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Hi guys, and welcome again to the MNO blog for high-budget elite HYIP opportunities, and the cheap scams which cannot afford the listing are ignored. I believe that the way of finding best investment opportunities on the MNO monitor is very helpful because readers appreciate the effort of the admins who advertise here to stand out from the crowd. You can find the full list of the best programs in the current overview of the Top Five Popular Programs on MNO which ranks them in order of popularity among readers. The latest Top Five article is available here. I also plan to make this feature more regular now and will update the Top Five again by next week. Some changes are required after yesterday’s upgrade of the well-known program ForexKing from Basic to Premium and the addition of the brand new and currently exclusively listed on MNO RixosFinance. Both programs will be introduced on my blog below, while the latest updates from ClubCashCow and the still struggling PokerAutomatics are also available after the introductions of the new entries from the MNO monitor. So, get a cup of tea or coffee or something stronger (whatever you fancy – it’s the weekend after all) and enjoy today’s news updates.


I’ll start with the introduction of a brand new program called RixosFinance that was added to the Standard List on MNO last night. The admin pre-paid for it a couple of days ago and mentioned that MNO would be his first and only monitor of choice to be exclusively listed on for the first few days. Of course, there will be more monitoring options added at a later point, but the thing that RixosFinance came to MNO first proves that the admin is experienced and knows what has to be done to attract the largest HYIP investors and showcase his program in the best light possible. I’ll have a more detailed look at RixosFinance on Monday, but let’s take a brief run through the main features today.

There are several investment plans on offer in RixosFinance, all of which return your initial deposit on expiry and credit your account with profits on calendar days. These include 1.8% for 15 days, 2% for 30 days, 2.4% for 45 days, 2.8% for 60 days, 3% for 75 days. The minimum and maximum to invest in the plans can overlap, but generally the longer the term the more you have to pay. For the shortest 15 day plan though the minimum is only $5, and so is affordable even for smaller investors. Note though that the withdrawal minimum is set at $0.5 and there is an automatically applied withdrawal fee on each transaction of 2% to cover the program’s payment processor fees (similar to what’s done in Capital7). RixosFinance offers a very good choice of payment options. Alongside anonymous options like PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, or AdvCash you can also join via SolidTrustPay or even bank wires. Whether Payza is going to be added remains to be seen, but even with the current choice the inclusion of STP makes me think that RixosFinance will become a really popular program in the future. Technically sound, features include a licensed GoldCoders script familiar to the majority of investors, hosting on a dedicated server with DDoS protection by DDoSGuard, and an extended SSL certificate with Green Bar installed for secure transactions. The admin hopes RixosFinance will be also supported on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ the accounts on which are already active. Some promo videos have been posted including the short introduction to the main features of RixosFinance you can also find on the MNOVision page (click here to watch the video). The site is already available in two languages, and apart from English there is a fully translated version in simplified Chinese with more languages probably coming in the future. All in all, I have a very good first impression of the program’s setup and already received the first withdrawals which are be processed within a 24 hour maximum. So stay tuned for more information on RixosFinance on Monday and check out the program to see if you like it!


The second program to be introduced today – ForexKing – is not exactly new. In fact, the program has been featured on the MNO Basic List for 52 days while the total timeline dates back to September 2015 when ForexKing first came online. Of course, the development of the program was very gradual and over the first months it featured a simple design before a major overhaul about two months ago. Now it seems that the admin of ForexKing is ready to expand his program even further and benefit from purchasing a listing upgrade to Premium which he did last night.

Just recently ForexKing expanded its payment option by adding the most popular payment processor for US and European investors SolidTrustPay. This immediately had a positive impact on the program’s finances and gave it an immediate boost of growth from the investors who were not very satisfied with the previous choice of anonymous payment limited to PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, NixMoney, and AdvCash only. With the addition of SolidTrustPay the admin of ForexKing showed that he was serious enough in bringing his program to new heights and new investors who would have otherwise ignored it. That was much needed, of course, as the investment plans currently offered by ForexKing are quite expensive. Perhaps the shorter term daily paying plan of 2.1% for 15 days with principal back on expiry and net profit of 31.5% is better for smaller investors, costing just $10 to join. Two other daily investment plans offered by ForexKing and also returning principal on expiry – 2.3% for 35 days and 2.7% for 60 days – require a much higher minimum and therefore would not be popular. As for the on expiry plans in ForexKing – 250% after 40 business days, 600% after 65 business days, 1800% after 105 business days, 350% after 17 business days, 900% after 33 business days – they are best avoided. Well, actually that’s what the admin is apparently reaching for – to find richer investors make deposits in unachievable plans to finance the daily paying plans. It’s a tactic that worked many times in the past, and it might help with ForexKing as well and allow them to continue paying more sensible investors for longer.

