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Beware! AnoAds has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all keeping well and looking forward to the ever approaching summer which is nearly with us now. I’ll be introducing a new program to you today in a few moments when we get to the news section, so keep reading for more info on that. To start however I want to focus on another brand new one called AnoAds which I’ll discuss today. Whether the launch of AnoAds and other programs signals a recovery is coming sooner rather than later remains to be seen, but let’s just take things one day at a time. So, AnoAds is maybe not quite a unique program, we’ve seen similar in the past and some have been hugely successful. The admin seems to have a definite strategy to keep a lid on things as they say and keep the program under careful management for slow and gradual growth. Let’s take a closer look at it then and see if you have room for it in your own portfolio.

Before I continue with the plans I just want to make one thing clear. I know when it comes to HYIPs most of us will automatically tend to think in terms of US dollars, given that that’s almost the universal currency for the industry. For the time being however AnoAds exclusive currency of choice is BitCoin, so that’s how I’m going to explain their investment plans. Because the exchange rate changes every day, in fact in the case of BitCoin this can be a lot more volatile than others, it’s pointless to think in terms of anything except BitCoin. And any information I give you in dollars would be obsolete by tomorrow in any event, but if it helps give you a clearer picture of what AnoAds are about I’ll just tell you at the time of writing 1 BTC is valued at almost $1,850, $100 will get you 0.05422 BTC, and the minimum deposit you need to make if you want to join is 0.005 BTC, which is a little bit under $10.
So, as long as that’s all cleared up let’s get to the actual numbers. AnoAds offer four investment plans, and they are organized along some unconventional lines. They’re what I would describe as “target based plans”, in other words they have no fixed expiry dates and continue paying variable interest rates for as long as it takes to reach your target earning. Everyone’s target is the same – a minimum of 150% back on your deposit, principal included – except the investors making bigger deposits are generally offered more favourable rates. This is by no means guaranteed by the way, the rates overlap as we shall see so don’t be surprised if smaller investors occasionally get higher rates from AnoAds than the bigger players. This will hopefully help even the playing field as the saying goes, maybe make things easier on the smaller investors by not putting too much pressure of the cash flow to always go to the biggest investors all the time.

The minimum cost of joining AnoAds is as I said 0.005 BTC. Anyone investing an amount from that up to as much as 0.01 BTC goes into The Text Ads Plan. AnoAds will then pay you a variable interest rate which could be as low as 2% or sometimes as high as 5% every calendar day. This will then continue for how ever long it takes you to earn 150%. With AnoAds including your principal as part of the payments in the longest possible scenario this would be 75 calendar days. The best possible result would be to reach your target after 30 calendar days. Either extreme is unlikely, however to be honest I’m simply not a member long enough to comment on what a typical or average payment might be. If you look inside your AnoAds members account area though you can see the rates you were paid on previous days, the accumulated earnings to date, and an estimate on when, if current trends continue, you might reach the final 150% return.

After that, I’m afraid I can’t really offer up any further examples. It’s really up to sheer luck and literally the day of the week you decide to join. Bigger spending players prepared to spend from 0.1 BTC to 0.5 BTC are put in what’s called The Banner Ads Plan are offered a not so much a better rate but a better chance. All of AnoAds other terms & conditions remain unchanged. Once you join, you should receive variable interest rates every calendar day in the range of 3% to 6% until a total of 150% has been reached. The thing you need to take note of here is that this doesn’t necessarily have to favour the bigger spending players because the numbers overlap. So whereas it’s possible to reach your target in as little as little as 25 days were you to theoretically receive the maximum rate every day, it could also take you as long as 50 days if AnoAds only ever paid out the minimum. So while yes, your chances of reaching the 150% target a bit faster do improve, you are by no means guaranteed to do so by virtue of the fact that you simply spent more money.

The Video Ads Plan is available to anyone spending between 0.5 BTC and 1 BTC. Again there is no fixed term and no predictable rate, just the fact that AnoAds offer to pay you a daily return somewhere between 4% and 7%. This is still only made until such a time as you have received 150% in total, principal included, back on your investment. The fastest possible time for this to happen is 22 calendar days, or alternatively it could take as long as 38 calendar days if only minimum payments are ever made.

