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Hi guys! In today’s post I have updates from as FinMutual, StrongholdFinance, and OneAdClick, and also an introduction of a new short-term program that just joined the Premium List on MNO today called OilRigContractors. So let’s start there.


After 19 days online and a huge number of investors the admin of OilRigContractors has finally decided to get Premium listing on the MNO monitor as stated in the news section of his website today and I guess this mysterious blogger is not really much of a secret any longer:

Today, we have acquired listing service of a very popular blogger. Wait for an update to know which one it is. I am sure that many of you will realise that this is what you have been suggesting and we are materialising it for our investors. Upping the ante at Rothstein & Company OilRigContractors Limited.
Your convenience is always our priority at OilRigContractors

It’s especially interesting to note that the admin decided to celebrate the overwhelming success of his program which allegedly reached the $1M mark today by adding his program on my monitor. That is what he said about that:

Another celebration is due for we have reached the $1,000,000 mark. This is by far the biggest achievement we have done and we will continue to flourish with all the support of our investors.

Well, of course, we don’t know if the bragging about such high deposits is true or not, but it’s entirely possible that OilRigContractors might buck the recent trend in shorter term programs where the majority have performed really badly recently. From reading how he’s running OilRigContractors from the updates posted on his website and the overwhelming support and promotion he’s getting from investors, the admin might be telling the truth. I’m also grateful that some of MNO readers suggested the admin of OilRigContractors join my monitor, and after some discussion with him it has finally happened today. I hope MNO will contribute to the further growth of the program and tomorrow’s more detailed full review will help explain what they are about.

So, what kind of plans are OilRigContractors offering? It’s mostly on expiry one-time single payout plans, though one daily payments plan is included. A more detailed analysis will be posted tomorrow, but for now I’ll tell you they include 105%-125% after 1 day, 56%-70% for 2 days, 130%-300% after 5 days, 180%-475% after 10 days, 300%-800% after 20 days, 500%-1,300% after 30 days. As you can see only some plans offer reasonable returns, so you should only play with money you can afford to lose. OilRigContractors accept investments starting from a very affordable $5 via PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer, or BitCoin. The admin has included a step-by-step guide for those using BitCoin on how to invest, which contains lots of graphics and will certainly be of use for those using crypto currencies to invest in HYIPs.

OilRigContractors runs off a licensed GoldCoders script, is fully SSL-secured with a Green Bar from Comodo, and is hosted on a dedicated server with the support and protection from one of the leading providers in the HYIP industry BlackLotus. Withdrawals must be requested from your account in the OilRigContractors member’s area and should be paid within the 48-hour timeframe maximum. From the designer’s point of view OilRigContractors is also a great looking website and certainly attracting attention from first glance which is important in a competitive business.

By the way, looking at the website of OilRigContractors for the first time today I was pretty impressed with how the admin made it so user-friendly and helpful. The news section of the website is constantly updated and all previous newsletters can also be found there. The latest newsletter released a week ago has a short promotional video available in English, Russian and Spanish to cater to as possible widest audience, a notice on a change of email address, and threats received from a referral cheater:

Newsletter # 03 : April 26, 2014
Greetings to everyone who is part of our ever growing family here at Rothstein & Company OilRigContractors Limited.
Let is be known to everyone within our clientele that we will be using as our main communication e-mail address. This is due to maintenance work being done on our SMTP mail server which is separate from the server where our main website is hosted on. This ensures that the web server where is hosted on will be solely for transactions and website access.
We want to also warn everyone that there is this member who was banned for violating our terms and regulations, he is now trying to do things against our company. We would like to remind everyone to please check with us before believing anything you might read online, which could probably be as a result of the threats thrown at our company by this said user.
Great news though, we have total of 3 video presentations now for English, Russian and Spanish members. More info below.
English Video Presentation:
Russian Video Presentation:
Spanish Video Presentation:
Please watch and share these videos for marketing our company. We are on the process of creating more versions of this video for other languages.
While we have detractors threatening our reputation, our company remains strong and very popular. Our happy investors are not distracted from the threats that this person has sent us. In fact, all details can be seen on our Facebook Page and on our news section. Click here to view the news section:
Be updated all the time by checking out our news section regularly.
If you have ideas, or suggestions, please send them to us.
Thank you for your time reading this newsletter and please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any doubts.
With much respect, Mr. Luke Rothstein
President & CEO. Rothstein & Company OilRigContractors Limited

