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Beware! FCTAcademy has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello all, and welcome to another business week on MNO! There’s plenty to catch up on after the weekend. I’ll be getting to all that in the news section coming up shortly, plus a brand new addition to my monitor which I’ll be introducing today. Keep reading for that! But before that I want to focus on a recent addition to the MNO Premium List called FCTAcademy, a BitCoin only program which I’m finally getting around to reviewing. I say finally because you’ve probably noticed by now that FCTAcademy has in fact been on my monitor, indeed the admin even paid for a Sticky Listing to keep it at the top, for over two weeks already and launched in early August. So why am I only getting around to it today you might ask? Well, it’s the payment schedule. I’ll explain this in more detail in a moment, but I couldn’t review FCTAcademy until I was able to confirm the program is definitely on Paying status which it is now. Overall it’s actually a pretty good program in its own right, but I’m honestly not expecting it to be an overnight success. It’s a very slow burner and it’s going to be well into the winter months I would say before it starts showing any significant impact, but this is where we get started I suppose. So let’s see what FCTAcademy is all about and whether you would like it as part of your portfolios.
Starting as usual with the investment plans, this part is pretty easy. FCTAcademy only have one, so you either like it or you don’t. As I said already, this is a BitCoin only program, so that’s how I’m going to describe the plans. Using dollars would be pointless, as not only would the exchange rates be obsolete by the time you read this review, the information wouldn’t really be fair or accurate in the first place anyway. However as I do understand a lot of people are more accustomed to “thinking in dollars” rather than BitCoin, I’ll just point out that the current exchange rate at the time of writing is that one BTC is just short of $4,000, and the minimum cost of joining FCTAcademy is 0.01 BTC or about $40. Please don’t take those figures as “official” by any means, they’re just a rough template to give a very broad idea of what you might make from FCTAcademy. You’d really have to check the exchange rates yourself from day to day for a more accurate picture.

As long as that’s clear then, like I said FCTAcademy require a minimum investment of 0.01 BTC to join. Interest payments are then made twice per month. The rate being offered can vary, anything from at least 15% per month which is the minimum “guaranteed” (if that’s the right word you can use in the HYIP industry) up to as much as 30% per month. This continues for a term running for a full calendar year, i.e. 12 months. You may withdraw your earnings twice per month when the withdrawal button is activated. However your earnings are clocked up in your account area every day. It’s pointless to discuss the actual daily earnings here, for the simple reason you can’t withdraw them at that level anyway. You may very well “earn” by the day in FCTAcademy, but you certainly won’t withdraw by the day. So your final earnings could be anything from 180% to 360%. Your principal is included in that amount, so the net profit is between 80% and 260%.

As FCTAcademy is still so brand new, relative to its investment term anyway, I can’t really give a concrete example of what this might look like in monetary terms. But if that scenario can be maintained, FCTAcademy could have quite a successful run, though of course the key word here is of course “if”. Just do your own calculations depending on what it is you are hoping to take from the program to, because there are literally as many possible strategies as there are potential investors.

Payment options we already know – it’s BitCoin only and unlikely to change. So let’s instead take a moment to discuss the investment and withdrawal process in FCTAcademy. Joining is quite a simple matter, and once you sign in to your members area after joining up you will see the main controls and functions down the left hand side of the page. To make your first investment however you will need to click the “personal balance” tab at the top of the page. That is also where you will find the withdrawals button, though remember this is only activated on the first and the fifteenth day of each month. You can of course make a deposit on any day you like. Interest payouts are manual and need to be submitted on the designated days only. If you miss one day, it will be another two weeks before the next one comes around, so be careful about this. Once submitted, FCTAcademy members are asked to allow a further 72 hours for all transactions to be concluded. Just be aware that there’s a minimum withdrawal policy in place of 0.005 BTC so smaller spending investors please take note.

