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Beware! 1Solution has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everyone! I hope the weekend has been going well for you all so far. Despite being Sunday and normally the slowest day of the week in the industry, with so much general activity around now we still have plenty to catch up on. This includes a new program joining the MNO Premium List which then just hours later went for the highest possible Sticky List for an entire month, so clearly there’s an admin expecting big things to happen with his program there. All that’s coming in the news section so keep reading for more info on that. Where I want to start things off for today however is by taking a look at a new addition to the MNO Premium List called 1Solution. The program joined the MNO monitor just earlier this week though it’s been online since early December. It’s also perhaps the strangest and most unusual HYIP I can remember, at least when it comes to investment plans as I shall attempt to explain below. Let’s see what 1Solution is all about then and whether you want them in your portfolios or not.

So what’s so strange and unusual about 1Solution you might ask? Well, it’s all but impossible to tell you what their investment plan is. Instead of a traditional style fixed plan that anyone can join, what 1Solution have instead is a series of time sensitive offers that are valid for one hour. So the current offer will then expire and be replaced with a new plan with different terms and conditions. Supposedly we are told that this isn’t entirely random. 1Solution have some sort of built-in matrix that permanently assesses the cash flow situation and the ongoing performance of the program. This criteria is then used to generate a new plan which, according to the number crunchers, is the most efficient use of the program’s current resources at that particular moment and has the best chance of completing a cycle.

All I can really do at this point is tell you what the current offer in 1Solution is, however do remember that by the time 99% of you read this review that offer will have been withdrawn and replaced with something new many times over. So I’m just offering this as a typical example of what you might find if you go looking into 1Solution a bit deeper. At the time of writing the investment plan in 1Solution runs for 28 business days, or about five and a half weeks. You may deposit any amount of money you wish, as the minimum spending limit is only $1 and no maximum. Interest payments are made from Monday to Friday, except rather than expressing this as a daily interest rate 1Solution give you the final percentage of net profit you should expect. In this case (and remember it will change by the time you read this) the current offer is 37.39%. The 1Solution is counting you principal as part of the payments here too, so your total return is 137.39%. To see what your daily payment will be, you divide this number by 28 (the amount of business day payments you are owed) which comes to just over 4.9%. This of can also be done for you by a handy built-in calculator on the website, plus records of past plans.

The available plan at the time I myself joined 1Solution was very similar, giving 39.8% profit for a 29 business day term, or just marginally over 4.82% interest per business day. So you can wait if you want to and see if the next plan that will be offered in the next hour will be better or more profitable for you, but so far I haven’t really seen anything that’s drastically better or worse than what it replaces. The overall net profit might go up or down by a couple of points, but the term will also change in line with that and average daily payments might get you a very slightly reduced profit but in a shorter period of time.

One other thing you need to be absolutely clear on about joining 1Solution is that there is a limit to what you can spend and how many deposits you can make in a day. Basically if you take the offer that is made right now you are pretty much stuck with it. If a better more appealing plan replaces it later in the day then tough luck, you will not be able to join it. You can of course make another deposit in 1Solution if you see a better offer made in the future, however you must allow at least 24 hours before signing up for a new plan.

I know all that might be a bit much to take in at first, certainly I don’t mind admitting it caused me no end of confusion when I came across the 1Solution website for the first time, but if you do understand what is happening here then there are other aspects of the plan(s) that remain constant. For example, no matter what happens with the interest rates or the term lengths you will still be able to join what ever 1Solution are offering for a minimum deposit of just $1. Payment options are the same too, with the program accepting PerfectMoney, Payeer, and AdvCash as traditional style payment handlers, and BitCoin for those who want to invest directly using a more modern digital e-currency. Withdrawals are made instantly, though still of course need to be submitted from within your 1Solution members account area. Once done you should have the money with you in under a minute. An added security feature is the withdrawal PIN code you will be required to enter with your request. You set this code up yourself what going the program, so make sure you remember it and keep it safe.

