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Hello all, and welcome back to the MNO blog which remains the only site dealing exclusively with top-notch programs making sure the listing prices preventing deliberate fast scams from appearing here. I must say that the HYIP industry is thriving at the moment as was well expected by me a couple of weeks ago and that the increased prices was the absolutely right thing to do. I can now properly concentrate on advertising only the high-quality programs run by experienced HYIP admins which hopefully all the MNO readers would appreciate with LaserOnline (reviewed here) being clearly on top of the pile and taking the leading position on the HYIP market at the moment. At least 80% of readers agreed with that point by casting their votes on this week’s poll presented on the MNO TalkBack page and which you’re encouraged to participate in here, as it’s going to be open until the end of the week. Make sure you pay a special attention to the news articles today as there will be some warning sites on the programs that are still on Paying status on the MNO monitor at the moment but where I would strongly recommend you to stay away from due to some suspicious activities their admins are building on. I will start though with the newest addition to the Premium listing on the MNO monitor – a program called MegaTraders and was officially launched last night only.


I must say that the admin of MegaTraders took full advantage of purchasing a listing on MNO well in advance at the end of August, before the listing prices went up. That indicates that the preparations were well planned as the program officially launched only a couple of weeks after the purchase of the Premium and Sticky listing for a month in advance had been completed. I have been paid already and moved the program to Paying status on the MNO monitor with the full review coming on Friday. But let’s have a brief look at the program and see what it’s all about today.

MegaTraders accepts deposits from a $20 minimum that can be made both via the traditional payment processors like PerfectMoney, AdvCash, and Payeer and the trendier crypto-currencies BitCoin, LiteCoin, and Ethereum. Depending on the invested amount you will get a fixed 4%, 5%, or 6% per day for 30 business days (Monday to Friday), or 6 calendar weeks. By the end of the investment term you will reach 20% to 80% profit with MegaTraders as the original deposit is included in the daily profits and is not returned on expiry. Withdrawals from MegaTraders will be processed either instantly (for smaller withdrawals of $10 or less), or within a very reasonable period of 12 business hours, as stated on the website. MegaTraders are running off a licensed GoldCoders script with all the traditional features present, it’s properly SSL-secured by Comodo, and is hosted on a dedicated and protected server by Zamahost with DDoSprotection provided by CloudFlare. The site of MegaTraders looks well-prepared and is translated to several different languages, contains a presentation video to be also embedded to the MNOVision page by tomorrow, and a UK certificate of incorporation. There is a properly functioning Live Chat, social network accounts, and the still blank representatives and trading report pages to follow soon. I firmly believe that MegaTraders have everything in place to succeed in the HYIP industry and hopefully the highest paid Sticky listing on MNO will be a good first step to achieve the high future goals this ambitious admin certainly has on his mind. Make sure not to miss the program’s full review on Friday, guys!

And just one more thing before we finish with MegaTraders. The first newsletter was just sent by the admin. Apart from the general info usually available on a program’s official online launch, there is also some specific details available on the representatives program and testimonials contest where you can win cash prizes for best videos about them. By the way, the links to the main social networks where you can engage with the admin of MegaTraders and your fellow investors are also posted at the end of the newsletter I’m re-posting below:

MegaTraders Newsletter Sept 14th
Dear investors and partners,
We are very pleased to announce that MegaTraders has been successfully launched on September 12 2017. Registrations, deposits and withdrawals are fully operational 24/7. Your funds and data are under strong protection as this is our highest priority.
We have started ongoing promotional campaign and we will gradually step up our effort. But we believe that our members are our best ambassadors, so we will reward you for your contribution to our success. You will find your referral link on your dashboard, use it to refer your friends and earn up to 15% commissions on 3 levels deep. You will also find animated banners in the promotional tools section.
– Representative Program :
Would you like to become one of our local agents ? If so then visit the representative page from the homepage menu. You can apply as soon as you have 5 active direct referrals and will get 50 USD bonus credited to your account. Promote MegaTraders online and get more rewards up to 850 USD !
– Testimonial Contest :
If you like MegaTraders then tell the world about it ! Send us your video in your native language and we will reward the 3 best videos with 100 USD bonus an add it on the homepage !
Don’t forget to join our official Telegram Channel : Facebook Official page : VK official page :
For any inquiry you can join us with the button support on your dashboard or directly by email:
We wish you the best of success with your business.
MegaTraders Team


