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Beware! Razzleton has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everyone! Already I can tell you that this will be a busy week on MNO, with no less than three new programs to discuss in the coming days. The first post of the new business week on MNO sees the addition of Razzelton, a mid to long term HYIP that’s “officially” been running since December of last year. In reality of course Razzelton has been more of a sleeper, with the admin deliberately keeping the project off the radar until now when he is ready to launch it towards a wider and more receptive audience. So let’s get started with the new week and see if Razzelton is something you are looking for and want to add to your own portfolios. It seems the admin has some strange admiration for Donald Trump, as his larger than life image seems to dominate the Razzelton website. Maybe he really did make his millions playing the online HYIP industry after all!

The very first thing you will notice when you arrive on the Razzleton website (apart from the world’s newest favorite pantomime villain!) is a series of pop-up windows giving you a presentation to guide you through the website. You can simply skip this completely if you are not interested. If you wish to proceed, you just keep clicking as each new window highlights the different tabs on the Razzleton website, explaining what the various different pages contain, what the investment plans are, how to get involved, etc, etc. Nothing new to experienced players I guess, but a nice touch nonetheless and might be handy for those new to the HYIP industry or anyone whose very first online investment is in this program.
Getting past that and moving on to the more important aspects of Razzleton, meaning the investment plans, there’s quite a choice. Some of them are good, others to be blunt, are less so. But I’ll talk about all of them below anyway and you can decide what’s best for you. There are plans which pay you by the day, which are probably more advisable if you join the program, and plans which pay on expiry of a fixed length term which to be honest have a bit less going for them. Up to you guys to decide for yourselves at the end of the day of course, I’ll go through them all for you below.

So, the first Beginner plan can be joined for a $10 minimum, so that keeps Razzleton affordable for all investors. It runs for 15 calendar days and offers a daily interest payment of 2.1%. This applies to all deposits up to a maximum limit of $1,000. Your principal is returned on expiry, so the total interest payments which add up to 31.5% make up your profit, as long as your principal actually does get returned that is.

To put that into more practical monetary terms then, let’s say you invest $100 in this plan. Razzleton should then pay you back an amount of $2.10 per day. This comes to a conclusion 15 days later when your payments add up to $31.50, which is your total profit once the Razzleton admin returns your principal.

I’m not all that sure that the rest of Razzleton‘s investment plans will be all that attractive, either because they or expensive to join or, when affordable, what they offer is realistically achievable. But I’ll talk you through them anyway and you can decide for yourself. Plans continue then with a $1,001 minimum spend for a term running 30 calendar days. Razzleton offer a daily interest payment of 2.3% on this Stability plan, which adds up to 69% in total. Again this by itself is not enough to put you into profit, this only happens once the Razzleton admin returns your principal on expiry. Deposits in this plan may be as high as a $10,000 maximum.

Want to spend even more than that? For amounts between $10,001 and $100,000 Razzleton have the Pro plan running for 55 calendar days. The daily rate of interest is 2.9%, which comes to 159.5% in addition to your principal being returned.

The rest of Razzleton‘s investment plans pay once on expiry. It’s not that I would say none of them are achievable as such, but I doubt they will be popular anyway based simply on the fact that few experienced investors like to commit their money to long investment terms during which they don’t earn any money. If any of the following plans can make you a profit though, it’s likely to be this one. For a $100 investment made in the Antibiotik plan Razzleton have a lock-in period of 15 business days. And please do take note, all on expiry plans are marked in business days now, not calendar days, so this plan is three weeks in length. On expiry, they offer one single payment of 150%, principal included. So that’s your own money back plus 50% net profit for joining. In monetary terms that means the minimum $100 investment should get you back $150 on expiry. Razzleton have an upper limit of $1,000 on deposits here.

This is followed by the Lab R&D plan running for 30 business days, or six weeks in total. Razzleton accept deposits from $15,000 up to $20,000 (which I guess rules out most regular HYIP players) and they offer a single payment of 300% on expiry. As most of you can probably understand, this is a vehicle for the admin to collect money, possibly for himself and possibly to fund repayments on other plans, but not where you are genuinely likely to receive what’s on offer. This is even more true of the remaining investment plans.

Your next option called the IT R&D plan is open to investments between a $5,000 minimum and an upper limit of $15,000. The term length is 60 business days (or twelve weeks) and on expiry Razzleton offer a single payment of Med interest.

