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Hello everyone, I’m back with the latest news and updates from the biggest and highest budget programs in the HYIP industry. I must say that it’s been quite a rough few days which made me re-consider my decision to post a new article on the Top Five Popular Programs on MNO and instead wait for a few more days due to some uncertainty there. With recent high-profile scams like FatFunds, the uncertainty around the latest decision of OscarBit to allow withdrawals only once every 24 hours and reported pending withdrawals, the unexpected collapse of a popular choice among my readers Earnestic, and the weird decision to drop banner advertising on MNO by LaserOnline despite their expiry date being less than a week I cannot really feel confident about including everything. It’s just a very unstable time in the HYIP industry now so it might not be such a good idea to highlight any older programs at the moment. I would rather concentrate on the new additions and will start the news section on MNO today by introducing two new names on MNO – ResonanceCapital that joined the Premium lList a couple of days ago and the brand-new OrigamiCapital which joined the Standard List within 24 hours of its official launch yesterday. Later in the news I will also discuss the latest updates from LaserOnline, Biostry, and Bitcoin5, analyse the latest scams and problems, and draw the results of the recent poll on the MNO TalkBack page with a new interesting question on LaserOnline for my readers’ consideration as well. Keep reading for more info.


I would like to start by introducing ResonanceCapital that was added to the Premium List on MNO three days ago. Although the program has been officially online since March 2017 it’s been kind of a work in progress all this time. Currently the website really looks stunning – running off a beautifully custom-made script, professionally translated into nearly a dozen of languages, with regular weekly trading reports and various business and conferences held around the world. Here is for instance one of the latest updates posted on the ResonanceCapital website regarding their upcoming conference in Dubai held for two hundred investors:

Hello, dear ResonanceCapital customers.
Today we want to make an important announcement concerning all customers of ResonanceCapital, who fulfilled the conditions of the promotion for the travel to the conference in Dubai. Please take this information very seriously.
1. If you, for whatever reason, can not go to the conference, please do not transfer your place to your relatives, friends and any other people who are not actually interested in building our business. Please keep in mind, that this behavior is strictly forbidden and will be penalized after the conference, if we identify such cases. We want to see at the conference only active and motivated partners who are seriously interested in the development of our overall business. Please do not take the place of other people if you are not interested in our conference, and are only interested in taking rest.
2. It is important to understand that we do not accept guests who are not 18 years old yet. Our organizers establish a conference at the state level under the auspices of “Business Summit”, and we have no right to engage people under 18 years of age in such conference. Please think about it in the first place, to avoid fines for you and for our Company.
The most important conclusion is that you have to make for yourself, it is that our event in Dubai will be entirely devoted to the business of our Company. This in no way will be associated with rest and your individual wishes how you want to spend time in Dubai. Our program of events scheduled for all 4 days, and you have no right to deviate from this program, if you come to us in Dubai.
Finally, if you want just to relax – you can afford that at any time you wish. But if you are coming to our conference expecting to take a rest, it is better to give up the travel, ask us for compensation, and provide a vacant place to other people who did not get into the list of 200 people under the promotion terms.
Yours Faithfully, ResonanceCapital

Sounds intriguing? There’s more. The company has a certificate of registration in Vanuatu plus many other licenses and financial documents presented on the website to create the impression of a real investment company (including risk disclosure!), they actually hold meetings in various countries, and their CEO has given an interview which I asked of my programmer to embed on the MNOVision page, along with ResonanceCapital‘s short video introduction. There is an interesting but pretty complicated system of bonuses adding value to your investment in ResonanceCapital which I will talk about in more detail in the upcoming review on MNO by the end of next week. Why wait so long you might ask? Well, first off, with ResonanceCapital you will see your profits at the end of each business week and after requesting a withdrawal you should allow up to 5 business days (or a full week!) for it to be processed. I believe not many people will be that patient and are reluctant to invest in ResonanceCapital for that reason, but with the minimum only starting from $10 and accepted via such payment methods as PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, AdvCash, or NixMoney, there is no risk in trying it out. The sign up on the website requires providing your phone number where a PIN-code will be sent to in order to activate your account (you can provide an email address as an alternative on the next page), so it might be just another inconvenience for people not prepared to share such private information as your phone number. I imagine they need it for security reasons and in order to identify their clients better, and besides are what real financial institutions would demand from their clients anyway. The security is taken pretty seriously as well, and the site is SSL-secured and hosted on a dedicated server with support and protection provided by CloudFlare. Moreover, some additional security measures have been introduced lately and are active as of today, which you can read more about below:

Hello, dear customers of ResonanceCapital.
Today we would like to present you another useful innovation, which is designed to ensure the safety of your funds stored in personal accounts with ResonanceCapital.
It’s no secret that ResonanceCapital has been developing actively around the world, and therefore has attracted the attention of violators who skillfully use the weak security of computers of inexperienced users and find loopholes, attempting to hack their accounts and steal money.
After several requests from our customers to strengthen financial security, we have decided to immediately introduce additional financial security measures.
From October 14, 2017, we will introduce the mandatory function of payment details in the customers’ back offices. After that date all customers of ResonanceCapital must specify in the “Payment Details” section of their personal profile the numbers of their wallets in the payment systems to withdraw funds. After getting the payment details fixed, when submitting an application for withdrawal of funds, your wallet numbers will be automatically filled in by the system and will not be subject to editing.
Can you change the payment details? Yes, you can change the payment details provided that you complete the full verification and submit a written request to the company’s finance department at: finance@resonance-capital.eu.
Yours Faithfully, ResonanceCapital

After registration is complete you will be able to start investing by first clicking on Account Replenishment inside of your account area. After adding funds you should go to the Main page to choose just how much you would like to invest in each plan by choosing an investment portfolio. There will be $5 free bonus available immediately after the sign-up is complete, but I imagine it’s something you should try and test in the script before making any actual investment, as you won’t be able to withdraw this deposit bonus until you deposit your own money. There are lots of investment offers all paying weekly, but you generally need to choose between 28% for 4 weeks (test plan available as a bonus if you invest in the other plans), 6%-6.2% for 24 weeks, or 3.3%-6% for 48 weeks. As you can see, all the investment plans are paying on a weekly basis and include your principal in payments which is not returned on expiry. The overall profit offered by ResonanceCapital is not much compared to what other typical HYIPs have to offer, but I guess it’s greatly compensated for by the program’s steady development both online and offline and the kind of vision of the future many admins can only dream of. I’ll leave it there for now and will save more information for the upcoming review of ResonanceCapital next week. You can check a couple of more updates from the program including a couple of promotional videos which you can have a look at if interested:

Hello, dear ResonanceCapital customers.
Did you want to see a brief presentation of the ResonanceCapital investment products? Did you want to see a brief presentation of the ResonanceCapital career ladder?
We did this for you. Right now, watch the new wonderful video which will simplify your work with potential customers by 367% and make you the most effective:
In our opinion, this video is the most effective and the most powerful advertising tool ever made by our designers.
Please enjoy watching it and take full advantage of this video when working with your customers and partners.
Yours Faithfully, ResonanceCapital

Hello, dear ResonanceCapital customers.
Today we offer you some fragments of the video from the corporate party of ResonanceCapital, dedicated to entering a new stage of the company’s development and reaching $ 30,000,000 of the company’s working capital.
A few weeks before the first international RC conference in Dubai, we, the whole ResonanceCapital team, have celebrated this symbolic event in a cozy restaurant located near the central office in Tallinn. The company’s development director Maris Landsbergis has given a solemn speech for all our customers.
Dear customers, we wish you a pleasant viewing. Thank you for your faith and love.
Yours Faithfully, ResonanceCapital


