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Beware! BTPerfex has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hi everybody! I have a couple of news stories to get through for you today, all coming up in a couple of moments, but I would like to start with something maybe a bit more out of the ordinary. Perhaps one of the most popular and successful programs of recent months has been BTPerfex. No doubt about it actually, you need only look at the fact that its reached the #3 spot on the MNO most popular list to see proof of that. Yesterday marked an important anniversary for the program and I think a good reason for its countless satisfied investors to celebrate – BTPerfex is 100 days online, and in a lot of ways I hope only just getting started.

So for the main part of today’s article I would like to return to BTPerfex and do an updated version of the review which was first published on MNO last December. If you’re feeling nostalgic then you can click here to read it, but to be honest I’d advise against it as it’s completely out of date now and a lot of the important information there is no longer accurate (so let’s not confuse the issue). Longer term readers will know that occasionally in the past I have done second, updated reviews of other programs. Not very often of course as it’s rarely justified, however in the case of BTPerfex I genuinely feel this is necessary because this particular program has changed almost beyond all recognition since the original review was published. And naturally when it came to my attention that the admin was about to mark 100 days in business (how the year is just flying by!) I thought this was the perfect opportunity.

The BTPerfex website has been completely redesigned, but not just cosmetic, in operational terms there’s a much better service being provided to investors now regarding the choice and support. The single biggest and most important change however is that of the investment plans. They’ve been dramatically expanded since the original review was published, and given the sheer volume of mail I’ve been getting from readers, both from those already members of BTPerfex and those still sitting on the fence, this was the main reason I think an updated review was needed.

Many experienced investors, myself included, are often suspicious when we see wholesale changes being made to a program’s investment plans, especially when what they had originally seemed to be working so well. It’s not that anyone wants to be deliberately negative, it’s just that the sad fact of the matter is that experience teaches us that these things rarely go well. BTPerfex has however been one of the rare exceptions, though hardly a complete surprise as along with expanding the investment plans the admin in this case also went to a lot of time, expense, and hard work in redesigning the entire website. That plus the increased advertising campaign would suggest he’s not just chasing a fast buck here, but is more serious and committed to the longer term success of his program and is prepared to work hard to get it.
Let’s discuss the investment plans in detail then before we get to anything else. First of all you can join BTPerfex for a very reasonable $10 minimum, which has been reduced from $50 since the program opened. Plans are divided into two categories – long term with a fixed expiry date, and open-ended perpetual style plans that pay members for how ever long they wish to remain as investors. The second group is subject to a minimum lock-in period and a 10% fee on your principal being returned, and that’s what I want to describe first. If you have at least $10 to spare and are prepared to spend anything up to $499, you can join The Unlimited Earner 1 Plan. It’s quite simple really, you just make your deposit, be aware that you are obligated to leave it in place for a minimum of 10 calendar days, and collect a 3% interest payment for every calendar day you remain a member. BTPerfex will return your principal on demand, leaving how ever many interest payments you have already collected as your net profit.

It’s pretty hard to do any kind of serious analysis on plans like this of course, and for obvious reasons. The thing is there are as many potential strategies and outcomes as there are members, so just decide what you are looking for from BTPerfex – a certain financial target maybe, perhaps you prefer to remain a member for as long as the program survives, etc, and do your own calculations from there. If/when you are ready to leave, BTPerfex will return 90% of your principal, and keep 10% for themselves to cover their own costs of running the program and managing your investment up to that point.

Larger deposits will see members earn a more generous interest rate, but all other terms and conditions remain the same. For example, deposits ranging from $500 to $1,999 are offered a daily payment of 4% interest. This is called The Unlimited Earner 2 Plan, and will again allow members to leave anytime they want provided they have completed a minimum 10 day lock-in term. After that you continue collecting your 4% interest for every calendar day you wish to remain. 90% of your principal will then be returned at such a point as you ask for it.