For the next Med R&D plan the minimum spend drops back to $200 and the term stretches to 90 business days, or eighteen weeks. One single payment is offered on expiry, which is 5,000% with Razzleton including your principal as part of that. Maximum spending limit is capped at $10,000.

Next you have the VIP plan that runs for 20 business days (four weeks) but requires a minimum deposit of $20,000 to join. Razzleton offer one single payment on expiry of this term of 500%, and they have a maximum spending limit in place of $50,000 in total.

And finally, the last of the on expiry plans called VIP+ is for amounts between $10,000 and $40,000. The term runs for 40 business days, or eight weeks, at the end of which Razzleton offer investors a single payment of 1,500%, principal included.

If you think there’s an investment plan in there suitable for you then the next thing we probably need to talk about is what are your payment options. Room for improvement I suppose, you can say that about most programs, but still it’s pretty good anyway. You can join Razzleton using PerfectMoney, Payeer, NixMoney, AdvCash, YandexMoney, or Qiwi if you are using the more traditional style payment processors, or BitCoin if you want a direct digital e-currency. Also, and I know this is not so popular in the wider HYIP industry, but I see that Razzleton are using Neteller. This, if only more programs would accept it or investors demand it, would be my own personal first choice given its “mainstream” use and acceptability. Payments are made manually by the admin so will need to be requested from your account. You just need to log in to your account there and submit your withdrawal, and once done the Razzleton admin asks you to allow a further 48 hours for all transactions to be completed. From my own admittedly limited experience with the program I would have to say the program would not exactly be noted for fast payments, but that’s ok, the only thing that’s important is that they have all been made within the stated terms and conditions.

Moving on now to the more technical side of the Razzleton website, everything is up to a reasonably good standard. The hosting provider is DDoSGuard who are by now quite a respected name in the HYIP industry, and they are keeping the Razzleton website on a dedicated server with their tech support and protection from malicious attacks. For an extra layer of security you will see that Razzleton has an Extended Validation SSL encryption certificate for safer browsing and more secure transactions. The script, which I suppose many of you might recognize, is under license from GoldCoders. Just in case you don’t it has all the hallmark features like a user friendly interface and is easy to navigate, but has just been slightly modified to suit the individual requirements of the Razzelton admin. You can also watch a video presentation on the program which might help make things clearer for you as to what they are all about. This will also be embedded in the MNOVision page as well, so you can watch it there if you prefer.

The domain name of Razzleton is registered for the next ten years, which is not to say I expect the program to be running that long of course but it’s always good to see that an admin takes care of these things in advance so as not to need to be bothered or distracted with it later. And if nothing else it adds a touch of professionalism for newbies too.

Points of contact, if you have any further questions for the Razzelton admin or any account related issues, include several options. You can start by checking the Live Chat if an operator is online at the time, maybe you can get your questions answered in real time. Otherwise you can e-mail the admin directly at the address listed, or fill in your details on the contact form and submit them online. A postal address is also included which goes with the company registration in the UK, not to be taken too seriously as it can be easily done by anyone without any questions asked. There’s a phone number to go with the address so try that if you expect someone will answer. Of a lot more use I think is the social media networks, of which Razzleton have plenty. You can find them with active profiles on Twitter, Facebook, VK, Instagram, YouTube, Skype, and Telegram, so plenty of options open to you there. Non English-speaking readers may also use a proper translation tool to to view the Razzleton website in Russian, French, or German. The most recent improvement that was made to Razzleton was the implementation of a regional representative scheme where regular members act as promoters and customer support operators in return for a better referral commission rate. Contact the admin if you are interested in participating.

As for a business plan, well, experienced HYIP players will probably know to ignore this, but Razzleton are claiming to be involved with the medical industry, distributing medicine and medicinal products. You can hardly mistake it actually, with the website design showing more drugs than a small hospital! As with most (actually all) online HYIPs you should probably ignore this, which I guess experienced readers will anyway. You can’t do much to independently research and verify this anyway even if you believe it, so as always best to treat Razzleton like any other online HYIP. Keep your expectations modest and realistic, and stay well under a sensible spending limit. Invest only what you can comfortably afford to lose and earn back from other income sources, and if you do spend money on Razzleton then keep it as a just one part of a wider more diverse portfolio.

