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Beware! 155ProfitAds has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everyone! There’s been a couple of new programs added to the MNO monitor over the last few days that I want to discuss today and tomorrow, starting with one called 155ProfitAds which you’ll have noticed was introduced yesterday if you were reading. Although it was only officially started around mid-September (and has actually done quite well for itself through word-of-mouth) 155ProfitAds is only starting with a “proper” promotional campaign now so I guess in some ways many of you would probably consider it as brand new. I do have a feeling though that this is a program that will find its way into the portfolios of a lot of investors during the coming weeks and months. So let’s see what it’s all about and whether you think it’s worth a shot.
The first thing we have to clear up about 155ProfitAds is the nature of the business. In many ways, yes, it is a HYIP in the sense that you take a risk by investing money from your own pocket in hope of earning a profit financed by the program. So in that sense, yes, the basic premise is the same with members hoping they will be the ones withdrawing more money than they invest. But in other ways, and this is important, it isn’t a 100% full-on HYIP style game either as it tries to work from a different business model. 155ProfitAds is positioned more as a profit-sharing, or so called “rev share” program that allows members to buy advertising for other websites which is then shared between investors. This in turn by the way allows the program to be treated more seriously by verifiable payment processors who are quicker to authorize the program to allow 155ProfitAds avail of their services. I’m referring here of course to Payza and SolidTrustPay, both of which are in use, but I’ll get to that in a moment. First let’s look at the investment plans.

When you join 155ProfitAds what you are doing is “purchasing ad packs”. These are priced at $1 each, and the minimum purchase is five. So in other words the minimum investment is $5. There is no actual fixed investment term, rather 155ProfitAds works to a certain target. You receive variable interest rates paid per calendar day until such a time as you have earned a total of 155% of you original deposit, principal included. What you withdraw from one day to the next will be different every time, but it should fall somewhere between a 3.25% minimum and a 5% maximum. I haven’t really been a member for long enough to tell you what a typical or average payment is, though that isn’t the point. Everyone, big and small investors alike, all get the same rate on the day and you receive it for how ever long it takes you to reach 155% in total. If, theoretically speaking, 155ProfitAds paid out the maximum amount every single day then you would reach your target in 31 days. If they only paid the minimum rate every day it would take 48 days. Either extreme is unlikely, and I suspect a more accurate completion date would be somewhere in the middle.

The rate of the day being paid to members will be displayed quite prominently on the 155ProfitAds website, however you do not get just one single payment of a fixed amount credited to you at a certain time of the day. One of the unique features of 155ProfitAds that I think a lot of you are going to like is that the money builds up in real time, by the second, on what looks like a little stop-watch in your members area. Let’s say then you have a $100 deposit and today’s interest rate is 4%. So that would be $4 owed to you, right? But instead of just giving you the $4 into your account at a pre-arranged time, you can watch the money “clocking up” from $0.00 to $4.00 in tiny increments as the day progresses. You can then withdraw some now, and come back later to claim the rest as it still builds up.

So what exactly is an “ad pack”? Well, it is compulsory to buy them, that is your investment after all, it just isn’t compulsory to actually use them if you don’t want. An ad pack is basically your right to advertise a particular website within the 155ProfitAds website. The more ad packs you buy, that is to say the more money you invest, the more ads you are allowed to place. The thing here is that you don’t necessarily have to be the owner of a website in order to advertise it. Why would you want to advertise somebody else’s website? Because you can include your own ref link to the site you are adding, so fingers crossed it might if you are lucky help you earn a little extra from that as well. Maybe you have your own blog or monitor that you would like to try and get more traffic for. Just remember that these ads will mainly be seen by a HYIP-centric audience, so if you have a cookery blog or something it might not be the market you were targeting!

On the other hand there’s no absolute need for you to include any ads at all. You will still get your daily interest payment regardless. I’ll just run through the procedure for adding some ads for you here should you change your mind. Keep in mind that 155ProfitAds differs from “auto surf” style programs (which we rarely see anymore by the way) in the sense that there is no requirement for you to view any ads displayed or click on any of the banners. The only ad that you won’t avoid seeing is one that opens as you log-in to enter your members account area. A randomly selected page from an advertiser will open, and you will be asked if you wish to proceed to your account or explore the advertiser’s website. So, to place an ad on the 155ProfitAds website simply go to the “manage ads” tab across the top of the page. You will see what your options are there, such as banner ads, text ads, etc. Click on what it is you are looking to do, and follow the instructions that follow. It’s basically just a simply procedure of copy/pasting the URL of the ad you are looking to place there anyway, so there’s nothing complicated.