Moving on now to some of the more technical aspects of the website now such as design and security, in this regard 1Solution is prepared quite well. Predictably there’s a totally custom-made script responsible for this unique mathematical model behind generating the new plans every hour, and has been developed to meet the individual needs and requirements of the program. It also gives the admin and his tech support a lot more leeway to make adjustments and improvements along the way if the need arises. Despite being unique to 1Solution however the website is still user friendly and easy to navigate. For an extra layer of security 1Solution is displays an SSL certificate by GeoTrust for safer browsing and more secure transactions. The 1Solution website is hosted on a dedicated server with tech support and protection from malicious attacks by Hetzner. To reach a wider audience the 1Solution website has also been translated into several languages. Apart from the default English version you can view the site in Russian, Spanish, German, and Vietnamese.

If you have any further questions for the 1Solution admin that you don’t see explained here or any account related issues then there’s a couple of ways to get in touch. You can either fill in your details on the online customer support form and submit it via the contacts page, or else just write directly to the admin at the e-mail address listed. 1Solution include a postal address in the UK which of course is highly unlikely to be the location of anyone connected with running the program, just used for registration purposes. More useful might be the phone number that goes with it, so you can give them a call if you expect someone might answer.

As for any alleged business activities backing up the payments, all I can say for sure is to remind you that you should not expect any guarantees in the online HYIP industry, and you need to treat it like any form of gambling. For the record the 1Solution website claims the program is involved with the desalinization (removing the salt and making it drinkable) of seawater. Granted it’s an interesting departure from the endless stories about ForEx trading, but predictably there’s nothing in the way of real evidence to suggest it’s true. I doubt very much that even if it was then 1Solution would still be able to guarantee such profits, so don’t waste your time looking too much into it. Remember to stay within a sensible spending limit that you can comfortably afford to lose and earn back easily from other income sources, keep your expectations modest, and if joining 1Solution at all then try to keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.

Before I finish with 1Solution for now and move on to today’s news updates I would like to ask if anyone reading this has their own opinions on the program? What ever your thoughts, I hope you won’t mind sharing them with your fellow readers. It takes literally a second to vote, is totally anonymous, and will make for more interesting reading once we are looking back at the program at the end rather than looking forward at the start. In other words how many people would make a good and bad judgement call looking at the program today. Please answer the following question:

Will you make an active deposit in 1Solution?

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I’ll start the news update by introducing a new program called DecenterMe that joined the Premium List on MNO just a few hours ago. A few hours after that the admin decided to upgrade to Sticky Listing for a month which cost him an additional $1,500, so the program does have a substantial advertising budget put aside. The only investment plan offered by DecenterMe is quite simple – 3% daily “forever”, i.e. for as long as the program exists. There is no possibility to get your principal back, so you will really start profiting from day 34 onwards. Considering that the program has been online for over a month the very first investors should have reached the profit zone by now, but the early stages were very slow and the program is definitely still flying under the radar at the moment. MNO has become literally the first big monitor to feature DecenterMe prominently, and I believe an even wider advertising campaign might be launched by the admin soon to ensure further growth. Anyway, with the by now classic plan made famous last year by LaraWithMe, DecenterMe has lots in common with that program, including the Telegram-managed investment platform. So in order to join the program and start earning you will have to activate DecenterMe bot and then you will be able to make an investment starting from $10 via PerfectMoney, Payeer, and BitCoin. The beautiful thing about DecenterMe is that the payouts are totally automatic and will be sent every 24 hours to the same e-currency account you join with (just don’t forget to enter your payment processor accounts in Settings). One more great thing about DecenterMe is that you will be able to see your investment stats in your account area on the main website and even make deposits directly from there. That’s a feature that cannot be found in any other Telegram-based programs I’m aware of and that means that DecenterMe will be able to continue even if something bad happens with their Telegram account – something that proved to be the fatal mistake for LaraWithMe last year. In order to get into your account area just specify the Telegram account you joined with (like @mnoblog for instance) and you’re in – nothing else needed. Remember to enable your notifications to be sent to you via email address – a unique feature you can only find in your DecenterMe Telegram account. The website looks cool with some kind of futuristic feel to it, and I think many investors will like it. Technically the project is well prepared too with the website SSL-secured by Comodo, hosting with DDoS protection by CloudFlare, and the domain name registered for ten years in advance. The last one is a nice touch, just remember that no HYIP to my memory comes even close to ten years lifetime, but DecenterMe stands a good chance to put people into profit, as you only need five weeks to do so. You don’t even need to do anything, as you will be paid automatically – perhaps, the best feature for busy, forgetful or plain lazy investors, you name it. Anyway, the full review of DecenterMe will be posted on the MNO blog in a few days, so stay tuned for more information on that, if you don’t wish to try the program out with the reasonable investment immediately.