Moving on now to some of the more technical aspects of the FCTAcademy website, simply put I can only say that it looks as good as anything else around at the moment. Certainly at least the equal of the majority of the programs out there competing for your money anyway, and better than many. The website is secured by a superior Green Bar SSL-certificate from Comodo to allow for safer browsing of FCTAcademy and more secure transactions. I see that FCTAcademy is hosted on a dedicated server with tech support and protection from any malicious attacks provided by CloudFlare whose reputation in the world of mainstream business is fairly well established and respected by now. What really catches the eye right from the first visit though is the script. It’s unique and custom made especially for the program’s individual needs. As you can see from the review so far and probably if you’ve spent any time on the FCTAcademy website, there’s nothing complicated about the program so as you can imagine navigating the website and managing your account is all very simple and straight forward as well.

If you have any further questions for the FCTAcademy admin that you think I missed in this review or any account related issues you need to have dealt with, the main point of contact is the online support form. Fill in your details on the website’s contacts page and submit. Just make sure you give a thorough read of the FAQ page first before composing any lengthy messages. There’s a number of postal addresses in different countries, but as always I suggest you ignore these as virtual hosted workspaces and not where you will find anyone connected with FCTAcademy physically located. Of a lot more practical use is the FCTAcademy social media profiles, of which there are many. You can find them on such diverse networks as Twitter, Facebook, VK, Telegram, Instagram, and even their own YouTube channel. Their introductory video in English has been embedded on the MNOVision page. And they have other videos in Russian. Speaking of which, the FCTAcademy is also multi-lingual. Aside from the default English version you can also see it in Russian (which is very strong, native in my opinion), plus German, Indian (Hindi), Spanish and Chinese. There’s nothing to indicate that support is available in any of those languages though.

Officially their line of business is described as trading in cryptocurrencies, which of course is always debatable. As with every other online HYIP this isn’t anything you can independently research and verify for yourself, and even if it were true it still can’t guarantee it always has to be profitable. But as most of you know what you are doing and are OK with the risk you take in this industry then I can only remind you to be sensible. Spend an amount you can comfortably afford to lose and easily earn back from other income sources, and if joining FCTAcademy then do try and keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.

Just before we leave FCTAcademy for today and move on to the news section I hope you won’t mind sharing your own thoughts on the program, if you have any, with your fellow MNO readers. Please give your own first impression of the program by answering the following opinion poll, which hopefully will show more interesting results later in the coming weeks as FCTAcademy grows and develops into something more substantial than what we see today. So:

Will you make an active deposit in FCTAcademy?

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I will start by introducing a new program called Bitcoin5 that joined the MNO Premium list over the weekend after being online for a few weeks already. I believe during the first weeks the website was not particularly active and only used this time to build experience and confidence among investors, with the larger advertising campaign starting only now. Judging by its name we should be aware that Bitcoin5 works exclusively with BitCoin. The minimum to invest stands at 0.005 BTC which is about $20 at current exchange rates. Smaller investors might be aware that it can take a few days to withdraw from the program as Bitcoin5 only allows withdrawals starting from 0.002 BTC (or about $8 now). Withdrawals must be requested in the account area and are processed within a 48 hour maximum, and I received my first withdrawal after 12 hours so I imagine they are processed much faster for now. As I got the first payment earlier today I already moved Bitcoin5 to Paying status on the MNO monitor will most probably publish a more detailed review by Wednesday.

If you look at the investment plan on offer then Bitcoin5 offers just the one option with your deposit starts earning gradually a bigger and bigger interest rate every day which goes on for 20 calendar days on expiry of which you will get your principal back. The daily interest will start from 1% on day one, then you will get 1.1% on day two, and so on until you reach the 5% maximum on day twenty which will make you 54.45% return on your investment as a net profit with the principal return on expiry, as I said already. I believe that Bitcoin5 runs off a custom-made script, though I have to confirm that info with the admin just to make sure. The domain name is registered for two years in advance, and the site is hosted on a dedicated server with support and protection from DDoSGuard and a Green Bar SSL superior EV certificate from GeoTrust. On first glance the website of Bitcoin5 looks fine with me and I noticed quite neat design and decent features available I will be talking in more detail about in the upcoming review in a few days. Meanwhile, here are the two news stories I managed to find on the Bitcoin5 on the official launch and the start of advertising campaign just a couple of days ago with the set of new banners on display:

We greet and thank all our participants and are happy to see that a significant part of the total number of our users are our long-time partners and those who joined us on their recommendation! We are trusted and recommended – this means we are on the right track.
Our traders are already at work. First earnings have already started to accrue on our participants’ balances. The project is off to a great start, and we have every intention to keep up the good work and continue to bring good news to our users! We will do everything in our power to make this possible, because our most valuable assets are your trust and the drive for success that we share.

