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30/01/2017. A Look At The Past, Present, and Future With Zinc7 and Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Beware! Zinc7 has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everyone! To start off the new business week I want to take a step back from the usual cycle of reviews and news stories and do something a little different today. I still have a couple of new additions to the MNO monitor I need to catch up on of course, and will get to in due course, but while I find myself with a spare day here as my vacation moves from New Zealand to Fiji I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to catch up with an old and well established friend of MNO readers, Zinc7.

Regular readers will probably be aware that in the last couple of years I have given over some space on my blog to second follow-up reviews and interviews with the admins of some programs that had especially impressed my readers a lot more than others. So I thought it might not be a bad idea to look back at Zinc7 and well, not so much re-assess it as rather just discuss what’s changed. How it’s evolved, how it’s improved, and how the Zinc7 admin has brought it from obscurity to mainstream acceptance and the number one program of the last year. That’s something of an official award by the way, as it was voted the number one program of the calendar year in the opinion of MNO readers in a recent opinion poll. And let me tell you that I have never regretted a single minute of the time it’s been listed on my monitor. I have been in this industry for a good number of years now and let me tell you honestly that I list Zinc7 as being very comfortably in the top five or ten programs I have ever seen. With regards to mid term medium ROI programs, it’s probably very close to the best.

Now of course most of you already know I’m simply a huge fan here, that’s never been a secret. But what I want to do today is take a closer look at some of the changes that have taken place since I last reviewed them all those months ago. I’ll try to be as brief as possible with anything I’ve covered in the past (for that you can always see my original review published here) and concentrate instead on the practical steps of becoming a member and on how Zinc7 has improved.
To start with, just in case anybody out there really has been living under a rock for the last five months or was working on a space station or something and really doesn’t know what Zinc7 is all about, it’s a medium term online investment program with two plans. I’ll just give you a brief recap here as they are explained in more depth in the review. You can join for a $25 minimum. The main plan, by which I mean by far the most popular as far as I can see, sees Zinc7 repaying their members at a rate of 7% per day for 22 business days. Technically the term is listed on the website as being for 30 calendar days, but you can ignore that. All you need to know is that you will receive 22 payments of 7% during the term, Monday to Friday, and will emerge with a hugely impressive 154% at the end. That’s 54% net profit as your principal is already factored into the payments.

Your other option is to invest another $25 minimum (and lots of people join both plans by the way) into one running for 7 calendar days. You get one single payment on expiry of 110%, principal included. With your own money in there then that’s a 10% net profit from Zinc7.

So you can see how both plans have certain advantages over each other, i.e. one is more profitable while the other earns you less but gets you there faster. Payments are made by the script, not quite instant but generally take about five minutes after you request them from your members area. The admin does reserve the right to make manual payments within 24 to 48 hours if and when the need arises. On average that might only happen about once every two weeks or so, because there can be issues beyond his control with some payment processors, accounts might have to be replenished, etc. But the norm is for Zinc7 to send your payments as close to instantly as makes no real difference. Currently these are made to PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, and BitCoin. To make things easier for BitCoin users there’s a built-in exchange rate calculator plus some information on buying and selling the currency.

There is very little I can add here that I haven’t said a thousand times on my blog before. These plans have been proven thoroughly time and time again to be profitable to the members and the long term stability and sustainability have, I think it fair to say, been firmly established by now. The simple fact of the matter is that everybody who has gotten involved with Zinc7 up to now has come away from the experience with more money in their pocket than they started with. There have been no exceptions to this and that is the single best endorsement I can offer any online investment program.

But what’s new here? What can I tell you about Zinc7 today that I wasn’t able to say when the program first opened last year. Well the first thing a lot of you might notice is the different language versions there now. Almost every major global language is covered with professional translated versions of Zinc7 now available in no less than 24 different languages and more likely to follow. In addition to all the various different language versions, this seems to be only the logical result of the program’s global expansion given the size of the regional representative network that has been built up now, with dozens of support operators working across all continents and speaking many different languages working to promote the program and provide investors in their local areas with any assistance they can.

