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Beware! SunCoinz has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everybody! After what’s been another busy week in the HYIP industry I hope you all had some success with your portfolios. I still have a couple of new programs from my monitor to review on my blog in the next few days as well as any important news developments so try and make some time to watch out for that if you can, it could make or save you a lot of money you know! Today then to finish the business week I want to have a closer look at a program called SunCoinz. The admin first contacted me when the program launched about six weeks ago in January but didn’t follow up his request for monitoring until last week. I don’t know what the wait for for, but anyway, let’s see now what SunCoinz have to offer and if you think it’s a program that deserves a spot in your portfolio.
You have three plans to choose from in SunCoinz, one medium term, one long term, and one no-expiry perpetual plan. You can join the first plan for a $10 minimum. The term then runs for 30 calendar days, with SunCoinz offering investors a daily interest payment of 0.6% if they spend anything up to $500 joining the program. These payments add up to 18% by the end of the term, nowhere even close to a profit obviously, this only comes when SunCoinz return your principal as promised. Bigger spending players willing to spend from $501 to a relatively conservative by HYIP industry standards amount of $1,000 are offered an improved rate of 0.8% per day for the same 30 calendar day term. With your principal back on expiry this brings you a final net profit of 24%.

Also starting from a $10 minimum, the second plan in SunCoinz runs for a somewhat longer term of 50 calendar days. Interest payments are made to members on a daily basis, and if spending up to $500 will be 2.4%. These add up to 120% in total, except that this time SunCoinz are including your profit as part of the payment and won’t be returned in a separate payment. That leaves you with 20% net profit. Larger investors willing to spend from $501 to an upper limit of $2,000 are offered a daily interest payment of 3%, also for 50 calendar days. With your principal included that gives you 150% total return, or your own money back plus 50% net profit.

In many ways the final plan in SunCoinz is made obsolete by the presence of the first two. It’s a perpetual style no-expiry plan which very well have worked as a stand alone option, but with two lower risk fixed term plans to compete with really has very little to recommend it. Anyway, it will cost you an expensive $500 minimum investment to try it out, and for anything up to a $5,000 maximum offers a basic 1% interest per calendar day. You therefore need 100 calendar days to reach the break-even point, i.e. get back your own money before ever seeing a cent in profit. If SunCoinz even lasts that long to begin with it’s still an awfully long wait to see any kind of profit. Whatever you do end up with is totally unpredictable as it depends on how many days beyond that point SunCoinz can continue to operate.

If you’ve come to a decision as to which, if any, of the investment plans suits you best then the next thing you need to know about is what your payment options are. This is one area where SunCoinz have made some improvements since they launched, because at the beginning it was just BitCoin. This was joined more recently by PerfectMoney and Payeer, with SunCoinz adding two of the popular more traditional style third party payment handlers. Payments to members are going to have to be requested from inside your SunCoinz private account area. The good news for many investors who think this is important is that all payouts are then made instantly. Just submit the request for what you are owed on the day and the cash should be with you in under a minute.

Moving on next to a few of the more technical details of the SunCoinz website such as design and site security it all seems up to an acceptable standard. The SunCoinz website is currently available in two languages including English by default and Chinese. The website is powered off a licensed script from GoldCoders which as always will give the website a familiar feel to regular HYIP players and is easy to navigate and customer friendly throughout. The SunCoinz website is hosted on a dedicated server by OVH, with the support and protection from malicious attacks in turn provided by DDoSCure. For an extra layer of security the SunCoinz website features SSL encryption from Comodo to provide safer browsing and more secure transactions. There are a couple of instructional videos embedded on the site, not directly related to SunCoinz as such but maybe useful anyway as they relate to the use of BitCoin.

Incidentally despite the bi-lingual website there’s nothing to suggest that customer support is available in anything other than English, though if you’re reading MNO then that’s unlikely to pose a problem for you personally. If you do have any further questions for the admin about any aspect of SunCoinz or any account related issues you need to have dealt with then there are a couple of ways you can try and reach them. If you don’t find what you need to know in the FAQ page you can fill in your details the contact form and submit it online, or else just write directly to the listed e-mail address. Rarely used even for offline businesses anymore, SunCoinz include a fax number which I can’t imagine many readers here having much use for even if they can access a machine.

For anyone interested in such things the alleged business interests behind SunCoinz is the mining of crypto-currencies. There is as usual not much you can do to research and verify that claim assuming you are naive enough to believe it. Plus the fact that texts are a direct copy/paste used word-for-word by several older programs in the past, and is barely readable badly written gibberish anyway. So like just about everything in the HYIP industry, take what you hear with a pinch of salt. Establish what is a sensible and affordable spending limit that you can easily live without if you lose it, and if joining SunCoinz at all then try and keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.

