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Hello everyone, and welcome again to the MNO blog where I’m back this business week to present you with all the news from the biggest and most elite programs in the HYIP industry – the only programs that can afford to be listed on MNO. I’m pleased to see that now we’re into September and the anticipation of the new autumn season bringing us the best of the best investment opportunities is in the air. As you may know to keep the high standard of the programs on MNO intact I have made a decision to increase listing prices. So don’t be surprised if you see higher price tags on the MNO monitor now with Premium Listing now at $2,000, Standard went to $1,400, while Basic Listing increased to $800. They will be applied to all the new programs joining MNO, as well to existing ones looking to upgrade. That makes the MNO blog and monitor truly the most expensive in the HYIP industry to ensure my readers find only the best programs here.

The last couple of days saw lots of updates from the MNO monitored programs, so I decided to dedicate today’s blog post entirely to that and my own comments to them. Fortunately it’s mostly positive news, as all the programs on MNO still keep paying to everyone, however, inevitably some red flags are appearing on the horizon. The review of BlockchainAlliance which processed the first batch of payments to investors already will be posted on Thursday, so stay tuned for that. As for today, let’s start looking at the latest updates, shall we?


Being the leading program and giant of the HYIP industry is no easy task, but LaserOnline seems to be doing just fine setting an example to many admins as to how you run a tremendously successful program for nearly ten weeks now. Even today’s technical issues with the website when no one could access their accounts in LaserOnline didn’t spoil the overall positive picture of the program in the minds of investors now that the site is back to normal. The technical updates and the downtime of a few hours was the subject of a short update posted on LaserOnline‘s social networking channels and the website itself earlier:

We are working on major updates of the personal account and billing system security features. Please give us a few hours to complete this technical improvement. You’ll be able to login your account shortly. Sorry for the inconvenience.

So, kudos to the admin and team for keeping us all updated and doing what they do best – paying us all 12% daily for 12 business days. Your account is credited with profits every day Monday to Friday and the profits are paid to your e-currency account as soon as the countdown timer reaches zero. Of course, without some inevitable bumps on the road any hugely successful HYIP will encounter from time to time we wouldn’t be able to fully appreciate the time when everything works smoothly. By the way, the admin of LaserOnline Andy with whom I maintain direct communication (handy if you’re my referral in the program!) reported some issues with Monero due to which deposits via that payment method were temporarily disabled. The good news though is that from now on BitCoinCash is going to be accepted, joining the extensive list of payment processors currently available for investors in LaserOnline – Payza, PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, Dash, and Ripple. In my opinion this is certainly positive news and a step in the right direction as BitCoinCash which was formed just a few weeks ago from the main BitCoin crypto-currency now has its fans as well. And mainly for them was the following update addressed to:

BitCoinCash is Now Accepted
Laser Fans!
BitCoin Cash BCH is now ACCEPTED! Along with all the high leagues crypto currencies in place i.e. BitCoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin and Dash.
With an exceptional wave of modern society IT achievements, blockchain technology evolves and being already implemented at many businesses worldwide. It’s not a secret that both parties, from the customer seeking for privacy and reliability, to the company aimed at maximum user’s protection, it’s niche market stability – everybody needs powerful, time-proven instrument.
We use Cryptocurrency, as the only true Everest of people’s financial prosperity of today and future tomorrow.
Get started with Laser today!
Find LaserOnline at social media:
Having questions or doubts? Visit our extensive FAQ section:

Finally, if after reading all of this and still not enticed by the original review of LaserOnline posted here then maybe you should read the following Facebook post explaining the simplicity and yet genius behind the popular investment concept of 12% for 12 business days. Read the post below if interested:

Sign up completed, What’s next to do at LaserOnline Platform?
1) Create a deposit starts from $5 just* (highest payment leagues accepted)
2) You start earning daily 12% each Business days except weekends* (Monday to Friday)
3) At the end of the term you earn total 144% R.O.I (Principal is included in total returns)
4) In a matter of few weeks, you stand strong with net profits of 44% and, you may reinvest/deposit again to continue the process of maximizing your capital from this proven Money Making Machine.
We have designed our financial plans with the number 12 in its core, twelve is the number of what is completed, which forms a whole, a perfect and harmonious unit. Allende tells that it expresses the idea that the Universe forms a whole, associated with the idea of differentiation – 10 + 2. The principle behind our investment plan is to provide the fastest return on investment possible with minimum risk for both of us, that we consider as the golden spot for efficiency & mutual prosperity at our long-term partnership. 12/12 plan was invented to return a steady daily interest of exactly 12% on principal (deposit), and last 12 business days. Interest will be auto-credited into your account balance every business day (Monday to Friday) until your principal has expired after 12 business days. Upon expiry, the interest would stop being credited and the invested sum is absorbed and you will stop making further profits unless you invest any new funds further.
Highest quality service and constant innovation will bring the power to our community! You can be the judge of the quality of our efforts, let’s build a stronger foundation for your bright future with no compromises!
Get started with Laser today!
Find LaserOnline at social media: Twitter:
Having questions or doubts? Visit our extensive FAQ section:


The main rival to LaserOnline for the title of best HYIP over the last couple of months is Respectativa which has performed brilliantly over the first forty days online. Respectativa (reviewed here) was listed on MNO since day one and the initial investment plans were slightly modified after a couple of weeks which made the program even more potentially profitable for investors. Over the first weeks online Respectativa has achieved some impressive results for investors as it was possible to complete full three cycles on the longer-term plan paying 12% to 13% daily over a 12-day period or five cycles if you were satisfied with the lower but faster paying profits on the 118% to 122% on expiry of the 7 day term plan. The list of payment processors Respectativa works with is quite impressive and includes both traditional HYIP-serving payment handlers like Payza, PerfectMoney, Payeer, and AdvCash and trendier crypto-currencies like BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, and Ethereum Classic. Withdrawals are usually no more than 24 hours, even faster when the admin is online.

It’s always great to see an admin with a vision and a plan to achieve it, so please have a look at the so-called “Road Map” released by Respectativa today. This map will explain the future development Respectativa might take over the next few months. And even if it seems to be hard to achieve for a program paying such high investment returns at first glance, at least it clearly shows that the admin has an idea where to take it from here and beyond. As you might see from the Road Map 2017 the link to which is given in the latest newsletter issued earlier today, some things have been implemented already including the recent translation into German and French, while some might be easily achieved in the near future, provided of course the admin has the determination and drive to do so and the investors support Respectativa with new deposits and promotional work. A special thanks goes to the admin for the great job so far and for the inclusion of the original (now slightly adjusted) detailed review of his program posted on MNO. Here’s the latest newsletter from Respectativa in full:

New languages and 2017 Road Map released
Dear Investors,
We would like to thank you for your support and confidence in our company. We are motivated and inspired by your dedication and support, and truly believe that together we will bring Respectativa to the top level. Delivering results that exceed your expectations is our main priority.
As you may know, it has been around 1.5 months since the start of our worldwide online investment opportunity. Also, it is the time when many investors are completed their 3rd cycle of our Moon Investment plan and 5th cycle of the Jupiter plan. We hope you’ve been enjoying your daily earnings and the benefit of fast withdrawals. Our team pride themselves on providing superior talent to deliver high-quality solutions aligned with these key aspects to our clients: sustainable investment plans, timely and fast withdrawals, multiple payment processors, 3-level partnership program, top-notch security, and outstanding customer support. We believe that all of these aspects will stand the basis for the successful development and long-term cooperation of all in this entity. Our team is excited and looking towards a prosperous future, the opportunity to work with you, and delivering the best service.
We would like to highlight our recent updates:
– French and German languages have been added
– Russian video review is published by Rolex
– If you still didn’t read our detailed review by Money-News-Online, feel free to read it here:
– Road Map 2017 is released and you can check it here:
That is all for now. Stay tuned for more updates! Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Sincerely, Respectativa Team