I think one of the most important features of Zinc7 though, and one that is all too often underestimated by both program members and admins alike, is communication. It’s another facet of the program that’s amongst the best in the business with regular updates from the admin that are highly comprehensive. The Zinc7 admin (or his administration team perhaps) have really embraced social media networks in a way used by few others. While some programs just open free Twitter/Facebook accounts and then abandon them completely almost immediately after they make a single post, quite the opposite has happened with Zinc7‘s profiles being a mine of important news and information, and a highly valuable resource for the program’s members. Also in the general area of communication Zinc7 now have a Telegram account which the members can join for chat sessions related to your favorite program. I guess this is something almost akin to “open forum town hall” meetings that take place online where investors are invited to participate, hear what each other has to say, and make your own contribution.

But from a purely HYIP perspective Zinc7 are as good today as they have ever been. And if you will forgive me giving myself a small pat on the back here, I told you so. I was very enthusiastic about them the first day I joined and nothing has occurred to change my mind. The almost unbelievable fact that Zinc7 was firmly rejected by some promoters has become a great source of personal amusement to me by now, I don’t mind telling you. But if anything it’s kept all that negative thinking and constant pessimism away from the program, and allowed those who really know what they are doing to go on to prosper from Zinc7 unimpeded.

As of today though, one thing that hasn’t changed in Zinc7 is that it’s one of the best programs around. One of the safest and most secure websites in the business and also one of the most thoroughly and professionally researched, organized, planned, and executed investment projects. With the ever expanding growth and a high level of re-investments the plans remain sustainable (in HYIP terms), because when you sit down and do the calculations, the actual net profit remains under well 2% per calendar day. This has been proved by the previous five months online, and I see no reason why we shouldn’t expect more of the same going forward.

Before we move on for today and look at some of the other news events in the HYIP industry I want to finish with Zinc7 for today by asking readers about their own experiences with the program. Since they are still paying all their members then I know that none of you have a bad experience of course, but just how well have you done from it? Please take a moment to participate in the following opinion poll regarding Zinc7 always is completely anonymous and untraceable. The question therefore is:

What are your results from Zinc7?

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I strongly believe healthy competition is a very good thing for the HYIP industry as even the obvious leaders like Zinc7 can’t just rest on their laurels. They have to continue introducing new things and appealing to different local markets around the world, as discussed above. Nevertheless, the second best program on MNO at the moment (click here to read the latest article on the Top Five Popular Programs to see the full list) is RightRise. Nothing can change this fact, even the short downtime that the site experienced earlier on Saturday night, but that was scheduled and necessary in order for the admin to move the program to a more powerful server due to stupendous level of growth which brought a lot of pressure for the old one. So, after the scheduled downtime had finished the “superpower” of RightRise was reclaimed, as stated in the following update:

All work on moving to a new server has been successfully completed.
Now our website is much more stable and ready for any tasks.
Thank you for your patience and trust.
Sincerely, RightRise Team

RightRise (reviewed here) has been listed on MNO for almost one hundred days now and it’s definitely a great program in terms of delivering high returns to members. Especially the lucky ones who joined RightRise on day one have managed to double their money by now, as the program pays variable daily interest of 1% to 3% (which can be further enhanced by a system of boosters) for an indefinite term. Although investors cannot withdraw their money once they bought any amount of the $30 shares from RightRise, they seem to be least concerned about that, as the gradual growth continues and there’s obviously more money coming in than out. Perhaps one of the main secrets behind the enormous popularity RightRise has seen over the last three months online is the admin’s personality and his ability to create something truly unique and keep developing it step-by-step, so everyone had an idea of the constant improvements coming their way and more members joining in. I’m not even talking about the instant payouts, lots of language versions added on a weekly basis, and the abundance of the payment methods RightRise accepts including PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, LiteCoin, DogeCoin, AdvCash, NixMoney, YandexMoney, and BTC-E. It goes without saying that RightRise has been a wonderful program so far and everyone is enjoying it at the moment, so let’s keep our fingers crossed it will last for at least a few more months. Who knows? Even the best optimist couldn’t predict in late 2016 that RightRise could last as long as it has so far.


