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Beware! AuctionHouseSorta has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everyone! I hope the weekend is going well for you all so far, though you’re not so busy that you don’t find at least a few minutes to check out what’s going on at MNO. It’s been unusually busy as far as the news is concerned for a Saturday, though I guess with the HYIP industry very much at a high point right now that’s hardly surprising. Plenty coming up then for you to read about in the second half of today’s update, but first I want to look at a brand new program called AuctionHouseSorta which joined MNO a couple of hours after it launched a week ago. I had too many other new programs in front of it so I’m only getting around to taking a more detailed examination of it now, but nevertheless AuctionHouseSorta has been a decent performer so far and has delivered everything it said it would. So let’s see what it’s all about and whether you think it’s worth adding to your portfolios or not.
First of all the investment plans are organized very differently here than most other HYI programs. As the name implies, AuctionHouseSorta positions itself as being involved with, well auction houses, and the buying and selling of various assets. Therefore instead of investment plans in the traditional sense, we are presented with what they prefer to call “lots”. Though they’re still very much investment plans mind, AuctionHouseSorta just doesn’t call them that. The plans you see change periodically. They have fixed dates during which they are available, and when the offer runs out they will be replaced by something new. Actually the replacement plans will be very similar with only slight variations in the interest rates and term lengths, and there are certain parameters laid out for this in advance.

Don’t worry if that sounds a bit confusing at the moment, I’ll try to explain it better as we go. The first of three lots you can choose from then may run between a term of 30 to 32 calendar days. For example, the current version has a term of 31 calendar days, however when this offer is no longer valid it might be replaced with a similar plan running for 30 to 32 calendar days, it will depend on the circumstances at the time. For the sake of this review I will simply concentrate on what AuctionHouseSorta are offering right now at the time of writing.

So, at the moment as I said the first plan runs for 31 calendar days. You can join it for a minimum of $10 or invest a maximum of $501, depending on what you can afford. In return AuctionHouseSorta are offering members a daily interest payment of 4.3%. Your principal is being included as part of this, so when the term comes to an end you should have a total return of 133.3%, or your own money back plus a net profit of 33.3%.

Putting that in simple monetary terms then, let’s say you invested $100 here. AuctionHouseSorta would pay you back $4.30 per day for the rest of the term. These would add up to $133.30 by the time your final payment comes through, so that’s your own initial hundred plus an extra $33.30 profit for yourself.

As I already pointed out, that’s just the current version of this plan. Latter versions will be different but will also stay within pre-established parameters. So the term may run for 30, 31, or 32 calendar days, and AuctionHouseSorta will make interest payments between 4.3% to 4.7%.

The second lot currently runs for 46 calendar days. Deposits are in the range of a $50 minimum to a $1,501 maximum. AuctionHouseSorta is offering daily interest payments of 3.7% for the duration, and again include your principal among the payments. These should add up to 170% in total, or your own money back plus 70% net profit.

Again this is simply the current incarnation of this plan. Future versions will run for terms of 45, 46, or 47 calendar days, and AuctionHouseSorta will offer their members interest rates in the region of 3.7% to 4.1% per day.

The longest term plan available currently runs for 61 calendar days. AuctionHouseSorta require a minimum deposit of $100 if you want to join, and the maximum limit is 3,001. A daily interest rate of 3.3% is available to members, allowing you to complete the term with 201% in total earnings. As AuctionHouseSorta have counted your own principal in there, that’s 101% net profit for joining.

Once this current version is no longer available for investors AuctionHouseSorta will be replacing it with a similar offer. This may run for 60, 61, or 62 calendar days, we won’t know for sure until it actually happens, and will pay members between 3.1% to 3.3% interest per day.

By the way in addition to the investment plans, there’s an interesting and original system in place rewarding members of AuctionHouseSorta for reinvesting, as they will get a type of deposit bonus which will increase gradually with every subsequent reinvestment. You’ll see this in your members area, though obviously it will only interest you if you decide to re-invest at all. This starts with a 5% bonus on your second deposit, and an extra 2.5% that builds up on every subsequent re-deposit after that.