ControlFinance (reviewed here) has finally reached the point when its first investors should have reached the profit zone and will start earning from their investments now. Depending on your principal you can earn from 1% to 1.5% interest for an unlimited term, i.e. while ControlFinance is still online. You can start from a $10 deposit which can be made via PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, or BitCoin. A strong advantage is that you can invest via one payment processor and withdraw to another, completely free of charge. Although ControlFinance joined MNO a couple of weeks after its official launch I hope any readers who joined will soon be in profit too. In the latest regularly issued “trading” report the link to which is given below there was some updates about crypto-currency exchange rates and opportunities profit from them. However, it sounds strange that among the crypto-currencies in which ControlFinance seems to be so closely involved in trading with only BitCoin is accepted. Surely it would be logical to accept all the other altcoins too from members too, don’t you think? Anyway, food for thought if interested:

New trade report
Hello. We posted Company’s weekly trade report covering the period from August 14, 2017, to August 20, 2017. You can have a look at it clicking on the following link:


The end of the last business week saw turbulent times for the members of RolyInvestment, some of whom might have missed out on the regular profits that are re-distributed on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays as a share of about 21% to 35% monthly profits paid for one year with principal back on expiry. On Monday though everything was fine again as Friday’s disruption to payments was apparently caused by a huge DDoS-attack which has since been fully mitigated. The admin reported that in more detail in the first weekly newsletter sent to members of RolyInvestment yesterday. When logged into my account today I also noticed another short announcement on enhanced security updates. Here’s all the latest news from RolyInvestment (reviewed here):

Dear Community, investors and partners,
We are pleased to announce our first Newsletter! As described in our Business Plan (You can find it here) we are starting with E-Mail Marketing for our company. E-Mail Marketing is a very important key feature for a growing, worldwide acting company. This allows us to give you more transparency about RolyInvestment LTD. All of your investors can see the growing of the company weekly and our goal is to prevent fake news.
At first we want to talk about the tragic event which happened this week: Thursday, 31st March 2017:
The website of RolyInvestment Ltd. was attacked by russian hackers with a DDOS Attack. That means a group of people was trying to overload our servers so no one of our servers where reachable for the whole day. A lot of investors fall in panic, they wrote us thousands of e-mails, we’ve got a lot of calls and many people were unsettled because of their deposit at our company. At first, we can promise you all deposits are safe! Because you directly transfer your money to the crypto currency trading platforms Poloniex, Kraken and Bittrex. We are not storing any type of crypto coins in the company wallets. We are currently expanding our developer team. First progress can be see on the Homepage and in your personal dashboard.
We are very impressed about the big and rising demand on RolyInvestment LTD.
We will send our Newsletter to you every Sunday of a completed working week. A special case are company holidays.
You will get news about the following topics:
– News about Crypto currencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash…), – Our Trading histories and results, – Company Events, – Internal Company Informations, – and much more!
Best Regards, The Team of RolyInvestment Ltd.

New RolyInvestment – Security Settings
Dear Community, investors and partners,
We achieved our new User change security function.
All Changes in the Settings have to be verified from now on from the owner by email.


There’s nothing really much going on in MatrixAlliance, as the program is on its eighth day online with automated withdrawals in the 10%-15% for 12 days plan, so no one is in profit yet. Everyone who has made at least 0.005 BTC (about $20 at the current rate) in any accepted e-currency which include PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, BitCoin, Ethereum, and LiteCoin are getting paid automatically and directly to the same account they joined with. As MatrixAlliances are working in BTC all your daily profits are subject to BitCoin exchange rate fluctuations – the feature I’m really curious about and of which I covered my review posted here in more detail. Anyway, so far so good, but we will be able to judge the program’s performance only after its first 12 day cycle is over in a few days from now. Meanwhile, you can read the latest newsletter from the admin of MatrixAlliances below and see the latest stats and Facebook group link you are encouraged to join to support the program:

Hello, Greetings to you !
First, We want to thank you for being part of the MATRIX ALLIANCES LTD. Family and Now we have another productive day!
Kindly check our statistics below:
~| Total Members : 500+, ~| Total Payouts : ? 1.76748107, ~| Total deposits : ? 8.17078519, ~| Active Online : 7 Days
Congratulations to us all because we have now already reached 500 + members in MATRIXALLIANCES LTD.!!
We had achieved milestone of our track to success.
Our business will continue being in good because of our loyal and supportive members. Our sales are good and stable. The site is continuously progressing and strong. We are entirely grateful for all of your hardwork and active participation.
Keep it up!
** Share your Experince and Payment proof also…
*** Share your referral link with your friends, relatives and families, You can earn 3 Level Referral Commission 5% – 2% – 1%
Keep moving forward MATRIXALLIANCES LTD….!!
Have a more grateful day ahead!
Thanks for supporting us., We will definately grow together !


I had some issues with instant withdrawals from CryptoMineHoldings today. Fairly speaking, it did happen before but today the issue was not announced by the admin and he failed to respond to my email. That’s why I had no other choice but to move the program to Problem status on the MNO monitor earlier today. Fortunately, one MNO reader asked me to check this out again and after I canceled the pending payout and requested another withdrawal I was finally paid by CryptoMineHoldings, and this time instantly. I can only guess whether this incident was intentional or purely a technical issue, as there seems to be a total lack of communication from the admin’s side which is never a good sign in my opinion. Anyway, he was more active yesterday when a newsletter was issued containing some latest stats, and for the moment I believe the withdrawals are back to normal and are processed instantly on the 5%-7% for 30 days to PerfectMoney, Payeer, and BitCoin accounts. Obviously after ten days online nobody is in profit yet and it will take some time before we can judge whether CryptoMineHoldings (reviewed here) is a success or not:

$68000 In Portfolio In 9 Days- ARE YOU STILL WAITING?
I hope you are doing well and good!!
We are almost at 10 days since we launched and we are growing rapidly since then.
We got over $68000 in investments and over 500 members have joined us to the journey of lifelong financial freedom that they were always been looking for.
Here is where we stand on 9th Day:
Running days 9, Total accounts 566, Active accounts 136, Total deposited $ 68305.00, Today deposited $ 150.00, Total withdraw $ 27010.33, Today withdraw $ 2097.89
These stats shows the success of CMH so far.
It shows that people are trusting us with their funds and we cant thank them enough for their trust.
If you are someone looking at this and thinking about joining us in this journey and have any questions that you might want to ask us then send us an email back or join our Facebook group to take a look at the results of other people and see what they are saying about us.
Join our Facebook group here:
We look forward to seeing you with us soon!
Thank You. CMH


Out of all the wonderful things the Japanese nation, people, and culture are renowned for, I wouldn’t have said the made up name of an individual nobody knows for sure really even exists would be top of my list when I think of that country. Nevertheless, that’s how the admin of Ykke (reviewed here) sees the start of the program’s efforts to concentrate on that market. Ykke has recently completed its translation into the Japanese language, so obviously this is going to help a lot, and cites the alleged Japanese creator of BitCoin as an inspiration. True or not, since Ykke is working exclusively with BitCoins it’s easy to see why this would be such a motivation. The program has just one single investment plan that pays investors 3% interest for an open ended term, i.e. for how ever long Ykke manages to survive. It takes, at that rate, 34 days to reach the break-even point and see your first profit, but it’s kinda debatable now whether or not any new investors will get there or not. The recent introduction of so called “tokens” for the Ykke trading bot which you pay for now but don’t see a return on until October is a major concern for me here, and is something I just see a positive outcome to. Even if, as I assume most experienced HYIP players will, you ignore the offer of discounted tokens and just make a regular investment with Ykke it could be the case that we are in the final stages of the program now. Anyway, you can draw your own conclusions about that, I simply advise caution from this point on. The latest from the Ykke admin is below:

The country of high-tech
It’s a high honor for Ykke to start operating in Japan – the homeland of Satoshi Nakamoto.
Japan is considered to be not only the birthplace of Bitcoin, but one of the most active regions of crypto currency evolution.
The web site of Ykke company has been translated into Japanese and we hope to gain popularity in this country… The country of high-tech being familiar with Bitcoin for quite a long time.

