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Hello all, and welcome again to the most popular HYIP investment blog in English dealing exclusively with high budget and elite programs from experienced admins. I know a lot of you have been wondering what’s going on in the industry at the moment, and I can tell you it’s pretty low with a lot of fast scams floating around. The trigger for these events came a few weeks ago, starting with the collapse of two HYIP industry giants in RixosFinance and Capital7. This would later drag numerous other programs down with them in a sort of domino effect, because when people lose the income they have from the first program they no longer have the capital for the second one either. Before the launch of Capital7 though we went through a very similar period of stagnation in the HYIP industry. Slow movement, declining confidence, and the only thing that saw any “growth” was the level of scams. And that’s just going well on the theory of cycles (refer to this article on cycles to learn more about what this means and how they change).

Next is the question of when the industry is going to recover. It’s really hard to predict at the moment with the industry so fragile, but it has to happen sooner or later. The reason I’m so sure of this is experience – as long as the demand is there for it then that’s the way it will happen, I just can’t say when. It might even be the case until another leader emerges in the industry. In another article you can read on the MNO Info Center page here you can see just why strong leaders are so important to the rest of the industry. I also have an opinion poll running on the MNO TalkBack page right now about what the most important factor people take into consideration is when joining a HYIP. You can see the preliminary count which is still ongoing, but please do take the opportunity to cast your own vote before the poll closes later in the week. The question itself by the asks “which is the most important factor that must be present before you join a HYIP?

The way it looks at the moment, and remember this can change completely with your participation, is that 35% of you look for a short time before you break even and profit, 26% think a good choice of payment processors is most important, 16% say it’s a good design and script that most encourages them, 13% look for instant payouts, while the remaining 10% say strong security and protection can be a deciding factor.

When analyzing those votes you can in many ways connect each single option to leadership. A true professional recognizes the importance of all of them, but if I had to isolate just one then I would be going for the widest possible choice of payment options. Why? Because it takes the most effort! And the ability to invest via Payza and SolidTrustPay is usually seen as a good indication of serious intentions in running a long-term program rather than short-lived scam. You can refer to the verifiable payment options article on the MNO Info Center page here for a better explanation of the advantages people would get if they join a program with Payza or STP, though to be honest with you I expect a lot of the information there is already widely known by the biggest most successful industry players. Even if right now isn’t the best time to make investments or trust new programs with huge deposits, you can still learn as you go and find out more tips and tricks on the MNO Info Center page. This will help keep you earning money instead of losing it once the new HYIP season is in full swing, as will certainly happen sooner or later. MNO will be here to deliver you the best of the best, so make sure you bookmark my site or subscribe to the daily newsletter.


BTCino is perhaps the program to set the best example for other HYIPs. Even though it’s on the secondary Standard List on the MNO monitor at the moment, it’s still by far the most popular pick among my readers. This is thanks to several contributing factors, such as a good choice of payment options that include SolidTrustPay, Payza, PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, and BitCoin, and profitable investment plans offering 2%-2.5% for 6 days, 2.2%-3% for 10 days, 2.6%-5% for 15 days, all with your principal back on expiry. After over a month online and about 25 days of that time listed on MNO BTCino managed to become very popular and many members are already in good profit from the investment plans. The admin is obviously hoping for a higher level of trust now along with higher deposits. And perhaps even despite the low season members will support the great work of BTCino with fresh deposits and spread the word about the program’s ability to deliver profits and help it grow further this way. In his latest newsletter to investors, the BTCino admin celebrates his program’s recent achievements, which is more than simply the fact they have completed a month online but also the level of comfort and confidence the membership agrees has been earned so far. From my own point of view however I’m a bit more impressed by the acknowledgement that good as the program has been up until now, it’s nothing but yesterday’s news unless BTCino can build on that. “Challenge accepted” according to the admin, so let’s give him every encouragement in taking BTCino to the next level. I think just about everyone in the industry deserves it at this stage!

