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29/06/2016. Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Hi guys, and welcome again to the MNO blog. The summer proved to be a very quiet time in the HYIP industry again, but it just generally confirms the seasonal pattern that both admins and investors tend to take a more relaxed attitude towards starting/joining new programs. Besides, there are so many other temptations the latest including the European and South American football tournaments which I’m sure many MNO readers have been enjoying. However even in these times there are still programs that surprise us all with their fantastic performances and stable work. Just take some examples of the programs from the MNO Basic List and see for yourselves how some of them can work for a long time without any fuss or extensive advertising campaigns. And yet, we can clearly see that this summer on MNO shows one undoubted leader capturing investors imaginations. This is MacauCau, the latest developments from which I’m going to discuss in today’s news issue. There are some pleasing updates from other programs from my Premium List that are performing particularly well too – BusinessAngels and TrustInvest – and I will discuss what new features they have today as well. And finally, there’s another official holiday on Friday which you should know about if you’re a member of SolidTrustPay. So let’s get started!


MacauCau is perhaps the most interesting project of the summer. It’s an online money-game that offers a chance to double your money paying you a 5% interest on your investment over a period of 40 calendar days. The business model of MacauCau includes transactions between participants where you buy and sell so-called “tickets”. Each of these “tickets” consists of one to four “coupons” worth $25 each on which you will get your 5% interest. The peculiar thing is that you will get the double amount of coupons you initially pay for via either PerfectMoney or BitCoin. You then re-sell each coupon once you earn back what you have spent. Note that it may take up to 72 hours to find a buyer on your expired coupon and up to 24 hours for them to pay for their purchase, so theoretically it may take up to 96 hours before you get paid, but in practice is much much faster. In fact the whole process for me has never exceeded 24 hours so far. If it sounds a bit confusing then don’t worry, you can read the full review of MacauCau posted here and perhaps it will be also useful to pay attention to my interview with the admin posted here.

Apart from the earnings you get on your coupons the multi-layered referral program offered by MacauCau allows you to create your own team on many levels and get a totally passive income on your efforts, at the same time helping yourself too by making the program grow further and thus ensuring it will last for longer. I believe that there were very many HYIPs in the past that could last paying 200% within 40 days, so I cannot see why MacauCau can’t do the same with the help of their loyal members and promoters who seem to grow in huge numbers daily. I can assure you that the program attracted so much interest from my readers that it stormed to the #1 position on the MNO Premium List after just three weeks. I can’t see it moving for the foreseeable future. I guess people really like feeling part of something truly big that can help them grow their own business and earn some nice money on the way. The first members that joined MacauCau after it came to MNO should have reached the break-even point already. But why limit yourselves? You can earn much more by building your own downline in the program which can be enjoyed by everyone. The admin of MacauCau even has a perfect recipe for your upcoming success – show them the money, he says. And that is very true! What can be a more convincing thing than a passionate speech? Of course, a screenshot of your account with your earnings in MacauCau. That is what the administration wants everyone to do to earn extra money and contribute to its enormous growth and maintain interest for the longest time possible. After all, it’s your money at stake here, especially considering MacauCau never hides the fact it’s just a game, and therefore depends on constant growth to succeed. This relatively new approach is a breath of fresh air for many HYIP investors somehow disillusioned in the quality of summer HYIPs and demanding something totally different to try. Well, MacauCau might be a good answer if you really crave diversity for your portfolio that might feel pretty light this summer. You might be also able to find out more about MacauCau and its growth in the two videos you can find on the MNOVision page. Reading the two latest newsletters below you will find out about the main promotional trick you can use for your benefit to get more downlines while the second newsletter focuses on the first German webinar. So, just take a read on all of that below:

How to make your friends interested in MacauCau game? Just show them money!
The shortest way to show the efficiency and profitability of the game MacauCau – is to show screenshot with the earned money and big structure in your personal cabinet.
Many of our members use advertising and all kinds of tools to attract new players. Today, thanks to the Internet, social networks, messengers, etc. millions of people around the world can learn about the game MacauCau! Each of you can see itself the result of your own work by the number of registered members in your personal cabinet.
But according to statistic sometimes from the huge number of registrations is less than half who filled in their account and pay 5$ registration fee. For sure all will agree it will be great if all registrations would commit to buy tickets!
How to reach this goal?
We have studied this issue and made a few conclusions, we are confident that this information will be very helpful to you in building teams of a thousands people which earn a lot of money!
There are 4 main reasons:
1.People distrust, because of so many small, local projects that did not meet expectations of their members
2.People react on advertising, but do not get enough motivation and determination to play.
3.Many new people do not recognize the entire globality and scope of MacauCau
4.Most of the people feel the need to have a leader, they want someone who will lead and will become an example for them.
We know how to solve this 4 issues one time..
Show your achievements in MacauCau personal cabinet
As you may have guessed, everything is quite simple and easy. Unleash all the benefits of MacauCau for the potential players and team members! Post screens of your cabinet and motivate newcomers to earn money together with you. We know that a lot of MacauCau game participants already earning thousands and soon will earn tens thousands of dollars in a WEEK!!!
Can you imagine, a huge number of people want to join to your team if they see such results. So if you want this to happen, you need to show them that anyone of them can reach such a result.
A very important point! When people register with your referral link they see your avatar and your status in the game. When a new member see your GOLDEN DRAGON status or even Golden Phoenix, and after reading the rules of the game, it will no longer be a question and surely he will want to repeat your achievements!
Be a leader, answer questions, and leave your comments in our website chats and under news. Be active in chat rooms and share your successes.”

We have 2 news for you – one is good and another not.
Good news – yesterday we had 1st webinar from our German Leader
Bad news – you still didn’t see it))
Hello everyone! Yesterday we had 1st Macau?au webinar held by the leader from Germany – Andreas Hubenthal.
There it was explained how our game works. Also there was interactive discussion on your questions.
During the webinar we had raffle and some free tickets were given away to the audience!!!!
Congratulations to the participants, who were online and won prizes – tickets with value of $ 25 / $ 50 / $ 75
For those who were not present the event, we have record in here –
Be sure to follow next webinar announcements from our Leaders!!
Remember if you are a leader and want to hold your webinar, please contact us in the development department (see. Contacts) and we will provide you with maximum assistance in carrying out your event.


With a similar policy to that of MacauCau, the administration of BusinessAngels also realizes the role that international appeal can play in its future and keep growth while maintaining the stable payouts to the current members. It’s even more important for BusinessAngels if we take into account the eternal character of the payments to its investors. Yes, you heard right. Once you invest anything from $10 into BusinessAngels (a single deposit cannot exceed $10,000, but you can have more than one if you wish) you will then be collecting profits every day for as long as it runs. Rates start from 1% and increase by 0.5% every business day (Monday through Friday) until you reach 4%. This will then become your daily payment for the remaining lifetime of the program. If that all sounds a bit too complicated then don’t fret – just check out the detailed review of BusinessAngels on my blog posted here for a concise but detailed explanation. Anyway, all you have to know for now is that withdrawals paid by BusinessAngels are processed instantly, so it will take no more than a few seconds to see money on your e-currency accounts. By the way, BusinessAngels works with many payment methods, even different international currencies, and the admin sometimes adds more to broaden appeal. At the moment, you can invest in BusinessAngels using PerfectMoney (USD or EUR), Payeer (USD, EUR, RUB), Bitcoin (BTC only), AdvCash (USD, EUR, RUB), Qiwi (USD, RUB), OkPay (USD only), NixMoney (USD only), and YandexMoney (RUB only). As you see, when it comes to anonymous payment systems BusinessAngels offer a spectacular choice which will surely satisfy any tastes.

Returning to the subject of the BusinessAngels expansion on international markets, there are two very strong points about the program’s relationship with foreign investors which are a multi-lingual website with separately translated language versions available at the click of the mouse and the points of contact also available on at least two languages – English and Russian. From the latest news in BusinessAngels I can see these points were further strengthened with Hindi version introduced to target the Indian market while their Skype chat has now become available in English as well. Here’s both updates which will hopefully make BusinessAngels to go the extra mile in attracting new members:

We have noticed an increased interest on the part of investors from India and translated the website in Hindi. This move will ease the work with platform and will help expand the activities of BusinessAngels company into Asian direction.
You can change the language bar at home page near the icons of social media.

BusinessAngels Inc Limited company announces the opening of new official English Skype-chat.
You can always see Skype-chat link at the “Contacts” section or at the top of the home page.
Feedback for all of our customers is our priority to improve the quality of service. We are always happy to hear all your suggestions.


