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Beware! BTPerfex has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hi all! Funny thing about December in the HYIP industry is how on one hand you can sometimes see a marked slowdown in investor activity – Santa Claus is coming after all and people find better things than HYIPs to spend their money on – and then on the other hand you can also see a lot of new long term programs opening up. These programs have little to no chance of getting popular before January of course, and even that’s being ambitious for some of them, but that’s the whole point. Start-up now with a view to slow longer term success to follow (eventually) next year. It’s a tactic that’s proven successful for many of the bigger long term HYIPs in recent years, not always, but enough to make it worthwhile for some admins to at least give it a try. Prior to this year’s Christmas holidays then we see a couple of new program’s joining the MNO monitor with, I believe, this goal in mind. One of them is a brand new long term project just launched called BTPerfex, and this is what I want to start today’s article with. I’ll get to all the day’s main news stories as well of course, so keep reading for that. I’m sure there’s something interesting or useful in there for most of you. As for BTPerfex, you might remember I gave a brief introduction to them on my blog last night. Now that I’ve had a bit more time to check them out in more detail, let’s see what they’re all about and whether you think you have a spare place in your portfolios for them.
There’s basically just one plan for you to think about in BTPerfex, which in turn is then broken down into three subsections rewarding members differently according to the size of their deposits. To be honest I’d have to say only one of them is in any way realistic for the majority of HYIP investors. And even that one’s a bit more expensive than the average program, though not enough to bankrupt anyone either. It’s called The Easy Cash Earner and it (like all BTPerfex plans) runs for a term of 180 calendar days, or just a whisker short of six months. You can join for a minimum deposit of $50 which unfortunately does cut off a lot of the smaller, “just play for fun” type investors. I can’t say how detrimental this would be in the longer term to them though, BTPerfex certainly aren’t the first or only program to have an above industry average entry requirement and it hasn’t always been damaging for them. So, if you’d care to take a chance on it then BTPerfex are offering a fixed daily interest payment of 1.25% per calendar day. This applies to all deposits up to a maximum value of $2,500, and BTPerfex are including your principal as part of those payments. So don’t expect it to be returned in a separate transaction on expiry. Final payments therefore add up to 225%, your total return on your investment, made up of 100% your own money and 125% net profit.

If you want to look at how that might work out for you in a practical, monetary example, then let’s say you invested $100 with this plan. For the following 180 days you can collect $1.25. With BTPerfex including your principal as part of this, you re-coup your initial hundred (break-even) after 80 days, and finish up with $225 in total. That’s your own money plus an extra $125 courtesy of BTPerfex.

You still have two further options to consider, however from this point on I think we can all agree that the two remaining plans are really more for the biggest spenders/gamblers out there and not for the average investor. The next plan on the list then is called The Medium Cash Earner, and like the previous one it too runs for a 180 calendar day term. The difference is that this time BTPerfex require a minimum deposit of $2,500 to join. Alternatively you can spend as much as $7,000 should you be able to afford it. How ever much you spend, BTPerfex offer an improved interest rate of 1.5% per calendar day. This, with your principal included as part of the payouts, comes to a grand total of 270% by the end of the term. This is made up of your own money plus an extra 170% net profit for yourself, with investors reaching the break even point after 67 days.

And lastly for the really really big spenders, BTPerfex‘s third plan is for deposits upwards of $7,000. For a term lasting 180 calendar days, members brave enough to join this one are promised a daily interest rate of 2%. That gives a final return of 360%, principal included so that’s your own money plus 260% net profit, and let’s you break-even 50 days into the term. BTPerfex have their maximum spending limit capped at $25,000 for this plan.

If you like any of the plans (OK, I know most of you are unlikely to look any further than the first one) then you’ll probably need to know next what your payment options are. Currently I have to say that’s a bit limited, with only PerfectMoney as a regular processor, accompanied by BitCoin if you want to use a digital e-currency. The thing is that I have some mixed feelings about this. I mean on one hand PerfectMoney is obviously the single biggest processor, that much we know. Then, with most of the most popular processors (by which I mean PM and EgoPay) placing restrictions on American users, BitCoin then provides a welcome alternative for those prevented from using PerfectMoney. So why does a program absolutely have to have any more payment options than that? Well, I don’t know really, and it’s kinda hard to answer my own question here! Perhaps it’s a sort of psychological thing where members simply feel more comfortable and more confident with the appearance of choice. Even if you’ve never used EgoPay or Payeer in your life, simply knowing that they’re there if you wanted them is sometimes all it takes to make investors feel a little better about the program, you know, looks like the admin made more of an effort even if the accounts are free to open anyway. Maybe they’ll be added later, I don’t know, but meanwhile I can tell you that all payouts to members are made manually by the BTPerfex admin. Once your payment request has been submitted he then requires an additional 24 hour waiting period for all transactions to be completed.

