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Beware! ProfitUnity has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello again everyone! After a mixed week in the HYIP industry I suppose we’re all hoping for an upturn in fortunes over the weekend and into the next few days. I have one brand new short to mid term program which just joined my monitor literally within hours of launching called ProfitUnity so fingers crossed that might make a positive contribution. There’s a couple of news updates to catch on as well, nothing much given that it’s Saturday, but maybe a few things that might interest you anyway. More on that in the news section but first let’s get started with a closer look at ProfitUnity, how it works, and whether you think it’s worth your while adding to your portfolio or not.
There are four investment plans in ProfitUnity, divided into two distinct categories, which will in turn interest two distinct groups of investors. One offers smaller daily interest payments with your principal then returned at the end of the term, while the other offers larger single payments on expiry which include your principal and profit all together in one lump sum. No matter which group you favor – and there’s nothing to stop you from joining both – ProfitUnity require just a $10 minimum spend to join.

I’m guessing the daily payment plans will probably be the more popular choice, at least while the program is still brand new anyway, so that’s where I’ll start. Your first option is simply called The Business Days Medium Plan. Despite the name it actually runs for a term of 20 calendar days with interest payments being made on business days only within that period. A daily interest payment of 1.8% every day between Monday and Friday, though the exact number of payments will vary depending on what day of the week you join (as this affects the number of business days within the 20 calendar day period). A typical example might be 15 payments which then add up to 27% in total by the end of the term, clearly nowhere near a profit which only comes when ProfitUnity return your original principal. The same rate is offered to all investors, big and small, by the way. You need only go in with the minimum $10 that I already mentioned or spend anything up to an upper limit of $10,000.

The second plan is somewhat more profitable, despite being just as affordable to join. The catch is that it simply takes you a bit longer to get there, which in itself is an extra risk I suppose. It’s called The Business Days Advance Plan, for which ProfitUnity are again asking a minimum $10 deposit to join. The investment term doubles in length to 40 calendar days during which investors are offered a daily payment, made on the business days within that term (Monday to Friday), of 2% interest. By the term’s completion this could add up to 60% in total returns though just like the previous plan might vary slightly depending on the exact day of the week you join. Again this by itself is not enough for members to be in profit, as this only comes when the ProfitUnity admin returns your principal on expiry. Again the same 2% rate applies to all investors no matter how much you are spending, subject to ProfitUnity‘s minimum ($10) and maximum ($10,000) allowed limits that is.

Next on the list are a couple of shorter term options, which on one hand may be viewed by some as lower risk – in one sense they are, but in another sense they are not because while the waiting time for your profit is shorter members aren’t given the luxury of daily interest payments. ProfitUnity will only pay once on expiry, so think about what you are hoping to take from the program before settling on a plan.

Continuing so with the third plan, it’s simply called The After One Plan and it runs for a term of 10 calendar days. You can still join for a bargain $10 minimum so it’s no less affordable than any of ProfitUnity‘s other options. On expiry of the term members should then be handed one single payment – that’s principal and profit combined – of 115%. So in other words were you to invest $100 the outcome you’d be hoping for would be $115 handed back. Now that I think of it this particular plan (or at least plans very close to it) was extremely popular in the HYIP industry at a time. Eventually trends shifted and lower interest rates paid out per day seemed to take over, but nevertheless this one did prove to be quite sustainable and easily run for a good number of cycles when managed by the right admin. Time will tell if that’s how it plays out for ProfitUnity. Maximum spend is still $10K.

The final plan works along the same lines. Called The After Two Plan, you can still join with any amount between a $10 minimum and a $10,000 maximum. No matter what amount you go in with, ProfitUnity offer the same terms & conditions which is one single payment on expiry amounting to 155% after an investment term of 30 calendar days. This includes both principal and profit together, so were you to invest a sum of $100 the idea is to get back $155 at the end. To be honest it’s not so much that I don’t think this is possible, I just don’t think it’s going to be popular. I mean the after ten day plan might be, OK, but in today’s HYIP industry you’ll need nerves of steel which few people have anymore to play this one.