For example, if your first investment with AuctionHouseSorta is $100, and you decide to re-invest the same amount once your plan has expired. That means you will start earning interest on a $105 principal for the second round should you choose to take it. If you then decide to go for a third round, not only do you keep the initial 5%, another 2.5% is added to the original hundred meaning you are now earning interest on $107.50. This continues for five re-investments and is re-set after that.

If you find yourself suitably intrigued by the investment plans to join AuctionHouseSorta then you will need to know what your payment options are, though just before I get to that it’s probably worth having a quick word on the investment process. Because AuctionHouseSorta is running off a licensed H-Script many of you will already be familiar with how it looks, or at least know how to figure it out easy enough. And although the script has been modified to meet the specific requirements of the program, the basics remain the same. For instance, you need to add funds to your account first by clicking the “Fill up balance” tab. It’s from there that you are now allowed to invest by moving money from your balance into the plan you wish to join. Deposits in AuctionHouseSorta can be made via PerfectMoney, Payeer, and AdvCash if you prefer the older more conventional third party handlers to move your money around, and BitCoin if you favor the more direct approach and want to invest straight into the program with your own digital e-currency. While deposits start working depending on the lot schedule which is shown once you check the terms of purchase before investing, withdrawals have to be requested and are paid manually within 24 hours. Personally my own requests were so far all handled quite fast, which might be a lot easier to maintain at the moment when the program is still new.

Just one other thing about the plans. As I have explained the old ones are replaced with new offers on a constant basis, but will only become active a couple of days after being unveiled. For instance, this weekend the plans that were available to join on Saturday don’t actually start paying until Monday. Therefore there is no benefit to joining until the actual activation date, otherwise your money just sits there doing nothing, and that’s never a good thing in the HYIP industry. So be sure and check the proper start date for each individual plan as it becomes available, and don’t join anything until the official launch and AuctionHouseSorta start making payments.

Moving on next to some of the more technical aspects of the AuctionHouseSorta website such as design and main security features, things are looking quite good for the program. When it comes to mass produced licensed scripts, H-Script was never quite the industry leader but deserves to be more popular in my own estimation because they’re as good and dependable a service provider as the market number one. For an extra layer of security you will also find the AuctionHouseSorta website comes with a superior Green Bar SSL certificate from Comodo for safer browsing and more secure transactions. For a hosting provider the AuctionHouseSorta website is being kept on a dedicated and DDoS protected server with the support and protection from malicious attacks provided by DDoSGuard.

If you still have any questions for the AuctionHouseSorta admin that you think I might have missed in this review or any account related issues you need to have dealt with then you have a couple of good options open to you for communication. A couple of things you need to go through first however before contacting anyone include reading through the website’s FAQ section to see if your question is explained there. Also, if you are not a native English speaker and are more comfortable with Russian then AuctionHouseSorta (despite claiming to be registered in the UK) is much stronger in Russian than it is in English.

Once you’ve checked out all of that and still have something that needs to be dealt with, the first thing you should look for is an AuctionHouseSorta operator on either their Skype or Telegram Chat and see if you can get your queries dealt with on the spot in real time. If you have something a bit more substantial and need to compose a longer email you can fill in your details on the online customer support form and submit it through the contacts page on the AuctionHouseSorta website. Alternatively you can also write directly to the admin using the e-mail addresses listed. Fans of social media networks will be able to find AuctionHouseSorta keeping active profiles on Facebook and VK, so you can try and link up with them there if you prefer. The only thing I suggest you ignore is the postal address as this is the least likely place you will ever find anyone connected with running the program physically located. Mostly these tend to be just serviced workspaces used for registration purposes, and not where anyone is actually operating from.

For the record the alleged business interests supporting the whole thing are, we are told, what is often referred to colloquially as “fire sales”, basically selling off the assets of companies at knock down prices to cover the debts left behind by pending bankruptcy. AuctionHouseSorta describes itself as a company that “specializes in holding liquidation auctions” but does very little else to enlighten us on that. It’s certainly an original idea compared to most other online HYIPs if nothing else, though I think experienced industry players will know to react the very same way. In other words treat AuctionHouseSorta as you would any other online HYIP. That means don’t look for guarantees, keep your expectations realistic, stay well within a sensible spending range that you can afford not just to spend but to lose, and if you do decide to join AuctionHouseSorta then try and keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.

