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05/10/2015. Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Hello, guys, and welcome again to the MNO blog for the most up-to-date information from the biggest investment opportunities online. I must say that my recent stay in the Dead Sea was a fantastic experience and after a few days of rest in the sun and relaxing in the sea and spas I’m finally feeling refreshed and ready for the week ahead. There are two interesting programs to introduce today including a brand-new short-term HYIP called TradingIncLimited and a promising revshare program called 155ProfitAds. I also have the latest news from ProfitUnity, Profit4You, and PokerAutomatics, and I want to analyze the final results of the recent poll on the MNO TalkBack page on the increased role of SolidTrustPay in the HYIP industry with more and more programs starting accepting it (the latest being Nano67 a few days ago). Keep reading to find out more, but I want to start with the introductions of the two new programs on the MNO monitor.


The first program added to the Premium listing on MNO last night is called 155ProfitAds (the admin also purchased the top 728×90 banner to the value of $1,200 on top of the MNO monitor for one month) and it’s perhaps one of the most unusual programs on my list at the moment. You see, 155ProfitAds is not exactly a HYIP in the strictest sense of the word, but rather a traffic exchange website or so-called profit-sharing advertising site – a type of program that was quite popular among investors a couple of years back. These programs are not really considered as very high-risk as they sell advertising in the form of adpacks, and therefore payment processors like SolidTrustPay and Payza are much more positive about accepting them as no investment returns on the adpacks are guaranteed. It’s probably better to say that 155ProfitAds is an investment program in disguise with adpacks starting from $5 minimum used as a form of investment with deposit and withdrawal fees applied according to the program’s own terms and conditions.

Although you do need to watch one compulsory ad when accessing your account in 155ProfitAds and are entitled to allocate credits for banner or text advertising (if you wish to do so), it’s not compulsory to surf any other sites or click and banners in order to earn a daily return from the program. Your earnings with 155ProfitAds are capped at a 155% total return on your investment, hence the name. Usually, you will get 3.25% to 5% profit credited to your account on a daily basis, so you will be able to reach the expiry date for your investment pretty fast. Please note that there is 80%/20% re-purchase rule is in place to maintain stability of the program meaning the 20% of your withdrawals are automatically reinvested into the balance from which you can purchase more adpacks each worth $1 only. This rule was quite common in many similar programs during the golden age a few years back, so older investors might remember. For newbies I’ll talk about that and the fees in 155ProfitAds in more detail in tomorrow’s review. With only a $5 minimum to start and lots of different payment choices including SolidTrustPay, Payza, PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, AdvCash, and OkPay I believe that 155ProfitAds will on everyone’s portfolio pretty soon. Remember that although you will see the daily rate when signing into your account you will be able to see your profit growing every second and will be able to withdraw it then, and most of the withdrawals will be processed instantly (some of them will go to pending status and will be processed via masspay system – more on that also in tomorrow’s review).

Just remember to fund your online wallet first before purchasing any adpacks (otherwise, it can be done from the account balance). The program is running off a not very common for HYIPs licensed and slightly modified version of 2GoSoft script, there is no SSL installed and the hosting provider is EasyCloud which is also not a familiar name to me. I’ll talk about these and the other main features of 155ProfitAds tomorrow but for now please read the latest news from the admin stating that over the first three weeks online the program was joined by over 4,000 members and highlighting the major advantages of joining 155ProfitAds for investors:

Hurray! 155ProfitAds Now Over 4,000 Members and Better!
Welcome to all the new people who are joining. 155ProfitAds is moving full-speed ahead.
Every passing Second something good happens at 155ProfitAds, and it’s because our Members are making it happen.
How much did you earn today?
Earning up to 5% daily on your Ad Packs is pretty awesome. In fact, it is amazing!
But how much actual “money” are you earning each day? If you have only one
or two Ad Packs, 3.25% to 5% doesn’t seem like very much. But… how much would you earn in you have 50 or 100 Ad Packs earning 4.5% an average? What if you have 500 or 1,000? Check it out:
Don’t forget this very important point!
Spend $10, make back $15.50
Spend $100, make back $155.00
Spend $1,000, make back $1,550
Spend $10,000, make back $15,500
Spend $20,000, make back $31,000
Do you now understand why we always encourage Members to buy as many Ad Packs as they can afford? It’s obvious – the more you buy the more you make
each second!
Maximize your earnings with our Powerful Affiliate Program
We have said it before, and we’ll say it again. The fastest, easiest, most
profitable way to make the Most Money at 155PA is to find people who need more
money, and then Share 155PA with them. They can make just as much or more as you
do, PLUS you get Referral Commissions when they purchase New Ad Packs.
To create a “passive/residual” income, the best thing you can do is create a
team of Referrals, who basically work for you. That’s because you get a Referral Commission each time THEY make a purchase.
Imagine if you Sponsor four people, who spend $1,000 each to buy Ad Packs. You would have an extra $240 ($1,000 x 4 x 6% – 1st level) to spend or withdraw.
And if your indirect 2nd tier referrals purchases ad packs worth of $10,000.00 ad packs, you receive another $400.00
Now imagine if you have 20 people who spend $1,000 each. Do you see why it pays to Share 155PA?
Here is your referral link below:
155PA is the solution for everyone. There are lots of people who are hurting
financially, so introducing them to 155PA can be just the thing that will help
them most! It will help you the most too!
Thank you for your continued support. Please let us know if you
have any questions or need any help.
Always working for your success!
Admin Team. 155ProfitAds
Support Email:
Profit Advertising LTD


