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Beware! ElectricalVentures has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hi everybody! It’s been a very slow news day so far, and not much to report from the HYIP industry apart from what’s been happening over at SolidTrustPay who are making some changes to their customer support set-up. I’ll be getting to that shortly. Just as well then that I can concentrate efforts today on a more detailed look at ElectricalVentures. That’s a new medium term HYIP recently added to the MNO monitor just a few days after the initial launch which I want to talk about today. There’s a couple of interesting features here that you might like, so let’s get started and see if you think there’s any room in your portfolios for ElectricalVentures.

Strictly speaking I suppose you could say there are technically four investment plans in ElectricalVentures, however I would really suggest you ignore the first one as I shall explain. It’s called The Water Plan and it runs for 20 calendar days. The minimum and maximum amounts you are allowed to spend range between just $1 and $10, so as you can see, it’s really just for testing purposes. ElectricalVentures offer their members a daily interest payment of 5% for the term’s duration, and they include your principal as part of the payments so you won’t be getting that back in a separate transaction. That means that on receipt of your final payment they will all add up to 100%, or exactly the same amount back as you invested in the first place and no profit.

So you see the problem with this? Once you take payment processor fees into consideration, this will actually cost you money. The risk is 100% yours, there’s absolutely zero reward at the end of it, you pay fees for the privilege, and all you find out is what I can tell you here for free – ElectricalVentures is working fine. It’s a bit like having a demo account I suppose, except in this case it isn’t free. So it’s best to just skip this and go straight to the more serious plans.
These continue with The Wind Plan which also runs for a term of 20 calendar days. For this one ElectricalVentures require a minimum deposit of just $11, and in return are offering members a daily interest rate of 6%. Your principal is counted as part of those payments, so by the end of the term your total earnings should amount to 120%, or your own money back plus 20% net profit. ElectricalVentures have placed a maximum limit of $200 on this plan.

If we take a simple example of how this should work out in monetary terms then, let’s say you invested $100 here. For the following 20 days ElectricalVentures pay this back at a rate of $6 per day. You reach the break-even point after 17 payments, that is to say you earn back an amount equivalent to your original investment and can’t possibly lose money after that, and you then finish the term with $120 in total. Or in other words the first $100 was yours, and the extra $20 is your reward for joining ElectricalVentures. Pretty simple, eh?

If anyone wants to spend a bit more money, the ElectricalVentures offer The Geo Plan. Also running for 20 calendar days, the minimum amount required to join this one is $201. In return, members are offered a daily interest rate of 7%. That allows you to break even after 15 days and complete the cycle with earnings of 140%. As ElectricalVentures are again counting your principal as part of that figure, it’s your own money back plus an extra 40% in profit. The maximum amount you are allowed to spend is capped at $500.

The list of investment plans is completed by The Sun Plan. As with the other options, this too will run for 20 calendar days. ElectricalVentures ask for at least a $501 minimum deposit for joining here, and to entice that out of you will offer a daily interest payment of 8%. At that rate you should expect to reach the break-even point 13 days in to the term, and complete it with payments amassing to 160%. As usual ElectricalVentures count your principal as part of your returns, so it’s your own money back plus 60% net profit. The maximum limit you are allowed to invest here is $1,000, a figure I must say is curiously conservative in the HYIP industry. Don’t get me wrong here, I’m definitely not saying this is in any possible way a bad thing, nor am I trying to encourage anyone to spend more than that. Just pointing out it’s rare for an online HYIP to enforce such a sensible spending limit.

As you can see, all plans run for the same term and none of the numbers overlap. So in other words you can’t possibly “accidentally” join the wrong plan. If you are investing $150 for example, it can only go to The Wind Plan, as none of the others will accept that particular sum of money. My point here being that there is no need for you to select any plan as such, because ElectricalVentures will automatically assign it to you based on your principal. Just make sure you are clear about that before depositing. Speaking of depositing by the way, in your members area you’ll see a tab marked “Top Up Balance”. This is what you need to click on in order to make a deposit (because the other tab which is actually labeled “Deposits” is where you find the transaction details). That’s all you need to do because like I just said your plan is assigned automatically based on the size of your principal. Also, I would urge you to be extremely careful about re-depositing interest payments from your balance back into the program, compounding in other words. You see the thing here is that if your payment is small, $10 or less, and you try to re-deposit it, it’s only going to be placed in The Test Plan by default in much the same way as your original deposit is directed to a plan based on its amount.

