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Hello everyone, and welcome again to the MNO blog – perhaps the only place on the Internet where you can find truly stunning investment opportunities that can literally change your life. Of course, even with the most high-budget programs you can find on MNO you should always realize that you are dealing with high-risk investment ventures and act accordingly – diversify your investment portfolio and never spend more than you can afford to lose in any single program. However, with MNO you can minimize the risks and feel much safer by using my guidance (the essence of that can be found in the articles from the MNO Info Center) and the regular updates. Over the last couple of weeks though I’ve reduced the number of posts and their general frequency, simply because the current state of the HYIP industry can be described in more or less one word – stability. The last week of November and the first days of December have seen the industry doing particularly well, and the top running programs (you can find the most popular of them at the time of writing in this article) didn’t really throw any nasty surprises at us and the admins keep delivering on their commitments to bringing us all a nice profit.

The rest of the month may yet prove to become another stable period in the HYIP industry. That’s according to the poll conducted in the last post on the MNO blog a few days ago you can find here. According to that almost half of my readers expect their spending budget for December to be in line with November, while over a third expect an increase in their investment activities by spending even more, possibly to make a little extra cash for Christmas and New Year gifts. Such results do inspire a cautious optimism and confidence in the HYIP industry’s ability to serve and at least the best programs to deliver some good results, based on the assumption that many investors will not lower, but actually increase their spending. Still, it’s very important to be always very selective and only trust programs that have some financial backup to overcome any temporary slowdown over the holidays. Hope during that phase more savvy investors who can read between the lines and follow my advice and guidance on the MNO blog will be able to perform well enough and will finish the year with more profits than losses. I will myself do everything in my power for that to happen.

Now I guess it’s time to get back to the latest events in the HYIP industry place over the last three days and see what kind of updates the admins of RightRise, Razzleton, SoftmeetBit, Capitaller, and Magnum have for you, as well to have a closer look at the news from the the most significant payment processor serving the HYIP industry – Payza.


We should probably start with the latest news from RightRise. Despite being quite a new addition to many investors’ portfolios and running for just six weeks in total, RightRise nevertheless attracted a lot of attention. This was achieved largely by the originality of the investment concept combined with the unique custom-made script the site uses. It’s also been quite a gradual promotional effort that saw RightRise adding more currencies and language versions as time passes. By joining RightRise you purchase shares priced at $30 each which can be paid for using PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, and NixMonth, and the more modern digital e-currencies including BitCoin, LiteCoin, and even DogeCoin. Each $30 share will then bring you a variable daily income that is shown on the main page and can fluctuate from a 1% minimum to a 3% maximum per day. The investment term you’re committing to is unlimited, meaning you will get paid as long as RightRise is online, and the good thing that is going to be liked by many investors is that the payouts are usually processed instantly, so there is no waiting period between requesting a payout and seeing your money in your e-currency wallet. In addition there is a system of so-called boosters in place where you can further improve your daily returns and reach the break-even point in RightRise faster than you expect. If you require more information on the program’s investment offer and other important features you can always refer to the full review posted here.

From the very latest updates, which might also be useful if you tend to better understand visual information on a program you’re thinking about, RightRise shared links to the review winners of the contest that ran for the month of November. The list of three lucky winners who have been rewarded with cash prizes by RightRise can be found in the newsletter below, along with the links to the reviews created by them. Congratulations to all and hope their video reviews will be of some help to you, guys:

November’s Winners
Dear friends!
Today, December 1, and here it is the first three winners in the competition for the best video review:
Mike – USD 500.00 (Watch review)
Gaston – USD 300.00 (Watch review)
Millioninvestor – USD 100.00 (Watch review)
Congratulations to the winners!
Record Reviews, share them with the members of our project and win!


While other programs already announced the winners, others are just catching up. That goes for Razzleton whose admin wants to reward members who share their positive experience with the program so far on the major video sharing websites like Youtube. After doing so you can contact the admin and will then be rewarded with a nice deposit bonus as explained in the following latest update from Razzleton below:

Special offer from Razzleton – bonus for a video!
Want to try yourself as a movie director and get a nice bonus? Then you’ll definitely be interested in this offer.
Conditions for participation are very simple: make a short video with your story of using Razzleton and upload it on one of the popular video-sharing websites. This will bring you a 5%-15% bonus to the sum of your deposit or fund withdrawal transaction. Each user can upload an unlimited number of videos. We appreciate your efforts and guarantee that all participants will be rewarded. Razzleton HealthCare Limited wishes you good luck and inspiration!

