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Happy New Year everyone! Before we get to the first news post for the year I would sincerely like to wish all of my readers good health and every success for 2014 for yourselves and your loved ones. There’s no new programs to introduce on MNO tonight, but I would like to assure you that won’t be the case for much longer. Soon the HYIP industry will wake from hibernation and we’ll see a lot more activity. So for the last three days I’ve been collecting the latest updates from the programs on my monitor. Also some big news from PerfectMoney and the final results of my poll (with new more questions posted), so keep reading.


I believe ApexBinary is starting to advertise more aggressively as today the admin paid for Sticky Listing on MNO and purchased the banner on top of my blog for one week. From other news in the program – I noticed that deposits via SolidTrustPay are finally accepted. After a month online STP has become the fourth payment processor accepted by ApexBinary, joining PerfectMoney, EgoPay, and PexPay. Withdrawals in ApexBinary are still processed instantly, and deposits start from a $10 minimum to the plan which pays from 1.2% to 2.4% fixed interest daily for a duration of 180 business days. By the way, initially the principal was locked for the entire 180 day duration of the term (which was the case at the time the review on MNO was published), but as of today you can request your principal back even before the expiry date. The fee for early principal withdrawal in ApexBinary is set at 30%, so make sure that you stayed an active investor at least for five weeks in order not to lose your profits. Of course such an early withdrawal feature can be very useful for investors who for some reason find themselves urgently needing their money back, so it should give you some peace of mind if the length of term worried you. So if you liked the program after reading the MNO review (published here) but were put off by the term, this is now less of an issue. I’m not quite sure though how the process of requesting the initial principal back works as I wasn’t able to find the option in the program’s script, but the admin promised that requests for principal back would be paid instantly, but I believe you have to contact him or the Live Chat first and ask. By the way, today saw ApexBinary resume crediting members’ accounts after a week of holidays and I’m pleased to say withdrawals are processed instantly as usual. The full update is below:

New Withdrawal of Principal Feature Introduced
Dear Customers, We are glad to inform you about the new feature added to ApexBinary Starting from today you will be able to withdraw your principal before the expiry of your investment plan for just 30% fees.
What is the Withdrawal of Principal feature and its benefits?
For those who are in need of urgent funds to fulfill their needs, the Withdrawal of Principal is most convenient feature ApexBinary offers to its clients!
Please note that a 30% fees will be charged at each Principal Withdrawal Request which will be processed instantly!
Wishing all our Customers, Investors and Partners a Year Of Prosperity and Financial Freedom.
ApexBinary LTD – Trust Through Transparency


FinMutual sent best wishes to investors on New Year’s Day. Here’s the short email sent yesterday:

Happy New Year from FinMutual
We at FinMutual would like to wish all of you a Happy New Year in 2014. May 2014 bring you more happiness and profit than the last.

FinMutual has been running for over five months now, though only monitored by MNO for slightly over one month. Nevertheless, I believe that by surviving December the admin went a long way in proving his intentions to work successfully on his 1.8%-2.6% for 160 business days plan. Investments in FinMutual start from a $25 minimum accepted via a huge variety of payment methods – PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, PexPay and BitCoin. Remember that the original principal is included in the daily payments and is not returned on expiry. If you wish to learn more about FinMutual please refer to more detailed review posted here.


Another program sending New Year’s greetings to investors on the first of January was Financ. They’ve already been online for about two and a half months which was enough time to bring Financ‘s first members well into profit by now. If you haven’t read my review of Financ published here, I remind you they are offering numerous plans with the original principal returned on expiry including 1.4% for 30 business days, 1.6% for 45 business days, 1.8% for 90 business days. Although Financ only accepts deposits starting from a $10 minimum via two payment processors – PerfectMoney and EgoPay – on a brighter note they’re usually processed instantly. I believe that many investors like this fact as Financ reached the Top 5 most popular programs on MNO’s Premium Listing in less than two months of monitoring. Here’s the latest celebratory email from the admin of Financ:

Thank you for your business in 2013. It has been a pleasure helping you reach your goals. We are grateful for good investors like you, who make our work satisfying and enjoyable.
We look forward to working with you in 2014 and next and contributing to your success. We wish you a prosperous and happy new year!
Let this year be the top in your list!


