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Hello everyone! I hope the weekend has been going well for you all so far. Today being Saturday and although quiet enough in the industry there’s still plenty to talk about over the last 36 hours. Mostly it’s been positive which is always welcome but unfortunately we have also seen the demise of one program which was expected following recent events after well over a year of successful payments. I’ll get to that in a few moments, but how about we get started with some of the better news stories from the last couple of days.


I guess no one can deny that BarclaysRoyalClub has deservedly become the #1 Sticky listed program on the MNO monitor as even before that it had already almost reached the top on my Premium List after being monitored for five weeks. During this relatively short period of time BarclaysRoyalClub has already commended itself as a very dependable program paying instantly or within a few hours to many accepted payment processors including SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and OkPay. The wide choice of payment options and an affordable $10 minimum to invest have allowed hundreds of investors to double their money in the investment plan – 9.5%-10.5% for 20 business days (read more on this in my detailed review of BarclaysRoyalClub published here). The admin not only tries to always processed withdrawals fast, but he also utilizes a very wise promotional strategy by offering weekend-only 10% deposit bonuses credited straight after you make a deposit within specified times from Friday to Sunday. Unlike many other programs where such bonuses might be taken as a warning sign, BarclaysRoyalClub have been running this campaign for the third week in a row now. I guess those who took the admin up on the offer during the first weekend should be well into profit already. You should know that the deposit bonus will be added automatically to your account, but you can also email the admin with a request to withdraw it as well. Further details can read in the latest newsletter from the admin of BarclaysRoyalClub Peter below:

Weekend BONUS – Part 3.
Dear investors,
Weekend bonus program already started. You have 56 hours to get 10% bonus from every deposit. Conditions are the same as before – You will get a 10% bonus from any deposit from Friday (March 7) 2:00 PM GMT till Sunday (March 9) 11:59 PM GMT. Bonus points will be added to your deposit automatically, right after a deposit was paid. You can withdraw your bonus – just send a request to Bonus interest is added in the payment system it was made.
P.S. Since many users had difficulties with calculating the time of beginning and ending of our bonus program (due to different time zones) we decided to add the timer with a countdown of our third bonus program. When the bonus program will start the countdown will start and will work till its end. We hope this would facilitate the process of investment during the bonus weekend.
Good luck everyone and have a nice weekend!
Peter Marsh. Admin


Even when reviewing Minimalism10 on MNO (click here to read the review) I was under the strong impression that the program looked kind of unfinished and that the admin would be developing it and adding new features along the way. I’m pleased to report that he is indeed listening to the critique and is taking it seriously enough to improve his website. For instance in the latest update posted yesterday he mentioned that soon more guides on how to operate the website would be added, so new users won’t have too many difficulties in browsing their accounts, especially considering the fact that Minimalism10 is powered by a totally unique script. By the way, that same script has recently been modified so now not only allows you to make withdrawals by yourself, but also choose the payment processors where the withdrawal is going to be paid (the choice is between PerfectMoney, EgoPay, and BitCoin). So, we have another major advantage for Minimalism10 investors to save on exchange fees if they want to deposit into any of the plans – 8.1%-8.4% for 15 days, 12%-13% for 10 days – and withdraw to another payment processor. I know that since the minimum to invest in Minimalism10 is only $10 this new feature alone will convince many new people to test the program at least with a small deposit. I’m sure the program is worthy of your attention as Minimalism10 is seriously trying to build a niche on the market that was not already taken by the more traditional programs. If you prefer to invest in something more original, then Minimalism10 might be something for you to at least look into. The program has only started, so the chances making a profit are better. The latest update on how to make a withdrawal request (commissions are still paid in automatic mode) with detailed instructions can be found below:

Good afternoon our dear users and simplicity lovers!
It’s been less than 3 days after start when we already got the very first feedback from our investors. Some users didn’t entirely understand how deposit system worked, so we modified our ABOUT page, and right now we are working on an interactive website guide for new users. Also, many users didn’t have a full understanding of how and, most important, where profit can be monitored and paid. Therefore, we decided to realize a new function, ACCOUNT BALANCE. Now, after you make an investment via one payment system, you can withdraw it to any of your other payment system accounts that you entered in your profile. For example, you made an investment via BitCoin and now you can withdraw your profit to any of your Bitcoin/PerfectMoney/EgoPay accounts. This saves your time and money: you don’t have to use exchange services and pay extra fee for that. Notice that since we made an update, now you will have to choose one of the accounts where you want your profit to be paid, and then press MAKE A REQUEST.
We keep working on our website, more interesting stuff is coming! Feel like home and see you soon!


