for a lot of people. To give the admin some credit though, I have to say he’s been managing this with an admirable degree of honor and credibility so far. Payments to the payment processor accounts of any user already in profit have been suspended, but are in fact continuing to those members yet to break even. Don’t get me wrong here, I’m bitterly disappointed with the direction ProfitableSunrise has taken, but it must be said that the admin has behaved like a gentleman so far. That’s no comfort to the members in profit but feel entitled to further payments, but face the facts guys, the money tree is no longer bearing fruit. The admin has taken a decision that the remaining funds have to be divided, and speaking as a member already in profit many times over (I was with ProfitableSunrise from the start back in November 2011) I honestly congratulate the admin is he genuinely tries to split the remaining pot between later investors who never got a chance to profit. OK, monitors won’t like it and will report badly, but for the most part most of them never cared about you in the first place anyway.

Let me just finish by saying that I’m not “apologising” for ProfitableSunrise, indeed I’m the one moving them to Problem status on my monitor, I’m only saying that the admin handled it better than most. But the fact remains that ProfitableSunrise is on the brink of going, so please do not make new investments there. If you are lucky enough to still be getting paid then gladly accept that while it lasts, but I would strongly advise you to stop making new deposits and re-deposits into the program immediately. The ProfitableSunrise admin has been given a fair amount of time to repair the damage, so if he fails to do so ProfitableSunrise will move from Problem to Scam status on MNO tomorrow. Below is the latest update from Roman (ProfitableSunrise admin) blaming the tax authorities for his current woes, but at the end of the day that’s not really the reason and I suspect we all know it. Read the latest version of events from the ProfitableSunrise admin below:

ProfitableSunrise – Message(March 6, 2013)
My Dear Friends,
It is been a really long time since I last spoke to you by means of a personal message. A lot of very important developments have take place in the course of the last several months. I felt that it is the time for you to hear my mind on them.
Thanks to your valued support my business has grown really big and strong. This would not have been possible without you. The growth has brought about the necessity to streamline my business model, cut the administrative costs and comply with the tax authorities. They have already asked us about the interest we pay you. This has led to a very important decision to do away with third party payment processors. I am hereby announcing that we have started moving away from payment processors for withdrawals in favor of direct bank wires. By doing so we are literally killing 2 birds with one stone. First, you avoid the fees processors charge. Second, you comply with the IRS. We will simply specify in every payment what it is for and where is comes from so IRS will have no problem collecting taxes. It has always been my honest belief that we need to pay all the taxes.
I am anxiously looking forward to the Easter week, I am sure you are too. We are working on new offers and plans that will be announced after Easter.
Stay Blessed,
Roman Novak, Founder


Please be aware that two more programs that although not as big as ProfitableSunrise have a lot of investors and were quite popular with MNO readers are in trouble. They are CostaAlliance and ForexPlaza. Please note that with CostaAlliance the program stopped paying last night and till now I failed to receive any update from the admin explaining why. So, I can only assume CostaAlliance is a scam and while running for only 18 days was still enough for the very first investors to reach the break even point and see up to 30% on their investment.

As we see from the example of CostaAlliance the timing can determine if an investor profits from a program or not. A totally different situation exists with ForexPlaza. Today I was told of selective payouts by some readers which were all independently verified and confirmed as being genuine. I immediately moved ForexPlaza to Problem status on MNO, as I can not and will not tolerate selective payouts to my downline from any program. ForexPlaza though was an excellently planned project and paid members for nearly a month which is a really good result that profited players on a 105% after 1 day plan for many weeks. It was a good game for many of readers but I hope who knew perfectly well how to play short term project like this and make them work. For now please don’t join ForexPlaza even if you still get paid there at the moment. I’m sure they’re going down the drain and will collapse pretty soon.


For over 24 hours the site of FatProfit was inaccessible and the admin never once bothered to update anyone including me on what’s going wrong. Therefore I had no other choice but to move FatProfit to Problem status on MNO tonight, even though the program had been paying promptly and instantly till the very last moment when the site was online. Unfortunately it looks as if something bad happened, otherwise, I can see no reason to close the website in such a strange manner. All in all, FatProfit was not a bad program at all and paid on 15 business days plan for over a month was enough for only the early birds to profit. Even if FatProfit recovers there will be almost no chance to resume payouts, as the damage has been done. So please be careful and do not invest there unless the site recovers and the payouts are instant again, which I very much doubt it’s going to happen.


