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Hello all, and welcome back to the MNO blog – the only place for exclusively top-notch and high-budget investment programs from dedicated admins. I myself am returning home to London after a short vacation in the Channel Islands with a base in Guernsey and I can tell you that I fell much more refreshed, reinvigorated, and ready to serve my readers and website. And almost like they were reading my mind, the admins of two highly-regarded programs CryptoGlory and LaraWithMe have taken up residency on the MNO monitor over the last couple of days. Fingers crossed this will pave the way for many others as the autumn, traditionally a fruitful period for good HYIPs rapidly closes in. I guess we will start with a brief introduction of these two newcomers with their respective full reviews to follow later in the week. I also have some news from the now dead BitSolar and a curious update from Payza, so read on so as not to miss anything important.


The first item is a brand-new program added to the Premium List on MNO on Monday just a couple of hours after coming online. It’s called CryptoGlory and already I can tell you that it’s been quite a talking point, attracting some large deposits from investors and offering instant payouts to an abundance of payment processors. These include Payza, OkPay, PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and AdvCash with deposits starting from a $10 minimum. CryptoGlory offers two simple investment plans. The first pays 2% daily for an unlimited term, or until you wish to withdraw your principal which can be done after a 30 day lock-in period has passed. The other investment plan however allows you to reach the profit zone much faster and pays 110% after 10 days. These are all calendar and not business days, by the way. As CryptoGlory runs off a licensed yet beautifully modified GoldCoders script investors can request their withdrawals from their accounts once it reaches $0.10 for PerfectMoney and $1 for any other payment processor and expect to be paid instantly. Technically the site performs on a very high level and features EV SSL (Green Bar) for secure connections while hosted on a dedicated server with support and protection by DDoSGuard – one of the most dependable names serving the best HYIPs. The site is available in five different languages right from the start and along with the main English version you can view the site in Russian, Chinese, German, and Spanish. Other nice extras include a video presentation (which you can now also find on the MNOVision page) and a friendly and helpful Live Chat which I tested myself earlier. There is an investment calculator, UK company registration documents, many social network accounts, and a lucrative representation program available. The first news on the program’s opening was posted on the first day online as follows:

Start earning with CRYPTOGLORY LIMITED together!
Dear visitors of the CryptoGlory site! After successful testing work of all system’s components we are pleased to announce the launch of the CRYPTOGLORY LIMITED program which purpose is improvement of welfare of our investors and providing available investment programs for all potential participants around the world.
Let’s make money safely and to strengthen our cooperation already today!

Overall, my first impression of CryptoGlory was positive and I’m sure it’s just one of a string of high grade HYIPs we’re going to see once the autumn season fully takes off. And as CryptoGlory has been seen quite favorably right from the very start I’m hopeful of a long run and many investors making some good profits. I’ll talk more on CryptoGlory in the upcoming review on Thursday, so stay tuned for that.


Another program – LaraWithMe – was subject to the new Payza rules for listing on MNO which all HYIP admins should familiarize themselves with by clicking here. The program has now been added to the Standard List on MNO as of yesterday and is totally different from anything else I have seen. You will need to install Telegram messenger on your computer or mobile device or else simply enter your phone number and start using the web version of Telegram here. And though it might seem like an unnecessary novelty you will surely love the unique experience LaraWithMe gives you in comparison to other programs.

So, once ready to proceed you have to “Activate Lara” and from that point on your exciting adventure with a “live robot” called Lara begins. All transactions – deposits, withdrawals, show balance, your downline, etc. – are done within the Telegram account. That represents a chat window your conversation with Lara shows and the usual menu with all the buttons you need to use to make deposits and withdrawals from that point on. The only available investment plan pays 3% daily forever, i.e. for how ever long the LaraWithMe website can run, which judging by the active promotion literally everywhere could be pretty lengthy and plenty of time to see a good profit. Minimum deposits start from $10 and can be made via Payza, PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, or AdvCash.

Just follow the guideline and go to Earnings – My Money – Deposit where you will find fifteen investment amounts which you can choose from (note – you cannot just pick a random number), choose the payment processor you wish to invest with (Payza was recently added as well!) and proceed as usual. After a confirmation of a successful payment is sent by the bot you will then start earning 3% per day. You will see your account credited after 24 hours. You have a choice to either make daily withdrawals from your LaraWithMe Telegram account or simply activate a so-called Success Schedule feature which will pay you automatically at weekly intervals without any further action on your part. Another feature is called Infinity Reinvest which allows you to reinvest your earnings back into the program once $10 has accumulated in your balance.