Another new program that joined MNO today is OrigamiCapital that only launched yesterday, so can be considered a brand-new potential addition to your portfolio if you like what you see. There are three investment plans on offer in OrigamiCapital while the minimum to invest starts from $10 if you join via PerfectMoney, Payeer, or AdvCash, or 0.003 BTC for BitCoin investments. Note that as the site is running off a licensed version of H-Script there is one peculiarity you should be aware of. Once you add funds to your account you will see it on the available balance still not active. To actually make a deposit into one of three plans go to the “My Investments” tab and then proceed to “Open a deposit”. You will be then given three choices – 4.4% for 30 days, 3.88% for 45 days, 3.33% for 60 days – all crediting your account at the specified time on calendar days and including your principal which is not returned on expiry. Withdrawals have to be requested from your account in OrigamiCapital and will be paid manually by the admin within a 24-hour timeframe. I will look through all the investment offers in more detail in the upcoming review on the MNO blog by Monday, but for now let’s take a brief look at some other features in OrigamiCapital. Hosting is on a dedicated server with support and protection from DDoSGuard, and there is a GreenBar EV SSL certificate provided by GeoTrust, so when it comes to security everything is done to the highest level. The site is bi-lingual and is accessible in both English and Russian. There is a UK incorporation certificate the authenticity of which can be independently verified, the site has its own blog though still without any posts and lots of social network profiles with the first Facebook post, for instance, below:

Dear Internet users! We present to your attention the investment program from the leader of ecologically oriented business in secondary processing of plastic and paper, the international industrial OrigamiCapital company!
Taking part in our investment program, each investor will be able to choose by yourself the ways of own passive and active earnings, using our investment offers and the partner program as a basis.
To register the personal account and to start joint long-term cooperation, just follow to our website and click the “Create account” button – https://origami.capital.
We always aim at the maximum comfort of investors and we can create the best conditions for investing and a high profit obtaining.
Yours faithfully, the OrigamiCapital team.

Don’t forget to check out the full review of OrigamiCapital to be posted on the MNO blog on Monday for more information.


LaserOnline (reviewed here) is still the industry leader and I see interest in the program is still very high among my readers in the program’s famous 12% for 12 business days plan available for $5+ deposits via Payza, PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, BitCoin, BitcoinCash, Dash, LiteCoin, and Ethereum payment systems. That steady development and very rapid growth is puzzling due to the fact that LaserOnline has dropped his banner advertising campaign on MNO with the last top banner to be replaced by another program in six days. Knowing that there could be all type of rumours and speculation from my readers on the subject (someone has already asked me about the ending of the MNO advertising campaign privately) I have decided to make a special poll on that which you will see in the TalkBack section once you scroll down to the last article for the day.

Other updates on LaserOnline issued over the last few days include Hindi and German translations, making it six languages already with seventeen more planned for the near future. That’s surely impressive and will open new markets for LaserOnline provided it’s here to stay. There was also a short message from the company’s CEO – somebody who calls himself Antonio Garley and is playing his role quite nicely (I’m sure it’s a professional actor somehow that has nothing to do with LaserOnline in reality). Well, whether to believe in the program’s real financial background is up to you, but at least no one can deny that LaserOnline is perhaps the best program when it comes to features like Auto-Reinvest or Schedule your payments to be automatically processed a few times a week. They were also the focus of the latest updates from LaserOnline all of which can be found below:

HINDI LANGUAGE ADDED (5/24 Languages added)
GERMAN LANGUAGE ADDED (6/24 Languages added)

B2, Language & Localization in full swing!
Remember our 12/12 Development 12 months list? Do check it out here https://laser.online/news/1
Uniting people and bringing the financial independence back to you, will always remain as our community?s main agenda. We strive to create a strong movement over an idea of stability & personal prosperity fully based on a time-proven business instrument and effective profit generating solutions.
Additional localization of all L.O.P?s pages and features. (Malay, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Filipino and, many more languages packs in progress)
Stay tuned for more,
Get started with LaserOnline today! https://laser.online/start
Having questions or doubts? Visit our extensive FAQ section: https://laser.online/faq
Join TELEGRAM WORLDWIDE community at: https://t.me/joinchat/GmaHBUR0GwaF7xlQYYP9zQ

Hi Everybody,
I’m Antonio Garley, CEO at LaserOnline LLC. We just had 100 days of successful Investments despite some skepticism, still here we’ve been working side by side with you creating the upmost confidence in investing.
Laser is always Online for you; next week we have even more exciting news.
Watch directly at our official YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LwhwucQvNtw
Stay tuned for more.

Auto-reinvest feature allows you to automatically reinvest all the available balance back to 12% daily for 12 business days’ plan. Become a master of your financial prosperity. Stream your available balance back to work and make even more money with LaserOnline!