Among the genuine New Year best wishes from actively paying programs I was left speechless after receiving this weird email from the now defunct CatenaFinance:

CatenaFinance: Happy New Year!
Thank you for your business in 2013. It has been a pleasure helping you reach your goals. We are grateful for good investors like you, who make our work satisfying and enjoyable.
We look forward to working with you in 2014 and contributing to your success.
We wish you a prosperous and happy new year!
Best regards, CatenaFinance

I was surprised because CatenaFinance has stopped paying already and now the admin even stopped paying to monitors and simply deletes any further requests without shame. I don’t know what he’s trying to achieve by this and by deleting the logos of all the monitors that assigned CatenaFinance Scam status, but he’s certainly up to no good. As it was predicted on MNO blog (and those of you who listened to me might save some money), CatenaFinance collapsed not long after introducing the new short-term plan. Despite all of my warnings I believe there were some newbies out there who took the bait and fell into the trap carefully set up by the admin of CatenaFinance. He’s most likely celebrating his own New Year’s holidays in style now with pockets full of cash (your cash that is!), and still has the nerve to send the best wishes to everyone he scammed. What a thoroughly revolting excuse for a man! Please do not invest in CatenaFinance and spread the word online if anyone doesn’t know yet.


There was an interesting newsletter from PerfectMoney posted on the last day of 2013. I mention this not because there’s something so important that you absolutely have to know about it, but simply because over the last seven or so months PerfectMoney has become the single biggest payment provider in the HYIP industry. Let’s see why that happened. In the end of May 2013 the then biggest payment processor and PerfectMoney’s main rival LibertyReserve was shut down by US authorities and their owners put on trial for multiple financial crimes. Although PerfectMoney could just continue as if nothing happened, the people running it (obviously much smarter than those behind LR!) learnt a valuable lesson from LibertyReserve’s predicament. They began taking the necessary steps to distance themselves from the all seeing eye and even longer arm of Uncle Sam. First of all US citizens and those residing in the US were completely refused all services provided by PM and were given adequate notice to close their accounts after withdrawing their funds. Second, the PerfectMoney administration registered a .is zone domain (which is Iceland), apparently safer than the former .com domain which seems to be reflecting more invisible changes. Third, (also covered in this New Year update) the payment processor merged with another company called Startup Research and Investments. This is, we are told, registered in some safe haven still free from US influence. Fourth, in addition to anonymous accounts which is still the main advantage of using PM compared to other payment processors a verification process was introduced and generally encouraged by the administration by introducing reduced fees for such accounts. Moreover, the dangers connected with having any comparison to LibertyReserve forced PerfectMoney to examine and close suspicious accounts similar to the ones in LR used for child pornography, drug dealing, hacking, and other illegal activities). I believe that these changes really helped PerfectMoney shift from the totally anonymous safe haven for scammers of all types (which LR indeed served willingly and knowingly) and to establish a more legal basis and foundation for the future development PM will undergo in 2014 to become an even safer and more convenient payment processor for everyone, including those of us involved in the HYIP industry. Hopefully this gradual evolution for the better will continue in 2014 as well. The full newsletter from PerfectMoney you can read on its website or see it re-posted below:

Perfect Money wishes Happy New Year 2014!
Dear Customers,
As 2013 nears its end, it is time to look back and draw conclusions. This year was marked by remarkable progress in Perfect Money business process optimization and a solid future development plan that is already partly implemented.
The start of the year saw a sharp increase in customer demand for our services resulting in corresponding rise in IT infrastructure load. Perfect Money’s technical department has handled the challenge exceptionally well by implementing various system optimization procedures. As a result of hardware upgrades Perfect Money customers do not experience web site availability issues, regardless of where the client is physically located.
2013 also saw system security revision. Security is our top priority. As such, we have implemented intelligent system to recognize suspicious transactions. Another innovation is preventive monitoring capable of recognizing potentially malicious accounts that may harm fellow account holders or cause reputational issues for Perfect Money. As of now, we can safely declare that almost all malicious accounts were disabled even though no financial transactions had taken place in those accounts. New registrations of such accounts have almost ceased.
Midway through 2013, Perfect Money and Startup Research and Investments merged. The merger has resulted in new development opportunities and provides access to additional funding. Startup Research and Investments ensures legal support of Perfect Money business operations.
During the entire year, transparency was a priority of customer relations. Soft but persistent efforts led to most transactions between verified users in the system showing effective AML company policy. Among business accounts providing goods and services, the verification level has exceeded 90%. In the future we will press to achieve an even higher verification rate by providing incentives to verified users.
We are very optimistic for 2014, and we would like to thank our customers for having faith in us. This faith motivates Perfect Money to achieve new highs. The entire Perfect Money team would like to wish all our customers luck and prosperity in the new year.
Each of us has a dream. Each of us spends every moment of his life to achieve that dream. Each step taken leaves a life experience that we successfully use, making every next step easier than the one before it. Let’s proceed together to our common dream – to ideal financial instrument that can meet each and everyone’s expectations.
Happy New Year 2014!


The last item then for this first blog post of 2014 is still connected with the New Year, or more specifically your hopes and expectations for it. As you should be aware if you were reading MNO over the holidays, the latest opinion poll running on the MNO TalkBack page asked for your thoughts on how 2014 might play out (with regards to the online HYIP industry) compared to 2013. I must admit that not much has changed since first examining the preliminary figures about a week ago, with the general trend remaining overwhelmingly positive. While it’s pretty obvious to everyone involved with the industry regardless of what your outlook for the future is, the HYIP world of 2014 is going to be a vastly different one than 2013. Many factors contribute to this I suppose, with the closure of LibertyReserve and the emergence of BitCoin probably top of most peoples lists. But does “different” necessarily have to mean better? The exact question asked of readers then was as follows:

How do you think 2014 will be for you compared to 2013?

You had three options open to you, though I can tell you now that the optimists among you are in a pretty decisive majority. The runaway winner with a massive 75% of the vote was the answer:
2014 will definitely be better than 2013. I’m 100% sure of it.

Now, like I said last time I suppose there are to be fair two ways of interpreting that. Maybe 75% of you had such an utterly hopeless time in 2013 that you think things have reached rock bottom and couldn’t possibly get any worse, but I genuinely don’t believe that. I mean the industry recovered remarkably fast from the LR closure, so if you did have any money frozen there you still had an opportunity to re-coup it later. But also with LR being the primary vehicle for the cheap and the fast scams, which although they haven’t gone away by any means might be less lucrative for their admins now and maybe less prevalent in the coming year. Well, I would hope so anyway, but time will tell. But the important thing for now is the majority of MNO readers are sharing my own high hopes for the next 12 months in the industry, so fingers crossed there’s some good times just around the corner for all of us!

Feeling somewhat less excited about their prospects for 2014, but not exactly negative by any means either, 18% of MNO readers voted:
2014 will be the same as 2013, not better, but not worse either.

Given that in an older poll on the MNO TalkBack page the vast majority of readers said that they had either profited significantly or at the bare minimum at least broke even over the course of 2013, I still think this is a deceptively positive answer to give. I mean if the last year was good for you then sure, what’s wrong with expecting at least the same next year, right? Absolutely nothing, that’s what. I mean personally my own ambitions for both myself, my family, and yes, my readers too is that all of you will do better in the next year than you did in the last. Standing still might be safe, but it’s not much fun. Still, if that’s how things do work out for you then there’s really nothing wrong with it as such.

