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Hello everybody! As it’s the weekend and not overly busy in the HYIP industry I’ve decided to hold off from reviewing any of the new programs on my monitor just for the moment and concentrate instead on the top five most popular programs on MNO. As you’ll know if you happen to be a regular reader this has been an ongoing series of articles I do on my blog every couple of weeks or so. Given the ever changing nature of the HYIP industry where nothing ever stays the same for too long, it’s necessary to constantly be updating it as programs rise and fall, open and close, and so on. So for today’s main article I want to take a brief look back at what the five most popular programs are among MNO readers as of today.

Just in case there’s any misunderstanding about how I arrived at these figures, after all, you must be curious as to what entitles me to say that one program is more popular than another. Well, it’s very simple. The script my monitor runs off includes the investment activities of my downline, ie it counts the referral commissions I withdraw from the listed programs as well as the actual interest payments on the deposit. With most programs paying approximately the same rates on ref comms and a consistent number of readers, I can see more or less where more people are joining and investing. OK, it’s not an exact science, but in my opinion it’s actually been pretty close to the truth in the majority of cases. And if someone has a better idea, then I haven’t heard it.

Getting started with the programs then and topping the list once again is 2FXLtd which was reviewed on MNO here. After causing some early controversy by changing the investment plans relatively early in the game, 2FXLtd came through with flying colors to reach the #1 spot on my monitor. They have now been ten weeks online and (with the exception of the first six weeks when they were different) offer members terms of 4% interest per day with no expiry date, and their principal back anytime. Just be aware that you will be charged a 15% early withdrawal fee if you decide to leave within the first three days of joining. This is a new rule added since the review was done, and I imagine to dampen the impact of hit-n-runners. All the main payment processors are there, such as PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer, and Bitcoin so there’s no shortage of choice and you can join for a $5 minimum. And of course the admin has done a great deal to help himself and his program get to the top spot on my monitor by keeping a strong and visible presence for 2FXLtd by advertising so prominently on my site which I guess is why it became as popular as it did with MNO readers.

In the #2 spot, and it has to be said a program that’s been hovering around the top for a very long time now and often drifting in and out of the #1 spot itself is RemiTrade. What can I say about this rare gem in the HYIP industry? I’ve been monitoring this one longer than any other program on my list and reviewed it first back in November of last year which you can read here, so that’s 11 months. Of course, I will never know this for a fact, but if the admin is who I suspect he is, then I see no reason why RemiTrade can’t continue long into 2015 at least. It’s a low paying HYIP with variable daily payments, and represents your share of the program’s overall performance which is stated on their website. The rates can swing from anything as low as 0.3% on a bad day to as high as 4% on the best day possible. The average is somewhere in the middle. The investment term is 240 business days (48 weeks) and your principal is returned at the end. You can join RemiTrade for a $10 minimum and can use PerfectMoney, BitCoin, or a direct bank wire. Just take note that RemiTrade makes payments from Tuesday to Saturday, ie you can collect your share the day after the program has managed to create it. Withdrawals to PerfectMoney are always instant, by the way.

In the #3 spot we have another long term favorite which is in many ways similar to RemiTrade. It is of course AssuredAssets, which has become another model of stability and dependability since first being reviewed on MNO way back in March. The difference is that interest rates are already fixed, and are from 0.8% up to possibly 1.4% every business day for a slightly shorter 190 business day term (38 weeks) and your principal back on expiry. AssuredAssets have the highest minimum entry level of any program in the MNO top five, requiring members make a deposit of $50 or more to join. Still, not enough to bankrupt anyone exactly, and it may even free up a lot of the admin’s time to concentrate on running a better program for serious more dedicated investors. AssuredAssets payment methods include instant payouts to all processors, including PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer and BitCoin. You can read that review I already mentioned here.

Coming in at #4 in the MNO top five is yet another exponent of the philosophy “slow but steady wins the race” in LaxoTrade. This is a lucrative if somewhat (thankfully) slow burner that’s been plying its trade since last April. In fact they celebrate six months online today, so congratulations to the admin on that. He was interviewed on MNO some time back, which you can read here. The plans open to members of LaxoTrade include a choice between either 2% per business day for a year, or a more profitable 11% payment per week for a longer term of 55 weeks. Both plans look good, both will return your deposit on expiry, but what really jumps off the page to a lot of people finding LaxoTrade for the first time isn’t that. It’s the payment options which are probably the best you could hope for under present circumstances in the HYIP industry. You’ll need a $1 minimum to join – in stark contrast with ironically the slightly more popular AssuredAssets – making it the cheapest investment on my monitor, which you can do via PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer, BitCoin, PexPay (a rare appearance!) and, most crucially I think, Payza. You can read more about that in the original review published on MNO here.