Enough bad news for today, let’s talk about some better programs now which include AXAIndustries. The program was first reviewed on MNO almost a month ago (click here to read it) and due to February being so short the first cycle of investments paying 5% to 6% daily for the duration of 30 calendar days have to be completed for the first investors of AXAIndustries within the next couple of days. That didn’t prevent the admin of sending as far as I remember the first official newsletter to all the members today commemorating the first month online and, coincidentally or not, today the program also reached the top five most popular projects from MNO’s Premium listing. In the today’s newsletter the admin of AXAIndustries especially emphasized that his program deliberately chose the silent promotion tactics mostly by word-of-mouth and not spending too much on advertising. However, the total satisfaction of the members being paid promptly and quickly to their SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, PerfectMoney, and LibertyReserve account still managed to get the program to high positions and currently, according to the provided stats, the project has over 2,500 happy investors. I hope that after the successful completion of the first investment cycle in AXAIndustries we will see many more to come:

Marking 1st month online
Dear Members,
Today we mark the successful completion of our 1st month operating online, with many more to come.
I would like to take this moment and congratulate all our members so far on behalf of our team and board of partners.
This period was rich in events, not always positive but still we managed to overcome problems and became stronger and more mature.
Day by day we try hard to become the best investment program among all others, now we are proudly serving more than 2500 clients around the World.
We want to underline some important points which to our mind are logical results of our successful activity:
1. We pay all our members as fast as humanly possible! Despite possible problems or circumstances. Still do not believe us? Just go check what people are saying on forums, blogs and other investment resources. Or get verified and make sure yourself! The minimum to invest is just $10!
2. We enhanced our DDoS protection from preventing hackers from attacking our website. Be assured that we are doing our best to maintain our performance at the highest level.
3. No aggressive advertising campaigns. We do not throw a lot of funds to promote AXAIndustries to get more members involved. The good word of mouth of our members is the best promotion ever purchased! We just do what we have to do. Silently and honestly.
You should know that we are always nurturing our program and we will keep making every effort to succeed where others have failed and we intend to keep this program alive and paying on time without delays for a long time!
If you have any problems or questions that still remain unclear to you or you need more information, never hesitate to contact our support team to get the answers!
Thank you & Best wishes,
William Walker, AXAIndustries.


A short update was posted on the website of GSAOnlineInvestments informing members of possible issues with the site’s accessibility:

Technical work on the server
Dear investors, for improvement of quality of service, our technical specialists increase server capacities, in this regard, within 2 hours, you can have problems with site opening. If you can’t come on a site, try to come later.

I’m unsure of what those difficulties are as for me the site has been loading fine all day, while being paid automatically to LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney and taking full advantage of that most useful feature of automatic withdrawals which is one of the most distinctive features of GSAOnlineInvestments. If you want to read more about the program please refer to my review of GSAOnlineInvestments published here, where investment plans were discussed in detail. Deposits are taken in several plans with principal return on expiry – 0.75% for 15 business days, 1.25% for 20 business days, 1.75% for 30 business days, 2% for 50 days, 3.5% for 90 days.


LucraFund joined the MNO Sticky/ Premium Listing today. The program just started today and joined MNO within a few hours of launch. I must say that I’m pretty excited to have such a quality program listed on my site from day one. First of all I like the original script it runs off which I’ve never seen before. Secondly LucraFund is hosted on a dedicated server with DDoS protection from the industry leader BlockDos. The website is SSL-secured as well says something about the seriousness of the admin and his intentions. I really like the choice of payment processors in LucraFund which are now LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay, EgoPay or pexpay. Instantly processed withdrawals will be a nice bonus to everyone who likes fast payouts. The investment plans offered by LucraFund are also quite lucrative. You can choose from daily paying plans from 13.5% to 15.5% daily interest credited to your account for 10 calendar days to go with the riskier but more profitable on expiry paying plans offering 149% after 14 days, 148% after 12 days, 145% after 10 days, 140% after 8 days, or 133% after 6 days. Check the LucraFund site to see it’s one of the most promising recent short term launches.


