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Beware! SafeBetIncome has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hi all! I don’t know about the rest of you, but every year there’s something about the first days of September that brings out a feeling of nostalgia in me. Maybe it’s the same for a lot of adults, but it always makes me think of trudging back to school (usually I remember this in the first rain of autumn for some reason!) after the summer holidays. Well, I got a similar feeling of nostalgia when looking over the latest program to be added to the MNO Standard List. It’s called SafeBetIncome and while it might just be new to MNO, it has been online for around a month already. When I talk about nostalgia here of course I think a lot of the more experienced players will know what I mean – SafeBetIncome is in the style of program that used to dominate the short term side of the HYIP industry some time back. Enormously popular in its day, they’re a lot less common these days in the wake of the perpetual, money-back-on-demand programs. Nonetheless, SafeBetIncome have a series of short term plans any number of which could have put their members well into profit since the program first launched. With the shortest of these being just one day long, any misgivings you have about the age of the program should be alleviated by the fact that there’s still time to take advantage. Having said that, that time is limited and to be honest I’m really not sure how many investors would still join programs like this after this length of time online. But that choice is yours, so let’s just take a look anyway.

Getting started as usual with the plans then, SafeBetIncome has six to choose from, and is normally the case with programs like this some are reasonably priced and can easily make a modest profit for experienced players who know how games like this really work. There’s a couple of others best left to one side as they are unlikely to yield much more than an easy couple of bucks for the admin. Admittedly they all carry some degree of risk some plans carry a much better chance of getting paid than others as we shall see.

So to start with the first plan runs for a term of just 1 single day and makes one interest payment on expiry, a payment that includes your principal. So join today and get paid tomorrow. The minimum cost of joining is just $5 and for anything up to a deposit of $500 SafeBetIncome offer a return of 103%, or 3% profit. You may make a larger deposit if you can afford to, and expect a higher percentage in return. The rates are calculated as follows:
Deposits of $500 to $1,000 will earn 104%, and from $1,001 to $5,000 will earn 105%. Check the SafeBetIncome members area for information on larger investments if interested.

The second plan runs for a term of 2 calendar days but takes a slightly route, making daily interest payments. The same $5 minimum deposit is required to join and for anything up to $500 SafeBetIncome are paying back 53.5% interest per day, a figure that includes your principal so that’s 107% in total or 7% profit for yourself. For anyone brave enough to go further than that then the following rates are offered:
54.5% for deposits between $501 and $1,000 (or 9% profit), and 55.5%% for anything between $1,001 and $5,000 (11% profit). For the rates available to bigger deposits I suggest you see the SafeBetIncome members area.

SafeBetIncome‘s next plan pays on expiry after a term of 5 calendar days and returns to on expiry payments. It costs $5 to join. Your final payment will also include your principal and the return will be 123% on anything up to a maximum value of $1,500. If you’re feeling lucky and wish to take a bigger risk then SafeBetIncome offer 140% on deposits from $1,501 to $5,000. Again check out your SafeBetIncome members area to see what they offer to investments bigger than that.

As you can see the plans get more and more risky as the terms get longer. So it’s time to maybe start considering how realistic these figures are before getting too excited at the enormous rates available. But at least you can still join for a minimum spend of $5 and for SafeBetIncome‘s fourth investment plan which runs for a 10 calendar day term that can supposedly earn you 180% interest, paid on expiry and principal included, if depositing up to $1,500. Beyond that the rates include 225% for $1,501 to $5,000. For information on larger deposits than that see the SafeBetIncome members area.

Next up is a plan that runs for 20 calendar days and pays once on expiry. The minimum deposit is $5 and for anything up to $1,500 the rate being offered is 300%. Higher rates include 500% for $1,501 to $5,000. And if all that doesn’t sound unfeasible enough then check out the SafeBetIncome members area for even more outlandish figures.

SafeBetIncome‘s final plan also carries a $5 minimum investment (about as much as I think I’d spend on a plan like this) and up to a maximum of $1,500 they offer one single payment of 500% after 30 calendar days. For deposits between $1,501 and $5,000 the offer is 750%, and for anything over and above that you should refer to your SafeBetIncome private member’s account area.

Payment options are about as good as you could reasonably expect in a program like this. SafeBetIncome accept PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer, and BitCoin. Payments are not instant and will have to be requested from inside your members area. Once this has been done you’re asked to allow a maximum of 48 hours for the transaction to be completed. I must say this is a bit on the long side for a program like this one so it’s really in the best interests of the program that the admin keep this to a bare minimum if SafeBetIncome is to have an even more impressive lifecycle than its existing month.

If the SafeBetIncome investment plans remind you of so many other programs of the last year then so too will the design. The program runs off a licensed GoldCoders script which most will spot instantly anyway, and is also SSL secured to give safer transactions. Hosting is on a dedicated server with support and protection from DDoS attacks provided by GeniusGuard. You can also see all the latest stats from the program like newest deposits, latest payouts, etc. If you have any further questions or just want to make some suggestions to the admin then the only point of contact with him is by filling out the e-mail ticketing form on the contacts page.

At this stage there’s probably very few of you actually expecting to find some kind of business plan in operation behind SafeBetIncome. It would be naïve of anyone to believe it, but for the record they claim to be a private investment firm financed by sports betting. There’s a short instructional video which makes an attempt at explaining things but to be honest it doesn’t really do much to impart any relevant information. Certainly nothing you could prove anyway, so remember to use SafeBetIncome only as a smaller part of a wider investment portfolio, and always always stay within sensible and affordable spending limits that you can comfortably afford to lose.



