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Beware! Daily314 has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello all! It seems I barely have time to take a breath so far this week, with the avalanche of new (and in most cases I think good) new programs coming to MNO. I will be introducing a couple of new ones for you in the news section today, though you can always see them on my monitor anyway. The one I’m looking at today, also brand new, is called Daily314. For the initial stages of the program the admin has opted to be monitored exclusively on MNO for the moment, though I imagine he will probably branch out a bit more when the time is right. I hope this is a strategy that will bring gradual and sustainable growth for Daily314 and longer term success, because it worked for many others. If the initial feedback I’ve been getting from readers is anything to go by then I’m far from the only one getting a good first impression here, so let’s take a closer look at what Daily314 is all about and whether you feel it’s worth adding to your portfolios or not. There’s a lot of fresh ideas on display there, both in terms of design and general organization, so fingers crossed I don’t see any major obstacles in its way to becoming something big.

Before I tell you about the plan, and yes, there’s only one, I suppose it might be a good idea to say a few words about the process of joining. Just because Daily314 isn’t running off any of the traditional HYIP scripts (it’s unique and custom made) and you don’t have an account or back office area like you might be accustomed in most other programs. Rather than making this more complicated, all it does is make them easier. All you need to do if you want to join is visit the Daily314 homepage, and look for the “start” button. You can’t miss it, it’s right in the middle half way down the page. Just click on that, and the next page you are taken to gives you a list of payment processors. Highlight the one you want to use, enter the amount of money you want to invest, and continue to the payments page to complete the transaction. And that’s it, you’re done!

The whole “theme” (for want of a better word) about Daily314 is a bit unusual in the sense that it’s marketed more as a target based HYIP than a program with a fixed rate of interest and a set expiry day. In other words the admin prefers to highlight what you can gain from joining Daily314 rather than what you have to do or how long you have to wait in order to get it. I’ll explain it in the simplest terms possible, whatever makes it easiest to understand, and you can make up your own minds.

As for the exact numbers, you will need a $5 minimum to join Daily314. The way the program then describes itself is that you will earn 3.14% interest every day until you reach a total of 157%. This number includes your principal, so you gradually get your own money back first, then start earning profit, and finish with 57% in net profit for yourself. In practical terms what that really means is that the term runs in fact for 50 calendar days, because that’s how long it takes (how many days) for your 3.14% payments to total up to the 157% on offer.

So, to re-phrase that in monetary terms we’ll say you join Daily314 with a $100 investment. They would then pay you back $3.14 per day until you reach $157, something that will take 50 calendar days, though as I said Daily314 prefer to focus on the target rather than the timeline so don’t mention the term length explicitly. With your principal included as part of the payments, you reach the break-even point (that is to say you earn back an amount equivalent to your principal and therefore can’t possibly lose money anymore) after 32 days. It’s pure passive profit from that point onwards, which is relatively early in HYIP terms when you remember the full length of the term.

For payment options Daily314 is OK. Room for improvement, better than some, not as good as others, but ultimately it’s more than acceptable and has something that will be suitable for every investor. You can use any of PerfectMoney, Payeer, or AdvCash if you like the more traditional style payment processors, and BitCoin if you prefer a digital e-currency. As I mentioned with no members account area as such, one of the main selling points for Daily314 is that all payouts are fully automated. You do not need to request anything, your earnings will just be sent to whatever account you joined with every calendar day. The same goes for referral commissions if you get any of your friends to join in your downline, so it’s not just for interest payments, there’s no need to request anything.

Although there’s no account area, Daily314 still allow you to keep track of your investment. A lot of programs that don’t have members areas rely on the investor to keep track of their own payments, as you should be doing anyway, but when you join Daily314 you will be sent a unique “Investment ID” which you can then use to monitor your deposit online. Just click on the “Check your investment” button on the menu in the top right corner of the screen on the Daily314 website to enter your ID and see how everything has been progressing. This will also tell you exactly when to expect your next payment.

