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Beware! Detron has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hi everyone! It’s been a slow day for news stories to catch up on today as people return from the holiday weekend, but anything worth knowing is coming up in the news section in a few moments. I want first to look at a new addition to the MNO monitor’s Premium List called Detron. That’s new to MNO I mean, not new online as the program has already been with us for the last two months. That’s not to say it’s old though, as Detron have vastly improved their website between now and the time it was first launched. The first ones to join have all done quite well from it of course, but not many more. I’m also not aware of any of the first investors being in profit just yet, though if there are I doubt there’s many. So if you want to know what it’s all about and whether Detron might be suitable for your own portfolios then keep reading.

I’ll get things started then with the investment plans which is the single most curious thing about Detron. Officially they have four distinct individual plans, however they all offer you more or less the exact same thing, it’s just a question of what avenue you wish to take in order to get there. OK, so term lengths are different, interest rates are different, minimum deposits are different, but no matter which of the four plans you choose you still end up with the same return at the end. Here’s how they all work.
Initially Detron only had one investment plan, but have since expanded on that. It’s called The Real Estate Package and with a $10 minimum is the most affordable option. If you can afford it though Detron will accept anything up to a $50,000 upper limit. What makes this option different from the others is that it’s what I would call a “target based” plan. That means that it doesn’t have a fixed investment term as such, but rather continues to pay investors for how ever long it takes to reach their target earnings, in this case 150% back on their deposits. To help you get there Detron offer variable payments made on calendar days that can range anywhere from 1% to 4%. Your principal is included as part of the payments and so is not returned separately. How long this continues for then is really just a matter of luck and what day of the week you join. Theoretically in the worst possible case scenario it could take as long long as 150 days to reach the 150% target. At the other end of the scale it could also be done in as little as 38 days. Either extreme is unlikely of course, but you simply can’t predict where this will lead.

For investors who want something a bit more concrete and predictable, and likewise are prepared to pay for it, Detron‘s remaining plans offer fixed rates for fixed terms. The Office Rent Plan will require a $201 minimum deposit and runs for 60 calendar days. In return, Detron offer their investors a daily payment of 2.5% interest. With your principal included as part of the payments this still gives you the same final return of 150% (50% of which is net profit) as the first plan, it just adds a certain predictability. The maximum investment is capped at $500.

If you want the same return, just get it a bit faster and are prepared to pay for the privilege, then Detron have The Apartments Rent Plan for a $501 minimum deposit. The term runs for 50 calendar days, a bit shorter than the previous option, with the interest rate improving to 3% per day. That again includes your principal as part of the payments, so a final return of 150% is your own money back plus 50% net profit. Maximum investment limit is capped at $1,000 for this plan.

And finally for the biggest investors prepared to join with at least a $1,001 minimum opening deposit Detron have their shortest fixed term offer which is called The Villa Rent Plan. All deposits up to a maximum of $2,500 are offered a regular fixed interest payment of 3.75% every day for a term running 40 calendar days. With Detron once again including your principal as part of the payments the final return is the same 150% as the others, or your own money back plus 50% net profit if you prefer to put it that way.

To be honest, with the introduction of the three fixed term plans I can’t really see the point to the variable plan anymore, other than it’s perhaps the only one affordable to small investors. The bigger spending players won’t really see that it has much going for it anymore, and if it wasn’t all that popular in the first place, the resulting addition of Detron‘s new plans does nothing to change that attitude. But what ever plan is most suitable for you is your own decision, if you have a preference then let’s see what payment processors Detron are dealing with. No surprises here, Detron have a fairly predictable list with the main HYIP industry names in use. For those who prefer the more conventional third-party payment handlers Detron have accounts with PerfectMoney, Payeer, and AdvCash. Or if you prefer to bypass that and go the direct route you can use your own e-currency with BitCoin. Withdrawal requests will need to be submitted from inside your Detron members account area. In a move that will please a lot of investors these requests are promised to be made instantly. Just log in, make your withdrawal, and the payment should be with you in under a minute.

Looking at the more technical side of things now, such as design and security, everything is up to a high standard. Detron is hosted on a dedicated server with the support and protection from DDoS attacks provided by GeniusGuard. The admin does much to encourage a wider cross-section of the HYIP world to at least investigate his program further by having it translated into Russian in addition to the default English version. Detron has made sure investors get the best service and a feeling of quality when browsing the website. The Detron website is running off a licensed version of DQScript. For safer browsing and more secure transactions Detron have an Extended Validation SSL Certificate from GeoTrust.

