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Beware! GainROI has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everybody! Not much news for today’s update, which has been the case for a while now. Not that the HYIP industry is finding its way into the doldrums or anything, quite the opposite in fact, everything is moving along at a nice and steady pace with stability being the order of the day. There’s a couple of items you might be interested in anyway so keep reading the second half of the article for that, but first I want to look into the newest program on the MNO Standard List which is a short/mid term venture called GainROI. I myself would have a certain amount of cautious optimism for this one to become a good performer in the coming weeks, and I think it’s no coincidence that the admin brought it to MNO just at the moment the very first investors were about to see their first profits. If nothing else I hope this will help GainROI prove they are serious about staying online as long as can be reasonably expected for a program like this.
Before I move on to the details I think I should clear up some misconceptions and confusing points about GainROI. Ordinarily I wouldn’t usually be doing this, but as this is already out on some of the HYIP related forums I feel this is necessary. The thing is that if you start any Google searches on GainROI you might start getting some very mixed and conflicting information. The thing is that the name GainROI was used once before by another HYIP several years ago. Seven years ago in fact, as I remember monitoring it myself. Now, the new GainROI admin is aware of the name’s history, but the domain was available, he liked the name, and decided that very few people are likely to even remember the last program, let alone draw comparisons. Fair enough, that’s probably not what I’d have recommended doing, but there you go. The “problem” arises if you start digging too deeply into monitor/blog/forum etc archives and start coming up with old and obsolete information on a program from 2009. There is of course no connection whatsoever between the two, but the thing is that when people aren’t expecting to find information on the old program it can be awfully confusing (for newbies at least) when they find it anyway. I’ll give you an example. The GoldCoders script license checker has GainROI listed as using their product. In fact the new GainROI has a custom built script, and it was the old site that used GoldCoders. But you see how easy it would be to draw the wrong conclusion when you don’t know all the facts, right?

Anyway, it’s absolutely nothing to worry about and is a total non-issue. But as I said because it’s out there in the public domain now it’s something I need to mention. That’s all.

As long as that’s all cleared up then let’s get down to business and talk about the investment plans. GainROI have six of them in total, ranging in length from short to medium term. The first three offer daily interest payments, while the second three offer one single payment on expiry. Generally speaking as on expiry plans tend to carry more of a risk than daily payment plans then the GainROI tries to encourage more deposits there by offering improved rates of interest. You’ll see what I mean as explain them to you individually.

The first and most basic option runs for 5 calendar days. GainROI require a minimum spend of $10 to join, and in return members receive a daily interest payment. The exact rate will depend on the size of your principal, with as you can expect GainROI reserving the better rates for the bigger spenders. At entry level, that is to say investors putting in from $10 to $99, the offer is a basic 1% interest per day. Your principal is then returned in a separate payment on completion of the term, leaving you with a 105% return on your investment, or if you prefer to look at it this way a 5% net profit. GainROI offer the following rates on bigger deposits:
1.5% per day on amounts from $100 to $999, giving a 7.5% net profit. 2% per day if you spend from $1,000 to $4,999, allowing for a 10% net profit. 3% per day for those investing between $5,000 and $9,999 giving you a 15% return, and finally 5% per day for a 25% net profit on amounts upwards of $10,000.

For the second plan on the list GainROI stretch the investment term to 13 calendar days (let’s hope that’s a lucky number!) and keep the minimum requirement for joining at the same affordable $10. In return for anything up to $99, members are offered a daily interest payment of 9%. By the time you receive your final payment this should add up to 117%. Please note very carefully that this plan differs significantly from the first option as GainROI are including your principal as part of these payouts. So your final return is made up of your own money back plus an additional 17% in net profit as your reward for joining. GainROI make the following rates available for larger investors, all again with principal included:
9.5% per day on sums between $100 and $999, allowing you to earn a 23.5% net profit. 10% daily if you invest from $1,000 to $4,999, giving investors a 30% net profit. 11% per day on investments between $5,000 and $9,999 for a final net profit of 43%, and 13% on amounts of $10,000 and more for a chance of a 69% net profit. I suppose it’s worth nipping this in the bud here as the saying goes and clarifying that the more you are aiming for the more unachievable and unrealistic it becomes. Experienced readers all know this already (sorry for pointing out the obvious) but it’s always worth repeating just once for the newbies. The same goes for every HYIP, not just GainROI.

