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Beware! Bitcoin5 has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hi everyone! Half way through the business week already and plenty of news to catch up on from some of your favourite programs in the HYIP industry. I’ll also be introducing a brand new program to the MNO Premium List, so keep reading for more info on that. The main point of today’s post though will be a look at a recently launched short/mid term program called Bitcoin5 which, as the name implies, works exclusively with BitCoin and none of the other more traditional payment methods. There’s been a number of such programs in the past, more so in the last year as BitCoin becomes increasingly dominant in the industry anyway, and some have enjoyed a degree of success. Will Bitcoin5 be one of them? Let’s take a look and see. I should make it clear though, the program is only new to MNO. Prior to joining my monitor’s Premium List just a few days ago Bitcoin5 had been operating since early August. The admin was fine tuning his skills so to speak, and is ready to push on with a bigger promotional campaign now.
The trickiest and most complicated aspect of Bitcoin5 to explain is the investment plan, so I guess that’s where I’ll get started. The thing about it is that it really doesn’t need to be so difficult, it doesn’t help either the program or its members, I can only speculate that the Bitcoin5 admin is simply trying to make his program look different just for the sake of it.

Here’s what happens. There’s only one investment plan in Bitcoin5, and everyone’s deposit is treated the same regardless of size. You can join for a minimum spend of 0.005 BTC. At current exchange rates at the time of writing that comes to about $20, but please don’t take that as reliable. Given the volatile nature of BitCoin that could vary enormously from one day to the next, so I suggest you do a final check on the official exchange rates on the day you deposit. Anyway, once you have an active deposit in Bitcoin5 the term then runs for 20 calendar days. During this time investors earn a daily interest payment. It will be a different rate each day, starting from 1% on the first day, and slowly increasing to 5% by the final day. In total they should add up to 54.45% by expiry. Bitcoin5 then returns your principal, so that becomes your net profit. So you do not actually see a profit until after the term has expired.

The full list of payments, assuming you have the time and patience to read through it, is as follows:
Day 1 – 1%, Day 2 – 1.1%, Day 3 – 1.15%, Day 4 – 1.2%, Day 5 – 1.25%, Day 6 – 1.5%, Day 7 – 1.75%, Day 8 – 2%, Day 9 – 2.25%, Day 10 – 2.5%, Day 11 – 2.75%, Day 12 – 3%, Day 13 – 3.25%, Day 14 – 3.5%, Day 15 – 3.75%, Day 16 – 4%, Day 17 – 4.25%, Day 18 – 4.5%, Day 19 – 4.75%, Day 20 – 5%.

You see, that to me would have made a lot more sense if let’s say Bitcoin5 was a longer term plan with an early principal withdrawal option. That would at lest reward investors for their loyalty, you know, sending them ever improving payments in return for not leaving and not taking their principals back. But as it happens Bitcoin5 is not that sort of a program, so when you are tied to it for the full 20 days of the term regardless then I don’t see how changing the interest rates so often instead of just offering a fixed daily payment somewhere in the middle (approximately 2.7%) is helping.

No need to repeat what your payment options are, I’ve mentioned already and you can probably figure it out from the name anyway that Bitcoin5 works exclusively with BitCoin. I’ll just give a few words on the withdrawal process. Smaller investors should first of take note that Bitcoin5 have a bigger than average minimum withdrawal policy. You will need to be owed at least 0.002 BTC before you can take it out, which at the time of writing is about $8. For some of you that might mean you can only withdraw every couple of days. Withdrawals themselves however will need to be requested in your Bitcoin5 account area. You are then asked to allow a further 48 hour maximum processing time for your transaction to be completed, though personally I have never had to wait anything even close to that.

Moving on to the more technical, design, and security related aspects of the Bitcoin5 website, I suppose the first thing most people might notice is the script. At first I thought it was customised, (in a way maybe it is) but actually it’s a modified version of what’s available from H-Script. Many experienced readers will notice that, and it gives a very familiar feel to Bitcoin5 and makes the website quite easy to navigate. For hosting, the Bitcoin5 website is kept on a dedicated server with the support and protection of DDoSGuard, a dependable name who I guess are probably the number one provider prepared to deal with the HYIP industry now. For an added layer of protection the Bitcoin5 website has the superior Green Bar version of SSL encryption from GeoTrust, giving more secure transactions and safer browsing. The Bitcoin5 domain name is also registered for two years, something that experienced players will know offers precisely zero guarantee of the program’s long term survival but does at least indicate an admin who takes things seriously and is probably genuine in his intentions to keep it running for as long as realistically possible.