If DecenterMe is taking its first steps to attract the attention of big investors, Elizion – another program mainly based on Telegram – is taking huge strides. After all, the program has proved it can successfully deliver profits on the only available 3.33% for 60 calendar days plan on which it has been paying automatically to members’ Payeer, BitCoin, AdvCash, and Ethereum accounts for three and a half months now. You might have noticed the absence of PerfectMoney among the available deposit options for Elizion members, but that was a well-thought out and deliberately planned step to restrict the cashflow in the program right from the start and ensure gradual growth to sustain payouts to the first investors. Now I believe even bigger sums of money are pouring into Elizion as today the long anticipated addition of PerfectMoney was announced. Deposits there start from a $10 minimum – the same as to other processors. As Elizion has been listed on MNO for about two months now, anyone who joined immediately after seeing it on my monitor should have been able to almost double their deposits by now. So congratulations on that, and fingers crossed the Elizion (reviewed here) will keep paying for longer now that PerfectMoney is available as announced below:

Good news for our partners and all the people who follow our updates. Today to create investments and withdrawals of partner bonuses available popular payment processor Perfect Money.
Perfect Money is a service, which was created in 2007 year. Allows users to make instant payments and financial transactions on the Internet.
Now getting passive income daily, in Elizion company has become even more convenient!
Start to live freely!


In the last 48 hours alone there were no less than three new updates posted on the RichmondBerks website (reviewed here). One of them was dedicated to the mobile app assistance containing some images and a link to the app itself where it can be downloaded directly from your mobile device – a very rare feature in the HYIP industry indeed. It’s actually a very short guide, but enough to get you started with the RichmondBerks app, make an investment of at least $10 into its only 1.5% on every business day and 0.7% on every weekend forever with the option to withdraw the principal any time for a 50% fee, and also make a withdrawal and get paid instantly to your PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, AdvCash, and NixMoney accounts. Here’s the update on that:

Buy and sell RBD directly from your mobile
Hello everyone!
Working with the RichmondBerks now become even more convenient! With the mobile app, you can both buy and sell RBD. Earning had became much easier! To use this functionality, you need to take a few simple steps.
Step 1: If you want to buy RBD, you need to press the “+”. If you want to sell your RBD, you need to press the “-”
Step 2: Next, you need to enter your login and password on your account. After entering, click “Log in” button
Step 3: Now you can buy or sell your RBD! Select the currency and payment system, then the system itself will tell you the next steps.
Download the mobile application

Another feature is called “Achievements” and it was promised by the administration of RichmondBerks to be implemented soon. If interested in the program’s promotion more closely please read below:

Complete the achievement and get award
Welcome, dear clients.
We present you a novelty – Achievements. Follow the achievements and get rewards in RBB. Soon for VIP-clients will be available RBB shop, where you will be able to increase your income, using collected RBB. Increasing the percentage of daily profit, the percentage of the profits from your partners and gain promo codes, as well as branded products. Keep for updates.
And now – go ahead for awards!
Get an award!