We are happy to watch our partners grow and do our best to make them happy in turn, making sure that the process of inviting new participants is convenient and effective. To this end, we are glad to inform you that new advertising banners are available in the Promotional Materials section.
The banners are ready to be used for inviting new members to your referral network, so you don’t have to spend your time on creating them. We wish you luck in gaining new ranks and reaching new income levels in our system!
We are also glad to announce that today the total number of participants and partners of the Bitcoin5 project has reached 230 users, with the total amount of deposits of 0.4533 Bitcoin (1,792 USD).


I strongly believe that RolyInvestment is not taking the right path with all these negative trading results announced so often to tempt even the least demanding HYIP investors. In the last newsletter the administration gave some excuses once again and explained why some members with no insurance enabled were not in profit. Obviously one can always turn on the insurance option in the account of RolyInvestment, but it will just mean that you will get even smaller returns, as a 5% fee from your account will be deducted every time you make a withdrawal request which is usually processed instantly to your BitCoin address. RolyInvestment bizarrely still works only with BitCoins, as they could at least has accepted other crypto-currencies that would prove their trading activities at least to some extent. Anyway, even without insurance you will only get 21% to 35% on a monthly basis with your RolyInvestment account credited with profits three times a week – on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. As you can see, it might take you a few months just to break-even with RolyInvestment, but the administration claims that you might not even get these tiny profits without insurance. I really believe these emails do nothing good for RolyInvestment (reviewed here) but damage its reputation and make current investors feel unsatisfied with the results, and I believe no one is yet in profit. There are some improvements promised in the latest newsletter from RolyInvestment as well, but of course they would be largely overshadowed by low profit results they themselves are openly admitting to below:

New RolyInvestment – Newsletter – Interviews
Dear Investor, In this weekly Newsletter we will talk about the current work work week and some more great stuff.
Because of the JP Morgan Interview this week the bitcoin price was lowered a lot.
Because of this volatility our traders wasn’t able to make positive and successful trades.
We apologize for the inconvenience and recommend you to turn on the insurance for your packages.
With this insurance you are assured against:
– negative trades
– and crypto currency price crashes
Enough now with bad news.
At the time our marketing department is working on interview videos with some of our internally traders. We will publish the first video at the beginning of the next week so check out our website from time to time!
Because of several emails of you our website developer team is working hard on fixing design bugs and improving loading times on the website. Therefore, website failures might occur so if you get any error just try again later. This maintenance will be done until the end of the next week.


There was a couple of news updates over the weekend in ChainGroupService. They were announced with one line on the program’s social network sites. The first one was a minor script improvement that would make your experience with submitting withdrawals in your account area in ChainGroupService easier, as the last e-currency account number – be it PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, or AdvCash – will be saved, so you won’t need to enter it again:

Very comfortably: the last used address / account number is now saving on the Withdrawal page.

The second update was much more important as it introduced the new trade group, i.e. new investment offer called “X-Bots” which has its separate website, just like other groups:

New Trade Group “X-BOTS” ( ) was established at the Service.

As you might know from the previous review of ChainGroupService posted here (which I have just adjusted to include the new offer), the program has only one plan of its own paying a 0.2% fixed daily return over the duration of 500 calendar days with the principal return on expiry. Of course, such a low return offer won’t find many takers in the HYIP world, so ChainGroupService instead takes a different route of acting as a third-party escrow service for other providers. Among the already available plans you will get paid variable returns with various compounding and principal back rules depending on the actual trading group you try – 0.1%-5% for 90 days, 0.1%-10% for 120 days, 0.1%-6% for 180 days, 0.1%-3% for 250 days, 0.1%-1.7% for 300 days. While many of the investment offers from ChainGroupService are available from a $5 minimum the newly open X-Bots trading group will require you to spend at least $250 for the chance to earn anything between 0.2% and 5% daily for 90 calendar days term with the principal already included in the profits and not returned on expiry. Of course, it’s up to you to decide whether you take this X-Bots new offer or not, but I believe it’s only worth it if you have confidence in the program that requires a much bigger investment of $250 and not really offering better returns than other comparable plans.