For the biggest and most serious investors BTPerfex offer The Unlimited Earner Plan 3, requiring members to deposit from $2,000 to a $5,000 maximum, and paying them 6% interest per calendar day. You must remain a member for 10 days or more, after which you can either continue with the interest payments or else ask the BTPerfex admin for your principal back. Once again 90% will be returned and 10% kept by the program regardless of how long you wait before asking for it.

The other group of plans are quite long term in the more traditional sense. They all run for 180 calendar days (about six months or so) and are unchanged since BTPerfex first started. The first of these is called The Easy Cash Earner and requires a minimum deposit of $50. I mentioned in the original review that this was and still is above the industry average, but as we can clearly see it has definitely not been damaging for them. BTPerfex are offering a fixed daily interest payment of 1.25% per calendar day on all deposits up to a maximum value of $2,500, and your principal is included as part of those payments. So don’t expect it to be returned in a separate transaction on expiry. Final payments therefore add up to 225%, your total return on your investment, made up of 100% your own money and 125% net profit.

Bigger spenders have two further options to consider, continuing with The Medium Cash Earner. Also running for a 180 calendar day term, this time BTPerfex require a minimum deposit of $2,500 to join, anything up to $7,000 should you be able to afford it. An improved interest rate of 1.5% per calendar day is offered, and with your principal included as part of the payouts should bring a grand total of 270% by the end of the term. This is made up of your own money plus an extra 170% net profit for yourself, with investors reaching the break even point after 67 days.

BTPerfex‘s next option is for deposits upwards of $7,000. For a term lasting 180 calendar days, members are promised a daily interest rate of 2%. That gives a final return of 360%, principal included, so that’s your own money plus 260% net profit, and let’s you break-even 50 days into the term. Maximum spend is capped at $50,000 for this one.

At this point it probably needs to be said (though I suspect already obvious to most of the experienced readers anyway) that the new perpetual plans have really made the older ones obsolete. Obviously the older long term plans are still available, I mean a lot of people will have joined them before BTPerfex made the changes and these investors are still entitled to be paid, but I can see almost no reason whatsoever for new members to join them anymore when there’s more attractive interest rates and faster profits available in the new plans.

If you like any of the above plans, old or new, and wish to join then the next thing on our list of things to discuss is what your payment options are. You may use any of PerfectMoney, Payeer, of if you prefer digital e-currencies then BitCoin to invest. A bit limited, and most readers will know I make no secret of a personal preference for programs enforcing more rigorous checks on their account holders, have to hand it to them this has proved to be no hindrance to BTPerfex becoming a successful program. Payouts to members are made manually by the BTPerfex admin. Once your payment request has been submitted from inside your member’s account area he then requires an additional 24 hour waiting period for all transactions to be completed.

There is one other very important point relating to withdrawals here so I would urge you to please pay close attention. If you join one of the perpetual plans (with principal back on demand) the process for getting your deposit back is somewhat different. It’s not just a case of submitting a request from your account in the same way as you would for your regular profit payments. To get your principal returned you will need to contact the admin and specifically inform him you are leaving and are looking for your money to be returned. I guess this is partially due to security, and partially to allow him better planning over BTPerfex‘s cash flow. Anyway, you can do this by submitting a support ticket in your member’s area, remembering to include as much details as possible about your account and deposit. BTPerfex will then process your request within the same time frame as a regular withdrawal, returning your deposit (minus their own 10% share) within 24 hours.

Moving on to the more technical side of the program now such as the design and security features, one of the things that has surprised me about BTPerfex so far has been the script. Technically I suppose you couldn’t really say it was “unique” as such, it’s a commercially licensed product that anyone can but. It’s under license from a provider called SurfScriptPro. The thing that surprises me about it is that it’s not more widely used in the HYIP industry, given how much room there is for more competition in this area and how much this competition would benefit everyone. So as far as I can see BTPerfex remains the only program I have ever monitored on MNO to use this particular script, but in the three months plus I’ve been using it it’s actually been quite good. It compares very favorably to any of the other more popular names (a short list, I grant you!) and is always very easy to navigate and user friendly.