If you have any further questions or comments for the admin of Detron or need to get in touch with any account related issues then there’s a couple of different channels open to you. The first thing you’ll see is a postal address, though most experienced investors will probably know to skip this. The Detron admin has had the name registered as a company in the UK, something quite easily and cheaply done online, so the address is usually just an extra that comes with it for registration purposes but not where anyone connected with the program would be physically located. The FAQ is quite well explained and should cover a lot of your questions, so always start with that. If that doesn’t help then see if you can find an operator on the program’s built-in Live Chat. For anything else you can fill out your details on the online customer support ticketing form and submit it, or else e-mail the admin directly at the address provided. Detron have started a regional representative scheme as well, so check that to see if there are any names in your area or speaking your language. Fans of social media networks will be able to connect with Detron through a number of channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, and YouTube where their official video has also been added to the MNOVision page.

Over the course of the last few weeks online the admin has gradually been tweaking and tinkering with the program, making slight adjustments and improvements here and there before eventually finishing up with what we see today. I would hope that means he’s serious about making a long term success of the project, though time will tell. It’s no secret that the entire HYIP industry is in a slump at the moment, so if it can just get past the next few weeks and into the summer who knows what could happen next. Regarding any alleged business activities by the way, just for the record I’ll tell you that the Detron admin claims to be involved with real estate development, but to be honest that’s not really explained in any great detail. Experienced industry players will of course know well enough to skip over anything like that anyway, but for the sake of newbies I always have to add that even if such a thing were true it still doesn’t guarantee anyone a profit or secure their investments. So if you do join Detron then set yourself a sensible spending limit you can afford to lose, be aware but not afraid of the risks, and try and keep the program as smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.

If you’ve given any serious thought to the matter of investing with Detron then I hope you won’t mind sharing your opinion with your fellow MNO readers by participating in the following poll. Remember that it’s completely anonymous and untraceable, and will only take a second of your time. I think it will be interesting to look back on the results in the coming months and see how many people’s first impression, good or bad, about Detron was the right one. So:

Will you make an active deposit in Detron?

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A couple of days ago AurumBank celebrated the official date of the site coming online. That might have been an amazing achievement worth praising the admin for, if not for one small but important drawback – the site looked very different for all this time and only was redesigned and changed the investment plans a couple of weeks ago. I can only admire that the admin of AurumBank was so patient to drag his program along in its previous incarnation for almost two years, but as I already discussed in the detailed review of the program posted here, it should not be taken as an accurate depiction of the real timeline. In any case, we should congratulate AurumBank on its official second anniversary and hope that it will work for at least half as long again going forward – a time that would be enough to make profits for investors who put their money into the only viable daily paying plans. They will pay you 0.8% for 260 business days, 1.1% for 110 business days, 1.25% for 85 business days, 1.75% for 60 business days, or 2.75% for 40 business days so it will take some time to reach the profit zone from any of them. However the alternative to that would be falling into a trap and investing in any of the plans offering a once-off payment on expiry of a 15 to 110 business day term where you have little to no chance to see your money back. Some of these plans are cleverly disguised as paying daily, so you should really be very careful and read the terms and conditions before you do anything. By the way, the very minimum to invest in AurumBank starts from $10 (however, the majority of plans demand a much higher figure beyond the means of the vast majority of most investors) and they accept investments via PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, or AdvCash. Be ready to wait for a long time after requesting a withdrawal, as the official processing time in AurumBank may reach 48 to 72 hours. Here’s the newsletter on reaching two years online:

Dear Friends, we are glad to inform you that today, our website AurumBank is TWO YEARS ONLINE! This day is happiest for all of us, and with all our hearts we wish you Love, Harmony and Prosperity!
For two years AurumBank makes every single client successful, happy and rich, and it’s a great honor and joy for us to make your lives happy and prosperous!
Faithfully Yours, AurumBank Team


