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Beware! OneStability has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hi everyone! While it might be the start of the working week for many of us, it’s not so for all MNO readers. I know from my own stats that the biggest concentration of MNO users are living in the US and Canada, both of whom are celebrating separate public holidays this Monday. So if that includes you then I hope you make the most of your extended weekend and have a good extra day off. The HYIP industry doesn’t stop of course so neither do I, and for today’s main article I’m looking at a brand new addition to the MNO Premium List called OneStability. This is a recently launched medium/long term HYIP with reasonable returns that I believe an experienced admin should be able to manage responsibly. Long enough for a good number of members to see a decent payback from anyway. In other news I have an announcement from one of the new programs on my Standard List which I’ll be reviewing tomorrow, and some updates from Payza. But for now let’s get started with OneStability and see if you think you have room for it in your portfolios.

The first of two investment plans from OneStability runs for 30 calendar days. You will need a minimum of just $5 to join, and in return the admin is offering members a daily interest payment of 5%. Your initial principal is factored into those payments already and so will not be returned on expiry. Your final return which eventually adds up to 150% is therefore made up of your own money back plus 50% net profit. OneStability have an upper limit of $25,000 on deposits, though I doubt many of you would be getting anywhere close to that figure anyway.

To give a simple example of how a deposit there might work then, let’s say you were to join OneStability with $100. In return you should expect a payment of $5 back from the admin. That allows you to break even – that is to say earn back an amount equivalent to your own investment and make it impossible to lose anything – after 20 days, and complete the 30 day term with $150 in total. That’s your own money back plus an extra $50 for yourself.

Alternatively if your looking for a longer term but ultimately more profitable plan you can look into OneStability‘s second option. Open only to investments starting from a $25 minimum this time, you will be committed to a 45 calendar day term. During this time the OneStability admin offers you a daily interest payment of 4.2%. Slightly less than the first plan I know, but of course as you should receive a lot more payments you do better out of it financially. The payments eventually add up to 189% at the end of the term, out of which OneStability are including your principal. So it’s your own money back plus 89% net profit. If it’s of any interest to you OneStability have an upper limit of $50,000 here.

So if we look at the same $100 investment made here, OneStability would pay you back $4.20 per day until you have a grand total of $189 back in your pocket. That’s your own initial hundred plus an extra $89 for yourself. Both plans have certain advantages over each other, this one obviously because it’s more profitable, but the first one because it allows you to break even a lot faster. 20 days for the first plan compared to 24 days in the second.

If either of those plans has impressed you enough to join the program, then the next thing you’ll need to know about is your payment options available to you. OneStability are currently using PerfectMoney, EgoPay, and Payeer for anyone who prefers the more traditional payment processors, and BitCoin for those of you who prefer working with digital e-currencies. Bank wires are also available, though you’ll have to contact the admin directly for more information on that. Please also be aware that OneStability have a minimum withdrawal policy. The smallest transaction that will be processed is $1, so smaller investors take note. Payment requests are all processed manually by the admin, and once done you are requested to allow a 24 hour maximum waiting period for it to be completed.

Moving on then to the subject of the more technical aspects of the program such as design and security, OneStability is running off a script under license from GoldCoders. I guess most of you might have recognized it anyway, except that in this case it’s been modified slightly to meet the program’s needs. In this case the most notable, and I suppose in the eyes of most investors the most practical modification is an added log-in feature. You’ll be asked a simple but random question before you can access your account, for example something like “2+3=?”, which I would imagine is there to protect members accounts from being broken into by bots. For hosting OneStability have opted for what’s clearly the best in the business, with a dedicated server supported and protected from attacks by BlockDos. In the unlikely event of any downtime at all, it’s likely to be fixed before most members ever even know it happened. Glad to see the admin didn’t cut any corners there, just as he didn’t cut any with the SSL encryption of the OneStability website either which is throughout both public and private areas for safer browsing and more secure transactions. Also included is an on-screen virtual keyboard which you can use to tap in your password rather than type it out on your computer. This of course is to protect you from keyboard loggers (a malicious program that records what you type for a third party to monitor) however if a keyboard logger has already invaded your computer I’m afraid your problems have already started elsewhere!