If you like any of those plans enough to join then the next thing you will need to know is what are your payment options. Originally this wasn’t great, but I’m pleased to see now that the ElectricalVentures admin has done a lot to improve the situation. The list is now made up of PerfectMoney, Payeer, and AdvCash for traditional payment handlers, and BitCoin if you prefer a digital e-currency. The actual payment situation is a bit weird, but not in a bad way and I think something that ultimately protects the best interests of the program as a whole. Basically you are allowed one withdrawal per 24 hours. OK, most of you wouldn’t be making more than that anyway. You will need to log in to your ElectricalVentures account area and submit the request. If however that request is $25 or less then it’s processed instantly and you should have the money in under a minute. Again, not everyone will have an investment big enough to be making single withdrawals that big, so the rule won’t have any affect on a lot of you. On the other hand if your withdrawal request is bigger than $25 then it will be handled manually by the ElectricalVentures admin. In this case you are asked to allow up to a maximum waiting time of 48 hours, though in reality it never takes very long at all. I guess this is all in place to prevent those who are owed more than $25 from making repeated smaller withdrawal requests over and over again to get more money out in instant payouts than they would otherwise be allowed. Smaller investors take note that ElectricalVentures have a minimum withdrawal policy of $1.

There’s a couple of other very important points you should understand about the payment set-up in ElectricalVentures before we continue. First of all, if your payment is instant then you will see it tracked immediately with a batch number in your members account area. On the other hand it’s not so clear cut with manual payments. In this case there really isn’t much to see in your account to track the progress of your payment other than the fact that you’ve requested it, and you already knew that. There are no auto generated e-mails sent by the script telling you your payment is pending, completed, cancelled, or whatever. So in this case it’s actually your payment processor account that you will need to keep an eye on, because that’s where you will find whether your transaction has been completed or not. The other thing, and I think this will be a feature that many of you are really going to like, is that ElectricalVentures will allow you to withdraw to any payment processor you choose, regardless of the one you used to join. So for example you can invest with Payeer and withdraw to PerfectMoney. Very very few HYIPs will ever allow this, and with ElectricalVentures there isn’t even a fee for doing so.

Moving on to the more technical aspects of the ElectricalVentures website now such as design, security, et cetera, the hosting provider is CloudFlare and they are keeping the program on a dedicated server with their protection and tech support. An extra line in defense can be found in the SSL encryption certificate by Comodo to allow for safer browsing and more secure transactions. The real gem however is the script which is totally unique, custom built, and developed exclusively for ElectricalVentures. There’s nothing wrong with the generic “off the peg” scripts of course, but it’s always good to see some programs just doing things their own way. Despite being unique to this program, ElectricalVentures is remarkably user friendly and easy to navigate. There’s even a nice illustrated step-by-step guide to how to register an account, make a deposit, and withdrawing your profit which should explain what’s already a very simple process in just as simple terms.

If you have any further questions for the ElectricalVentures admin or any account related issues you need to have dealt with then there are a number of channels open to you. I suggest you start with the Live Chat which I have tested myself and can verify that it works. However it’s not a 24 hour service so won’t be online all the time. It’s worth taking a quick look first however to check. Otherwise you can e-mail the admin directly at the listed address. The only point of contact I suggest you ignore is the ElectricalVentures postal address. This is only likely to be at best a virtual serviced workspace for registration purposes, though it does come with a phone number so feel free to try it if you expect to be answered. Social media profiles for the site are not yet available at the time of writing. You can also view a selection of investor made videos which have been embedded on the ElectricalVentures website. This will probably be of very limited interest to most of you because as far as I can see they all seem to be in Russian. Still, there’s nothing to stop you from making one of your own in whatever language you prefer if you feel so inclined.

Just to finish up with ElectricalVentures for today, in case anyone is still interested in such things the background story being put out by the admin is that the program is involved somehow with international green energy projects. Regular HYIP players, ie the rest of us, will of course know better, that’s just what a first timer is going to see on the ElectricalVentures website on their first visit. Needless to say, there’s nothing you can do to research and verify any of this, and even if it were true there’s still no guarantee that it has to be profitable all the time. Therefore you need to be sensible and treat ElectricalVentures as you would any other online HYIP. That means staying well under a spending limit you can comfortably afford to lose, and if joining at all then try to keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.



If like me you’re a long term customer of SolidTrustPay, you might know that the personal support and convenience for members of this wonderful payment processor have always been of paramount concern to its administration. For that particular reason a dedicated support website was set up a couple of years ago and remains a very user-friendly source of information explaining the main features of SolidTrustPay and answering any questions you have about using STP to your advantage. I remind you that some advantages especially vital for HYIP players are discussed in detail in my article posted a few years back (click here to read it) but that is still relevant today (click here to join SolidTrustPay and open a free account there). Anyway, in order to properly use the website you will need to create a separate account there and perhaps would like to know how to submit a support ticket and chat live with an operator. Exactly for that reason the STP support staff has created a couple of very helpful videos demonstrating the process of using the site and submitting a support ticket. As you might know, the MNOVision page features some helpful videos from payment processors in one convenient location, and these latest ones from STP have already been uploaded here and here. Besides, an article to accompany and present these video tutorials was posted on the official blog of SolidTrustPay and is also re-posted below. I strongly encourage you to create an account in SolidTrustPay as another very important advantage is that HYIP admins usually pay to that account much longer and even when payments to other payment options have stopped. A recent example of this is PokerAutomatics where members were paid to STP weeks after the scam is all the proof you need on this. Here is the latest from the STP official blog:

How to Use Customer Support Site
While we are always working hard to make sure using SolidTrustPay is as easy as possible, sometimes customers need help with their accounts or transactions and require assistance from our customer support staff. Today we’re going to show you how to create a support account, and how to get us started working on your issue via our Live Chat or via support ticket.
Where to Find Us
While SolidTrustPay is available through social media on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and right here on our blog – any issues with your account or transactions should go directly to our support site: You can access support either by visiting that site directly or on the main SolidTrustPay site in the ‘Contact Us’ area.
Once on the support site page you can see the status of LiveChat in the bottom right hand corner. If our LiveChat staff are available that area will show ‘online’. Tickets can be submitted to our support staff day or night, seven days a week.
Creating a Support Site Account
If you already have a support site account, you can login from the main page using your email address and password. If you do not, then you will need to create a new account. Remember – this account is different from your SolidTrustPay account. When logging in, do not enter your STPay username and password. Instead you will use the email address and password you created when you set up your STPay support account.
So, first we will go through the process on how to create an account on the support site and then submit and reply to your tickets.
Register page
To Register for an account enter your email address and your name. Name should be First name and Last/Surname.
Once you click Register you will see this next page stating:
“Registration successful. Please check your email and follow link in the registration email to set up your password and activate account.”
So NEXT you will go to your email account. (I’m using gmail but whatever email provider you have should look similar)
Find the email from LiveAgent (check your inbox, spam/junk folders, etc) and open the email to see a link to click to setup your password and login.
When you click on the link you are then redirected to the support site Welcome page. You will see your email address filled in already and then you need to set up your Password and click Login.
Now you will see the following page and on the right hand side the page will display your name. Under that you will see “My Tickets”, “Submit Ticket”, and “Logout”. You can edit your support account & add a photo by clicking on your name. (*My name was entered as Test Ticket so I’d click there to go to edit account page).
Submitting a Ticket
Let’s take a look at how to submit a ticket. To begin, head to the support site at and click the ‘login’ link in the top right to make sure you are logged in to the support site. From there you can click on ‘submit a ticket’ in the top right underneath the login link. We will ask you for some of your account information, and you can provide us with a description of your issue.
This page will now appear.
When you submit a ticket you will see this message regarding the requested time frame for waiting for a reply to your ticket, 24-48 hours. Note: Please allow this time frame to expire before submitting another ticket about the same issue. Duplicate tickets can delay our response times.
Now that your ticket has been sent to us our expert support staff will begin working on your issue. You are free to logout, or stay and browse the ‘My Tickets’ area to view your recently submitted tickets and any previous tickets you have submitted.
Resolving your Ticket
When your ticket is replied to by our staff the ticket status on the bottom will change to Answered or Resolved. You will receive an email notification when your ticket has received a reply from staff. **Login to support site to view reply.
Click on blue ticket title to see the full message.
When you click on the blue ticket title to view the full message a new page will open.
Click on blue ticket title to see the full message. Here you can review our response, and click “Reply” to respond back to message or, if issue is now resolved, click “Resolve”.
The email you receive will provide you with a link to the support site where you can log in and view the message. Very important reminder: The email you receive is a NO REPLY email and if you reply to the email it will not be sent to us. This email is only to notify you that you received a reply – currently you cannot respond to tickets via your email inbox.
Here is what the email notification will look like.
If you click on the blue link in the email you will be taken to the support site and you will need to login to view the actual ticket.
Now, if you ever forget your Support Site password (remember, you don’t log in with your STPay username and password) you can click on the section of the login page that says “I Forgot” under Password. You will be sent an email password reset by LiveAgent.
Thanks for joining us and learning how to create a Support Site account and how to create and respond to a ticket!
THANK YOU for using SolidTrustPay!
2 How to Video’s


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 24 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: ForexKing, ArdexFundsRomball, BandeiraCorp.
From MNO Standard list: Capital7, ElectricalVentures.
From MNO Basic listGloboxTrade, TokyoInvestmentCompany.

Thanks for reading, guys. That’s all I have to report for today. I’ll probably take a day off tomorrow after a very busy week. Good luck with any investments in the programs monitored on MNO and if you have any comments in support of your favorites you can easily do so by clicking on the Votes button after the program you wish vote for. Please note that every vote is subject to moderation and is not posted automatically, and in addition every bad comment should be discussed with me personally first before posting there. Remember that you can always contact me from this page or directly at with any questions. If you wish to get into a more personal one-on-one chat session with me please vote in favor of this feature I’m ready to offer readers if there is a demand for it. Click here to vote on the MNO TalkBack page and remember that every vote is important, so thanks for your contribution. Hopefully I’ll see you back on Friday for the latest news and updates from the most elite and high-budget programs in the HYIP industry today. Stay tuned for more and see you soon, folks!

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