If you like any of those plans enough to join then the next thing we’ll need to look at is your payment options. These are limited to anonymous and irreversible processors, which is fine once you accept the fact that you are gambling, so think carefully before you spend and be prepared to take responsibility for your own choices. You can join ProfitUnity using PerfectMoney or Payeer if you prefer the traditional style payment processors, or BitCoin for anyone who favors digital e-currencies. Lack of choice is greatly compensated for by instant payouts. Just log in to your ProfitUnity members account area as normal, submit your request, and you should see the money in you payment processor account in under a minute. ProfitUnity do this for all smaller to medium sized withdrawals, however should you be requesting an amount upwards of $300 then you will need to allow the admin anything up to 24 hours to complete the transaction.

On the subject of design, security, and more technical aspects of the ProfitUnity website, I guess most of you might recognize the script as being from GoldCoders. If you don’t, well that’s probably because it’s been slightly modified to the admin’s own specs, but it’s still under license and as you would expect from this provider exceptionally user friendly and easy to navigate once you’re inside the members account area. For an added layer of security the ProfitUnity website also has a Green Bar SSL certificate from Comodo for safer browsing and more secure transactions. Completing the picture is DDoSGuard who are the hosting provider. They are keeping ProfitUnity on a dedicated server with their own tech support and protection from malicious DDoS attacks.

If you have any further questions for the admin or any account related issues you need to have dealt with then there’s a couple of ways you can get in touch. Starting with the online contact form, fill in your details on the support page and click submit. Alternatively you can write directly to the email addresses listed. Fans of social media sites will be able to see ProfitUnity‘s profiles on Twitter and Facebook, not much activity to report there just yet but as I said at the start this is still very much a brand new program so hopefully in time the admin will make better use of them. Finally, and the one method I suggest you ignore, is ProfitUnity‘s postal address. This is used to accompany their registration documents in the UK, but as I know from experience these are bought quite cheaply and anonymously (and perfectly legally too, by the way) over the net. So it’s not where you would actually find anyone connected with running ProfitUnity physically located.

Finally, for anyone with a passing interest in such things, we are told the alleged business activities behind ProfitUnity and how they manage to finance the payments to service their investor’s deposits are on the ForEx market. Hardly a new claim in the HYIP world, unlikely to be the last time we hear it either, but what this has in common with every other program is that there is nothing for members to independently research and verify. But at the end of the day you know even if a word of this were true there’s still nothing to guarantee you will ever see a profit, much less even get your money back, as with all speculative based trading one person’s profit is inevitably financed by another’s loss. So no matter what happens you should always stay on your toes in the HYIP industry. That means setting a sensible spending limit that it won’t bother you to lose if things don’t work out, keep your expectations modest and realistic, and if you do join ProfitUnity then try to keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.



To tell you the truth, I didn’t expect such an astonishing result in my latest poll which was open for votes on the MNO TalkBack page during the last week. According to the final results of the poll, 93% of you are either more inclined to invest in a program accepting SolidTrustPay and/or Payza as a deposit method (61%) or will definitely invest in such a program (32%), with only 7% of readers saying such a thing makes no difference. After seeing the results of the poll it’s no wonder why a program like Carbon7 (accepting both SolidTrustPay and Payza) is the undoubted leader of the HYIP industry now while USDBusinessLimited (accepting Payza) and PokerAutomatics (accepting SolidTrustPay) are also on top positions of the most popular programs from the Premium List on MNO. Another question which logically arises from all of this – why are so many HYIP admins not acting on this yet? Why do they not accept verifiable payment options and thus limit the growth of their programs for themselves? Whether it’s better for them to spend more time on their program’s preparation and verify their accounts in SolidTrustPay and Payza, like the admin of Carbon7 did before his program’s launch to superb results, rather than coming out with half-baked programs dealing exclusively with anonymous hanlers like PerfectMoney, Payeer, and BitCoin? I simply have no idea why more programs do not accept SolidTrustPay and Payza in the HYIP industry, but perhaps the main reason is a much stricter and lengthier approval process compared to almost no effort required by anonymous payment options.

