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Hello all! The HYIP industry has been kind of predictable lately with the USDBusinessLimited collapse last week just a few days after my warning was posted. I’ll talk more about that in the news section along with the latest updates from some good paying programs listed on the MNO monitor such as ProfitUnity and PokerAutomatics, plus the Payza payment processor. Over the last few days I’ve added a few pieces to the MNO Info Center that’s fast becoming quite a vault of the best old and new articles posted on the MNO blog over the years. So, if you want to get educated and more experienced in HYIP investments please check out this link.

By the way, have you voted in the this week’s opinion poll on the MNO TalkBack page about the resurgence of programs accepting SolidTrustPay in the industry? If not, please do so here. It appears that the vast majority of 83% so far firmly believe that STP’s increased presence in the HYIP industry is good for investors, which is understandable as I myself see many investors investing larger amounts via SolidTrustPay once it was approved for such programs like Nuggetz and ProfitUnity. Although more active participation is still not going to be any comparison with the undoubted leader in the HYIP industry at the moment which has been dominating since the first days of June 2015 and is a strong contender to be the biggest program of the year – Carbon7 (reviewed here). That’s a great achievement, I must admit, but the dominance of Carbon7 might be considered a good or a bad thing depending on your point of view. I believe that the HYIP industry always needs a leader and the driving force to encourage interest in the wider industry. Carbon7 is currently the program occupying this niche giving an example for other admins to follow and showing how investment plans that can be sustained for months to come. Nobody knows though for how long Carbon7 will last, and with so many questions asked by my downlines in the program I can’t really answer, but hopefully it’s only the beginning for Carbon7 and its investors and the program will manage to surprise with its long-running lifetime and substantial profits for its investors. The only problem with Carbon7 is that the admin only listed his program on Standard listing on MNO that is a bit limiting for such a great program and it won’t be included in the Top Five Popular Programs on MNO. Obviously it’s entirely up to the admin as to if and when he wants to upgrade (I can’t do it for him, and never have for any one else), so just if you were wondering that’s the reason Carbon7 is not included.

The currently #1 ranked program on the MNO Premium List is RollNRich. The program started in the January this year and was listed on MNO from day one. It’s quite different from a regular HYIP in terms of what one has to do in order to get a payment which may reach 10% daily (but could also be 0% on some unlucky days) for a period of 300 business days. The first members of RollNRich are already in good profits and they are paid regularly despite the constant delays the program is infamous for over the last few months. As the terms and conditions outlined in the FAQ of RollNRich website state that 48 hours is the maximum time to process pending withdrawals it’s quite logical that MNO changes the status of the program so often when this is delayed. To my great surprise though even when the admin goes a week without paying he still returns and processes all pending withdrawals so RollNRich always goes back to Paying status. So if you don’t mind a long wait before getting paid and appreciate the unique character of this gaming website then perhaps you will be interested to make a deposit of $10 or more via PerfectMoney, BitCoin, or Payeer which are accepted by the program. The investment process and the actions one needs to do in order to get paid in RollNRich are discussed in my review published here in great detail, but for a brief description you have to roll dice every 24 hours to see what you earn on the so-called RnR-Board in your account area. For some playing in RollNRich has become a serious addiction already and I hope that with nine and a half months of payments under its belt the program will reach a full year online without major issue.

PokerAutomatics is in the #2 spot on the MNO Premium List now, and has a good chance to become the leader soon enough. The program is yet another bright example of an interesting concept of varying daily profits paid to investors on every calendar day, representing a 40% to 80% share of the company’s profits allegedly received from the pokerbot network. The rate is usually around the 1% mark and are never too far above or below, so you can potentially earn about 04.% to 0.8% profit on an investment there. Yes, that is not too much compared to other similar programs, but perhaps such a low rate is one of the factors that provided sustainable growth for the program that has been officially paying for over thirteen months and bringing profits to thousands of investors already. The investment term offered by PokerAutomatics varies from 30 to 180 calendar days on expiry of which you should receive your initial deposit back to your account to be re-deposited or requested to your e-currency account within a maximum period of 5 business days (only applies to larger deposits, as for smaller ones the waiting period is much shorter). The minimum investment in PokerAutomatics starts from $30 and many payment processors are accepted including popular ones like SolidTrustPay, PerfectMoney, Payeer, and BitCoin and even lesser known ones like OkPay, AdvCash, PayCo, Qiwi, YandexMoney, NixMoney, and deposits from selected banks. More on PokerAutomatics please read the detailed review posted here.