I know that many investors are now quite cautious and are watching to see how the situation with Leancy will develop over the next few days and possibly even weeks. While I can totally understand your concerns, Leancy (reviewed here) was genuinely one of the very few programs to my memory that was actually able to not only fully recover after being hacked (allegedly done by their former hosting provider Koddos), but also resume the payments in full and pay also all the pending withdrawals. Of course, in that case we should remember that Leancy has its own advantages over a more traditional HYIP as it doesn’t have a fixed daily interest rate. This helps them stay afloat even under such critical circumstances, as it pays any amount up to a 5% daily maximum (until you reach 150% on your investment). Thus, during the two days of downtime caused by the urgent server move from Koddos to BlockDos Leancy was still able to pay reduced 0.01% rate, but it stayed within terms and conditions and kept their good Paying Status. By yesterday the interest rate improved to 3% and soon we might expect it to be even higher. More investors have realized by now that Leancy is back to normal and is not going anywhere (at least for now!). The payments have resumed and are done instantly as usual to all the payment methods accepted – PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer, BitCoin, and OkPay. Certainly some level of confidence in the program’s ability to provide a safe environment was lost by those whose deposits were allegedly taken by Koddos hackers, but the admin Ryan already promised to resolve this issue with every victim individually. This and many more commonly asked questions were addressed in the official blog as re-posted below. I can only add that the admin of Leancy handled this crisis superbly so I only hope that this will be enough:

Mini FAQ by the Incident
You’ll learn the answers to the most basic questions that emerged after the Incident in this FAQ. Let’s begin.
— At March 5 (4 or 6) I put $1000000 to withdraw. They were gone. Give me back me my payment!
— My accruals was $1000000 for the three days and now I have only $100! Where’s the money?
Site was captured on March 4 16:07 UTC from us. We’ve restored last site backup created before these events (at 16.01). Naturally, all the actions performed on the captured website is not preserved, so these payments do not and new registrations. But there is some good news: your deposits are returned to the same state as before the Incident. So money will acquired again in normal mode with daytime percent. Simple explanation: you moved back in time for three days.
— Counter does not tick (not ticked)!
Daily rate for 4, 5 and 6 March exhibited 0.01%. Counter ticked just very slowly. Now all as normal again.
— March 5 (4 or 6) I made a deposit with amount of $1000000! It’s disappeared!
Most likely that you have transferred money to KODDOS scammers which replaced all payment wallets during Incident time. As you know from the previous post we did everything possible to suspend the scammers version of site but were severely limited in scope. Wait for announcement of the refund program to victims of fraud. We will announce it here in the blog. Prepare to provide strong evidences of transactions.
— My payment status is Completed but I did not get it!
No, you’re got it. All payments have a unique identification number in the payment processor (it is listed in withdrawal information). Look carefully for received transactions at your wallets.
— I can not sing into the dashboard!
You just never sign out and forgotten password. Restore it here.
— My neighbour can’t access the site!
A neighbour should wait while DNS of his internet provider will be updated. Site is not going anywhere.
— I don’t receive emails with password / other else emails!
Check SPAM folder. Email is probably there. After that please add us to contacts at your email client to receive our other email normally.


As you might know from their cover story, BTCArbs is making its money by speculating on exchange rates for BitCoin. At the end of Thursday the profit was announced at 1% with the admin connecting that with speculation stirred up by a Newsweek article on them allegedly tracking down the person behind BitCoin’s creation back in 2009 (not that his identity was a secret, it’s just that he’s famously reclusive). Friday night saw higher profits of 1.7% caused by the higher margin of speculation in the market due to more news on MtGox BitCoin account movements and further rumors surrounding the above mentioned Newsweek article. Sometimes I think it’s enough for those looking for the latest news surrounding BitCoin to simply read the latest profit reports from BTCArbs to see what’s going on with that popular crypto-currency.