I’ll leave it at that for now, but just briefly before we move on to the news I hope readers won’t mind sharing their own thoughts on the program. Is it a hit or miss do you think? Please vote in the following poll about AuctionHouseSorta which as always is completely anonymous. I think in the weeks and months to come it will give a more interesting picture about how many people made the correct judgment call about the program and its chances of success right from the start. So:

Will you make an active deposit in AuctionHouseSorta?

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Even before completing its first shortest investment plan NordeBank has managed to become the most popular program among the new additions to MNO, and it’s easy to see why. Following the program’s positive review posted here, its upgrade to the Sticky List on the MNO monitor, and purchasing all available advertising spots on MNO for a full month for $10K, the admin of NordeBank has proven he has come to establish a name and become the new leader of the HYIP industry. NordeBank‘s main advantage is in its perfectly developed script and instantly processed withdrawals to PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and AdvCash. Of course, the next wave of investors will flow into the program once NordeBank return deposits on expiry of the available investment plans – 2% for 15 days, 2.5% for 30 days, 3% for 60 days, 3.5% for 100 days – but already it’s very clear the leading course the program is taking. With the most recent announcement issued today about the availability of an Android app you can easily download to your mobile device from the Google Play store NordeBank is definitely taking the lead for a new generation of HYIP investors. I myself tested the app and it works like a charm, so I can personally recommend it. NordeBank has advertised the new mobile app as “mobile banking” and you can get an idea of what it’s all about and download and install it via a provided link below:

NordeBank Mobile Banking
Save your time wherever you are! NordeBank Mobile Banking enables access to your accounts in a fast, simple, and secure way!
Through NordeBank Mobile banking arrange your financial transactions anytime and anywhere!
Why Mobile Banking is the right choice?
– Fast and secure access
– Review of the total account balance
– Convenient and fast payments
– Review of remitted/received payments
It’s easy to start using Mobile Banking


If NordeBank still have to prove themselves by returning the principals to the first investors next week, programs like Razzleton have proved it many times over already. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone called Razzleton the biggest program in the HYIP industry at the moment. While so many giants closing over the last couple of weeks Razzleton still stays strong and pays everyone within the promised 48 hour timeframe. As the membership has grown by tremendous numbers since its first appearance online back in December 2015, Razzleton has recently taken measures to reduce its workload and get rid of the smallest withdrawal requests by concentrating on paying less frequently and appealing more to investors with larger amounts in the program. Strictly speaking, although the minimum to invest in Razzleton starts from $10, the program has nothing to prove anymore, and in my opinion setting a minimum withdrawal at $5 makes perfect sense to save time and resources. The latest newsletters from Razzleton posted over the last couple of days are obviously aimed at encouraging people to re-invest from the current balance to save on payment processor fees, as this is the newest feature added to the website. To encourage investors to use this new re-investment feature more eagerly, the administration also offered a 5% deposit bonus on all re-investments from balance made today and tomorrow. If you want to find out more about the new feature and the deposit bonus please see below. If you wish to find out more information on Razzleton‘s investment plans that pay 2.1% for 15 days, 2.3% for 30 days, 2.9% for 55 days (all three return the principals on expiry), 150% after 15 business days, 500% after 20 business days, 300% after 30 business days, 1500% after 40 business days, 1000% after 60 business days, 5000% after 90 business days to PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, AdvCash, NixMoney, Qiwi, and Neteller please refer to the full review posted here:

It’s now possible to create a deposit from your personal balance
Dear partners! We endlessly appreciate your trust and are always glad to cooperate on an ongoing basis. When analyzing the work of our platform, it was revealed that many of our investors, having received income, withdraw funds to their wallets, and then create a deposit again, losing interest conducting unnecessary transactions. Thus we have decided to remind you of the possibility of re-creating a deposit directly from your personal balance on Razzleton.
The process of creating a deposit at the expense of your personal balance is identical to investing from your wallet. You only need to choose the currency in which you want to make a deposit with the mark “Balance”. Investing funds from the balance will enable you to avoid the costs of paying commissions and save your time.
If you did not know about this possibility and have already created an order for withdrawal, then you can cancel it by clicking on the link: Just click on the “cancel” button next to your request and the funds will remain on your balance. Remember that if you have any questions, you can always consult our support specialists by creating the appropriate ticket.
Razzleton – your money work for you!