I know I made this point in the last review but I think it’s worth repeating for those only coming to BTPerfex for the first time now. A major difference between the script being used here and the more commonly used ones you are probably more familiar with is the process of deposits and withdrawals. Not a big deal however, there’s nothing difficult about it, it’s just different. According to the workings of the script, BTPerfex requires members first to fund their accounts, that is to say you pay money from your payment processor account into your BTPerfex e-wallet. Then when you’ve done this you will then need to re-direct the money from your e-wallet and into the investment plan that you have decided to join. I really can’t stress how important that is by the way, because if you forget that final step then your money kinda just sits there doing nothing, not earning any interest until after you invest it.

In order to do this, the first step you need to complete on setting up an account with the program is click the “wallet” tab that you’ll see along the top of the page. This is where members will need to add the funds they wish to invest in the plan (or plans) they’ve decided on. After that it’s just a simple matter of clicking the “invest” tab, which you’ll also find across the top of the page. It’s from here that you can then move the money from your wallet into an active investment plan and ultimately start getting paid.

On the subject of withdrawals (not principal withdrawals like I have described above but rather regular interest payment withdrawals), the process is also somewhat different to what you might be used to. Here BTPerfex require you go to your account area’s home page and click the button marked “transfer cash balance” on the left side of the page. That brings you to a page showing how much money you are allowed to transfer, and a box where you fill in the amount you are actually asking for. Fill that in, and click “transfer” just underneath. This moves the interest payment out of your active investment account and back to your wallet. It’s from here that you can then withdraw from your wallet to your payment processor.

For hosting the admin has went with OVH who are keeping BTPerfex on a dedicated server with tech support and protection from DDoS attacks. I did say in the last review that they perhaps weren’t one of the better known providers but that wasn’t to be taken as any reflection of the service they provide. As everyone can plainly see for themselves now after over three months online, their performance has been exceptional with barely any downtime or other issues worth repeating. I have no doubt this will also have played some role in BTPerfex expanding to the leading position they occupy in the industry today. In addition to a solid hosting service (the BTPerfex domain is registered for five years by the way) there’s also an extra layer of security in the form of a superior Green Bar SSL encrypted connection by Comodo for safer browsing and more secure transactions. Less useful to those working on the move from tablets and mobile devices, however if you typically access your account from the same location and computer then you can set up your own IP Address security checker from within your member’s account area.

If you have any further questions or comments for the admin or any account related issues that you need to have dealt with then another improvement made to BTPerfex since the original review is the level of communication. I mean the admin was always pretty approachable and communicative to begin with, always the sign of a genuine industry pro by the way, but you might be able to resolve any questions before getting that far. There’s an extensive FAQ section that covers just about everything, plus the website’s news section has proved invaluable by covering all the important events and updates that account holders need to know about in good time. Should there be any other issues however, BTPerfex has more recently opened a 24 hour Live Chat support feature where members can get their questions answered in real time. If you still prefer to write directly then the general public can fill in their details on the contact form and submit it. Account holders meanwhile will find a somewhat more detailed ticketing system in the members area, allowing them to track and record the progress of their submissions. You’ll also find a growing list of regional representatives from across the globe, speaking around a dozen different languages between them, so if you see a name anywhere near your own locality you can try to reach them first if you prefer. They’ve all got various contact points listed next to their names, such as Skype accounts, email addresses, and, if they have them, telephone numbers and their own websites. If you have any experience yourself in this area and would like to apply for a position, you can find the requirements plus details of what you can get paid on the appropriate section of the BTPerfex website. For BTPerfex themselves you’ll see a postal address in the UK, but probably more useful are the profiles that the admin keeps active on such various networking sites like Twitter, Google +, and Facebook.