The roadmap
Ykke company has far-going plans and rather tight schedule for the coming year. Our goal is to create something more than a regular trading bot. The life would be rather boring in case we set such a simple task.
We are going to develop a flexible platform for the automated crypto currency trading during the next year. That will be a great opportunity for private investors to get the profit using the time-proved strategies. As for companies, we will offer API to integrate our platform into your web-site, which will give you an opportunity to create your own trading bots (under the Ykke license).
The general development plan is clearly described in our roadmap.
Moreover, at the moment we are preparing the White Paper describing the details of the creation and evolution of the Ykke Trading Bot platform.


I can’t say it was ever a bad program – indeed no one can, it’s been a dependable player since day one – but that’s not to say FatFunds doesn’t have an eventual end in sight. The admin has announced a new investment plan, and as is so often the case in the HYIP industry, later offers get increasingly more and more desperate with the FatFunds admin making offers which will simply not be met. I can’t say if the newest plan is aimed at raising money to finance payments to existing members or to just line the pockets of the admin, I can only tell you who isn’t going to make a dime out of it – the people who join. That’s not to say FatFunds (reviewed here) isn’t still currently a paying program of course, but right from day one there’s only been one plan worth looking at from a list that now includes 2.1% for 100 business days which is the one worth joining, plus the new offers of 1125% after 15 business days and 1277% after 25 business days, followed by 1378% after 50 business days and 1577% after 100 business days. The newest offers require minimum “deposits” (i.e. donations!) of $400 and $500 respectively. While I have no doubt that some naïve people, maybe even plenty of naïve people, will waste money on these things I can only play one small part and urge the readers of MNO not to fall for this. Whether this also indicates time is running out for the only realistic plan – 2.1% for 100 business days – is debatable, but the prognosis is not good. Every HYIP needs to shall we say sell itself to appear as attractive as possible to as wide an audience as they can possibly reach, that much is understandable, even commendable, but with FatFunds the recent gimmicks such as trying to sell a $99 board game are just looking like a grab for the last remaining few cents they can squeeze from anyone gullible to hand it over. I’m including the latest news from FatFunds below, but only for your information so you can identify the dangers signs when you see them. Any further investments there are at your own risk, which to be honest was always the way from the very start anyway:

The Lucky Bitcoin Game
«Lucky Bitcoin» is a new feature of our project and not only gives you an opportunity to earn more with our project but also to experience an additional pleasure here and now!
Game rules of «Lucky Bitcoin» are very simple. For every Bitcoin deposit made in our project you get the gaming code which is necessary for participating in the lottery of one-time bonus from our project. Your gaming code will be sent on your e-mail after activating your Bitcoin deposit using which you can play a one-time prize from 0.000005 to 5.555555 BTC. The gaming code, as well as the results of your lottery, will be shown in your personal account.
Number of prizes and sums:
— 8814 prizes 0.000005 BTC; — 1000 prizes 0.000055 BTC; — 100 prizes 0.000555 BTC; — 50 prizes 0.005555 BTC; — 25 prizes 0.055555 BTC; — 10 prizes 0.555555 BTC; — 1 prize 5.555555 BTC.
What is it?
«Lucky Bitcoin» is a mini-game that gives users who have made a Bitcoin deposit the opportunity to participate in the lottery of one-time prize of the amount from 0.000005 to 5.555555 BTC.
How to get the code?
The gaming code is generated automatically in 5 minutes for EVERY Bitcoin deposit made and activated in our project. Information about new gaming code will be sent on your e-mail, as well as the gaming code will be shown in your personal account.
How to use the code?
To use the gaming code you have to copy it, follow the link, paste the code in the “Your gaming code” field and click the “Play now!” button. After that you will see the sum of your prize.
How do I get a bonus on my account?
The prize won at “Lucky Bitcoin” is be paid on the payment account on the next working day after the lottery. Account is specified during making a Bitcoin deposit.

