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Hello all! Welcome to Friday’s issue of the daily news from the HYIP industry on the MNO blog. As you might know, I cover only elite high-budget investment programs run by experienced admins who can afford high prices in exchange for proper coverage. So you will rarely find cheap scams here, and stand a better chance to profit from the few cherry-picked programs than the hundreds you might see on other monitors. I try to concentrate on truly the best investment opportunities and established leaders like LaraWithMe and similar programs whose admins are competitive and challenging enough to follow the path paved by the giants. In today’s news article you can read more updates on LaraWithMe and Edelweiss5, and also Payza. I will start though with by introducing a brand-new short-term program with instant payouts – a type of program not seen on MNO for a long time.


So, last night the admin of PalUnion asked for Standard Listing on MNO where it was added during the first hours of the program being online. While initially the minimum for almost each investment plan was set at $10, today I see it was raised to $20. Like in so many investment programs of this type, PalUnion offers several investment plans with payments processed once on expiry. Strangely for now only PerfectMoney and BitCoin are taken, but I wouldn’t rule out the admin adding more in the future as the program is still brand-new. Withdrawals are promised to be processed instantly (in rare cases, they could be manual with a wait of up to 30 hours allowed), and I can confirm that my first payout after which I moved PalUnion to Paying status on the MNO monitor was instant. As I’ll discuss the investment plans in more detail in the full review of PalUnion in a couple of days I’ll just run through them briefly for now. In general the plans offer higher percentages for the more you invest and for longer periods. For instance, if you invest $20 then you will get only 102% after 1 day, while if you dare to go with $20K you might get paid 1,000% after 12 days. However you should know the modus operandi by now – the longer investment terms and higher deposits significantly reduce your chances to be in profit from programs like PalUnion, so be reasonable in your expectations and choose the shorter-term options with smaller amounts. Plans now include – 102%-120% after 1 day, 116%-250% after 5 days, 1000% after 12 days, 150%-800% after 15 days, 2000% after 20 days, 250%-1800% after 30 days, 600%-4000% after 60 days, 1200%-6000% after 90 days.

When it comes to technical matters PalUnion, although not really looking particularly great from my opinion, ticks all the boxes and fully meet the minimum requirements needed. PalUnion is running off a licensed GoldCoders script, so investors should have a familiar feel inside their account area with no complications. The site is hosted on a dedicated server with DDoS protection provided by GeniusGuard while there is also an SSL certificate from Comodo for secure transactions. Finally, the admin obtained a certificate of incorporation from the UK authorities (which is a pretty easy thing to do if you read this article). Anyway, it might be enough to persuade someone to invest in PalUnion, even though the level of English on the website is far from perfect. The welcome message was posted there right after the official launch yesterday which you can read below, and I’ll cover the program’s main features in a more detailed review in a couple of days:

WELCOME To PalUnion Limited
Today we have really great news for you! PalUnion Limited has opened its doors to the public as an online investment company, offering one of the most comprehensive opportunities to invest in cryptocurrency. We have been preparing our website for a long time period and now we are ready to introduce our online investment platform. Take your chance, deposit now and start earning with PalUnion Limited. Our main goal is to provide you with an investment opportunity that is as much safe as possible. PalUnion Limited is a fully registered investment company based in United Kingdom. Registration number is 10412209. Our Corporate Headquarters is located here: 2 Shelton Street, WC2H 9JQ, London, United Kingdom.


It’s already been pretty well established that LaraWithMe is the biggest thing in the HYIP industry at the moment, results from more than one opinion poll among MNO readers showed up some pretty convincing results for that. I just hope there’s some sort of “online osmosis” that sees the professionalism and can-do attitude of the admin and the sheer enthusiasm of the investors permeate throughout the rest of the industry. It’s not often that something we see in the industry for the first time ever ends up taking it completely by storm, but such is the case with LaraWithMe. Normally you might see a small few sites experimenting with new ideas that might not go anywhere for the first risk takers but eventually catch on after the hard work of others. For example in recent history I remember when HYIPs only started taking BitCoin for the first time, with a lot of people feeling just plain confused about what it was all about. Now of course BitCoin is everywhere, a global phenomenon that’s not going away. But someone always has to go first, and so I believe we are seeing LaraWithMe (whether they even know or care about this or not) are shaping the future of the HYIP industry right now in front of our eyes.