Bonus for creating deposit from balance
Razzleton HealthCare Limited expresses its gratitude to all partners for their trust. Wishing to provide even more favorable conditions for cooperation, we decided to offer a pleasant bonus to you. All deposits made from March 11th (from 00:00 GMT) and until the last minutes of March 12th (before 23:59 GMT) using funds from your personal account on our platform will be automatically increased by 5%.
Attention! Our offer is valid for only 48 hours, however you can get a bonus for all deposits created during the period mentioned. Earn more by investing your money properly!
Razzleton – always profitable investment!


Do you want to get a 6.66% deposit bonus this weekend? Why not, you might say?! Well, a program called WhyNot is getting a bit devilish and just before the 13th of March is crediting this Luciferian bonus to all investors who make a deposit into its 3% to 3.3% daily forever (with no principal return) or 1% daily forever (with anytime principal return on request). You need to have a great faith in WhyNot‘s ability to last for five more weeks though in order to make a new deposit, as that’s how long it will take to reach the profit zone if you invest less than $1K via PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, or AdvCash. On the bright side, all the withdrawal requests are processed instantly, and after six weeks on MNO WhyNot (reviewed here) has managed to climb into third position on the Premium List and put its first investors in profit. The question now is for how much longer WhyNot can do this. The hellish bonus is there to take from WhyNot or not, but why not?

We collected 666.666$!
Hellish bonus weekend!
Today we have exceeded really hellish frontier in the development of our company! It was collected more than 666.666$! In honor of this event, we announce a hellish bonus – 6.66% to all new deposits! The bonus will be valid on 11 and 12 March!


English, Russian, Spanish, Vietnamese, Polish, and now Chinese – these are the languages you can easily switch between on the 1Solution website to read about the site’s investment terms and conditions. The new Chinese version that is intended to attract potentially millions of Chinese speaking members will definitely spread the word on the program on the ever growing Asian market:

The Chinese language has been added
Dear customers!
We have added the Chinese language to our website.

If you haven’t read my review of 1Solution posted here, you should really do so to properly understand the unique way the investment plans change on an almost hourly basis. With only $1 to try it out via PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and AdvCash there is no excuse not to invest in 1Solution which has become famous for instant payments for over three months now.


RichmondBerks (reviewed here) is one of the better looking and organized programs I’ve seen recently. Now in its fourth month online, they’re are only starting to take a leading role in the industry. I’ve always believed that programs like RichmondBerks that put special emphasis on offline development by holding different promotional meetings in different countries around the world stand a much better chance to grow constantly and continuously, thus ensuring the financial streams are stronger. There were so many countries that RichmondBerks held conferences in I can barely remember them all. I’m sure more are coming, judging by the admin’s ambitions to expand his influence all over the world. Over the last few days the latest news from RichmondBerks includes a recently held conference in Nigeria and an online webinar, and also an inspirational article on one investor who allegedly made over $600K on his investment by joining RichmondBerks at the right time. There is also the first weekly digest to remind you of all the major events in the program during the week. With RichmondBerks you can join a daily “forever” plan paying 1.5% on business days and 0.7% on weekends with the option to withdraw your principal at any time for a 50% fee. Investments in RichmondBerks start from $10 via PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, AdvCash, and NixMoney with instant withdrawals. So far RichmondBerks has shown excellent results that I hope develop into something really big by the end of the year. They also have their own mobile device app now so I guess they are serious. The latest updates from RichmondBerks is below:

RichmondBerks Webinar – Today!
Today we will hold a webinar, and you are all invited! George Timinsky will lead and tell you: “How to earn on the most stable and profitable markets with RichmondBerks LTD.” Also, the partner of the company, Kardashovs will become his co-leader, who will help in the discussion of this topic, and also will tell you some interesting information.
Questions that will be discussed at the webinar:
1. Opportunities of the company, 2. Why we, 3. Frequently Asked Questions
The start time of the webinar is 15:00 GMT
We are looking forward to meet you all there! Watch the webinar right here or follow the link –