There are two very different events that the administration of Razzleton sent their members best wishes for that couldn’t be further away from each other, but are this year marked on the same date – January 28. They are Data Privacy and Protection Day and Chinese New Year. That might sound silly, but I believe both make sense for the members of Razzleton. First of all, Data Privacy and Protection Day is important for every internet user, but even more so for HYIP investors. With lots of phishing scams and insecure HYIPs around, we can be sure that the administration of Razzleton has done a good job in delivering a secure website which has been paying for over a year now. Payments are handled manually and so the admin and team have 48 hours to verify the correctness of all the payout requests and make sure they are paid to members’ PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, Neteller, AdvCash, YandexMoney, Qiwi, and NixMoney accounts correctly. That recently created a work overload and made Razzleton increase the minimum withdrawal to $1, which is not such a big deal if you invested into one of the on expiry plans – 150% after 15 business days, 500% after 20 business days, 300% after 30 business days, 1500% after 40 business days, 1000% after 60 business days, 5000% after 90 business days. Those with a smaller deposit starting from $10 in one of the daily paying plans with the original principal return on expiry – 2.1% for 15 days, 2.3% for 30 days, 2.9% for 55 days – might be more affected, but I’m sure they wouldn’t mind if it ultimately means faster payouts for everyone. The second email on best wishes for Chinese New Year also makes perfect sense from my point of view due to the growing Chinese speaking HYIP audience, who are getting more and more involved in the industry. So Razzleton (reviewed here) have their own reasons to issue these two updates :

Happy Data Privacy and Protection Day!
Razzleton HealthCare team congratulates all users of our platform on Data Privacy and Protection Day! Though the whole world celebrates this holiday on January 28th, we protect your personal information 365 days a year.
Information Security Division of our company strictly adheres to the privacy policy. The use of innovative protection techniques and methods can completely eliminate the possibility of leakage of personal information.
Razzleton – complete privacy is guaranteed!

Happy Chinese New Year!
According to the Chinese calendar, on January 28th the year of the Fire Rooster formally started. Razzleton HealthCare Limited sincerely congratulates all our partners and investors on this remarkable occasion!
We wish you even greater achievements and success in the New Year! We truly believe that the bright, dignified and headstrong bird will appreciate our ambitions and vigour and will help achieve our goals. Together we will change this world for the better!
Razzleton – the brightest events are waiting for you and us in the new year!


Just a very short update from Weollee (reviewed here) – the only Telegram-based program that allows a 1.5% daily profit and withdrawal of any part of the initial deposit or after just 24 hours. Instant withdrawals are made to members’ PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, and BitCoin accounts, which most of us certainly love. Out of the latest small improvements are the so-called stickers you will now be able to enjoy when receiving payments from the program and can also use yourself for the amusement of others and even subtle promotion of the program this way. The Telegram messenger is certainly getting more popular these days and so is Weollee and other programs that have chosen this secure platform for operations. I know that after twelve days of monitoring on MNO many of my readers already got in and out with profits, but the bravest ones might have received 18% total profit on their investment by now, if they withdrew only profits and left the principal alone.

Hello! I developed the stickers for you so you can spend time chatting with pleasure and please your closest people
Subscribe for the chats


WhyNot – that’s the name of the program that is going to be reviewed on the MNO blog tomorrow. Today however the admin proudly reported achieving a total amount of deposits of $100K which is quite an impressive figure for a program that has been online for little bit over three weeks. If you missed my introduction of WhyNot posted two days ago I’ll remind you that the program accepts deposits via PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and AdvCash starting from a $10 minimum while offering unlimited in time 3% daily payments that have to be requested from the member’s area and are usually sent to your e-currency account instantly. According to the business plan listing a number of financial and development goals posted on the WhyNot website, along with a growing number of participants and amount of money invested more and more features will be available for investors. So, this time along with some small improvements which include a new logo design, the addition of Telegram chat, more languages, etc. there was also a new investment plan introduced. That doesn’t mean the old one will cease to exist, of course, as it’s more or less the variation of the same plan, just with one difference – larger investors having at least $1K in their deposits will be paid 3.3% “forever”, with yet another plan to be added in the near future as well. More will be in the upcoming review tomorrow, and meanwhile find the latest newsletter from the admin of WhyNot below:

Today we have reached the level of 100,000$ and in honor of that fact we please you by another update!
– New logo.
– Added a chat for the project participants.
– Added next languages: German, Korean.
– Added a tab “Top participants”.
– New investment plan.
The impossible will be regular – WhyNot


After PassiveLoan became another program for HYIP investors to accept Payza it’s very clear to me that this payment processor is still in demand, judging by the higher level of referral commissions received via Payza compared to others. With Zinc7 recently having dropped Payza and replaced it with BitCoin, only PassiveLoan (reviewed here) and BandeiraCorp (reviewed here) are using them now. Still, as there is strong demand for HYIPs accepting Payza I believe we will find more programs in the future able to accommodate the growing demand of especially the US-based investors for whom Payza is sometimes the only option, due to limitations imposed by many anonymous payment processors on accepting American residents. So, is it such a hard thing to submit a website for review and get your business and payment buttons approved to get access to lucrative US-based HYIP market? Well, according to one of the latest updates posted on the official blog by Payza it’s not that difficult if you satisfy all the requirements and follow the necessary steps outlined in the article posted below. HYIPs are accepted by Payza and it’s just a matter of time and perseverance for the admin to be approved. Apart from that update, Payza also put another fast growing country Brazil in the spotlight in the series of articles dedicated to the countries Payza have a very special business interest in expanding in. How to make online business in Brazil profitable and what its main driving forces and barriers are discussed below:

Website Review: How To Get Your Online Business Approved on the First Submission
Before you can use Payza to process online payments on your website, you will need to get your website approved by our team. We use these reviews to ensure your website or online marketplace complies with the Payza User Agreement, and that it meets best practices in e-commerce and minimum standards for secure payments.
This may seem complicated, but submitting your website for review is actually very simple. Once your website is approved, Payza can provide you with a full suite of online payment options, namely Payza e-wallet payments, credit card payments, and even specialty payment options like Bitcoin and Interac online (Canadian debit transactions).
We recently added new requirements for information you must include with your website. Since this change was made, many websites submitted for review did not include all of the information required. When this happens, business owners will need to resubmit their site for a second review with that information included. It is easy to ensure your website is approved the first time around by following the instructions provided below.
What we look for in our review
At the end of our website review, our team should have a clear understanding of your business. Here are some examples of what our review team is checking for:
– The business model and industry sector;
– The pricing model for your business;
– The goods or services you sell;
– The Terms Of Service, refund policy, and privacy policy for your website;
– Your contact information, including your registered business address, email, and phone number;
– The URLs where your Payza Payment Buttons (“Buy Now”, “Subscribe”, or “Donate” buttons) can be found.
The information on your website must match the information listed in your Payza profile. Making this information clear and easy to find on your site will make it more likely that your website will be approved on the first submission.
Before submitting your site, you should review it yourself, or with a friend or business associate, to make sure this information can be easily found. If you have trouble finding the information on your own website, there’s a good chance our review team will have the same difficulties. That’s a clear sign this information should be more prominent.
Top reasons why businesses must resubmit their website
Nearly 85% of websites that were required to resubmit were missing some or all of the following details:
Contact information
– Your site must list your registered business address, email, and phone number. We recommend that you have all of this information available at the bottom of your homepage, or listed on a “Contact” or “About Us” page.
Business policies
– Customers have the right to know how your business protects their privacy and the financial information they provide when making a purchase. International regulations require that your website include a detailed privacy policy.
– You can find free, easy-to-fill templates for privacy policies online that you can customize for your business. For inspiration, you can review Payza’s Privacy Policy on our website: Payza Privacy Policy.
– You are also required to provide your Refund Policy and your website’s Terms of Service.
Login credentials to access the members’ area of a site
– Some businesses restrict access to their digital storefronts by requiring customers to first sign in to a members’ area. Restricting access to digital storefronts is common, for example, with websites selling adult content.
– If your business restricts access to your digital storefront, you must provide Payza with test login credentials (that is, a username and password for a guest login). Our review team must be able to review all pages of your website available to your customers, including the pages of your members’ area.
Payment Button placement
– This is a new requirement. You must now indicate the exact URLs where your Payza Payment Buttons are placed.
– If you have not yet integrated Payza Payment Buttons on your website, you should do so before submitting your site for review.
If you are missing any of the required information when you submit your website for review, it will be declined and you will be asked to resubmit your site. Our team will inform you by email of the changes needed before your site can be approved. You may request a second review after you complete the necessary updates or provide the missing information.
This simple checklist can help you get your website approved on the first submission:

Country Spotlight: Understanding Consumers and Cross-Border E-Commerce in Brazil
Despite Brazil’s recent economic downturn, the country’s e-commerce market continues to grow. Though not immune to the effects of the economy, Brazil’s 2016 e-commerce market was still the largest in Latin America and since 2014 has been one of the top-10 e-commerce markets in the world.
After hosting the World Cup in 2014 and the Olympics in 2016, the country has invested heavily in their local infrastructure. Today, Brazilians are reaping the benefits of that development in the form of skyrocketing internet and mobile penetration rates. Even with less disposable income to go around, the online retail sector continues to grow 5%+ YoY and remains one of the best opportunities for cross-border e-commerce investment.
Unless otherwise noted, statistics in this article are sourced from: WebRetailer, The Paypers, E-Commerce Brazil
Brazilian Consumers
Brazil is a country of 210 million residents, with 85% of the population living in urban areas. Nearly half of all Brazilians are between the ages of 25 and 54.
Brazil is a prime market to consider for cross-border e-commerce sellers; 38% of Brazilians purchase goods online from foreign retailers! But to take full advantage of this market, it’s important to tailor your strategy to suit local consumer habits.
Brazilians, as a group, outrank the rest of the world in total time spent on social media at 60% higher than the global average. Brazilian smartphone penetration has doubled since 2014 so this trend is likely to continue as mobile internet usage climbs. The most popular social media platform is Facebook, meaning retailers selling in Brazil should consider investing in Facebook ads as a marketing channel with high ROI potential.
Online consumers in Brazil are slightly older on average than consumers in most e-commerce markets, with more than a third of them over the age of 35. The rise of smart phones and mobile devices in Brazil may help to reverse this trend. When entering the Brazilian e-commerce market, a mobile-friendly website will be critical to reach younger customers, so consider your demographics when updating your website’s design.
The most popular online payment method is credit card, accounting for 57% of e-commerce transactions. Uniquely, paying by instalments is very popular in Brazil – only 4 out of 10 credit card purchases are paid for in a single transaction. The local payment option of Boleto Bancário is also popular, accounting for 23% of all payments.
In the last few years, 59% of Brazilians have experienced a loss in purchasing power. While this hasn’t discouraged them from shopping online, it has made them more cautious. International sellers can take advantage of this because of a component cost known as the “custo Brazil” – a combination of high taxes and duties coupled with a strict labor law – drives up the prices of domestic products. This “Brazil cost” makes it relatively easy for foreign merchants to undercut local competition.
Drivers and Barriers
Driver: Mobile Commerce
For the most part, domestic retailers in Brazil have not yet adapted to the rapid growth of mobile commerce among local consumers. Cellular network coverage in Brazil is at 100%, mobile traffic to e-commerce sites is 32%, and 7% of all online sales are made via mobile devices.
Providing a user-friendly m-commerce experience will give your online business a serious competitive advantage in Brazil.
Barrier: Economic Downturn
Brazilian consumers have less disposable income than they used to and the e-commerce growth rate has contracted significantly as a result. With average family income down, the nation’s retail market decreased by 2.1% in 2016. Though it is likely to remain the largest e-commerce market in Latin America, neighboring markets such as Argentina have experienced much higher growth in recent years.
Driver: New Infrastructure
With high-profile international events, such as the World Cup in 2014 and the Olympics in 2016, Brazil invested heavily in local infrastructure. From new roads and airways to improved internet and cellular networks, Brazilian consumers are more connected than ever, and fulfilment is less of a worry.
Barrier: Regulatory Hurdles
Brazil is a highly regulated market. As a foreign-based retailer, you will be required to pay customs duties, which average almost 11%, and import duties, which can range from 10% to 35%.
While most of these duties will be borne by the customer, you should take care to be highly transparent about any additional costs that may be incurred.
Brazilian E-Commerce Facts
– The largest e-commerce market in Latin America.
– 19% of e-commerce sales in 2015 were mobile purchases.
– Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the largest digital shopping days of the year.
– 38% of digital buyers in Brazil make cross-border purchases.
– Credit and debit cards account for 57% of e-commerce payments.
– The US is the top destination for cross-border e-commerce, but its market share in Brazil is decreasing (71.5%), followed by China (55.1%), Hong Kong (18%), Japan (15%) and Canada (9.5%).
– The top-5 product categories by order volume are Books (14%), Appliances (13%), Fashion and Accessories (12%), Cosmetics and Personal (12%), and Telephone and Mobile (9%).
When considering any new territory, it is crucial to take the time to understand the local market and consumer habits. Due to the economic downturn, Brazilians continue to shop online but now hold preference for price over speed. Brazilian consumers issue returns much less often than counterparts in other countries, at a rate of 15.6% compared to the global average of 27.5%, so the competitive advantages held by domestic retailers hold less sway.
38% of local consumers already purchase goods online from international merchants and it’s easy to compete on pricing, which should make Brazil a strong contender for your next new market.
Expanding into a new international market is a risky venture, but a very rewarding one if done right. For the latest information about how you can build and maintain a strong e-commerce enterprise and keep it compatible with legislation and buying habits at home and abroad, subscribe to the Payza Blog and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest industry news.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: SoftMining.
From MNO Premium listZinc7RightRise, AtomicBitcoinRazzletonElizionBandeiraCorpMexeer, Xabo, BeyondPetroleumDateBitcoinAutomatedEnergySumWexWeolleeLensenGroup,
Dowerly, WhyNot, MacaoLotto (the first payment received).
From MNO Standard list: Palmills, PassiveLoan, FenusFive.
From MNO Basic list: –