It appears that another program TradingIncLimited that joined Premium listing on MNO today has a huge advertising budget which allowed the admin even to buy Sticky listing which is worth $1,500 for an entire month. That option will allow TradingIncLimited to be above every other program on my monitor and is supposed to attract more attention from readers. The set up of the program really exceeds all expectations and it’s clear that the admin hasn’t spared any funds to buy a domain name for 10 years, to get the best DDoS protection from BlockDoS which is supposed to make safer processing instant withdrawals to members while keeping TradingIncLimited on a dedicated server, and a Green Bar SSL certificate from Comodo. The admin though still went with the proven licensed script from GoldCoders and ordered quite a spartan but nice looking design for his website. There are only three investment plans paying on expiry, all starting from an above average $40 minimum – 104% after 2 days, 112% after 5 days, and 125% after 10 days. Like for many similar short-term programs paying on expiry only anonymous payment systems like PerfectMoney, Payeer, and BitCoin are accepted by TradingIncLimited with instant payouts promised (maximum waiting time for manual payouts in case of technical issues should not excess a couple of hours). Although TradingIncLimited does look good, we will only be able to judge its performance on Wednesday, after the first payments from the 2-day plan are due. I’ll have a more detailed look at the program then, so stay tuned for that. Below is the introductory message from the admin of TradingIncLimited which was posted on the program’s official launch earlier today:

TradingIncLimited is ready to offer a unique financial services if you are looking for a reliable management company to get stable earnings. Regardless of whether you are a professional investor or it is the first time when you have decided to make money online we can meet your needs. Our company is involved in trading of currency pairs and precious metals in the Forex Market for more than five years.
During this time, our financial experts have established themselves as real professionals who can be trusted with your assets.
Most of our employees have a lot of experience and previously worked in the largest financial companies basically in the UK. Combining their knowledge and skills enables us to develop our own strategies for success in the market and ensure a stable cash flow for numerous partners and customers.
In 2015, the company’s managers have taken a fateful decision about entering the international investment market and making public offer of cooperation. Having the experience of attracting private capital heretofore, we are confident in our success also abroad.
Earnings from TradingIncLimited is easy to understand and a guaranteed for your future. Anyone has a possibility to become our client, the minimum requirements for deposit will surprise you, because you can start your acquaintance with the company advantages with only 40$ in your wallet.
Terms for placing funds involve quite fast earnings in the shortest possible time. In just two days you can get your positive investment experience and your first profit as well. Three investment plans offer you the total return of 125% over the ten calendar days. To make deposits and withdraw profit you can use the most popular methods of electronic transfers, such as Perfect Money, Bitcoin and Payeer. All transactions in the TradingIncLimited system are processed automatically and instantly. It is, of course, an additional advantage of our offer.
In addition to favorable investment proposal the company has a profitable affiliate program for all of those who want to earn extra money. One-tier system of rewards will help you to get up to 10% of deposit of your direct referrals with the possibility to use affiliate commission at your own discretion, make a new deposit or request for withdrawal.
We will be glad to see you among our investors. Join us today and make sure that online earnings are real with TradingIncLimited.


The recent news updates from PokerAutomatics says less about some drastic changes and more about the outstanding work of the program for about fourteen stable months now. Everything seems to be working like clockwork in PokerAutomatics and the program continues growing daily both in the amount of investors and regional representatives whose number now exceeds 200. Below are two updates about new representatives located in Canada and Austria whose contact details can be found on the specially allocated page:

We have a new Representative
Denys – Canada
You may contact him by email
200+ Representatives!

We have a new Representative
Marco Scheucher – Austria
You may contact him by email
200+ Representatives!

The program regularly updates investors on the pokerbot network upgrades that are allegedly responsible for earning profits for the company and its investors – hence the name PokerAutomatics. Here is the latest report on that:

Pokerbot network upgrade
A number of poker bots in the network increased to 1,052.
Our future goals:
January 2016: 1200-1300 active poker bot accounts
July 2016: 1500-1600 active poker bot accounts
January 2017: 1900-2000 active poker bot accounts
July 2017 and further: 2000 active poker bot accounts
The ultimate goal – 2000 active poker bot accounts.
For security reasons we won’t increase our botnet above 2000 active poker bot accounts.