So what do you guys think? Will you be joining SunCoinz? Prefer to pass on it this time? Maybe you’ll just think about it for now? If you have a moment to spare please share your thoughts with your fellow MNO readers in the following opinion poll about the program. Remember it’s completely anonymous and untraceable, and will give us all (investors and admins alike) a better picture of what you expect from a program when deciding if it’s good enough for you or not. So:

Will you make and active deposit in SunCoinz?

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The first program to be introduced tonight is called RubiLtd with the admin purchasing Premium listing on MNO a couple of days ago. The program cannot be considered new, as it has been running for over seven weeks now and judging by the fact you only need 15 days to profit from RubiLtd‘s shortest investment plan, there are plenty of investors in profit. The program doesn’t offer you unrealistic returns though and by investing in the 15 days plan, for instance, you will get 109% to 116% total return at the end of the term. A 30 day plan will bring you 123% to 137% in the end, by investing in a 60 day plan you will have 151% to 179% total return, and finally for its longest 90 day plan RubiLtd will pay 189% to 225%. All the investment plans are presented on the program’s site in the form of an easy to read table and depending on the size of your deposit which starts from a $10 minimum via PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and AdvCash you should expect the following – 7.27%-7.73% for 15 days, 4.1%-4.57% for 30 days, 2.52%-2.98% for 60 days, 2.1%-2.5% for 90 days. As RubiLtd is running off a totally custom-made script there are quite some unique features available. Among the most original is Rubi Dollars Bonus account where you will accrue 1% on a 10% part of your original deposit with the program, thus it will bring you 0.1% daily additional income which you can transfer to the main balance any time. Small incentive, but a very unique one which RubiLtd proudly put its own stamp on. Withdrawals are processed by the admin manually, and after making the request you should expect to be paid within a 24 hour maximum. My own first withdrawal request was processed very fast (and I imagine this is typical for the program), and therefore it was already moved to Paying status on my monitor. The site of RubiLtd is executed really well and its unique script is complemented by an SSL EV Green Bar certificate from Comodo, and hosting on a dedicated server with DDoS protection by OVH. Over the first weeks online RubiLtd has been constantly improving and is currently available in five languages including English, Russian, French, German, and most recently Chinese where according to the admin at least a a fifth of the traffic on the website is coming from. Here’s the latest news update from RubiLtd with a full review coming next week:

Dear friends! We are pleased to note that we have got a great support in Asia. Just imagine: every fifth investor lives in this part of the world! (According to website). Taking into account the interests of our investors, we have decided to translate the site into Chinese. This is only the beginning of a long journey. We are planning to expand the language base and add translations to other languages in the future.
Invest in the future – invest in RubiLtd.
Sincerely, your John Rubi.


The second program I have to introduce tonight is called AuctionHouseSorta and it was added to the Standard List on MNO yesterday, within hours of its official launch. Although it will only be reviewed on my blog at the end of the next week, I have to explain its investment plans if you want to join right away. AuctionHouseSorta works on the premise of being an auction and therefore it offers three types of so-called lots, which change from time to time. For instance, yesterday there were three lots available to purchase with each of them offering different daily interest over a different term, compared to the other three lots presented today. There are some patterns though pointing at just how much approximately one should expect to get when investing in AuctionHouseSorta. The first group of lots, for instance, will give you from 4.3% to 4.7% daily profit over a period of 30 to 32 calendar days for a minimum of $10. The second group of lots will make you 3.7% to 4.1% daily profit over the longer period of 45 to 47 calendar days for a higher investment minimum of $50. And finally, the longest investment period of of 60 to 62 calendar days will bring you 3.1% to 3.3% daily profits for a $100 minimum. As you see, these lots are not much different from regular investment plans, but they will vary within the limits set by the script. By the way, AuctionHouseSorta is running off a licensed H-Script which has been modified to meet the specific requirements of the program. However, basics remain the same and for instance, you need to add funds in your account first by clicking on “Fill up balance” tab, before being allowed to invest. Deposits in AuctionHouseSorta can be made via PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, or AdvCash, and they start working depending on the lot schedule which is shown once you check the terms of purchase before investing. Withdrawals have to be requested and are paid manually within 24 hours. I’ve already been paid and my first withdrawals were quite fast, which might be a regular occurrence once the program is still new. There is an interesting and original system in place rewarding members of AuctionHouseSorta for reinvesting, as they will get a type of deposit bonus which will increase gradually with every subsequent reinvestment. As you can see, the investment process in AuctionHouseSorta is quite different from other programs, but if you still don’t get it then wait for the review on MNO for detailed examples. If your native language is Russian, you can always get a better understanding of its investment process, as Russian version is certainly stronger than the English despite being incorporated in the UK. On the technical side, things are looking good for AuctionHouseSorta with a licensed H-Script, SSL Green Bar from Comodo, and a dedicated and DDoS protected server with protection DDoSGuard. And of course AuctionHouseSorta started by buying a listing on MNO gives us an idea on a good operating budget for the program’s promotion. More on AuctionHouseSorta is coming next week, but for now here’s the welcome message from the admin:

The online cooperation has began
The AuctionHouseSorta is glad to welcome you on our website!
Today there was an event to which our company sought to for a long time. An opportunity to invest in our company, and also to cooperate with us on all other directions has been realized on a platform of the official AuctionHouseSorta.
Now you can participate in processes from any point of the world, anonymously, safely and reliably. Join to a cooperation, we will be glad to provide you every possible assistance and help!
The AuctionHouseSorta – a cradle of true values and legacy of the British traditions.


Out of so many new features BikeForMe added since compressing its investment plans into the current 3% for 50 days, online chat wasn’t among them. Well, that’s been fixed now so prior to reviewing BikeForMe on the MNO blog on Sunday I’m pleased to announce the addition of this feature on their website. I’m not sure what the working hours of the Live Chat will be yet, as at the time of writing there was no one available to talk with, but I imagine an online consultant will be available during business hours GMT. Just to remind you – BikeForMe pays instantly on all requests submitted to PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, or AdvCash with investments starting from a $10 minimum. I’ve received many withdrawals now so can confirm it myself, and if you want to find out more please visit the MNO blog over the weekend or ask online support as advised in the latest update from BikeForMe re-posted below:

Now online consultant is available on our site! We are getting closer to our customers!
Dear investors!
We are constantly trying to improve the quality of our services. Today we have added a function of online consultation for raised questions. Now you can easily clarify any important information or solve raised issues on any page of our site. We take care of our customers and do our best in order to improve the quality of provided services.
Sincerely, BikeForMe Team.


You might have noticed last night that for a few hours signing in to your account with TradeexPro was prevented by technical work going on there during night time hours GMT. This was announced in the news section as follows:

Technical works tonight – COMPLETED
Dear customers
Tonight from 00:00 to 9:00 will be held technical work.

As expected, everything was back to normal earlier today and I managed to get into my account and was paid instantly as usual. If you haven’t read my review of TradeexPro posted here, you should know that the only investment plan available offers a 1% fixed daily return on Saturdays and Sundays and a variable 1% to 5% return on weekdays for a 365 calendar day term. The admin tells me a new investment plan is to be made available in TradeexPro very soon, so I wonder whether the technical updates on the website were necessary to somehow accommodate this. Since its an original script handling instant payouts to PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and AdvCash (deposits can start from as low as $10) some changes will probably be necessary. In any case, it’s true that TradeexPro have some really long-term plans, because the admin confirmed it by extending the banner spot on the MNO monitor for another month and purchasing another spot on the MNO blog too. As soon as the new investment offer becomes available I’ll report it on my blog and will edit the original review where needed, so stay tuned for that!


The last few days saw several programs monitored on MNO translated into new languages. The first is the addition of Hindi to the main website of Weollee – the sixth translation available there. The Weollee website though is only showcasing the program’s main features. Your investment itself only starts after clicking the “Mission Start” button to activate the Weollee Telegram bot which will take over from there and guide you through the whole process. There’s only one investment plan in Weollee offering 1.5% daily “forever” with the possibility to withdraw any part of the principal or earnings at any time you wish, after an initial 24mhour lock-in period. You can start investing with Weollee from $10 via Payeer, PerfectMoney, BitCoin, or AdvCash and all withdrawals are processed instantly by the bot. You have an option to increase your daily earnings with Weollee to 2% daily by freezing your deposit for a 10 day lock-in, on expiry of which your principal and earnings will be released. You can then request them and get paid instantly, or continue earning with Weollee on the 1.5% daily “forever” plan. In order to activate this 10 day compounding feature you should activate the so-called “Turbo neurons” feature available in your Weollee bot on Telegram. More on the program can be found in my detailed review posted here or interview with the program’s admin here. Here’s the short update on adding Hindi issued by Weollee earlier today:

Hello. This is Weollee
As you may have noticed, I’m constantly learning and evolving and today I have an amazing news for foreign partners. I’ve added new language to the website and telegram. This is Hindi (India)