The BTPerfex website is quite well made and professionally designed, even more so now since it was completely overhauled (and in my opinion massively improved) since the first review of the program. Still original, the alleged business activities of the program focus on the trading and exchange of electronic currencies. A bit like ForEx trading then, except dollars, euros, etc have all been replaced by things like BitCoin. Of course such a thing does exist I’m sure, I just wouldn’t guarantee you that BTPerfex would genuinely have anything to do with it. Certainly there’s no solid evidence that members can research and verify for themselves before investing. Not that I’m suggesting you look too closely by the way. Remember that even if these claims were true they still wouldn’t guarantee either a profit of the security of your principal. If no other line of business could possibly do such a thing then remember you’re certainly not going to find it in the HYIP industry. The main requirement for investors to make any money in this industry is to be prepared to take a gamble and be happy to live with the consequences, good or bad. So if you agree that BTPerfex might just be worth taking that gamble on, always set yourself a sensible spending limit you can comfortably afford to lose if things don’t work out for you, and as always if you want to minimize risks while improving your chances of overall profits in the HYIP industry then try and keep BTPerfex as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.



As announced in the updated review above, BTPerfex has achieved one hundred days online since launching back in December, 2014. Since then BTPerfex underwent a series of improvements that resulted in the program’s new look and the extra investment plans that I have already discussed. I must say that I was quite skeptical about the future of BTPerfex when the admin first introduced the new investment plans paying 3% to 6% for an unlimited term and allowing the option to withdraw the initial investment after 10 days for a 10% fee by simply contacting him for a refund. The thing is that in most similar cases the addition of a new plan often heralds a scam, but I’m pleased to see that it was not the case with BTPerfex. Instead of destroying it the new plans (and new attractive design as well!) was a breath of fresh air and turned the program into one of the most popular HYIPs around right now. It’s no wonder that BTPerfex reached the Top Five Popular Programs on MNO (read my latest article on that here) and that the admin recently decided to step up the advertising campaign by purchasing the most expensive top banner on the MNO monitor for an entire month. The only thing I think could be improved with BTPerfex now and open new horizons for it would be new payment options as at the moment the likes of SolidTrustPay and Payza are avoided in favor of PerfectMoney, Payeer, and BitCoin. However if that doesn’t stop you then BTPerfex might be a good choice to diversify your investment portfolio, as the real growth I believe is only starting now. In the recent newsletter showcasing the program’s achievements over the first hundred days online the admin also promises to develop in into the biggest program of 2015. Only time will tell if that is to be the case, but a little ambition certainly won’t hurt. If you want to hear from the admin of BTPerfex Andy you can read my interview with him here and also read the latest newsletter below:

Congratulations 100 Days with a Bang and with Bingo Profit To All
We are pleased to announce that BTPerfex investment project has successfully overcome the threshold of 100 days of its efficient work. We want to thank everyone who has helped and continues to help us grow: first of all our investors as well as our regional representatives, whose activity is very difficult to overestimate. We’re also appreciative and extremely grateful to numerous information partners: financial monitors, investor’s blogs and all kinds of forums that are dedicated to online investment.
BTPerfex always try to offer the best conditions for our investors by offering not only a unique investment strategy, but also a profitable affiliate program. At the moment, we have thousands of active clients with a total investment of more than a million dollars. And we know that this is not the limit of our ability. Contact us or one of our regional representatives to get more information or ask us using feedback form on the website.
When we conceived BTPerfex, we were not so sure of its success among investors. But during the existence of the project, our company has advanced greatly, our trading assets have increased a hundredfold, and our high profits have made the project even more stable and profitable. Over the past 100 days, we have done quite a lot. We completely upgraded the design of our website, we have added absolutely new group of profitable investment plans with unlimited term and have recently hired a powerful team of Customer Service via live chat. Now you can get prompt assistance on any issue
Thanks to everyone who believes in BTPerfex and trusted to manage his funds to our financial experts. We assure you of the correctness of your choice. And now all of us make it the biggest and most profitable program of 2015! Visit our website to learn more about our investment features and start making money today!
And once again Congratulations to all!!
Sincerely, Andy (Admin). BTPerfex.