And lastly the remaining 7% of readers were a bit more pessimistic in their outlook for the coming year, stating:

2014 will be worse than 2013, with more low quality scams prevailing.”
To be honest I don’t really see myself how anyone could really say that with any degree of certainty at this stage. There will of course be a number of low quality scams, that much is depressingly predictable but unfortunately part of the minefield that is the online HYIP industry. With experience learnt from past mistakes however, and no small helping of good luck and sound advice, then I don’t see a reason to accept defeat before the year has even began. Perhaps some people new to the industry just had a rough time of it over December, but I definitely wouldn’t allow that color my vision of the first 11 months of the following year. But hey, it’s no less a valid opinion and one you are entitled to if you share it. If it really is what you think though you may wish to reconsider your activity in the industry for 2014, as a business that is basically a form of high risk gambling is no place for the faint hearted.

OK, that’s how you guys see the New Year working out, and as always my sincere thanks to all those who voted, no matter what your opinions because every voice is equally valid and deserves to be heard. But now it’s time to move on to our next poll. The topic comes back again to HYIP related internet forums and message boards. I know I’ve asked other questions relating to this topic in the past, but tonight I’d like to ask my readers this:

HYIP Forums – What do you mostly use them for?

Now, I know there are many uses and maybe you do many different things there (and no, “trolling” will not be an option in this poll, lol!) but what I really want to know is what is the primary use you find for the main forums? What’s the one single biggest thing you do with them? Possible answers are as follows:

a) I post proof of payment from programs I join
b) I like to discuss the industry and my portfolio
c) To complain and warn others about scams
d) I read the forums but rarely contribute

While still on the subject of online HYIP related forums then, I also have a second question for you that will run in conjunction with the first. Regular readers might be aware by now that the MNO blog and monitor also has its own members forum attached to it as well. For one reason or another I have found myself unable to devote so much of my time to developing and promoting it over the last year as I really should have. So one of my plans to expand MNO over the coming year is to put more of an effort into the MNO members forum. Many of you might even remember that I ran one in the past, and it had quite a lot of success I must say. In fact it was even a lot of fun, as we had several admins running competitions and quizzes in exchange for cash prizes. That was hugely popular as you can imagine, but between the industry kinda dipping a bit and me having less free time on my hands to moderate I eventually had to leave it go offline.

So how about a revival? Would you like to see that back? So my second question for you tonight, keeping in mind that the forum itself is already online but I haven’t really been promoting it yet, is:
Are you interested in joining and posting on an MNO members forum?

Possible answers are as follows:
a) Yes, regularly
b) Probably, but only post occasionally
c) No, not interested


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 72 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: ApexBinary.
From MNO Premium list: DublinCryptoriumLimited, SclassInv, DeltaTraders, MutualWealth, Financ, RemiTrade, DailySharePro, FinMutual, TataAgroHolding, StableCapitalGroup, MyGoldNestEgg.
From MNO Standard list: –.
From MNO Basic list: InvestmentCapital, InsideForexGroup, ThaiMonetaryFund, IndigoHillInv, GoldenCabrio, MichaelKazakov (the first instant payments received).

That’s all for tonight guys. Thanks a lot in advance to everyone who votes in the online polls, and I think as an online resource free to everyone it’s important for you the readers to say what it is you are looking for from MNO. So please do vote, as no matter what it is it should still be cast. Let me just finish by reminding you that as the industry hots up again for January you might want to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the best new programs launching by subscribing to the MNO newsletter. You can do so simply by filling in your e-mail address in the subscription box near the top right hand side of my blog, and then clicking the activation link you will be sent automatically to confirm. The entire process takes under a minute, and if you ever change your mind then the process of unsubscribing is actually even faster. Thanks as always for reading, and see you all again real soon!

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