Before we finish up with Razzleton for today then and move on to the news section I just want to ask readers what their own thoughts on the program are. Do you like it or not? Do you think it’s a program worth joining, or will you skip this one? Please answer the following opinion poll, which as always will throw up some interesting results in the coming months ans show how many people’s “gut reaction” was good or not. Remember that all replies are 100% anonymous and untraceable, and it only takes literally a second to participate. So:

Will you make an active deposit in Razzleton?

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Still on the subject of Razzleton, I would like to re-post a few of the most recent important newsletters that might be of interest to both current and future investors of the program. The first two are about three more processors that have been added, and now include Neteller, Qiwi, and YandexMoney. And while the latter two will be of most interest to Russians as they are not serving English-speaking countries, for MNO readers the addition of Neteller (deposits processed in manual mode) might be of more interest. So, if Neteller is your preference you can read more on that and proceed with your investment, if you feel like being lucky today. Apart from thatthe administration of Razzleton announced the launch of their own representatives program which you can use to your benefit for extra income by introducing and promoting Razzleton in your local place of residence. Check this and the other two updates posted below for your reference:

Neteller payment system available now
Great news for all Razzleton HealthCare partners! Now you can deposit and withdraw money using popular payment system Neteller.
Neteller is an independent provider of high-quality financial services in a variety of businesses in more than 200 countries. Neteller is a guarantee of data privacy for all users.
Managing your money and earning with Razzleton is even easier now. We care about your comfort!

Representatives section added
With care of our investors we have added a new Representatives section to the Razzleton platform. You can get any information about the company and the platform from the Razzleton HealthCare representative who will be your senior partner and personal adviser. A regional representative will always help you with any issue.
You know in detail how the platform works, you are sociable, polite and want to be part of a big company? Then you must be perfectly fit for the position of Razzleton HealthCare Representative in your region. The possibility to become our representative and receive more money is available to all our users if they meet certain requirements. A full list of terms can be found here.

QIWI & YandexMoney payment systems available now
Razzleton HealthCare Limited is grateful to its CIS partners for the increased interest in the platform. In gratitude for your trust and to ensure comfortable work with the Razzleton platform, we have added new ways of depositing and withdrawing funds. Now to deposit and manage your money you can use the most popular in the CIS countries payment systems QIWI and YandexMoney.
QIWI provides instant transfers around the world, as well as quick access to the wallet using your mobile number. YandexMoney users can make payments and other transactions with the lowest commission.
Minimum deposit amount when using QIWI and Yandex Money – $ 30.
Minimum withdrawal amount – $ 3.


I guess Magnum which I added to the Standard List on MNO yesterday will attract the highest level of attention from those who prefer Payza to other payment options. I remind you that apart from Magnum Payza is used only by BandeiraCorp, Zinc7, and TrueBit all of which have become huge successes on MNO and I believe that Magnum may follow this successful path. The current investment plans (which can be also joined using the more standard payment options like PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and AdvCash) include two that pay 5% or 6% for the duration of 30 business days (Monday to Friday only) with the initial investment already included in daily and therefore not returned one expiry, plus a much shorter but less profitable plan paying once on expiry of a 7 calendar days term (one week) paying 111%. Magnum as an investment site has been in online for about a year now, but don’t let that confuse you because just at the end of September they went through a total refurbishment with all investment plans now replaced. Several weeks after that Magnum has added Payza and purchased Standard listing on MNO in an effort to expand into new markets. Apart from lucrative investment plans and the option to invest with Payza, readers will also like instant withdrawals to all processors which I can personally confirm having moved the program to Paying Status on my monitor earlier today. The investment process is pretty simple as Magnum is running off a licensed GoldCoders script, so you shouldn’t face any difficulties. The minimum to invest is a very reasonable $10 for to the daily paying plan while the on expiry plan requires a more substantial $100. The Magnum website features a certificate of incorporation in the UK, boasts a domain name registered for five years in advance, an SSL connection from Comodo, and hosting and DDoS protection by DDoSGuard who have it on a dedicated server. Just recently Magnum launched their own regional representative program and you can get more information in the latest newsletter I will re-post below following the recent news of Payza’s approval which in itself is not that easy to obtain:

Great news for everyone! We just got approval from Payza to start using their payment processor to process the payments and deposits on our website! This is another great news that we have lined up for this week. You can add your Payza account in your profiles starting now. Payza deposits and withdrawals are processed instantly.
For your information, we are using a verified account with Payza and we have prior approval before we activated the deposit button on our website. Take advantage of all the payment processors we accept.
You can actually make deposits through any or through many of our accepted payment methods. Great news for everyone! We just got approval from Payza to start using their payment processor to process the payments and deposits on our website! This is another great news that we have lined up for this week. You can add your Payza account in your profiles starting now. Payza deposits and withdrawals are processed instantly.
For your information, we are using a verified account with Payza and we have prior approval before we activated the deposit button on our website. Take advantage of all the payment processors we accept.
You can actually make deposits through any or through many of our accepted payment methods.