And BTPerfex is not the only program marking a milestone of 100 days online. BTCPlaza is one of the very few short-term programs to achieve this impressive result as it also officially launched on the same day, December, 8, 2014. Of course we should take into consideration that BTCPlaza had been a sleeper for the first eleven weeks, but even then we wouldn’t expect such impressive results from an admin if he wasn’t experienced. We can say for sure that BTCPlaza is currently the most popular short-term program with on expiry plans and I’m pleased that the admin not only joined the MNO Premium List (click here to read the review), but that he also ordered the banner spot on top of my monitoring page for an entire month that just proves how serious he is about running BTCPlaza for as long as possible. Another important feature that allows members to earn an extra income from promoting BTCPlaza is the sophisticated four-level referral commission scheme which the admin Ruben encourages everyone to participate in to help his program grow further. You can get up to 12% commissions depending on the amount of people in your downline while the minimum commission was raised from 1% to 3% which should help as well. Communication with the international members of BTCPlaza is also one of the main priorities for the admin according to the last newsletter where it was also announced that customer support is now available in three languages including English, Russian, and Arabic. There is even phone support where you can call and get answers to all your questions. Overall I must admit that BTCPlaza has been a fantastic program so far for those who took the chance. Regardless of the program’s longevity and its ongoing success though, always remember that BTCPlaza will not be around forever, so only invest what you can afford to lose and choose the plans with the most realistic chance of success. BTCPlaza currently accepts deposits starting from $10 via PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and OkPay, to plans that include 103%-125% after 1 day, 116%-240% after 5 days, 155%-800% after 16 days, 350%-1700% after 32 days, 600%-2900% after 55 days, 1000%-4500% after 80 days, 1000% after 15 days, 2000% after 25 days, 3000% after 35 days. It’s all in your hands, guys, and I wish you every success if you joined. For all current and future developments please refer to the latest newsletter from Ruben re-posted below:

100 Days-Successful work
Dear investors,
We are over 100 days online. Thank you for your trust and for that you want to make money with us. Thank you for tracking changes in our program, and being with us in ever wider circle.
We wanted to bring you our referral program where you can earn up to 12%. We offer 4 levels – it means that by inviting friends, you earn money, even when they invite more their friends you also gain profit and so on.
Below we present details or Referral program:
The number of attracted referrals – from 1 to 500 people
For referrals of the 1 level -3%
The number of attracted referrals – from 501 to 750 people
For referrals of the 2 level -5%
The number of attracted referrals – from 751 to 1000 people
For referrals of the 3 level -7%
The number of attracted referrals – from 1000 to 2000 people
For referrals of the 4 level -12%
Currently we offer support through the Customer Service in three languages: Arabic, English and Russian. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to chat with us or call our Telephone Support. Follow the changes and updates on our website. The best promoter the week competition will begin soon there will be cash prizes. If you are not our customer yet, do not longer hesitate and join us to start earn money in an easy way.
Best Regards, Ruben Lablanc
BTCPlaza – Your Successful Manager!