Whoever translates HYIP websites into Hindi must be doing well this week! LensenGroup has also been done, as announced by the admin on the website yesterday:

Hello, Investors,
We have added Hindi language. We will continue to add other languages.
We hope you will enjoy our work!
Best regards, LensenGroup Team

Hindi is not the first translation of the LensenGroup website by any means, in fact it’s the twelfth. LensenGroup (reviewed here) has been on MNO for over seven weeks and online for four months in total. Three plans – 4.5% for 30 business days, 105% after 10 days, 25% for 6 weeks – are available, paying to PerfectMoney, AdvCash, Payeer, and BitCoin. Investments in LensenGroup start from a $10 minimum, so are affordable for anyone who might be interested.


The next language the admin of 1Solution has made available is Polish. Not the most obvious choice at first, it might well be worth it considering how difficult their investment plan is to understand. Polish becomes the fifth version, joining English, Russian, Vietnamese, and Spanish. If your own language is not included and you would like to know more about 1Solution you can refer to the detailed review posted on MNO here. In a nutshell the offer changes every hour or so, and you may start from a $1 minimum via PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and AdvCash or wait and see if a better offer becomes available. With such an affordable minimum, instant withdrawals, highly original concept, and a customized script I believe 1Solution deserves more attention from the MNO readers than what it has been getting. Below is the latest short update on adding the Polish language:

The project translation into Polish
Dear partners!
We have completed all the work connected with adding the Polish language to our website.


The benefits of using of a custom made script for the best HYIPs are countless, both for the investors and the admin, but the major advantage over those using licensed generic scripts is the constant evolution and adding new features. This is always appreciated by investors, especially when it gives more flexibility like assigning an upline, or easily changing payment processor accounts. These exact changes have been announced by the admin of RichmondBerks who also presented them in a newsletter today. Along with that latest update there were two others, mostly dedicated to the upcoming RichmondBerks meetings that are scheduled to be held in March in two completely different corners of the world – Osaka in Japan and the Ukrainian capital Kiev – which you can attend if you book a place in advance at the points of contact listed in the updates. For those who unfamiliar with RichmondBerks which is definitely one of the most original projects around now and have not read my review posted here, I’ll remind you of a few things you need to know before investing. RichmondBerks pays 1.5% daily from Monday to Friday and 0.7% on Saturdays and Sundays. The investment term is unlimited, but you may request your principal back at any time for a 50% fee. Investments are accepted from a $10 minimum (or its equivalent in BTC and EUR) via five payment methods – PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, AdvCash, and NixMoney. Withdrawals are processed instantly on request and remember that in order to withdraw your profits you click on the “Sell RBD” button, as opposed to “Buy RBD” when you want to invest. After a full month on MNO RichmondBerks has managed to reach the Top 10 most popular programs on my Premium list which is a very good achievement for a long-term program like this. The latest three updates from RichmondBerks are re-posted below for your convenience:

Meet the big personal account update
Hello! RichmondBerks company presents you the updated functionality of a personal account. Now, in the “Statistics” section you can track all of your income and transactions. Due to the placement of all the data in one section, tracking your finances has become even easier.
If you do not have an upliner, you can join your friend and become his partner. To do this, you need to enter his e-mail in the line of your profile and confirm the action, then you will become his partner!
Changing the wallet is now possible in just a few clicks. To do this, you need to verify your phone number, and then under “Edit profile” click “Change wallet”.
After that, your phone will receive an SMS with a verification code. Enter it and click “Submit”. Thereafter, you will be able to change the wallet.
Please, comment, what would you like to improve in your account.
If you have any questions, our support team is happy to answer them.
Regards, RichmondBerks company
P.S.: Have you already earned any achievements? Learn more about how to increase profits.

We are waiting for you at the conference in Osaka
Hello! As you know, in March in Japan will take place two conferences of Richmond Berks company. We invite you to become a participant of the conference in Osaka! Everyone can come to the conference. The entrance is free. You only need to register on it directly on our website.
Date: March 8, Location:??????? ????????1-12-1???????????1F?2F, Start time: 18:00 – 20:00, Contact number: 06-6343-5109
Register to the conference now!
Find out about company’s previous conferences. Here you can find the report on the conference in Berlin and Riga

RichmondBerks is waiting for you at the conference in Kiev!
Hello! RichmondBerks company invites you to the conference, which will take place in Kyiv, NSC Olympic “Presidential Skybox”. We are waiting for everybody! No one will be without gifts and cash prizes from the lottery! You will learn a lot new, and find partners. Sign up now!
Date: 14.03.2017, Time: 18:00, Place: NSC Olympic “Presidential Skybox”
The entrance is free, pre-registration
Contact phone: +38 (068) 126-74-87, Contact person: Alexey
Register to the conference now!