Despite Razzleton being online and paying since last December, it has spend most of this time as a “sleeper” – a site with no decent design or attractive investment plans deliberately staying off the radar from the vast majority of investors. Not long ago though the site has totally reinvented itself with an exceptional design and a new set of lucrative investment plans. Even if you joined Razzleton just when it was first listed on MNO slightly over three weeks ago, you could have still profited from its shortest investment plans offering 2.1% for 15 calendar days with the principal return on expiry, or a 150% once-off payment after a 15 business day term. Other plans by Razzleton discussed in more detail in the review posted here include – 2.3% for 30 calendar days and 2.9% for 55 calendar days (both with the principal back on expiry), and a bunch of once-off payment on expiry plans the majority requiring too high an investment minimum to even consider them seriously – 500% after 20 business days, 300% after 30 business days, 1500% after 40 business days, 1000% after 60 business days, 5000% after 90 business days. I believe everyone looking to invest in Razzleton can pick something suitable for themselves due to the huge variety of investment offers and the minimum starting from $10. Plus Razzleton works with no less than eight payment methods, so you can surely find your favorite from the list including PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, NixMoney, Qiwi, YandexMoney, BitCoin, and even Neteller. The admin also regularly updates the site with new payment options and language versions (currently Razzleton is available in six languages), and combined with more contests on the way I believe it’s a right strategy to keep the investors’ interest in the program high prior to the Christmas holidays.


I’m not really sure about the meaning of the latest update shared by the admin of SoftmeetBit on his website recently, but an informed guess would be that depositing via BitCoin is now done via a different wallet which may improve the overall investment experience with the program:

New BTC payment system has updated

Overall, I can’t really say anything bad regarding SoftmeetBit that has been a great performer for all its 33 days listing on the MNO monitor. Over the first weeks the list of payment processors it’s working with has been expanded now including along with the originally present BitCoin also PerfectMoney and Payeer. The minimum to invest stands at $7 and the investment offers haven’t been changed and include 1.2%-1.5% for 15 days, 1.8% for 30 days, 2% for 45 days with the principal return on expiry and interest credited on business days only. As the investment plan is calculated in quite a complicated way I suggest to get familiarized yourself with the examples I gave you in the full review of SoftmeetBit you can find here.


I’m not sure what kind of games the admin of Magnum wants to play with investors, but he’s very possibly going too far now, overdoing it with these frequent “hot offer” newsletters that would seen by many experienced investors as an indication of cashflow issues and might have an opposite effect on them from what the admin is hoping for. Just last night investors of Magnum received the following newsletter announcing more slots released in response to the high demand for the limited investment plans offering 125% after 10 days (for investments starting from $500) and 150% after 10 days (for even larger investments starting from $5K). Just see for yourselves and draw your own conclusions:

Additional 50 Slots
Dear Readers
Great news for those who haven’t participate in Celebration Package! After many requests we have increased the number of available slots. We have added additional 50 slots for each package to earn a little extra with us. However, bear in mind that offer was valid for 1st 50 Investors.
If you are still interested in new package and haven’t invested yet in new celebration packages .
50 slots available for 125% after 10 days package.
50 slots available for 150% after 10 days package.
Chose your investment package and invest before slots run out.
Thank you for spending time in reading this short newsletter. All is well and should remain well.
Thank you for being part of our company.
Magnum Opus Investment Ltd