Rounding off the list of the five most popular programs on the MNO monitor (this version of it anyway) is also the newest entry. Making its first appearance at #5 is EastOil. Long term programs are very much dominating the HYIP scene at the moment, and with so many quick scams around it’s easy to see why. EastOil is another long term program then, though in this case has only been online for a month. Exactly a month today actually. They have a minimum requirement of $25 for member to join, and offer a choice between either the recommended investment plan of 3.2% to 3.6% interest per day for 70 days, or one with an exceptionally high risk of 550% to 800% on expiry of 55 days. I think experienced investors know very well which option to take here, but hey, it’s your money to spend how you like. EastOil accept deposits made through PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer and BitCoin, and was first reviewed on MNO here.

So that’s it, guys. For better or worse remember I had almost no input into how that list was arranged so there can be no talk of favoritism for one program or another. If an admin wants to know why he’s not included, it’s because people like/trust other programs more than yours. Simple as that, positions are decided by the readers but of course to a degree do also reflect on the program’s performance. The top five list will change from time to time, though it’s my own personal wish that I never find it necessary to change the list due to scams. Programs rise and fall, yes, that’s fine and keeps the industry vibrant and competitive, but nobody likes closures. So I hope the current top five will be pretty steady for a long time to come.



So, what about the next programs that will no doubt be featured in the next MNO Top Five list? Well, while I was still writing today’s article it became obvious that the brand-new program CryptoIncome is moving towards crashing the Top Five list very swiftly due to increased popularity among readers. That was further cemented today when the site was subjected to a huge DDoS attack on their servers that was successfully mitigated by their hosting provider within a few hours. This greatly increased the trust from investors, some of whom were quite worried. The admin of CryptoIncome proved though that he’s capable of dealing with a difficult situation and paid all pending withdrawals (including even the first principal returns) straight after the site got back online. By the way, the peculiarity of the Shadow script CryptoIncome is running off suggests that the deposit withdrawals be subject to the admin’s approval during which you won’t be able to see your deposits in either your account balance or as an active deposit. After the admin’s approval you will then see the available amount in your e-wallet balance from which you can request the full or partial amount and be paid within the promised 48 hours timeframe. So, take note of the process described on the website as such:

Principal Withdraw System
From our FAQ:
Once 1 interest payment (1 day) is applied to your account, you may press the green arrow in your active tokens to request your principal to be returned to your cash balance. Once you request your principal, the active token will disappear and go pending for us to manually process back into your cash balance. All principal requests are processed within our withdrawal period.

What makes CryptoIncome such a success? I believe that it’s all about an experienced admin in charge who never succumbs to demands and threats of internet blackmailers and I’m sure will do his best to run his program for as long as possible. He is currently paying 5% to 6% daily with the principal withdrawal allowed at any time. I remind you that CryptoIncome accepts PerfectMoney, EgoPay, BitCoin, and Payeer payment processors and the minimum deposit starts with $25. Over the first day online the admin added more communication methods which now includes Skype support, plus Facebook and Twitter accounts the links to which you should bookmark and reference if the DDoS attacks resume. I believe that should be sufficient to keep the members updated as the admin suggested in the latest two newsletters sent today (read the full review of CryptoIncome on MNO tomorrow):

CryptoIncome Skype Support
We have added Skype support to CryptoIncome. Just add our username: cryptoincome
This is in addition to our other forms of support being support tickets, Facebook and Twitter. We will also invite you into a Skype chat group for CryptoIncome members.

CryptoIncome Newsletter: DDOS mitigated
Thank you for your patience as we handled DDOS mitigation with our datacenter. The attack has been successfully mitigated and we are back online. It was of unusually high strength, 25GBPS. This is obviously due to our rising popularity, but we have handled it and we are back online.
We encourage you to add us on Skype: cryptoincome
Also, follow us on social media such as Facebook and Twitter:
You will always be up to date if you use our outside communication we offer. We also operate a Skype chat group we will invite you into if you add us on Skype where you can communicate with other investors.