There were a couple of news updates from the admin of AxisCrude sent to investors over the last couple of days. In the first one the admin reported ending the $10 deposit bonus offer which I feared earlier would be exploited by the more dishonest members who would create tons of fake accounts in order to get $0.30 daily. I believe the admin realized soon enough that this might not do AxisCrude any good, and to make the offer truly limited in time has finally closed it after serving its purpose. In the newsletter he mentioned multiple registrations in order to obtain the bonus and warned that such accounts wouldn’t be credited anyway, because of cheating. Otherwise, those who took advantage of the offer while it was still valid without breaking the rules will get their bonus. That will allow them to get $0.30 profits for free, for the full duration of the investment cycle. If you haven’t read my review of AxisCrude posted here, I remind you that the program has two investment plans – 3% for 50 days and 4% for 45 days – offering instant withdrawals to PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, or BitCoin – the payment processors AxisCrude has been working with since day one. After the first two weeks online the admin has made another important decision that might prove popular among promoters – an increase of referral commissions from 5% to 7%. More on that is in the second newsletter issued earlier today, and re-posted below for your reference just after the first one:

Hello. Firstly, we thank all our investors around the world, especially those who joined recently; we thank you so much for choosing us. AxisCrude is the best.
This is to inform you all that the signup bonus offer is now over; it ended on 30th April and we didn’t fail to credit every new investor with the $10 that we promised. We don’t make promises that we won’t carry out, that’s how we are currently building trust and ensuring a reliable platform that would stand the test of time.
Now, we are certain that all our new investors with the Sign up bonus of $10 will constantly be getting $0.30 as daily profit and this will run for the next 50 days. You are free to withdraw your profit when it accumulates to $0.5; this is the minimum withdrawal limit for now. Also, after making any withdrawal, we urge you to share on our official Facebook group and other platforms; let everyone know that AxisCrude is truly working and we are the best.
When you have tested and confirmed our reliable platform, please don’t hesitate to invest more with us; don’t be afraid or uncertain, AxisCrude is the best, all our previous investors can attest to this fact.
All those who registered with the same/duplicate IP address to run multiple accounts in order to get the $10 bonus, did not get anything and we won’t listen to complains emanating from this. We stated from the beginning that such people will not benefit from this offer.
Once again, it’s our pleasure to preserve your investment and watch it grow over time and we appreciate you all for trusting us with your funds.
Thank You for choosing us.
Team AxisCrude Investment Ltd.
Need Assistance? We’re happy to help:
WhatsApp Support:- +44 744 719 1725
Protect your account: -Always keep your password confidential and never share it with anyone.

Hello, Greetings to all our investors around the world; we appreciate you for choosing us. AxisCrude Investment is the best.
Right now, in our effort to encourage and motivate promoters and all those spreading the good news about AxisCrude Investment, we are increasing our affiliate commissions.
It is not an easy task to convince a family member, or friend, or colleague or co-worker to make online investments. In a world where there are so many scam sites, it would be very challenging to get people to put their feet in a new arena of endeavour where their hard-earned money is involved.
We trust that good programs like ours will make a lot of people smile always, wishing they had even joined us earlier. So this is why we need you to help convince and encourage them to “SIGNUP and INVEST” and start receiving “DAILY INSTANT PROFITS” as you are currently receiving.
First level referral = 5%, Second level referral = 2%, Third level referral = 1%
First level referral = 7%, Second level referral = 2%, Third level referral = 1%
Good news right?
But this offer will remain untapped if we all sit down doing nothing. There are many people out there who haven’t heard about AxisCrude Investment; many more are not even involved in online investments. Some are very skeptical and they don’t know where to invest their money. But you have found a very reliable and trusted platform here in AxisCrude Investment. Since inception, not a single investor has complained about pending payments, it has always been “INSTANT DAILY PAYMENTS” and we hope to keep it so as you cooperate with us.
So go out and reach out to people, tell the world about AxisCrude Investment and CLAIM YOUR BONUSES AND REWARDS; that’s why we are all here.
AxisCrude Investment is the best.
Once again, it’s our pleasure to preserve your investment and watch it yield profits over time; we appreciate you all for trusting us with your funds.
Thank you for choosing us.
Team AxisCrude Investment Ltd.
Need Assistance? We’re happy to help:
WhatsApp Support:- +44 744 719 1725
Protect your account: -Always keep your password confidential and never share it with anyone.