Payment Schedule is a convenient instrument available for all L.O.P users. It provides an extra feature of setting up a particular day of the week, on which all the available balance of your personal account will be automatically sent at your e-wallets without a need to send a payout request manually or login your account.
You can set up your automatic payouts up to 3 times a week (based on your profile status) and, enjoy automatic hassle-free payouts straight at your wallet!
Become a master of your financial prosperity!


Perhaps the one single biggest channel for cash flow in and out of the entire HYIP industry now is BitCoin, so much so that it’s no longer unusual to come across successful programs working exclusively with them. Although Biostry also accepts PerfectMoney and AdvCash, BitCoin clearly plays a massive role in the program’s operations. That’s because even if you don’t use BitCoin itself to join Biostry, any dollar deposits you make using PM or AdvCash are exchanged to BitCoin anyway. So you can see how important this is to the day-to-day business of Biostry. No wonder then that the value of BitCoin should take most of the headlines when the admin issues a newsletter. In one of three recent updates he explains that as the value of BitCoin rises investors earn more due to the spending power of their earnings increasing when you put them back into dollars. Biostry initially had I remind you just the one single investment plan. You can join it for 0.001 BTC and it’s an open ended term. That means no expiry date, and you get paid 2.8% interest every business day for how ever long Biostry can stay online. In the main news update from today however it’s been announced that this has now been joined by a fixed length short term plan. It runs for seven calendar days but please note that interest payments will only be made on business days only, of which there are five. The minimum deposit is 0.01 BTC, around $60 at current exchange rates, and the rate is 2.4% per business day. That leaves you with 12% interest on expiry with Biostry promising to return your principal in the end. To be blunt I can find very little to get excited about with this plan, and I know a lot of experienced players are not going to like this development one bit. It’s addition comes 30 days too late in my opinion, because after running for so long with an open ended no expiry plan it just doesn’t look like good business for investors to be presented with this now. Just my opinion, you guys are free to decide for yourselves whether you genuinely rate your chances to see a real profit back from this one or not.

The other news update from the admin also concerns BitCoin, though it’s something that Biostry themselves are powerless to do anything about. There have been some delays with the BlockChain network used to manage BitCoin transactions, so withdrawals and deposits are all slower than anyone would like. Of course it’s always tempting to just blame the Biostry admin for this, I know it can be very frustrating when you are left waiting for a payment, but there really is nothing you can do about the situation except show some patience and let him get on with it. Anyone who uses BitCoin on a regular basis will already know these things will happen from time to time, they’ll be back on schedule soon enough. For more information on Biostry you can read the full review on MNO here, and all the news is included below:

Introducing A New Investment Plan/Contract ( Now Make 2.4% Daily + Principal Return )
Dear Partners/Investors,
I hope that you and your family have an amazing weekend.
This past week was very exciting for us as we brought a lot of things to the table and discussed over it thoroughly.
You’d be surprised to know that our team meeting lasted for over 6 consecutive hours on various days.
CRAZY! right, yeah and we have Great News! for you, Biostry is doing an amazing Job in generating revenues and we decided that instead of keeping much profit, why not we share more with our members, yes you heard it right.
BUT HOW? By introducing a New Investment Plan/Contract so hold on to your seats as Biostry is just about to goto the next level.
So as we hit 30 days Online, we want to celebrate it by Introducing a New Investment Plan ( 2.4% Daily + Principal Return ). And mind you we’re working round the clock to discuss and integrate many new things into our system which you will see as time goes and make the system better by each passing month.
New Plan Details:
Min. Investment – 0.01 BTC, Returns – 2.4% Daily ( Mon to Friday ) For 7 Days + Principal Return After 7 Days
So be ready to make some serious Money! With Biostry.
Thanks again on behalf of the entire Biostry team.
Happy Earnings!
And enjoy your profits.
Thanks, Alfie Barnett. Director & CEO”.

Power of Bitcoin & Biostry Together ( Bitcoin Crossed $5200+ Today )
Dear Partners/Investors,
Bitcoin today have touched the all time high and crossed $5200 USD today
This is an amazing sight for all the Bitcoin Users and Investors. And it is even more amazing if you have a share of deposit with Biostry.
Biostry main currency is Bitcoins and not USD.
Unlike other websites which pays their members in USD may go for a loss when the price of Bitcoins rises as then they will receive a lesser Bitcoin as payout.
But, with Biostry we’re paying all of our members in Bitcoins that means if the price of Bitcoins rises, all members will be in double profit and benefit as they will earn 2.8% Daily + The increase in Bitcoin value.
So increase your deposits with Biostry and make yourself a lot of money while the Bitcoin is on the RISE.
Thanks, Alfie Barnett. Director & CEO”.