32 Days – Newsletter – BTCino
Today we are celebrating at BTCino!
We have reached our first month online, 30 days of hard work to meet the needs of our growing group of investors.
We are happy because, in just one month, we have achieved something really big, which is to earn the confidence of our investors.
However, we feel that we have much more to achieve and improve in the upcoming months. We hope to be able to rely on your loyalty so that, together, we turn this company into the best online investment platform.
As can be seen, we have been constantly improving our platform and making it simple, something that many people appreciate due to the ease of working with it and making deposits and payment orders.
We want to assure you that we will be constantly improving but will continue in the same line, achieving simplicity with functionality.
As anyone can see, our growth is impressive and we know how to handle it very well.
Payments will always be processed within 24 hours, with an average time of 6 hours.
We appreciate the outstanding support we get from our members, who have flooded our Facebook group and several forum pages with proofs of payment.
This is just the beginning. With your support and your hard work, we will become the best option and the reference for online investments.


Almost a full month of being listed on MNO was plenty of time for many readers to finish with profits from BetStar. But all good things come to an end and BetStar collapsed on Sunday night after the website started getting very tricky to load. That, coupled with the usual weekend slowdown in new deposits and re-deposits, led to further problems. Problems that could perhaps have been avoided, namely the panic spread on investment forum by members not really satisfied with the longer than usual waiting time which contributed to its inevitable collapse. I did appreciate the fact that the admin of BetStar didn’t try to lie to me or stall for time in order to avoid any questions about possible problems with his program. He simply admitted that it was possibly done, giving the reply I posted on my ShoutBox on Sunday night before moving BetStar to Problem status on the MNO monitor (again, I was the first one who informed my readers about this):

Yea we are having server issues, probably from the massive influx of people who read on forums and other places that we are having problems. Unfortunately, the party is over anyway. I have paid for as long as possible, and we are closing to new deposits. I will be sending out a newsletter today.

True to his word he did so, though the newsletter followed a couple of hours after that didn’t sound quite as bad as the admin told me the situation was. I guess after working so hard on the project he can’t help but try to be optimistic, even if sometimes it’s totally misplaced:

Technical issues with BetStar server
Dear Investors and Members of BetStar,
Unfortunately, we have encountered serious technical issues with our server and have disabled all new deposits and registrations to our site while this situation is being evaluated. We will keep you informed of any new updates to this situation.
Thank you, BetStar, Ltd.

Unfortunately any other investors who held the same hopes that the admin might see his program pull through were in for a huge disappointment when not only all deposits were disabled, but the BetStar website itself was taken down. Well, again, at least it was better to take the website down than to keep collecting (ie stealing) the money of unsuspecting investors. For that I think the admin deserves some kudos and would welcome an other program from him if he ever decides to try again. I believe the clearly premature collapse of the program started with some loading issues for the website that were reported already a few days before its collapse and even addressed by the admin. This was not enough and played a crucial role in the desire of members not to reinvest and to stop playing. That led to BetStar being unable to grow any further, but certainly many investors made good profits from it and I can’t say I blame the admin for being unable to continue. He did his best to pay for as long as possible under current circumstances, but unfortunately failed in the end. As the BetStar website is offline at the moment and the status is Scam on my monitor I feel it unnecessary to issue any further warnings, and just report that fact that BetStar is gone for good.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 72 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: ArdexFunds, CryptonusBandeiraCorpCryptoStability, AppStorm.
From MNO Standard list: BTCino.
From MNO Basic list: LottoSyndicat.

That’s all for today, everyone. Thanks for reading MNO and I hope you found something useful or interesting. On one hand while I would (and will!) of course welcome a more bustling and energetic HYIP industry, I’m still a little grateful for some downtime away from work every day. For the next month as I mentioned in my last post I’m going to be kept busy exploring Italy and am spending my first few days right now I’m getting to know Rome, The Vatican, and the surrounding countryside. But please make sure to check out MNO often, as when the next big giant is going to launch it will certainly be present on my monitor, so keep a close eye on it because it can happen sooner than you think. I’ll be back later this week with the next news review from the biggest investment programs online and possibly an updated Top Five Popular Programs on MNO article provided I have enough free time. I wish you all the best of luck in your HYIP investment activities, be active on the MNO TalkBack page and the ShoutBox, and see you all very soon.

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