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Beware! Atlant has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everybody! There’s only a short news update for today, but it does include the introduction of a new Premium List program on my monitor so keep reading for more information on that. I want to start things off however by taking a look at a very exciting and highly promising new program called Atlant. I must admit I wasn’t really familiar with it before the admin asked for it to be added to my monitor, but since I started looking into it in more detail after introducing it on my blog last night I’ve really been blown away by the enthusiasm shown by my readers. Personally of course I have to stay neutral at all times when it comes to the programs on my monitor, though there’s no point in denying that some are inevitably going to be better than others. And in the case of Atlant I must agree that there is definitely some justification for the optimism being shown at this early stage. I’ll go through the main features for you below and see if I can explain why, so let’s see what the rest of you think of Atlant and if you think they might be worth taking a chance on.

Starting as usual with the investment plans then, Atlant have what at first glance appears to be four somewhat conventional HYIP industry plans. On closer inspection though, nothing could be further from the truth. They’re all high risk, that’s for sure, but then again so too is everything else you’re going to find in this industry. Atlant sweeten the deal somewhat by making the plans almost totally flexible and versatile. In what seems to be a welcome trend slowly creeping into the industry (at least it’s one I’d like to see growing anyway), Atlant allow investors to not only choose their own length of investment term, but also to treat their deposits almost like a bank account in the sense that you have the freedom to withdraw as much or as little of both your profits and your principal at any time you like. As well as being allowed to withdraw all or part of your principal at any time by the way, you are also free to add a little extra to it at some point if you can afford it and feel things are going well. There’s been a couple of other programs doing something similar in the past, and generally speaking they have for the most part proven to be both popular and successful with the investors. So here’s hoping Atlant will become one of them.

So let’s look at the numbers. The first of the four plans can be joined for a $10 minimum spend. For all deposits up to a maximum value of $100, Atlant are offering members a daily interest rate of 7%. There is no expiry date on this, so basically you can collect your interest payment for however long you decide to remain a member. Then, for whatever your own reasons are – maybe you need your principal back, maybe you have achieved your goal, maybe you’re just going on vacation and won’t be online for a while – you are free to withdraw your principal and leave Atlant at any time. That can be a day, a week, a month, or not at all. It just depends on your own strategy. The great thing here however is that you are also free to make a full or partial withdrawal of your principal if that’s what you prefer, and continue earning interest on what you choose to leave behind in your account. You can also see the money in your account growing in real time, ticking away like a clock and getting bigger in tiny increments until you can withdraw.

Normally by now I know I usually try to offer a simple example of how this might look in practical terms for an investor. I can’t really do that here for the simple fact that the variables are literally infinite. I mean you can invest $100 today and collect $7 in interest per day which would be the more standard way a HYIP might work, but with Atlant you can not only withdraw your $7 in interest, you can if you wish withdraw some of your principal along with it. On the other hand you can add your interest to your principal (ie compounding), and collect 7% interest on the bigger principal the following day.

I should clarify at this point that compounding in Atlant is compulsory, but not in the usual way. All it means is that if you neglect (either deliberately or accidentally) to withdraw your interest on one day, it doesn’t just sit in your account area waiting for you. In fact it gets added to your principal so that the next day, while still getting the same actual 7% rate, your interest is now calculated on the increased principal.

So that’s more or less how the rest of the investment plans work. There’s no expiry date, and you retain full flexibility over your account with the option to add or withdraw any amount to and from your deposit at will. The only difference is that by keeping a larger amount in your account you can avail of a more generous interest rate. Which of course is the added advantage of the compounding function – it allows you to grow your account in Atlant and start (eventually) drawing the higher rate of interest on a bigger principal that you may not necessarily have been able to afford when first joining the program.

As for the rates themselves, Atlant are paying 7.5% per calendar day on amounts between $101 and $300, a rate of 8% per calendar day on amounts between $301 and $500, and the maximum rate of 8.5% per calendar day on amounts larger than that up to a maximum value of $5,000, the top amount accepted by Atlant. As I explained above, due to the nature of Atlant and how it’s structured, your own strategy can see you move between these amounts and these rates for the time you remain a member of Atlant, again making any kind of specific analogy of how your investment might work impossible.