Unfortunately Sparbs, one of the programs on my Premium List, had to be moved to Problem Status on the MNO monitor today. Sparbs enjoyed a pretty successful run of nearly three months online and many smart investors were able to take this opportunity and possibly even double their money. Sparbs came to MNO on day one and those who realized its potential should have profited nicely. The admin seems to be experienced, but he didn’t think through one simple matter – these days the HYIP industry is quite different and what worked like a charm two years ago might not be what people want right now. The program’s 120% after 15 day plan with up to 210% after 45 days returns went almost unnoticed among readers this time, while older programs offering the same thing from (possibly) the same admin were hugely successful. Instead, many investors lost money in more hyped, but much shorter-lived programs that became quick scams over the last couple of months. Perhaps the soft launch of Sparbs and the lack of hype on the forums should have been a good sign for some experienced investors who made some money this autumn according to the currently running poll on the MNO TalkBack page. So far only about a third of my readers actually made money this autumn, according to the preliminary results of the poll which you may still participate in when you click here, and I’m sure many of those would have invested in Sparbs and other successful programs. You see, it’s all about making the right pick as there are many such fantastic quality programs on MNO. You just need to make the right choice at the right time to make from them. I already talked about several possible options in today’s article on the Top Five programs on my monitor. For Sparbs the game is over now, so please do not make any further investments there. Although the program was really good while it lasted, I hope the admin’s future projects are as successful.


Another program which currently features on the MNO Top Five – LaxoTrade (reviewed here) – is also enjoying a very successful run and is now celebrating six amazing months online. Out of that time LaxoTrade has been on MNO for the last three months and that was enough for my readers to profit from either of its investment plans – 2% per business day for a year or 11% weekly for 55 weeks. Smart investors are reaping the rewards of their wise decision to stick with LaxoTrade and collect their profits to their PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer, BitCoin, PexPay, or Payza accounts. The very affordable minimum of $1 for each plan and the option to compound your profits could make your experience with LaxoTrade even more profitable in the long run. The admin (read my interview with him here) runs his program in a very old-fashioned style with less hype and only occasional promotions which offer some deposit bonuses from time to time. Last time you could have gotten a 10% deposit bonus if you joined LaxoTrade in the following 24 hours. By the time you read this that particular bonus will have expired, but don’t worry, I’m sure there will be others from time to time. Remember that if you make a deposit into one of the plans offered by LaxoTrade during the last 24 hours it will be added by the admin manually as explained in the latest newsletter issued last night:

LaxoTrade: Six Months Online!
Today is exactly 6 months since we are online. It is a relatively short period, and in it we managed to become one of the leading online investment programs. We could not have achieved that without you support and, for that, we sincerely give you our thanks!
For that special occasion we have decided on a small promotional bonus: all deposits today will receive a 10% bonus.
The bonus will be added manually. We estimate that it will not take more then 12 hours to apply the bonus. After that, it shall be normally available on your balance and ready for withdrawal.
This offer will be available until the end of day, which is to say until Sunday the 19th at 00:00 hours. Consider that we are in the GMT time zone.
We hope this bonus will provide some initiative for our inactive members, as well as ones that want to reinvest.
If you have any questions feel free to contact us. We would be happy to hear from you.
Thank you for your trust.
Regards, LaxoTrade


Although SolidTrustPay is not currently accepted by any of the monitored programs on MNO the payment processor is still used by me and is accepted for advertising. Latest fast scams with the admins running the programs approved by STP disappointed many investors, but I believe a revival of the new good programs accepting by far the best payment processor in the industry is not very far away. Anyway, the administration of SolidTrustPay recently warned everyone of some recent vulnerabilities and advised to keep the security of your computer up to date. In any case, you can contact the friendly STP support if you have any security concerns about your account there as specified in the latest post on its official blog:

Keeping On Top of Online Threats: Poodlebleed
While the internet is talking about the dangers of the newly discovered bug, Poodlebleed, all you need to know to keep yourself safe from online risks is simple: stay updated.
We recommend updating your personal login information (passwords, security questions, etc.), your antivirus software, and most importantly, your browser, regularly. Getting in the habit of updating your credentials often is the best way to keep ahead of any online risk.
SolidTrust Pay takes online security concerns seriously, but we know that the job of eliminating risk needs to be a shared effort between our team and our Members. Be it Heartbleed, or Poodlebleed, we’re here to help and update you with any important safety alerts.
After all, your account safety is our business.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 24 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list2FXLtd, RemiTrade, EastOilGrandAgroFinance, OneStability, MikroCredit, CryptoIncome, StarDubai (the first instant payments received).
From MNO Standard list: ValueSpecificsLtd.
From MNO Basic list: OgdenOrganization.

That’s it for today, guys. Thanks a lot for reading and I hope you found something useful in there somewhere. If so, then remember you can subscribe to the daily MNO newsfeed and have all my articles sent to your e-mail address, or follow me on Facebook and Twitter for updates on all the important articles. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and remember to tune in again tomorrow for a more detailed look at CryptoIncome and any other news from the HYIP industry worth hearing about. See you all then!

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