The results of the poll should open their eyes to investors’ expectations and possibly make them think hard and add more verifiable payment options to accommodate bigger spending players. In general, programs accepting Payza and/or SolidTrustPay are considered safer to invest bigger amounts and many investors are already benefiting from the advantages of using such payment options in the HYIP industry. If you’re still unaware of them please read this article from the series where you will learn more about the widely publicized facts from the HYIP industry which will help you to become a more experienced player and turn the odds to your favor. Click here to access the vault of articles and make sure to check back often as I try to add new articles regularly. If you have any questions on anything please do not hesitate to contact me via the Contact page here.

For today’s poll I’ve decided to concentrate on truly the best investment program of 2015 (an opinion shared by the vast majority of investors) Carbon7. The program was listed on MNO from day one and has since been paying without any major issues for over three months now. That was more than enough time to profit from Carbon7‘s 7% for 22 business days and 110% after 7 calendar days investment plans and many investors already took advantage of the program’s lucrative offers and earned very well from it. Payments are made to SolidTrustPay, Payza, PerfectMoney, Payeer, or BitCoin. Actually, the experienced admin at helm of Carbon7 who most probably ran the hugely successful Royalty7 with the same set of plans back in 2011 is what attracted investors most. The question on everyone’s mind now though is for how much longer Carbon7 will continue which I get asked by investors all the time. I can’t honestly answer, but I can ask my readers’ opinion. So, the first question for the next poll on the MNO TalkBack page for next week will be – How much longer do you think Carbon7 will last?
Possible answers will be:
1) For at least another year.
2) From 6 to 12 months more.
3) From 3 to 6 months more.
4) Less than 3 months.

Staying on the subject of Carbon7 the next question on the MNO TalkBack asks about the strategy of current and future investors of the program which I have exactly 422 people that joined under me and that amount increases with every passing day. Both word of mouth and the review of Carbon7 on MNO (click here to read it) contribute to its growth. So the question is – What is your level of participation in Carbon7 at the moment?

1) I invested in the past but since left the program with profits.
2) I’m still in with an active deposit and am in profit.
3) I’m in with an active deposit but not in profit yet.
4) I joined, but am still considering investing.
5) I might join the program in the future.

I believe it will be interesting to analyze the answers to these questions sometime at the end of next week, as Carbon7 has the undivided attention of almost every investor at the moment. In fact to say Carbon7 is the hottest program now is an understatement as the program reminds many of us of the golden age of the HYIP industry when programs easily ran for many cycles and over a year online was not uncommon. We’ll see if Carbon7 meets the high expectations so many investors have of it, so please vote on the MNO TalkBack and we will draw the results next week!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: USDBusinessLimitedPokerAutomaticsAtrexTrade,
From MNO Standard list: Carbon7, ProfitUnity.
From MNO Basic list: D3Limited.

That’s all for tonight, guys. Do not forget to follow MNO at all times not to miss any new programs coming your way, as my monitor is the most likely place to find only truly experienced admins. If you can’t bookmark MNO and check it on a daily basis then why not subscribe by simply entering your email address in the form on the top right corner of my blog to get daily news delivered every 24 hours directly to your mailbox? You won’t lose anything and will be able to unsubscribe with one click anytime you want. I’ll be back very soon and you should expect to find something different on my blog next time it’s updated as I have an interview with the admin of one of the most popular exchangers in the HYIP industry – – formerly known as The site of this exchanger was recently renovated completely with a domain change and is now one of the best looking and functioning instant exchangers available online. If you can’t wait and would like to register an account with and take advantage of the discount scheme then do so here. See you all soon, guys, and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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