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Hello everyone! I hope you’re all keeping well after the Halloween weekend, and that the zombies, vampires, and other HYIP admins didn’t crawl out from under your beds to eat you! Anyway, back to the working week again and there’s a couple of news stories to start us on our way. Some hugely positive and encouraging as with Cryptof and eCoinInvest, some negative as with FxIndependent, and one where the jury is still out as with HonorForTheBrave. The first thing I want to discuss with you however is the recent speculation and rumors surrounding Payza. This is nothing more than the usual hacks and gossip mongers preferring a sensational headline over the facts to get traffic for their blogs and assorted websites. Normally something I’d ignore but it’s getting to the point where it’s just being waved in people’s faces at every opportunity now and some folks are starting to a bit rattled.

So can I begin by asking you to forget every single word you’ve read about Payza being closed by US government law enforcement officers, any employees getting arrested, or any funds being seized. Most of this has been written by people harboring long term grudges against Payza anyway, and have never been known to allow the truth get in the way of their personal agendas. If you can put all the nonsense out of your mind for five minutes please continue to see what’s going on back in the real world.


It’s come to my attention in recent weeks that there seems to be a certain amount of confusion out there at the moment regarding some imaginary problem regarding Payza. I’ve actually been contacted by a number of people, mostly regular readers but a couple of HYIP admins have expressed some concern as well. For what ever reason the idea seems to have been planted in their heads that Payza are somehow on the verge of being shut down by the US federal law enforcement agencies, pursuing them in much the same way as they did LibertyReserve a couple of years ago. Nothing could be further from the truth.

It is true however that Payza have been involved with a civil lawsuit against another company. Civil litigation, in other words a business dispute between two companies, something only their lawyers deal with in the courts and not a matter for police investigation. The other company involved is Obopay, an agency employed by Payza for a fee for financial services. Google them and you’ll see that they are a big enough company, you’re just unlikely to have heard of them because a private individual won’t have much cause to. They deal more with corporate clients. Without getting into unnecessary technical detail, Obopay facilitate the online movement of money around the world. It’s in this capacity that they were hired by Payza, who later had reason to be dissatisfied with the service. Payza are now the plaintiffs, not the defendants, in a civil suit.

Meanwhile it’s Obopay (who don’t have any direct involvement with Payza other than once being hired by them) which has come under the scrutiny of the US financial authorities. As far as I can tell Obopay, without being physically located in the US, were still providing financial services to other companies within the US jurisdiction without a proper license. While this matter is investigated further, the state attorney’s office has made a request to the court that the civil case between Payza and Obopay be suspended until the new year. The exact reason why was not explained, I guess it’s not been deemed in the public interest enough for the authorities to expand on that, so I can only surmise that they believe a high profile litigation case is hindering or compromising their investigation. The request was put to the presiding judge, he agreed that the criminal case against Obopay take precedence over Payza‘s civil case against them.

The basis for this misguided hysteria seems to stem from the following statement, issued on the website of the US Department of Justice state attorney’s office for the Washington DC area. Click here see the original version:

The United States government, including Homeland Security Investigations and the Washington, D.C. Financial Crimes Task Force, is currently conducting a criminal investigation. As part of that investigation, the United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia has requested a United States District Judge to pause current civil litigation relating to Payza and Obopay. The Judge has paused the litigation until January 22, 2016. Shortly after that date, additional information will be made available on this website about the status of this investigation.

Now, I’ve just about lost count of how many times I’ve read this statement, but I still can’t see it. Nowhere is it said here that Payza are under investigation, and nowhere does it say there’s any accusations being made against them. And remember, this is the state attorney’s office we are talking about here and therefore the only source of information you should be taking seriously. So if they are not saying Payza have a case to answer then the conclusion is obvious – Payza don’t have a case to answer, simple as that, they’re not even being accused. The state attorney or the police are the only ones entitled to say whether a criminal investigation is taking place or not, and if they don’t say so then everything else you read on blogs, forums, chat rooms, etc is just nonsense. I don’t know and I don’t care if it’s just plain stupidity on behalf of the writers, or a deliberate attempt to discredit the good name of Payza, if the police say they are not investigating Payza then nobody else has any business telling you otherwise. The only thing that’s going to happen on January 22nd next year is that Payza will resume their court action against Obopay. Nobody is going to prison (not as a result of this action anyway), Payza are not closing down, and no one’s account is going to be blocked or frozen.