That’s already a fair chunk of money, but if you are prepared to spend upwards of 1 BTC then AnoAds have The In-App Ads Plan. The maximum limit placed on investments here is 5 BTC, but that’s just per deposit. And as there’s no limit on the number of active deposits you can have running then technically there’s no limit to what you can spend. Anyway, the goal set for investors is a return of 150%, and AnoAds help you achieve that by making variable daily interest payments between 5% and 8%. That means in the best possible situation members reach their target after just 19 days, or at the other extreme 30 days if AnoAds only manage the minimum payment rates.

The final earnings by the way should be marginally above 150%. I know I said that was the target, but as payments vary from one day to the next it’s unlikely that anyone will land on exactly that figure. So AnoAds will in fact pay you every day until you reach as close as possible to 150% on your investment, and then finish with you completely the following day when they give you whatever that day’s rate turns out to be and therefore pushing you slightly over the target.

I guess I’ve already told you pretty much everything there is to know about what your payment options are with AnoAds, but just to be 100% clear about it, the program works exclusively with BitCoin and I don’t expect that to change. “Instant payments”, or rather what passes for instant when we talk about BitCoin (regular users will know this, the transaction might be made instantly but your receipt of the money is not) is available but by no means guaranteed. The AnoAds admin has, in my brief experience with the program anyway, allowed instant payments up until now. Strictly speaking however you are required to allow up to 24 hours between requesting your withdrawal and the transaction being completed. It will routinely happen that some payments, selected randomly by the script as far as I know, will be flagged for security checks and only be completed manually.

The design and security features also appear to be up to a better than average industry standard. The AnoAds website is running off a script that’s been developed especially for the program and designed to meet their unique needs and requirements. And for an extra layer of security features a secure SSL connection from Comodo to allow safer browsing and more secure transactions. Hosting is on a dedicated server protected by the combined efforts of DDoSGuard and CloudFlare. Overall I have to say the website is quite user friendly, well designed to give a positive first impression, and easy to navigate. One added security feature here in AnoAds is the personal PIN number you will need to set up when opening your account. You will need this PIN for any further withdrawals from the program so make sure and keep it in a safe and offline location.

For any further questions about the program or important account related issues you might need to have dealt with then there’s a couple of options in place for the members. The first thing you should always do of course is to read the AnoAds FAQ section, and then when you’re finished doing that go back and read it again! If that hasn’t helped then fill in your details on the regular customer support form and submit it online. AnoAds also list a couple of different e-mail addresses you can write to directly depending on the nature of your enquiry if you prefer that. You might also notice a postal address in the UK though I would suggest you ignore that as a serviced office used only for correspondence.

The texts and website content are quite comprehensive though generally as you might expect in the HYIP industry it’s all a bit vague and a case of “talking a lot without saying much” if you know what I mean. In other words there’s plenty about AnoAds supposedly being an advertising company, but nothing to actually prove it. Yes, there’s a certificate of incorporation, but these are readily and legally available for sale to anyone looking to buy one and have no connection with the day-to-day activities of the company. Under no circumstances should you think of AnoAds as anything other than a form of gambling, so if you lose don’t think you can blame someone else for you spending more than you were able to afford to lose in the first place. Treat AnoAds as you would anything else in the HYIP industry and stay within a sensible spending limit. And of course also remember that AnoAds would be better kept as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.

So, what do you think? If you’ve given it any consideration then I’d just like to finish up by asking how you guys feel about the whole thing. Are you more or less likely to join AnoAds now that it’s all been explained? Please answer the following opinion poll question, keeping in mind that it’s 100% anonymous and untraceable, as I think it will be interesting to look back on the results in the coming weeks/months when we have a better idea what direction AnoAds is going in:

Will you make an active deposit with AnoAds?

