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Beware! Earnestic has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everyone! Even a casual HYIP industry observer can be left in no doubt that there’s been a surge in activity in the industry in recent weeks, as was expected for the autumn season anyway. There’s no shortage of potential hits for you to choose from, as well as already more established names. In fact two new programs to the MNO monitor are about to be introduced in the news section today, so keep reading for more info on that. One of the newer programs that seems to have been met with the greatest level of enthusiasm however is one called Earnestic, a mid term HYIP that joined the MNO Premium List immediately after being launched. There’s a lot to like about them so it’s not difficult to understand why people are paying attention, including the fact that the Earnestic admin is following a lot of the same tactics used by a couple of the biggest programs of the year so far. So let’s see what Earnestic is all about, what they have to offer investors, and whether you think you want to see them as part of your own portfolios.

You have three plans in Earnestic to choose from, or if you prefer just one plan split into three categories depending on how much you want to spend. The good news for smaller investors or just anyone who just likes playing the HYIP market for the fun of it is that Earnestic only require a $5 minimum to join, so nobody’s forcing you to play with money you can’t afford. That $5 gets you into what they call The Lite Plan, which also takes anything up to a $999 maximum, so this will probably include the majority of investors anyway. This plan, as do all Earnestic plans, runs for a term of 24 calendar days. During that time you are offered a daily interest payment of 6%, per day. Your initial principal is factored into your payments and so will not be returned in a separate payment after expiry. That means your final earnings should, we hope, add up to 144%, or your own investment plus 44% net profit, though you should at least break even (which is the most important statistic to consider) after 17 payments.

For larger deposits ranging from a $1,000 minimum up to a value of $4,999 then Earnestic have The Medium Plan. Again for 24 calendar days investors are offered a daily interest payment, this time rising to 7% per day. By the end of the term payments should come to 168% in total, though this of course already includes your initial deposit which Earnestic are counting as part of the payments. You therefore break even on receipt of payment number fifteen, and start counting the profits only after that which come to 68% of your principal.

And finally for the big spenders we come to the self titled Earnestic Plan for which you will be asked for a minimum $5,000 to join. There is no stated maximum. The rate on offer this time is 8% per day for 24 calendar days, principal included. That brings a final return of 192% (of which 92% is net profit) with members breaking even after 13 days when they see their first profit.

Apart from the rock bottom minimum investment that’s required to join, something else that might encourage a bit more activity among online investors with Earnestic is a better than average range of payment processors. Though I guess that’s fast becoming a minimum expectation of any online HYIP that seriously wants to be a genuine industry leader. Currently you’ll find PerfectMoney, Payeer, and AdvCash if you prefer anonymous third party payment handlers, BitCoin or LiteCoin for direct transactions using your own digital e-currency, but perhaps the cherry on top for most of the serious bigger spending players will be Payza which Earnestic are using right from day one. It gives the program a lot more credibility among experienced HYIP players that’s for sure, because it’s no coincidence that the overwhelming majority of HYIPs listed on MNO accepting Payza are almost guaranteed to take one of the top two or three positions before very long. Payza are also heavily integrated with BitCoin so make it easy to turn virtual BTC into actual spendable hard currency, and of course are one of the few options still left (legally) open to US based investors.

Payments to members are made automatically but with a time delay. They still need to be requested from inside your Earnestic private members account area. Once you’ve done that, something that sets Earnestic apart from most other programs is the payment schedule. For most members, i.e. those in The Lite Plan, you are asked to allow 24 hour maximum for all transactions to be completed. Bigger investors in The Medium Plan are given preferential treatment with a waiting time of just 12 hours being asked of them. Instant payouts are reserved for the members investing in The Earnestic Plan. One of the improvements made to Earnestic since the program launched has been the number of withdrawals members can make in a day. Originally this was limited to just once per day. Now it’s one withdrawal to each payment processor per day. Although that won’t affect most of you who will only have one deposit in one payment processor anyway, it is quite handy for claiming referral commissions if you are any good at building a downline.