I just received a reply to the interview requested by the admin of WeTradeWePay so I’ll be publishing that by tomorrow. So stay tuned if you wish to find out more about the program that had a bright start exactly a week ago featuring on the Premium listing on MNO from day one and already reviewed here. WeTradeWePay pays from 8% to 10% daily for a period of 25 calendar days with the principal back on expiry. Although the first investors are yet to be in profit with WeTradeWePay we see a lot of interest in the program coupled with a pretty active admin. The minimum to invest in WeTradeWePay is quite an affordable $10 which is accepted via PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer, BitCoin, and OkPay. Processing withdrawal time has also been pretty quick and I never waited any longer than 8 hours in order to get paid. In the latest newsletter from WeTradeWePay issued late last night the admin shared some stats about the recent participation and even boasted a growing Alexa rank for the first seven days online. The upcoming interview on MNO blog is also announced, so don’t miss it tomorrow to get more info direct from the admin’s mouth. As for the latest newsletter, you can read it below:

WeTradeWePay – System Statistics
We are happy to announce that our support team had extremely worked hard and ensured that they attend to Members varied queries and also process payouts within no time.
Very Soon we will be creating provision for Automatic Payouts however keeping an eye on intruders.
As per the numerous requests we are receiving from our Members henceforth we will be publishing weekly statistics.
System Statistics as on 31-08-2014
Total Members: 963
Active Deposits: 529
Investment Turnover to Date: $ 58,451.00
New Investments (last 48hours): $ 8,029.00
Interests Paid To Date: $ 16,062.00
We thank each and every member for making our program a huge success and the same is reflected in our Alexa Rankings.
Soon our Interview questions will be sent to the famous blog MNO and will be published by them in maximum 2 days so that members will have their queries settled
In case Members have any doubts regarding plans.
View our plans here:
With Best Regards
David Hind. WeTradeWePay


With September here and the new HYIP season about to hit its stride, I believe it’s time to see how the voting went on the poll that ran on the MNO TalkBack page over the last couple of weeks. The question was – What is your strategy for the HYIP industry for September compared to summer? I can see that nearly half of my readers (over 44%) said that the would participate in HYIPs much more actively, and I must say, I can see already a sharp increase in level of participation in the programs listed on MNO compared to the summer months. The last week also saw unprecedented growth of my site on Alexa most likely due to increased interest from readers looking for high quality investment programs to invest with during the autumn months which has always been the most fruitful period in the HYIP industry. Another 32% of readers expressed some cautious optimism for the autumn, but said that the recovery after would be more gradual. About 24% of the readers think that their investment strategy in autumn would not change as they would keep investing in the same manner as they did in summer.

For the next week or ten days I have another couple of questions for you to think about. I have noticed recently that many people tend to invest more in programs that accept either SolidTrustPay or Payza payment processors, as these are especially tough for HYIP admins when it comes to verification and approval of their payment buttons. So logically the ones who commit their time and effort to getting STP and/or Payza on board are more hard-working and determined to stay with us for a longer time. The latest example of that is the huge success in terms of membership growth enjoyed by LinumFund, with hundreds of members joining in the first days. This was one of the very few programs to have their STP payment button pre-approved before their official launch (read the full review of the program here). Anyway, I was wondering what you guys get from this. I mean even if you personally do not actually use STP or Payza yourself, does their presence give you any more confidence in the admin? Some people tend to believe such programs are more dependable due to the admin himself having the necessary qualities for his program to be a success. The exact question so is this:
Does the use of STP and Payza in a program make you more likely to join?
This is a straight forward enough question I think so please answer either:
1) Yes.
2) No.

The second questions for the poll is about quite a hot subject in the industry now, that of “perpetually” paying programs, when investors get paid indefinitely without any fixed term every day until they decide to take back their principal anytime they wish to leave. It seems to me that the regular 103%-105% after 1 day programs simply can’t compete with programs offering 3%-5% per day with the principal back anytime. Such “forever” paying programs are certainly the trend in the HYIP industry now and admins who see this are the ones reaping the rewards. Even traditional programs paying a certain percentage over a fixed period of time, but with no possibility to return the principal before the term’s expiry are less popular. So I was interested to find out what programs MNO readers now prefer and if the trend for “perpetual” payments affected them somehow. The second question for the poll on MNO TalkBack page is – What programs do you currently prefer investing with?
1) “Perpetual” programs (fixed or variable interest, principal back anytime)
2) “Traditional” programs (fixed rate of interest over a fixed term)
3) “Short-term” programs (for example, 103%-120% after one day, etc.)

Thanks a lot for taking the time to think about the questions and voting. Remember it only takes a second to vote, but it’s important to analyze the current trends in the HYIP industry. The results will be drawn in a week or two. So click here to submit your opinion and thanks in advance for your time!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 36 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: BTCLegacy, AssuredAssetsTraderWaysLinumFundCryptcoMinerPurpleWealth,         WeTradeWePay, GepardAllianceGlobalBuildingGroup,  LaxoTrade, CryptoFarmGoldLoanFinancing.
From MNO Standard list: SafeBetIncome.
From MNO Basic list: TrustForexTrade, ZeusInvestVioletStock20DayGoldOgdenOrganizationBaikalsTours, TradingAllianceLimited.

That’s all for today, guys. As promised I’ll have the interview with the admin of WeTradeWePay tomorrow. I’ll also be doing a more up-to-date version of the Top Five Popular Programs on MNO soon too, so don’t miss it. The daily news from the HYIP is at the core of my blog, so those who like reading it won’t be neglected either. It looks to me that the HYIP industry has almost completely recovered after the summer hibernation now as can clearly be seen in the increased investment activity from my readers. I hope this positive trend will continue for quite a long time and it brings another wave of high quality programs to the MNO monitor – a place where only the best programs run by experienced admins are always welcome and where you can find the biggest investment projects online. Stay with MNO in the next HYIP season and you won’t be disappointed!

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