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28/03/2016. Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Hi guys! Welcome again to the MNO blog – the only site dealing exclusively with high budget programs run by experienced admins. Sometimes fast scams still manage to strike despite efforts to secure only the best programs for listing on the MNO monitor. The latest rotten apple came from ElectricalVentures which unpleasantly spoiled the Easter Monday for investors scamming everyone after about a week online. More on that later in today’s news where I’ll also be discussing the latest updates from RixosFinance, a referral contest from ForexKing, and the final results of the MNO TalkBack poll which has now been replaced by the new question asking my readers about their favorite program among the latest Top Five list the article of which was posted here and which still remains relevant. If only we had more such programs like the ones featured in the MNO Top Five the HYIP industry would be a lot better. Although even the current state of things with Capital7 clearly paving the way for many other ambitious admins inspired by its tremendous success is very good from an investor point of view. Among such programs that inspire investor confidence include Romball (reviewed here) whose very first investors already made profits on its shortest 15 day plan while having been paid principals back on expiry and Cryptonus (reviewed here) the admin of which has translated his website into three more languages (French, German, and Portuguese joining English and Russian) and also purchased the banner spot on my monitor for one week which hopefully will make his program more visible for readers to try out.


The admin of RixosFinance seems to know exactly what to do to run a successful venture and for that reason his program has managed to achieve the #1 position on the MNO Premium List in just 25 days online. Having chosen MNO as its exclusive monitor since day one the admin of RixosFinance has done some great work to ensure the first investors are already in profit. Investments start from only $5 via six popular payment gateways – SolidTrustPay, Payza, PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, AdvCash – and even taking Bank wires for larger investments RixosFinance has a few offers that HYIP players might find attractive. Among them there are five investment plans for various durations and principal back on expiry – 1.8% for 15 days, 2% for 30 days, 2.4% for 45 days, 2.8% for 60 days, 3% for 75 days. As the second investment cycle is going to be completed within the next few days, the admin of RixosFinance wants to increase investor participation by encouraging promo work that will be rewarded in fifteen different ways which might be quite a good supplement. A special promo page created with this idea in mind welcomes everyone to participate and earn some extra income. The link to the page is shared by the admin in the latest newsletter issued over the weekend and re-posted below. In it the admin Bill also outlined some exciting plans for future innovations that include the website’s translation into different languages, more videos to help newbies get started in RixosFinance (you can find a couple of videos on the MNOVision page here and here), and even the possibility of SMS notifications on every payment completed to your e-currency account. Anyway, none of this has been implemented just yet, so keep an eye on MNO for further updates as they happen. However, judging by the admin’s hard work and huge improvements to RixosFinance since its official launch (including the addition of Live Chat, regional representatives program, Payza approval, etc) I believe that we can hope for even bigger and better things to come. For now you can read the original review of RixosFinance (click here for it) and get more familiar with the latest newsletter to posted below:

15 Ways to get extra income with RixosFinance
Dear Clients,
We want to express our sincere appreciation to you for being our most valued clients and wishing you a happy Easter. May it bring you love, joy, happiness, as well as abundance and prosperity in your home and your life! Our goal is to see our customers happy, successful, and believe in us and our abilities. We feel that hard work of our staff has brought us closer to our target; and as such, we have already managed to achieve good results and proved our work stable.
There has been a lot of improvements done to RixosFinance since original launch and we’ll continue improving it until it’s perfect! And as time moves and new features arrive to industry we’re always try to keep with these innovations and imply them to our website so you could have the best experience with RixosFinance.
We have some good news for you which we would like to highlight below:
– We have designed an amazing opportunity to get extra income with RixosFinance. “15 ways to get extra income” page represents 15 promo tools which you can use to gain more earnings. Follow this link for more details:
– A PowerPoint presentation is available. It can help you to introduce RixosFinance to people you’d like to refer to our company. Click here to view:
– Live Chat support is now available! Our customer support agents are happy to assist you anytime you have questions 24/7.
– New regional representatives have been added to our list. Feel free to contact them in case of any questions. Also, our post for regional representatives is still open and feel free to apply.
Our further plans:
– Presently we are working on adding new languages which will be available within next 2 weeks.
– New “get started” videos will be added to our website which will help investors to better understand how our system works in a step by step manner.
– An opportunity to get SMS-notifications every time you get paid.
To end this newsletter issue, we are simply asking that you stay with us for many more months’ of money making – we’ll continue to work, and make stable profits for our clients.
Have a great weekend and wonderful Easter!
Sincerely, RixosFinance Team