Design wise Earnestic looks very professional and is very well put together. Hosting is on a dedicated server with support and protection by CloudFlare who are of course a leading service provider, well known in the mainstream online business world and almost a household name. At the time of writing Earnestic was only available in one language (English) but the admin promises some translations are due soon. The script is probably the single best feature here, being entirely custom made and built exclusively for Earnestic‘s needs. It’s remarkably easy to navigate though, and user friendly throughout. For example, the sign-up page and the log-in page are both the same thing after you have set up a password. A secure SSL encrypted connection is provided for safer browsing and more secure transactions.

The Earnestic admin seems highly responsive which is always a positive sign, and if you need to contact him for any further questions or account related issues then you can do so via the online support system. You just need to fill out the form and submit it, or you can just e-mail the admin directly at the address provided. You’ll see a postal address for Earnestic listed in the UK though I know from experience these things tend to be serviced offices that act only as mail collection points. Earnestic are also visible on social media sites, maintaining Google+, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. I must say that for such a new program they’re making effective use of all of them, keeping them updated when so many others fail to recognise their importance.

An impressive website is probably only let down by the shortage of background information texts. A lot of what I read there is almost predictable at this stage, a fairly minor complaint in this industry I guess, as most experienced readers will have next to no interest in what’s written there in the first place. I simply mention these things to let new readers not so well versed with the ways of the online HYIP industry know that it’s kinda unlikely that Earnestic are genuinely involved in the field of trading cryptocurrencies like the website claims. If they were they’d at least be able to describe it in better terms, right? And anyway, even if it was true there is still never any guarantee that any business necessarily has to be profitable. So just take it that Earnestic are a high risk online HYIP with the potential to both earn you and lose you a lot of money. The good news however is that you have the power to limit any losses by investing a sensible, affordable sum in the first place. Earnings on the other hand depend largely on the admin but so far things seem to be running smoothly. Play if you like it, pass if you don’t, but keep your spending under control and remember that Earnestic might be better as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.

While my own first impressions, indeed my first experiences, with Earnestic have all been positive, I’m wondering what the rest of you guys make of it all. Is it something you would like to get involved with, especially now that the industry is growing, or are you waiting for something else? Or are you even interested at all? Please take a moment to vote in the following poll, as always completely anonymous, to share your thoughts with your fellow MNO readers. As usual the results will only become interesting in later weeks and months as they then begin to indicate how many people guessed right or wrong about Earnestic‘s potential. So:

Will you make an active investment in Earnestic?

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The first program I’d like to introduce today is Raizex that officially launched yesterday and was immediately added to the Standard List on MNO. The program caught my eye immediately due to its custom-made script and interesting structure of one of the investment plans on offer. One of the investment plans for those looking for modest but faster reachable profits will pay you 110% after 10 calendar days and is available from a $10 minimum. Though probably more popular will be their daily paying plan, which also carries a $10 minimum. With this you are paid 5% for the duration of 30 calendar days with the chance to reach 50% profit by the end of the term. You will also see your account growing in real-time, as all the accruals in that plan show by the second. A handy timer is clocks up your profits in front of your eyes and you may request a withdrawal once your account reaches a $0.10 minimum. For better security a one-time confirmation email is sent to your registered email address and once it’s confirmed by clicking on the link provided your payment is put in a queue for processing manually by the admin within 24 hours. Instant payments are planned to be introduced soon for all Raizex investors, so keep an eye on my blog as I will report on that as soon as it happens. There’s quite a standard choice of payment processors which currently include PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, and BitCoin.

Technically, the site does look well and as I mentioned already Raizex is running off a totally custom-made script, it’s hosted on a dedicated server by Dancom, and Comodo SSL-encryption with a superior GreenBar extended validation. There is a UK-based certificate of incorporation on display and the latest stats on most recent deposits and withdrawals available at your disposal. It’s a bit too early to judge on the program’s overall performance as it’s still brand-new, but I’m pleased to say that at least the admin does his best at processing withdrawal requests very fast. I will be posting a full review of Raizex on MNO on Monday, so don’t miss it if you need more info! Here’s the welcome message from the admin on Raizex‘s official launch:

We are pleased to announce the opening of the Raizex investment platform!
At the start of the project, the withdrawal of funds will work in manual mode. In the future, this action is fully automated and will go into instant mode. In order to be the first to learn about news, promotions, special offers, and also to be aware of the latest market news, subscribe to our social networking sites. Thank you for being with us!