The list of payment options could be argued as one of the strongest features about 155ProfitAds, and certainly it’s a good selling point. SolidTrustPay and Payza are, as I already mentioned, both included which by itself gives a lot more credibility to the program and will help to attract some of the bigger spending more serious players. If for whatever reason verifiable payment processors aren’t your thing then 155ProfitAds are also using PerfectMoney, Payeer, OkPay, AdvCash, and BitCoin.

So, how do you deposit and how do you get paid? The first thing to remember is that just putting money into 155ProfitAds does not make it an active investment. Your deposit only goes into your online wallet in the program. Then it’s from there, your wallet, that you have to purchase the desired number of ad packs. That’s when you start earning a profit, so be sure to remember that because otherwise your money will just sit there in your wallet doing nothing. In your account area across the top of the page you will see a tab labeled “add funds”. Click this to make a deposit. Next to this tab is another one marked “buy ad packs”. This is the one you need to click to move the money you just deposited from your wallet into an active profit making investment. Likewise when you make a withdrawal, the interest payment again only goes back to your wallet first, and from there you may either withdraw to your payment processor or spend it again on more ad packs. Make sure to enter all your payment processor account details carefully and correctly in your members area to ensure you get what you are owed by the way. I know this sounds obvious to most of you, but honestly, you’d be surprised at the number of “complaints” I see from people not getting paid who’s only problem is they neglected to type in their own payment details.

As for the actual payment schedule itself, well, for a lot of you most payments will be instant. Under what circumstances? First of all, smaller payments of $50 or less should be instant. Also, if you are making a withdrawal to the same processor you used to join 155ProfitAds with then yes, that payment should be instant as well. You will need to log into your private members account area and place the request. Once you’ve done this you should have the money in under a minute, as is per usual with instant payments. But if you have money owed to different payment processors – let me give you an example and say your deposit with 155ProfitAds is with Payza but you get some referral commission if someone in your downline joins using STP – then it’s your regular interest payment payment to Payza that would be instant and the ref comm payment that would be done manually. If on the other hand your deposit is via STP and your downline joins with STP as well then interest and ref comm payments should both be instant. Please note that all payments to BitCoin and AdvCash are only made manually, and for what I guess are security reasons any withdrawals of $50 or more are also done personally by the 155ProfitAds admin. There is a minimum withdrawal request of $2 by the way, so smaller investors please keep this in mind and don’t start to panic if you don’t get paid. You just need to wait until you have $2 or more available before asking for it.

There’s no actual “suggested maximum waiting time” for manual payments so I would say allow the 155ProfitAds admin 24 hours to make sure everything is done properly. From my own brief experience with the program however I can tell you that everything has always been done extremely quickly and efficiently, and that manual payments are generally all made together at the same time at regular intervals throughout the day. So I doubt very much that when you do need to wait occasionally that you’ll be left waiting for very long.

Still on the subject of payments, the next area we need to cover is that of fees and the so called 80/20 rule. As we all know, online payment processors are not a free service. They are commercial profit led and motivated businesses. You will all know that moving money in and out of these processors itself costs money, and you pay fees every time you avail of their services. In the case of 155ProfitAds the admin is passing those fees on to the members. So for example, if you are trying to withdraw $10, you may only receive $9.80. Likewise when you are depositing money into the program a small piece will be deducted to cover the program’s expenses in dealing with payment processors. 155ProfitAds are by no means the first or the only program to adopt this tactic, it’s just not very common anymore. If it bothers you then you need to remember that other admins simply pass the same expenses on to you more discretely by adjusting their own program’s interest rates, investment terms, life span, etc.

The compulsory re-investment or so-called 80/20 rule might be something familiar to longer term more experienced readers. It was once quite a widespread (if not always popular) policy in programs a few years back. In this case 155ProfitAds pay you 80% of your earnings in cash, and obligate you to put the remaining 20% back into the program. So if you have let’s say $10 owed to you in interest payments, $8 is yours to take right now while $2 has to be spent on more ad packs. As I said, not always entirely popular with investors but as I see it it will benefit you more in the long term. It limits the negative impact of hit-and-runners, helps keep the program running and paying for longer, and you’ll earn back more than that 20% in interest payments sooner or later anyway. And like the processor fees, if it bothers you that much then simply factor it in to your budget and plan accordingly.