Conference in Nigeria – Tomorrow
Good day!
A large series of conferences that is just the beginning. Tomorrow will be a new conference from our partners in Nigeria. We invite everyone! Come and invite your friends and partners to learn more about the world of investments in real estate auctions. We are waiting for you!
Place: Larry Kays Event center, 21, Ademuyiwa Street, Ebute Meta Costain Lagos, Time: 11-14 pm Nigerian time, Date:11th March
Please pre-register by phone
Phone: 09032971773, Contact number: 08028850009

607 thousand dollars for 2 months – the best investment in my life
Hello! My name is Ryu Tanaka and I earned 69,254,600 yen (607 thousand dollars) in 2 months together with RichmondBerks. This is amazing! And it was much easier than I could imagine. Let me tell you so that you can receive such income too.
In general, I really love investments. I invested in start-ups, bought shares of companies, invested in own business. I rarely doubt my decisions, because I am sure of it. I also invest in Internet projects, but more recently I lost a large amount on one of them, which slightly undermined my trust. But investment in RichmondBerks was an exception. I decided to invest here because I was very attracted and interested in a lifetime income. After investing only once, you make profit till the end of life.
Since I invest only in a serious way, I have been waiting for a long time for a profitable project, where I could invest my money. And when I met RichmondBerks, I immediately realized that this is exactly where I will invest this time. Well, if playing, then in large. I decided to invest 17,114,000 yen (150 thousand dollars). I received a reward for achievement and decided to purchase boosters, which increased my daily profit by 0.5%.
Among my like-minded people there has always been talk about investing in real estate, as something that is not accessible to the masses, but I decided to quickly destroy this myth among them, and, moreover, earn extra money on it. I rushed to tell them that I made investments in auction property through RichmondBerks. At first, no one even believed my words about lifelong profits, but as soon as I gave them a link to the site, they were burning up to invest money there.
As a result, only a week later, almost all of them invested. In this case, no one left me and invested a large sum. My income from the partner system was 42 214 500 yen (370 thousand dollars), which already paid off my investment twice.
After 2 months, my investment income was 20,536,800 yen ($ 180,000), and the income from partners was 48,717,800 yen ($ 427,000)! In total I earned 69,254,600 yen (607 thousand dollars). I could not have expected such an investment income!
Now, I invest the earned money, and there is no longer a question of where to invest. With RichmondBerks, I’m more than confident that my investments will gild me.
High profits without risk!

RichmondBerks Weekly Digest
RichmondBerks company presents you latest important news digest:
Tuesday 7.03
A report on the Tokyo conference was released.
Wednesday 8.03
Declared discounts on store goods. The action will last until March 14.
Thursday 9.03
The report on the conference held in Osaka on March 8 is presented.
Friday 10.03
The first webinar of the company was conducted. You can see his entry here.
Conference in Nigeria is announced
Saturday 11.03
A new success story of the client of the company, who was able to earn 607 thousand dollars in just 2 months


Not much going on at SoftMining lately and the program that joined Premium listing on MNO on its first day online over two months ago is still paying to PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, and BitCoin with all requests processed instantly so far. Although no one has reached the profit zone in the program’s 0.95% to 1.25% daily “forever” plans the program is certainly getting closer to the point when we see the first investors in profit. Over the last couple of days the admin of SoftMining has issued a short update on the server upgrade which has been done obviously to accommodate the growing traffic the program’s getting nowadays due to its increased advertising campaign on MNO and other monitoring sites. I guess that even without a fancy design and script SoftMining is on the right track, and we will see how things develop later on. Meanwhile, the site is loading fine for me personally, but if you face any of the issues mentioned in the newsletter from SoftMining (reviewed here) please try to change your ISP to access the site or try again later:

Server Upgrade
Our website transferred and upgraded to new server & new server is in operation, we still kept old server activated with an upgrade message for our website, so if any visitor still point to old server for DNS or cache members will see that upgrade notice.