For many investors MedusaCapital that was added to the Premium List on MNO earlier today might not look like an entirely new program. And indeed, it was officially launched at the end of June this year meaning it’s now in its fourth month online. However, it should not put you off, as before recently MedusaCapital offered a totally different set of investment plans and was not as well developed as it is now. That means that most likely MedusaCapital tried to build up some lifetime and a reputation before getting the total overhaul to the much better shape and form we see today. Just a couple of weeks ago there were some significant changes made with an important update issued to highlight them:

Huge software upgrade
Dear investors!
We glad to notice that we upgraded our software.
List of new features:
– Design of site was changed
– Upgraded software security
– Added new plans: Makri, Syntomi
– Incorporated branches in USA and Great Britain
– Passed extended validation for SSL (GreenBar)
– Created promotion video
– Developed our official Android app and published in Google Play
– Added fast registration function
– Developed Telegram bot-informer
– Added payment systems: Bitcoin, Ethereum
– Added automatic withdrawals for deposits more than 1000 USD
– Created Telegram chats with 4 languages
– Added phone support. Available since 10/10/2017
– Now we use advanced security with Business Plan by CloudFlare
– Developed an advanced partnership program with 5 ranks
– Now you can check your referral country
– Added password generator
– Added possibility to become an our representative
– Added Auto refback function for leaders
– Added two-step autentification by Google
– Added possibility to bind session to IP, prohibit parallel sessions and suspend all sessions
– Added possibility to comment every post in our blog
– You don’t need to set amount when you withdraw funds. When you go to withdrawal section, all available funds appear in withdrawal amount form
– Added online support in the right bottom corner of site
– Planning to add Polish and German languages since 10 October, 2017. Other languages will be added later
In case if you find any errors, please contact us using any available ways of connection.

You might have noticed from that there was some huge work done already. And it’s not over yet as MedusaCapital now has its own Android app you can download and install via the Google store. Here are the very latest developments posted in yet another short update just a couple of days ago:

Fixes and improvements
Dear investors. We glad to announce a new improvements release.
List of improvements:
– We created a comfortable ticket system
– Upgraded blog: Views counter added, recommended news added, Integrared social networs
– Improved our Telegram bot functionality. Now you can check your balance, list of active deposits and actual cryptocurrencies price
– Upgraded our Android app. Fixed bugs and added some improvements. Download here.
– Added some design improvements
We will notify about the other upgrades later.
Thank you for staying with us.
Sincerely, your MedusaCapital Team.

I believe that MedusaCapital is in its best form now, as the admin has decided to purchase the most expensive listing in the industry – Premium listing on MNO – in a bid to become the next leader of the HYIP industry. And the program has everything necessary to deliver some good results, with its totally custom-made script with some very unique features like the ability to activate Telegram bot notifications in addition to the usual email notifications at your liking. There’s a PIN-code you might optionally set up to increase the security of your account and other tools at your disposal to further protect your account in MedusaCapital from unauthorized access, which is especially handy considering the instant nature of the payouts. The Telegram bot is also there and you can link your MedusaCapital account in the settings section with ease, as well as do the necessary operations via the Android app. The website is currently available in four languages – English, Russian, German, and Polish – all professionally translated, and there are video presentations as well, with the English version to be embedded to the MNOVision page soon. The overall layout and security of the website is stunning and is up to the highest possible standard. The domain is bought for five years in advance, hosting is on a dedicated and DDoS-protected server by CloudFlare, and SSL-encryption is improved by the addition of the Green Bar EV certificate from GeoTrust. The company have two certificates of incorporation to display – one is from the US state of Ohio and another one is the usual UK version. There are multiple Telegram support chats available in four languages, plus Skype, email and Live support. There is an active representative program and even MedusaCapital‘s own blog where you can check out all the latest updates from this constantly improving program.