The third daily payments plan runs for 21 calendar days, or three weeks. Please note that this option sees GainROI return to the practice of giving the members back their principals on expiry, so expect somewhat smaller interest rates (not profits) as a result. The minimum cost of joining also takes a hike to a minimum of $100, though I imagine that’s not a serious obstacle to regular players especially when more affordable options are still plentiful in the same program. Anyway, for an investment in the range of $100 up to $499 GainROI will offer you 2% interest per day. That adds up to 42% on expiry, which then becomes your net profit once your principal is added in a separate payment. For larger deposits GainROI are offering the following rates of interest:
3% per day for anyone spending between $500 and $999, giving you a net profit of 63% once your principal is returned. 4% daily if you invest between $1,000 and $4,999, allowing an 84% profit on top of your principal. 6% interest per day on investments between $5,000 and $9,999 for a profit of 126%, and 8% daily on amounts of $10,000 and more for a net profit of 168%.

Moving on to the second group of plans now that pay once on expiry, despite the increased risk the first of these is no less affordable with just a $10 minimum required to join. The term runs for 5 calendar days, and the payment received on expiry will be based on the size of your investment. For smaller investors however there’s no real benefit of joining, given that GainROI still only pay the same 105% (5% net profit) you get from the daily plan on amounts between $10 and $99. The returns improve for bigger deposits and include the following:
110% on amounts between $100 and $999, 120% on anything from $1,000 to $4,999, 125% for deposits of $5,000 to $9,999, and 130% on amounts starting at $10,000 upwards, all with principal included.

The minimum investment on the next plan goes up to $100, so keep that in mind if any of the rates appeal to you. The investment term is now 15 calendar days with GainROI again offering one single payment, principal included, on expiry. Those making the minimum spend or up to as much as $499 are being offered 125%, which is your own money back plus 25% net profit. Anyone brave enough to take a bigger gamble can find the following rates:
135% for deposits between $500 and $999, 165% on amounts in the range of $1,000 to $4,999, 180% for anything from $5,000 up to $9,999, and 200% for deposits of $10,000 and more, again all with principal included.

The final plan is really more for the hardcore gamblers among you and will set you back a minimum of $500 to participate, so clearly it’s not for everyone. To be honest it’s a tough one to recommend, but hey, don’t let me tell you what to do with your own money. GainROI make one single payment on expiry and the term this time stretches to 30 calendar days – a lifetime in the world of online HYIPs like this. For your minimum deposit up to an upper limit of $999 GainROI are offering a single payment of 180%, principal included, or 80% net profit. Just for your information if you are spending more than that then GainROI offer the following:
240% on deposits between $1,000 and $4,999, 300% back on sums from $5,000 up to $9,999, a return of 350% on anything between $10,000 and $19,999, and an even more unfeasible 400% for investments of $20,000 and upwards.

I guess the plans have a lot going for them, certainly there’s enough variety in there for at least something to appeal to most of you, and for the most part they’re quite affordable. If you like any of them enough to join – keeping in mind that you’re not necessarily limited to just picking one plan – the next thing you need to know is what payment options GainROI are dealing with. At the moment the selection is OK provided you are comfortable dealing entirely with anonymous payment handlers. So if you prefer the more traditional service providers GainROI are working with PerfectMoney, Payeer, and AdvCash. Alternatively if you favor the more modern digital e-currencies then BitCoin is also available. So while there’s definitely some room for expansion there isn’t anything wrong with any of the individual processors themselves, all having their own unique selling points. I think a lot of you might feel that the lack of choice is somewhat compensated for anyway by GainROI‘s use of “almost” instant payouts. You simply need to log into your GainROI members account area as usual, place the request for the amount you are owed, and expect the money to be in your payment processor very shortly after that.

You’ll notice I said “almost” instant payouts there, and are no doubt wondering exactly what that means. I mean payouts are either instant or they’re not, right? Well, in the case of GainROI there appears to be (I really don’t know what else to call it) some kind of security filter in place. So payments aren’t instant in the traditional meaning where they appear almost immediately in your payment processor account, but nevertheless they still seem to turn up within not more than about two minutes at most without any obvious indication that they are manual. Whatever the security precaution in place here, you still get your money more or less as soon as you ask for it. I’ve yet to come across a HYIP investor who didn’t favor this approach from the programs they joined, so hopefully it will help GainROI make its way further and further up more people’s wish lists.

I’d just like to finish on the subject of plans and payments by making a couple of other quick points. First of all (and I think this was already implied) having received my own first payouts from GainROI I can personally confirm that they are indeed processed instantly. Also while never a fan of the practice myself, GainROI do allow compounding. Please note that just because I don’t happen to like it it’s not a reflection on the quality of the programs that make it available. Lots of good programs offer compounding, it’s simply a matter of personal choice that I don’t usually recommend it. However if you like it then GainROI make the option available. You are also free to opt out and disable it at any time so in fairness to the GainROI admin he never forces it on you.