Bitcoin Transactions Taking Longer Than Usual ( IMP Info Inside )
Dear Partners/Investors,
There is a delay in Bitcoin Transactions because of which some of the Deposits and Withdrawals are taking longer than usual to complete.
It has nothing to do with Biostry.
Biostry is working absolutely fine and smooth.
Just have some patience and soon all the transactions will clear out.
You may experience some increment in fee just to speed up the withdrawals from our side.
Soon we will reduce the fee back again when the Blockchain Transactions Speed Up.
Thanks. Alfie Barnett. Director & CEO”.


Another program with a strong involvement with BitCoin is, as you might guess from their name, Bitcoin5 (reviewed here). The program has just one investment plan, though it’s one of the more unusually organised in the industry at the moment. You can join Bitcoin5 for a minimum spend of 0.005 BTC and the term runs for 20 calendar days. You start off with a 1% interest payment on the first day, but this starts increasing with each passing day, gradually giving 5% on the final day and a total profit of 54.45%. Anyway, in a bid to expand his program’s share of a very competitive market the admin has just announced the Bitcoin5 website has been translated into Polish. Along with the default English version this joins Russian and Vietnamese, so the program is accessible for quite a large segment of the potential investors. You can read more about that in the update from the Bitcoin5 admin republished below:

Good news for our Polish-speaking participants and partners! Our website interface has just become easier to use for you as it is now available in Polish. The Bitcoin5 system keeps getting more convenient and user-friendly.
This means we continue to develop steadily and take utmost care of our users. Soon, other language versions of the website will be made available – and our community will grow still larger. We appreciate your trust and do our best to be worthy of it day after day.
We speak our language!
Thank you for your business!


Let’s talk a bit about the recent scams which were very popular programs overall. Just one of them delivered amazing profits over a over six months run, while the other could barely last for two weeks and was quite appalling. I’m talking here about FatFunds (the first one), and Earnestic (the second).

MNO has become the first major monitor in the HYIP industry to move FatFunds to Problem Status where it did actually belong already some time ago. I’ve constantly warned against investing in the so-called Fat plans that promised to pay ridiculously high returns on expiry of specific terms that became shorter and shorter as FatFunds progressed. I believe at the moment 577% after 1 day plan is the most ludicrous. Experienced investors should have known already that the main plan where FatFunds paid investors 2.1% for 100 business days (and is still paying, unless the situation is going to change on Monday) were financed by those who joined the Fat plans. The actual thing why no one complained to me was genius in itself, as the admin introduced some sort of a queue to calm the investors and gave them all type of excuses in the meantime. They reach the expiry date and are then put in line allegedly because of huge funds needed to be paid to everyone in a particular order and the temporary lack of funds on payment processor accounts. Everyone could see the queue moving from day to day and they thought they are getting closer to getting paid they kept their mouths shut. This went on for the last few weeks and at the same time FatFunds were still paying to everyone in the daily plan, hence no official status change for the program elsewhere but on MNO. The funny thing is the change of status on my monitor has happened not because someone in my downline reported a non-payment from the so-called Fat plans, but rather for a totally unrelated matter of my referral not being credited with his deposit. It looks like the admin has secured lots of money from investors using some old tricks and has retired. I doubt myself that the payouts will resume on Monday, but even if you get paid on the daily plan note that it’s not recommended to keep investing in FatFunds anymore. Time to move on to greener pastures!