And finally, yet another success story from a member who told his story and shared his views on making thousands of dollars with the help of RichmondBerks, claiming the program is much better than gambling or a casino – the leisure activities he was enjoying before switching to RichmondBerks. Wanna read his story as an example what you can achieve there too? Then have a look below:

Passion, drive, 8000 per month, and there is no risk!
Hello! My name is Jason and I earned 8000 dollars over the past month. And the only thing that was necessary to make, is the right choice between risk and guarantee. In the past, I would choose the risk, but now I changed my mind.
To help you understand what I am saying, I will explain. I’m a gambler and just love to play. I love to play, of course for money, because it brings so much joy and adrenaline. Except, of course, when you lose. But as I recently found out, you can get the same amount of drive and adrenaline, not risking. But more on that later.
I used to play at online casinos or poker with my friends every day. I loved to bet. In general, I did everything, where there is a risk and a chance to win big money. Sometimes I won, sometimes lost, but the outcome of the second was always more. I do not stop, I set down at the game table again and again.
A few months ago I was playing poker with his friends, and the game became serious. The bets were very high. I’ve had excellent cards, I felt like a winner. But fortune turned away from me when I decided to put everything that I had. I lost. Lost 5 thousand dollars. To say I was disappointed – to say nothing.
After that, a few days I could not even think about the cards or casino. But soon I returned. I wanted to fell the passion and adrenaline, that I get during the game, again. I decided to start playing again, but sworn never to make big bets. So little by little I started again to increase my budget. A month later, playing in small stakes I got 20 thousand dollars. I was very lucky, but I thought, that I should change the strategy, but the question remained – how?
I realized that I’ve had enough risks and I need something much more reliable than gambling, but in fact I will miss that adrenaline that I received while playing. I decided to seek a solution to this problem on the internet and realized that I should invest the money, because the passion is the same, but no risks!
I found RichmondBerks company and I immediately realized that it is mine. I could multiply my money, and most important – do it for life. And the passion is the same here as in the gambling, but there is no risk at all! I immediately invested 20 thousand dollars, won by me earlier. After that I started checking the timer for the next payment on the website every day. The adrenaline rush I got was no less!
After 2 weeks I have received 3920 USD and 7840 in a month!
In just a month, I decided to invest what I earned, and now my monthly salary is 11,676!
RichmondBerks company – is much better than gambling or casino. I got even more excitement, passion and adrenaline here, which I was always chasing. But here I have absolutely no risk!


What can I say about Razzleton, guys? Simply great – running for fourteen months in total, listed on MNO for 100 days, payments are done regularly and within 48 hours as promised. And it can not only be said about the daily paying plans with the principal return on expiry – 2.1% for 15 days, 2.3% for 30 days, 2.9% for 55 days, but also (almost unheard of in the HYIP industry!) of the various paying once on expiry plans like 150% after 15 business days, 500% after 20 business days, 300% after 30 business days, 1500% after 40 business days, 1000% after 60 business days, 5000% after 90 business days. At least I’m unaware of a single complaint lodged against Razzleton yet and that in itself is quite an achievement, I can tell you. Moreover, the program has been consistently praised by many investors around the world profiting on deposits starting from a $10 minimum via PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, BitCoin, NixMoney, YandexMoney, Qiwi, and Neteller. So it was only a matter of time before the best testimonials on Razzleton‘s success were collected in one place to be shared with members. The new landing page which you can now access by following the link in the latest newsletter is appropriately called Success Story. The amazing lifetime of Razzleton is surely a real success in the HYIP industry where some admins cannot even run their programs for a few weeks, let alone making their ventures legendary like we clearly see happened in this case. Along with the news on the new landing page there were also the winners of the last raffle announced that will be awarded with some tech prizes – the list is available in the second update from Razzleton (reviewed here) re-posted below:

Landing page and video about Razzleton success story added
Over the past year Razzleton HealthCare Limited has proved itself as the most rapidly developing and promising company. In the shortest terms we managed to attract a record number of investment and provide tens of thousands of people with a means of regular passive income. In order to clearly demonstrate our achievements, we have created a landing page, which will enable you to learn more about the history of Razzleton success: http://successstory.razzleton.com/
The new page contains the actual data on the company’s business as well as educational videos. If you want to get more information about our investment platform, then click on the link above now!
Razzleton – your key to success!

