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Beware! EarningAlliance has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello all, and Happy Easter to any readers celebrating today! Hope you’re all having a good holiday weekend so far, though I myself still have quite a bit to get through for you on MNO during the coming days. So let’s continue tonight with one of the latest additions to the MNO monitor, the recently launched long term project EarningAlliance. The news section is where you’ll usually find it in the second half of the update, but first let’s see what EarningAlliance have to offer and if you might think them suitable for your portfolios.

There’s four investment plans available in EarningAlliance, but really it’s more accurate to say there’s only one which is broken down into four different sections. The first of these is called The Basic Plan, and this is the only one that’s going to be affordable for the majority of investors. There’s a basic $10 minimum requirement to join, and the term runs for 180 business days. Thats 36 weeks, or a little bit over 8 months or so. During that period EarningAlliance are offering you a daily interest rate of 1.25%, paid on business days only, ie Monday to Friday. Then, at the end of the term, EarningAlliance promise to return your initial principal. That means your interest payments would have added up to 225% which would then be net profit as your own money is then added to that.

Or to put it in monetary terms, let’s say you spent $100 on this plan. Every day between Monday to Friday for the next 36 weeks you should expect EarningAlliance to pay you back $1.25. You’ll earn back an amount equal to your deposit after 80 payments and so face no further personal risk, and complete the term with payments adding up to a sum of $225 to which EarningAlliance then add your original $100 principal. Maximum spend for this plan is $999.

After that things get a bit more serious and are really for the bigger gamblers out there. For example, the second Advanced Plan sees EarningAlliance ask for a $1,000 minimum deposit. The term remains 180 business days, with the interest rate jumping to 1.5% per business day. This allows members to break even after 67 business days, and complete the term with payments totaling 270%. EarningAlliance should then add your principal, leaving this as your net profit. Maximum deposit for this plan is $4,999.

The Professional Plan comes next, taking deposits that range from a $5,000 minimum to a $14,999 maximum. For the same 180 business day term the plan is running for, EarningAlliance pay members back 1.8% interest on their principals from Monday to Friday. This allows potential members to break even on receipt of their 56th payment and complete the term with payments adding up to 324% in total. EarningAlliance promise to add your principal on top of that.

And finally, and I guess largely for informational purposes due to a $15,000 minimum requirement to join, we have The Deluxe Plan. This one sees EarningAlliance offer you 2.15% interest per business day for the following term of 180 business days and your principal returned on expiry. The maximum deposit is $100,000, and while I wouldn’t imagine there’ll be too many takers at either the low or the high end, the potential net profit if you’re interested would be 387% with your principal added on top.

Payment options are quite good though this is increasingly a minimum expectation of experienced industry players from new programs before they’ll even think of joining anyway. EarningAlliance are currently accepting deposits/withdrawals through any one of SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, PerfectMoney, or LibertyReserve. For anyone preferring to avoid online processors you’ll probably be aware that occasionally certain longer term HYIPs often use bank wire transactions, and EarningAlliance is one of them. A totally different set of terms and conditions would apply to those using bank wires of course, such as minimum investment/withdrawal amounts, transaction processing times, etc, so it’s best you contact the EarningAlliance admin for further details there if that’s how you really prefer to join. But for everyone else using the regular online processors then payments are made manually by the admin. That means you need to request them from inside your private EarningAlliance members account area. Though I can’t find any specific guarantee concerning the timeframe of the payouts (ie a commitment by the admin to have it completed within a certain number of hours) my own payments have been quite fast. So until instructed otherwise, I’m going to suggest you allow 24 hours before making any complaints, though do keep in mind that EarningAlliance is a Monday to Friday program only.

Just one other thing about the EarningAlliance investment plans you might want to be aware of before we move on is the use of compounding. Not only are you allowed to use it, you are also allowed to turn it on and off and and adjust the percentage rate you choose to compound at any time during the plan’s duration. Regular readers will know I’m no great fan of the practice myself, though if you like then you don’t really have to commit that much of your earnings into it to try it out.