Other technical features you may wish to be aware of before joining Daily314 include the fact that the website is hosted on a dedicated server with the support and protection from malicious attacks provided by DDoSGuard. What’s most impressive though is the script, which is deceptively simple. It was built from scratch and custom developed for Daily314, which for me is always a welcome move that piques my interest in any program. A serious statement of intent by the admin if you like, a sign that he’s prepared to treat things very seriously right from the start. There’s nothing there to confuse you though, as I explained above it really couldn’t be any easier or more straight-forward. I mean it might have been easier for the admin just to buy a generic script from GoldCoders, I don’t know, but this way is definitely better for investors so kudos to him for considering this. Apart from that you will also find an Extended Validation SSL certificate from Comodo to accommodate safer browsing and more secure transactions.

If you have any further questions for the admin that you think aren’t addressed in this review or any issues relating to your payments or deposit, then there’s just one way to reach him – directly via e-mail. The first thing you should of course be doing is looking through the FAQ which to be perfectly honest explains what very little there is to know about Daily314. You join, they pay, you just keep an eye on your payment processor to verify you are getting what you are owed, and there’s not much else to discuss. In my own exchanges with the admin which go back to before the program was launched to the public I can only say he’s been nothing other than courteous, helpful, and quick to respond in all cases. However if it helps things move a little bit smoother for anyone, you can translate the Daily314 website into Russian, German, and Chinese. Just in case you miss it (it’s not that easy to spot) you’ll see the choice of languages about half way down Daily314‘s main page.

As for any alleged business activities, this is where Daily314 brings yet another breath of fresh air to the industry. The admin here is one of the very very few who tell it like it is – the program is a HYIP, and you are taking a gamble by joining, but he will do his best to see that as many people as possible pass through with a profit at the other end. You can’t ask for much more than that. You don’t need to be in this industry very long before you begin to realize that sometimes it just feels full of dull and uninspiring clones running off the same or very similar layouts and using the same GoldCoders scripts. All claiming to be involved with ForEx trading or some vague few lines about stock markets and wealth management. Yawn! So when something comes along that tries to break the mould and do something different, it’s easy to see why people get excited. It just doesn’t happen often enough, so apart from the obvious fact that a lot of us might make some good money, there’s a lot of other things to like about Daily314. I like that it doesn’t look like anything else in the industry at the moment, for example, and I like that the admin is totally upfront about what he is running and what you get involved with when you join. You can call it honesty if you want, I just call it being blunt, but it’s an attitude I appreciate. The underlying rules still apply just as much here as with anything else though, so always stay under a sensible spending limit you can easily earn back from other sources if you lost it, and if joining Daily314 at all then do so as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.

Just one point I would like to make about Daily314 before we move on to the news is to ask readers what they think of it. Please take a second to vote in the following poll, which I hope will eventually show some interesting results if the program grows as big as some folks seem to think it can. It literally takes just a second to vote, and is 100% anonymous and untraceable. Thanks in advance to all who participate:

Will you make an active deposit in Daily314?