Today is a big day for the administration of Elizion (reviewed here) as the program officially celebrates 120 days online, which means two 3% daily for 60 days investment cycles have been completed. If you had been with Elizion from day one you would have earned 199.6% pure profit from these. That is a tremendous achievement, but given the very gradual development I cannot say that the result was totally unexpected. As Elizion pays daily in automated mode to PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, BitCoin, and Ethereum accounts and accepts deposits starting from $10 minimum via their Telegram-based investment platform there were plenty of opportunities to try. The question now is for how much longer Elizion will continue, because doubling money every 60 days is not an easy task. In the latest update the administration promises to develop a new long-term strategy to ensure steady growth over the next weeks and months. And I believe increasing the maximum deposit from $10K to $50K should send a signal that Elizion is ready for even larger investments, but at the same time it may mean that the program started suffering from depletion of reserves and urgently needs new funds to cover payouts to current investors. Whatever this newsletter below really means only the admin of Elizion knows, but you can judge for yourself:

Dear partners! Today exactly 120 days since the moment as has began the work of the Elizion investment platform. All this time we didn’t stand still, constantly improving our service and giving to partners more and more opportunities and improvements.
Our achievements for the first 120 days of work:
– 199,6% of a net income for investors
– Us have been trusted more than 2,000,000 dollars
– Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been paid
– More than 20 thousand registrations
– More than 7,500 an active investors
– There are partners from more than 55 countries of the world
– Thousands of positive reviews
– More than 20,000 investments have been created
– More than 500,000 automatic payments have been received by our clients
We are grateful to you for your trust. In the near future will be realized the new decisions and new strategy of long-term development of a platform that, as a result, even in a bigger degree will strengthen line items of our business.
Also we want to report that we underwent testing of identity in the center of certification and have received the EV SSL Certificate Extended Validation which confirms our legal entity and work in the legal framework. Now in your a web-browser at the our website in the address bar you can see our legal identity: Elizion Innovative Corporation Limited.
Our website has received an additional extent of encryption. It is regard of identity verification process which is specified in the certificate by the policy identifier that does our website even more safely and your data now are even under bigger protection.
Thanks to the successful receipt of legal documents and certificates we have the right to work with large money turnovers. As a result of the above mentioned facts and fast development of our company, we raise the maximum investment amount to 50,000 dollars.
Be in the trend of an online earnings. Elizion – the investment platform No. 1.
Start to live freely!


Although the payment button on the Edelweiss5 has been disabled for another two weeks as it will re-open on 16th of March, the deposits are accepted 24/7. The review of Edelweiss5 posted here has been edited to reflect the changes while more information from the admin himself can be found in the interview posted here. With your account in the program credited with 1% daily on business days and 0.5% on weekends withdrawal button appears only twice a month for a few days. Deposits are accepted from $50 minimum via PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, AdvCash, YandexMoney, Qiwi, and direct Bank wires while after withdrawal option appears you must request your payment and wait up to 5 business days to receive it. Usually they are faster. Over the last couple of days two more news updates were posted on the website. One mentioned a promotional contest where the biggest referrers with downlines investing $40K to $50K over the calendar month will get an iPhone7 or Macbook Air as a reward. The second update invited everyone to the company’s conference in Shymkent, a city in Kazakhstan, so if for some reason you visit there on March, 11 you may participate. To reserve a spot please call the phone number specified in the end of the newsletter. Both of them are re-posted below:

We prolong campaign on the drawing of valuable prizes!!!
Dear friends! According to your numerous requests we prolong campaign on the drawing of valuable prizes. The campaign of our company, giving the chance to win a super-modern iPhone 7 or powerful, reliable and easy to use Macbook Air, has caused an unprecedented agiotage. Wishing to become the happy owner of our prize was more than we expected. Therefore, we have decided to extend the campaign for a month. So, to take part in the campaign is necessary from 1st to 31th March make an increase in the volume of the structure in the amount of 40 000 $ and you are guaranteed to become a proud owner of iPhone 7. In the case of the gain in the amount of 50 000 $, you will get a gift Macbook Air. Be the first. Attention! Achievements will not be considered for the previous months.