Regional Representative
Dear Readers, we would like to say that we have started our regional representative program.
To be a Regional Representative of Magnum Investment Limited is a privilege and an opportunity to become a partner in the ready business, improve it and let it grow in your geographic region and also be part of a worldwide network of Magnum Investment Limited regional representative program. It is a high revenue share that is discussed individually. Regional Representative of Magnum Investment Ltd get a higher referral commission: 5% -3% -2%.
What are the responsibilities of the regional representative?
-consulting clients on the services of the company;
-attracting new customers to the company;
-holding regional advertising campaigns;
-organising training seminars (optional).
This is challenging opportunity with one of the most respected Companies in the market.
A knowledge in online investing is desirable, but not essential.
Interested in becoming a Magnum Investment Limited regional representative?
Apply here –
More details you can read here –
Thank you for staying with us,
Magnum Opus Investment Ltd will be greatest opportunity in the industry.


The second program I want to introduce tonight is a relatively new name called YiwuWorld that only launched a couple of weeks ago. Today the admin is ready to push it further by purchasing Premium listing on MNO. The only investment plan offered by YiwuWorld can be joined for a $10 minimum via any of the four accepted payment gateways – PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and AdvCash. In exchange you are promised a 5% fixed daily return over an unlimited period of time, i.e. while the program survives and pays to everyone, without the option of principal withdrawal. That means that in order to reach the break-even point on your investment with YiwuWorld it will take you 20 calendar days after which it will all be pure profit. As the program is running off a totally unique and custom made script, the admin can easily make changes and introduce new features, just like the one he did just a few days after the program’s official launch. That feature allows members to choose between two options – either getting interest accruals inside of their accounts and requesting them manually to be paid instantly, or make the regular 5% daily payments fully automated and paid to the same e-currency account number specified in the Settings section of your YiwuWorld account. Despite being an original script, everything is quite clear for potential investors even when looking into your account in YiwuWorld for the very first time. The program claims to be involved in Chinese resale trading of abandoned goods and features a UK-based certificate of incorporation on its website which looks simple but nice overall. The website features a Green Bar EV SSL cert from Comodo for safe transactions, and is hosted on a dedicated server with support and protection from DDoSGuard, so the safety of YiwuWorld has been taken good care of. I guess that’s it for the short introduction of the program tonight with more to come in the review coming on Friday. Stay tuned for that and read the first newsletters from YiwuWorld re-posted below for your convenience announcing its official launch in late October and specifically describe the main withdrawal feature which is very different from other websites:

We inform you that our company launched an investment platform on the Internet. Work has been carried out meticulously for quality and uninterrupted operation of our Site and we announce the opening of the company’s website. We are very happy and we congratulate with this event all of us!
The software component, as well as all financial instruments are maintained and fully operational.
In the news section, we will inform you about our activities on the transactions that were committed as well as news and events related to our platform.
Our support team works around the clock and always ready to kindly answer all your questions, so on all of your posts support will respond as quickly as possible! For those whom are easier to keep track of project news from social networks, you can find us on Facebook, Twitter.

Due the active developing of YiwuWorld we are glad to announce new feature for our participants. The automatic payments processor were successfully set on our platform. Now you can activate automatic payments processor in Settings section.
We want to notice that referral reward withdrawal requests are processed in the usual mode.
We continue to improve our platform!
Please follow our news.
Your YiwuWorld team.


Does anyone use LiteCoin for HYIP investments? Personally I’d stick to BitCoin only, and I don’t know anyone keeping LiteCoins for HYIP investments the same way as BitCoins. However, if you have an account in LiteCoin and have a surplus of money there with nothing better to spend it on, why not try to put it to use and invest in RightRise that just today announced LiteCoin as the latest addition to their already quite extensive list of currencies they take from investors:

The new payment system has been added. In response to numerous requests regarding crypto-currencies we have decided to add LiteCoin.