Apparently on realizing the huge potential of word of mouth when trying to expand its limits to unexplored markets the admin of ForexKing Vilhelms (he was recently interviewed on MNO here) announced earlier today that not one but two referral contests would start today. The strict criteria for both contests contain several important pre-conditions under which winner/s will be awarded huge $800 to $1,500 cash prizes on April, 18 when the contests will finish. Of course, the main aim of such referral contests is to seeking larger investors for the admin to sustain the payouts to current investors in ForexKing who are understandably the ones who benefit most from the program’s long lifetime. After 76 days of listing on MNO and over six months online ForexKing has deservedly reached the #2 position on the MNO’s Premium List. It also prominently features on the latest Top Five Popular Programs on MNO article posted here. By the time ForexKing upgraded to Premium Listing on MNO and got reviewed here the program started working with SolidTrustPay which really helped boost confidence in the admin’s ability to deliver some well-needed diversity for investors preferring to deal with STP rather than just anonymous payment systems. Those included PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, NixMoney, and AdvCash. You can invest via any of these and starting from a $10 minimum in the daily paying plans with principal back on expiry, including 2.1% for 15 days, 2.3% for 35 days, 2.7% for 60 days. Other investment plans that offer unrealistic returns with huge minimums are not recommended due to a higher than usual level of risk, but just for your information they include 250% after 40 business days, 600% after 65 business days, 1800% after 105 business days, 350% after 17 business days, 900% after 33 business days. In line with my previous experience with programs like ForexKing, investments into paying once on expiry plans are used to finance payments to investors with more reasonable expectations who wisely recognize the program’s daily paying plans as the only viable options for profiting with ForexKing. In any case, now that the referral contests are announced in today’s official newsletter from ForexKing re-posted below you can try your luck and refer as many investors as possible to contribute to the program’s growth and ensure all the smart investors are going to enjoy their profits for a long time, so don’t miss the opportunity to earn some extra cash if you have good promoting skills:

ForexKing‘s Referral Contest
We have very exciting news for you all. ForexKing is proud to announce that we are going to hold our first referral contest. All ForexKing members are welcome to participate in the contest. The referral contest will begin today, on March 28th, 2016, and will continue until April 18th, 2016.
In fact, we will be holding two separate contests. Winners of the contests will be determined from the following criteria.
-Member must refer 10 or more people to ForexKing.
-Member must have at least 10 ACTIVE (with an active deposit) referrals.
-At least 6 referrals must invest an amount of $600 or more.
-Only new referrals introduced during the contest period will count.
-There is no limit on the number of winners. If many members meet the winning criteria each of them will be announced a winner.
-Each winner will be given a cash prize of $1500.
-The contest will last for a three full weeks – from March 28th, 2016 to April 18th, 2016.
-The winner(s) will be announced only after the contest period ends.
-Member must refer 25 or more people to ForexKing.
-Member must have at least 25 ACTIVE (with an active deposit) referrals.
-There is no requirement on the minimum deposit amount for the referrals but not less than $25.
-Only new referrals introduced during the contest period will count.
-Only ONE winner will be selected in this contest.
-The winner is person who is the FIRST to meets the winning criteria of this contest.
-The winner will get a cash prize of $800.
-The contest will last for a three full weeks – from March 28th, 2016 to April 18th, 2016.
-The will be announced only after the contest period ends.
Both contests will be held separately which means that you can participate and win in both.
The account in popular social networks such us: Facebook , VK, Google+ or Twitter is desirable, but not essential.
We strictly caution our members against any attempts to create advantages for themselves in the contests through referring themselves or creating fake accounts. Such actions will be considered as abuse and will not be tolerated in any case. In case of such cases we reserve the right to take counter actions with negative consequences to the wrongdoers.
The contest begins RIGHT NOW! Take part in the contest and try to win up to $2,300 in your preferred e-currency – Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, AdvCash, NixMoney or SolidTrustPay.
Thank you for staying with us,
ForexKing – Your Profitable Kingdom is remaining the greatest opportunity in the industry.
Best Wishes, Vilhelms Balodis
ForexKing – Your Profitable Kingdom”.