Business conference of the company Edelweiss5 in Kazakhstan
Ladies and gentlemen! We invite you to the thematic business conference of the company Edelweiss5 in one of the largest industrial, commercial and cultural centers of Kazakhstan – Shymkent! Kazakhstan’s potential in renewable wind energy, despite rich natural resources, is very large. Top leaders, industry experts, academics and investors of various countries will meet to discuss the following main topics: the analysis and assessment of the state of the market of renewable energy sources, the use and investment of renewable and clean technologies addressing critical energy challenges due to global climate change. This is an important open and fruitful dialogue space on the development of alternative energy. The program provides for the performances of one of the leaders of the Company Andrey Sus devoted to current issues of the Company’s activities and prospects of its development, as well as the other representatives of the Company in Kazakhstan Nurlybek Mirmanovich and Sabit Dyusebaev. Together with us you can spend a pleasant informative evening with a buffet table and take part in raffles of deposits and new iPhone7. You are welcome on March 11th, 2017 in Shymkent, Kazakhstan, the hotel «Rixos Khadisha Shymkent», Zheltoksan Street 17. Beginning at 18.00. Phone placeholders: +87053606960. We will be glad to see you! Admission is free!


TeaHouse (reviewed here) has been posting a couple of updates over the last 48 hours. One of them was in regards to opening a new Facebook page to replace the old blocked one and gave a link to it. The second update issued earlier today is dedicated to the program’s first 70 days online, most of which was spent as a little known sleeper, only re-inventing itself about three weeks ago. Despite being listed on MNO for 17 days many investors have managed to get good profits from its lucrative short-term investment plans which include – 5.7% for 18 hours, 102.5%-120% after 1 day, 114%-220% after 5 days, 1000% after 10 days, 145%-700% after 15 days, 210%-1500% after 30 days, 400%-2500% after 45 days, 800%-7000% after 70 days. TeaHouse is allegedly involved in tea auctions to fund their incredibly high returns. Of course, it’s all totally unverifiable, but at least not far from the truth on how the whole process works in real life tea plantations and factories. TeaHouse accepts investments starting from $10 via PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, NixMoney, and AdvCash and withdrawals are processed manually within a 36 hour maximum. In the latest update the admin also featured links to the review of his program on various investment blogs, including MNO, and promised it was only the beginning of the long and exciting journey ahead. Only time will tell if that becomes a reality, but so far TeaHouse has been a great program paying to everyone without delays, and fingers crossed, it will continue for at least seventy more days:

Watch for updates of news.
Dear visitors of the website and the investors of the program.
In view of the fact that the previous initiative group which has been created by the TeaHouse Inc Limited company at the Facebook social network was blocked for our request, we inform you that today is open the new group which you can join already now. You can join us in Facebook having followed the link, or you can do it just having clicked a badge of Facebook on the homepage the TeaHouse company of the official website.
We continue the own development and provide the improvements.
Watch for updates of news.
Have some tea. Make some money. TeaHouse

70 days online.
Dear investors and partners of the TeaHouse Inc Limited company!
Today especially good news. Exactly today 70 days since the moment when we have started our online work.
For this period we could increase significantly investment amounts and have been involved in process thousands of new partners from around the world.
Besides, we improved properties of the website, all system in general and have changed design of our website.
We have raised to the qualitatively new level the work of the customer support, having given to investors an opportunity to get the help online.
Our improvements and updates concerned all aspects of cooperation and results of this hard work are seen now by all who work with us, who trusts us and makes invest in our program.
You can always learn about how we work and that we offer for investors having studied reviews about our program which have placed at the known, authoritative and popular Internet resources: MNO, AlexNews, Hyipscom, Hyipcom.
All these achievements and improvements – only the beginning of a great way on which we hope to go together with you, dear investors.
Thanks for your trust!
Have some tea. Make some money. TeaHouse


As previously expected, the admin of SportArbitrage dropped Payza from the list of available payment options on his website leaving his investors with still quite an impressive list which include PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, LiteCoin, AdvCash, NixMoney, and OkPay. His earlier decision for Payza to be accepted in manual mode and without their prior approval or payment button was pretty reckless and even stupid, I would say. Now the Payza depositing option has been silently removed (I guess to avoid any embarrassment). Withdrawals do continue, but there was no word of it in the long newsletter issued earlier today. To give the admin some well deserved credit, the very first investors of SportArbitrage did profit this week from the 30 day investment plan. I’m not sure whether others who made larger investments into the longer running investment plans (up to 120 calendar days) are going to be as lucky, but if things don’t go to their liking I guess they can always demand their principal back for a 25% fee. The admin though promises a long lifetime for his program and to be ready to celebrate a year online, but we all heard these stories many times before and to even imagine SportArbitrage will be with us at the beginning of 2018 is very unrealistic, to say the least. I’d be pleased if the program runs a few more cycles first, before getting into the self-loving tirades, because the competition nowadays is tough and without more promotion I doubt SportArbitrage can move any further. Despite the admin trying to sound professional in the latest newsletter and highlighting the new features, I do not really like that he completely skipped the Payza topic. With the so-called real business he claims to be running it would not be a problem for him to get the approval of Payza, but alas! Anyway, I am not a fan of such a selective approach and though I was paid my principal this week, I have mixed feelings about their future despite all the fuss and hype the admin is obviously trying to create with his newsletters, like the one posted below. Anyway, only time will tell if SportArbitrage (reviewed here) will grow into something big or not, and investors will be the judge of its performance:

One month online in our journey to the impossible
Dear investors,
It’s Friday again and as usual, I am happy to sit down and write a message for all of our partners across the planet. This past week was intense, and I am thrilled to say SportArbitrage has over 13,000 registered members from more than 140 countries.
My dream with this project was to provide a global opportunity for investors from anywhere in the world and this is becoming real. I do not want to sound like a woolgatherer here, but it amazes me to see the support and feedback we are getting from all of you. We are only one month old and SportArbitrage is already changing lives. I wonder how this project will look like when we celebrate our first year online and how thrilled we will be to change thousands of lives.
SportArbitrage is a once in a lifetime project for me and we have no plans to start a new business anytime soon. I understand that many of you are forced to diversify your investments due to the extreme volatility of online investments, but I repeat: we are nothing like that. There are dozens of online “investment” websites closing down every day and we invite you to keep SportArbitrage as your number one choice for online investments. Why? Because we are real.
One thing I would also like to mention is that we’ve noticed that SportArbitrage has jumped up in many HYIP ratings websites, and we came to the conclusion that this is because it is so hard to find a reliable business in this industry, that it didn’t take much effort for us to climb into the top rated HYIPs ratings websites out there. We are nothing like what you have seen so far, and our standards are much higher in terms of financial health, website security, legal compliance and customer satisfaction.
SportArbitrage is different than others because we share different goals, have a very well streamlined mindset and we stand for our business principles. Our business model is based on the longevity of our program and we have designed plans for the next couple of years for it, we are experts and master what we provide.
The load of administrative tasks involved in this project is tremendous and we have been working day and night to give you the best experience possible. Our team is made of strong individuals with an amazing teamwork capacity and everything we do has you, our partner and final client, as the main reason-why.
Since we are talking about our team, allow me to mention our short-term plans, this is what is going on:
1. Phone support is now available every day from 8 AM to 6 PM GMT. Feel free to give us a call at +441212888803
2. Our email response time is in the order of minutes. Feel free to email as at and expect a very fast response.
3. We already have 3 promo videos available inside members area and there are more coming soon.
4. Our translation project is almost complete and SportArbitrage will soon be available in more than 10 languages.
5. Ethereum and a few other funding options will be available in a few days.
6. Several representatives starting offline campaigns.
7. Page with contact information from representatives coming in the next 4 days.
If you have ideas of what you would like to see at SportArbitrage, please let us know, we are always looking for ideas of improvement.
Once again, thank you for being with us in this journey and always remember: we are here to change lives and do not forget our motto: see the invisible, do the impossible. We are already doing the impossible and we will not settle for anything less than success.
I wish you all an amazing weekend, Ronald


Unlike some other programs, I really appreciate that the admin of Palmills has actually gone the extra mile to ensure investors preferring to deal with real banks and card providers facilitated by Payza be taken care of. After an initial testing period it was finally announced today that investors can make deposits with Payza into any of the three currently available investment plans – 5% for 30 business days, 6% for 20 business days, and 3.5% for 60 business days. As with other payment processors accepted by Palmills – PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, AdvCash – the minimum to invest in any plan is $25, and withdrawals are processed instantly. However with Payza there are two peculiarities connected – for now you can invest in Palmills up to a $1,000 maximum and you will also pay a 5% depositing fee to cover the higher transaction expenses. Palmills (reviewed here) has been a tremendously well-performing program which never missed a single payment to investors since mid-November when the program first came to MNO. It’s now been on my Paying list for 110 days. I really believe the almost impossible feat the admin has done – added Payza – will be a real boost Palmills needs to sustain payouts in the long term. Here is what was said on the Payza addition earlier today:

PAYZA was added as payment method!
Thanks to your suggestions and many requests to extend payment functionality of the platform, we decided to add a new processor – Payza. This is quite popular electronic currency among online entrepreneurs and also the most secure and stable. We hope that it will attract new users of our investment services. If you are already using Payza, you know about 5% transaction fee that is charged to the recipient. Please bear in mind that the amount of credited deposit will be reduced because of this fee, so invest an amount on 5% more. Profit withdrawal is performed without such commission. Besides, note that the maximum deposit through this payment system is $1000, but in the future, this amount will increase as the company’s development. We are ready to develop further and planning to connect additional payment methods to ensure the comfort of investments.


