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Hello everyone, and welcome the first day of autumn which will hopefully bring us some great new investment opportunities and decent earners for all the MNO readers. Well, from the preliminary results of the poll currently running on the MNO TalkBack page I can already see that expectations are running high with about three quarters of you being pretty sure of better things coming their way for the new season. What do you personally think on the subject? Please click here and submit your vote if you haven’t done so yet – it will be appreciated.

Anyway, the season is about to start and you should therefore expect more activity on the MNO blog and monitor as well with more frequent posts and more promising programs being added. I have already received quite a few enquiries from curious admins looking to bring their programs to my monitor and looking at them I must say that the general standard seems higher than usual. So we can conclude that HYIP admins are also making preparations to face the competition and other challenges they may have to take before establishing themselves as future leaders of the HYIP industry. Who knows, maybe one such a leader will be VivaBusiness which was just added to MNO and accepts both STP and Payza? Or maybe it’s all about LaraWithMe which allegedly surpassed the 5 million dollar mark in overall deposits and whose admin purchased no less than six banners on the MNO blog and monitor for one month each yesterday. That’s definitely one program on its way to the top right now. Or perhaps the leader is something that hasn’t even launched yet, but if so we’ll definitely see here on MNO when the time comes. Anything can happen in the HYIP industry this autumn, I can only promise you there will be exciting times ahead and that with higher standard programs – the only type MNO has been covering for a couple of years already – you can be sure you will have your choice from the cream of the crop.

That’s what I’m expecting this September, but for today’s news updates you will be able to read the introduction of VivaBusiness, the latest newsletters from CryptoGlory and Edelweiss5, and an exciting update from Payza. I’ll start though with the introduction of the new program on MNO.


VivaBusiness officially started just two days ago and the admin brought the program to the MNO Standard List on the following day, meaning he’s not a newbie in the HYIP industry and knows where his program can achieve the best exposure to people who appreciate quality programs. VivaBusiness will actually be a main focal point for some of you who miss programs working with both SolidTrustPay and Payza as they are both accepted along with other anonymous options like PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, AdvCash, and NixMoney. Even the fact itself that the admin went to all the trouble of approving VivaBusiness‘ payment buttons for STP and Payza alone deserves some appreciation and shows a certain patience and determination – exactly the right qualities to take his program to the top. To invest with VivaBusiness you just need to have at least $10 in any of the above mentioned payment processors and then you get paid daily until you reach 150% on your investment. At this point your deposit expires and leaves you with the profits. There are perks for higher deposits though as the daily interest credited to your account in VivaBusiness on every calendar day is fixed, but will be between 2.5% to 5% depending on the amount you spend. So the more you spend the more you earn, bringing you to the break-even point much faster and the subsequent 150% goal. Smart way to encourage bigger spending, isn’t it?

Another good point about VivaBusiness is its instant payouts that will be popular with many impatient investors (note that the minimum withdrawal is $1). There are only some extreme circumstances under which your request will go to pending status to be paid manually within 24 hours, but my own withdrawals have so far been processed within seconds. Just remember to specify the right accounts in the Settings section before requesting your withdrawal. Anyway, VivaBusiness is running off a licensed GoldCoders script, with some modifications though, so overall there should not be any issue for experienced investors within their member’s area. Technically, VivaBusiness is prepared very well and is hosted on a dedicated server by the leaders in the protection against malicious attacks DDoSGuard. Security is further enhanced by the EV SSL by Comodo (with its superior Green Bar). For now VivaBusiness is a bi-lingual site available in both English and Russian, but judging by the amount of yet inactive flags on the top right hand corner of the site we can assume work to deliver more languages will be underway soon. There’s plenty of active social network accounts for VivaBusiness at the moment too, where investors can share their thoughts about the program and ask their questions. For that purpose though you can always refer to a more detailed review of VivaBusiness on the MNO blog in a few days when it’s going to be published. Meanwhile, you can read the first newsletter from the admin marking the grand launch:

Hello investors,
Today is the day we finally launch our project online, we are opening our services for people all around the globe. Everyone is welcome to join us and benefit from the services we offer.
VivaBusiness is an international investment entity with fully customized investment strategies and services that has been officially registered in UK and provides our members with online investments via extensive electronic payment systems. You will be able to earn daily interest up to 5% until reach 150% ROI in progressive term. The more you invest, the higher daily interest rate you get. Thus, you will earn 150% return FASTER.
We also proud to offer you beneficial partnership with great advantages. You have a great opportunity to earn significantly without investing a single cent! We offer our members an affiliate program with favorable multi-levels 5% – 2% – 1% commission for each deposit received from your referrals until 3 level depth. This includes both the initial and any additional deposits made by your referrals.
VivaBusiness provides award-winning investment solution for both amateur and senior investors. We offer profitable investment opportunity which satisfies any demanding investor.
Join us to know how we are different!
VIVA La Vida


CryptoGlory is perhaps one of the better looking and better equipped programs in recent times. The program has been off to a great start when it first launched ten days ago and came to be listed on MNO immediately, allowing the first readers to already profit from the shortest 110% after 10 days plan today. Considering that all the payouts are processed instantly, we can conclude that CryptoGlory has successfully finished its first cycle today, while investors who went for the daily paying plan 2% for 30 days with principal released any time after a 30 day lock-in period will wait for a few more weeks. In any case, as you only need a $10 minimum to invest in either of the plans in CryptoGlory (usingPayza, PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, AdvCash, and OkPay), many investors will be playing both hoping for the best possible profit.

In the first newsletter from them the link to the review of CryptoGlory on MNO has been given (click here to read the review) and first results were shared with the public. With over a thousand members onboard now and the first completed investment cycle under its belt the future looks bright for the program’s investors and as not much of the future development of CryptoGlory was discussed in the newsletter we can only assume that the website has been running smoothly and with no issues. Fingers crossed, that will continue for a long time. Here’s the newsletter from CryptoGlory in its entirety:

New achievements of our team and progress in the program development.
Dear visitors and members of the CryptoGlory website! With pride we want to report you about our successes in development of our program and about progress of company.
At first we want to note the fact that the number of active users of our program exceeded 1000 members! And it is success by which we are obliged not only professional work of all CRYPTOGLORY LIMITED team, but also in many respects, it is success by which we are obliged of your trust to what we do for the most advantageous conditions of investment providing.
Except the obvious growth of popularity of our investment program, it would be to note also the growth of popularity of our company among the famous specialists in the online investment branch. In particular, on August 25, 2016 our program became subject of the detailed analysis on the well-known, popular and influential “MNO BLOG”.
Our program united in itself a mass number of investors from around the world and we with thanks to all our investors and confidence in the future we continue to progress and move forward!
Stay tuned for more updates.
Thank you.
Best Regards, CryptoGlory Limited


If you have read my recent review of Edelweiss5 (posted here) you must be aware of the fact that the promise of 0.5% to 3% profit per business day for 365 days given on the main page of the site is no more than fiction. In reality the rate given to you will be fixed at the amount listed on the website on the day you deposit, thus giving you a fixed rate of 0.5% every Saturday and Sunday and something from 0.85% to 1% on business days, Monday through Friday. I know that it doesn’t make much sense and in my honest opinion is quite misleading, although if you want to join Edelweiss5 with a $50+ deposit accepted via PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, or AdvCash you have to accept the rules of the game. Actually the best feature about Edelweiss5 is automated payouts with no need to request anything from your account. So once you make a deposit you can “forget” about it and never even visit the website again, as you will be paid every day directly to the e-currency account you joined with. By the way, only yesterday and today to mark the beginning of autumn you can enjoy the highest daily percentage of 1% on business days and 0.5% on weekends for 365 days. But remember that this only applies if you make an investment in Edelweiss5 now, so hurry up, if you have been waiting for a favorable rate then it’s today. More on that is in the latest update from Edelweiss5 below:

Special offer for the beginning of autumn!
The first day of September. For someone rings the first bell for someone – the next or last, and for the many calls already has rung. For some, this is the beginning of something new in his life, for another time to earn their first money.
In anticipation of this day, we have decided to please all of our customers and give all 1% of profit for the whole two days. So, on 31st August and 1st September you have the opportunity to make a deposit of 1% profit. Do not miss your chance and join us!
Sincerely, The Edelweiss5.