By the way, once you make a withdrawal request the money should be available in your payment processor account within seconds, as all withdrawals are processed instantly – another feature many members of LaraWithMe will like for sure. And even better – once making a withdrawal request (following the pattern Earnings – My Money – Withdraw in your LaraWithMe Telegram account) you will be able to choose where you want the money to be sent. So, more or less you can use LaraWithMe not only as an earning tool, but as a free and instant exchanger for your funds then (for instance, make a deposit via Payza and withdraw to PerfectMoney, etc.)

I strongly encourage you to have a look at what LaraWithMe is all about by registering your account on Telegram and “Activating Lara”. I think you might even be looking at the future of HYIP investments – so different and yet so familiar at the same time. From a design point of view LaraWithMe looks like a mini masterpiece with tranquil music in the background, and a powerful promotional video (also on the MNOVision page). You need to see it for yourself to believe your eyes! From a legal point of view the entity is registered in the US state of Delaware famous for its relatively relaxed approach towards such things (just like the UK where it can be done pretty fast and anonymously). There’s a Comodo EV SSL (Green Bar) installed, and the site is hosted on shared servers with CloudFlare protection, however, because it’s all done via the Telegram app the importance of such things is less important than more traditional style programs. An extensive FAQ, plenty of activity on many social network platforms, and customer support available in several different languages combine to provide you with all the assistance you need as LaraWithMe seems to be organized to the highest standards and definitely not operated by just one individual.

All in all, the program provides a unique blend of innovation with a standard investment plan. The coming weeks and months should reveal the full potential of LaraWithMe which seems to be only starting its advertising campaign with the absolutely right decision to come to MNO for the most detailed review. This will be done during the coming weekend as it will take some time to cover every aspect of the program in depth. For those who already decided to join good luck with your investments as starting from day 34 you’ll be enjoying unlimited profits for the lifetime of the project. To be continued!


Unfortunately some admins just don’t know when to call it a day. It’s been pretty well documented elsewhere in previous updates that BitSolar, a perpetual style “no expiry” date HYIP that only accepted BitCoin deposits has stopped paying and can no longer be recommended. It seems the only person unaware of this is the admin! He continues to send messages to his members, people he no longer makes any interest payments to I remind you, pleading for them to send him more money. I mean for God’s sake Admin, where’s your dignity? Just give up and forget about it, move on to something else.

For one reason or another most MNO readers were skeptical right from the beginning, with 61% saying after the original review was published that they either wouldn’t be joining at all or else felt that some changes would have to be made first. Maybe it was the lack of payment options, maybe it was the fragile nature of the plan, maybe they just felt the timing wasn’t right for this kind of program at the moment, it’s purely academic now – BitSolar is not paying and will not resume. Most of you will of course have the good sense to discard any further e-mails from the admin offering to “re-activate your account” and start paying you again if only you’ll give him more money first. Any amount will do! Just for the benefit of industry newbies however I would just like to show you an example of his mails below (so you recognize them when you see them) and warn you one last time. BitSolar is a scam, it won’t pay you a cent, and any further “investments” there are nothing more than personal donations you are making to the admin:

Please re-deposit. Activate your account. You will be able to withdraw again. Have a nice day!


One of the most unique cultural and commercial developments in what I suppose we could call “popular science” in recent years must surely be the smartphone and the associated paraphernalia that goes with it. By that I mean the almost infinite amount of “apps” that go with it, ranging from the almost essential tools that can benefit your everyday life such as offline maps and SatNav, free p2p voice video and chat communication, health monitors, banking apps, and so on to the downright pointless and banal. There’s no doubting that one of the most talked about apps of recent times has to be the augmented reality game Pokemon Go which for some odd reason seems to appear a lot more in mainstream media news sources than I myself would’ve thought it deserved. Whatever your feelings on the app itself however, perhaps the real story here is the financial landslide that’s been dropped on its creators as a result of its popularity.

Anyway, what does all this have to do with the HYIP industry? Directly, not much. However as the subject of the latest update from the official Payza news blog (one of the most popular payment processors dealing with HYIPs), they use it as an example of how motivated individuals can make some good money. Maybe not quite “Pokemon size money”, but with a good idea that people genuinely like/need, some hard work, and I guess no shortage of good luck thrown into the mix then if you know anything about developing app there are opportunities out there for you. In that sense I guess Payza themselves would much rather align themselves with the wider world of e-commerce rather than be seen as just a HYIP related tool (good luck with that, lol!), and so offer a detailed discussion on the development of apps on their latest blog post. As far as HYIPs go, no, it isn’t very relevant, but I imagine that a lot of readers here are interested in making an independent income online so I’m going to include it. As I said it comes from the Payza official news blog if you wish to check out the original version, otherwise just keep reading in full as I have it below for you as well:

How Apps Make Money Using Smart Design
The tremendous reach and revenue of Pokemon Go is impossible to ignore. Within one week of its release, it was already the biggest mobile game in US history and in the first month alone its developer, Niantic, had earned over 200 million USD. This is despite the fact that the game is a free downloadable app – so where is all this money coming from?
Though not a new concept, the success of Pokemon Go proves without a doubt that in-app monetization is the working model for web developers in the mobile marketplace, and not just within the gaming industry. Let’s take a look at how this design concept works.
In-app monetization is the (now much more popular) alternative to paid apps. In the first years of the App Store (iPhone) and Play Store (Android), users had to purchase most apps in order to download them. While this remains a viable business model and many apps are monetized this way, most are now free to download. Instead of making money by selling an app, developers and distributors make money within the app in a variety of ways. This allows them to build and grow a user base while avoiding the greatest of all friction points: the initial point of sale.
In-app monetization comes in many forms but, put simply, it is based on the same philosophy as loyalty programs in that the app offers a rewards system for regular users. The purpose is to fit in revenue streams organically within the app, without significantly affecting the user experience. Depending on the type of app, one or more of the following revenue streams may be used:
1) In-app advertising
The most traditional form of in-app monetization is to simply include advertisements. This allows for a relatively reliable revenue stream based on ad sales, but people generally find in-app ads annoying and disrupting to the user experience. Generally, consumers will gravitate towards an ad-free alternative if one exists.
2) “Freemium”
A portmanteau of the words free and premium, freemium apps get their name from the fact that they are free to use but users must pay to unlock optional “premium” content and features. This has proven a very successful model for many developers especially in the gaming industry, with 50% of gamers only playing free-to-play games, but this is also the model behind Amazon’s Amazon Prime service, a subscription-based paid upgrade to their normal free services.
Because well-designed apps breed loyalty in their user base, it’s easier to sell premium features to existing users than to sell the complete app to someone who hasn’t used it yet. However, designers should be careful with how much they limit functionality in the free version, or risk receiving criticism from frustrated users.
3) In-app purchases
More specific and versatile than freemium, in-app purchases allow developers to sell specific items to their users. Many mobile games sell in-game currency which can then be only used within the game world. Some social media and dating apps offer the ability to promote yourself or your posts for a nominal fee. Retail apps are typically free, but profit from any sales made through the app.
4) Affiliate Marketing
This revenue stream refers to promoting other apps, products or services within the app and collecting a commission off of any leads or sales generated by the promotion. An app developer becomes an affiliate for another developer or business and is then rewarded for each visitor or customer directed their way. You may find more information on affiliate marketing here.
5) Incentivized Advertising
According to a new report from Unity, this new revenue stream has proven to be one of the most effective forms of in-app monetization. Incentivized advertising is the optional inclusion of ads within an app – the user is given the choice of whether or not to view an ad in exchange for some kind of reward. For example, a mobile game may offer extra lives if the player chooses to watch a video from an advertiser, or a retail app may offer a discount code in exchange for the same thing.
The number of apps available is literally in the millions and in 2015, 93% of all apps downloaded were free. The pay-once-and-use model is only realistic for large companies with strong brand awareness and loyalty and a lot of marketing dollars. For the rest, in-app methods of monetization are likely the better option.
The key to successful in-app monetization is smart design. When done well, these five revenue streams don’t get in the way of a good user experience, don’t frustrate customers, and don’t significantly limit functionality. A free app still has to be a good app, even for those users who don’t generate any income for you. Keeping user experience and monetization in balance is the secret to good app design.
Stay tuned to the Payza blog for more insights on ways to increase your revenue, whether you’re designing an online game, developing your e-commerce store, or marketing your products and services online. Be sure to follow us for company news and product updates on: Twitter or Facebook


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 60 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: BandeiraCorp, ArdexFundsTrustInvest, Capitaller, CryptoGlory (the first instant payments received).
From MNO Standard list: XCBForex, LaraWithMe (the first instant payments received).
From MNO Basic list: HYIP-A.

That’s where I’ll leave it for today, guys. Mostly positive news to leave you with as I board the ship to take me back home after a short break exploring the Channel Islands, so I hope you enjoyed reading. Remember that with the new additions to the MNO monitor introduced above, summer is very slowly giving way to autumn and a new season in the HYIP industry. That means these will by no means be the only new programs coming our way in the short term future, but if you want to stay on track to be informed and up-to-date at all times as to what the best new programs are then you should subscribe to the MNO newsfeed. You can of course also follow MNO on Twitter and Facebook where links to all the most important articles are posted, but if you want everything sent directly to your e-mail inbox then subscribe by following this link. If you ever change your mind later then don’t worry, every mail you receive from me comes with a one-click unsubscribe button as well. Anyway, thanks for reading and I’ll see you again first of all tomorrow with a more detailed look at CryptoGlory, followed by LaraWithMe sometime over the weekend (unless of course something more urgent happens between now and then that you need to know about). Bye for now!

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