#3 on the Premium List is taken by HonorForTheBrave (reviewed here). Unlike the previous two, this program is quite new and only started 45 days ago. This was still enough time for the first members to profit from HonorForTheBrave‘s only investment plan paying 3% to 5% per day for 60 calendar days. And although the first investment cycle is not yet completed, you can be sure that the program is designed to last with no principal back on expiry meaning the admin is hoping to go beyond the one cycle and become a long lasting hit. A possible return of 80% to 200% over a term of two calendar months seems an enticing factor for many in HonorForTheBrave. Especially this program might appeal to investors preferring multiple payment methods, as HonorForTheBrave accepts deposits starting from a $30 minimum via Payza, PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, Neteller, Skrill, OkPay, and AsMoney. Despite the 48-hour payment timeframe I myself never waited more than just a few hours to be paid which is yet another feature in favor of HonorForTheBrave.

Although the #4 position on the MNO Premium List belongs to AtrexTrade I would probably hold off from making any new investments there. You see, AtrexTrade is quite an old program now paying for about ten months, but at the same time violating its own terms and conditions by preventing early principal withdrawals. It’s clearly stated in AtrexTrade‘s terms and conditions and yet the admin bizarrely refuses to honor his own promises with me already having several complaints from investors who would prefer to leave now. Of course, it will be clear in December and well before the winter holidays if AtrexTrade is going to return initial investments before the expiry of its 240 business day term, but perhaps its collapse is going to happen even in early 2016, judging by the amount of extra holidays the admin and his team generously award themselves. Overall, AtrexTrade (first reviewed here) works off the similar premise as PokerAutomatics with a 50% to 75% share of the company’s announced profits on trading days (Monday to Friday) then credited to members’ accounts on the following day (Tuesday to Saturday), available for immediate and instant withdrawal to PerfectMoney, Payeer, or BitCoin (with a $10 minimum required to join). I believe that there is no need to discuss the program in detail here, as I believe it would be dangerous for new investors to make additional spends now anyway and I myself advised against doing so. Please note that my assumption of the scam in AtrexTrade is based not on the issues with processing interest payments (they are still instant and will remain instant for the time being, I assume), but on the fact that the admin refuses to return initial investments to anyone asking for it which indicates a cashflow issue. In fact it’s difficult to imagine more recent investors reaching the break-even point from the program anymore. So please be careful and do not make any additional spends in AtrexTrade!

I want to further emphasize that Nuggetz which currently occupies the #5 position on the MNO Premium List has nothing to do with the past industry giants GoldNuggetInvest or NewGNi which were both exclusively listed on MNO. You can see Nuggetz (reviewed here) advertised almost everywhere which I’m not saying is a bad thing, rather than trying not to mislead readers who might have higher expectations than are reasonable. Overall though Nuggetz still looks a really well-made program with a lot of promise, especially after the admin added SolidTrustPay to the list of accepted payment methods a few days ago. Now that SolidTrustPay joined PerfectMoney, Payeer, and BitCoin with Payza also in the pipeline (according to the admin himself) we can see increased interest from more serious investors with bigger deposits already flowing, adding to the excitement of the fact that SolidTrustPay seems to have made a much needed comeback to the HYIP industry. The good thing about Nuggetz that many investors will definitely like are instant payouts that are processed to all payment processors. Nuggetz started a month ago and has investment plans starting from a $20 minimum paying 1.8%-2.1% per business day forever with an option to leave anytime after the first 100 days, or 2.8% for 90 business days with the principal back on expiry. Of course the high level of advertising on MNO suggests the admin is serious and ambitious enough to make his program run for a long time. Anyway, it will take quite some time before we see the first investors in profit with Nuggetz, but once it happens MNO will be glad to confirm it.

Before concluding please let me remind you that the rating and positions of the programs in the MNO Top Five are subject to change as they are based on earnings from both my own deposit and referral commissions, so always check the status of each program on the MNO monitor before joining. Even big programs collapse at some point, so please invest responsibly and only what you can afford to lose.



I have already discussed the always excellent performance of PokerAutomatics (reviewed here) and its ability to pay to everyone for over a year in the Top Five article above. So, without further ado let me introduce the latest daily results representing the company’s profits from which the 40% to 80% share goes to the members. We also meet a new representative from Spain as reported in the news section on the PokerAutomatics website:

PokerAutomatics Daily Results:
25.09.2015 – Total poker botnet Income: 1.09%

PokerAutomatics Daily Results:
26.09.2015 – Total poker botnet Income: 0.87%

PokerAutomatics Daily Results:
27.09.2015 – Total poker botnet Income: 0.94%

We have a new Representative
Francisco – Spain
You may contact him by email and skype
190+ Representatives!