I have no idea what happened to ElectricalVentures over the Easter weekend, but I know for sure that it’s something bad. Currently withdrawals are processed very sporadically with only a handful of people still getting paid. It all started last night when I noticed that my own withdrawal request was neither getting processed to my PM account, nor even going to Pending status. The only thing that was happening is that I was getting re-directed to the same main withdrawal page with the available balance still intact. My first thought was it might be a technical issue, so I tried to contact the admin as the usual Live Chat support was unavailable (and is still offline at the time of writing). However, I couldn’t risk it and didn’t want my readers to fall into a possible trap, as at the back of my mind I always expect the worst from HYIPs, so I moved ElectricalVentures to Problem status on the MNO monitor where it stayed for a few hours. Later on payments seems to have resumed and were instant for me and some other members again. Although there was still no answer from the admin I assumed that the issue had been resolved and returned ElectricalVentures to Paying status on MNO. At the same time I was kind of put off by the admin’s attitude of totally ignoring the issue and not even acknowledging the existing glitch in his custom-made script. I therefore asked readers to report any issues they might encounter when trying to withdraw. The negative feedback didn’t take long as more disgruntled investors of ElectricalVentures posted negative comments in the program’s forum threads. I have no other choice but to move the program to Problem status on the MNO monitor once again where it’s going to stay even though I see that very small withdrawals of $1 are still getting paid in automated mode.

The result of ElectricalVentures‘ activities is disastrous with less than two weeks overall online meaning that no one has reached the break-even point. I believe that the admin doesn’t care about the status of his program and is playing games with withdrawal errors while disappearing from Live Chat and not answering support tickets. So the end of ElectricalVentures is just around the corner. That only happens with programs from admins who plan to scam fast from day one and unfortunately with ElectricalVentures this is exactly what we have witnessed. With such negligence and indifference in the fate of your project you can’t seriously expect a different outcome and I hope Problem Status on MNO has prevented someone from throwing away any more money on it. What a shame that such vermin like ElectricalVentures still blight the HYIP industry and spoil overall quite a profitable game for investors. Such admins do not intend to make even the smallest effort and simply destroying investors’ faith even in the best investment opportunities you can find on MNO, and especially on its Top Five list. Please note that ElectricalVentures is almost definitely done and the program has been moved to Problem status on the MNO monitor. Do not invest there!


To finish up for today, it’s time to draw the results of the last poll that ran on the MNO TalkBack page and replace it with a new question. So, you might remember I had a pretty straight forward proposal asking readers this question:
Would you be interested in having a one-on-one session with me personally on Gmail Chat?