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I would like to start by introducing a new program called Coinmee which officially launched a few days ago and was added to the Premium List on MNO earlier today. It would be fair to say that Coinmee offers a much lower interest rate than most other current HYIPs, and the admin assured me that it was done deliberately because he wants his program to be different and last for a long time. Although to be honest, with investment plans paying 102% after 7 days, 105% after 14 days, 115% after 30 days, and 130% after 45 days it will take a significant amount of time before investors notice that Coinmee is any different from the others, as the risks are still there and nothing in the HYIP industry can be guaranteed or taken for granted, regardless of the true intentions of the admin himself. Anyway, I hope that in this case Coinmee will stay focused on slow and steady growth and will be able to eventually establish a name. Time will tell which direction it will take for sure, but for now I can tell you that investments in Coinmee have no maximum and can be made from either PerfectMoney or BitCoin. PerfectMoney though is certainly the secondary currency here, as you see in your account area that BTC is the main currency everything is counted with, not USD. The minimum to invest is different for each plan and ranges from 0.001 BTC or its equivalent in USD which is about $20 at the current exchange rate for the shortest 7-day long plan to 0.5 BTC (or about $1,000 at the current exchange rate) if you wish to invest in the most profitable longest plan. Withdrawals are promised to be paid within 12 hours of request, and 0.5% (not the 5% that specified on the website) is supposed to be taken from the whole amount received on expiry as an “administrative fee”. At the time of writing I cannot really comment on the speed with which the withdrawal requests are processed by Coinmee, but I will certainly have a better idea by the time I publish the full review of the program some time next week. From a technical point of view the site of Coinmee looks well-made and clearly shows that the admin had a good initial budget to develop it – the domain name is registered for five years in advance, the hosting is provided by OVH which keeps the site on a dedicated and DDoS protected server, there is SSL security certificate from Comodo, and everything is operated off a licensed GoldCoders script. As I said earlier, at the moment it would be just too early to judge how such an extremely low-ROI program with limited payment processor choice is going to be taken by investors. However I can say for sure it’s not going to be an overnight success. The admin will have to be prepared to work long and hard to win investors confidence, and I hope he realizes that. More on Coinmee will be in the detailed review on MNO in a few days, so stay tuned for that!


For years Payza has been the payment processor of choice for many HYIP investors for its convenience, reasonable fees and anti-fraud protection no other payment processor offers. This is includes a chance to file a dispute and get a refund at the end of a program’s lifetime and the fact that Payza investors are usually paid for longer than others, even if a HYIP stops paying everyone else. There are lots of convenient funding options after opening and verifying the account, such as bank transfer, credit card payment, or a simple BitCoin transaction. There are plenty of withdrawal optionsfor Payza members too, to help you get your profits out of such programs monitored on MNO like BandeiraCorp (reviewed here) or Biksbit (reviewed here) which are both working with Payza, among others. These include bank wire and bank transfer, e-currency exchanges, BitCoin, or Payza‘s own pre-paid debit card (by far my own favourite method and can be mailed to members homes) and were the main subject of the latest post on the official Payza news blog. Please find it below re-posted for your information:

Finding the Right Payza Withdrawal Option for You
Here at Payza, our goal is to help you find your way to not only pay but also get paid. Earlier, we looked at a number of different ways for how to deposit money into your Payza e-wallet; today, we’re offering an overview of your options for withdrawing funds from your Payza account.
No matter where you are in the world, you can use Payza in many different ways. Whether it’s shopping online, paying bills, sending or receiving money to/from friends and family, or getting paid by an employer or a freelancing client, people from all over the world are using Payza to send and receive money safely and affordably.
Withdrawing funds from your Payza account is easy and you have a wide range of withdrawal options available. Depending on your country, you can withdraw money from your Payza e-wallet in many ways, giving you the freedom to choose the right method for you. All you need to do is log in to your Payza account, open the top menu, and click the Withdraw Funds tab. Then select your preferred withdrawal method and follow the instructions provided.
Withdrawing Funds by Bank Account
The most common withdrawal method is by bank account. There are two ways to withdrawal funds directly to your bank account: bank transfer and bank wire. In both cases, you are required to first connect your bank account to your Payza account, which you can do by following these steps:
1. In your Payza account, click on “Wallet” and then on “Bank Accounts”.
2. Select the country where your bank account is located.
3. If necessary, select whether you will use the bank account for Bank Wire or Bank Transfer withdrawals.
4. Enter your bank account details in the fields provided, then click “Next”.
5. Review the information you entered and click “I accept” if it’s correct.
Once connected, you can withdraw money directly from your Payza e-wallet to your bank account using a bank wire. To withdraw by bank transfer, you will also need to validate your bank account. Validation methods vary depending on location.
You can complete a bank wire or bank transfer withdrawal using the following steps:
1. In your Payza account, click “Withdraw Funds” in the top menu, then select “Bank Wire” or “Bank Transfer”.
2. Select your Payza currency balance and the bank account to withdraw to.
3. Enter your bank information, amount, and details, then click “Next”.
4. Review your transaction details, enter your Transaction PIN, then click “Withdraw”.
It’s that simple!
Depending on your bank account, it may take 4 to 7 business days for your bank to receive and process the transaction and for the funds to appear in your account. Some countries, such as India, may require additional information to complete a bank transfer transaction.
Specialty Withdraw Funds Options
Payza users also have access to a number of alternative withdrawal options depending on their location. Two options that are available in most countries are withdrawal by Bitcoin or using an e-currency exchanger.
If you have a Bitcoin Wallet, you can withdraw money from your Payza e-wallet in the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Payza will convert your currency into Bitcoin and deposit it into your Bitcoin Wallet. To make a Bitcoin withdrawal, follow these steps:
1. In your Payza account, click “Withdraw Funds” in the top menu and select “Bitcoin”.
2. Enter the Bitcoin address for your wallet and the amount you wish to withdraw, then click “Next”.
3. Review the details, enter your Payza Transaction PIN, and click “Withdraw” to complete the transaction.
For the moment, Bitcoin withdrawals are only available for balances in USD. For balances in other currencies, you can exchange those funds to USD within your account. A currency exchange fee will be applied.
If you would like to transfer funds into or out of your Payza e-wallet from another e-wallet, you can do so by using an e-currency Authorized Exchanger. Payza has authorized several exchangers to provide this service to our customers. An e-currency exchanger is an intermediary, or a third-party transfer service that allows you to transfer funds from one e-wallet to another.
To withdraw funds using an e-currency exchanger, follow these steps:
1. In your Payza account, click “Withdraw Funds” in the top menu and select “Exchanger”.
2. Choose from the list of Authorized Exchangers.
3. Click the link to the Authorized Exchanger website and follow their instructions to complete your transaction.
Payza Authorized Exchangers vary by country. Different Authorized Exchangers may also have different procedures for creating and processing these transactions. For assistance with an Authorized Exchanger transaction you should first contact the support team of that exchanger.
The Payza Card
Finally, you can withdraw your funds from your Payza e-wallet to a Payza Card, our proprietary prepaid card which is a great addition to your Payza account. This card lets you make purchases almost anywhere traditional credit cards are accepted, including most ATMs. There is no monthly fee, just a one-time shipping and handling charge of $19.95 and pay-as-you-go transaction fees. With a verified account, you can request your Payza Card within your account. To learn how to apply for your card, visit the Payza Reference Center.
The Payza Card is not available to customers in all countries. Visit the Prepaid Cards section of your Payza account to see if the card is available in your region.
Payza is committed to supporting local payment options for our users all around the world. New domestic deposit and withdrawal options are introduced all the time as Payza continues to add new services for our customers all over the globe. For more information on adding funds, local payment options, and other Payza products and features, be sure to subscribe to our blog.


The first withdrawal issues with ReyKey were reported on major investment forums yesterday. However the admin of the program was shrewd enough to keep paying selectively to some monitors for some time after the scam already happened, and thus ensuring the last pennies from unsuspecting investors were well squeezed. I mean that possibility only threatens those investors who blindly believe the status of a program that they see on bribed monitors. Unlike them, MNO has always been about quick status change and close monitoring of the programs listed on my site. ReyKey was no exception and was moved the program to Problem status much faster than 99% of other monitors, and (shame on them!) some of them are still displaying Paying status for ReyKey. The current status of this program on MNO is Scam, and there will be no recovery I’m afraid. The result of almost three weeks on MNO and over seven weeks overall is not too bad, as it was enough time to profit from at least ReyKey‘s shortest plan, but it’s certainly not spectacular. I must say that I expected much more from ReyKey that failed to impress me or my readers and was largely ignored. It simply didn’t work for what ever reasons and such programs will end up losing on their advertising budgets, if they are not planning to work properly for some lengthy period of time.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: Biksbit, FexFund.
From MNO Premium list: BandeiraCorpBitCTradeFatFundsAxisCrude, UnityReserveAurumBank.
From MNO Standard list: AnoAds (the first instant payments received).
From MNO Basic list: BetCruisez.

That’s all the news for today, guys, but I’ll certainly talk to you again before the end of the week. Most likely by then the final results of the poll currently running on the MNO TalkBack page asking you your attitude to the current trend of BitCoin only programs will be drawn and properly analysed. A new question will replace it, so if you have any ideas and suggestions you’d like to see please say so in the ShoutBox, or email me at where you can contact me with any questions regarding the programs monitored on MNO or the HYIP industry in general. You can also follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook, and Twitter, and get subscribed to the Daily News to be sent directly to your email address by entering and confirming it on this page. Good luck in your investments and talk to you all over the weekend!

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