Looking at the more technical side of the program’s website now such as design and security, BTPerfex is hosted on a dedicated server with the support of and protection from DDoS attacks provided by OVH. Perhaps not the most widely known name in the HYIP industry, I have seen them a couple of times in the past so they’re not a complete unknown either. Just not that widespread. Like most things in this business I doubt it’s going to take us very long to find out just how good an uptime record they can provide, especially if BTPerfex becomes popular. For an added layer of protection the website has a secure SSL encrypted connection for safer browsing and more secure transactions, and gives members a chance to customize their own personal security settings from within their account. Mainly this is to detect or prevent access to your account from IP addresses different than the one you joined from. There’s limited benefits to that for, let’s say, people who work from different locations using mobile devices/laptops, but good if you work from a static IP that’s your own.

Just like the hosting, the script is also not so widely known and from a provider called SurfScriptPro. I don’t remember monitoring anything with a script from this company before. That being said, it’s pretty easy to use and to find your way around the members back office area. You can go to the script’s own website yourself by the way and, if you’re interested, check the validity of the license. There’s really only one point I might need to clarify for anyone less familiar with a lot of the non GoldCoders based programs – the process of deposits and withdrawals. BTPerfex is one of those programs that requires members first to fund their accounts, and then when they’ve done this to re-direct the money from their e-wallets and into the active investment plan of their choice. It’s not in any way difficult, in fact BTPerfex give pretty clear and concise instructions every step of the way. But just to give you a quick “how to” guide, just to get you started, the first thing you should do setting up and account with the program is click the “wallet” tab along the top of the page. This is where you’ll be adding the funds you wish to invest to your account. After that you will then need to click the “invest” tab, also across the top of the page. It’s from here that you can then move the money from your wallet into an active investment plan and start earning some interest. Just don’t forget, because if you do then your money just sits there doing nothing.

Likewise to make a withdrawal request from BTPerfex, first you should go to your account area’s home page. On the left hand side of the page you will see a button marked “transfer cash balance”. Click that first. That brings you to a page showing how much money you are allowed to transfer, and a box where you fill in the amount you are actually asking for. Fill that in, and click “transfer” just underneath. This moves the interest payment back from your investment account to your wallet. It’s from there that you can withdraw to your payment processor. Perhaps a little overly complicated, I know I haven’t seen it before myself, but like most things it only becomes easy when someone else shows you for the first time and you try doing it yourself a couple of times.

If you have any remaining questions for the admin or account related issues, then you can contact BTPerfex by filling in your details on the e-mail support form and submitting it through the website’s contact page. This is for anyone with a query about the program as it’s in the public area. From inside your members account you can find a slightly more intricate ticketing system, which works just the same. There’s a built-in Live Chat feature as well, however in the short space of time I’ve been monitoring BTPerfex I haven’t once seen it working. I can ask the admin about that if at some point he agrees to take some interview questions. He also maintains profiles on the main social media sites, namely Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Considering that BTPerfex is still a brand new program there hasn’t been much activity on any of these profiles just yet. Hopefully the admin is either experienced enough or at least savvy enough to recognize the value of such free to use promotional tools and makes better use of them than so many other programs.

Overall BTPerfex looks a decent enough program on the face of it, just not one I could ever imagine any overnight success for. That may or may not follow in 2015, depending on certain things that are under the admin’s control (extra payment options, etc) and certain things that are not (prevailing trends in the HYIP industry next year). I mean I don’t see it as a future “leader” in its present form, but rather as something that could stroll along at a nice easy pace if – and I think they might – people start moving back to fixed longer term HYIPs next year. We’ll see.

For the record BTPerfex claims as a business model to be involved with e-currency exchanges. Well, I’ve been in this business a long time now and not only have I never heard of this as an exchange provider, the website doesn’t offer users the opportunity to exchange currencies either. And given that exchangers work for commissions, if no one uses the service there are no commissions, right? So as is the same for every other online HYIP, don’t take these things too seriously with this one either. Treat it as a form of high risk gambling and behave accordingly. Forget about guarantees for one thing, and forget about “getting rich quick”. Anyone can lose money, but it takes a lot of luck to win! Set yourself a sensible spending limit that you can comfortably afford to lose, and if you join BTPerfex then try and keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.