Fortunately, when checking the Magnum website today I discovered that these plans are now marked as “expired” and no longer open for new deposits. There could be two reasons why the admin ended them: either because he has reached the target for required new funds in order to pay to current investors in the program’s daily paying plans, or (which is most likely) no one was really interested in the offer and he had to withdraw it for the time being while reserving the right to make another one when the time is right. The withdrawal of the investment offer due to its “expiry” or any other reasons the admin of Magnum might have is, in my opinion, the right thing to do. Really, even considering Magnum is branded as a program that has been paying for over a year now, the vast majority of investors do not fall for these stories any longer. Everyone knows that Magnum was a “sleeper” before re-designing itself quite recently and taking Standard listing on MNO and getting reviewed here, after the addition of Payza. And that was absolutely the right decision too, as my readers do have a preference for Payza. Seeing Magnum paying instantly to all the five payment processors – Payza, PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and AdvCash – they were enthusiastic enough to join. However, no one is so stupid to be wasting enormous amounts of money on some suspicious limited time plans so close to the holidays which might be the real test for programs like Magnum to survive through. As Magnum asks for just a $10 minimum investment while offering 5% to 6% rates of return over a 30 business day period, that’s what the majority of investors would go for. The more challenged and daring ones might also consider the on expiry plans offering 111%-115% after 7 days or 7% for 20 business days that require a higher investment minimum. With all those strange offers coming from Magnum lately it will be interesting to see the program’s performance over the next few weeks. For now I would advise a certain level of caution when thinking of investing in Magnum the original review of which can be read here.


I have to assume that Capitaller (reviewed here) is still paying to everyone, and maybe even some people from the on expiry plans are getting paid after all. Because so far no one has raised any complaints with me regarding delays or missing payments. Likewise no one can deny that Capitaller has been an incredible success since its first launch at the beginning of August this year and after almost four months online I have yet to hear a single bad word about payments that should always be processed to PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, NixMoney, and BitCoin accounts automatically due to the site not requiring any registration and processes automated payouts. Here are just the last couple of short messages shared on the site’s news board:

NEWS! 60,000 active deposits and 7.77 millions of total capital!

Very special PLAN N9 is now open for public, join and earn more and more each day with Capitaller! 1000s happy investors cant be wrong!

My main concern about Capitaller at the moment is the admin who keeps adding more and more shorter investment plans on a weekly basis, the latest of which he mentioned in the news section, promises an astronomically high return of 980% after only 5 business days time (one calendar week!). Do you, like myself, find it suspicious that the minimums for such plans currently also including 1025% after 7 business days, 1070% after 10 business days, 1177% after 15 business days, 1210% after 20 business days, 1457% after 35 business days, 1677% after 70 business days drop very frequently now and the newer shorter term plans always available for joining? Or should we be aware of a longer lifetime Capitaller will endure and more payments from its daily paying plans the vast majority of members should continue to be received at the expense of those lured in with the higher offers over shorter periods of time?

After all is said and done about Capitaller, I think it’s time to ask readers about their attitude towards the program and its ability to pay its members on the once on expiry investment plans, along with the daily flawlessly paid 3% to 4% for 70 business days plans. So, the question below will read:

Do you think that daily paying plans in Capitaller are sponsored by those with unpaid deposits from the riskier investment plans?

View Results

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I’m really looking forward to seeing the results of the poll next week, and if you are not paid from one of the on-expiry plans in Capitaller let me know and I will change the status of the program which I suspect is going to happen next week anyway.


Payza continues to stay at the forefront of all the payment processors serving the HYIP industry with its ability to offer by far the widest list of funding and withdrawal options for a reasonable fee. Moreover, HYIPs that accept Payza (among them Zinc7, Magnum, TrueBit, and BandeiraCorp) tend to last longer and bring more profits to the educated investors using Payza, also taking advantage of the dispute process with merchants in line with their reversal payment policies, which are generally rejected by other payment processors. Those lucky HYIP admins who manage to overcome the sometimes lengthy and tedious verification process for business account holders – the only type that can use payment buttons on their websites – will be rewarded afterwards by an increased degree of trust from investors who assess the program more favorably and tend to invest more even if they don’t use Payza themselves. Using API by allowing deposits being credited automatically and withdrawals processed instantly or via mass pay script is also one of the advantages for HYIPs working with Payza. Exactly for the business owners, including the HYIP admins, of course, the following post taken from the official Payza blog looks at some tips on optimizing their business using Payza API:

Using APIs To Optimize Your Online Business
There’s no question that today’s small business owners are highly tech-savvy, it’s basically a job requirement for operating any kind of online enterprise. With such a vast and complex e-commerce landscape, it can be challenging for one person to manage all aspects related to an online business. Although you may not know what API stands for, if you operate an online business, you use them every day.
Simply put, an API (application program interfaces) is an interface that allows two parties to communicate with each other, whether this is technologies, platforms, databases, operating systems, etc. It acts as a translator and organizer to facilitate the transmission of data across a multitude of systems. This allows us to overcome the fractured nature of today’s digital economy and stay connected to one another in spite of our different infrastructures and technologies.
APIs are one of the building blocks of the digital economy. They are little seen and often taken for granted – but by leveraging this technology in a smart and strategic way, your online business can be elevated to a whole new level.
An API is like an outlet. Plugging a lamp into an outlet connect it to the power supply – the outlet, like APIs, is what converts that power to something usable by the lamp. You, the user, benefit from the light source, and the utility benefits from being able to make its product useful to the user. Like other complex IT tools, the importance of APIs is often overlooked. This is because small business owners are preoccupied with the latest trends and sales platforms to consider more technical aspects in depth.
However, by shifting your focus toward optimizing your internal processes at a foundational level, you can increase your efficiency. Investing in API development and integration can optimize your operations, broaden your audience and automate many small tasks, freeing up your day-to-day to focus on growing your business.
How APIs Can Improve Your Business
1. Introduce New Features
Developing a good API strategy can be a major competitive advantage. APIs are a powerful tool for increasing functionality, which can be used to offer new features to your customers. For example, you can use an API like Elastic Path to offer customers the opportunity to connect their smartphone to their account during checkout. This would allow you to then introduce any number of new automated features, such as sending notifications when an order has shipped, discounts for preferred customers, reminders when their product is due for an update, and many more.
2. Improve the Post-Purchase Experience
APIs allow you to integrate your store, service or platform with any number of other platforms, from sales channels like Amazon, media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, and even logistics firms. The increase in sophistication in today’s APIs allows you to integrate your business across many different channels. APIs such as Outright can be used to collect and translate all of that data into a single, uniform format, increasing the efficiency of your back office.
3. Serve Customers More Fully
While APIs offer a high level of automation, they also make possible a high level of personalization. The APIs listed above can be used to gather user data from many different sales channels and organize it into a single database. Then that data can be plugged into another API, like Gravity, which organizes personalizes your marketing content for each visitor based on the purchase history and behavior during previous visits. This provides you with the ability to understand your audience better and tailor your products and services to their needs.
Any online business can benefit from leveraging APIs in a smart and strategic way and making them foundational to your business strategy. Freelancers who want to advertise their services more effectively, online stores who need to build up their base of repeat customers, affiliate marketers who want to expand their network – there’s an API for that.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 72 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium listZinc7CapitallerTrueBitArdexFundsBandeiraCorp, RazzletonEdelweiss5SoftmeetBitRightRiseBeyondPetroleumMexeer.
From MNO Standard list: Magnum.
From MNO Basic list: XaboEarnTechHYIP-A, Dowerly, Palmills, Synvestment (the first payment received).

That’s all for tonight, guys. Remember that MNO never sleeps and even on weekends I always keep an eye on the monitored programs. That is why MNO is a valued resource for its accuracy and why it’s extremely important that my readers would help me to keep it that way. Complaints and concerns about any of the MNO monitored programs can be sent to my email address I always try to reply within 24 hours, and will take your suggestions seriously and answer any questions. I’ll be back on Monday with more about the most popular investment opportunities in the HYIP industry and the only programs you might need to know about in order to profit. Make sure to keep voting in the poll still running on the MNO TalkBack page as its final results will be drawn then and we will find out just how many programs a typical MNO reader has in his portfolio. So far, the results are leaning towards up to five programs, which means people are very selective nowadays. Remember that only the best of them can be found on the MNO monitor, so if you’re also in search of that then you’ve in the right place. If you’re concerned about missing anything posted on my blog please head towards this page and subscribe to the daily news from the HYIP industry newsletter that will be then sent to you regularly without the need to check my blog so often. Thanks a lot for reading, enjoy the rest of your weekend, and see you all on Monday!

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