If you like any of the plans enough to join them, and like I said Atlant is a rare enough example of a program where all the plans are (in HYIP terms) relatively affordable for to reach the maximum possible audience, then you’ll need to know what your payment options are. Currently this is OK, though not exactly extensive. You can use PerfectMoney, EgoPay, or Payeer to deposit and withdraw from the program. Given that Atlant has until now been primarily focused on Russian users (where STP wouldn’t be all that popular) then the absence of STP hasn’t been an issue. But while the success of the program by no means depends on this, if the admin is serious about expanding his horizons and introducing Atlant to a more global audience then some expansion of this list, no matter what processors it includes, is going to have to be carried out eventually. Therefore it’s good to see the BitCoin logo on display, even if it’s not currently accepted one would assume it’s being lined up. If and when it does get added I’ll make sure MNO is the first place you hear about it.

Meanwhile payments to members are made manually by the admin and need to be requested by logging in to your private Atlant account area. Once done the payout schedule can vary. During the admin’s working hours as specified in the FAQ payouts might be available in as little as five minutes. Otherwise it might take a bit longer than that, but should still be completed in an above industry average of 8 hours. Smaller investors please take note that Atlant have a minimum withdrawal policy of $1. One other hugely important point about the withdrawals from Atlant that you will need to be aware of are the fees charged by the admin. At first glance they might look quite prohibitive at 7%, and something that might eat into your your profits. But ultimately this will only help to keep the program more sustainable and discourage short term hit-and-runners. Yes, you can join Atlant today, get paid tomorrow, and then leave. But it’s really not worth your while just joining for a couple of days so the set up is designed to keep as many members committed to Atlant for as long as possible. The only condition is that you are subject to a 24 hour lock-in period. There is NO withdrawal button available in your account for the first 24 hours after you join, so please don’t panic when you can’t find it – it isn’t there! It will only be added in your account area the following day, and you are free to withdraw whatever you like after that.

Looking at the design side of the Atlant website I can’t help but notice it’s still very heavily slanted in favor of Russian language speakers in this area as well. Some sections haven’t been translated into English just yet, despite the site being bilingual. Having said that, it’s not really that big a deal. All the important information you need is in English, and the material still in Russian is to be honest quite trivial and of no real consequence to the everyday workings of the program. For example, there’s a page where Atlant members can have photographs of themselves in front of their computers with the Atlant website open on the screen. A bit of fun I suppose, not directly related to your investment, but you can pick up a small gift for yourself of $3 if you place such a photo on one of the social networking sites. Contact the Atlant admin for further info if interested.

This brings me on to some of the other ways you can earn from Atlant, other than from interest on your actual deposit. There are a number of bonuses available to members who make more of an effort in the promotion of Atlant. These vary in size from $1 for simply putting Atlant in your forum signature to more generous payments for placing banners, positive forum posts, and even as much as $30 for putting together a video review. There are plenty of these already on the Atlant website, however they seem to be mostly in Russian. This could be an even better opportunity for you then, as you could be the first to target let’s say the Indian or Brazilian market with a video review and could potentially do very well for yourself in terms of ref comms. Anyway, up to you if you want to make the effort.

I’ll also need to explain the process of actually withdrawing your money from Atlant here as it is a bit different to what most of you will be used to in other online HYIPs. It’s not complicated or anything, but it can be tricky for a first-timer unless someone explains it to you. So here’s what happens. From inside your Atlant members area, you will see several tabs running across the top of the page allowing you to navigate the various sections of your account. One of these tabs says “withdraw”. However, and this is why it’s tricky, this is NOT actually what you click on when you are looking for your interest payment. This tab is only to allow you withdraw any supplementary or bonus payments like the ones I mentioned above. For example if you have any ref commissions owed to you, or if you’re due money in return for posting on forums, or any of the various promotional activities the Atlant admin is offering to pay you for.