The winners of raffle are defined!
News, the appearance of which you waited so long! We are glad to inform you that a few minutes before we get the results of our 10 gadgets raffle. Multiplying the temperature in Singapore, Athens, London, Dubai, and then adding to the result the temperature (° F) in Miami, we have defined the sequence numbers of tickets of winners. Today the weather was favorable to:
1 Apple Macbook 12 – 076 – VLADIMIR1951
2 Apple iPhone 7 – 176 – cdidar
3 Apple iPad Pro 9.7 – 276 – Valer4o1989
4 Apple Watch Series 2 – 376 – Hsoliman
5 Ninebot Mini – 476 – Mobster
6 GoPro HERO 5 – 576 – Elena_S
7 Samsung Gear 360 – 676 – Arinze
8 Sony PlayStation 4 Slim – 776 – mahmmoud
9 Harman/Kardon Onyx – 876 – BlackDron
10 JBL Charge 3 -976 – Bandi0022
We congratulate our winners! If today you are not get lucky, then surely you’re be lucky next time. Company Razzleton HealthCare Limited prepares for you new contests and raffle.
Razzleton – with us your dreams will become closer!


Do you like a Sunday roast? Well, I really mean a Sunday bonus, but when it comes to AgrarianBenefit making a roast should be a piece of cake. Sorry, I feel kinda peckish when writing this, but you get the drift – agrarians are meant to put food on the table. In the case of AgrarianBenefit though that means profits that the program has been delivering successfully for over ten weeks now, well before it was first listed on MNO fifteen days ago. Over this long time many many investors have already profited from all of the program’s available investment plans – 5% for 30 days, 109% after 5 days, and 10% every 5 days for 15 days + principal back. If you want to read more on the investment plans please refer to the review posted here. Perhaps, the best thing about AgrarianBenefit is that you don’t need to wait long when requesting payments to your e-currency as you will be paid instantly whether it’s PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, AdvCash, YandexMoney, or NixMoney you have chosen to invest with. By the way, the minimum to invest ranges from $10 to $55 depending on the plan which makes all of them appealing and affordable, and the frequently offered deposit bonuses like the one that was announced just because it’s Sunday today should add more profits if you’re quick. The next bonuses will be credited to your investment automatically after investment, if done before 10 am Moscow time tomorrow, meaning 7 am GMT, so hurry up if interested in taking advantage of the following Sunday bonus offer from AgrarianBenefit:

Sunday bonus from the company AgrarianBenefit Ltd.
Sunday is a pleasant day, day of dreams and family.
Spend it in a proper way – on a couch and boundlessly.
Read a book and drink some tea, feel a positive relieve.
Spend it with your family, in the world of make-believe…
On such a wonderful day, we’d like to give you a drop of joy in the form of a nice bonus to the new deposit body!
+2.22% for the first plan, +7.77% for the second plan, +3.33% for the third plan
The promotion is valid from the present moment (of publication) until 20.02.2017, 10am Moscow time.
AgrarianBenefit Ltd. – where the success lives!