There were three programs moved to Scam status on the MNO monitor over the last three days. BandeiraCorp, LargoBit, and Ykke. Let’s see what happened.

Starting with BandeiraCorp, despite the program being a long-standing mammoth in the HYIP industry officially in its second year online with a tremendous lifetime of 555 paying days, it was clear a couple of months ago that it was failing. The important point of a sister program launching about two months ago and running simultaneously with the main program sent experienced investors a strong signal of financial problems in BandeiraCorp. Really, why would a financially healthy program launch something else except for collecting money the main program is lacking to pay to its investors? Although being paying for such a long time BandeiraCorp was not immune from the very same issues similar long-lasting programs inevitably face with time. The interest of investors have been waning for quite some time now anyway and even with the low returns BandeiraCorp was working with it was eventually impossible to sustain the current payouts, hence the new donor program becoming necessary for the inflow of new funds. And despite multiple warnings against investing in the sister program BandeiraCoin some investors did fall into the trap and will now most likely pay dearly for their mistake. You see, such tricks that some HYIP admins are forced to pull at the end of their program’s successful lifestyle (and there is no doubt BandeiraCorp was a huge success for my readers) are easily interpreted by people with experience, but it was up to you not to listen to the advice as I’ve been pessimistic about them for a while now. If you took the advice you might have avoided the temptation to re-invest in BandeiraCorp, or (even worse!) to invest in the sister program. As it was expected, now payments from BandeiraCorp have been delayed and it’s highly unlikely the program resumes payouts after almost five days of no withdrawals being processed. I have therefore moved BandeiraCorp to Scam status on MNO and advise against any further investments. The program has no possibility to grow and develop further!

Not every program listed on MNO is quite as successful as BandeiraCorp, and LargoBit proved that fast scams can still hide among the majority of good paying programs there. Paying 6% to 7% daily LargoBit barely lasted ten days which was a truly horrible result and was not enough time to break even for the first investors. Now it’s hard to judge what the main reason for closing so early was from the admin’s perspective, but perhaps a lack of interest in LargoBit after only few days online contributed. It’s sad that the admin had to lie to everyone when LargoBit was already on the deathbed and while perfectly accepting new deposits disabled instant withdrawals. The admin called it an “API issue” which was proved to be a blatant lie (no surprise!) shortly after him admitting everything would be back to normal soon. Strangely API which stands for Automated Payment Interface was working quite alright when one tried to withdraw $2 or less, but even that was soon not available, as all the withdrawals were on pending status. Surely, LargoBit was a big exception from the rule of quality programs, but at least I’m pleased that the majority of the MNO readers were more selective and ignored them completely. At the same time it’s a pity for those who lost! If you’re not aware of it yet please note that LargoBit has stopped paying and any further investments will be considered as donations now.

When it comes to Ykke it’s been pretty clear for a couple of weeks that it was on the verge of collapse. A very suspicious token sale that the Ykke team had been allegedly busy developing promising to double your money within a month was a cheap trick to fund the payments on the 3% daily “forever” plan. I must say that Ykke did tremendously well in that regard and will stay in memory as a program that allowed them to more than double their BitCoin deposits over the 73 days it ran, as Ykke has been paying instantly up until the moment the site has disappeared earlier today. The future token release date was a huge warning sign for sure, but still, it happened a bit faster than I anticipated and very abruptly too, with the website to be taken down and a new one to be launched within the next few days. Let’s have a look at the message left behind first:

Important message! Ykke turns into BrainFund
In connection with legal issues, Ykke Company ceases the deposits taking. In important countries for us, we have encountered an obstacle connected with Ykke trademark registration and obtaining of appropriate licenses.
During the period, which is required for resolving legal issues, we have tried to find the most comfortable option for our investors.
We hope for understanding and support of our investors. The Ykke Company will continue to work simultaneously with the acquisition of licenses for the brand BrainFund. We suggest waiting up to 24 hours for the DNS cache to be fully refreshed.
All the customers will receive a separate notification of the start of the BrainFund operation!