But what about the investment plans you might ask? There are only two of them at the moment and both are available from a $10 minimum via BitCoin, Ethereum, PerfectMoney, Payeer, or AdvCash. One pays 5% daily for the period of 30 calendar days with a net profit of 50% by expiry. And if joining the other offer you will be paid 110% on expiry of a 10 calendar day term. All withdrawals from MedusaCapital are processed instantly, and I was able to verify this myself so moved the program to Paying status on the MNO monitor already. A full review of MedusaCapital is scheduled to be posted on my blog next Wednesday, and I’m quite excited to tell you more about its amazingly varied features. Stay tuned and don’t miss it!


If the HYIP industry was a kingdom and had a king I believe that LaserOnline might be just the candidate. The program has been paying well and on time since the first day of July and has already beaten all the predictions from the skeptics and delivered great profits to its investors on their single plan of 12% for 12 business days. By joining LaserOnline from as little as $5 you get paid to your e-currency account exactly after the countdown timer which starts on making a withdrawal request reaches zero. After that the payment is sent to your PerfectMoney, Payeer, Payza, AdvCash, BitCoin, Dash, LiteCoin, BitcoinCash, or Ethereum account automatically by the script, which in the case of LaserOnline is really state-of-the-art in itself, constantly improving to suit the ever growing demands of a rapidly increasing investor base. The so-called BitCoin security fund that is supposed to boost investor confidence in the program’s ability to deliver profits for longer periods of time has been increased as well. You can see it by checking out the BitCoin addresses given in the following update from LaserOnline whose original review can be found here:

LaserOnline Platform’s Bitcoin Security Fund has being recently refilled with total balance of $500,000
BSF. or “Bitcoin Security Fund” can be considered as an extra security feature for all active L.O. platform partners. It is constantly growing crypto currency safety fund.
BSF is bitcoin addresses are fully under company?s control and access. BSF. built solely on automatically deducted sum from our profits and does not affect daily R.O.I of our investors. Is some force major cases, BSF. the fund can be used as a partial initial investment refund provided only to active investors (at the moment of the “force major case”). Another word, even if under some circumstances user loses an access to his principal, an extra opportunity aimed at partial/full “digital funds” refund can be offered by LaserOnline LLC. management.
Get started with LaserOnline today! https://laser.online/start
Having questions or doubts? Visit our extensive FAQ section: https://laser.online/faq
Join TELEGRAM WORLDWIDE community at: https://t.me/joinchat/GmaHBUR0GwaF7xlQYYP9zQ
Encrypted chat with investors powered by: www.telegram.org


The admin of Bitcoin5 has taken some time to address the most frequently asked questions investors put to him in a separate newsletter posted on the site yesterday. Please read carefully if you want to know how Bitcoin5 works or haven’t found the answer to your questions in the recently posted review on MNO which can be checked here. In a nutshell, Bitcoin5 is working exclusively with BitCoin and credits your account with 1% daily gradually increasing that amount day-by-day until it reaches 5% on day twenty when your investment expires. The initial deposit is then returned leaving you with over 54% net profit. More info on the program can be found in the following piece:

Dear Bitcoin5 users:
As you have probably noticed, we have completely revamped the news section of the website and hope this will enable you to work with the system even more conveniently and get all the necessary information and news first-hand. Subscribe to our Telegram news channel https://t.me/bitcoin5io
Are there any bonuses for registration in the project?
No, at the moment we do not offer any discounts or bonuses for signing up. We have been operating for two months, and every day every participant is able to withdraw the money earned. Since the launch of the project, we have been working in a low-key mode and have not been trying to attract a large number of participants. To the moment, all systems have been thoroughly tested. We have updated the website and will gradually enhance and expand the available functionality. Every day, the project grows, and more and more new users sign up, following their friends’ recommendations. In the future, we may come up with exciting contests and other features to be implemented with the project, via online forms, etc. Stay tuned
Can I receive referral bonuses without having made my own deposit?
Yes, of course. These are two different ways to make money with the project. Referral pay starts being accrued automatically right after the person your referred makes the deposit and is immediately available for withdrawal.
Can I make a deposit from other payment systems?
At the moment we support Bitcoin only, but as the project develops we are planning to add other popular payment systems.
Can I make a new deposit without waiting for the end of the first deposit’s term?
Yes, there is no limit to the number of deposits for one user.
For how long will this project exist?
We are operating full-steam and developing, and our project, as any high-yield financial instrument, is dependent on the trust of its participants. Many people have already been able to make good money with our program and continue to earn. They increase the amount of their deposits and invite their friends. We have a wide array of plans for the future, and we have been – and will continue – gradually adding language versions and connecting more payment systems to expand our functionality and customer base. As the project grows, we will also add online support feature on the website and a phone hotline, as well as new user dashboard functionality for further convenience. If you are not yet a participant, we suggest you start with a minimum deposit and see for yourself how the system operates, up to withdrawing your Bitcoin earnings. We offer a short deposit term of 20 days and a very affordable lower deposit limit. Thank you for your trust.
Why is my Bitcoin withdrawal has been canceled?
Most likely you did not enter your payment information. Please make sure you fill in the data and save, then create a new Bitcoin withdrawal request. Note that due to security reasons any changes in the payment information must be done only via info@bitcoin5.io.
How long does it take to withdraw funds from the system?
All payouts must be verified by the administrator. It says in the system’s Terms of Use that all payouts are processed within 48 hours, but usually we try to process all payments within 24 hours. As the project grows and the number of daily withdrawal requests increases, our withdrawal policy will remain the same.
I just sent some BTC, why I can’t see this amount on my personal account?
All deposits are credited automatically after three confirmations in the Bitcoin network.
This usually takes from a few minutes to several hours. If you encounter any issues after that, please email us at info@bitcoin5.io or create a support ticket.
Best regards, Bitcoin5 Technical Administrator


I have no idea why some HYIP admins waste their time by trying to fool potential investors into thinking they are actually involved in some kind of trading. For instance, today the admin of AltradeGlobalCoin sent a link to the second weekly report to all the investors. Click on it and you’re presented with various crypto-currency charts that give little to no verifiable information of their accounts. Does it really matter though if AltradeGlobalCoin trade on the crypto-currency market? I strongly believe that having investors in profit is a much better indicator of the program’s success and I’m glad to see that after nearly two weeks on MNO everyone who invested in the program’s 0.35% hourly for 360 hours plan are close to finishing the first investment cycle and are already in profit. Those who invested in AltradeGlobalCoin in the 6%-7% for 22 business days plan are still on the way there, but hope that they will make some nice profits as well. Anyway, at the moment all the withdrawals from AltradeGlobalCoin are processed instantly to PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, LiteCoin, and BitCoin accounts, and that’s what investors should want from the program. And all the so-called trading reports are just filler that should be dismissed by experienced investors anyway as having nothing to do with reality. If you want to read all the latest news from AltradeGlobalCoin (reviewed here) simply skip the trading report part and read the rest of the newsletter posted below:

Greetings to all our valued investors around the world. We thank you all for choosing AltradeGlobalCoin LTD (AGCL).
AltradeGlobalCoin LTD (AGCL) has been a great opportunity for many people to earn passive income and achieve their financial dreams.
We are pleased to share this good news with our valued investors, We have crossed the 550+ members milestone in just first 15 days of our online operation.
Now We are sharing the 2nd weekly trading report of AltradeGlobalCoin LTD (AGCL).
Please click the link given below:- https://altradecoin.com/tradingreport/2nd_week.pdf
We are committed to deliver the best in upcoming days, Our business will continue being in good because of our loyal and supportive members. So now is the time to tell everyone about AltradeGlobalCoin LTD (AGCL). Refer your friends and family members; also share on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram and Youtube.
And do not forget to join our Official Facebook Group & Share your feedback & withdrawal proofs.
Join (AGCL) Facebook Group:- https://www.facebook.com/groups/altradeglobalgroup
Like (AGCL) Facebook Page:- https://www.facebook.com/altradeglobalcoin
Thank You For Choosing Us.
Best Regards, Team – AltradeGlobalCoin LTD (AGCL)