Should you have any further questions for the admin that you don’t think were explained in this review or any account related issues that you need to have dealt with, then there are a number of channels open to you for contacting OneStability. For starters you can fill in your details on the online customer support form and submit it through the website’s contacts page. Alternatively you can just write to the admin directly using the email address listed. OneStability have a postal address in Panama, though regular readers/investors will know well enough by now to ignore this as no more than a virtual hosted office space and not where you could expect to find anyone connected with running the program physically located. The address is accompanied by a phone number however, so you can try and reach them there if you think someone might respond. Fans of social networking sites will also be able to find OneStability keeping profiles on the popular sites such as Facebook and Twitter. There hasn’t been much activity on either yet, but then again not much has happened that’s worth repeating considering OneStability is still quite new. Hopefully the admin will make better use of them than most other programs, we’ll see over the coming weeks anyway.

There’s a three and a half minute video available to watch on the OneStability website about the program, though I have to say this is largely promotional and geared more towards advertising the program rather than imparting any practical information that you might actually use. Among the claims made there is that OneStability is somehow involved with real estate development. Texts seem to be original at least, but as with any other online HYIP there’s nothing there to prove there’s anything at all supporting the payments other than new investors coming in. and remember even if it was true, there’s still nothing that can guarantee profitability of the safety of your deposit in any business. Therefore as always you need to approach everything you find in this industry as a form of gambling, OneStability included. So if you join then use some common sense when deciding how much to spend and remembering to stay well under a figure you can comfortably afford to lose. And of course always try to keep a wider more diverse portfolio to protect you from heavier losses if one program collapses suddenly.



In anticipation of the upcoming review of ValueSpecificsLtd on MNO tomorrow, the admin issued another newsletter reporting this. He also reminded members that if they have any questions they can contact him directly and he promises to respond as soon as possible. As ValueSpecificsLtd pays 6.5% over a period of 20 business days only (Monday to Friday) I’ve only received my first payment today so have changed the status for the program on my monitor from Waiting to Paying. Apart from that, I can only add that the program accepts investments starting from a $20 minimum and that there are three payment methods available – PerfectMoney, Payeer, and EgoPay. Read more about ValueSpecificsLtd on my blog tomorrow and for now I’ll leave you with the latest newsletter from the admin:

Beginning of Second Business Week
It is the beginning of our second business week online and what a great week it will be. One major step we have taken at the start of the week is to get listed on MNO and a review about us will be published in the next few days. Stay connected for more details about it.
Thank you all our active members for trusting our services and we urge you to continue to look forward to your payments. As always we are poised to serve you efficiently. If you need to contact us, please do not hesitate to do so through any of our client support channels and you will be responded to within the shortest possible time.
Thank you for your patronage.
ADMIN. ValueSpecificsLtd


We’ve have noticed the return of Payza to the US market and its comeback to the HYIP industry a couple of months ago, and yet still not too many programs are accepting it yet. Perhaps that’s got something to do with not so many investors using it (due to required account verification needed to take advantage of all their services), or the extensive checks now required to get a HYIP accepted by Payza, but so far LaxoTrade and Sparbs are the only two programs from the MNO Premium List using them. I must say though that those two programs have been performing exceptionally well so far, and both Sparbs and LaxoTrade have actually proved that you can operate a successful program even if your investment plans are not the current trend fof multiple short-term and perpetual style programs. Anyway, Payza is certainly not too easy to be added, but the payment processor (once being one of the major payment processors in the HYIP industry) is improving significantly and I believe here to stay and offer investors quite unique services that other processors can’t. For instance, only Payza allows its verified members to withdraw directly to your credit card. Payza (as do STP) also offers direct bank funding and withdrawal options. That means those using Payza saves on multiple exchange service fees. For the MNO approved and exchangers (all personally tried and tested by myself) you can always check on this page. The latest update from Payza‘s official blog regarding the new site’s design and other advantages is reposted below, and I would strongly recommend opening a free account with them (if you haven’t done so yet):