The program is the first to run off what will no doubt become a popular model for other admins in years to come, which is the Telegram instant messenger service. Investors in LaraWithMe will either have to download the Telegram app on their mobile devices or else access the web version of it on their computers to proceed. A unique login PIN code is sent to your phone which you will need to access the program, and also keeps your account safe from unwanted visitors. What happens next after you make a minimum deposit of $15 is that you earn 3% interest on it every calendar day for the remainder of the program’s lifetime. Remember that there is no possibility to remove your principal and leave LaraWithMe at any time, so once you are in you stay in and continue earning for as long as they continue paying. Anyone who has a problem with this needs to adjust their spending limit to an amount they are comfortable committing to the program permanently. However you will be in profit after 34 days and it’s all passive net income from that point on, a fact that thousands of satisfied investors who joined early enough can now attest to. One of the great selling points of LaraWithMe, and a very rare occurrence indeed for the HYIP industry, is that you are allowed to invest using one payment method but get paid using something different. It’s entirely your own choice. So, payment processors in use include PerfectMoney, Payza, Payeer, BitCoin, and AdvCash, and you can mix-and-match how your money moves in and out of the program. For more information on this and LaraWithMe generally please refer to the detailed review published on MNO here.

In the first short update the admin is making a very difficult request of HYIP investors – patience! I know this myself from ten years running a monitor, everyone wants everything done yesterday, and they are not interested in hearing about how things really work. So, currently the program developers are working on the LaraWithMe website. The exact nature of the work isn’t explained, though to be honest it’s probably better that it isn’t because no one wants to read a load of technical jargon they would only pretend to understand anyway. Suffice to say that it’s connected with the handling of payments and deposits and how to make things run more efficiently. The trouble with this of course is that by carrying out maintenance work on a “live” website being accessed by tens of thousands of people on a daily basis, someone is eventually going to see some fairly odd things happening which they can’t quite get to grips with. Particularly in this case it might be that your deposit (which is the area the developers are working on) may show up as something it shouldn’t. If that happens to you, then the instructions from the LaraWithMe administration team are quite simple – don’t panic. They know what they are doing, they know what’s going on, just let the site developers get on with their jobs and everything will be back to normal soon enough. Your interest payments will not be affected by this. The explanation is outlined for you below:

Deposit shows different? No reason to call 911…
Our developers are working on the system deposits and payouts processing right now. Some of you might notice that your active deposit shows different. Note that it is a temporary procedure. Deposits will be back automatically, you just have to wait. It will not affect on your daily profits as well.
Thanks for understanding.
Making LARA better daily by doing geeky stuff.
Developers Team with Love.

This is followed by some of the latest website statistics on the ongoing growth and expansion of LaraWithMe. Now, personally I’m in absolutely no position to guarantee you that these figures are even remotely connected with anything accurate, but I do know with total certainty that the program is definitely big. So why not? I mean given the almost complete global reach of the internet these days 94,000 users isn’t a ridiculous number by any means, even if it’s a galaxy away from what most other HYIPs get. And if the number of investors is true then the figure of $31 million invested only works out at around a $330 average (give or take a couple of bucks) per investor, so it’s really not all that hard to imagine. What you definitely can’t argue with because it’s a matter of public record is the lifetime of the program. LaraWithMe has been online 111 days (when the message was posted) and counting, and it is indeed building the future. Make whatever you like out of the numbers posted below, most admins get shall we say “creative” when it comes to program stats and will always high ball them so they look good, I just don’t think that LaraWithMe needs to exaggerate as much as their competitors. Just FYI, this is followed by a very short update on what I would describe as a nothing story I’m surprised they even dignified with a response. It seems that some people are intent on badmouthing the program and spreading malicious rumors and gossip which isn’t true. All I can say is welcome to the HYIP industry LaraWithMe, if I had a dollar for every time that happened to me I could have retired to Monte Carlo years ago! It’s part and parcel of what goes on here, one person makes money because he works for it, the other person doesn’t make money because they can’t be bothered making the effort, but jealousy still creeps in. LaraWithMe can do nothing to stop malicious people with big mouths, big agendas, and nothing better to do all day. But what they can do is continue with the awe inspiring performance that has seen them become the only real giant in the HYIP industry today, and make sure everyone keeps getting paid. Keep doing that and leave the smear campaigns in the gutter where they belong, alongside the people who start them.