By being a popular program in the HYIP industry OilRigContractors have some enemies as well. The admin’s policy of sticking to a very strict rule against creating multiple accounts is enforced to the letter has resulted in the deletion of some accounts and freezing the deposits of referral cheaters. Even though self referrers are warned against doing this in advance, some started posting bad things about OilRigContractors on monitors and forums. The admin has tirelessly provided proof of multiple accounts and made this info public on the News section of his website, so the transparency really worked well. Nothing can guarantee you earnings in OilRigContractors of course, and you should obviously consider the age of the program when joining (it has been online for 19 days now), but with examples of three and even four months online with similar plans in other programs in the past we might hope that it’s just the beginning for the program and the admin will try to keep running OilRigContractors for a long time. Please check MNO tomorrow for a more detailed look at the program.


To get things started for tonight’s news section and the program’s already monitored on MNO then, the admin of FinMutual is appealing to members not to inundate the program’s customer services department with multiple support tickets on the same question. It is in fact very counter productive as the admin explains in the short newsletter I’m including below, however as long as I’m on the subject I can tell you it’s not just FinMutual that this applies to, it’s most online based businesses. The thing is, if you create a support ticket you are placed in a sort of “virtual queue”, and an operator will answer you when your turn comes. By continuously adding to the ticket, let’s say by writing to the company again and again asking why they haven’t answered you yet, the only thing you are doing is pushing yourself back to the end of the queue again and again. So FinMutual are simply pointing out that you will receive a better level and quality of service if you just show a little patience and let their support staff get on with their job. They’ll get around to you eventually. Meanwhile I’m sure most readers appreciate how busy FinMutual must be, given how popular they are in the industry. Currently they are sitting in the #3 spot in the MNO rankings based on how popular programs are with my readers, and it’s not difficult to see why. Plans offering 1.8%-2.6% for 160 business days are good enough, but the outstanding payments record to what’s probably the best list of processors in the HYIP industry is the cherry on top. Currently you can join FinMutual using any of the traditional payment handlers in SolidTrustPay, PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer, OkPay, and PexPay, and also using crypto currencies such as BitCoin and LiteCoin. For more information the program was first reviewed on MNO here, and FinMutual‘s full, if somewhat short, newsletter to members is included below:

FinMutual Support Tickets
We ask our members to not submit more than one support ticket a time or update a ticket till a support agent responds to it. Members will lose their spot in the support ticket queue if they submit a second ticket or update a ticket before one of our support agents respond.


OneAdClick, which as you will know if you read the review on MNO here tries to position itself more as an advertising based site as opposed to an actual HYIP, has sent a newsletter celebrating their reaching the milestone of 2,000 members now in the program. To mark this event, a series of promotional events have been lined up which you might like especially if you are adept at advertising the program yourself. To start with there’s a cash prize for the top three referrals in OneAdClick every month, but also a cashback offer to the top three investors. If that’s not really suitable for you (sure, not everyone’s really interested or any good at promoting HYIPs) then there’s still some rewards available. These are in the form of free advertising tokens handed out to members who prove they post regular payment proofs from OneAdClick on the main investment forums, and also to new members to a different extent. This is significant because even if you don’t have your own website to advertise, you can add your own ref link to your favorite programs and so use OneAdClick as a sort of launch pad to making money from other programs assuming the audience is interested in clicking your links.

A couple of other quick points raised by the OneAdClick admin included to inform members. The program has a fairly unique (maybe quirky is a better word) system of payments, offering plans of 180% within 80 days (2% for 70 days, then 4% for 10 days), or 200% within 70 days (2.5% for 60 days, then 5% for 10 days). There is an optional surfing feature there which makes an additional payment if you decide to willingly look at ads submitted by other users, hence the name OneAdClick suppose, but the admin warns that if you find the content of any of these ads objectionable in any way then you need to let him know. Members are also reminded that the main cause of missing or delayed payments is the members themselves failing to submit the correct account details. OneAdClick are using SolidTrustPay, PerfectMoney, EgoPay. Payeer, BitCoin, and PexPay. Plenty of good choices in there but please remember to get your account details exact. The latest newsletter from OneAdClick is included below:

OneAdClick – A click that changes your life- Important Update
OneAdClick Team congratulates each one of its Members for reaching 2000 Member Milestone.
To show Gratitude henceforth we will be starting 3 Contests on a monthly basis.
1) 501 $ Monthly Referral Contest – Top 3 Referrals get 251 $, 150 $ and 100 $ Respectively
2) Deposit Contest – TOP 3 Depositors get 10% Cash Back
3) 2 users who have Posted their earnings regularly on Forums and emailed us the Links where they have posted will be awarded 3 Tokens each.
The Contest period is Month of May & every Month we will be updating the above said contest.
All the winners will be declared within 72 Hours from the close of said Contest.
Advertising Credits
Hence Forth New Registered users will be getting 100 Free Credits to advertise any website with their referral links
Users purchasing 1 Token will be given 1001 Free Credits to advertise any website with their referral links.
Abuse sites related
If any user notices any website abusing your laws etc please report us immediately through support ticket and we will take suitable action and remove such website,
As you are aware our withdrawal Team is ensuring all the Withdrawals are cleared within no time even though we have a cushion up to 72 Hours. However we find users giving wrong Bitcoin Address & Email id in place of STP username and hence we are cancelling that request. Users need to request afresh from their account balance.
We would like to specially thank our Monitors and Users for making our name spread across to name a few MNO, HYIPscope, Shumo Monitor, Proreflex & MIV 1960.
We hope other Monitors & Users appreciate our good work and join us in this success ship.
Regards. OneAdClick


The recently launched short to medium term HYIP StrongholdFinance celebrates ten days online, which might not sound like such a great achievement at first but on closer inspection we see that it actually marks the completion of the first cycle of their first investment plan and so puts the first members in profit. There’s not a great deal else of much interest contained in either newsletter in my own opinion, but that last point about the first plan completing it’s term is by itself of major significance anyway. In other news the StrongholdFinance admin reminds us that the program’s ratings page has been updated where amongst others you can see their good Paying Status from MNO. Plans include 5% for 31 days, and 114% after 10 days which is the one just finished. Payments are made through PerfectMoney, EgoPay, and Payeer, and the program was first reviewed on MNO here. Both updates from StrongholdFinance are included below:

Rate Us page has been updated Today – StrongholdFinance
We have just updated our Rate US page today which displays all official reputed monitors buttons that have been monitoring us since our launch.
You can review the list of monitors that we have added here so far :
We are working on the page and will keep updating it in timely fashion.
If you have any more question please contact our support team through email/Skype.
Best Wishes. Jeremy Turner,

StrongholdFinance 10 calendar days online today
Today we have completed 10 days online with almost total 1000 registered members, moreover investors that had selected to choose plan 114% after 10 days on first day are in good profits today, also plan 5% daily for 31 days is running extra-ordinary well for all members as it gives you a great opportunity to get earn 155% a month (i.e 31 calendar days ), This plan has been the most favourite choice of all the members so far as it greater your capital with 55% net profit.
As there were NO Downtime issues since launch because we have had the best technical solutions & protection provided by BlockDos team and Everything is running smoothly for StrongholdFinance and we are growing day by day. We will do our best to continuously provide everyone a great and can be trusted program and stable source of income. We know many of you post on blogs and forums and vote on monitors every day and this is very important to help us promoting our program. As you know, our goal is to make it to the top of this online industry and there is no way we can do it without getting noticed by all investors out there.
Our support team is always trying there best to resolve each emails query in quick time as possible. We appreciate your confidence in us, and we will use that as motivation to do better.
Please enjoy your weekends and God Bless us all.
Best Wishes. Jeremy Turner, StrongholdFinance.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 24 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: GramStock.
From MNO Premium list: RockwellPartners, DublinCryptoriumLimited, FinMutual, BitcoFinancial, InvGlobal, ApexBinary, RemiTrade, VaBank, 5DailyPro, StrongholdFinance, AssuredAssets, OneAdClick, Eazzy.
From MNO Standard list: AdShareCycler.
From MNO Basic list: ThaiMonetaryFund, ZeusInvest, OgdenOrganization, VictorCoins.

That’s about all I can think of for today, everyone. Thanks as ever for reading and all your support and I just warn to finish by saying that I hope that by reading MNO you’re getting the experience you need and by being selective in your approach to which program to join and stick with the best you can multiply your earnings. My readers are already earning greatly in the programs from my Top Five and even after I posted an article on it last week it still remains essential to see who’s on top as the information in this article is still valid. See you all tomorrow with any and all news stories from the HYIP industry plus the review of OilRigContractors. Bye for now!

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