While I can’t not give credit the admin of USDBusinessLimited who gave everyone a decent chance to make around 50% net profit over a ten week run, at the end of the first investment cycle no one’s principal got returned as originally promised. In fact, the admin made it a pretty simple task to determine the date of the scam by introducing a suspicious new plan paying 16% for 5 calendar days with a huge minimum of $500 exactly (guess when?) 5 days before the very first members were due their principals back. MNO was the first monitor to pinpoint that scam and strongly advised against further investing in USDBusinessLimited (just to refresh your memory you can check out here for more details on that). I honestly do not care a damn what the HYIP admins might think of me and always calling it a scam when I see something not right is brewing up, which again proves that careful reading of MNO blog might be very beneficial for your wallet, as I received quite a few thank you notes from my readers who just intended to invest into this new plan in USDBusinessLimited, but changed their minds after a warning. Of course, there were some caught up in this trap which who continued to be paying (albeit not instantly anymore) to everyone a few days after that new plan was added. And despite that, my predictions regarding the grim future for USDBusinessLimited and all its investors were unfortunately right, as the program couldn’t survive and collapsed officially becoming a scam on MNO last Saturday as predicted. I wouldn’t say that USDBusinessLimited has been a huge program in the HYIP industry, so its collapse wouldn’t be a significant loss for investors, nor would it affect the HYIP world as a whole. The leaders are quite different nowadays and such programs like USDBusinessLimited thankfully do not determine or impact the HYIP industry on a significant level. Investors are quite picky nowadays and looking for the best examples of the programs reminiscent of Carbon7 and although USDBusinessLimited was quite a big program compared to others, I do not think it’s going to be missed by serious investors. So just to reiterate, I would like to warn you against investing in USDBusinessLimited which is now finished.


ProfitUnity (reviewed here) is definitely a program where the admin prefers slow and gradual growth with only Standard Listing on MNO purchased about three weeks ago. Nevertheless this didn’t prevent the program from growing following the approval of SolidTrustPay which is a favorite payment processor for many of my readers. I can clearly see that since it was officially announced about the STP addition two weeks ago interest in the investment plans offered by ProfitUnity has soared from readers as SolidTrustPay joined PerfectMoney, Payeer, and BitCoin, all available since the very start of ProfitUnity. The investment plans remain the same and you can invest from $10 into either the daily paying plans with the initial principal returned on expiry (1.8% for 20 business days or 2% for 40 business days) or alternatively go with one of the paying on expiry plans offering a single payment of 115% after 10 calendar days or 155% after 30 calendar days. Actually, I believe that, judging by the program’s age, the first investors from the shortest on expiry plan should have already received their profits with hopefully more to follow soon.

Over the last few days ProfitUnity has discretely added OkPay for investors as well (even though almost no one uses it at the moment) while more importantly Payza has also been included. However on closer inspection it seems Payza is still pending approval with a message stating “This payment gateway is waiting for approval, please be patient!”. It’s a good sign though that the admin is doing these things for his investors and tries to add more payment options which will subsequently result in bigger deposits from more investors. More features were announced by ProfitUnity just a few days ago which include a Facebook group where you can share your experience in the program with your fellow members and ask questions about the program. You may also use the Live chat that has been added on the site as well and can be found in the right bottom corner of your screen. The new features were the subject of the latest news update from ProfitUnity which can be read below:

Facebook group and Live Chat added!
Hi all investors,
We would like to announce that we are officially launching our Facebook group and Live Chat support. You can now ask us any questions in real time.
Our facebook group :


While Payza remains one of the most established and respected payment gateways for the HYIP investors, its administration does everything possible to improve customer experience by constantly seeking ways to improve funding and withdrawal options in accounts. The most recent blog post from Payza‘s official blog, for example, describes funding a Payza account via your credit card and sending money to other Payza account holders like this. More on that can be read below and check out more information in the additional links given in that article:

Payza Makes it Easier to Send Money Online Using your Credit Card
At Payza, we’re always looking for ways to help our members get more out of their Payza account, whether that means giving them a way to buy and sell Bitcoin, or giving you more options when you send money with Payza. Well, our team has done it again, this time by making it even easier to use your credit card when sending money online with Payza!
Now you can load your account by credit card and send money to your friends and loved ones all in one simple step. If you haven’t already connected and validated a credit card on your Payza account, this blog post has the instructions to help: Payza Offers Increased Credit Card Transaction Limits.
Send money online from your credit card in just one step
So you’re ready to send funds online using Payza, but you don’t have enough funds in your account, what can you do? With this new option you can load your account from your credit card with the exact amount you want to send and then deliver that money instantly to almost anyone in the world with an email address.
Simply log in to your Payza and click the “Send Funds” tab at the top of the screen. Then, fill in the details for your Send Funds transaction as you normally would, but under “Payment Options” select “Load from Credit Card”. That’s it, review the transaction details and you’re done! The new option is highlighted in the image below.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 72 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: RollNRichPokerAutomatics, HonorForTheBraveAtrexTradeNuggetz, Profit4You.
From MNO Standard list: Carbon7, ProfitUnity.
From MNO Basic list: –

That’s all for today, guys. If you enjoy reading MNO please bookmark it in your browser settings and come back for more later. Remember that only high-budget programs are listed here, so if you wish to see the best options for investment diversification please check the MNO monitor often, subscribe to my daily updates, and follow MNO on Facebook and Twitter. Take care and see you soon, everyone!

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