You might remember the announcement of a summit in the Ukrainian capital Kiev held by Edelweiss5. It finally happened and a photo report was posted on their Facebook page. You can find more information in the latest newsletter from Edelweiss5 today:

Alternative energy: results and prospects of the summit in Kiev
Dear friends!
It happened that we waited for a long time. At the international scientific and financial summit in Kiev took place the meeting of the leaders of the company. As promised, it was massive and bright event. In general, at the summit, everyone was optimistic.
The company’s speakers noted the importance of continuing work to improve energy efficiency, which, in their opinion, still has a very powerful potential, and the company’s leaders noted that Edelweiss5 will continue to make efforts to further develop alternative energy and replace fossil fuels with renewable energy sources in order to diversify supplies Energy resources, which is one of the priorities in the energy sector.
After the official part of the event, everyone waited for a unique evening: a show program from the “Para normalnykh” musical band, a buffet table, photo shoot, and informal communication with our representatives. We present to your attention the photo report and thanks to everyone who attended!
Sincerely, The Edelweiss5.

Edelweiss5 has been on MNO for almost two hundred days and all the time has been paying fine on its daily paying plan offering 1% per business day and 0.5% on weekends for 365 days. Investments start from $50 via PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, AdvCash, YandexMoney, Qiwi, and Bank wires. Since the start of this year though the rules have changed and although your account is credited with daily interest, you may only make a withdrawal twice a month. Next time the withdrawal button will be enabled in your account is March, 16 and will stay open until the end of the next week. Your request should then be processed within five business days, so make sure to request your payment once the withdrawal button is active. More information on Edelweiss5 is in my review posted here and the interview with the program’s admin here.


In the latest newsletter the admin of SportArbitrage has made a bold claim that his program is not a ponzi-game, like others, and is here to stay for a year or more. If you ask me, it’s a total bluff and over the last ten years online I have yet to find a program that has not ended eventually citing this or that reason for its collapse. There were lots of programs in my memory though claimed, just like SportArbitrage, to be the real deal and encouraging people to invest thousands of dollars just to disappear as soon as an admin reached his profit goal. That might not happen for months to come, but the end of SportArbitrage will be just like everything else. In fact I’ll be extremely surprised to see SportArbitrage online and paying at the same time next year. Don’t get me wrong, however, as it is very possible for you to profit from SportArbitrage, provided you join at the right time. I’m just against blatant lies that the admin seems to be spreading to give a false impression of any real business. Everything else regarding SportArbitrage (reviewed here) is fine – the program has been paying for forty days now which gave the first investors a chance to profit on its 30 to 120 day variable investment plans via PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, LiteCoin, AdvCash, OkPay, or NixMoney. Note though that being a so-called real business SportArbitrage hasn’t managed to satisfy Payza demands with that payment processor having been dropped from its accepted payment methods list completely. There was no word from the admin as to why, which sort of goes against his claims to be a real business. Over the last week nothing important really happened apart from new translations and a representative program launched, but that doesn’t prevent the admin of SportArbitrage composing the lengthy newsletter you can read below. I especially liked the headline about 17,000 investors whose dreams are coming true, lol:

SportArbitrage: 17.000 investors and 17.000 dreams coming true
Dear investors,
It is with great joy that I write to all of you again to celebrate what is currently happening with SportArbitrage. We currently have 17,000 registered members and it thrills me to see activity from so many different countries.
I’m also happy to announce that our website is now available in English, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, German and French. Different languages and this is just the beginning of our international expansion plan. We will be adding more languages soon and also offering different support channels in different languages to make sure you always get the best user experience possible from SportArbitrage.
Since we’re talking about operations, I would also to comment about our amazing support team. Our team of over 15 agents has been responding to over 900 live chats and 150 phone calls every day in 8 different languages. A lot of companies ignore the power of good customer service but we don’t, we take your user experience seriously and have a Customer Satisfaction score of 97%, way above the industry average.
We’ve seen requests from members mentioning that other online investment pools have closed down in the past few days but I would like to reinforce that this is NOT happening with SportArbitrage. We are not a ponzi-based scheme and we have real investments that back up our business model. You do not need to be afraid and I can tell you I have been working day and night to make sure this project is successful.
This is a project of a lifetime for me and I want it to be the same for those who trust me. I will not let you down and none of you will regret joining us. In one year from now, many of you will look back and assess this decision of joining us with joy and wealth. At the end of the day, we are all here to make money but that doesn’t mean we can’t have this feeling of accomplishment and success. I understand it is hard to trust someone online these days, but we have data and information to backup my words.
We are releasing our representatives’ page today and you can now find the contact information from representatives in your country and get in touch with local communities to discuss SportArbitrage. Together with our representatives, we are running massive promotions throughout the world to spread the word about our investment pool. I would like to give a special shout out representatives who have been working hard to promote our venture and have brought amazing results so far. One of our main goals is to be international and I could not achieve this by myself.
Our representatives also getting access to our trading reports and they can now attest that SportArbitrage is a real business based on actual investments. Please feel free to reach out to your local representative if you want them to attest what they have seen. We will also work on providing this kind of information to all of you shortly, I truly believe in transparency and we want everyone to know we are real. Being real is what makes us amazing and that is what we want people to hear.
Of course we believe in branding but it is true that SportArbitrage could change its colors, logo, plans, anything. What truly matters in this industry is very simple: we are real.
Thank you for the continued support and for joining me in this venture.
See you very soon, Ronald


Some HYIP admins have really no imagination and believe that they can pull the same tricks again and again. Just yesterday the admin of Dowerly swore in his newsletter that it was the last chance to take advantage of the limited in time scam when you’re promised (but obviously won’t) to be paid 150%-200% after 5 days or 300% after 4 days if you invest $1,000 or more. And today it looks like there is yet another chance to change your life by throwing your money away in these new plans. Such tricks are as old as the HYIP industry itself. First, Dowerly built a great reputation with instant payments to more achievable plans first reviewed here. Then suddenly the admin got very generous and promised super-profitable plans only available for larger amounts. And here we are – the greedy investors seduced by such a great once in a lifetime opportunity promised by an admin who known for stable payments. Note that the following newsletters from Dowerly are just examples how such tricks work on investors, and I believe MNO readers should be vigilant. I would stay away from Dowerly at the moment, as the program is clearly on the brink of collapse, judging by the admin really pushing the new investment plans now:

Less than 24 hours left to change Your LIFE with Dowerly!
Less than 24 hours left to change Your LIFE! If You haven’t invested to our “After” plans yet, this is Your last chance! Are You a happy Dowerly investor? Our “After” promotion is ending today.
You can grab a huge 300% on your investment if You invest now. From today, 23:59 GMT the “After” plans will be removed from the website. Lots of our members are already taking advantage of our offer!
We have received single investments of over $100,000! We are happy to see that we have earned Your trust. Dowerly is paying since more than 450 days now! You don’t want to be left out, do You? Achieve Your goals NOW with an easy decision

Have you participated yet? Promotion Extended – Dowerly
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According to the final results of the MNO TalkBack poll the vast majority of my readers (about two thirds) decided MNO should increase listing prices to some extent. It was an important thing to take into consideration my site has established itself over the last couple of years as a place for elite programs from experienced admins with decent advertising budgets. With about thirty programs listed on the MNO monitor I’m not really left with much time for myself compared to when there was ten to twenty programs. As I haven’t increased listing prices since 2014 it’s a high time to do so now, and I’m glad that so many people agree. 53% of the votes say I should increase prices significantly to list only the best programs and reduce its quantity. Really, not that many people have thirty programs in their investment portfolios now and with lots of investment projects available there is a need to join only the best, i.e. the ones with healthy advertising budgets from experienced admins. Only 11% of those voted in the poll believe MNO should increase listing prices slightly in line with inflation and to maintain its elite status. I’m not really sure whether this policy will now apply for every type of listing, but the prices for Sticky, Premium and Standard will increase soon. As for the remaining 36% of voters, they believe that MNO should not increase listing prices as they are already high enough and that having more programs is OK with them. I tend to disagree, as I believe that MNO must maintain an elite status and the only way of doing so is to keep the prices high enough to discourage cheap scams.

