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Hello, guys, and welcome back to the MNO blog. I haven’t really had so much time to be able to update my blog over the last few days due to being on vacation. For the next few days I’m in San Marino, a mountainous and beautiful country which I’m going to explore until the middle of next week before continuing my journey back through Italy. I hope you’re also doing well wherever you are on this lazy summer Saturday, but sadly we can’t say the same for the HYIP industry which still seems to be licking its wounds after some turbulent times recently. Many programs that are launching nowadays are mostly shallow and undeserving of much attention, with most of them scamming even before the completion of the first cycle. The latest example is Growth9 that wasn’t able to last even a full week and scammed a couple of days ago. I hope that the same fate won’t be shared by another new program with the number “eight” in its title called Royal8 that just joined the Standard List on MNO last night. I want to introduce it briefly today before looking at it in more detail on Monday. I would also like to discuss the collapse of BTCino which had been an excellent performer that brought profits to lots of my readers before falling victim to yet another well-organized badmouthing campaign on a couple of monitors. I will also share some not so positive developments from Payza, especially for those of you who use credit cards for withdrawals there. I’ll finish today’s news article with the final results of the MNO TalkBack poll before asking another question for you to think about. So lets get started!


As promised, I’ll start with the introduction of a brand-new program on the MNO Standard List Royal8 that launched just a couple of days ago, so it’s still a bit early to judge how it’s going to perform. Perhaps, the main thing that can put off potential investors is its name Royal8 which sounds too close to some recent fast scams like Growth9 and Golden8 that didn’t even last a cycle and left everyone at a loss. It’s not the admin’s fault though who perhaps is not even aware of the negative vibes some investors may now hold against programs just because of their names. However, we don’t really know the admin’s true intentions and only time will tell if the name plays any role in the program’s success or the admin can prove it has nothing to do with the program he’s running and that he’s capable to deliver good results anyway. It won’t be long to wait until we see the first investors getting paid their initial investments from Royal8‘s on expiry plan that offers a one time payment of 118% interest on deposits starting from a $10 minimum after just 10 calendar days. However, another investment plan paying 8% daily for the duration of 20 business days (Monday to Friday) and also available for a $10 minimum potentially earning you 60% net profit after four weeks time will probably get more attention from savvy investors.

The only payment options accepted in Royal8 are PerfectMoney, Payeer, and BitCoin and I can confirm that the withdrawals are processed instantly, as I have received a few referral payments already which prompted me to move the program to Paying status on the MNO monitor already and schedule the full review to be posted by Monday. By the way, I have to admit a very good work of Live chat support on the website that is available to answer all your questions almost around the clock and the admin himself who regularly post updates on the News page whenever any issue with the accepted payment processor happens. That is a very important thing for a program like Royal8 that is involved in processing instant withdrawals, as any interruption in services might be considered as a bad sign, and the timely explanation of a payment processor issue might just secure the program’s future and stable development. Earlier today, for instance, the site of PerfectMoney was under maintenance for several hours and as not everyone might be aware of that an update from the admin about it could calm people down in case they were not paid instantly when requesting their withdrawal. I’ll skip the time-sensitive updates regarding temporary payment processors issues as not being relevant exactly to this introduction, the only newsletter worth reading is perhaps the one posted immediately on the Royal8‘s official launch which happened last Wednesday:

We’re ready for work!
Dear visitors of the our company’s website! After obligatory performing of all necessary test works, the technical department of the company has come to a conclusion that all systems of our website work in the normal mode and are ready to use by participants of the company’s project.
Therefore we’re with pleasure report you about the starting of work of our project online! Now you can use fully all our investment offers, and also you can have an opportunity to use all information for investment process improvement, which is placed on our website. We are sure that cooperation which foundation is laid today will be favorable and fruitful, and also will continue in the most long term because we intend to work for long time, giving the new opportunities for each our client.
Join us already today! We are ready to work a lot and hard for achievement of the mutual success and prosperity!