There is one very important point here about the 80/20 rule that I can’t overstate for you so please pay close attention to this. The 20% re-investment is not made automatically. The money simply goes back to your wallet, and it is your own responsibility to make sure you actually spend it on more ad packs. The thing is that without making an active re-investment yourself the money will just sit there in limbo in your wallet and not earn you any profit until you do.

Moving on to the more technical side of the program and the 155ProfitAds website now, it’s pretty solidly built and everything is up to a high quality standard. The website is running off a licensed script from 2GoSoft which has been slightly modified to suit the program’s unique requirements. It isn’t the usual generic product used by most programs so once you log in and look around everything will look a bit different from most of the programs you might be more used to dealing with, though nevertheless the website is still easy enough to navigate once you know what it is you want to do. Hosting is provided by EasyCloud, not a name I know from regularly serving the HYIP industry, though they do keep 155ProfitAds on a dedicated server. There is also SSL encryption though it might not be immediately obvious to you. You can simply type “https” manually into the address bar on your computer in front of 155ProfitAds if it helps put your mind at rest about having a secure connection.

For any further questions for the admin or account related issues you might need help on I have to say the 155ProfitAds customer support has proven itself to be quite good. It’s not a 24 hour service, but whenever you do find one of their operators online the Live Chat feature has given everything you would want from such a service – fast, informative, polite, knowledgeable, helpful, good standard of English, and so on. If you don’t find a 155ProfitAds operator online then you can either write directly to the admin at one of the listed e-mail addresses, or else fill in your details on the online customer support form and submit it through the contacts page on the website. Fans of social media sites will be able to find 155ProfitAds on Facebook as well if you want.

To conclude then all I can really add is that while 155ProfitAds might not be a regular online HYIP in the traditional sense, it’s still a high risk activity that has a long, very long, way to go before it can prove otherwise. Speaking from an investor’s point of view, listen guys, it’s entirely your risk to take or leave. For what it’s worth I’d be hoping for a good run here myself, but having said that there’s still a finite number of people who will ever wish to get involved. There’s a lot of measures in place, popular or not, that will help the 155ProfitAds admin keep tighter control over the cash flow of the program. Passing on the payment processor fees for example, and compulsory re-deposits to limit the impact of hit-and-runners will all help. Variable payouts will also help the admin control the money being paid out and avoid making financial commitments that he might struggle to meet on the slower days which every business faces from time to time. None of this guarantees the longer term profitability of 155ProfitAds for the members but it does help. So as with any online opportunity, the final decision falls to you, the investor. It’s your choice and obligation to weigh up the risks and benefits, something that no one else can do for you, and act accordingly. The same rules apply here as with any other program, even if this one is at first glance organized somewhat differently. 155ProfitAds is in many ways a lot more honest than most other programs in the sense that it’s no secret that new money flowing through it is vital for the members success, so I for one appreciate the lack of pretense. You still need to set yourself a sensible and responsible spending limit that you are comfortable with admitting you could lose if things don’t work out, and if you do join 155ProfitAds then try to keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.



I’d like to start with the introduction of a relatively new program called CryptotechGroup that only officially launched about a week ago and was added to Premium listing on MNO just last night. My first impression was a sense of deja-vu as their website strongly reminded me of the one of the biggest programs this year PokerAutomatics. Well, just the structure of website and the fact that it’s also running off a licensed H-Script which is not widely used in HYIPs anymore, makes me think that the admin of CryptotechGroup was more inspired by this success and decided to try something with a similar design but more profitable and shorter term plans. In order to make an investment in CryptotechGroup you must fund the internal account first with the desired amount (starting from a $20 minumum) via one of the following payment processors – PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, OkPay, AdvCash, or the most recently added NixPay. Those of you who admire Payza (by the way, click here to vote on the subject of Payza in this week’s opinion poll), will need to wait for a little bit longer. The CryptotechGroup admin already announced it would happen soon in one of the three newsletters posted over the first week online. Once you fund your account in the program you’re free to make an investment in a fixed term plan that will pay you 4.8%, 5.3%, or 6% daily over a 25-calendar day duration. Please note that the initial investment is already included into daily profits and therefore won’t be returned on expiry, so focus instead on the 20%, 32.5%, or 50% net profit by the end of the term. You can withdraw your profits daily and the admin promises to pay within a 24 hour maximum. Actually my own most recent two withdrawals were both instant, so clearly at least some of them are going to be fast. Best to allow the full 24 hours for now though unless the admin explicitly states otherwise. While CryptotechGroup is still too new to talk about the first investors being in profit, I do admire the admin’s efforts to stand out from the crowd and deliver an impeccably made website with a Green Bar SSL-certificate from Comodo, and DDoS protected hosting by DDoSGuard on a dedicated server. The site has a professionally made introductory video explaining what yto expect when joining CryptotechGroup (I’ve already uploaded it on the MNOVision page so you can watch the video here). The website is currently available in two languages – English and Russian (professionally translated), and judging by the still inactive flags in the top right corner of the website Spanish and German might follow. Of course the luxurious setup cannot be complete without an office in London (most likely virtual, of course) and the well made story on making money from crypto-mining. But however well the program looks still remember that CryptotechGroup is only a HYIP, so only invest what you can afford to lose. For more information on investment plans and the other main features of CryptotechGroup don’t forget to check the upcoming review coming tomorrow. Below are the first three news updates with the latest of them inviting you to test your promotional skills by becoming a regional representative for the company (so take note if you wish to apply):