Over $31,170,000 Invested
More then 94,000 active users worldwide
111 days online & counting
An infinite engine protected with the most powerful technology exist.
Evolutionary trio of the encrypted closed community financially interconnected by force of cryptocurrency.
People united with the global idea…idea of living your live freely.
Do what ever your soul seeks. Lara will take care of the rest…

We saw some “trusted sources” talking dirty about LARA and claiming that “official Telegram news channel” wrote about us.
Just to you to know – this is one and only official Telegram channel: https://telegram.me/telegram

And finally about LaraWithMe for today, there’s an update on the currently running Jet Black promotional contest. You might remember I said you can’t get you principal back after investing. Well, technically speaking that’s not entirely true anymore, though the escape route (for want of a better word!) won’t apply to most of us. You see, LaraWithMe have added a second investment offer called The Jet Black Plan which has many similarities to the original. It’s a perpetual-style plan so there’s no expiry date, and members earn a daily interest rate. The difference is that the rate drops to 1% per calendar day, but as a trade-off for accepting the lower interest payment investors can withdraw their principals at any time if they wish to leave. The catch? You need to make a minimum investment of $50,000 for the Jet Black Plan to be made available to you, and even then you can only use BitCoin to join. Liking the terms & conditions is purely academic then if you don’t have that kind of money to throw around online, but that hasn’t stopped a major promotional contest from being organized around it. And as we can see in the next update, some pretty generous prizes have been encouraging the members to make an effort and good results are being delivered. In fact if you don’t already know this, the LaraWithMe admin recently shared the details of a BitCoin wallet which anyone can view where he moved a cool million dollars which is put aside entirely as prize money. I hope you guys won’t mind too much, but I’ve taken the liberty of removing the actual usernames of the winners in the following piece. The reason is simply because there are far too many, and if you think your name is in there you’d have heard about it before now. But if you are curious you can just visit LaraWithMe for yourself and see a detailed list:

Wow! Just take a look at that!
It’s been about 6 days since we launched our #Jet_Black contest, and some leaders already managed to get over $100,000 in total team deposited! What a results!
Take a look at the leaderboard:
150.000 team deposited & above
Private Jet Membership Plan from jetsmarter.com
20.000 team deposited & above
100X iPhones 7
It’s your time to Rock & Win amazing gifts!
Learn more about #Jet_Black Contest at: https://larawith.me/contest


On one hand I guess it’s fair to say Edelweiss5 has been a slow burner up until now, not really popping up on the radars of mainstream HYIP investors and having a low priority level when it comes to debate and discussion. Strange then that it also happens to be one of the most interesting and original programs in the market at the present time, taking quite a unique and public approach to promotion. As you may remember from the review first published here, Edelweiss5 is a long term program with an investment term lasting a full calendar year. During that time everyone earns a basic flat rate of 0.5% interest over the weekend, while on business days the rate will be fixed as well but only determined on the actual day you join. Generally this tends to float somewhere between 0.85% and 1%. For example, it was set at 0.98% on the day I joined, so 0.98% is now the rate Edelweiss5 pay me every business day. Had I joined any other day the rate would have been something else, but honestly the difference in monetary terms for most investors is no more than a couple of cents. Deposits start from a $50 minimum and up until now had to go through either PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, or BitCoin. This is what brings us to the first of two news updates from Edelweiss5 who have just expanded their list of accepted payment handlers, with the promise of more to come. Joining the list we now see YandexMoney and Qiwi. I won’t be surprised if a lot of US and European based readers won’t be familiar with those providers, they are however enormously popular in Russian speaking and former CIS countries where especially Yandex is very much a respectable household name and in widespread mainstream use. So while they may or may not be of much practical use to everyone, I always the illusion of choice is important and makes Edelweiss5 look more impressive to the first time visitor. Another financial services provider, WebMoney, is due to be added at a future date, so I’ll report on that here whenever it happens.