A newsletter hailing the successful first week online was issued earlier today by the admin of Coinreum, reviewed on MNO a couple of days ago. By the way, thanks to him for posting the link to the review on my blog which you can read here in the newsletter among other things. It’s hard to believe the official stats of thousands of investors and 200K USD invested over the first days online as it all seem to be pretty exaggerated not only to me but for many other experienced investors as well. Anyway, it’s admirable that the admin revealed some future plans to make the website more appealing to a wider international audience and translate it to a few languages with time. At the time of writing I believe investors of Coinreum have no complaints yet as they have been paid promptly on two of the three available investment plans on offer – 3.2% for 50 days and 25% for 10 weeks – although the third plan paying monthly 115% for three months is yet to be seen to find its first investors in profit. With Coinreum you can invest starting from $20 via multiple payment gateways including PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, BitCoin. LiteCoin, and Ethereum and get paid within 24 hours of request. The latest news from the program is below:

COINREUM First week results
COINREUM has been online for one week now and we would like to share with you some of our success so far. We have over 4300 registered members and almost 200,000 USD of investments.
The review of Coinreum is on MNO blog! Check it!
More languages
We have just hired a team of translators, and COINREUM will be available in the following languages within few weeks: French, Russian, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese and Spanish. We want to provide the best user experience possible for users from any country in the world.
We wish all of you a great week, and thank you for being a part of this!
Best regards, COINREUM Team


I think it’s probably fair to say at this point that the admin of Ykke‘s insistence that anyone who bought or is looking to buy the so-called YKK tokens must now add an Ethereum wallet to their members accounts is no more than a distraction. It’s done to create a certain sense that something is genuinely underway and that Ykke have a serious business plan and are working to create a massive income for investors. Well, it will definitely create a massive income for someone anyway, but I doubt it’s going to be the investors! Ykke (reviewed on MNO here) as you might know as an online HYIP is working exclusively with BitCoin and offers just one investment plan paying 3% daily for how ever long the program survives. With no early principal allowed to be withdrawn, that means new investors coming to Ykke for the first time will need at least 34 days to get their money back and see a profit. Will it last that long? It looks increasingly unlikely I have to say, as with the expiry date for the first Tokens (basically payment on expiry) due before that I can’t really see this one going much further. Strictly speaking yes, Ykke is indeed paying its members everything they are owed and on time, but new deposits are unlikely to be profitable anymore. The latest update from the Ykke admin asking for Ethereum wallet details from those who, mistakenly in my view, paid for Tokens can be seen below:

Attention! For all tokens holders
We draw the attention of all YKK tokens holders, as well as investors who want to buy them.
You are kindly requested to fill in the numbers of your Ethereum-wallets in your personal account:
This is necessary in order to make transfer of YKK tokens at the ICO stage to your account possible. If you do not already have a wallet, you need to register one.
Please follow the list of wallets that can be used to obtain YKK tokens:
* The export of private key is obligatory
Also hardware wallets that support tokens based on Ethereum are suitable for work:
Ledger Nano S Trezor
Use only recommended wallets from the list above!
Do not specify the Ethereum-wallets numbers that are given to you by the crypto-currency exchange services, because they do not support the operation with new tokens. In this situation, you will not be able to get YKK tokens.


It’s a time old tradition in the HYIP industry by now to hand something out with the left hand while you take back something even bigger with the right hand. Just like Ykke, FatFunds has also been jaunting along nicely with just the one low interest investment plan 2.1% for 100 business days. This has unfortunately now been shall we say supplemented by the addition of some frankly ridiculous plans which will serve no purpose other than to scam those gullible enough to join. Some of these unfeasibly large numbers include 1125% after 15 business days, 1277% after 25 business days, 1378% after 50 business days, 1577% after 100 business days. The real problem there for anyone sensible enough to see these offers cannot simply be delivered, it also means that FatFunds could likely be a scam long before you could reach the break-even point on the more sensible daily payments plan. You’ll find further information if you want it in the original FatFunds review posted on MNO here, though it should be noted that it’s hard to imagine any new investors are going to be in profit there unless the admin comes up with a better promotional strategy than this. News of the latest plan, which you are strongly advised to avoid at all costs, is below:

1155% in 15 days and 5.55555 BTC in LUCKY BITCOIN game
Dear investor!
We are proud to announce our a very special FAT plan 1155% in 15 days and give
a great opportunity for our bitcoin investors to earn up to 5.55555 BTC in our “LUCKY BITCOIN” game!
Payout proofs and screenshots can be seen on our forum!
Welcome to the world of FatFunds!
To the world of health, fun and profit!
Best regards, FatFunds team.