Another short term program launched a couple of days ago is BlueFxStorm. Unlike the previous project, BlueFxStorm is a very simple project with one investment plan paying 15% daily for 10 calendar days and no principal return on expiry. Currently, there are only two payment processors accepted – LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney – but the admin promises to add also EgoPay as soon as his account there is properly verified. The minimum to invest is $10 with no maximum and the withdrawals are promised to be paid within 24 hours of request. BlueFxStorm is running off a licensed GoldCoders script and hosted on a dedicated server protected by DDoS attacks by BlackLotus. The site is also fully secured by GeoTrust. A full review of BlueFxStorm will be on MNO by the end of the week when will hopefully the accepted payment systems list will be extended as promised.


MoneyBox is another interesting program included in Premium listing on MNO today. It launched in the mid-February, just a few weeks ago, but all this time was available only in Russian. Just today the English version was officially added and the admin asked me to include his program on MNO straight away. I must confess that within the first weeks online MoneyBox has become one of the most widely discussed programs on the major Russian investment forum. MoneyBox is basically offering one investment plan paying you 1.5% interest on your deposit daily and with no expiry date set. That means that once deposited (the minimum starts from $10 only and deposits are accepted via LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney and some Russian banks), you’re entitled to withdraw your principal and profit whenever you like. You may do so just after one single day and may wait for several months, you can re-deposit or withdraw your 1.5% daily profits – you’re in total control of your own investment there which makes you also responsible for your own actions and your investment planning. Such unheard of flexibility is only to investors’ advantage, however, could easily kill an program once some serious issues occur as the panic may start and everyone will withdraw their principals. The site is SSL-secured, is hosted on a dedicated server with DDoS-protection provided by DDoS-Guard, the script which allows instant withdrawals for the amount smaller than $200 is provided by H-Script Russian web-developer and my readers could already see it in action if they are members of the program from my Basic listing PayTrade. By the way, at the time of writing this the MoneyBox website was down, but I believe it’s only a temporary difficulty which hopefully will be resolved by tomorrow. A full review of this unorthodox project will be on MNO on Monday, so stay tuned for that!


And finally, the last short term program to join my Premium listing was SphereINV that just launched today. The program promises to pay 133% after 3 calendar days to anyone investing at least a $10 minimum via one of the three popular accepted payment processors – LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, and SolidTrustPay. The withdrawals have to be requested from your member’s area and the admin promises to pay them within a 24 hour maximum, although I was paid the first referral commissions much faster prompting me to move SphereINV to Paying status on MNO already. The site itself looks decent, runs off a licensed GoldCoders script, is SSL-secured by Comodo and is hosted on a dedicated server by Staminus which I believe also provides DDoS protection. Anyway, until the payments on the first cycle are completed I will not be reviewing SphereINV on my site, so expect to read the full review sometime next week. Last, but not least please note that SphereINV is quite a risky project and while considering to invest there please only play with spare money, even though I believe it’s possible to run for a few cycles.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 24 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: MajestiCrownOilOfAsiaProForexUnion, PerfectForexGSAOnlineInvestments,  BriscoFund, LucraFund (the first instant payments received).
From MNO Premium list: SureInv, FelminaAlliance, StallionGold, BensonUnion,  TrackInvestAXAIndustries, Black&WhiteFund, MyFxCapital, ADSolid, HurricaneAssets, MalaysianINC, HytexAG, MasterEarnZenithPay, WorldGemsInvest, RFIGroup, SphereINV (the first payment received).
From MNO Standard list: TradExFund, AxiomInvestingGroup, PureIncome.
From MNO Basic listXtremeRichness, PayTrade, InvestmentCapital, MainaLimited, Finance7, Fxen, Money&Credit, VenturInvest, TheInvestmentBank, ZenithUnion, SwissInvestFund.

That’s all for today, guys. As you can see it’s been intense with a lot of scams and a lot of new programs too. Not entirely a bad thing as the industry is at least evolving with old programs being replaced by new ones. I hope you found the news updates here useful so please don’t forget to check back tomorrow with all the latest news. Stay tuned and see you all then, guys!/a/bbBensonUnion

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