Should you wish to make an actual interest payment withdrawal then, that requires you to visit an entirely different area. For this you click on the “deposit” tab, also across the top of your screen. This takes you to a detailed list of all your deposits in Atlant, remembering that you may have more than one. Go to the “Plan” section then, and click on the particular plan you are withdrawing from. This opens a new page with your deposit details, and has two separate buttons labeled “sub” and “add”. Fill in the relevant amount of money, and click “sub” (short for subtract) if this is what you want to withdraw from your account, and “add” if you prefer to increase the size of your principal and add money to your account instead. Withdrawals do not go directly to your e-currency account, but rather to your member’s wallet area where you then request them to your chosen payment processor. Don’t worry if this isn’t making much sense right now, simply open your members area, refer back to this review, and read it again when you have your account open in front of you. It will be a lot clearer to you then.

Incidentally, I said you can have more than one active deposit, but I don’t advise you to do so. If you want to invest more money in Atlant it’s far more beneficial to simply pool all your deposits into one. That way you can avail of the maximum 8.5% interest rate a lot faster, plus the fact that it’s also much much easier to manage your account if everything is kept together in one single deposit.

In terms of security then, Atlant is hosted on a dedicated server with the support and protection of DDoSGuard. The script is under license from H-Script which is a name that’s been around a while and one we are seeing more and more often recently. Atlant has an extra layer of security with SSL encryption provided by Comodo for safer browsing and more secure transactions. If there’s anything you felt I missed in this review or something you would like to pursue with the admin, including any account related issues, then you can get in touch via a number of different channels. As with most online HYIPs Atlant have an online support form where you simply fill in your details and submit it through the contacts page. If you prefer you can just write directly to the listed e-mail address, though as it probably drops into the same inbox anyway this won’t make much difference. For live support in real time Atlant have a Skype account you can try if an operator happens to be logged in at the time, and their script comes complete with a built-in Live Chat feature as well so there’s really plenty of options for you to get your problems/questions dealt with quickly. And in my own admittedly brief experience I have to say the Atlant admin has so far been commendably fast to deal with anything I’ve put to him, so kudos for that.

Another interesting feature is the total barring of any RCB/RefBack monitors or users. This is to keep things fair and stop monitors/users from cheating. From a personal point of view RefBack monitors have always been the very worst for warning people about scams, given that they have a vested interest in displaying bad programs on Paying Status long after they know full well their downlines are gonna get scammed, so I can’t say this bothers me in the slightest. Just be warned that anyone using RefBack services will have their account blocked, and that goes for everyone including those offering and those taking the service. If there’s any objection to that then take it up with the Atlant admin, but in all fairness you are being given a very fair advance warning here, so don’t push your luck for the sake of an extra few cents.

Aside from that there isn’t really a lot I can say about the alleged business interests supposedly funding the whole thing. In fact to be honest I’m actually quite pleased that the admin has decided not to waste anyone’s time by claiming the program is something that it’s not. In a nutshell Atlant is presented to you as an MLM site – Multi Level Marketing. More or less what every HYIP really is, even if their admins would like you to think otherwise. In the case of Atlant however I much prefer admins who get to the point. In this case the program is funded by members and will run as long as it’s feasible. The admin has no great ambitions to scam as such (though make no mistake, he’ll try his best never to lose his own money!) and the 7% withdrawal fee that I mentioned is his personal reward for basically setting the whole thing up and managing it. OK, I guess he’s entitled to be paid for his work just like everybody else, and 7% seems like he’s not taking too much out for himself to the detriment of the program’s cash flow. The remainder of the money goes to finance the pyramid, and however long that continues is anyone’s guess.

What will no doubt benefit Atlant however is that they are structured very differently from the traditional HYIPs, and this seems to be the future for the industry. Programs that allow members full flexibility to treat their accounts like personal “piggy banks”, depositing and withdrawing any amount they please at any time they like might be in the minority, but are also in my opinion in the ascendency. This is the future of the HYIP industry and I really think it’s only a matter of time until programs like Atlant are the everyday norm in the HYIP world. At some point in the future, I don’t know when but it might not even happen this year, I really think this is the kind of thing that’s going to catch on in a big way. Already in the recent past there’s a couple of others using the same tactic, and they were almost all hugely popular with investors who are rapidly growing tired of the old way things were run.

Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean there are no risks involved, or that Atlant isn’t still just an online HYIP. New money is required to pay existing members, so as long as you know that, are comfortable with that, and you know how to handle that then you’ll be fine. Invest money you can comfortably afford to live without, don’t look for guarantees, accept any potential losses with the same good grace you’ll be accepting your profits, and if you join Atlant at all then try and keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio. Oh! And remember to have fun!



It’s just as well the admin of BluOro, a program added to the Premium List on MNO just a few hours ago decided to shorten it. The full name – Blu Oro Asset Management Services Online Limited is bit of a mouthful, and who wants to be typing that all the time! Seriously though, the claim of registration in the UK which only costs a couple of dollars and can be purchased totally anonymously (read my full investigation into the process here) shouldn’t give you the wrong impression of BluOro and which you should always consider as a regular HYIP with all its peaks and troughs. In this case I think we are probably dealing with a professional admin running the program – there’s nothing too fancy about the site itself but it features a perfect 3-minute video presentation and the site is hosted on a dedicated server with support and DDoS protection provided by the industry leader for serious programs in BlockDos. Apart from that, the BluOro website is SSL-secured by Comodo and is running off a typical licensed version of a GoldCoders script. The choice of payment processors accepted in BluOro for a $10 minimum is quite wide and includes PerfectMoney, EgoPay, OkPay, BitCoin, and Payeer. SolidTrustPay was also announced, by the way, but currently the admin is still waiting for his payment button to be verified by STP without which he can’t add it. He even asked for members’ support on the STP deposit page and you can follow his plea if you seriously think it will speed up the verification process for the program:

STP sci under verification – SolidTrustPay verification department will review our sci request within few days, at this time please use other electronic currency.
*** Help to speed up our sci verifaction, contact:
with information that your are not able to deposit, because sci for account: bluoro.com is not enabled, thank you for support

BluOro was launched about ten days ago and offers the following investment plans which will the main subject of discussion in my detailed review of the program tomorrow – 1.5% for 15 business days, 2% for 30 business days, 2.5% for 60 business days. Note that there’s a different minimum for every plan and that the initial deposit will be returned on expiry. Payouts are usually made by the admin manually within 6 hours, however, it might take up to 24 hours to get paid. From my first impression the website of BluOro has many features to help it become successful among potential investors – wide choice of payment options, sustainable plans, appearance on many monitors including MNO, wide choice of support options, good standard of DDoS-protection and an active admin who already issued the welcome newsletter to the first investors of BluOro when it first came online:

BluOro launches online asset management platform.
Hello, thanks for visiting news section as we have something important to share with you,
today it’s our honor to launch our brand new online asset management platform. After few months of dedicated teamwork, we are able to present BluOro, we present diverse investment portfolio with lucrative returns, as well as user friendly interface and bunch of other great stuff. All you need to do is allow our certified forex market traders to manage your assets and you will be satisfy with returns and customer support that we will provide you. Join us now and you will discover what BluOro can do for you.
Best Regards, Roger Walker,


I would like to make an important announcement concerning all MNO advertisers and my regular readers as well. Starting tomorrow I will be accepting Payeer and BitCoin as two additional payment systems for advertising and listing on my site. I am aware that those payment systems are getting quite popular now and know that many HYIP admins are adding them as additional payment gateways for their websites. Especially this is essential now as one of the biggest payment processors in the HYIP industry SolidTrustPay becomes more selective with the clients they are prepared to deal with, without any making any clear statement about their policies. I’m not saying STP are wrong by any means, in fact they are fully entitled to do what they feel is necessary to protect their business and their account holders, but for whatever reason they are not telling anyone what criteria is behind some HYIPs being accepted while others are not. Perhaps STP have some new method by which they define which HYIPs are suitable for them and which ones are not, but in my honest opinion it’s always better to make such information public instead of leaving potential clients to guess.