Dear visitors of CryptotechGroup LTD!
We are pleased to inform you that today, 29 September 2015, the site of the project CryptotechGroup LTD moved from test mode to full functionality. And now anyone who wants to become a client of the company can use all the services and investment instruments for full cooperation with CryptotechGroup LTD.
Do not miss your chance to sign up today to become tomorrow’s rich! Get more out of life than you can afford!
Sincerely, Administration of CryptotechGroup LTD.

Our course comes to stability!
Despite some stagnation of a of the main cryptocurrencies currency exchange rates, the CryptotechGroup LTD company continues to maintain successfully high standards of the services provided to its clients. In particular, the management of the company leveled and stabilized the main indicators of volatility and increased volumes of primary investments. These actions have been became possible thanks to successful indicators of growth of the main economic indexes, what doing cooperation steadier and reliable with CryptotechGroup LTD.
In addition, we inform all our clients that the electronic payment system Payza will installed soon. Watch our updates.
Discover the new opportunities with CryptotechGroup LTD together!

Start earning more!
The Representatives program has been started.
Dear investors and visitors. Administration CryptotechGroup LTD announces that today, October 5, 2015, the Representatives program has been started its work.
Now you can earn much more together with CryptotechGroup LTD. To learn more about the Representatives program and about benefits from participation in the Program, just go to the “Representatives” section. Besides, investors who received the Representative status already participate in the project. For any questions that you may have in the investment process, you can always ask for help from our Representatives. Don’t miss opportunity to become richer! Watch our updates. Discover the new opportunities with CryptotechGroup LTD together!


After the successful addition of Payza the admin of Profit4You should have felt some increased interest in his program from new members so another decision was taken about a new investment plan. Don’t worry though as this is not a bad sign due to a very conservative return being offered – it pays 10% interest over a duration of 11 business days with no principal back on expiry. That means that after more than two weeks you will be left with 10% net profit. Not sure if that’s what many investors want, but I guess since it’s now officially the shortest investment plan offered by Profit4You it might get some takers anyway. If you haven’t read the full review of Profit4You published on my blog two weeks ago (click here to read), I’ll just remind you that the other two investment plans you can join include 6.5% for 24 business days and 3.3% to 3.6% for 50 business days. All the investment plans in Profit4You start from a $25 minimum and none of them return your principal on expiry. Apart from Payza, you can also invest via PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, OkPay, and AdvCash and the best thing is that all the withdrawals are processed instantly. Hope that will stay the case for some time and Profit4You will actually bring profits to the MNO readers, as MNO is now the #1 referral in the program (thanks for your support, guys) and the program has just entered the Top Five most popular programs on the Premium listing. Here is the official announcement about the new plan from the admin:

New Plan
We achieved the 20 days of activity and we have noticed that our members have a preference for investment plans with shorter maturities. Because of this, we decided to add a new plan to also satisfy a greater number of members. This new plan has a maturity of 11 business days with a 110% return on investment.
We hope that this plan is another good investment option for all our members.
Profit4You Administration