Did you notice that there was no talk about the tokens by the way, as if Ykke simply forgot they existed? What will now happen to the few people gullible enough to fooled I wonder, but it’s not the point here. The “tokens” story did not help much, and the financial situation was hard, as apparently very few people invested during the last couple of weeks, so the cash has been draining. The only possible solution for the admin of Ykke was to be creative have a re-launch and with some fresh ideas called BrainFund. Well, if the admin does allow to continue to withdraw money for the current members of Ykke I would certainly encourage you to collect. One thing I can guarantee you is if you invest in BrainFund, i.e. Ykke‘s re-launch you will lose money, as I know zero examples of similar stunts working. The only reason the new website of Ykke is going to come online will be to collect more funds before scamming, as their previous attempt with “tokens” did not work as intended. So please do not fall victim of this, stay away from BrainFund, and try to withdraw everything if the admin actually provides you with the opportunity!


Speaking of strange and unexpected events, I was curious to know what MNO readers would think of possibility of a success of re-launching a program and its chances of success. So, the new question on the MNO TalkBack over the next seven days asks:

Do you believe that a HYIP can open under a different name with the old debts and still be a success?
– Yes
– No

I would really appreciate your honest opinions, but without wanting to influence the vote, I myself would have to say no as I honestly don’t remember any successful example of this happening before, even though it’s been tried quite a few times.

Let’s now analyse the final results of the last poll that ran on MNO TalkBack over the last week and see how many people say LaserOnline is the current leader of the HYIP industry. If you haven’t read my detailed review of the program you can do so here, but if you don’t have time then let me remind you of this. LaserOnline has been online since the first of July this year and while first being featured exclusively on MNO then quickly spread its influence and maintained a healthy growth up until now, with millions of USD invested and paid out in its only available 12% for 12 business days plan. After eighty days online LaserOnline still looks strong enough to tempt investors who can start having only $5 worth in their e-currency wallets. By the way, there’s plenty of choice in LaserOnline as the program works with Payza, PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, Dash, Ripple, and BitCoinCash.

The results of the poll were possibly the most one-sided I’ve seen on the MNO TalkBack page for a while now. Only 2% think LaserOnline is not the leader of the HYIP industry (read more about the importance of having a leader at all in this article on the MNO Info Center page). 98% say LaserOnline is either a definite current leader (75%) or a leader to some extent (another 23%). That was absolutely predictable result for me personally, as I feel the confidence in the program to deliver sizeable profits has been growing day by day. With currently $131K invested by my own downline it’s no surprise that MNO has been named the biggest money-maker for the LaserOnline company with the Biggest Check status that can be independently verified on the program’s Statistics page. MNO has been ranked #1 there. I hope LaserOnline will make another record-breaking achievement and last for at least a few more investment cycles, as such an established leadership is a very important factor that influences a thriving HYIP industry.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 72 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: MegaTradersFCTAcademy (the first payment received).
From MNO Premium list: LaserOnlineRespectativaFatFunds, AurumBankChainGroupService, RolyInvestment, AlpexTradeCoinreumBitcoin5 (the first payment received).
From MNO Standard list: –
From MNO Basic list: UKPME, BitcoinInvestClubAltenergyVenturesGroup.

That’s all for today, guys. Thanks a lot for reading and I will see you all next time on Wednesday with a detailed look at Bitcoin5 and the latest events from the biggest investment opportunities in the HYIP industry. Only the best programs are featured on MNO so you should really bookmark this site and check it often not to miss anything. It would be even better to subscribe for the daily news to be delivered to your mailbox from here or follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook, or Twitter for live updates. Please vote on the MNO TalkBack as your opinions matter, and contact me here if you have any questions or suggestions on how to make MNO even better. Remember that I have been working for my loyal readers for more than ten years now, and my experience makes me say that MNO is For Money Lovers!

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