All it required was a simple yes/no reply, and it seems that for 74% of you that this is something of interest. The remaining 26% of readers replied no, so I guess for their own reasons this isn’t really something they’d bother with or find useful. Fair enough I suppose, it’s a free service and no one is obligated to make use of it. But with such an overwhelmingly positive response I don’t think it’s something I can just say to myself “that’s interesting”, shrug my shoulders, and forget about it. So I’ll take your opinions on board and try and get something started later in the week. I haven’t really ironed out the finer details in my own head just yet regarding frequency, duration, schedules, et cetera. There’s plenty of time to work that out as we go, but here’s a couple of basics. First of all to answer the concerns of one regular MNO ShoutBox poster yesterday, all chat sessions are strictly one-on-one, i.e. private, and there are no group sessions. So everything you have to say or ask is private and confidential, and nobody else’s business except yours.

Otherwise I can initially make myself available a couple of time per week, maybe for an hour or so at a time. My programmer is working on adding a widget to the MNO website alerting readers of this when it happens. During this time anyone who happens to be reading MNO can go to GMail and log in there. I’ve opted for Google due to the fact that it’s the most widely used e-mail provider by some distance, so go to your account there and log in to the Live Chat feature and you will see me online at provided you already have me in your contacts. After that you are free to discuss any aspects of the HYIP industry, your experience with it, or individual programs in your portfolios that are listed on my monitor. The thing is that speaking as a monitor there are certain things I can’t always do on my blog. Neutrality and impartiality are very important so as not to have anyone panic and start spreading gossip on forums based purely on someone else’s speculation. Hopefully private chat sessions will be more useful to you in that regard. Anyway, I’m still working on the finer points, but as I said I hope to have something started later in the week so keep an eye on MNO for further announcements about that.

Time to change the subject now and move on to the next poll. I would like to link this to the most recent Top Five Programs on MNO article (which you can read here) and ask what you think of the current crop. The exact question will be as follows:
What is your favorite program from the Top Five on the MNO monitor?

Now, please note that I did say favorite program, and not most profitable. Otherwise that would kinda skewer the question into favoring older higher interest ones. So instead I’m asking your favorite. It’s not really a popularity contest as such, for that I already know it’s obvious that Capital7 is the runaway leader in that respect, but just because it’s the most widely used program doesn’t necessarily has to mean it’s your favorite as well if you see the difference. Your reasons for labeling one program as being preferential over another are your own, for instance it could be the entire experience or treatment you get from the program, or maybe it’s the one you have the highest expectations from in the future. The reasons why you vote the way you do can be pretty much anything you like.

The possible answers, all based on the current Top Five, are as follows:
1) Capital7
2) ForexKing
3) RixosFinance
4) CopperTradePro
5) ArdexFunds

As usual the poll will stay open for around the next week or so, giving anyone who wants to vote adequate time to do so. Just visit the MNO TalkBack page to cast your vote, and remember it’s completely anonymous and only takes a second. Thanks in advance to everyone who takes the time, it’s much appreciated.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 60 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: RixosFinanceForexKing, ArdexFundsRomball, BandeiraCorp.
From MNO Standard list: Capital7, CopperTradeProCryptonus.
From MNO Basic listGloboxTrade, TokyoInvestmentCompany.

That’s all for today, guys. See you all soon with hopefully new additions on the MNO monitor, but meanwhile don’t forget to submit your votes for your favorite program from my Top Five on the MNO TalkBack page. If you want to keep yourself updated on the best investment opportunities and get the latest reports on scams please always check the MNO monitor page before making any investments and check my ShoutBox for any urgent announcements. Remember that you can also contact me via email directly at or via this Contact page. I will be glad to answer all your questions and direct you to experience the best of the HYIP world. More on the one-on-one chat is also coming later this week, so stay tuned for further announcements on the MNO blog. I’m also pleased to say that work on the mobile version of the MNO website is now more or less finished (in reality you can never be 100% finished with such things as they always need tweaking and updating, but you know what I mean). So for anyone using phones, tablets, ipads, etc the browse the net I hope using MNO will be a lot easier for you to use now. If you don’t want to miss anything important it’s best to subscribe and follow me on Twitter and Facebookm. Enjoy what’s left of the Easter holidays and thanks for reading MNO. See you soon!

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