RichmondBerks was one of the last remaining big programs in the HYIP industry, and paid well until yesterday when the admin decided it was time to close up shop for good. At the moment, no payments are being processed and the program only offers more bonuses for new deposits, which as you can imagine is just a trick to get more money from members still unaware of the issues and might easily lose more if they don’t check the status of RichmondBerks on major blogs and monitors. MNO moved RichmondBerks to Problem status as soon as I finished my research on the topic and made sure it was really the end for them. It was out of the blue that the admin pulled the plug on May Day, as even on the previous evening the payments were still processed instantly and nothing indicated trouble. Yes, over its three months on MNO RichmondBerks has been gradually increasing daily profits for new investors, but for me it was nothing but a shrewd marketing trick that never affected the instant withdrawals anyway. Well, that is until now, as RichmondBerks has folded after almost three months on MNO and over five months overall. Despite the seemingly long term online the program offered quite small returns, and that is why many members who actually kept the money there and never tried to get back half of their principal which was allowed by their conditions right from the very start might have lost a bit of their capital. Some other investors might have barely broken even by the program’s end of lifetime, and definitely never saw the end coming so quickly. I myself anticipated a much longer run, especially considering RichmondBerks has always been famous for targeting a wider offline audience and offering some unique features unseen in their competitors. The marketing of the program was exemplary and the website was superbly designed to give investors the impression of a program that could work for ages. Alas, this will not now be the case. Another disappointment for me and many investors of RichmondBerks, so please be careful and stop investing there. It has been moved to Scam status on the MNO monitor!


The latest news from Payza issued earlier today will be exciting for iPhone and iPad owners, as from now on they will be able to download and install the Payza official application and have the same level of convenience that Android mobile users have been enjoying for quite some time already. That’s according to the official Payza news blog and is re-posted below for your convenience. Another blog post from last week might be of interest to those running an online business within the EU and its current rules and regulations that might be somehow affected by the ongoing process of Brexit. Payza is currently accepted by two programs featured on the MNO monitor, namely Biksbit (reviewed here) and BandeiraCorp (reviewed here). They’ve proved to be a convenient payment processor for many HYIP investors who can take advantage of its multiple direct funding and withdrawal low-fee methods, and even enjoy a pre-paid card mailed to the same address their Payza account is verified to. Both updates from Payza are included below:

The Payza App is Now Available for Apple iOS
The Payza mobile app is now available on Apple iOS and can be downloaded from the App Store for use on your iPhone or iPad. The new Payza App puts all your favorite features right in the palm of your hand. You can send money to anyone in your contact list, or use custom Payza QR Codes to receive payments from other smartphones, instantly!
Members in India can also use the Payza App to make household bill payments, letting them recharge their mobile phones, pay their gas and electricity bills, and much more, right from their mobile device.
To find the Payza App, just search “Payza” in the App Store and look for this icon:×768.png
Have an Android device? The Payza App is available on Google Play as well, download it here: Payza App for Android.