I’ll discuss the investment plans from Royal8 in more detail in the review, but I would like to just briefly mention some technical features you might find useful when considering whether to invest or not. So, the program has been running off a licensed script from GoldCoders while the site security is provided by Koddos who keep Royal8 on a dedicated server. EV Green Bar SSL from Comodo is also featured to inspire more confidence from investors who may also be impressed by the admin deciding to register the program’s domain name for three years (instead of one) in advance. And do not forget that all withdrawals are processed instantly and that the main difference about the interest calculation in the two investment plans in that in the daily option you will have to wait 28 calendar days (four weeks with five business days in each) while the on expiry plan sees you profit after 10 calendar days but with a higher risk involved. I’ll go in to all that in more detail in the upcoming review of Royal8 on Monday. Stay tuned for that, guys, and good luck if you choose to invest!


It’s time now to talk more about the recent collapse of BTCino and Growth9 which happened over the last few days, but for absolutely different reasons which I’ll get to in a moment.

Let’s start with Growth9, the admin of which possibly intended his program to be a fast scam. After just five days online and some large deposits (I know of at least one who invested a whopping $5K there!) he simply pulled the plug and payments just stopped. It was not very clear why the last withdrawals from Growth9 were only processed on Thursday morning while usually the admin was quite active. We observed many withdrawals being paid throughout the day, but on Friday morning when the promised 24-hour processing period passed everything became clear and i had to move the program to Problem and then Scam status where Growth9 currently resides on my monitor. Not even a single 9 day cycle was completed and even the daily paying plan was far from bringing investors even close to the break-even point which is a shame actually, as the start was promising and the admin could have continued paying if he wanted to make some significant progress and make his program big enough for many investors to prosper. Yet, he chose instead to shut up shop and the site of Growth9 is no longer accessible anymore and has been probably taken down by the hosting provider, or the admin himself. In any case, if you are still able to access Growth9 at the moment please do not make any further investments there, as a shameless scammer like that won’t hesitate to rip you off.

An absolutely different reason for “scamming” was for BTCino whose admin simply couldn’t fight against windmills in the shape of unhelpful, irresponsible, and blatantly self serving monitors. As usual the investors best interests took a back seat when they just couldn’t wait to bring BTCino down with their false comments and premature change of status. Even though the admin clearly sent a message to everyone about a DDoS attack (which he was dealing with!) affecting the site’s ability to stay online and process the withdrawals as fast as usually were. The vultures were waiting for even the slightest reason to destroy a good paying program that managed to last for a full seven 6 day cycles. It was also one of the very few still working with both STP and Payza to accommodate as many investors as possible. I didn’t find any reason myself to worry about the attack on the BTCino website, as I had every confidence in the admin’s ability to cope with it and resume the payouts as soon as possible. Yet, some monitors seem to find pleasure in the suffering of others and would do everything possible to get rid of programs that could possibly salvage an otherwise poor season for their own readers. The payouts therefore continued on Thursday, but the admin Percy was not able to continue with them on Friday due to complaints to Payza from clients encouraged by the BTCino status change on some low grade monitors I don’t want to name. I just hope he learns a lesson from the experience and chooses where to advertise and be monitored more carefully with his future programs. I had to change the status of BTCino to Problem on Friday when the situation became irreversible (the current status on my monitor is Scam), but last night I received an unexpected confession from Percy who thanked me personally for having faith in his program and blamed the monitors who created the panic which prevented members with current deposits from finishing the cycle and earning a profit. Well, let it be on the conscience of said monitors, but the industry will surely miss BTCino which was an outstanding program that brought profits to the majority of MNO readers. Proof of that is in the good comments found on my ShoutBox, but those who lost should blame monitors who care nothing about their readers best interests. For what it’s worth I hope the admin doesn’t wait too long before getting back in the game as people like him are always welcome on the MNO monitor. But for now please note that BTCino is on Scam status as all the payments stopped, so do not invest there anymore!


Not so good news from Payza this week when it was officially announced on Wednesday about the temporary suspension of withdrawals to members’ personal credit and debit cards. Although the good news about that for the holders of Payza‘s own pre-paid cards (available for selected countries and can be ordered by regular post to be delivered to your home address) seem not to have been affected. I hope to update you soon on the resumption of withdrawals to credit and debit cards, but for now please be patient and read the full update taken from Payza‘s official blog the link to which I suggest you bookmark and refer to when you see any changes in your account features:

Service interruption for withdrawals to personal credit and debit cards
Withdrawals from your Payza e-wallet to your credit and debit card are NOT possible at this time.
Payza would like to apologize to all our customers for a recent service interruption with a credit card processor.
You can no longer withdraw funds from your Payza account to your credit card. For the time being, please withdraw funds using the bank transfer or bank wire features.
There are no interruptions to other services:
Prepaid Card transfers remain unchanged
You can deposit funds from your credit and debit cards to your Payza account
We are working diligently to correct this service interruption. We cannot predict when this service will be restored and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause our customers.
Payza will continue to post updates about this situation on our blog and social media pages.
Thank you for your understanding.