The first 100,000 pre-orders for The FatFunds Game
Dear friends! We kindly announce raising the first 100,000 pre-orders for our product The FatFunds Game at a super promotional price – only $99. Each investor who made pre-order gets an additional bonus from our project – a deposit of $99 with 1.5% payments each working day for 250 working days!
Thereby we passed 1 of 4 stages to achieve pre-orders. The next 100,000 copies of the game The FatFunds Game will be possible to pre-order for $149 and the investors will receive a small prize from our team – a deposit of $149 for 175 working days with 1.3% payments of the deposit amount.
Hurry up to order the game by lower price and with a nice bonus!
Download the trial version of the game in PDF now:
— in Russian language ( ~535 Mb, .pdf ) — in English language ( ~362 Mb, .pdf )
The FatFunds Game includes:
1 game map, 6 playing fields, 2 dice with 12 sides, Game rules, 27 cards “Lady”, 36 sport pieces, 30 health pieces, 495 products pieces, 52 cards with tasks, 1064 money pieces, 1064 calories pieces
Attention! Link your email address correctly! Our operators will contact you to clarify address of shipment to deliver produced version of the game. It is highly recommended to use email services, and
Attention! Free delivery is provided to countries: US, RU, UA, NL, GB, TW, BY, MD, UZ, DE, KZ, RO, VN, LV, CZ, AM, JP, EE, KG, ID, MN, A1, CN, PL, BG, IT, FR, GH, NO, CA, EU, AZ, IN, BR, MA, IE, PK, SK, AT, MO, MY, TH, BD, PH, ES, KR, CH, SE, CO, MK, NG, HR, BW, GR, MX, SG, AR, TR, PR, IR, QA, KH, EG, CM, LT, PT, BE, FI, AE, DZ, IL, AU, RE, CI, MQ, TM, VE, HU, HK, PS, ZA, DK, EC, PE, SA, AN, RS, CY, TN, TT, LU, KW, BA, BO, GE, IQ, CR, PA, DO, CL, JO, MG, OM, JM, LA, AL, UG, LK, SI, NZ, BJ, LB, BN, SD, AF, AP, KE, ZW, NI, HT, A2, SV, VG, NP, BH, HN, SY, BS, UY, SO, PG, MM, MV, ZM, PF, GN, TZ, SN, KN, PY, ET, BZ, MU, BM, LC, LS, NE, MW, LY, BI, BF, BB, TJ, ME, GT, CD, GM, NA, SR, IS, RW, MT, MZ, JE, NC, AW, YE, GL, AX.
Cost of delivery to other countries is $45 (payment for the delivery services upon receipt of the parcel in local currency). Terms of delivery depend on the region and are from 3 to 25 working days.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 60 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: LaserOnlineTrafficHeapRespectativaFatFunds, BandeiraCorp, AurumBankControlFinanceChainGroupService, RolyInvestmentAlpexTradeBlockchainAlliance (the first payment received).
From MNO Standard list: YkkeMatrixAlliancesCryptoMineHoldings.
From MNO Basic list: CryptoCenterInvestellectUKPMECryptoMasterAltenergyVenturesGroup.

That’s it for tonight, guys. I hope you enjoyed reading and not to miss anything important and be in the loop please follow MNO on Telegram, Twitter, or Facebook, or subscribe to the daily news here. I will try my best to complete the review of BlockchainAlliance by Thursday alongside the latest news from the greatest investment opportunities you can only find online. The new autumn season looks promising, and I’m sure you will not regret sticking with MNO, as new promising programs and exciting new features from the current leaders of the HYIP industry can be found here, on my blog and monitor. MNO – For Money Lovers!

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