If you like ForexKing and just wish to find more advice on what plan to choose then check out the full review on the MNO blog tomorrow. For those who don’t want to wait I’ll just briefly highlight some of the main features. Overall, the ForexKing website looks simply stunning thanks to several improvements in both design and content over the last couple of months, gradually making it one of the best I’ve seen recently. Although ForexKing is operating on a familiar licensed GoldCoders script it was nicely modified for the program’s needs and looks fantastic and very different from its former version. Deposits should be always added automatically (with the exception of BitCoin which are are manual and subject to proper checks) and withdrawals are to processed in batches a couple of times per day with a waiting time which shouldn’t exceed 30 hours. The site of ForexKing features an SSL-certificate with Green Bar indicated extended validation while the site is hosted on a dedicated server with support and protection from Koddos while its domain name is registered until the year 2019 indicating long-term intentions which are not necessarily true when we talk in HYIP terms.

Although always to be treated as a regular HYIP, ForexKing has gone to some lengths in order to ensure some larger investors will still give them more than they can afford to lose by registering a UK company (quite a cheap and easy process in itself) and providing with some legal documents on its website, accompanied by a the postal address and a phone support number. Should you have any further enquiries you may also contact ForexKing via email or Live Chat support. You can share your thoughts on ForexKing on the social accounts on Facebook, Twitter, VK, and Google+. An introductory video is available on the website, also added to the MNOVision page which you can watch here. There was recently a regional representative program opened where you can help recruiting new members in exchange for higher referral commissions if you meet all the necessary criteria for joining (the list of representatives is quite extensive already and you can find the full list and enquire for the position on the specially dedicated page). Perhaps at this time it would be hard to find a better looking program than ForexKing with great payment record and huge support showing on investment forums and monitors. The new stage of advertising has been launched already, and hope that the necessary growth with it will help the program last longer overall. I will try to make my own contribution with the most up-to-date and detailed review of ForexKing tomorrow including a the full analysis of its investment plans, of course. Stay tuned for that, guys!


When it comes to short to medium term investment opportunities one of the most popular programs at the moment is definitely ClubCashCow. People seem to be really enjoying its fast and steady payouts which can be now easily checked with their recently added Paid-Out page and multiple payment options including SolidTrustPay, Payza, Neteller, PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, NixMoney, and AdvCash. On the majority of the investment plans offered by ClubCashCow the investment minimum is a very affordable $10 while the maximum was just $500 until yesterday. Obviously following a strategy of slow and steady growth applied by an experienced admin, after three weeks of stable payments it’s now time to increase the maximum deposit amount from $500 to $3,000. Now when choosing if you wish to invest into one of the three investment plans (read more about the difference between them in the full review of ClubCashCow posted here) promising 2% for 5 days, 2% for 15 days, or 2.3% for 25 days (all with principal back on expiry) you can play with bigger deposits. The rest of the investment plans remain the same – 2.7% for 45 days and 3% for 65 days (both with principal back on expiry) and 114% after 7 days (principal included). It’s definitely the right move by the admin of ClubCashCow and will allow it to expand to new horizons for sure.

The last weekly newsletter from ClubCashCow (their third) explains the increased deposit maximums. The admin also reminds us of the chance to join their Facebook group to stay updated, and to discuss the programs with like-minded investors and check out payment proofs on the official thread of ClubCashCow on the MoneyMakerGroup forum. You may also enjoy reading the already mentioned review from MNO the link was also featured in the latest newsletter (courtesy to the admin) the full version of which I am re-posting below:

ClubCashCow – #3 Newsletter
Our company board decided to perform a unique change to Plan 1, Plan 2 and Plan 3, extending the maximum amount of deposit, which previously was $500, to $3000 (new) for each one. This means that from now you can deposit a maximum of $3000 in Plan 1, Plan 2 and Plan 3. We want to make clear that everything stays the same except for these three plans, where the maximum amount of investment was extended.
This decision was made after a previous technical and financial analysis which was performed by our team with the intention of finding, as always, the benefit of our investors. We believe that, above all, the most important thing is the service that you, as our dear investor, deserve.
We would also like to invite you all to be part of our facebook group, which has resulted to be a complete success allowing us to communicate with our members in a more direct and immediate way.
The link is:
You are invited to read ClubCashCow review where you can see our website reviewed in detail including technical aspects and personal thoughts under Paul Abramson criteria.
And to finish, we would like to show our members 26 pages that contain almost 500 payment proofs in the forum called “MoneyMakerGroup” which is actually a small fraction compared to the number of payments that we have performed over this period of time for a total of $40000 paid to our members.
Thank you for being part of ClubCashCow. Expect for more news in our next newsletter that, as you know, are sent to you every 7 days and we already know that some of our members anxiously wait for our weekly newsletter and we appreciate it.
Please see our investment plans in full details here:
ClubCashCow Limited