Prices will now increase on Friday, March, 17, at 17-00 GMT. I will need some extra time for my programmer to develop a new graphic version of the MNO advertising page and therefore, I can only increase the prices after. Everyone can see the new countdown timer located on the top of my blog with the time until the new prices come into effect. Before that the HYIP admins have one last chance to pay for the listing for current and even upcoming projects according to the current price list on the MNO advertising page –

How will things change on March 17? Let me explain.

The Sticky List will be $600/week and $1,800/month – a 20% increase from the current $500/week or $1,500/month. I remind you that Sticky listing is renewable which a program might buy for a particular term. Once expired it returns to Premium.

Premium listing which is currently the most popular on MNO will be $1,800, up from $1,400 which is a $400 increase and will have an affect on the amount of the programs listed there for sure. I’m still thinking of the reinvestment rate, but at the moment think it will be a $600 re-investment and $1,200 listing fee.

Standard List programs don’t have an opportunity to answer interview questions or be listed in the MNO Top Five list. The new price here will increase from the current $1,000 to $1,200 with a re-investment rate of $400 and $800 kept as a monitoring fee.

The only type of listing that is not going to increase is Basic. The current price of $600 consisting of a $400 monitoring fee and $200 re-investment doesn’t bother me too much, as such programs are not covered on the MNO blog and therefore don’t add to my busy work schedule. Besides, it might be a good platform for HYIPs to be listed first on MNO and upgrade to a higher listing at a later time, and yet bring profits for the MNO readers in the meantime which I have no objection to.

Upgrades from a lower to higher listing can be made until March, 17 when the new prices come into effect according to the old prices too. After that any program that wish to upgrade its listing on MNO must pay the difference between the old paid price and the new price of the desired listing. For example, before March, 17 a program that wishes to upgrade from Basic to Premium listing has to pay $800 (the difference of the currently displayed $1,400 price of the Premium listing and already paid $600 for Basic listing). Starting from March, 17, the same program will have to pay already $1,200 which will be the difference between the new Premium listing price of $1,800 and the paid $600 for Basic listing. Anyway, I believe it is fair that I give the HYIP admins an advance notification about that, so they could make their decision on when and how they wish to list their programs on MNO.

I have another idea to improve the overall quality of the programs you see advertised on MNO. So by answering the new question on the MNO TalkBack page you will help me decide on discounts for programs who join the MNO monitor within 24 hours of launch. The official launch is determined by the date when the program’s threads open on TalkGold, MoneyMakerGroup, and MMGP forums. This should encourage admins to join MNO faster and will give me the advantage of promoting them in the best possible way. This allows me to present them to my readers earlier when you might be more enthusiastic. It’s a win-win situation for both sides of the deal, and my readers as well, because I believe many people prefer investing in brand new programs over old ones. I was thinking of a $200 discount for Premium and $100 for Standard. What do you think, guys?

Should MNO offer discounts to encourage brand new programs to join MNO sooner?

– Yes, I much prefer to see newer programs and invest as soon as they are listed
– No, I believe all programs should pay the same listing fee on MNO

Please keep voting on the MNO TalkBack page and I hope you will be as enthusiastic as in the previous poll. It will take only a few seconds of your time and will be highly appreciated. Rebooting the price structure on MNO is important, so your opinions are welcome. Let’s see what you think by Friday and please keep voting here!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: NordeBankTeaHouseOnePunchLtd.
From MNO Premium listRazzletonElizion, WhyNotSportArbitrageEdelweiss5,
BandeiraCorp, RichmondBerksLensenGroupWeolleeDowerly, 1Solution, MacaoLottoTradeBTCSoftMining, RubiLtdMavisTradeexPro, BikeForMeSunCoinz, LegendInvestments (the first payments received).
From MNO Standard list: PassiveLoanAuctionHouseSorta.
From MNO Basic list: QuantumForexOptions, StrangeEvent.

That’s all for today, guys. Thanks for reading MNO and following it on Telegram, Facebook, and Twitter. I believe we can make MNO and even the HYIP industry better together, so please don’t be afraid to share your thoughts and concerns on the MNO ShoutBox and vote in the poll here. I’ll be back on Monday with the latest news from the biggest programs in the HYIP industry and a detailed review of the newest addition to the Premium List on MNO – LegendInvestments. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and see you all soon!

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