I admit the wording of the statement could be better for let’s say people whose English language skills aren’t that great (or perhaps it’s their attention span that’s lacking), but with respect that’s not really the concern of any of the parties involved here. The message is quite unambiguous. The investigation involves Obopay, not Payza who through an unfortunate series of events find their name brought into the case anyway.

I can only finish by adding that there has never been any cloud over Payza‘s legality. In fact if you’ve been in the industry a couple of years you’ll remember that Payza actually withdrew their services voluntarily for about a year or so while they underwent the laborious process of getting licensed and regulated in all 50 individual states of the USA. The only thing they’ve really done wrong here was make a bad choice in the third party service provider they hired, something of which they are the victim and not the perpetrator. A Payza representative had the following statement to make about the issue:
It was an issue with Obopay and we are not at fault. The department of justice is investigating Obopay and we are co-operated with the department of justice.

Short, not much information, but to be honest I can’t really see what else they are expected to say about a police matter which doesn’t really involve them. It’s just two sentences but I believe it sums up the situation as far as Payza and their members need be concerned in full. So how about we drop the subject now and move on to things actually newsworthy and deserving a lot more of our attention than malicious rumors spread by a couple of lazy hacks too stupid or incompetent to read and understand the facts that are on public record.


The biggest news from the HYIP industry since yesterday was quite a controversial decision the administration of the biggest program HonorForTheBrave to drastically change its investment plans. Nothing remains of the original plans paying 3% to 5% for 60 days (as described in my original review of HonorForTheBrave posted here) now replaced by 16% to 20% daily over a term of 10 calendar days, thus efficiently dragging the program into the shorter term higher risk category. This new plan will give you the opportunity to gain 60% to 100% pure profit (depending on the size of your deposit) which still starts from a $30 minimum and is accepted via literally every popular payment option including SolidTrustPay, Payza, Skrill, Neteller, OkPay, PerfectMoney, Payeer, and BitCoin.

I must say that such a sudden change after eleven weeks of stability in the old plans raised quite a few eyebrows and gave ground for some reasonable concerns as to why the plans were changed and how well (or if!) HonorForTheBrave can continue with the new plans. I guess there’s no point in denying that changes in HYIPs rarely take place if things are going well, and there is always a much deeper reason for that than the successful “trading” that was given in the latest newsletter sent from HonorForTheBrave last night. What really puzzles me is that in the newsletter the new investment plan is positioned like a limited offer with $30 units on offer while on the site it appears that the old plan has completely vanished given way to the new one which doesn’t seem to me to be replaced anytime soon. Of course, the old investors will still be paid according to the terms of what ever plan they originally joined, so do not worry about that, guys. What concerns me is that HonorForTheBrave not being able to sustain the payouts on the newly launched plans and collapsing as a result. But that’s just one negative option.

A brighter alternative is that the admin of HonorForTheBrave planned such a development right from the start and perhaps already did the same thing in his previous programs (there are after all some good examples of programs changing direction and staying successful despite some initial skepticism). The reaction of experienced investors to the plans being changed has been quite nervous so far, but despite some early warnings the fact is that HonorForTheBrave is still paying today and I haven’t heard about any delays with payments which continue uninterrupted within the promised 48-hour timeframe. What’s going to happen next only time will tell. To be honest I’m not sure even the admin can say how the new investment plans will be taken by the investors and whether they will mark the beginning of the end of HonorForTheBrave or will mark a surge in growth. Due to the uncertainty surrounding the program’s future right now I simply cannot say whether it’s safe to invest in the new set of plans or not. Yes, the potential profit may be 60% to 100% on your investments in just 10 days, but the risks that go with them are just as high. It’s your own decision whether to continue with HonorForTheBrave‘s new plan or stay away from it. The latest newsletter on that is re-posted below in its entirety, so it’s up to you to judge its honesty and sincerity:

Trade result of past 2 months
Good day to all of you. I would like to express my sincere thanks for your patronage of our company. Our launch since 80 Days ago has been very successful so far and very fruitful. Let me take this opportunity to update you about what has happened and what has been updated this week.
Let me start by informing everyone that we have added Trade history page, There you can check our last 2 months result.
Click here
We really appreciate your trust and we want to invite you to the next stage of profitable cooperation. As a bonus and sincere gratitude for your support of our project we have decided to offer new terms for investors, which will surely be attractive to anyone who already knows our company, and also for those who first came to our website to only acquainted with Honor Business Limited. Our proposal is limited, so we recommend you hurry to have time to get all its benefits.
In addition to traditional investment plans, now we offer the purchase of units (some kind of company’s shares, our tentative step towards the IPO that we are planning next year). Each unit costs only 30$ to 100000$ and will bring 16% to 20% daily profit within 10 calendar days. This is an excellent opportunity to earn 60% to 100% of profits in such a short period of time. All financial operations associated with the creation of deposits and withdrawals of profits are instant as usual. We recommend to pay attention to changing of investment terms: now they are much more advantageous.
Financial managers of Honor Business Limited project take care about that your cooperation with the company was as productive as possible. Register today and take full advantage of startup business. We will be glad to see you among our investors!
Regards, Honor Business Limited Team


eCoinInvest is another program where the admin is thinking about his investors and how to provide them with the best choice possible. You might be aware that some investors prefer to deal with verifiable payment options instead of anonymous like PerfectMoney, Payeer, and BitCoin (the advantages of using such payment systems like STP and Payza are given in this article on the MNO Info Center page). So, eCoinInvest listened to members requests and finally added SolidTrustPay to the list of accepted payment methods, joined another relatively new option OkPay which is still not especially popular in the HYIP industry. Now only Payza is missing from an otherwise perfect list, but maybe the admin will surprise us with that soon too. Anyway, in the recently posted interview with the admin of eCoinInvest Richard (click here to read it) he didn’t even mention STP, but instead just did it silently and with little fanfare, possibly the best way an admin should do such things. The account of SolidTrustPay is now fully approved, meaning that deposits and withdrawals from eCoinInvest should be processed instantly just as they are for every other processor. Here’s the official announcement regarding the STP addition:

New payment system SolidTrustPay for card payments
We have been working hard over the weekend to integrate a new payment system SolidTrustPay. SolidTrustPay offers instant card payments for Visa and Mastercard as well as instant bank transfers. As usual no fees will be charged for using this processor.
Sign up for a SolidTrustPay account here.
Please be reminded that bitcoin transactions can take up to 24 hours to process due to the ongoing transaction malleability attack against the bitcoin network that is interfering with our bitcoin payment forwarding service. This is nothing to worry about as your funds are in no way effected by this delay, just allow a little longer for deposits to process.
Login and check your account now!
Kind regards. Richard Villa.
CEO eCoinInvest Limited

Before the interview with Richard was published on MNO I made a full review of eCoinInvest on my blog here. Among the other features of the program you might find appealing include instant payouts, and the choice of investment plans which is also quite well balanced with daily payouts and the initial principal return on expiry like 2.3%-3.2% for 90 days, or paying just once on expiry plans of 300%-400% after 75 days. If you decide to join eCoinInvest I would personally recommend avoiding the on expiry paying plans as they are way too risky. Stick with the daily paying ones as they are more sustainable and more likely to bring you a profit.


Like the previously discussed program, the admin of Cryptof also promised to add both SolidTrustPay and Payza to his list of accepted payment options. Actions speak much louder than words and in the case of STP the admin has already delivered. He’s still working on Payza, however given that he’s succeeded with STP then I have no reason to doubt he’s making every effort. The final decision isn’t his, obviously, but fingers crossed it will be completed soon enough. I belive this will make a huge difference to Cryptof and might just be the push they needed to take the program into the big time. For now investors can continue buying packages (the cheapest priced at just $10) via many other payment systems including SolidTrustPay as was just added today, PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, OkPay, Neteller, YandexMoney, Qiwi, Paxum, and AdvCash. With Cryptof you can even invest via one payment processor and withdraw your profits via another without any fees and (which is a good thing for investors as well!) the withdrawals are always processed instantly. The minimum to withdraw is quite low too, so even those free members who join the program just because of the $0.03 they can earn for simple manual surfing won’t be disappointed and will be able to withdraw their earnings daily. But of course only the real investors of Cryptof can discover the full potential of the program paying from 2.7% to 3.3% daily profit (depending on type of the purchased package) over a term of 60 calendar days. Plus, only active investors can withdraw the $2 free bonus that is automatically assigned to everyone on signup. All in all, as Cryptof is running off an original script you have lots of features to play with which are described in great detail in my full review posted here. Besides, the custom-made script gives the admin the full advantage of adding more new features at will. And one of the latest is the option for everyone who deposits at least $100 and, meeting some other requirements, to become Cryptof‘s agent and receive higher rewards for promotional work. The program is also growing quite well and is well known already outside of regular HYIP circles. In the latest newsletter the admin also shared some recent stats and praised the site’s growing Alexa rating clearly indicating Cryptof‘s growing popularity among worldwide visitors. For all the latest news from the program in more detail please take a look at the newsletter below:

Payza and STP Coming:: Cryptof is Getting Hotter:: Serious Money Earning
Dear User,
Our cordial welcome to you all. We want to thank you all for making a very successive program. Everyone is making money. Even those who don’t have pennies to invest but making dimes from Cryptof.
We are working hard to give improved service to our users. we want to announce that SolidTrustPay and Payza is coming this week as per users demand. We believe this will take Cryptof to one step higher.
Sometimes, pople got upset when they see their withdraw goes pending. We want to assure you that, we do nothing on this issue. This totally happens due to payment processors’ server issue and users’ wrong information update.
We are collecting Agents for Cryptof from all over the world. Very soon Agent page will be live with some agents list. People can contact them and learn more to be successful.
Some new program like Matix is coming very soon to give users more profitable platforms. We hope our users will like the new plan of Cryptof.
We have already lowered our Corporate advertising. As we have just passed 1 month online of Cryptof, we also want to give some more discount to advertising. We will give $300 discount on the 6 month advertisement. Now advertisers can get 1 Million view in 6 month in a price of $3690 which was $3990. This offer is valid for next week.
Present Statistics of Cryptof:
Registered Members: 12384+
Deposits Crossing $678,100+ (in just 30 active days)
Withdraw Given $273,600+ (Passive Earning)
AdPayments $193,400+ (AdSurf Earning)
Alexa rank: 26,869
So overcome fear and start working hard. We guarantee you within very short time like 2-3 years you will be solvent enough.
Continuing success for everyone.
Regards. Cryptof Team


It appears that the admin of FxIndependent did everything in his power to bury his project last Saturday, as a couple of suspicious emails announcing weird 1% and 10% bonuses on all new deposits made until Monday. Unsurprisingly this had exactly the opposite effect on what the admin was hoping for and instead of new deposits FxIndependent got a flood of withdrawal requests. This may well have been a surprise to the admin, as the program obviously wasn’t prepared to handle the situation. A few hours later the usually instant withdrawals were all moved to pending status from which they never progressed. I myself can’t really understand how a seemingly experienced admin in FxIndependent can be so stupid and issue a newsletter which obviously caused nothing but panic, and, as the program allowed principal withdrawal requests to be done anytime after 24 hours the impact was just devastating as the shrewd investors got their money out as a priority. In the case of FxIndependent though we can’t say that the program was a complete disaster either, and though it has been on MNO only for eleven days, considering the perpetual nature of the plans with 3%-4% profits daily many investors were still able to earn some good money. Even the positive things reported in the last newsletters from FxIndependent like one hundred days online in total and the addition of Neteller and Skrill (something that can be manually set up by any HYIP admin within a few minutes) were eclipsed by a deposit bonus offer that was taken so negatively it put an end to the program and made me move it to Problem Status on my monitor. Note that at the time of writing the FxIndependent website has re-appeared after being totally inaccessible for about 24 hours, but it’s here not to pay the debts but to collect more funds, so please be very careful and do not spend any more money into that scam.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 60 hours:
From MNO Sticky listGrandRialtoLimited.
From MNO Premium list: HonorForTheBrave, PokerAutomaticsAtrexTrade, GarnetStockNano67, AntsAssetsLimitedCryptofHaloInvAvaorgLimitedeCoinInvest.
From MNO Standard list: –
From MNO Basic list: –

That’s all the news for today, guys. I was going to draw the final results of the recent opinion polls on the MNO TalkBack page, but decided to postpone it until tomorrow as I’m busy with some ongoing technical work re-designing the MNO monitor. Things are making progress so hopefully my programmer will be able to continue on this over the next few weeks and we will see more improvements then. I’ll talk a bit more on this in the next news article which will probably be tomorrow, so stay tuned for that, and don’t forget to subscribe to the MNO daily newsletter if you wish to stay better informed on all the changes and additions of the biggest and highest budget investment programs in the HYIP industry. See you soon, everyone!

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