You’ll just need to be wary of the fact that compounding is already set on compulsory by default. So be careful to un-tick the compounding box when you make your deposit. Remember if you fail to do this all your money is compounded automatically and you will not be able to withdraw any daily profits.

Moving on to the more technical aspects of the GainROI website now such as design and security, everything is up to quite a high standard, and in many aspects superior to a lot of the competing programs. For a hosting provider the admin has opted for one of the more dependable providers serving the industry in DDoSGuard. They are keeping GainROI on a dedicated server with their technical support and protection from malicious attacks. An extra layer of security is on hand in the form of an SSL encryption certificate from Comodo to allow for safer browsing and more secure transactions. This might be purely a question of personal opinion here, but for me I’d have to say I was more than impressed with the overall design of the GainROI website. I can’t quite put my finger on it, maybe it’s just the slightly retro feel to the graphics, but it certainly left a positive first impression. This is never something to be underestimated in such a competitive business, so well done to the admin/designer for that. The cherry on top however has to be the script. GainROI is running off a unique and custom made script, developed for the singular purpose of meeting the program’s needs and enhancing the overall experience of those investors who wish to join. It really shows some excellent work on the side of programmer who successfully came up with something very impressive. But despite being totally unique to this program and not available for commercial sale to other HYIPs (i.e. not something you’ll have seen before) it still manages a total user friendly feel and is as easy to navigate for even the first time user as any of the better known more widespread generic scripts. No real surprises, just follow the instructions to sign in to your account once you’ve created it, and everything is lined up perfectly for you then.

Another very strong point to GainROI and something I feel gives them a very strong advantage over their competitors is the customer support team. It often amuses me, puzzles me actually, when I see admins refuse to speak any other language apart from English what it’s blatantly obvious that neither he nor most of his investors are fluent. GainROI are one of the very few programs out there willingly embracing investors from all over the globe (everyone’s dollar is the same shade of green after all!) with multi-lingual support. So, if you have any further questions for the admin or account related issues that need to be dealt with then you can contact customer support through English, German, Spanish, or Russian, what ever you are most comfortable with yourself. As for the actual communication channels themselves, probably the first point of contact should be the built-in Live Chat widget. If you find an operator online at the time you might be able to get your queries dealt with immediately in real time. If that’s not suitable for you then you can either fill in your details on the online support form and submit it via the contacts page, or else write directly to the listed e-mail address. Perhaps the one format you should ignore is the postal address in the UK. Mostly obsolete in a purely online business venture anyway, these things are generally just virtual hosted workspaces used for registration purposes (GainROI have a certificate of incorporation in the UK) but not where you would find anyone connected with running GainROI physically located were you to pay them a visit. Still, I feel that the multi-lingual aspect of GainROI‘s customer support is something that gives a brand new HYIP like them a huge edge, both psychologically and practically, over some of the more established names.

Finally, and just for the record as I don’t know that many of you are all that interested in this part, I just want to briefly outline the alleged line of business the GainROI website which we are told support the interest payments to members. Not much new in that respect, with the program claiming to be run made up “of professional and experienced financial experts and Forex brokers”. All fairly run-of-the-mill stuff in the HYIP industry and as usual nothing you can independently research and verify for yourself. Just remember that if you’re new to the HYIP world and not yet as skeptical as the more experienced players, even if all this is true there can still be no guarantee whatsoever that this line of business somehow has to be profitable all the time. No business is like that, so don’t look for guarantees where you have no rightful expectations of finding them. So, good as GainROI might be and even above average, you still need to treat them as you would any other internet opportunity and just behave with a modicum of common sense. That means setting yourself a sensible spending limit you can easily afford to lose and re-coup from your offline earnings or regular salary, and if you do decide to join GainROI then use them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio. With the very first members just claiming their profits now at the time of writing, there’s no reason you can’t be one of them if you play it sensibly.