The admin of Biostry always tries his best to give the latest stats and updates on the latest program’s developments. If we believe the latest newsletter sent today Biostry (first reviewed on MNO here) is boasting very healthy growth after the first three weeks online with many taking on the program’s only plan via BitCoin, PerfectMoney, or AdvCash for 2.8% per business day, or 14% per calendar week. With Biostry there is no investment term limit so you earn money as long as the site keeps paying. It will take you about seven weeks to reach the profit zone after which it will be impossible to lose money. Note though that with every withdrawal request made with Biostry you pay a 3% fee which is automatically deducted, but you’re compensated for that by getting instant payouts to your e-currency accounts. Here’s the latest newsletter from Biostry for your information:

Over $43,500 USD Invested in 20 Days ( Hit 10+ BTC Today In Deposits )
Dear Partners/Investors,
I hope you’re having an amazing day and so is Biostry.
Today we have completed 10 BTC in Deposits i.e over $43,000 USD and 1,196 Members, which is very cool.
Remember, we’re giving a decent 2.8% Every Day to you for a reason, we want to establish a stable platform for all our members so that everyone can make Money with Biostry.
Also, we’re not trying to provide you with a Get-Rich-Quick Program, because there are already 1000’s of them running online and most of them die in just a few weeks.
We’re not like those, and we will stay here for long, and I really mean it.
Also we will be announcing a few contests as our system grows just to thank you all for making Biostry Successful.
Thanks. Biotechnology Research & Development LTD


LigaTraders (reviewed here) announced yesterday that it’s now accepting Ethereum and LiteCoin which joined the original PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, and BitCoin payment methods. I believe that all withdrawals are still processed instantly on demand from all four investment plans on offer in LigaTraders. These include 1% for 15 days and 1.3% for 30 days (both returning you initial principal on expiry), and 3.88% for 45 days and 3.66% for 60 days (with the initial principal included in the daily payouts). The minimums to invest in LigaTraders via the newly added Ethereum and LiteCoin are given in the latest update re-posted below:

Good news from LigaTraders LTD!
Dear investors and partners, we are pleased to inform you that we are beginning to trade in crypto currency in the directions of BTC-USDT, ETH-USDT and LTC-USDT on the Poloniex exchange. Now you can open deposits in Ethereum and LiteCoin.
The minimum withdrawal amount of Ethereum is 0.0035 ETH
The minimum withdrawal amount of LiteCoin is 0.02 LTC


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky listCoinreumChainGroupService.
From MNO Premium list: LaserOnlineRespectativa, FatFunds, OscarBitCarismoAltradeGlobalCoinEarnesticAlpexTradeBitcoin5, Biostry, MedusaCapital (the first instant payments received).
From MNO Standard list: LigaTradersRaizex (the first payments received).
From MNO Basic list: WideConstructionBitcoinInvestClub.

That’s about it for today, guys. Please follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook, and Twitter, and don’t forget to subscribe to the daily news to be delivered to your email address from here. I’ll be also pleased to hear your thoughts and give you advice on the MNO monitored programs if you contact me from this page or write a few lines on the MNO ShoutBox. The results of the latest poll you can still vote in to choose your favorite between the two Sticky listed programs on MNO is still open and the final results will be drawn in a couple of days, so please be active and vote here. I’ll be back with the next news update from the biggest programs in the HYIP industry on Saturday and will also review GideConsulting which recently changed their investment offers to make them more appealing for HYIP investors. If you wish to check out the review and see whether GideConsulting fits in to your portfolios please come back to MNO on Saturday. MNO – For Money Lovers!

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