There were a couple of quick updates from the above reviewed 155ProfitAds about a temporary suspension of their SolidTrustPay account. Don’t worry though, as that doesn’t mean SolidTrustPay don’t like them, but rather indicates the good security on STP’s side as a suspected hacking attempt was detected. Everything is fine with both the program and its account, and all funds are perfectly safe. It’s especially important that top-notch security to be ensured when it comes to instant payouts processed from 155ProfitAds‘ STP account to hundreds of members. The entire incident only lasted for a couple of hours as after the phone support called the admin everything returned to normal. It’s good though that the admin keeps everyone in the loop on what is going on with the payouts and the last two messages I received from him are the best examples of such a professional attitude from him:

STP Account Update from 155ProfitAds Admin!
Dear Members,
Our STP account again have been temporarily suspended, looks like someone is constantly trying to log into our STP account.
We will do our best to get it restored in no much time. Only last week, we experienced the same issue last week and it was restored after two they called me on phone. We have contacted them and hopefully it shall be restored shortly Please kindly bear with us.
Thanks, admin team

STP Account Now restored!
Dear Members,
This was fast. Our STP account now restored again.
Thanks, admin team


I find it totally jaw-dropping when I found out today that TradingIncLimited stopped processing instant payouts just as the first investors should have been collecting profits from its shortest 2-day plan. The reason for my surprise is because the admin clearly had a huge budget for his program by going with $2,500 worth of advertising on MNO alone (Premium and Sticky listing for one month), but also acquiring the top-notch DDoS protection from BlockDos, a domain for ten years and making an overall well made website with instant payouts. So what went wrong you might ask? Well, I have a definite answer for that. The admin simply gave up on fighting the continuous attacks on his program once it became known that he previously ran FX4Trading, a fast scam with only the first investors being able to recover about half of their deposits. That time the admin cited security problems for his failure. You can choose to believe that or not, it makes no difference anymore, but this time he came fully prepared with BlockDos, a much better looking website capable of processing uninterrupted instant payouts, and finally splashed out on a bigger more expensive advertising campaign. He wouldn’t have went to such enormous expense if he didn’t intend to work harder this time and make an effort. However people quickly realized that he used some e-currency accounts before and blew his cover.

I must emphasize that I myself was totally unaware of his previous record and was only interested in monitoring the current program. Then just earlier today the admin of TradingIncLimited told me the truth and admitted he did indeed run FX4Trading, something that by now is public knowledge and widely discussed on forums and monitors. Such bad publicity right from the start and such exposure of admin’s own negligence made it impossible for him to continue and he chose to surrender. Of course, the admin has suffered a huge financial loss and it will be a lesson for him, as almost no one joined TradingIncLimited. It was also the admin who admitted to me today that he lost lots so I hope it will also prove a good lesson to other HYIP admins on not to run a program. That won’t be any consolation for the handful of investors who joined TradingIncLimited without waiting for reports of the first payouts on expiry of the 2-day plan. The admin even tried to entice more deposits by lowering the deposit minimum from $40 to a more affordable $20 last night. This achieved nothing, and sadly, the people who attacked the program before it ever had a chance to prove itself simply because of the admin’s personality (tell me which admin didn’t run any other programs or never had one single bad program in the past) got their wish. Unfortunately that comes at the expense of the people who already joined and who now get nothing. Trust my experience here, I’ve seen many programs run by the same admin with totally different outcomes. You simply cannot expect the same result every time. Unfortunately, thanks to the program’s “well-wishers” like some furious monitors outraged by the fact that the admin paid lots of money to MNO instead of hiring them and various spectators who had nothing better to do with their time than spoil the game for everyone else, TradingIncLimited is now a proven scam and was moved to Problem status on my monitor. Please do not invest there, guys, as I expect the admin might pull some tricks to convince you otherwise. He has lost a lot of money and may well have an arsenal of scam tactics up his sleeve to get something back at your continued expense.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 36 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: HonorForTheBravePokerAutomatics, AtrexTradeNuggetz, Profit4You, 155ProfitAds.
From MNO Standard list: Carbon7, ProfitUnity, Nano67.
From MNO Basic list: –

That unfortunate incident concludes the daily news from the HYIP industry today, but whether it’s all good or bad remember that MNO is always the first to report it for you. Stay tuned for more information from the biggest programs in the HYIP industry in tomorrow’s issue plus a more detailed look at the newest addition on my monitor and definitely one of the best looking programs at the moment CryptotechGroup. Please follow MNO on Facebook and Twitter, and subscribe to the daily news delivered straight to your mailbox not to miss anything important. And please remember to always check the status of the program you wish to join, as MNO is usually the first to react if I am aware of any problems. Bye for now!

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