If you somehow missed the interview with the admin of PayGet Eugene on MNO last night you can read it here. The interview was much better compared others I’ve seen and was more personal and humorous which I believe readers (even those who are not yet members of PayGet) may find entertaining. In any case, after checking out the interview and the admin’s goals it appears some have been achieved already. Now that the daily turnover has reached the desired $10K the admin doesn’t want to stand still and set his sights on a daily turnover of a whopping $50K. That’s a very ambitious goal by any standards, but after reading through the admin’s answers myself I had got the impression that he’s not afraid of a challenge and is ready to do whatever is needed. Anyway, the goal has been set and I believe that it can be realistically achieved over time provided the admin is ready to work hard and investors support PayGet with reinvestments and proper promotion of word of mouth which Eugene also considers to be the most efficient means of promotion. By the way, if you haven’t read the full review of PayGet I encourage you to do so here, as I recently made a small adjustment to it to reflect a change in policy. Withdrawals below a threshold of $0.20 will be paid instantly but only on request. Remember that all the withdrawals higher than $0.20 are still done by the PayGet script automatically and directly into your e-currency account without the need for asking. You just need a deposit of $10 or more via Payza, PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, NixMoney, or AdvCash. You earn 5% per day in interest, which is 150% in total rover the 30 calendar day term. PayGet pays you hourly for the first ten days, twice daily over the second ten days, and once daily over the last ten days. As the admin pointed out in the interview people really enjoy automated payouts and maybe that’s what will help PayGet survive longer than their rivals? Anyway, fingers crossed for that. The latest newsletter sharing the link to the recent interview on MNO is posted below:

PayGet comes to new level!
Dear ladies and gentlemen, dear investors!
Thank you for the enormous level of support and trust which you put in our investment platform.
Exactly thanks to you we came to a new level of development of our company which is the following point of development of PayGet – we have stepped over a boundary of $10,000 daily automatic payments for purses of our investors!
It means that we justify the highest level of your trust and we put for ourselves a new boundary and higher purposes – to reach daily payments to investors of $50,000 a day that with your support absolutely really already in the nearest future.
By the way, for all our investors and for all those who only look narrowly at our investment program it will be quite useful to examine interview of the chief executive officer of PayGet which it has given to one of the most popular investment blogs MNO http://money-news-online.com/blog/2016/04/20/20042016-interview-admin-payget/
In the conclusion of this news and interview of the director of PayGet to us remain to add that at the moment our website functions in the regular mode, and also:
Don’t forget that it is surprisingly simple to get profit in PayGet!
PayGet – profit on the automatic machine!


One of the main payment processors currently serving the HYIP industry is of course Payza, and it’s also one of the fastest growing internationally. They’ve recently had some important new developments which I want to report on today which I’m taking from the official Payza news blog. From a HYIP investor’s point of view this might not be seen as all that relevant to you at first glance, but I think it’s important that we be aware of how Payza is growing as a business and expanding its influence in other lines of business. Remember the bigger and stronger they become as a financial services provider the safer you are as an account holder in the long run, regardless if this particular news item affects you or not. So anyway, one of the areas where Payza has been making massive inroads over the last year has been India, one of the world’s biggest economies and where the IT sector has seen some especially explosive growth in recent times. With so many fledgling and independently run freelance style start-ups in this line of business, Payza are targeting such entrepreneurs and are making themselves more and more accessible and accommodating. As I said, the finer details may not be of any real interest to you, but for anyone who cares to keep themselves informed of such things please read the following update from the Payza news blog:

Empowering freelancers in India: why we developed the Indian Local Bank Transfer Withdrawal feature
We recently published an article outlining why we developed international online payment solutions tailored for freelancers in India, focusing on our latest feature of the Indian Local Bank Transfer Withdrawal. Our article highlights the broader social implications of this feature; indeed, our aim went beyond establishing “just another money transfer” and instead serve to promote the freelancing economy and provide Indians with payment services that are on par banking services in the industrialized world.
Here we provide a summary of this article that you may find on LinkedIn.
India has witnessed a dramatic growth in Indians choosing digital freelance work as a primary source of income and career development opportunities.
Servicing international clients presents notable challenges in terms of getting paid in a timely, affordable and secure manner.
Online payment platforms provide an optimal gateway for these professionals to receive payments from their international clients.
Establishing these payment gateways in the country faced challenged because the Indian government and Reserve Bank of India needed to draft new regulations for international money transfers.
With new regulations in place, a diversity of online platforms, including Payza, entered the Indian market. Once established, we developed payment options that enable freelancers to accept international payments from their clients and deposit Rupees into their local bank account with ease.
We conclude with a brief description of future payment features we are developing in India that will provide the population with simple means to pay for essential government services.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 60 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: PayGet.
From MNO Premium list: RixosFinanceRomballForexKing, ArdexFundsBandeiraCorp.
From MNO Standard list: Capital7, CopperTradePro, GainROI.
From MNO Basic listGloboxTrade.

That’ll be all for tonight, guys. I’m not sure if I’m going to post tomorrow so I’d like to wish you all a good weekend in advance and enjoy Passover if that’s something you celebrate, just like myself as I happen to be on vacation in Israel at the moment. Best of luck with your online investments as well, guys, and keep reading MNO for the latest updates from the biggest and most profitable elite programs in the HYIP industry! Don’t forget to keep voting on the MNO TalkBack page and hope to see you all back soon!

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