Although the alleged sell-off of PokerAutomatics to an American owner can be disputed by its current members the vast majority of whom are still suffering from unperformed and delayed withdrawals, no one can deny the fact that many selective payouts are still getting processed to some investors on a daily basis. Mostly we’re talking about payments to SolidTrustPay (although some very small payouts to others were also reported) and that simply means that the administration (whether it’s new or old) is not going to give up and try their best to maintain at least some sort of visibility of continuous operations. I must say that seeing that my PerfectMoney and BitCoin withdrawal requests were not honored and moved back to balance instead I had to use the new internal exchange feature which one can find in their account area in PokerAutomatics and make an exchange 1:1 between any system. As I can see on investment forums, many investors are reporting payouts on a daily basis, but the biggest of them are only processed to SolidTrustPay. I myself was paid 6 out of 9 pending withdrawals to my STP account today and for the best chance to get at least something back from this undoubtedly still problematic program I would suggest to open a free SolidTrustPay account here (if you don’t have one yet), exchange funds from other payment systems to STP inside your PokerAutomatics‘ account, and then request the funds to SolidTrustPay, not forgetting also to split bigger payments into smaller parts of $10 or less. I believe the PokerAutomatics admin still process payouts randomly and only in smaller amounts, but it’s surely better than nothing and investors might hope the program might even get back to normal at some point with some sort of re-launch. It might be just another attempt to scam big for sure, but if no one makes any sizable investments in PokerAutomatics at the moment even the fact that some smaller withdrawals are getting processed selectively to some members is a at least some small relief. As we all know, almost all the scammed HYIPs just keep the deposit option enabled while neglecting to pay withdrawals, so this charade with selective payouts now seems like some sort of miracle compared to what some investors are more used to. In any case, I hope that at least some payouts from PokerAutomatics will continue for the time being, and you take my advice to try withdrawing your funds to SolidTrustPay (read more of the advantages of using this payment option in the HYIP industry in general in this article). That doesn’t mean that PokerAutomatics will return to Paying status on my monitor and will stay on Problem status until all investors are paid in full. Still, people who want to forget about PokerAutomatics must admit that payments continue and that under such circumstances would be impossible for any other HYIP finding itself in the same situation as PokerAutomatics is now. Remember that no new deposits are advised and at least you should only re-invest and try to withdraw smaller amounts on a daily basis for a better chance to be paid at some point. For now the administration keeps updating members, not in regards to payouts but rather promising some new additions of Payza, Neteller, and Skrill in April. A rather dubious statement about making the PokerAutomatics company legit in the US and even adding PayPal is aimed at easing the concerns of newbies, but will not fool experienced investors who know the price of promises given by HYIP admins. Also, please note that OkPay is not available anymore as I heard the administration of this payment processor is freezing transactions done by PokerAutomatics anyway. Deposits and withdrawals via OkPay are not possible at the moment, so you’re advised to exchange any OkPay funds you might have in your PokerAutomatics‘ account to STP or any other currencies using the internal exchanger. Here’s the latest update from PokerAutomatics which I found on its website yesterday:

New Payment Systems and future plans
OKPay is temporary disabled.
We plan to add several new payment systems in April:
Payza, Neteller and Skrill.
At this time we prepare our merchant accounts.
Also we plan to open another one branch of Automatic Networks company in Delaware, USA (Limited Liability Company) to work with PayPal in future.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: ForexKingArdexFunds.
From MNO Standard list: Capital7, ClubCashCowCopperTradePro, RixosFinance (the first payments received).
From MNO Basic list: GloboxTradeTokyoInvestmentCompany.

That’s all the news for today, guys. I hope you enjoy reading the daily updates from the biggest programs in the HYIP industry and participating in them. If so, please say what you think about the chances of the hottest program now Capital7 becoming the biggest investment opportunity of 2016 by voting in the poll on the MNO TalkBack page. As you see from the preliminary results well over 50% of readers believe that Capital7 will be the biggest thing, so after checking the program out you might as well read its full review that will help you maximize your profits from the program here.

Have a good weekend, but do not forget to check out my blog tomorrow when the full review of ForexKing will be posted along with all the latest events from the elite programs you can find on the MNO monitor. Thanks for reading and see you all soon!

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