That’s it for today, guys. I don’t have time to include the update from Elizion, but will make sure to cover it in after tomorrow’s review of WhyNot. Please keep voting in the poll currently running on the MNO TalkBack page to find out your favorite payment processor at the moment. With BitCoin leading the way, surprisingly for me Payeer is in second place, and not PerfectMoney which used to be the undisputed leader just a year ago. How things have changed! And not only in the HYIP industry, but for me personally too, as at the end of January MNO is monitoring more programs than at any point during the last year, and it’s certainly a positive trend which hopefully continues over the following months. Anyway, spring has traditionally been a fruitful time for the HYIP industry, so fingers crossed this year is no exception. I’m flying from New Zealand to Fiji tomorrow where I’m going to spend the next week. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the readers that have chosen MNO as their main guide to high quality programs by experienced admins. It’s been a great start to 2017 with more to come for sure. So in order not to miss anything important and always get the hottest investment opportunities right from the start subscribe to the Daily News from the HYIP Industry to be delivered to your email (click here to do so on a special page), or you can just follow MNO on Facebook and Twitter (my own Telegram News Channel is coming shortly), or simply bookmark my site and read it online at your leisure, and discuss the best programs with your friends on the MNO ShoutBox. You can always write to me if you have any questions and I will try to reply if you do so from this page. I hope you’re having a good time and earning a good money from HYIPs listed on the MNO monitor. So long, and see you all tomorrow!

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