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Hello everyone! Even though the slowest time of the year in the HYIP industry is still very much upon us with little to no activity, I still have a couple of interesting pieces for you tonight so do keep reading. Of course things will gradually return to normal in another week or two and the biggest investment programs will be again start limbering up for the New Year, so be patient and keep an eye on MNO to see the biggest programs of 2015 when they start to launch. As for me personally, I still haven’t quite shaken off the last of the jet lag after flying to Singapore from London so I find myself posting at odd times for me and am still getting the dates mixed up. So although it’s Monday morning in Singapore as I’m writing, my mind says it’s night time in London where I live. Back to business though, as along with my vacation in across South-East Asia I’ll always take time from a busy schedule to work on any necessary updates for my website and you should expect some changes within the coming weeks or so that will make my blog which is the very core of my site better organized and more efficient for communication between readers.


It wasn’t just the holidays that caused less activity, but also a bug discovered on the MNO Contact page which caused any emails sent to me using the submission form there over the last ten days or so to disappear. As these messages cannot be retrieved, please re-submit any mails if you tried to contact me using the contact form between December 18 and December 28. I will definitely get back to you within the usual 24-hour timeframe whenever possible. Note that this only applies if you contacted MNO via the Contact Page and not if you wrote directly to my email address which is not affected. Thanks for your patience and a big thank you to the reader who spotted the issue in the first place and contacted me via e-mail to let me know.


OneStability is perhaps the site most of my readers are enthusiastic about in terms of promising profit-making opportunities for 2015, as more than a half the votes cast on the MNO TalkBack page opinion poll (click here to participate) have been for them. If you haven’t read my original review of the program posted here, I’ll just remind you that OneStability currently offers three investment plans – 5% for 30 days, 4.2% for 45 days, and 2.2% daily forever with the option to withdraw your principal after a seven day lock-in period. Around 80 days online and on MNO (OneStability was listed here on day one) the program managed to bring profits to lots of investors and the admin has been consistently performing well with timely payouts and satisfied customers everywhere. With the latest addition of Payza a couple of days ago it became clear that OneStability started targeting the shamefully neglected American market. That particular payment processor is extremely friendly towards US residents, unlike PerfectMoney and EgoPay for instance, where ownership of accounts is prohibited for US customers. You may also invest in OneStability using the above mentioned PerfectMoney and EgoPay, plus Payeer, BitCoin, and even direct bank wires. That last method is only available for larger investors, but everyone else can start investing in OneStability for a bargain $5 minimum.

The website of OneStability is usually very stable in terms of uptime (rightfully justified by its name!), but earlier tonight the website was not accessible for a couple of hours. The admin, Richard (read my interview with him here), was quick to update me on the situation and informed about leaving BlockDos in favor of DDoSGuard who seem more capable of handling the large amounts of traffic OneStability has been experiencing lately due to their huge popularity among the investment community (currently OneStability is ranked at #2 on the MNO Premium List). I must say BlockDos have been giving me some headaches recently too, but I can only imagine what OneStability went through as the website experienced difficulties with images hosting etc., so perhaps it’s for the best. To be fair I really have little doubt that Richard is only acting in the best interests of his program and and ultimately its investors when taking such decisions. With the admin’s permission I’m re-posting the email he sent below and will just add one other remark – I’ve created an account on the MNO ShoutBox for Richard, so from now on he will be able to update you on any issues or answer any of your questions there himself:

Website Update
Hello Paul,
Our previous server was not able to hold increased amount of users and we had to act fast since a lot of investors started experiencing noticable slowdowns. Moreover we had few hiccups along the way with blockdos therefore we decided to moved our business to ddos-guard. Right now website loads fast and most of our users should be able access it for more than an hour already. Another addition to current setup is CDN which will make our website load faster for people across the globe and not for a certain area.
Regards, Richard


It appears that somebody requested adding EgoPay and Payeer from the admin of BTPerfex Andy (read my interview with him here), as he has finally introduced both in addition to PerfectMoney and BitCoin that were originally taken. I remind you that BTPerfex has been included in the poll for the Top Five program to watch in 2015 so you can vote for them on the MNO TalkBack page if you think that BTPerfex might be the most profitable program for you next year. The full review of BTPerfex can be found here, but in the nutshell it accepts investments from a $50 minimum and you can earn 1.25% to 2% interest per day for a period of 180 calendar days, principal included. In the most recent update posted on the BTPerfex website it was also announced that the program was incorporated in the UK, (something that’s easily done as explained here, so I ask of you to ignore it). As no HYIP registered in the UK has a financial license or pays any taxes, such things are usually done only for appearances. However I do fully approve of them adding Payeer and EgoPay, as it definitely adds a lot of potential to BTPerfex and opens them to a larger audience. To be honest it really should have been done right from the very start, but better late than never:

New Updates On BTPerfex….
Hello Members, Today we are proud to announce some of our recent updates which we applies for our investors convenience. We are now accepting Payeer and Egopay as a payment processor. Our Perfect Money account is now verified along with Payeer and Egopay. We are now a LTD company with valid company number which you can verify on companies house website. Our company details can be found on every page of our website. We are planning to add more updates in future as soon as we applies them you can see them on our news section. Thank you BTPerfex Team


Is it just me or does it sound strange to anyone else when a program clearly originating from Russia suddenly starts observing the official holidays of both the US and Panama – two countries it has about as much connection with as the rest of us have with life on Mars? Well, in a somewhat bizarre recent email from CompassBusiness it seems to be quite logical to them and even makes perfect sense! I recall another program from the past which had a huge membership also pulling the same that trick, but in their case the site looked much more professional and clearly had a lot more investors than CompassBusiness currently do despite their very long run. Anyway, I believe it’s totally up to the admin what holidays his program will observe, but just make a note of the list if you’re a member and remember that on those additional “holidays” your account in CompassBusiness is not going to be credited with any earnings. Note that the program only accepts deposits via EgoPay and PerfectMoney (meaning, bizarrely, that it’s totally closed to US residents anyway which makes their holiday schedule even more laughable, btw!) and the investment plans include – 0.8% for 30 business days, 0.9% for 50 business days, 1% for 70 business days, 1.1% for 90 business days – all with the original principal returned on expiry. More on CompassBusiness can be found in my review posted here and for more info on its 2015 holiday schedule please refer to the latest newsletter below:

Added holidays and vacations!
Are pleased to welcome you and to announce that we are adding holidays and vacations in this and subsequent years on the calendar USA and Panama. Read them you can visit investment plans, by clicking on “Holidays”. These days accruals% will not be made, the withdrawal of deposits and the accumulated amount will be as usual.
C SW. Nicholas, a fund manager CompassBusiness.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 60 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium listOneStabilityGHash, CryptoFarmLetsHaveCash, LoanTrustSafeKapitalSilveksCoinAssetsBTPerfex.
From MNO Standard list: CompassBusiness, HashCoin.
From MNO Basic list: NewLibertyReserve, OgdenOrganization, BITC1TheBornClub, RoxInvest, MarkApter, RevshareMatrix.

That is all the news for today, guys. I hope you’re all enjoying your Christmas vacation and I’ll see you all again within the next couple of days, whenever there’s anything worth reporting on, basically, with more information from the biggest investment opportunities online. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!

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