Another feature that makes Edelweiss5 more impressive to HYIP industry newcomers is the appearance of traceability. They have had several “open days” where company representatives have made themselves available to meet with any member of the general public who chooses to turn up, usually in meeting rooms rented out in hotels. This is in conjunction with the numerous offices that Edelweiss5 claim to be occupying, mostly across Ukraine but also with some branches in Germany and Turkey, and the subject of the other news update I was telling you about. Edelweiss5 have expanded their presence in Ukraine, and have publicized details of how to connect with them if you are in the Kherson area which if you don’t know much about European geography is where the mighty Dnieper river enters the Black Sea. Personally I haven’t heard any feedback from investors in the cities covered that ever went along and either visited one of the permanent offices or attended any of the pop-up style “meet&greet” events held in other locations, but the names, addresses, and dates are all on public record so it’s up to you whether you care enough or not to tag along and see what happens. Edelweiss5 have been monitored on MNO since August, and started running the previous month in July. If you have read the review and like the look of it then you may also wish to check the interview with the program’s admin first published on MNO here. Both news updates are included for you below:

Yandex money; Qiwi: connection of new payment systems
We are pleased to announce the addition of two new payment systems – Yandex Money and Qiwi Wallet. Both systems are popular in many countries and have proven themselves as reliable secure payment instrument.Payment systems have been tested by our experts and work great! Now you have the ability to make payments from any country through the terminals, which implemented these payment systems. But that is not all! Very soon it will be connected to another well-known payment system Webmoney. Our specialists provide the latest preparatory work on this. Stay tuned for our company!

Opening an office in Kherson
Dear user!
Today! October 7th! In Kherson will take a significant event. At 17.00 will be held the grand opening of the Kherson office of Edelweiss5.
We invite everyone to a live presentation of the company, during which will be drawn valuable prizes.
The presentation will be held at Mozart Restaurant, located at the city of Kherson, street Yaroslav the Wise, 50 Telephone 380 505 052 409 organizer (Igor).
Yours faithfully, 5 Edelweiss team.


One of the biggest online payment processors prepared to deal with the HYIP industry and the baggage that goes with it is Payza, who continue to take huge strides in establishing themselves as a brand name in the more legit world of business and e-commerce. I know a lot of what is contained in the following articles taken from the official Payza news blog won’t be seen as that interesting or even relevant to the HYIP industry, but if you are using them to do any business or financial transactions I think it can’t hurt to keep yourself informed about what’s going on with the company you choose to allow handle your money. The first update is really only to do with the branch of Payza serving Bangladesh, though that of course is a massive number of people and a huge commercial market where I know Payza have made significant gains. It announces a new partnership agreement between them and SSLCommerz, an online payment service that opens up over 400 categories of online business merchants to Payza account holders. The second article is if anything important to even less people but in my own opinion a lot more interesting to read, just from a neutral standpoint. It concerns the growth of online and e-commerce business in Poland, how the country with such a big population lagged so far behind much smaller countries for many years, and how they have now caught up and taken back their rightful place as a modern and developed economy with a highly educated workforce at the heart of Europe in the 21st century:

Payza Bangladesh and SSLCOMMERZ Sign Agreement to Strengthen Online Payment Gateway Service
This is a snippet from an article originally published October 3, 2016, in The Dhaka Tribune. Read the full article here.
Payza Bangladesh signed and agreement with SSLCOMMERZ, an online payment gateway service of SSL Wireless on September 29, 2016, at Casada corporate office, to offer an enhanced online payment solution in Bangladesh.
This partnership will give Payza members access to over 400 different categories of local e-commerce merchants of SSLCOMMERZ, such as lifestyle, e-shop, travel and aviation, hospital, digital services, online ticket, food delivery, universities, and others. Customers can enjoy easy and instant check out, while shopping online from hundreds of websites by simply logging into their Payza e-wallet through SSLCOMMERZ. Additionally, this will enable customers to use web based mobile top up services.
“Our main focus is to grow and enhance online payments in Bangladesh and that is why we are very excited to be in accord with SSL as it will create more options in the growing e-commerce industry of Bangladesh,” said Nafis Ehtisham, Head of Operations, Marketing and Sales.