More languages available on a website means more potential investors joining with active deposits from more countries, and subsequently more growth. It’s especially fair to say that when we talk about big numbers of people living in countries speaking the language added by a program, like Spanish, for example. That’s why it’s positive news for all the members of CoinTransfer whose admin recently proudly presented the professionally translated Spanish version of his program’s website which is now available alongside English, Russian, and Chinese:

¡Hola amigos! ¿Cómo te va? As recently promised, we have implemented the Spanish language on our website. The CoinTransfer system is now available in yet another world language. According to statistics, millions of people around the globe are planning to start learning Spanish next week – and we speak it already! So if you prefer to communicate in this beautiful Romance language – ¡bienvenido! Welcome to the Spanish version of the CoinTransfer system!
On another happy note: we are glad to report that the total number of the project participants and partners has passed the 6900 mark! We are growing by the day.
Best regards, the CoinTransfer Team

If you haven’t read my detailed review of CoinTransfer posted here, then I should remind you of some basics about the investment plan there. The guaranteed minimum you will earn is 2.1% over a duration of 21 calendar days, with principal back on expiry. However on some days your daily interest may be slightly higher which will give you an even higher return than the guaranteed 44.1% net profit. Without banking on it though members of CoinTransfer should be particularly pleased to learn the program offers instant withdrawals on all the accepted payment processors – PerfctMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, NixMoney, and AdvCash – and that the minimum to invest is only $5 which makes it an affordable investment for literally everyone.


Have you ever heard of Xaborians? Is it a new alien race that want to invade planet Earth and enslave its entire population? Any other ideas? Well, if you don’t know yet that Xabo is one of the biggest programs in the HYIP industry as we speak then you’re not familiar with Xaborians either. That’s how the admin of Xabo calls his investors who enjoy profits from the program’s only available variable up to 5% daily plan which brings 150% back on your investment. Deposits with Xabo, by the way, start from $10 and can be done via PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, or AdvCash. Withdrawals should be expected instantly, unless there’s a technical fault that prevents the script from doing so, and then it will be done manually within a reasonable time. Xabo has been running already for about nine months of which the last four have been monitored by MNO which allowed readers to profit, as in the last weeks daily interest really swung between 4% to 5% mark thus allowing you to complete your investment cycle with Xabo in about five weeks. The Xabo website definitely looks better than the majority of the competition, and that is why it’s no wonder it’s been enjoying tremendous success so far with stories and reviews being shared on Youtube in various languages. Along with the latest impressive stats on the program’s membership and invested amounts the admin of Xabo also shared lots of links from 57 countries which you can find on Youtube and that are all praising the program’s ability to help investors make money. For how long it continues no one can say, but so far it’s been a good ride for everyone – just remember that Xabo has nothing to do with real investments and play it smart to avoid disappointment, and everything should be fine! Also, watch the educational videos for a step-by-step investment process if you didn’t get it from my detailed review posted here (the links are also given in the newsletter). On a side note Xabo, known for its close affiliation and love to BitCoin, shared the latest good news from Japan about the legal status of BitCoin currency and its progress in the right direction for investors over the last couple of weeks. Read the second article from Xabo on this to find out more:

More than 71,000 Active investors earning money daily!
More than $15,398,816 already being paid to investors!
Over $31,401,303 invested in 8 months!
Up to 5% daily return of your investments with instant withdrawals on the spot since the beginning of 2016!
It is not a miracle, it is Xabo Logistics International LTD rocks around the globe uniting biggest shipping business with the power of cryptocurrency!
Watch all stories! http://news.xabo.io/news/the-power-of-xaborians/42
Check it now at YouTube! https://www.youtube.com/results?sp=CAI%253D&q=xabo.io
Watch this quick tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZ71qHFecYY
Visit Xabo Platform & Create your account for free at:

Japan Officially Recognizes Bitcoin and Digital Currencies as Money
Japanese banks are set for embracing Bitcoin after proposed new laws. Has Bitcoin finally come of age in the land of the rising sun?
On March 4, 2016, The Japan Times reported that the Cabinet in Japan had approved a series of bills which would help the banking sector expand their reach when it comes to Information Technology businesses. This intertwining of banking and IT are called ‘FinTech’ in emerging parlance.
Interestingly, the cabinet also takes into stock the rising importance of virtual currencies and the new bills will recognize them as a means of making payments and having the potential to be digitally transferred.
Japan has just given virtual currencies legitimacy, something that many other nations are still struggling to come to terms with.
So Saito, Attorney at Law who specialises in Virtual Currencies, says to CoinTelegraph:
“I think that new law will advance an acceptance of Bitcoin and other VC. Some of major financial institutions, investors, and advertising agencies etc. have hesitated being relevant with Bitcoin. The reasons are that Bitcoin is not regulated, the nature of it has been uncertain and some still have a bad impression on Bitcoin.”
Sunrise for Bitcoin in the land of the rising sun?
The government in Japan is attempting to bring virtual currencies under the purview of the Financial Services Agency (FSA), the same Japanese agency which manages transactions that take place in Japan’s own currency, the Yen. This will also mean that there would registeration of exchanges which handle virtual currencies aimed at preventing money laundering and extending more protection to the people who use Bitcoin and other such currencies.
Bringing Information Technology to Banking
The banking sector in Japan would benefit the most from the proposed laws. Already the banks in Japan are more open-minded about Bitcoin than their European peers who seem to shut the doors to people who are active participants in the crypto world.
Jeremy Wood, Co-founder and CSO of Input Output, a company which operates in Hong Kong and Japan, says:
“I think in some respects, the banks have already accepted Bitcoin. Japan doesn’t have the bank closings that happen to Bitcoin companies.”
So are the Japanese banks ready to take a huge leap of faith and start embracing Bitcoin?
Takao Asayama of Tech Bureau Corp (Zaif Exchange) thinks so and told us that things started changing in January 2016 because before that in 2015 virtual currencies were, in his words, “Voldemort” to the banks in Japan. He says that in January 2016, Japanese banks started running experiments and started talking about cryptocurrencies with “smiles” to the media. Takao is of the view that they are getting ready to adopt it as a part of business when the law comes into force next year.
Kaga of Coincheck.jp also chimes in with his view that since the announcement banks are showing an interest in Bitcoin and other virtual currencies. He thinks this would mean more opportunities for established Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchanges. However, he feels that due to increased regulations startups might face more difficulty in entering the market.
The Road Ahead
Japan has paved the way for Bitcoin and other virtual currencies to play a role in the country’s financial system. This way these currencies can be better regulated and managed within the country.
The technology behind these currencies can also be utilised by the existing banking system. This will certainly give Japanese banking system an edge on early adoption. This does not mean though that Bitcoin has a status parallel to the Japanese Yen.
Grow your Bitcoins at: Xabo


Long gone are the days when investors come to a HYIP website disguised as a profit-sharing website and liked to click on links in order to get paid. Nowadays, people simply want to get profits without wasting time every 24 hours like MacaoLotto requires to get paid, and that’s why I guess the program remains so utterly unpopular among my readers. I’m not sure that’s going to change anytime soon either, as MacaoLotto (reviewed here) still asks you to pick one ball from six possible every 24 hours and rewards you with anything from 0% to 6% in the first 50 days, while reducing the amount to 0% to 1.5% for the remainder of the two year investment term. Besides, the shady activities of the admin who allegedly accepts deposits via credit cards, i.e. asks sensitive information to use it somewhere else help the program’s credibility. If MacaoLotto is eligible to accept Credit cards, why is it working with anonymous online payment processors like PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and AdvCash, and not with verifiable ones like Payza or Neteller. In the last update the admin doesn’t add anything new to that and asks members to download some application allegedly coming from Google Play, but I myself couldn’t find it there, so I have deleted the “app” immediately and would encourage you NOT to click on the link you see in the News section of the website, as God knows what will be installed on your computer if you do so and install this “app”. According to the admin of MacaoLotto, the new app will provide some information for gamblers who choose to play “games” rather than purchase “investment tickets”. Here’s the update just for your information:

Dear investors and players.
Today we have published a new application for android. Currently, the application provides the following functions:
1. Register.
2. Buying a lottery (Pick 4+ Fireball, Weekly 6/45, Instant lottery).
3. Checking the tickets.
4. View results.
Within a few months we are planning to launch the application on the iPhone and iPad.