A warning not to invest in XCBForex may well be purely academic due to the fact that at the time of writing the website is offline. However they’ve disappeared at least once and returned again even after it was moved to Scam Status on my monitor. Credit where it’s due, XCBForex did at least manage to complete three full cycles of its ten day plan, so there was a fair and ample opportunity to make some good money out of it. I suppose it’s easy to say a program is good, aren’t they all as long as they are paying? For whatever reasons, I really can’t say because the admin isn’t talking, XCBForex has run its course and has stopped paying. If however the site does return and payments (if anyone is lucky enough to get any) do resume, please be aware that these have been selective. Monitors have been paid (or should I say paid off?) and some small token amounts given to investors to encourage positive posts on forums. So if you do manage to withdraw anything then naturally you should accept it, but bigger interest payments and principal returns have stopped. Needless to say, this is assuming the XCBForex website returns by the time you read this warning, any further deposits are strongly advised against.


I honestly don’t know if SolidTrustPay have any interest in serving the HYIP industry anymore, perhaps they’ve deliberately dropped it completely, but for one reason or another Payza are now very much the number provider when it comes to verified accounts and transactions. The reasons Payza have risen so relatively quickly are numerous, but basically it all comes back to one thing – service. The services they provide for their customers far outweigh those of their main rivals, especially when it comes to deposit and withdrawal options. Granted their fees can be a little higher than some other providers, but remember that Payza compensate for this by allowing you save on the other fees that you have to give third party exchangers to move your own money in and out of other payment processors. If you’re an existing customer then you’ll already know you can withdraw funds from Payza directly into your own bank account as long as you are a verified member without having to pay an exchanger to do it for you. They’ve also recently launched their own debit cards, but in yet another exciting announcement Payza are now adding MasterCard (which joins Visa) as a payment partner. If you own a MasterCard operated credit or debit card you can now link it to your Payza account in order to send funds there. A couple of simple steps are all that’s needed, and these are explained in the following update. I suppose it really depends on how big a player you are, but cards will need to be validated first if you are expecting to be moving larger amounts of money. It’s all covered in the announcement which I’m taking from the official Payza news blog below:

You Can Now Use MasterCard to Add Funds to Your Payza Account
Instant loads to Payza from your MasterCard® credit or debit card.
Do you enjoy adding funds instantly to your Payza account with your credit or debit card? Then we have some great news for you! We have just launched the MasterCard funding option. This means you can now add funds to your Payza account with either your MasterCard or Visa card. The choice is yours.
How to link your MasterCard and add funds to your Payza account
Adding your MasterCard to your Payza account is simple:
1. Log in to your Payza account, click “Wallet” in the left-side column, then select “Credit Cards” from the drop-down menu.
2. Enter the number and expiration date for your MasterCard.
Once you have added your card to your account, you can start adding funds immediately.
To add funds using your MasterCard:
1. Log in to your Payza account and click “Add Funds” in the top menu, then click “Credit Card”.
2. Select your MasterCard credit card.
3. Enter the amount you wish to add and click “Next”.
4. Review your transaction details, enter your Transaction PIN and click “Deposit”.
A few simple steps are all it takes for instantly adding funds to your Payza account with your MasterCard!
Validate your card to increase your funding limits
In most cases, you can start using your MasterCard to add funds to your account immediately; however, it’s a good idea to validate your card with Payza for additional protection and benefits, such as a higher monthly transaction limit. You can add up to $3000 USD per month to your Payza account with a validated credit card. In some cases, you may not be able to use your card to add funds until the card has been validated.
Validating your card is simple: upload a photograph of your MasterCard and a recent credit card statement. For step-by-step instructions, read our article on how to validate your card.
Stay tuned to the Payza blog as we continue to launch convenient new online payment options that will be available across the globe or specific to your local region.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 60 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: ArdexFundsBandeiraCorp, TrustInvest, Capitaller, CryptoGlory, Edelweiss5.
From MNO Standard list: LaraWithMe. VivaBusiness (the first instant payments received).
From MNO Basic list: HYIP-A.

That’s all for today, guys. Remember to check out the MNO monitor often for new additions from experienced admins running high budget and well made programs. The best way to keep yourself updated though is to subscribe to get the daily news delivered directly to your mailbox in full here, and you can also follow MNO on Twitter and Facebook where the links to the most important articles on my blog are always shared immediately after posting. I’ll be back over the weekend with more updates and more exciting news for you, so stay tuned and see you all soon!

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