Country Spotlight: Understanding Consumers and Cross-Border E-Commerce in Poland
In the e-commerce market, European merchants are without a doubt in the best position to bring their business across borders. Europe has the most porous borders in the world and conducting e-commerce within the Single Euro Payments Area requires no additional payment technologies for European businesses. The e-commerce market in Europe is predicted to break 500 billion euros in value in 2016, so it’s time for merchants to decide which market to target next.
One of the strongest and fastest-growing e-commerce markets in Europe is Poland. Historically, Poland has been below average due to low internet penetration; however, rapid growth in infrastructure (bringing internet penetration up to 70% and mobile penetration to 150%) has brought over 26 million Polish online shoppers to market and pushed the country up to 4th place in e-commerce turnover.
Unless cited otherwise, we sourced statistics in this article from:
Ecommerce News Europe
The Paypers
Polish Consumers
The challenge of cross-border e-commerce in Europe is the wide disparity in consumer behaviors from country to country. Different shopping habits, preferred payment methods, access to technologies, levels of economic development, legality, logistics, etc. can greatly affect which international markets are—and are not—well suited to your business.
There are 38.3 million people living in Poland; it is estimated that about two-thirds of them have access to the internet and a third of them shop online, though you can be sure these numbers are increasing. Local language is a key driver in Poland – 97% of residents speak Polish, with another 5 million Polish speakers living abroad – and this market is unique in that it has Europe’s highest proportion of online retailers who sell only in their local language (72%).
Polish consumers, however, are not fully satisfied with their local retailers and have adopted cross-border e-commerce at a rate well above the European average. This is due to the rapid increase in e-commerce inclusion over the past 5 years, credited to the growth in mobile penetration (150%, with Android as the preferred operating system), causing the demand for online shopping to outstrip the supply.
After the expansion of m-commerce, the other major market trend in Poland is the growth of cross-border e-commerce. Most Polish consumers cite a lack of product selection from local retailers as a driver for shopping cross-border, with half of consumers also citing lower price as a factor. German retailers account for nearly a third of the total cross-border e-commerce market in Poland.
Note: Under the European WEEE regulation, for physical products, it is mandatory to register the number of items being put to market, as well as the items taken back from the market (as in the case of returns), or risk thousands of euros in fines. Inter-EU deliveries are subject to the EU Directive on the VAT-system.
Polish E-Commerce Facts
– Currently, Poland has one of the highest annual e-commerce growth rates in Europe, at 25%. The Polish e-commerce market is worth over EUR 20 billion annually, more than 5% of the country’s GDP.
– The preferred payment method in Poland is real-time bank transfer, with cash-on-delivery being another popular payment method.
A recent poll from Gemius asked Polish consumers what they found most attractive about online shopping, with 88% stating round-the-clock availability, 83% the convenience of shopping from home, and 77% the ease of price comparison.
– The top product categories for cross-border e-commerce are clothing and footwear, home furnishings and car accessories. The most popular categories overall include electronics, media products, and consumer appliances.
– Only one in 5 consumers has ever made a return, resulting in a returns rate of only 3.4%, well below the global average.
The e-commerce market in Poland is so strong for one important reason: consumer confidence. Polish consumers don’t have any reservations about shopping online from both local and cross-border merchants. The biggest challenge facing retailers expanding their offerings into Poland is payment options, as the preferred payment methods are mainly bank transfer and cash-on-delivery, so be sure to offer a variety of payment options to please even the most headstrong shoppers. And one more thing to note is that Poles love Payza – so offering Payza as a preferred payment method to Polish online shoppers is a sure bet to getting paid in the most cost-effective manner: by Payza e-wallet payments.
We at Payza are committed to providing you with all the information you need to choose which countries are a good fit for your business by looking at specific markets with potential for cross-border e-commerce. As a provider of comprehensive payment processing services, Payza has first-hand experience facilitating business in over a hundred markets worldwide.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky listLaraWithMe.
From MNO Premium list: Capitaller, ArdexFundsBandeiraCorpZinc7Edelweiss5, EmpireAdvertisement.
From MNO Standard listPalUnion (the first instant payment received).
From MNO Basic list: HYIP-A, RoiBets, CryptoGroupEarnTechDowerly.

That’s all to report on this Friday night, guys. Enjoy your weekend, because I surely will. These are my last few days soaking up the sun in Israel, as I’m flying back to London on Monday. I’ll be posting at least once more before I take off, so most likely that will be Sunday. That will cover the new program PalUnion and, of course, include all the latest from the best names in the HYIP industry. There’s really not many programs worth your attention so far this autumn, but the good thing is that the best ones can always be found in one place on the MNO monitor. In order to stay informed please remember to subscribe to the daily news on this page, follow me on Facebook and Twitter, and check my blog, monitor, and ShoutBox for all the latest important announcements. If you have any questions you can always contact me directly at my email address abramsonp@gmail.com or via this contact form. I’m working for you and will be glad to hear your feedback on the programs I monitor and any suggestions will be appreciated. Next time I will also draw the final results of the opinion poll on the Telegram messenger system that forms the main tool for investing with LaraWithMe, so you still have time to have your opinion heard and counted TalkBack. Bye for now and have a good weekend.

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