Let’s now have a look at the final results of this week’s opinion poll that ran on the MNO TalkBack over the last seven days or so. The question asked: “Do you usually leave your initial investment intact to keep getting profit for the program’s full life time?

The most popular reply as supported by exactly half the voters (50%) was “Sometimes, it depends on the program’s future developments.” That is probably the one I would have said myself and here’s why. You see, many people would agree that any investment program you join and which you get paid from regularly is something you wish to cherish and support with re-investments and spread the word about how good it is to others. At the same time, it would be not too wise to get too supportive and re-invest absolutely all the profits you get unless you know that the admin is making his own contribution too and make the program more attractive to more and more investors, like adding more payment options, professional translations of the website into other languages, holding referral contests, etc. If you see the program is developing in the right direction and progressing, it surely would be a logical decision to support it and re-invest either fully or at least partially, otherwise you might think twice about whether it would be better to find new greener pastures for your hard-earned cash.

That brings us to the second most popular answer shared by 25% of my readers who answered: “Never, I always take my principal and leave the program with profits.” Well, that’s what we call hit-n-runners in the purest sense of the term. But would you regret if a new program you join using profits from an old program scams unexpectedly and you lose everything? Especially if the older program continues running for a few more cycles? That’s the dilemma many investors face sooner or later when thinking about re-distributing their profits among several newer programs or sticking with older proven performers.

Therefore, maybe the 17% of my readers who answered “Rarely, only if I’m absolutely sure the program has a perfect chance to last” are correct? They could at least consider the future developments of the program before jumping ship if they think it can survive long enough to make more profits.

The least popular answer was “Yes, I always leave my investment and re-deposit fully until the very end” as expressed by 8% of the voters. That would not be very wise at all, and I believe that the vast majority of my readers are experienced enough to learn from their past mistakes. Such people should be very familiar with the principle of diversification which was fully explained in one of the articles from the MNOFridays series that can also be found on the MNO Info Center page here. You can read that and many others on the MNO Info Center page if you want to shed some light on the darkest and best kept secrets of the HYIP industry collected and analysed after ten years experience in the industry. So live and learn with MNO and with the help of the articles you can find on the Info Center page and by reading my blog regularly you should be helpful no matter what your level of experience is. Knowledge is power and MNO is the one and only blog who shares this knowledge without expecting anything in return – so take it and use to your benefit!

The new question I want to ask on the MNO TalkBack poll today is another suggested by my reader Syed and goes well with the previous one. It asks:
At what point are you are most likely to leave a program and not re-deposit?
1) When reaching 25% profit on my investment
2) When reaching 50% profit on my investment
3) When reaching 75% profit on my investment
4) When doubling my initial investment
5) I will never be satisfied and will play until the very end

I hope this gives you something to think about and remember that it’ll take you just a few seconds to vote in the poll you can find on this page and see the answers that were given by others. The final results will be drawn next weekend, so you have the whole week to submit your answers. And please email me if you have any ideas for future opinion polls on for MNO TalkBack page, or even suggest them on the MNO ShoutBox. I always like to hear your feedback, guys.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 72 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: ArdexFundsBandeiraCorp, CryptoStability.
From MNO Standard list: Royal8 (the first instant payments received).
From MNO Basic listLottoSyndicat.

That’s about all I for today’s update. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and check out my blog on Monday for a detailed look at Royal8 which you might be interested in adding to your portfolio. You can also expect the latest news and updates from the biggest programs in the HYIP industry to be featured on my blog on Monday, and we are surely anticipating some promising newcomers that could save the industry from the current wave of short-lived scams and steer it to the right path of recovery which will hopefully be seen before too long. Stay tuned and find them together with MNO!

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