Introducing Payza’s New Logo and Site Design
With all the updates we’ve made in the past 12 months, we thought it was time to update our image a little bit as well. Today, Payza unveils our new look, a brand new site design and a new logo to go with it! We invite you to come view the cleaner, more modern Payza homepage at: https://www.payza.com
Speaking about the new website design, Ali Nizameddine, Executive Vice President of Product and Technology had this to say:
“In today’s world, a website is the equivalent of a storefront, the quality of the products inside your store doesn’t matter if the storefront doesn’t attract customers. As a leader in our space, we place a great importance on keeping up with, and pushing the limits of, the current design trends. Our priority is still to ensure that the features and products we offer are secure, straight-forward and user-friendly. By putting the same care into our public page, new customers know what to expect from Payza when they open their own account: attention to detail, innovation, and a partner that takes pride in its work.”
The new logo, shown above, featuring the Payza name and a green arc, represents a new horizon for Payza. When the Payza platform was initially launched, the goal was to bring Payza’s services to every region under the sun, and as one of the largest online payment processors in terms of global reach, we’re doing exactly that. The arc also represents the bridge that Payza is forging between developed, developing, and under-developed markets so that people everywhere can have access to the opportunities available in our interconnected world.
As Payza’s arc continues to stretch toward new horizons, it’s important as well to remember how we’ve come this far.
Taking a look back
It’s been a busy year at Payza, here’s a quick look at some of the new features and updates we’ve released over the past year:
Bitcoin: Bitcoins are the most popular type of cryptocurrency, a new form of money designed specifically for the internet age. In August, Payza took its first step towards fully integrating Bitcoin into our platform buy giving members an easy way to buy Bitcoin.
Credit Card Withdrawal: This is another new feature Payza unveiled last August. Credit card withdrawal is a fast, easy, cost effective way for our members to withdraw the funds in their Payza accounts.
Guest Checkout: Our new checkout option, added this summer, makes it easier for non-members to complete a purchase when browsing the web-store of one of Payza’s many merchants. With Guest Checkout, non-members can set-up an account, connect a credit card, and pay for their purchase in just a few clicks.
In-Page Checkout: With In-Page Checkout, completed payment on a Payza merchant site is a breeze. When In-Page Checkout is integrated by a merchant, Payza’s payment module appears as an in-site pop-up, meaning shoppers never have to leave their merchant’s website to complete a payment.
Top-Up Payments: Have you ever tried to send money or make a purchase online only to realize you didn’t have enough in your account to cover the charge? With Top-Up Payments you can load your account and complete a purchase or send money online all at the same time!
Over-the-Counter Transfers: Payza’s newest deposit and withdrawal method is currently being tested in Bangladesh. With Over-the-Counter Transfers, Payza members can add or withdraw funds right at their bank. Once a member’s account has been set up to take advantage of this option, Payza members can go to participating banks and instantly load or unload their accounts.
eGift Cards: There are now even more places you can spend your Payza dollars thanks to our new eGift Card feature. Currently only available in the U.S., with eGift Cards it’s now possible for members to buy gift certificates to some of the largest retailers and restaurant chains in the country. Shops like Foot Locker, The Home Depot, Dell, and more than 75 other merchants.
These are just a few of the new features and upgrades Payza has made in the past year. We’ll continue to grow and leave our mark on the online payments landscape, and we hope you’ll be there with us!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 24 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list2FXLtd, TradingAllianceLimited, AssuredAssetsBrinoGmbHEastOil, OneStability, MikroCredit.
From MNO Standard list: FreeCombination, ValueSpecificsLtd (the first payment received).
From MNO Basic list: OgdenOrganization.

That’s all I wanted to report for today, guys. See you all tomorrow with the latest news from the biggest programs online featured on the MNO monitor and the detailed review of the newest addition to the Standard List, ValueSpecificsLtd. Follow MNO on Twitter, like MNO on Facebook, and support MNO by joining the most popular programs you see on my site! Thanks for all your support, and have a very profitable week ahead!

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