By no means anything other than a good paying program, officially anyway at the time of writing, TrafficHeap looks to be another once fine performer coming to its natural conclusion. They seem to be taking the same predictable path as the other programs I have covered in the news stories above, paying perfectly well on its existing plan but now adding some other less obtainable offers. Initially of course TrafficHeap was a target based HYIP, making variable payments for how ever long it would take you to earn back 180% on your investment. Following the same pattern as for want of a better word their competing pending scams, have added something a bit less sensible into the mix. TrafficHeap (reviewed here) has now started to add more traditional style HYIP investment plans with fixed payments for fixed terms. Six in total at the moment in fact. The problem is that they are either too expensive to justify a very low profit, or else offer a ridiculously high and unachievable profit for amounts of money almost no one can afford. This only serves to mask a sense of desperation with a sense of urgency. For the record TrafficHeap‘s new plans are only targeted at bigger spending investors, so if you don’t have a lot of cash to spare then the admin isn’t that interested in you – count yourself lucky! They open at $500 and offer 101.1% back after 1 day if you invest up to $1,000. This is 102.2% if your deposit is from $1,000 to $5,000 and then leaps to 130% after 1 day if you spend from $5,000 to $10,000. The term is 2 days with returns of 200% on $10,000 to $15,000, and 220% for amounts between $15,000 and $25,000. TrafficHeap offer 250% on anything bigger than that. The full update from the admin on these plans is included below, though you will have to access your TrafficHeap members area for a better description:

Fixed Return Investments – Earn up to 250%
Lots of you have requested and we are now responding: We are announcing fixed return investments with TrafficHeap!
From now on if you make an investment with TrafficHeap your returns will be guaranteed and can be as high as 250%!
All tokens prior to this change are left untouched, if you’d like to invest into our Fixed Returns investments, you need to make a new investment. Earn up to 250% of Your Investment! Earn up to 250% – Withdraw Instantly
Earn up to 250% – Withdraw Instantly
The new investment plans are based on the amount you deposit, and you can earn up to 250% returns! We also offer other incentives like Priority or Instant withdrawals, Reinvest bonuses or increased Affiliate Commission. Be sure to check out Your members area for more information!
Limited Availability – ends Friday
Our fixed returns investments program are currently only available until September 15, 2017 to see how many of our members want to use the program. After that our normal Revenue Sharing program will be back in place.


Out of all the conventional style payment processors currently funding the HYIP industry, in many ways the most progressive and forward thinking is Payza. With BitCoin making massive inroads as the currency of choice for HYIP investors, passing out the US dollar in many cases, Payza have correctly identified that digital e-currencies are the way of the future, and if you want your business to survive then it must also evolve. BitCoin and Payza now enjoy a great deal of liquidity between them, and turning one into the other has never been easier. Remember that it’s no coincidence that while Payza might not be the most widely accepted payment processor among HYIP admins, the ones who do take it usually turn out to be the best. The latest article on how Payza have been making BitCoin a more essential part of online commerce is copied from their official news blog below:

Payza’s Cryptocurrency Address Manager Launch Covered by and Others
On September 5, Payza introduced the Cryptocurrency Address Manager, a feature that allows Payza members to generate and manage Bitcoin addresses within their Payza accounts. Here’s a look at what the media has to say about Payza and our new Cryptocurrency Address Manager: covers Payza’s latest news is one of the premier sources for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news. Here is how they covered Payza’s announcement:
Payza has announced the introduction of a new Bitcoin address manager feature that “allows Payza users to generate their own public bitcoin addresses and QR codes.” Generate up to a maximum of 50 addresses, use them several times and always receive funds to your Bitcoin address. For the moment, only Bitcoin is supported but other cryptocurrencies will be added in upcoming releases.
It is important to note that merchants should not rely on this new method as it provides no information about the customers and their transactions. Instead merchants should “rely on their prior payment methods”.
The full article from can be found on their website: Payza Unveils Bitcoin Address Manager
CryptoNinjas discuss Payza’s latest cryptocurrency announcement
Payza has launched a new cryptocurrency feature: Cryptocurrency Address Manager. With this feature, all Payza members can generate and manage Bitcoin addresses as well as QR codes from within their Payza accounts.
There is no fee to generate these Bitcoin addresses and it is also free to receive Bitcoin to these addresses. For now, only Bitcoin is currently supported, but more cryptocurrencies will be added in the near future.
The full article from CryptoNinjas can be found on their website: Payza introduces bitcoin address manager for all account holders
Crowdfund Insider presents Payza’s new Cryptocurrency Address Manager
On September 5, Payza introduced a new cryptocurrency feature available for both Payza Personal and Payza Business accounts; the Cryptocurrency Address Manager is a feature that enables Payza members to generate and manage their own cryptocurrency addresses from within their accounts.
Use this feature to generate your own Bitcoin addresses and QR codes to “more easily receive Bitcoin from other Bitcoin wallets”, without the need to “set up an Add Funds by Bitcoin transaction prior to receiving Bitcoin”. This feature is easy and convenient to use, and more cryptocurrencies will be “added in upcoming iterations.”
The full article from Crowdfund Insider can be found on their website: Payza’s Cryptocurrency Address Manager Now Live: Bitcoin Management Made Easy
The Paypers observes Payza’s new Bitcoin wallet functionality
Payza has presented yet another new feature, this time one that lets Payza users generate and manage cryptocurrency addresses right within their Payza account: Cryptocurrency Address Manager. Payza members can now generate their own Bitcoin addresses and QR codes to “receive Bitcoin from other wallets directly into their accounts.”
There are no fees to either generate Bitcoin addresses nor to receive Bitcoin by using this method. At this moment, only Bitcoin addresses are supported, but other cryptocurrencies will be added in the future.
The full article from The Paypers can be found on their website: Payza enables Bitcoin wallet functionality for account holders
Fintechist highlights Payza’s “positive development for cryptocurrency enthusiasts”
Payza today fully supports Bitcoin and has now added another new feature: Cryptocurrency Address Manager. With this feature “there is no further need to rely on third-party services for this specific service” as you use Payza’s Cryptocurrency Address Manager to generate and manage cryptocurrency addresses directly within your Payza account.
This is considered “a great move by the company” and it’s said that this “will hopefully make Bitcoin more appealing and popular.” You can access the new feature through the Payza desktop site, and mobile support will be enabled in a future update of the Payza App.
The full article from Fintechist can be found on their website: Payza Users can now Generate Bitcoin Addresses in Their Account Directly
Blockchain Technews mentions Payza’s introduction of the Cryptocurrency Address Manager
The launch of the new Payza desktop feature, Cryptocurrency Address Manager, provides Payza members with an easier way to receive Bitcoin from other Bitcoin wallets. Simply generate a Bitcoin address and QR code for your Payza account, and use this to receive Bitcoin without first having to set up an Add Funds by Bitcoin transaction.
There are no fees to generate Bitcoin addresses or to receive Bitcoin when you use Payza’s Cryptocurrency Address Manager, and Payza CEO Firoz Patel states that “We’re proud to offer one of the most complete sets of bitcoin services on the market.”
The full article from Blockchain Technews can be found on their website: Payza intros Cryptocurrency Address Manager for full bitcoin wallet functionality


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: MegaTraders (the first payments received).
From MNO Premium list: LaserOnlineTrafficHeapRespectativaFatFunds, BandeiraCorp, AurumBankChainGroupService, RolyInvestment, AlpexTradeCoinreum.
From MNO Standard list: YkkeLargoBit.
From MNO Basic list: UKPMECryptoMasterAltenergyVenturesGroup.

That’s it for today, guys. I hope you’re doing well and enjoying your profits from the best and most profitable HYIP investment opportunities out there brought to you by MNO. Make sure not to miss anything important by following MNO on Facebook, Twitter, or Telegram, and subscribe to the daily news and reviews to be delivered to your email address by filling the form here. I’ll be back on Friday with the detailed review of MegaTraders and all the most important news and events from the biggest investment opportunities the HYIP industry reserves for you only on this hot autumn season which is in full swing now. So watch out for great money-making opportunities to be available here, on MNO – For Money Lovers only!

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