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First off I want to introduce the newest addition to the MNO Standard List called BusinezBit. This is a program exclusively accepting investments via BitCoin while providing its investors with instant payouts. Some might consider the program to have a limited appeal with one payment processor, others might find it the most efficient way to manage incoming funds. One thing is for sure – BusinezBit is going to find its audience, but how it will perform is totally up to the admin who appears to have built quite a nice looking website which is nevertheless quite confusing for newbies. You see, the texts on the “Plans” page state for some reason that BusinezBit pays 1.44% hourly and 2.88% hourly which is absolutely wrong. These are actually daily rates as you will see when logged into your account with the program. There are three available plans. The first accepts investments from as low as 0.001 BTC (less than one dollar!) and promises to pay 0.06% hourly for an indefinite term. This is the equivalent of 1.44% interest per day. The main advantage of this plan compared to the others is that you can withdraw your principal (either partially or fully) after a 24 hour lock-in period. This makes it more flexible in terms of how much profit you want to eventually achieve in BusinezBit and leave the program. The second investment plan which is available from a slightly higher minimum of 0.01 BTC (still less than $7 at current exchange rates) will credit your account with 0.12% on an hourly basis, i.e. 2.88% daily for an indefinite period of time. However you cannot withdraw your principal from at all, so you are tied for the duration of the program’s existence, and will break-even after 5 weeks. Finally, if you don’t want to wait for so long and don’t mind keeping your deposit locked-in for 30 days, you have a third plan which requires a 0.1 BTC minimum to join (less than $70 at the current exchange rate) and will give you a 150% once-off payment on expiry of a 30 day term. Ironically, the last plan is the riskiest and though it might be paying slightly higher than the second plan, it’s still cannot be recommended to anyone who can calculate risks vs. rewards. I will show you what I mean in the upcoming review of BusinezBit on Friday. Just one thing I think useful to know before joining is that your withdrawal should be at least 0.001 BTC (about $0.60 to $0.70 at the current exchange rate) in order to be processed instantly. Lower withdrawals are allowed by the script but they won’t be processed, so keep this in mind. Fortunately you can cancel them and make another withdrawal, as the system seems to have been working fully automatically since day one.

Let’s see briefly what BusinezBit represents from a technical point of view. The script is under license from GoldCoders and has been modified to suit the program’s goals of operating in BitCoins rather than US Dollars. Otherwise, it’s very simple to figure out pretty much everything with the exception maybe of the principal release option in the first investment plan. It took me some time to figure this out, so if you’re my referral in BusinezBit and have any difficulties yourself please email me and I will be glad to give a helping hand. BusinezBit has a Chinese version as well, which probably reflects the growing influence of Chinese investors discovering BitCoin for themselves. The site is SSL-secured by Comodo, running on a dedicated server with protection against malicious attacks provided by DDoSCure, and the domain is registered for five years in advance. I just wish that with such a great design the admin pays more attention to various mistakes I pointed out to him, but I guess that the confusion if you read the Plans page before consulting the member’s area first is not bothering him. Anyway, I guess that’s why the program purchased a listing on MNO, so I can explain all the investment plans a little better. Stay tuned for that, and meanwhile you’re free to check the site out, see if you like it, and read the welcome message from the admin himself announcing the official launch of BusinezBit just a few days ago:

Grand opening!
Dear customer,
In this generation, bitcoins is the best hedging instrument of all. Bitcoins is getting more and more popular because it has the most advantages of all investment instruments. Bitcoins has advantages of free of transaction fee, quick-transaction and no need to afford the exchange rate. Investors can control every cent by themselves and this would be complied with our vision.
Investment plans that we offer are based on the financial stability and efficiency of investment schedule, so we can guarantee to our partners, relationships with high level of trust. Take full advantage of savings, without leaving the office: high yield, flexible terms, reliability, stability.
Now, You just need to deposit over Bitcoin 0.5, you will become representative and earns 6% commission on BusinezBit Limited.
Best Regards, Adminter BusinezBit


RightRise, although still very new, is already considered to be a serious contender for the next big industry hit. The program joined the Premium List on MNO only last night and while claiming to have been in operation for several months, in reality it was only spotted by investors a few days back when the first investment forum threads were open and first monitors were added. RightRise may very well have been online during those months, but was all very hush-hush. And it has a totally custom built script with some unusual features you rarely see in the HYIP industry nowadays. It all suggests the team behind RightRise put lots of time, effort and money into creating something truly unique that would stand out from the crowd. However, with such an approach it’s always important to maintain gradual growth, especially in the early stages, so the admin made it pretty simple by deliberately taking only two payment processors at the time of writing. They are BitCoin and Payeer, although Payeer funds can be accepted in USD, EUR, and RUB. The minimum starts from $30 which is a price of one share, so investments can be currently done only in multiples of $30. The admin of RightRise promised he’d be adding more payment methods gradually, so if you prefer to invest via say PerfectMoney, you need to either wait or exchange funds to Payeer or BitCoin in order to make an investment today. The admin also told me he would also be gradually adding different language versions of the website which is currently only available in English, which is understandable due to its UK incorporation and alleged involvement in purchasing and installing new radar systems to monitor speed on the UK roads. Well, quite an original background story for once and definitely different from your usual BitCoin mining / ForEx trading. They even posted the latest news making it sound that the investment minimum was reduced to $30 due to them finding a new equipment supplier, there is the story:

Good news! New equipment supplier.
Our experts made the market research and we found more suitable equipment supplier.
We have found equipment that is more affordable without losing its quality.
From today and on the price of one share of the equipment is reduced up to USD 30.
We wish you good mood and great earnings!

Anyway, once you purchase the desired amount of shares in your member’s area of RightRise you receive a variable return from 1% to 3% on every calendar day over an unlimited period of time, as your deposit (shares) never expires. There is also an incentive system in place for every account, so-called boosters that will help raise your earnings and which I will talk more about in the review. Generally you should expect to get paid instantly after making a withdrawal to Payeer and within a few hours for BitCoin. Just don’t forget to fill in your payment details in the E-Wallets section of your account settings, otherwise you will not be able to withdraw anything. The site’s domain name is registered for five years in advance, there is an enhanced SSL-encryption with EV (Green Bar) and the hosting and DDoS protection provided by CloudFlare, so the site should be safe from any attacks. That’s especially important as the site operates off a totally unique script which I’m sure many of you will be pleased to see when creating an account with RightRise. It’s very hard to predict how the program will perform in the future, but given the high-profile website with lots of money spent on its creation and its more than relaxed approach towards advertising actually preventing rapid growth rather than encouraging it can help. As with any other HYIP out there, don’t get too excited, even if you really like what you see, stay within sensible spending limits and invest only what you can afford to lose. A more detailed review will be posted by the end of this week, so stay tuned for that, guys!


Finally for today, I suppose it’s not an Earth shattering event or anything but the admin of OceanInnovations has very graciously shared the link to the review of his program first published on MNO here. Or at least it’s no big deal to regular readers, you’ll all have seen it already. More important that it goes to other members who joined but never made an active deposit as it may encourage a more positive reaction from them. As there’s no other real news from them I’ll just remind you that OceanInnovations is a perpetual style program with just one investment plan. This pays 2% interest per day, no principal returned, and no expiry date. In other words they pay for as long as the program survives and you remain a member. It’s actually this that prompted the latest opinion poll on the MNO TalkBack page where I’m asking readers to please share their own views on this particular type of program. To cast your own vote please visit the MNO TalkBack page here:

From MNO review
Hello everyone:
Review from MNO : http://money-news-online.com/blog/2016/10/22/22102016-oceaninnovations-review-daily-news-hyip-industry/, you can anywhere in the world to understand us, a beautiful day!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 36 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: Zinc7, CapitallerArdexFundsBandeiraCorpEdelweiss5, MarsCapital, Daily314, TrueBit, RightRise (the first payment received).
From MNO Standard listMacroBanking, OceanInnovations, BusinezBit (the first instant payments received).
From MNO Basic list: EarnTechHYIP-A, Dowerly.

OK, I think we’ll leave it at that for today guys. Thanks as always for reading and I hope at least something was helpful or interesting in today’s post. Just remember, new programs are coming all the time and it’s definitely high season now, so you need to subscribe and check for only the best programs that are going to be on MNO. Just fill in the form on the right hand side of the main MNO blog page to have all the important updates sent straight to your inbox. You can also follow MNO on Facebook and Twitter to see links to all the articles as they happen, and if you have any questions or comments I would welcome them either through my contact page here or directly to abramsonp@gmail.com. See you all again on Thursday when I’ll be taking a closer look at TrueBit and any other news stories from the HYIP industry! And oh! Don’t forget to vote in the MNO TalkBack opinion poll!

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