New dedicated servers were added.
We have purchased 3 new dedicated servers for our pokerbot network.

If you haven’t read the most comprehensive review of PokerAutomatics available online yet and posted on MNO a few months ago (click here to read it), then I’ll just briefly remind you about the investment plan structure. The thing is the daily profits reported on the PokerAutomatics website are not actually what you are paid. Profits usually float around the 1% mark, but you only receive a 40% to 80% share of that which is assigned to you depending on the size of your deposit. Plans run for 30 to 180 calendar days (with principal return on expiry). You can start investing for a $30 minimum which is accepted via such popular investment methods as SolidTrustPay, Payeer, BitCoin, PerfectMoney and many other lesser known options. Below are the latest daily results on profits over the last few days:

PokerAutomatics Daily Results:
01.10.2015 – Total poker botnet Income: 0.98%

PokerAutomatics Daily Results:
02.10.2015 – Total poker botnet Income: 1.04%

PokerAutomatics Daily Results:
03.10.2015 – Total poker botnet Income: 0.91%

PokerAutomatics Daily Results:
04.10.2015 – Total poker botnet Income: 0.83%

just to finish up with PokerAutomatics for tonight and some great news for me personally, the administration has finally decided to get rid of the so-called virtual accounts that were quite distracting and absolutely unnecessary for already active investors, and only served to clutter the real account area. Here’s the message explaining the reasons for this welcome move:

Today all active VIRTUAL (Demo) Deposits will be closed
Dear clients, at this time we have over 43,000 clients and over 61,000 active Deposits.
Today all active VIRTUAL (Demo) Deposits will be closed to reduce load of our script.
Your VIRTUAL funds will return to your virtual balances.
If you want to create new VIRTUAL (Demo) Deposit you always can do it anytime in your account.
But if you understand how system works then please don’t create new VIRTUAL (Demo) Deposits.
Best regards, PokerAutomatics Team


At the time of writing six out of ten Paying programs from the MNO monitor are accepting STP as a payment method. This majority certainly marks a triumphant return of SolidTrustPay to the HYIP industry after about two years of keeping a low profile. Nowadays it looks like more and more HYIP admins are waking up to this fact and more and more investors are aware of the benefits SolidTrustPay provide (read more about the major advantages of using STP for your HYIP investment activities in this article). Small wonder that almost 82% of the MNO readers supported the point of view that an increased presence by SolidTrustPay in the industry is as a positive development. This trend definitely started this summer with the launch of Carbon7 (reviewed here) as becoming the undoubted leader of the industry at the moment and will certainly be followed by many others soon. Only 10% of the voters say STP’s acceptance by more HYIPs won’t have any affect, while 8% think it’s negative (though exactly how that could be possible I have no idea!).

What about Payza one might ask? It was skipped in the previous poll on the MNO TalkBack but this payment processor is also accepted by many programs with just as many great features like the option of chargebacks (though limited in time and not always guaranteed). However, HYIP admins prefer not to mess with the Payza administration and, as a rule, process payouts to Payza for much longer compared to other payment processors. Not that I needed it but further proof of that was shared with me today when I received a confirmation and thank you email from one of my referrals in USDBusinessLimited who was paid over $500 of his deposit back to Payza today, and that was almost a miracle to him as the program stopped paying to all the other payment processors a week ago. I already covered this topic a bit in this article on the MNO blog, so for today’s poll I would like pose the following question. Do you feel safer and more secure when investing in HYIPs via Payza? Possible answers include:
1) Yes, I feel much safer because I might get a chargeback even if a program collapses.
2) Yes, I feel safer because it’s difficult for admins to withdraw from Payza and process payments for longer.
3) It makes no difference to me if I invest via Payza or any other processor as I’m always on alert.
4) No, I don’t feel protected as Payza might reverse transactions even when I profit from a HYIP.

Thanks in advance for voting. I’ll draw the results in a few days and I remind you you need to click here to vote in this poll.


Speaking of Payza, you should know that as of today this payment processor is accepted by Profit4You too. The program (reviewed here) managed to exist for the first two weeks on MNO without Payza, but the admin didn’t lose hope of adding them and was eventually approved. As of now, you can invest in Profit4You starting from $25 in either a shorter-term investment plan paying 6.5% for 24 business days or a longer-term option paying 3.3% to 3.6% for the duration of 50 business days (Monday to Friday only). Remember that Profit4You doesn’t return the initial investment on expiry as it’s been already included in the daily paid profits. Apart from Payza, you can also join via PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, OkPay, and AdvCash, and as far as I know, payouts are processed instantly for all payment processors. I’m sure now that Payza is accepted Profit4You will be able to enter a higher level and become a more respected program among serious investors. As for the Skrill addition, the admin mentioned some documents but I believe many programs accepting it does so without any official permission or recognition from Skrill and process deposits and withdrawals in manual mode. Payza nevertheless does require approval and I’m pleased that the admin of Profit4You managed to get it for the program’s members. Below are the latest updates from Profit4You during the last 24 hours:

Skrill & Payza
Hello, Over the next week, we will implement as new methods of payments Skrill and Payza. Due to the delay in checking our documents from these entities it may be that in the early days, the processes are manual until the check is complete and thereafter payments and deposits will be instant.
Enjoy our program!
Profit4You Administration

Payza Accepted
Hello, We are accepting PAYZA as new payment method. This payment option will work the same as others with instant payments and deposits, for more information please visit our FAQ page.
Keep enjoying our program!
Profit4You Administration


ProfitUnity (reviewed here) surprised many investors with the addition of four brand new investment plans that came online yesterday. I remind you that the original plans offered by ProfitUnity from its official launch 25 days ago included 1.8% for 20 calendar days and 2% for 40 calendar days (both of which return principals on expiry and credit accounts on business days only) and two on expiry plans – 115% after 10 days and 155% after 30 days. The admin originally started his program with just three anonymous payment options – PerfectMoney, Payeer, and BitCoin – with three more verifiable payment processors added along the way in SolidTrustPay, OkPay, and Payza. All payments up to a $300 maximum are processed by ProfitUnity instantly and I believe the new set of investment plans is aimed at providing variety for different type of investors and satisfy the demand of larger investors. Of course there will always be people who will frown on any modifications to investment plans, but in ProfitUnity we must remember that all the old plans available from a $10 minimum remain unchanged. So instead of change for current investors we see more choice for future investors. Actually the two weekly paying plans (both available for the same $10 minimum) will probably be a good alternative for members who like the on expiry paying plans, but hate waiting for their profits for so long. For these investors ProfitUnity now offers 60% weekly for two weeks or 44% weekly for three weeks plan. As the initial principal is not returned on expiry, you can see that the new weekly plans are quite sustainable and won’t bring too high profits with 20% and 32% net profit respectively after 2 or 3 weeks. And two more investment plans which work more or less the same as the original daily paying plans in ProfitUnity (i.e. lasting for 50 calendar days, but paying interest on business days only), but including the original investment into daily profits (not returning principal on expiry), will allow you to earn 4.9% for 50 days (over 70% profit on your investment of $500 or more) and 5.2% for 50 days (over 80% pure profit on your investment for $1,000 or higher deposits). Only time will tell how all this will affect the program’s performance (as the admin is surely aiming for higher deposits now that STP and Payza are on board), but I believe his dedication to the cause might just work, especially if he begins a Russian version of the website soon to make it more appealing to the Russian-speaking audience so active in the HYIP industry now and which he mentioned in this newsletter:

4 new plans added, Russian version on the way
Dear all investors,
We would like to announce that we have developed 4 new investment plans coming this week, here is the brief introduce about those plans:
4.9% daily for 50 days (min 500 – max 1000, earning from mon-fri, principal are included in daily payment)
5.2% daily for 50 days (min 1001, max 10000, earning from mon-fri, principal are included in daily payment)
60% weekly for 2 weeks (principal are included, earning every week)
44% weekly for 3 weeks (principal are included, earning every week)
In addition, we have nearly finished our Russian version of the website and will release it this week.
For more information please visit our website.
Best Regards, ProfitUnity Limited – Earning More, Together.


The admin of RollNRich seems to have forgotten once again about the members of his program who are either not paid for over five days now, or whose accounts in the program are not getting properly credited with missing deposits being reported by my referrals there. I must say that the entire mess has become routine for me now with RollNRich spending more time on Waiting and Problem status on my monitor than Paying. The longest wait I ever ever had with RollNRich was seven calendar days. It was of course the the admin’s choice to set a 48-hour payout timeframe which is now almost universally ignored. I wouldn’t therefore be surprised if RollNRich returns to Paying status on MNO when (or if) the payments resume, and I’ll report it on my blog and update the program’s status. Under the circumstances though I simply cannot keep the program on Paying Status on MNO and so as of today it went to Problem Status with no further deposits being recommended to be made.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 96 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: TradingIncLimited (the first instant payment received).
From MNO Premium list: HonorForTheBravePokerAutomatics, AtrexTradeNuggetz, Profit4You, 155ProfitAds (the first instant payments received).
From MNO Standard list: Carbon7, ProfitUnity, Nano67.
From MNO Basic list: –

That’s all for tonight, guys. See you tomorrow with a detailed look at 155ProfitAds which is very different from many other HYIPs you see on my monitor. And of course, the latest updates from your favorite programs will be posted too. Stay tuned and updated from the blog intended only for quality and high-budget programs!

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