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Beware! ModernBitcyLimited has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everyone! First of all sorry for being a bit late with today’s update as I’ve been traveling from the end of my vacation. And while it hasn’t been exactly a great week in the HYIP industry so far, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel and new programs coming to replace the old. The main topic for today’s article is one such example, being a recently added program with the unusual name of ModernBitcyLimited. This is a fairly straight-forward and uncomplicated medium term HYIP, and one some of you might want to consider if you are looking to replace any of the recent closures. I should make it clear at this point that ModernBitcyLimited isn’t a brand new program having launched about two weeks ago. As I shall explain however this still isn’t long enough for the first members to see a profit just yet, meaning the program is still very much in its early stages. So let’s see what ModernBitcyLimited is all about and is something you think you might want in your portfolios.

People who know “the real” me in everyday life away from MNO and online investments will tell you I’m naturally a very talkative person, which probably helps a lot when it comes to blogging for a living. In fact most of my friends and family get a little bit incredulous, sniggering under their breath and rolling their eyes whenever I use the expression “I’m speechless” to indicate surprise at something. “You’ve never been short of a word in your life” is the usual reply, but in this case, there really isn’t much to say about ModernBitcyLimited. You have one investment plan to chose from, and its as simple that. Interest returns are the same for all investors regardless of how much you spend, and ModernBitcyLimited is one of the few programs treating the smallest entry level members the same as the bigger more professional investors.

So, let’s take a look at the figures. ModernBitcyLimited have one investment plan. And it doesn’t matter whether you are a major HYIP industry player or just playing for fun. You join if you have a minimum of $10. That much puts you into the one and only investment plan which runs for 30 business days, which is six weeks. Payments to members are made between Monday and Friday at a rate of 6.6%. By the end of the term the payments should add up to 198% which is almost double your money. ModernBitcyLimited are including your principal as part of the payments so don’t wait for it to be returned in a separate payment, meaning the actual profit you make is a net 98%.

Taking a practical monetary example then, let’s say you were to join ModernBitcyLimited with a $100 deposit. In return you should expect a daily payment of $6.60 every day from Monday to Friday for the following six weeks. You end up with $198 in total, which is your initial hundred back plus an extra $98 in profit. Perhaps a more important statistic is the break-even point, when you earn back an amount equivalent to your deposit and can’t possibly lose any of your own money no matter what happens next. This comes on receipt of of your 16th payment, or just over half way through the term at the start of the third business week. By the way, there’s no upper limit placed on deposits, so you can spend pretty much what you like in ModernBitcyLimited and avail of the same rate of interest no matter how big or small.

If that sounds like something you’d like to try your hand at and make a deposit, the next item we would need to discuss is of course the payment options. To be blunt, and I don’t think I need to underline this for regular readers anyway, ModernBitcyLimited‘s choice is a bit limited. Of course when I say it’s limited I also don’t mean there’s anything much wrong with the providers that are available, in their own right they are perfectly good payment handlers but ModernBitcyLimited just don’t use any of the verifiable processors favored by so many US and EU HYIP players. So for now if you want to join you are going to have to decide between PerfectMoney, Payeer and AdvCash for the more traditional payment handlers, and BitCoin if you prefer to use a more modern e-currency.

One of the more unusual features of ModernBitcyLimited is the way they arrange payments to their members, and the more I think about it the more I can’t remember this happening anywhere else in the recent past. Especially for a program dealing exclusively with anonymous payment processors. The thing is, ModernBitcyLimited can provide instant payouts to some members, but need to rely on manual payments for others. So if you join using either BitCoin or Payeer then you need only log into your ModernBitcyLimited members account area, submit your request, and you should be paid in under a minute. Given that all payment options are anonymous I can’t possibly imagine that the ModernBitcyLimited admin favors any one payment method over the other, so I can’t tell you why payments to PerfectMoney and AdvCash, their other two processors, are made manually. There’s not much to choose from though, as manual payments are generally extremely fast. In fact you are asked to allow only 8 hours (compare that to 48 in some other programs) for the admin to finish your transaction here.

If everything is clear on the money side of things, let’s see what the more technical side of ModernBitcyLimited is like, such as the design and site security. When signing into your account for the first time even more experienced players might not realize this but the website is running off a regular licensed GoldCoders script. This has just been heavily modified to blend in with the program’s stand-alone design, also an excellent feature worth commenting on, but still has all the traditional user friendly and easy to navigate features we have come to expect from them. When it comes to security I’m pleased to say that no corners were cut. An extended validation SSL certificate from Comodo helps to supply the ModernBitcyLimited website with more secure transactions. That and the ever reliable hosting provider DDoSGuard keeps the site on a dedicated server while providing it with arguably the best possible level of protection against possible malicious/cyber/DDoS attacks currently available to online HYIPs. You can also watch an introductory video explaining what ModernBitcyLimited is all about, which has been embedded on the MNOVision page as well for readers convenience.