If you’re adept at referring others in BTPerfex or for some reason simply have more than one deposit in the program you might be wondering why they don’t allow you to withdraw more than once per 24 hours, showing an error message if you try. According to the admin the fault lies with the script, as he’s unfamiliar with it himself and needs to keep in constant contact with the support to see that everything is running smoothly. In this case, the one cashout per 24 hours was set by the script by default therefore causing much inconvenience for some members. We are assured the developers are going to fix everything by tomorrow, so nobody needs to worry unduly. I appreciate that the admin was very responsive to me about this and that he issued a short update regarding it which you can read on the website:

Cashout issue…
Today we found that our users can only request cashout for 1 time in 24 hours only we have ask our developers to resolve this issue and within 24 hours this issue will be resolved. As soon as this issue was resolve we will send out newsletter to all our users including an update here in the news section


Today sees the very first investors who joined VentureWealth on day one, straight after its appearance on the Premium listing on MNO, in profit. Deposits in the shortest 1.5% for 20 days plan have now matured. Now that VentureWealth has proven to everyone it has a long-term agenda I believe the serious growth is just about the corner. If you haven’t read my full review of VentureWealth published here, I’ll just remind you that apart from the 1.5% for 20 days plan the program also offers 2% for 40 days, 2.5% for 80 days, 3% for 100 days plans (all with principal back on expiry) aimed at larger investors willing to risk bigger amounts than the $10 minimum available for deposits in the shortest possible plan. By the way, you should also remember that in most cases withdrawals from VentureWealth are processed instantly and all the popular payment methods are accepted – PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer, and BitCoin. In the latest newsletter sent today and mostly dedicated to the successful completion of the first investment cycle, the admin also spoke about the importance of keeping accurate account details and gave links to social networks of VentureWealth on Facebook and Twitter for your reference. Here’s the newsletter in full:

20 Days Online
Dear investors:
Greetings from VentureWealth! We are very pleased to announce that it has been 20 days since the start of our program. To those who invested from the first day can get their principal back. So thankful to our honorable investors and site`s visitors. During this time we have got a good experience, and our investors were able to earn good profit. We are pleased that we have the trust of so many people, and will try to do everything to justify the confidence of our investors in the future. Thank again for your support.
Additionally, let us remind you to please enter your account details in your profile. Without the payout accounts entered in your profile, we will be unable to proceed with processing your requests.
Thank you for reading this newsletter.
Follow us on Twitter:
Like us on Facebook:
Best wishes, VentureWealth Team.


It’s time now to introduce a brand new program called CoinAssets that joined the MNO Premium List first out of all the monitors tonight. The program is running off a Shadow script which means that on making the first deposit you need to fund your e-wallet and then re-distribute the funds into one of the available investment plans on offer. It’s not such a difficult task though as you can only possibly invest in one of them. After that you can collect from 4% to 6% fixed profit (depending on the size of your deposit) over the duration of a 90 calendar day term, principal included. Even after that then, if you’re lucky you can end up with a whopping 260% to 440% pure profit on expiry of your investment, while you only need 16 to 25 days to simply break-even. CoinAssets accepts the four biggest payment processors – PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer, and BitCoin – while the minimum to invest starts from $20. After making an investment CoinAssets will credit your account with daily earnings every 24 hours and you’re then free to request your payments which are promised to be done within 24 hours. They’ve already managed to pay me some commissions very quickly I moved them to Paying status on the MNO monitor. CoinAssets will be reviewed in more detail in a couple of days, and then I’ll discuss the investment plans in more detail. As for now I’ll just add that the site is properly SSL-secured by Comodo and is hosted on a dedicated server with support and protection against DDoS attacks provided by Sharktech. While waiting for the review you can take the time to check out the program for yourself and see if it’s something you like.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 24 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium listOneStability, AssuredAssetsFXMutual, DailyProfitWellGoTraders, CryptoFarm, LoanTrustSilveksGHash, SafeKapitalRaisean, VentureWealth, LetsHaveCash, AtrexTrade, BTPerfex (the first payments received), CoinAssets (the first payment received).
From MNO Standard list: CompassBusiness, HashCoin (the first payment received).
From MNO Basic list: OgdenOrganizationMarkApterBITC1RoxInvest.

That’s everything for tonight, guys. If you like reading MNO please bookmark my blog or simply subscribe to receive the daily news updates straight to your mailbox every day. You can also follow MNO on Facebook and Twitter as the links to all reviews and other important articles are posted there. Please also vote in the latest poll on the MNO TalkBack page as the results will be drawn later this week. See you all tomorrow with the full review of HashCoin which was moved to Paying status on the MNO monitor today along with the daily news from the ever changing HYIP industry. Bye for now!

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