Unfortunately I have to finish today’s news on a sour note and warn you all against investing in two scams – SumWex and AgrarianBenefit. Both of them grew quite big and lasted for enough time to make profits for the majority of investors, so no real complaints there on my side.

In the case of SumWex it has been on MNO for thirty-nine days of its ten weeks online. It might not sound much, but if we consider its investment plans range in length from five to nineteen calendar days then we can see there was ample opportunity to profit and even complete several investment cycles. SumWex has been a roaring success among my readers and the program managed to reach the #2 position on the Premium list after the collapse of Zinc7, but unfortunately hasn’t lasted that long on the list, only departing earlier today. I must say that the admin has apparently tried to explain that the pending withdrawals were caused by a professional hacking attack on the website that messed with the database and promised to fix everything ASAP. That promise was not destined work out as just a couple of hours ago the program’s Telegram account was deleted leaving members in the dark and withdrawal requests piling up. I have to add here that instant withdrawals have always been considered one of their strongest features which, along with a memorable and original design, saw many investors favor them. I’m not sure how honest the admin was in regards to the alleged hacking attempt, but come to think of it, he might not explain anything, so we can only speculate here if there is any shred of truth there. What’s most important is the result – SumWex is officially a scam now where withdrawals are not processed any longer while new deposits are still accepted. Please be aware of that and stop investing in SumWex!

As for AgrarianBenefit, the program is still paying to some investors, last I heard. However, there were widely publicised problems with daily interest not added for some accounts, and many withdrawal requests are not processed to some larger investors either. Therefore, we can conclude of the selective character of payouts and some permanent issues that are not explained by the admin. Well, actually, he tried to do so on their Telegram channel, but it was more to calming the investors down rather than offering any permanent solutions. Time has been running out for AgrarianBenefit over the last few hours with nothing really having been done to rectify a worsening situation. Instead he admin tried to conceal the problem and went even further by offering another deposit bonus and a raffle for investors, having been absolutely silent about the interest crediting issue and pending withdrawals. This attitude simply won’t work and I believe that AgrarianBenefit is in its last hours, so if you are paid your next withdrawal request consider it a nice bonus, but do not invest anymore in this sinking ship please! AgrarianBenefit was certainly a good program while it lasted and almost three months online can be viewed as a decent achievement considering you needed from five to thirty calendar days to complete an investment cycle. Many MNO readers should be in profit too, as it was on Paying status on my monitor for nearly four weeks. All good things come to an end though, and with AgrarianBenefit that seems to be imminent. Please stop investing there too, even if you’re still getting paid!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: MacaoLottoOnePunchLtd, NordeBank.
From MNO Premium listRightRiseRazzletonElizionPalmills,
BandeiraCorpSportArbitrageWhyNotLensenGroupRichmondBerks, WeolleeTeaHouseDowerly, SoftMining1SolutionTradeBTCTradeexPro, Mavis, UnionTrade, SunCoinz, BikeForMe.
From MNO Standard list: PassiveLoan, AuctionHouseSorta (the first payments received).
From MNO Basic list: QuantumForexOptions, StrangeEvent.

That’s all for today, guys. I’ll take a day off tomorrow and be back on Sunday to review of BikeForMe plus any other news from the HYIP industry. Just one more thing before I say good-bye for tonight. Unfortunately, if you had any hopes that Zinc7 might somehow miraculously re-appear and resume payouts on Saturday, like the admin promised, then forget about it, as both Facebook and Telegram accounts of the admin were deleted while the site is still online accepting new deposits. No need to say anything, but never trust a HYIP admin – they’ll tell you any lies to steal more money. That, of course, doesn’t mean that you cannot succeed in the HYIP industry, and if you read MNO you can really pick the programs that will last long enough for you to profit. The first results of this week’s poll posted on the MNO TalkBack page prove that over half of you made lots of money over the first two months of the year, about a third had mixed results, and only about 17% lost money. So follow my site on Telegram, Twitter, or Facebook where all the latest news, status changes and updates are posted first. You can also subscribe to receive daily news directly to your email address, so enter it on this page. Thanks for your support and kind words about my work you leave on the ShoutBox and private emails. I will try to keep up the good work, because MNO has something for all money lovers!

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