SoftMining finished Sticky listing on MNO today as the admin hasn’t extended it after one and a half months, but keeps the large banner on the monitor for the next two and a half months. That shouldn’t really be a warning sign, in my humble opinion, as SoftMining is still pretty much flying under the radar of my readers, and hasn’t reached the level of success many other programs are enjoying. Among the latest updates posted in the news section of SoftMining‘s website there is a short reminder about the minimum withdrawal of $5 – the criteria necessary to be paid instantly to your PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and AdvCash. The rule has been properly explained already in the detailed review of SoftMining posted here where I also noticed that if you can place a withdrawal request for any amount, but only those larger than $5 will be processed instantly, while lower than that requests maybe just pending in limbo for eternity. Keep this in mind if you’re thinking of investing in SoftMining‘s investment plan paying you from 0.95% to 1.25% daily (depending on the size of your investment) for an unlimited term and no principal back:

Dear users
You can make withdrawal request of any amount that is more than $5


Unfortunately, I have to finish today’s news update with bad news for members of two programs listed on MNO – Investify and Edelweiss5. Investify proved a complete disappointment and total failure scamming exactly when there was time to start paying profits to its very first investors. Bringing 40% weekly and running eighteen days only? What a joke! And besides, the admin tries to keep the members’ hopes up by sending nonsense emails like this one received yesterday (grammar errors have been edited to make it readable):

Technical Problems
Unfortunately we got some technical problems. We have to withdraw the current balance by self. The technician will work Monday/Tuesday fine again!
Sorry for the convince and have a nice Weekend.
Investify Team

Funnily enough no technician needed to accept new deposits as the admin of Investify continues to do. I would advise you to stay away from this scam and move on to a much better organized projects, which are not run by chancers. Investify has been moved to Scam status on MNO already. I don’t hold my breath for a recovery.

Totally different story with Edelweiss5. As the program has not extended its banner spots on the MNO blog I became suspicious of its financial condition. The program is especially suffering in the Fraud thread on the largest Russian-speaking MMGP forum and Problem status on other monitors. The latest changes of payout schedule to twice monthly also seem to have affected its reputation and the extension of the payment schedule to five business days hurt it as well. The thing is I do not like about this new schedule is its seemingly random character of payouts. I see that some members are getting paid within hours, while others (like myself, for instance) have to wait for three days with no explanation on the pending status for so long. Is it fair? The only reason of not paying some members within reasonable period of time I can see in some financial strains Edelweiss5 is most probably suffering from not having recovered from its own change of rules and consequences in terms of lack of new deposits. In any case, I believe that it’s better be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to my readers not being aware of the situation and still possibly investing money in Edelweiss5. For the moment I have made a decision to move it to Problem status on my monitor, as the admin showed no interest in explaining why my payment is delayed. Although still within the five business days (where did they even get this term from?) I’m sure there is something going on behind the scenes and the future of the program will be decided by the admin of Edelweiss5 pretty soon. So, until further notice please stay away. In case of no payment within the next three days it will be moved to Scam status – simple as that.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: DecenterMe (the first automated payments received).
From MNO Premium listZinc7RightRise, RazzletonSumWexElizion, XaboMexeerBandeiraCorpPalmills, LensenGroupWhyNotWeollee, RichmondBerksAgrarianBenefitDowerly, SoftMining, CoinTransferMacaoLottoTradeexPro, 1Solution.
From MNO Standard list: FenusFive, TeaHouse.
From MNO Basic list: –

That’s it for now, guys. I hope to see you back most tomorrow for a review of TeaHouse – “Have some tea. Make some money” as it says. All the latest updates from the most prominent investment programs in the HYIP industry are coming too. So if you don’t wish to miss anything – subscribe to the daily newsfeed here, and follow MNO on Facebook, Twitter, or Telegram. I appreciate your support and hope to serve you better the next business week, when I will try to issue the news updates more frequently. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and see you Monday!

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