Apart LiteCoin, RightRise (reviewed here) has been gradually adding other payment options that fit nicely in with the admin’s concept of gradual growth he’s been following since launching three weeks ago. Since then the program has been paying consistently to members with variable daily returns posted on the website every calendar day. These are from 1% to 3% for an unlimited term with your principal locked and not available for withdrawal. And since the first investors are far from reaching the profit zone, RightRise can use a moderate and sustainable expansion strategy, helped by variable daily rates which can be withdrawn every 24 hours and usually paid instantly to PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, BitCoin, and now also LiteCoin accounts. I’ll be watching the future development of RightRise and will report them on my blog as they happen, so stay tuned!


Some of the members of one of the longest-running programs on the MNO monitor BandeiraCorp (reviewed here) were quite concerned earlier today when they were unable first to access the website, and then to log into their accounts. Thankfully after just a few hours everything was back to normal and I was able to login, requested my daily withdrawal, and have been paid it already. Apparently since BandeiraCorp is a huge program with hundreds of members who faced similar issues and with lots of support tickets which the admin had no time to reply to, especially considering now the issue had been fixed completely. Still, if you were affected then don’t be worried as BandeiraCorp has fully recovered now with the admin having explained the incident in the following email:

The site is live now
Dear Investors,
The site is live now to normal condition.
We had successfully fixed the server issue in less downtime.
We were and will always be grateful for your faith upon us.
Please do not overload the support departments for the pincode and password.
Your password and pincode working fine.
Best Regards, BandeiraCorp Team

For those still unfamiliar with BandeiraCorp despite its flawless lifetime of nearly 250 days with MNO and the frequent inclusion in the Top Five Popular Programs series of article (click here to read the latest one), I’ll just outline the major features of the program. BandeiraCorp will accept deposits starting from a $10 minimum and will pay you from 1% to 4% on your investment on a daily basis until you reach 150% total return after which your deposit expires and you leave with 50% net profit. The program accepts all the major e-currencies and investors will be pleased that along with the usual PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and AdvCash, they can use Payza and Neteller. With such a fantastic run I believe BandeiraCorp stands a good chance to maintain and improve its leading position in the HYIP industry over the coming weeks and months.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: Zinc7, Capitaller, TrueBitArdexFundsBandeiraCorpForexBrothersEdelweiss5, RightRiseBeyondPetroleumSoftmeetBit, Razzleton (the first payments received), YiwuWorld (the first instant payment received).
From MNO Standard list: PalUnionOceanInnovations, Magnum (the first instant payments received).
From MNO Basic list: EarnTechHYIP-A, XaboDowerly, BigVenture5, Palmills (the first payments received).

That’s all for tonight, guys, I hope you found something useful. Without getting into much detail about ForexBrothers‘ superb performance, which is still paying instantly, even after introducing a total new set of plans different from the one covered in my original review of the program published here, it’s still going downhill with the admin inventing more and more tricks to make investors part with their money. I can give the guy credit for staying afloat for so long defying all the bad expectations, but just yesterday yet another four plans were added promising an incredible 200% to 500% on higher deposits, which should be avoided at all costs. While ForexBrothers are still paying to smaller investors, which I believe are the vast majority in this program, the admin is clearly targeting investors with much larger deposits and make sure that he will use any opportunity and excuse not to pay on these plans. So, even if you’re still getting paid instantly and are satisfied with ForexBrothers‘ overall completely successful performance (it’s on the fifth one-day cycle now), I would stay sensible in your expectations and remain strictly within your spending limits. I will update on whatever else happens with ForexBrothers and other programs I monitor on Wednesday, as well as a detailed review of Magnum. Note that the MNO monitor doesn’t take any days off and I always keep a close eye on all the programs listed there. If you’re satisfied with the accuracy of the MNO monitor please vote in the poll which is still open for another couple of days to give everyone who hasn’t voted yet a chance to do so. You can vote on the MNO TalkBack page by clicking here, you can subscribe to the MNO Daily News from this page, follow MNO on Facebook or Twitter, and finally write a couple of lines to me by using this Contact form if you have any questions. I always appreciate your feedback and will try to answer everyone within 24 hours, despite my very busy schedule. Thanks a lot for your support and for reading MNO, folks, and hope to see you again on Wednesday!

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