European E-Commerce Laws and Regulations: What You Need to Know
In any discussion of e-commerce in Europe today, the subject inevitably turns to Brexit. Everybody is waiting to see what impact Brexit will have on e-commerce both within Britain and on the EU as a whole, but for the moment Great Britain is still part of the European Union and still subject to their laws.
Let’s set aside the “what-if’s” for now and take a look at the e-commerce laws and regulations that any merchant selling in Europe needs to be aware of.
European E-Commerce Overview
Europe is a major destination for e-commerce. Germany, France and the UK are all among the largest e-commerce markets in the world and the region as a whole is easily one of most mature and developed. With market maturity comes strong infrastructure, high consumer adoption of cross-border e-commerce, and well-defined rules and regulations.
Key to all of this is SEPA – the Single Euro Payments Area. Coordinated by the European Payment Council, SEPA introduced a single payment format for all transactions in the Euro currency in order to harmonize the fragmented European nation states into a single domestic market. With SEPA in effect, all countries dealing in Euros share not only a currency but also a payments network, meaning that money can be transferred freely across borders.
As a result, selling in Europe is simpler than ever. European-based e-commerce operations can sell throughout the region and merchants outside of Europe need only one set of payment tools to begin doing business throughout the Eurozone. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few laws and regulations cross-border merchants need to be aware of. Here, we’ve compiled a quick overview of key e-commerce laws within the EU.
Regulations for European Merchants
Online sellers within Europe will need to familiarize themselves with the VAT system. Merchants selling across borders are required to pay the VAT on products sold based on the location of the customer. For example, if a business based in Germany sells products in France, the taxes on those products must be charged at France’s VAT rate, even though it is higher than Germany’s, and paid to the French government rather than their own.
Currently, European e-commerce merchants can choose which EU countries to sell to, meaning that they can opt out of certain countries due to higher VAT rates (or for any other reason). However there is strong support among EU regulators to ban geo-blocking, which allows retailers to decline transactions made with a foreign bank card. The geo-blocking ban, if it is made into law, will make it so that all online merchants in Europe will have no choice but to accept orders originating from any country in the EU. This in turn could have a major impact on how European retailers approach e-commerce.
Regulations for Non-European Merchants
Merchants from outside of Europe will need to familiarize themselves with local legislation. In the place of the VAT system, products imported from outside of the EU are subject to duties depending on the destination country. Additionally, the European WEEE regulation states that for all physical products it is mandatory to register the number of items being put to market as well as the items taken back from the market (as in the case of returns). Merchants who fail to do so risk thousands of Euros in fines.
The EU also has relatively strict rules regarding both the checkout process as well as returns and cancellations:
Checkout Process Regulations
To be compliant with EU regulations, your checkout process must include the following:
– Clear information: “Add to Cart” or “Buy Now” buttons which clearly state the obligation to pay. In other words, buttons must contain text that makes it explicit to customers that, if they continue with the transaction, they are required to pay for it.
– Price transparency: List the total cost of a customer’s purchase, including taxes, fees, shipping & handling, etc. No hidden costs.
– No pre-checked boxes: Boxes in checkout forms cannot be pre-checked and there can be no default settings to add goods or services.
– Timely fulfillment: Products must arrive within 30 calendar days of purchase.
Cancellations and Returns Regulations
As with the checkout process, there are several regulations that govern cancellations and returns as well:
– 14-day cancellation period: Customers in the EU must be given a minimum of 14 days to cancel a purchase penalty-free. Furthermore, if you do not explicitly communicate the cancellation period to your customers prior to making a payment, the cancellation period is automatically extended to one year!
– Prompt refunds: Once an order has been cancelled, you must refund your customer’s payment within 14 days.
– Cost of returns: In the case of returns, it must be explicitly stated at the time of sale whether you or the customer will be responsible for paying the cost of returning the items.
The bulk of European e-commerce laws and regulations comes from the EU E-Commerce Directive. Anybody conducting an online business in Europe should take the time to familiarize themselves with this directive, as failing to comply can result in fines, sanctions, or the ceasing of operations within the EU.
It is also important to be aware of national e-commerce laws within Europe, such as Germany’s “Abmahnungsgefahr”, which states that online retailers must pay a fine if a consumer or organization reports incorrect information found on their e-commerce site. It’s a good idea to conduct focused research on any countries where you’re planning to do business.
Follow Payza on Facebook and Twitter and subscribe to the Payza Blog for more information about building and maintaining a strong cross-border e-commerce operation and how to keep it compatible with new and existing legislation at home and abroad.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: BandeiraCorp, Biksbit,
SoftMining, FatFundsBitCTradeAxisCrude, DetronAurumBank, UnityReserve.
From MNO Standard list: ReyKey, FexFund.
From MNO Basic list: –

From the preliminary results of the poll running on the MNO TalkBack page I can see two thirds of readers are not particularly optimistic that May will be much of an improvement on April. Whether the recent departure of another big program in RichmondBerks leads to more scams or it will not affect an already weakened HYIP industry remains to be seen. MNO will keep watching the latest developments from the HYIP world and analyze its latest trends, so you will know when it’s the right time to expand your portfolio. All the biggest programs that will shape the industry’s future will surely be present and reviewed on my blog, so you should stay informed by following MNO on Facebook or Twitter, or subscribing to my news channel on Telegram. Who knows? Maybe the next program UnityReserve that is still flying under the radar and is only accepting investments via BitCoin at the moment will be the next big thing. I will bring you UnityReserve‘s detailed review on Thursday when I will also tell you about the latest events from the paying programs on the MNO monitor. Meanwhile enjoy the rest of your week and watch MNO closely for new additions and future leaders!

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