As for BTCArbs itself, the program is still doing fine and paying perfectly well to SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, PerfectMoney, and BitCoin while accepting deposits starting from a $50 minimum with variable daily rates (anything from 0.1% to 10% daily) and the possibility to withdraw any part of the principal or profits at any time you like and be paid within a 36 hour maximum. BTCArbs is powered by an original script and you can find more on this unique program in my detailed review published here. Below are the two latest trading reports explaining the latest profits that combined came to 2.7% for the last two days:

Thursday 6th March 2014 – 1.00%
Today has been full of interesting news in the Bitcoin industry, with Newsweek claiming that they’ve found the original Satoshi Nakamoto, the elusive creator of Bitcoin. At this point, some reputable individuals in the Bitcoin industry are claiming that the story is credible, while others are questioning whether or not Newsweek simply created the story to sell more copies of their struggling magazine. Nevertheless, it’s an interesting development in the Bitcoin world. Surprisingly, this seemed to have little impact on trading, with virtually no movement on the major markets today. While we were able to profit from some funds on the smaller exchanges, the number of arbitrage opportunities between the major sites were limited. The total profit for today was exactly 1%.

Friday 7th March 2014 – 1.70%
As usual, the last 24 hours have been a whirlwind of events in the Bitcoin community. Yesterday, Newsweek published a lengthy story claiming that they had discovered the identity of the elusive Satoshi Nakamoto, and that it was an older gentleman living in mountains of California. Since the story broke, there have been numerous conflicting reports as to its legitimacy, with many Bitcoin enthusiasts speculating that the story was mostly fictitious, and created solely for the purpose of selling magazines. At first, the story seemed credible, but since then, Satoshi Nakamoto has resurfaced on an online forum, using the original Satoshi username from 2009. Whether or not this username is the legitimize Satoshi is hard to say, however we will probably know whether or not Dorian Nakamota is the true creator of Bitcoin as further investigative journalists look into the story. Meanwhile, MtGox has once again become news, with more than 200,000 Bitcoins being moved from one of the original official MtGox storage accounts. For those that recall, back in 2011, Mark Karpeles decided that he would prove that MtGox was fully liquid, by sending 400,000 Bitcoins to a single address. These coins were then transferred to a few wallets, where they than sat for the next 2 years. Today, more than 200,000 of those coins were on the move, being transferred to smaller wallets. Whether or not this is Mark Karpeles himself, lawyers involved with MtGox or some other entity is currently unknown. These revelations have created a great deal of speculation and moved the market approximately 10% over night. During this time, we were able to snap up a few great deals and profit from arb opportunities between Bitstamp, BTCe and BitFinex, resulting in today’s profit of 1.7%.


Today I received an angry, though I would also say bordering on the hilarious, email from someone telling me I had no right to move MutualWealth to Waiting status on MNO when I became aware of the unfortunate SEC order to close down its website and freeze all the funds in payment processor and bank accounts belonging to the program. I have little to no obligation to display Paying status for any program such as MutualWealth who were facing immediate closure by relevant government authorities, especially when a very clear and serious statement of intent from the SEC informed the public explicitly what they were going to do and why they were doing it. I was right about MutualWealth, by the way, as the site went down today without completing the latest payouts. There end for MutualWealth was blatantly obvious once the government steps in, and only moral obligation I see myself having is to my readers to keep them well-informed and advise them to stay away. Even more so when I discovered the admin had absolutely no contingency plan to continue. Now that the MutualWealth website is gone it’s very clear that my decision to move the program On hold on my monitor was absolutely correct. So, no regrets here, and moving on there will definitely be much better programs to replace MutualWealth in 2014 and the best of them you will find on MNO monitor!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 36 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: BarclaysRoyalClub, GoldenOakFund.
From MNO Premium list: DublinCryptoriumLimited, FinMutual, InvGlobal, Leancy, ApexBinary, ComoCredit, DailySharePro, BettCoin, RemiTrade, BTCArbs, Minimalism10, MyGoldNestEgg.
From MNO Standard list: PornRotor, XAxisInc.
From MNO Basic list: InvestmentCapital, ThaiMonetaryFund, TeslaFinance, ZeusInvest, MichaelKazakov, Ambodium.

That is all to report for today, guys. Hope you enjoyed reading and please make sure you always follow the true statuses on my monitor to avoid investing in programs that are in trouble as happened with MutualWealth. Plus, please follow me on Facebook and Twitter and subscribe to my daily news via email. Bye for now and I’ll see you all very soon!

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