If you have any further questions you need to put to the ModernBitcyLimited admin that you think might not have been addressed here or any account related issues you need to have dealt with then you have a couple of options open to you for communication. Customer support in ModernBitcyLimited is available by either filling in your details on the online form and submitting it via the contacts page, or else just write directly to the admin at the listed e-mail address. There’s a postal address in the UK though as usual I would suggest you ignore that, ModernBitcyLimited is registered in the UK and these things are generally just serviced work spaces that come as an extra and not where you find anyone involved with the program physically located. On the other hand it does come with a telephone number, so if you want to try and speak with someone about it then feel free to give it a try. ModernBitcyLimited also have a regional representative program where members can, in return for higher ref commission rates, apply for a position to work as a support operator in their local areas. Contact the ModernBitcyLimited admin for more details if this is of interest to you. Fans of social media networks will also be able to connect with ModernBitcyLimited using the program’s Facebook and Twitter profiles.

For the record, ModernBitcyLimited claims to be involved with such diverse activities as “stock exchange and mining”, but there isn’t much evidence to back any of that up. Well, you know at the end of the day it shouldn’t really matter all that much what HYIP admins say they are doing with investor’s money. You can’t prove it anyway and it can never be guaranteed. No matter what any business tells you, HYIP related or otherwise, ModernBitcyLimited is the same in the sense that no business can promise you a profit every time. So just treat the program the same as you would any other in this high risk gambling arena and stay well under a spending limit you can afford to lose. Not just lose of course but also comfortably recoup from other sources if things don’t go your way. And if you do decide to join ModernBitcyLimited then I would also hope you keep them as what’s a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.



Last night’s review of TopScore you can read here was certainly a bit different from others with a comparison to underdogs Leicester City whose unexpected triumph in the Premier League in the UK caused a lot of excitement. Who knows whether we can expect the same fantastic results from TopScore that just launched about a week ago. The investment plans there include options with principal returned on expiry and daily accruals – 2% for 12 days, 2.5% for 18 days, 3% for 24 days, 3.5% for 30 days, 4% for 36 days. Investments in TopScore are accepted from an affordable minimum of $10 which can be made via any of the anonymous payment processors – PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, or AdvCash – and returns are paid to your e-currency account usually instantly after the request is submitted. However, in today’s newsletter along with sharing the link to the MNO review of his program the admin of TopScore also mentioned a couple of examples of how you might struggle with instant withdrawals and how it can be easily rectified. So, if you’re somehow affected by this then before contacting the admin please read the newsletter till the end and see how to enjoy your instant withdrawals from TopScore just like so many others are already doing:

TopScore Review by MNO and Minor Pending Withdrawals
The review of TopScore with nice English premier league story about the underdog beating the billionaire oligarch as the prologue has been published on MNO – a popular and respectable source of industry information.
We encourage you to visit MNO blog and have a read here:
We noticed that recently there are some pending withdrawals due to 2 reasons:
1. User didn’t submit any payment processor’s wallet ID (blank wallet ID!).
2. User submitted incorrect AdvCash wallet ID (The correct AdvCash wallet ID should be the email used to login AdvCash account).
We have returned the withdrawal’s request to the users’ account balance. Please resubmit your appropriate and correct wallet ID. Once it’s done, user can make withdrawal request and it should be processed instantly.
Yours sincerely, TopScore


The chain reaction caused by the collapse of two giants of the HYIP industry RixosFinance and Capital7 is still making waves in the HYIP industry and over the last couple of days went on to hit CCCWealth, PayGet, and CopperTradePro. Let’s have a look at why they closed as the reasons seem to be very different, but all probably somehow connected with the recent bad state of the HYIP industry as a whole.

Starting with CCCWealth, this was the strangest scam for me of all the three. The thing is the site simply disappeared yesterday and the admin seems not even bothered to get it back online. But the weirdest thing is that instant payouts continued right up to the point the site suddenly went offline. So, this was something really unplanned for the admin, as no one in their right minds would remove the site instead of just switching off instant withdrawals and accepting more deposits. This was definitely not the main admin’s intention and I would speculate on issues with a previously unheard of hosting provider I already had doubts about in the first place. Anyway, judging by the exchange with the admin himself before posting the review of CCCWealth on MNO I wouldn’t exactly describe him as a bright person, so it might be possible that on seeing some technical issues he simply couldn’t be bothered and just moved on to greener pastures. Perhaps, he has made enough money for himself with his scam, but the relatively short lifetime made it almost impossible for the majority of investors to reach the break-even point with CCCWealth.