Moving on to the design and security features, EarningAlliance is hosted on a dedicated server with the support and protection of BlockDos, by some considerable distance the number one provider in the industry. If downtime is ever an issue then it will be a minor one at worst. The website is SSL encrypted by Comodo for an extra layer of security to allow safer browsing and more secure transactions. And although EarningAlliance runs off a script that’s under license from GoldCoders which will at least give it a very familiar feel to most investors, it’s still got quite a nice design and looks original and professionally organized. If you have any further questions for the admin or any account related issues then you can get in touch by filling out your details on the online support ticketing form and submitting through the contacts page. You should receive a receipt for this, a ticket ID number in other words, to allow you to track it’s progress and help make sure the issue is dealt with to your satisfaction. Fans of social media sites will find EarningAlliance keeping a profile on Facebook so you can follow them there too if you like. I also notice a built-in Live Chat feature on the EarningAlliance website, though I have yet to see it working and there is no information about when, if ever, you might find somebody there able to take your questions.

Texts and website content seem original, indeed even colorful if you were to believe the admin’s story on the origins of EarningAlliance, though there is as usual next to nothing you can verify for yourself, and no proof that the claims made about EarningAlliance being a genuine investment company is to be found. And certainly no proof abut what’s described as “years of proven experience” can be found anywhere. So best ignore all of that and treat EarningAlliance as you would a regular online HYIP. So set yourself a spending limit that’s well under whatever qualifies as an affordable budget for you and stay within it at all times. Keep your expectations from this business modest, and if joining EarningAlliance at all then try and keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.



Just after publishing a review of WavEarn on my blog last night (click here to read it) I found the site was no longer loading. I immediately contacted the admin who assured me he would take care of it and upgrade his DDoS protection if needed to bring the site online as soon as possible. Well, he kept his promise and WavEarn returned today. The admin explained the downtime and what’s been done to prevent it from happening again in the latest newsletter issued just a few hours ago:

WavEarn Back Online
Thank you for your patience in our complicated server maintenance. We started getting attacked via DDOS yesterday, and the conversations between our server admin and our datacenter were lengthy and complex with a few technical glitches along the way to upgrading DDOS protection. The site is back online and operational.
Thank You, Lude
WavEarn Administration

What about the payouts, you might ask? Well, the referral commissions from WavEarn are still getting processed, while the first payouts on expiry of the two investment plans on offer – 120% after 5 days and 150% after 10 days – are yet to be processed, hopefully by tomorrow. Then we’ll know if the admin is serious about his project or not. Payments are taken through LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay, and EgoPay. Wait and see!


Despite being a holiday weekend the admin of MoneyInSports is still very active and over the last 24 hours he sent out two updates and has been on the MNO ShoutBox answering investors’ questions. In the first update MoneyInSports announced its recent review published on MNO which you can find here. He also encourages participation in promoting the project to earn an extra 5% commission for referrals. Here’s the first email from MoneyInSports‘ admin Justin:

Review of MoneyInSports by MNO
Hello Everyone,
We wanted to take a moment to let everyone know that MNO has posted a review of MoneyInSports. Please take a moment and read the review here. If you have any questions after reading the review please feel free to contact us.
Let everyone know we are here, and here to stay so if they want to earn a great daily return 7 days a week have them signup under your affiliate link today so you can earn an extra 5%.
Regards. Justin. MoneyInSports.

Another newsletter from MoneyInSports came today, with Justin pleased with some good growth in traffic according to Alexa and also reminds us his program pays seven days a week on the 2% for 80 calendar days with fast payouts processed to LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, EgoPay, PexPay, and SolidTrustPay. I can confirm that withdrawals are processed really fast in MoneyInSports now and I guess it’s a really good promo for the admin:

7 Days a Week Reminder
Hello Everyone,
We are happy to announce that our alexa rank is already under 500,000 in under 2 weeks. Thank you to everyone that has been helping us get our name out there.
This is a quick reminder that we pay 7 days a week and not just on business days so please feel free to request withdraws anytime you like. We are paying in under 5 hours on average right now, but need to remind everyone that it can take 24 hours.
Regards. Justin. MoneyInSports


The admin of ADSolid Timoleon (interviewed here) apologized to members today for flooding their mailboxes with unwanted emails all of which were identical. It looked like a spam attack to me first, and I was concerned that someone took control of the servers of ADSolid. The situation wasn’t as dramatic as I feared, as the admin explained today the recent flood of emails by de-syncronizing their server at one point. I guess everything is fixed now and I hope this unfortunate incident won’t be repeated. Here’s the latest news taken from ADSolid‘s news section:

March 31, 2013 11:51 AM
Dear members, we apologize for multiple emails from our site. Today the server was daylight savings time and at one point there was a time desync to the server and send the script statistics was started many times.