If there’s anything you do need to contact the admin about for further clarification, account issues, etc, then there’s a couple of ways you can get in touch. The first point of contact for most will be to fill in the online support form on the support page and submit it. Otherwise Bitcoin5 include a UK postal address, which is of course something I suggest you dismiss as these are available for anyone to “rent” over the internet as virtual serviced offices without ever needing to be physically located there. On the social media front investors will be able to find Bitcoin5 on Telegram, which of course you can also use for Live Chat provided you find an operator there at the time.

Overall I have to say Bitcoin5 is a fairly standard website, no more or no less potential than a lot of the new programs just getting organised at this time of the year, and could really go either way. On the business side of things they claim (somewhat vaguely) to be “in the field of electronic currency transactions”. Nothing you can do to independently research and verify any of that of course so it’s best left alone, and anyway, even were it to be true it still wouldn’t guarantee either a profit or the security of your principal. No business can do that, really the online HYIP industry is the last place you should go looking for it. But as far as online HYIPs go, I guess this could eventually turn out to be a good one. There’s a lot of work to do for the admin between now and the day where the first investors reach the break-even point, even more to do before the first principals are returned, so all I can say for now is a bright start has been made. Let’s hope it continues. Just remember as always to treat Bitcoin5 like any form of gambling and stay within a sensible spending parameter. That means not spending more than you can comfortably afford to lose, and if you do join Bitcoin5 then try to keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.

Just before we leave Bitcoin5 for today and move on to the news section I hope you won’t mind sharing your own thoughts on the program, if you have any, with your fellow MNO readers. Please give your own first impression of the program by answering the following opinion poll, which hopefully will show more interesting results later in the coming weeks as we see what direction Bitcoin5 starts to take. So:

Will you make an active deposit in Bitcoin5?

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I would like to start the news by introducing OscarBit – a brand-new program that joined the Premium List on MNO last night, just hours after its official launch. I must share with you all that the admin has initially contacted me from a different email address associated with a very successful program in the past. Well, I wouldn’t share its name as it makes no relevance here, but I can only tell you it was a great success. Of course, there are absolutely no guarantees OscarBit will be able to surpass or even repeat the previous program’s achievements, so just treat it with every caution applied for any other HYIP.

The main peculiarity in OscarBit I should mention straight away is that although it accepts deposits via several payment processors – PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, BitCoin, Dash, LiteCoin, and Ethereum – you can only make a withdrawal request to BitCoin. I guess it’s a nice way to encourage people using BitCoin and at the same time make some fees from someone who prefers investing via other currencies, by charging the commission on that. So make sure you have a valid BitCoin address before investing in OscarBit, although it’s a pretty fast and straightforward process to open a BitCoin wallet, for instance, on and start using it right away. Once you signed up for an account with OscarBit and when trying to make an investment you will be asked for the amount you wish to pay in BTC and then a window will open telling you just how much you have to pay via the various currencies, assuming you’re nut using BitCoin itself. Depending on the size of the deposit that can be anything from 0.003 BTC to 100 BTC you will be automatically allocated into the investment plan paying from 5% to 10% daily over a 30-calendar day term, totalling anything from 50% to 200% by the end. And here is where another peculiarity starts – although the interest is based on a daily return your account in OscarBit will actually be credited in real-time, as every second you see your balance is growing in front of your eyes. You may withdraw once your balance reaches 0.0005 BTC but note that there is a fixed commission of 0.0002 BTC applied due to BitCoin commissions on the transaction, so don’t withdraw when it’s not necessary in order to minimize the commissions. Every registered member of OscarBit can also claim 100 satoshi per hour (0.000001 BTC) which is equivalent approximately 0.004 USD at the current exchange rate, so it won’t be much of a burden for a program that has a relatively high minimum but would be a good incentive for some investors who can click the Free Bitcoin tab on the OscarBit website and claim this small reward every 60 minutes.