Then we move on to PayGet. Alleged technical difficulties mentioned on my blog last night were not so technical after all, and the assurances from the admin of the temporary nature of the problems were nothing but a big lie. He obviously didn’t intend to pay any longer and while payouts to Payza did continue I believe they halted now as well. There is no hope for the members of PayGet to get automated withdrawals as they used to, nor for manual mode either. The admin was good at making some false promises, but his true intentions became known after the first full investment cycle finished and the program was not able to continue. Of course, we can blame the above mentioned seasonal factors, but the main responsibility ultimately lies with the admin.

And finally, CopperTradePro was also moved to Problem status on the MNO monitor today thanks to the vigilance of some readers reporting delayed payouts over the last two days. I was unaware of the fact that CopperTradePro posted this weird message on its website yesterday and voluntarily disabled new deposits:

Deposit acceptance is closed
Please, note that we have problem with our payment system & we will not accept new deposits until it is fixed.

What kind of issue they had will probably remain a mystery as CopperTradePro has halted all the payouts and the admin has disappeared off the radar. I believe his intentions were true and he really though CopperTradePro could continue. That’s why he tried to do something to keep member’s interest in the program by introducing new shorter investment plans. However that was a crucial mistake too, as members do not like changes and this triggered some suspicions about the program’s financial health which were later confirmed. Script problems and the transition of existing members to the new plans (which they never agreed to join!) didn’t help much either. Adding an unannounced holiday from payments and then changing plans hinted something was rotten in the state of Denmark, but was just attacked by a double-faced naysayers on my own ShoutBox for voicing concerns. Unfortunately while the admin of CopperTradePro put many of my readers into profits, the 100 business days investment cycle was never completed. Not everything worked in the admin’s favor and didn’t work out as planned, but there you go – that’s the HYIP industry and all its thrills and unexpected twists and turns are part of the game. I would warn you about the dangers of further investments in CopperTradePro, but since an admin did the honorable thing for once and disabled new deposits there is no need. CopperTradePro is finished, and I hope that the admin will learn some lessons and his next program will run for longer. You will certainly find it on MNO I’m sure when he’s good and ready, just like the next one from the admin of Capital7 who already promised me personally to list his new project on MNO but under a new identity, so no one (even me) will know that it’s him running it.


Readers might have noticed that April was the best month for HYIPs this year with all the programs listed on MNO paying consistently without a single scam. Only the beginning of May marked the wave that possibly started with the collapse of the biggest investment program on the market Capital7. The following domino effect was also the subject of some articles over the years which can also be found in the MNO Info Center. It can happen when a HYIP industry leader and locomotive for other programs feeding off its popularity collapses, and leaves nothing but problems for other admins who may have been piggybacking behind. Of course, there are other reasons such as seasonal factors which are always a force to reckon with. You see, after the collapse of Capital7 we saw many investors significantly reduce their stakes in other programs by withdrawing funds to enjoy their May Day holidays, with remaining funds not enough to cover current investors. That brings us to the question in the last MNO TalkBack opinion poll “Will the coming holiday weekends have a negative impact on the HYIP industry?

So let’s see what the final results are. They are kind of split between the three answers almost equally meaning there was no clear consensus among readers, many of whom were also hit by this May Day nightmare. A slightly bigger share of 40% said “Yes, less money means a lot of programs will struggle during this time.” That was very true in this case, and as I said already was certainly one of the deciding factors why some HYIP admins just couldn’t continue. The remaining 60% of the vote equally divided between: “No, the strongest programs will probably carry the rest of the industry” and “Some, the weakest and oldest programs might be hit, but this was coming anyway” with each of them taking 30% of the vote. There was certainly some truth in all of these answers, but I believe the very first one predicting the more severe and dire consequences for the wider HYIP industry turned out the most accurate.

Anyway, for today we face the fact of a very much reduced HYIP industry and more financial constraints in front of today’s players who no longer participate to the same extent they did in April. The new poll is to gauge the anticipation and expectations of HYIP players and predict when the HYIP industry may recover. So the new question will ask – When do you think the current HYIP industry crisis will end?

It’ll only take you a few seconds to answer the question here and choose from four variants which you think most matches reality:

1) In a few days
2) In a couple of weeks
3) By the start of summer
4) Even later than that

Thanks in advance for voting and we will draw and analyze the final results sometime next week for further discussion.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 36 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: RomballForexKingArdexFunds, BandeiraCorpBetStarBTCHourly, ModernBitcyLimited.
From MNO Standard list: BTCino, TopScore.
From MNO Basic list: –

That’s all for today, guys. I know, I know! Too much bad news, so hopefully by the end of the week there will be something more positive to report. I myself am looking forward to the next future giant program on MNO sometime next week with the admin having pre-paid for Premium Listing and banner advertising for three months in advance of launching in a few days time. So, bookmark the MNO site if you don’t want to miss anything important and keep actively engaging on the MNO ShoutBox with all reasonable questions and suggestions welcomed there. For links to interesting articles please follow MNO on Twitter, like me on Facebook, or join the MNO Group on Facebook. See you all tomorrow, guys!

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