I think by the time of posting the review of TrustInvest on my blog (click here to read it) having a deposit via PerfectMoney I was not aware of a simple yet unusual thing – deposits via Payeer were only accepted in Russian roubles until yesterday. That might seem laughable, but even after creating the English language version of their website and started advertising it on MNO more than two weeks ago the admin only accepted Payeer in Russian rubles which I believe might have prevented someone from joining the program in the first place. The odd limitation has now been lifted and deposits via Payeer are now accepted in both Russian roubles and US Dollars starting from a $25 minimum – the same as PerfectMoney, BitCoin, and AdvCash. This is the update posted last night:

Payeer USD
Starting today, we are adding Payeer USD payment system. The minimum deposit amount is 25 USD, the minimum withdrawal amount is 0.5 USD.

Having been monitored on MNO for sixteen days now, I’m sure many of you have already taken advantage of perhaps the most flexible program of the summer so far – TrustInvest. Really, why wouldn’t you? With TrustInvest you’re in total control of your finances as you’re allowed to withdraw any part of your principal and/or profits and get paid usually instantly to one of your e-currency accounts. What’s more? If you don’t withdraw your daily 1% profit, it will be automatically compounded to the initial principal, so you will get the next 1% accrual on the higher deposit already and that could potentially bring you much more than the basic 1% daily profit. Anyway, it’s totally up to you to decide what you want to do with your deposit in TrustInvest until you make a decision to withdraw it all or until the program eventually collapses. I guess we can say that TrustInvest offers you 1% daily forever, but in this case this “forever” works only for the lifetime of the program which is in its third month online and seems to be very stable at the moment. Let’s hope that it will continue in the same mode for the time being and I wish all my readers who would decide to make a deposit the best of luck and, of course, healthy profits.


After their recent ten day long celebrations marking a remarkable ten years online, some of the folks behind SolidTrustPay could probably do with a break! It remains of course the first choice payment processor (where available) for bigger spending professional HYIP industry players, including a good section of the MNO readership. Fortuitous timing for them then that they’re about to get a long weekend break starting this coming Friday with Canada Day, a national holiday marking a slightly more impressive anniversary of 149 years since the creation of what the world now knows as modern Canada. And of course as that’s where SolidTrustPay are operating from then naturally they will be observing the bank holiday. Non Canadian SolidTrustPay users probably wouldn’t be expected to know that obviously, however for everyone’s information it was posted on their official news blog. So basically what this means is that you will really need to treat Friday July 1st as if it were a non working, non business, weekend day. Any outstanding business you may have with SolidTrustPay such as pending withdrawals, deposits, exchanges, open support tickets, etc will therefore take an extra 24 hours to complete. Regular readers will all know why I’ve always been a strong supporter of SolidTrustPay, a view I know is shared by many of you guys as well, but if you’re new to this then you can read why in the article on the MNO Info Center page published here. I’ll leave you with the update taken from the official SolidTrustPay news blog which I’m republishing below, and wish all my Canadian readers all the very best for the holiday. Have a good one, and if I’m not mistaken there are also many free events for the Canadian community here in London as well this weekend so I might even pay a visit myself.

SolidTrust Offices Closed July 1st
Please be advised that SolidTrustPay’s offices will be closed on Friday, July 1st for Canada Day. As this is also a Canadian Banking Holiday, customers are reminded to add extra processing time for deposits, withdrawals, and e-currency exchanges.
Enjoy the sun, and have a great Canada Day!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 84 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: MacauCauBandeiraCorpArdexFunds, CryptonusTrustInvest, BusinessAngels.
From MNO Standard list: –
From MNO Basic listLottoSyndicat, SpecialProfit, FxDividend, BitcilyHoldingLtd (the first payments received).

That will be about all for tonight, guys. Thanks for reading, and even if it has been a relatively non-eventful summer I’ll still have some new articles and features on MNO coming soon. If you don’t want to miss any possibly big programs coming to the MNO monitor in the future why not subscribe to the MNO Daily News delivered straight to your email from this page? You will never regret it and there’s a one-click unsubscribe option at the end of every email. By the way, don’t forget to vote in the latest poll available this week on the MNO TalkBack page asking about your own views on the subscription option on MNO. See you all again soon, everyone!

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