As you may imagine to operate such an original program you need a totally custom-made script so OscarBit is running off such a specially developed product. Everything is alright with site security and hosting, as the OscarBit domain is registered for two years in advance, is hosted by OVH on a dedicated server and is additionally DDoS-protected by CloudFlare, with superior Green Bar EV SSL-certificate from Comodo to ensure safe and secure transactions, which is especially important as OscarBit processes all the payouts instantly. I believe exactly instant payouts, and some other original features like the ability to see your profit growing in real-time can attract investors to the program. Some other features like being a multi-lingual website (OscarBit is available in no less than ten languages!), UK company registration with the certificate of incorporation on display, a step-by-step guide on how to invest, and payment proofs indicate that it took quite some time and effort to create a very good looking website. Whether it all helps OscarBit to last long enough to make a profit for its investors remains to be seen, so I’ll take a more detailed look on Friday. Stay tuned for that, guys!


For such an incandescent program like LaserOnline all the antediluvian advertising methods used by other programs seem like a glimpse from the past. The company which is by far the best program in the HYIP industry at the moment has prided itself in developing the 12/12 plan which can be both profitable and sustainable in the long term, as explained in today’s newsletter. There some of the main pillars of the LaserOnline‘s core philosophy points were shared which is definitely worth reading if you wish to know more on that. And really why is it not possible to offer 12% for 12 business days like LaserOnline does and make it last for the foreseeable future? After all, we live in the world of crypto-currencies with its highly volatile exchange rates when it’s literally become possible to become a millionaire overnight. I guess that is the concept LaserOnline tries to popularize among its members and I would really encourage you to watch the 4 minute long video the link to which was given in the newsletter to better visualize their 12/12 plan.

LaserOnline (reviewed here) has already made a lot of people happy and for almost three months already. Listed on MNO since day one, it’s been bringing profits to investors ever since. The minimum to invest starts at $5, so it’s affordable to anyone who has it in their PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, AdvCash, Payza, LiteCoin, Dash, Ethereum, Ripple, or BitCoinCash accounts. Note that you only get credited your accounts with 12% for 12 business days (meaning Saturdays and Sundays are days off) and you have to wait for 24 to 48 hours before your withdrawal is paid to your e-currency account. And yet, LaserOnline is what the people talk about and what they are discussing online. Realizing the power of Telegram quite a few multi-lingual chats were created by LaserOnline administration where you can be advised on a range of things by moderators or just share your experience with others. The Telegram chats were the main topic of discussion in the second update from LaserOnline I’m reposting just below the 12/12 investment concept you should really read to understand why it can be possible:

We do agree that somebody can call our marketing approach doubtful or highly volatile. Many people will claim that it is not possible to create a stable return in such a short time period. From the beginning of the business class itself, people were scared of combining something they do not understand completely straight into their business plan of any existed industry. It is funny to accept that there were those times when corporations were afraid of the informational globalization itself. Yet nowadays no industry can imagine its existence without the internet, informational customer support & constant online data monitoring. Despite the fact of an enormous technology growth happened in the last decade, we certainly can perceive where some things deemed to be considered “impossible” finally can be placed into the “business plan comfort zone” of virtually any industry with just a little explanation and informational backup.
Cryptocurrency has become that very first “controlled fire” we used to shuffle with sticks at our caves. For many analytics, including our financial advisors & administration department, Bitcoin evolutionary financial impact was obvious from the beginning. And here we are, don’t even get too excited about a sudden 20% Bitcoin’s rate growth in a week anymore, and why is that? Maybe because we do know it is possible. We?ve seeing things many old-school folks would not believe, and still, this obsolete point of view either only can be changed by time passing out society’s boundaries, making the future generation even more “comfortable” with an acceptance of preposterous ideas such as your own personal prosperity, or by it’s direct professional integration into the business processes right here right now.
Here at LaserOnline Platform, we want to provide you peak confidence at the possibilities of a modern financial technology combined with trusted, future proven business of reselling & logistics.
In fact, the very core of each business model stands on it. No matter where you look if it’s a century old Enterprise or California based IT startup, everything happening to be based on either a particular service or price difference reselling margin or both.
Our company was able to withstand all market changes only because we believed at the constant asset diversification and selective approach to the industry’s particular strong side which we could likely use for profit today or tomorrow. Working at highly focused, unavailable to a mass market niche of LaserOnline based products reselling & logistics we can establish long-term company?s financial development. However, we should accept that generating promised 12/12 investment plan gains would rather be very difficult only at this area of business then stable as we present it to you.
Over the past 10 years of our “offline” business we were able to generate extended capital resources & in a conjunction with early (2011-2014 year) cryptocurrency low-gap purchases coupled by constant trading & exchange, we now can present so-called “crypto-backup” where its passive growth can sustain our user?s digital funds long-term returns and stability provided by 12/12 business plan. This is very important to note that our results of a holistic approach to an executive time planning at modern innovations implementation can and should be used as an instrument of your own wealth and those people who have not been granted with an access of big industries orientated niche business. By joining large scale reselling & logistics model with rapid cryptocurrency’s development we’ve managed to establish a sustainable backup which can effectively cover potential vulnerability of a small yet very marginal cryptocurrency speculation by the size of its USD to BTC equivalent. Down below, you can explore a detailed scheme of LaserOnline 12/12 plan financial pillars.
Get started with LaserOnline today!
Find LaserOnline at social media:
Having questions or doubts? Visit our extensive FAQ section:

Multiplied by 1000+ users at telegram “US EN” regional laser online community groups already….Constant, secure communication with each other is always one of the most important factors when dealing with rapid full-planetary growth. Many you are already familiar with Telegram. It is a messenger app which combines security & privacy via encrypted calls and chats, has unlimited file storage and will all devices supported – 100% free with no ads! Because of many features it brings to its users and our personal respect to Pavel Durov (Telegram CEO) we’ve established a safe network of LaserOnline Telegram Groups for many countries.
If you want to stay in tune with all the important updates, communicate with investors worldwide and get an instant Customer Support, feel free to install your Telegram now at
A full list of all the chats available at the moment can be always found at the personal account’s DESKTOP section or by clicking the “PRIVATE CHATS & DISCUSSIONS” button.
Let’s build serious LaserOnline community at telegram, you can talk with mind like people and can discuss your better team building strategies. 1000+ members are already discussing their success, and opening up their contacts with more people, you can too! Join now to unite with like minders.
Get started with LaserOnline today!
Find LaserOnline at social media: Twitter:, Facebook:
Having questions or doubts? Visit our extensive FAQ section:


RolyInvestment (reviewed here) sent another newsletter today. Now the bigger investors will be able to get 40% with enabled insurance and 43% without insurance monthly on investments starting from 50 BTC. According to current exchange rates that’s over 200K so I wonder if the admin believes anyone would invest such money in a program where no one has reached the profit zone yet. Despite running for about four months now RolyInvestment offers unattractive plans for smaller investors only accepting BitCoins and paying about 20% per month with accounts credited with equal profits on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. However, even that’s not guaranteed as the admin sells the so-called “insurance” that eats into your profits and is set in your account on default. With such small profits that without the “insurance” become irregular and subject to market conditions in which RolyInvestment allegedly “trades” I believe that there’s little chance the program can to compete with the industry’s current giants, unless it changes its approach. Anyway, in the latest newsletter it was promised that soon the BitCoin exclusivity is going to end and that members of RolyInvestment will be able to use Ethereum to invest as well. Other news is not worth further discussion as it either advertises very minor improvements, or just blatant lies like a Madrid office opening and delivery of the first credit cards to larger investors. Despite all the negativity I’ve developed towards RolyInvestment when dealing with them I still wish them success for the investors sake and hope that at some point MNO readers will report profits. Here’s the newsletter in full:

RolyInvestment – News – New Packages
Dear investor and partner,
Today is a very wonderful and great day for all of us! Tuesday the 09/19/2017 signed up the 10000 people with a portfolio, who want to be a part of our elite family. This is a magic number because now we are a stable, healthy running and enabled company with a great future.
In order to promote this, we are constantly working on new plans in the background in order to successfully manage and further expand these sizes of partners and investors.
With the achievement of the 10,000 family members, we are very much looking forward to the next step towards the future and thus to work even more confidently on a number of 50000 investors.
The following prepared plans are now ready for implementation
–opening partners and Supporter office in Madrid (accommodating up to 20 employees and 110 visitors)
–Delivery of first credit cards for partners from 250 Bitcoin investment
–new marketing budget for the rest of the year is 500000 pounds
–new advertising banners
–bugfree website is entered over 3 times
–Free welcome StandardPortfolio with 0.001 bitcoin for any new partner who comes with a partner link
–Exclusive Portfolio payout each Monday
RolyInvestment Portfolio is adjusted to up to 50 Bitcoin Investment and payout each month on 1th and 15th
RolyInvestment PLUS Portfolio from 50 Bitcoin Investment which until now has been reserved for large-scale investors
–with a contract is launched for the general public. 40-43% interest and payout each 30th of a month
–SMS function is now enabled and running
–Nigeria Event partner livestream in few days
Further transactions are with Ethereum in the last test phases and are expected to be activated in the coming days. In the past 2 weeks the trading department has reached the payout limits of many of our brokers. Thus, we now have the opportunity to act more proactively with more capital and to easily increase the risk for profitable trades in order to generate more profits.


Coinreum (reviewed here) has also released another weekly newsletter claiming in my opinion exaggerated results of achieving $400K in investments with about 8,000 members on board. It’s definitely very hard to believe such figures, as I cannot see much interest in the program yet, despite its decent look and reasonably profitable investment plans paying 3.2% for 50 days, 25% for 10 weeks, and 115% for 3 months. The cherry on the top though is the ability to exchange between payment processors inside your Coinreum, including both traditional ones like PerfectMoney, Payeer, and AdvCash, and crypto-currencies BitCoin, LiteCoin, Dash, ZCash, Ripple, and Monero. Among the very ambitious plans announced by the admin in the most recent newsletter is the developing of its own crypto-currency by the end of the year. Some minor improvements like the new representative system and updated advertising banners were also the discussed in the newsletter you can read below:

COINREUM Second week results
COINREUM successfully passed the second week. We are glad that our results are better than we expected. Because of this, we want to share them with you. We have over 7900 registered members and nearly 400,000 USD of investments.
– Representatives
This week we have started to accept representatives to our system. And we have already collected more than 60 representatives from 25 countries. View list >
– News advertisement banners
Also this week we have created new promotional banners set. We hope our users and promoters will be happy of using them. All banners you can see here >
COINREUM own crypto currency release by the end of 2017!
We wish all of you a great week, and thank you for being a part of this!
Best regards, COINREUM Team


As Payza takes a special place in the HYIP world it’s always a good sign when a program accepts them as a payment method. It’s no wonder that the only two programs with Payza onboard from the MNO Premium listing – LaserOnline (reviewed here) and Respectativa (reviewed here) – take two top places in terms of popularity among my readers. The programs accepting Payza tend to last longer and it’s a proven fact. The HYIP admins that are capable of adding a Payza account and get the payment button approved usually have much more experience in running the biggest programs in the industry, and the example set by LaserOnline and Respectativa speaks volumes in that regard. Advantages include converting money with BitCoin and several popular altcoins right inside of your Payza account with the possibility of withdrawing BitCoins directly to a pre-paid Payza card, members of Payza also enjoy higher level of protection against deliberate fast scams where victims can file a dispute when a program is gone and get compensated partially or fully, depending on what can be frozen and recovered. This is why I am always keen on promoting Payza among my readers who should really give it a go by registering a free account here and take advantage of all its great features. Besides, don’t forget the lucrative affiliate program where Payza will generously reward you with a $5 to $10 payment for every active member. The benefits of the Payza affiliate program was the main subject of the latest blog post you may read below to find out more:

Learn How to Profit from the Payza Referral Program
In an earlier blog post, we explained what affiliate marketing is and how you can earn extra money from this type of activity. Simply put, there are two parties involved in affiliate marketing: the business and the affiliate. The affiliate’s job is to help the business reach their target audiences and attract customers to the products that the business is offering. The affiliate helps by providing marketing that boosts the sales of the business and is rewarded based on their performance: every time they help to generate a sale, the business pays them a share.
Payza offers our members the Payza Referral Program: our very own affiliate program that lets you make money by helping Payza recruit new members. Refer your friends, family, or people in your network by inviting them to join Payza. Make extra cash and develop your affiliate marketing skills at the same time! You can earn $5.00 USD for the first 10 qualified people you refer and $10.00 USD for each qualified referral after that!
How does it work? It’s easy! Simply use the unique referral code that is generated within your Payza account. Once your referral code has been created, send it to people who would be interested in opening and using a Payza account. You can also place your referral code on your website or blog for greater exposure. Generate the referral code as a link or as a script for a banner.
Follow these steps to find your Payza Referral link code:
1. In your Payza account, click “Account” in the left-hand column.
2. Select “Referral Program”.
3. Your referral code will appear on this page.
4. To use your referral code as a hyperlink, click “Get Your Link Code Now”.
On this page, you will see several HTML codes with suggested slogans to use for your hyperlink. Choose the one that you prefer, then copy and paste that code wherever you will be using it. You can also customize the slogan by editing the text portion of the script. Simply replace the text already listed with the slogan you wish to use.
Follow these steps to get your Payza Referral banner code:
1. In your Payza account, click “Account” in the left-hand column.
2. Select “Referral Program”.
3. Click “Get Your Banner Code Now”.
4. On this page, you will see several scripts with different sized banners. Choose the one you prefer, then copy and paste that code wherever you will be using it.
Now that you know how to generate your Payza Referral link and banner code, here are a few ways to use them:
– Send your Payza referral code to friends and family by email.
– Share your Payza referral code on social media.
– Include your Payza referral code in your message board signatures.
– Place your Payza referral banner on your blog or website.
When someone clicks on your referral link, they will be directed to sign up for a free Payza account. You will receive your reward if your referrals fulfill the following qualifications:
– They sign up for a Personal or Business account by using your referral link, website’s link code, or Payza banner. (If they sign up through our website, and not by using your link, they will not be added to your referral list.)
– They transact, that is send or receive, at least $250.00 USD or the equivalent of another currency.
Start earning money in an easy way today by participating in the Payza Referral Program – encourage people to sign up for their free Payza account and earn $5.00 USD for your first 10 referrals and $10 USD for each one after that! When your referrals meet the qualifying rules, you will receive your bonus directly to your Payza account.
If you have taken part in the Payza Referral Program but have not yet received your referral reward, it may be because your referral does not meet the requirements. Please also note that self-referrals and referrals from the same IP address or device ID will not be paid out, which means that your referrals must use a separate device and internet connection than you use. Furthermore, you are not allowed to use your Payza referral code to post spam comments on message boards or in mass unsolicited emails. Abuse of the Payza Referral Program can result in account penalties or account suspension.
For more information about the Payza Referral Program, check out this article in our Reference Center: Payza Referral Program. To learn more about Payza, make sure you subscribe to our blog and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: MegaTraders.
From MNO Premium list: LaserOnlineRespectativaFatFunds, AurumBankChainGroupService, RolyInvestment, CoinreumAlpexTradeBitcoin5OscarBit (the first instant payments received).
From MNO Standard list: –
From MNO Basic list: UKPME, BitcoinInvestClubAltenergyVenturesGroupWideConstruction (the first instant payments received).

That’s it tonight, guys. I’ll see you on Friday with a detailed look at of OscarBit and the usual latest updates from the biggest and best programs in the HYIP industry. You can be sure that all the major industry players will be eventually featured on MNO, so keep reading and ask questions if you have them here or on Telegram @mnoblog. Follow MNO on Facebook, Twitter, or Telegram, or subscribed here to receive all the latest updates to your inbox. Enjoy your money-making from the best of HYIPs and remember that MNO is For Money Lovers!

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