If you believe that in the current climate 100 day online celebrations are something to brag about, then wait until you hear from UnitedMicroCredit. The program has been online and paying for nearly four months now and it has been steadily developing and paying to everyone accepting a huge array of payment options including not only the traditional mix of PerfectMoney, Payeer, and BitCoin, but also more payment options like Payza, Neteller, Skrill, OkPay, AsMoney, bank transfers, transfers via Western Union system, and even direct deposits from credit cards. How it’s possible at all I have no idea, but I guess the admin of UnitedMicroCredit simply sees the demand for more payment options and does what he can to satisfy it. If you read the original review of UnitedMicroCredit posted here, you might remember that I only described the program as having one investment plan with several variations and paying 2% to 3.5% interest for 78 business days (Monday to Friday) with the initial investment returned on expiry. Since then UnitedMicroCredit has expanded the list of investment plans to now include 4% for 22 days, 5% for 30 days, 6% for 40 days, 7% for 45 days (all with principal back on expiry), and plans paying once on expiry such as 200% after 15 days, 350% after 22 days, 500% after 30 days, and 750% after 41 days. Of course one should fully understand that these plans also require a much higher investment minimum while the original plan needs just $10, so as always be careful about which plan to choose if you’re considering UnitedMicroCredit for an investment. For more information on the program you can also refer to the latest newsletter that covers a full overview of the main features and investment offers:

Good news!
UnitedMicroCredit Organization Limited is an officialy registered investment company that works with investing capital into international micro-credit operations, You can verify the information about registration and legitimacy of umo1 limited at the following address: and verified by Worlds most popular security insurance company like Symentec-Norton (veriSign), Comodo and TRUSTe. UUnitedMicroCredit Organization holds a website identity assurance warranty of $1,750,000. This means that you are insured for up to $1,750,000 when relying on the information provided by IdAuthority on this site. US Patent Number 7,603,699.
If you are really want to know, Why We are different from others; To know more details please Click here
Make deposit to your desired investment plans
Up to 3.5% Daily guaranteed profits for 78 working days total Return of Investment is 373%.
4% to 7% daily total investment return is minimum 188% and maximum 415%
AFTER INVEST PACKAGE FOR ( 15 to 41 ) Calendar Days
AFTER INVEST PACKAGE FOR ( 15 to 41 ) Calendar Days
Our extra benefits
Fast & Secure Withdraw
We provide high Bank level Data security for customers and investors.We also process all withdrawal requests within 24 hours and without any fee. You can make as many requests as you want without minimum withdrawal amount.
Up to 19% Referral Commission
Become our partner and build a constant earning by using our instant affiliate program. It’s not necessary to have an active deposit in order to participate.
Guaranteed Daily Profit
One of our strongest advantages over competitors is that we provide insurance in investing funds and guarantee your profits from all sides.
Hot Deals
We proudly offer our customers a 20 days money back guarantee on all of our packages. Invest with confidence with just a few clicks and you will have plenty of time to making sure the package meet your expectations. Your complete satisfaction is our first priority.
We accept AsMoney, Bank wire, BitCoin, EgoPay, LiteCoin, MasterCard, Neteller, OkPay, Payeer, Payza, PerfectMoney, Skrill, Visa, Western Union.
Thanks, Shahriar Kabir
UnitedMicroCredit Organization
If you have any questions about your account or any other matter, please feel free to contact us at or by phone at: + 447937410660 (UK)


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium listRockfellerMooreFund, BTPerfexRollNRich, BTCPlazaAtrexTrade, UnitedMicroCreditLioneryPokerAutomatics.
From MNO Standard list: CompassBusiness, HashCoin.
From MNO Basic list: ForexShareOgdenOrganization.

That’s it for tonight, guys. Hope you’re enjoying the regular updates om MNO and will be here over the weekend because it will definitely be worth your while. Apart from all the important news updates from the biggest programs in the HYIP industry, you’ll also be able to find the latest on the Top Five Popular Programs on MNO and the promised article on the advantages of accepting SolidTrustPay, Payza, and other similar currencies with real physical offices for both investors and HYIP admins. After seeing the latest results of the poll I can clearly see that over 87% of readers tend to invest more in the programs accepting STP or Payza I think it important to explain why this is the case and why it’s only when Payza and STP are accepted by more programs that the industry will really flourish like it did in previous years. Stay tuned for one of the most candid articles you’re going to see in the HYIP blogosphere this year. Bye for now and see you all again soon!

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