If you haven’t read my review of ADSolid (published here), I would like to remind you that the program accepts investments starting from a $10 minimum via bank wires as well as four popular payment processors – LibertyReserve, SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, and PerfectMoney. The payments are usually processed instantly, although they can only be requested on weekdays as per the new rules introduced just a couple of days ago. ADSolid offers two investment plans both of which credit your accounts with interest on business days only and return your principal on expiry – 0.8% for 5 days, and 1.2%-1.7% for 150 days.


You might remember that a few days ago the admin of AxiomInvestingGroup (reviewed here) encouraged investors to take part in a short survey to improve the program based on members’ feedback. Now the results of the survey were published in two languages – English and Russian – on a specially allocated forum thread the link to which was posted in a short update today. You can see it below if interested:

Results of the survey!
Hello! We published the results of our survey customers. A detailed report on the forum (in two language versions):
Best Regards, AxiomInvestingGroup

AxiomInvestingGroup has been featured on MNO monitor for over seven weeks now. It pays on the following investment plan returning the original principal on expiry – 1.5%-3% for 100 calendar days. SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, PerfectMoney, and LibertyReserve are all accepted, starting from a $10 minimum.


The list of confirmed scams this week grows by two new names in ProForexUnion and SwiftMoney. Please note that both programs have Problem Status on MNO due to confirmed selective payouts. So even if you still get paid by them I would not recommend investing any more funds in either.

As for ProForexUnion, the program has been running successfully for an impressive six months, but apparently, they are having some issues with their SolidTrustPay account at the moment. The bad thing about that is that instead of admitting some issues and offering a temporary solution such as paying to other payment processors, the admin actually pretends nothing happened. He never replied to my email regarding this and is trying to play tricks with ProForexUnion members now who deposited in his program via SolidTrustPay. Instead of paying them what’s owed he marks the payouts to STP as complete, although they are obviously not paid at all. This trick will not to be tolerated on MNO, and I consider such tactics a sign of a coming scam which ProForexUnion will definitely become over the coming days. Please do not invest in this pending scam anymore!

SwiftMoney is only paying to monitors now. That’s official as I have verified two complaints from my referrals today who were not paid within the promised 16 hour timeframe and have withdrawal requests pending for over 24 hours. Overall, SwiftMoney managed to last for only three weeks, but nevertheless was a decent result for a short term program that paid returns as soon as after one single day. Payments stopped now to everyone except monitors, most of whom gladly display Paying status for SwiftMoney. MNO doesn’t tolerate this and I have moved them to Problem status today, so beware and stay away from that scam!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 24 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: EliteCapitalClubOptiEarn, ElegantForex, SwissInvestFund, MoneyBox.
From MNO Premium list: InvestiField, BensonUnion, RewardsWeekly306BZ, HytexAG, WorldGemsInvest, NorthlandOpps, RFIGroup, WavEarn, Financa, AVVGlobal, ProTraders (the first payment received).
From MNO Standard list: AxiomInvestingGroup, PureIncome, MoneyInSports.
From MNO Basic list: SixDaysProfit, InvestmentCapital, MainaLimited, Finance7, Money&Credit,  TheInvestmentBank, MakingBank, ForexShare, StrongForex (the first payment received).

That’s all for tonight, guys. Sorry if it’s not all good news, but that’s how things go in the HYIP industry and I hope next week will improve. I’ll see you all on Easter Monday with a review of a promising new program AVVGlobal and the regular daily updates from the programs monitored on MNO. Have a very Happy Easter, everyone, and see you all tomorrow!

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