Anyway, please note that despite accepting BitCoins and Payeer on MNO I can’t actually recommend them to my readers or endorse them as they are still very new payment methods in the HYIP world. However no one can really deny the fact they continue to get more and more widespread day after day. So I’m testing both systems for my own personal use at the moment and I can only share with you below what I experienced so far, and hopefully it will help you diversify.

Payeer is a service based in the Ukraine, I believe, and combines the services of an e-currency exchanger and a payment processor all in one. The main language of the website is Russian, but an international English version is also available. To register an account in Payeer you can click here and sign up by using only your email address and entering the captcha phrase. The system will then automatically generate a password and PIN code for you which you will need to remember, but they will still be sent to your email anyway so make sure and keep it. There are actually dozens of options for funding your Payeer account and withdrawing money from it including many popular e-currencies, credit cards and international bank wires. The most convenient uses Payeer will be to the citizens of Russia and the Ukraine as they are the ones with the widest possible variety of methods, but for an international audience there are plenty of choices as well. The good thing about Payeer is that it doesn’t charge commissions for transferring funds between Payeer users, as I feel most of the fees are for the funding and withdrawal options. I’m going to start testing Payeer in some HYIPs soon so I can bring you a more detailed report about them hopefully over the coming months, but for now I can see another huge advantage of Payeer which is total anonymity of transactions and no need for verification. So far, I can almost say that Payeer looks too good to be true, but on a more detailed look I really find the interface pleasing on the eye and very easy-to-use. The first impression is very good so I will see how it all goes.

As For BitCoin, it’s definitely the most famous crypto-currency around now and the constant subject of speculation and arguments between both fans and adversaries. Created a few years ago BitCoin is also the most controversial e-currency in the world which is though growing at a rapid pace despite misguided attempts by some governments to reign it in. The biggest advantage of using BitCoin is its total anonymity and irreversible transactions which originate from a non-centralized wealth created by so called BitCoin miners around the world. This BitCoin mining story is already being fully exploited by some high-yield investment programs, but it is totally possible to make real money this way. You can read about BitCoin in more detail for yourself in this Wikipedia article – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bitcoin – and form your own opinion. BitCoin is becoming more widespread in the HYIP industry recently, however, due to its quite volatile and ever-changing value sometimes it gets hard to both accept and pay profit via BitCoin. We can divide HYIPs between those using genuine BitCoins and those preferring to deal with the USD equivalent of one BitCoin. Due to the ever changing exchange rates I will not be able to give a fixed price for advertising and listing on MNO if someone wants to pay me via BitCoin. But they need only contact me first for the current exchange rate of the day. Currently though there are plenty of online exchangers willing to help you with exchanging your BitCoins for other e-currencies for a small fee, so there’s no problem in getting your money out of the HYIPs using them either. There are many ways to use BitCoin online, but I chose the BlockChain.info site for my own purposes which is a web-wallet. You can read more about that on the BlockChain.info website if you’re interested. Personally, I consider BitCoin the currency of the future and will become extremely popular in the HYIP industry with time.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 24 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: -.
From MNO Premium list: FinMutual, DublinCryptoriumLimited, HyipAgroHolding, FinancInvGlobal, 3pamm, ImbueCapital, DailySharePro, RemiTrade, ApexBinary, Leancy,  WealthGroups, InflexShares, ComoCredit, BettCoin, Atlant.
From MNO Standard list: FX9.
From MNO Basic list: IndigoHillInv, WelorTrade, ThaiMonetaryFund, InsideForexGroup, GoldenCabrio, BarclaysRoyalClub, ZeusInvest, MichaelKazakov.

That’s all the news I have for you tonight, guys. If you enjoy reading my blog please follow me on Facebook and Twitter and subscribe to have my daily news updates delivered straight to your mailbox by simply entering your email address in the form on the top right corner of my blog. I’ll see you all tomorrow with the detailed review of BluOro and the usual daily updates from the HYIP industry. Also please remember to vote in the current opinion poll running on the MNO TalkBack page about your recent experiences in the industry during the month of January. So stay tuned and always be on the money with Money-News-Online!

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