If we can only praise the admin of FatFunds for delivering an amazing and long-lasting investment opportunity (provided you were not lured by the Fat plans that is!), then Earnestic is a totally different matter. In fact the admin has proven himself a fast scammer running away with investors’ money after being online for less than two weeks. While paying 6% to 8% daily it was not even enough to reach the profit zone even for the earlier investors. Thankfully, Earnestic has joined MNO on day one, so I hope that the majority of those who joined won’t suffer huge losses. In any case, if you invested via Payza I believe that Earnestic will keep paying to you instantly for some time, and in the worse case scenario you can always file a dispute with Payza to ask for your money back. Just a day before scamming the admin tried to send some unauthorized Payza funds to advertise on MNO, but it looked to me like he was dumping money for no reason (he didn’t even ask if I accepted it) and I have refunded him instead. On the following day the admin has halted all the withdrawals (except those paid to Payza) and introduced a couple of limited in time investment plans asking for $1,000+ deposits and trying to create marketing hype of only hundred deposits available. I guess he was in such a hurry to run away that he even forgot to keep the old investment plans and replaced them with the new ones. I guess that might have saved some investors from falling into the trap, as that was spotted by MNO immediately and the program was moved to Problem, and subsequently to Scam status on my monitor. The “Lucky Friday” offer is still on the website and is up for grabs for those not reading the news on MNO and not following HYIP monitors many of who already moved it to Problem/Scam. However, I do not believe it will find many takers, as the admin of Earnestic is one of the worst scammers I’ve seen lately. His program has become an extreme disappointment for many of us and now I do not believe that it was his aim to bring profits even for the first investor. It could be possible that his previous program was constructed the same way, but it’s usually very hard to pinpoint such admins and we cannot really do much to get rid of them. Please do not invest there anymore!


And finally before I leave you for today and indeed the week I want to take a look at the last opinion poll that ran on the MNO TalkBack page and replace it with a new topical question for you to think about. So, you might remember that last time I was asking about the size of readers portfolios, i.e. how many programs are you a member of at any given time. The exact question asked “how many programs do you currently have in your HYIP portfolio?

I have to say, results were bit of an eye-opener for me, and with respect to everyone who voted I felt they were a little alarming. I always try to encourage diversity in HYIP portfolios, for investors to make smaller deposits but in a bigger number of programs. Reason being that if any one single program collapses, and they all eventually collapse by the way, you won’t suffer too much of a loss. If you have a big enough portfolio you should be able to recoup any losses from the earnings in your other programs and move on easily enough. So it was quite a surprise for me to see the runaway winning option in the poll with some 59% of you you keep only “from one to three” programs. Now, I’m not saying everyone has to join ten programs just because there’s ten programs out there, of course not, you have to feel comfortable and have a certain level of trust and confidence first, but there’s no denying there’s a better choice out there for you at the moment than to limit yourself so much. 21% of you said you keep “from four to six” active investments in your portfolios, which gives you a much better safety net if one of them fails. 8% of readers say they’ve joined “from seven to ten” programs, while the remaining 12% make up the most enthusiastic section of HYIP players with “more than ten” programs in their portfolios at a time.

Thanks as always to everyone who participated, like I said it was as much a surprise to me as any other poll I can think of recently. Anyway, time now to move on to the next poll. One program that’s rarely been far from the headlines in the HYIP industry during the last couple of months is LaserOnline. I must say it never really came as a huge surprise to me that LaserOnline has went on to become the leading program in the industry, and is today by some distance the biggest thing on the net. For the most part LaserOnline has been a solid enough performer, though once a program starts to get as big as this one and needs to have more people getting involved with management and support it’s inevitable that they’re going to hit a few bumps in the road. That doesn’t mean the wheels are starting to fall off or anything, but as with everything else in this industry even the biggest giants have to have a beginning, a middle, and an end. So where do you think we are with LaserOnline right now? I will admit to having some shall we say clandestine reasons for putting this question to the MNO readers in such an explicit way. You see, MNO is the single most successful promoter of the program. My downline alone has seen over $200,000 flow in (and much of it back out again) to the program, a fact acknowledged and placed on public record by the admin when I received a $5,000 bonus payment for reaching this milestone. I can’t help but feel a little taken aback then by the admin stalling over renewing his advertising banners on MNO. It’s the place that’s gotten him the biggest results after all, so why now of all times decide it’s time to start scaling this down. I must admit this doesn’t make a lot of sense from a business point of view to me. So I am very curious to see how the readers of MNO – the single biggest group on investors in LaserOnline by the way – perceive this. So my question for today is as follows:

How much longer do you think LaserOnline will continue?

– It will still be here in 2018
– It can survive until the end of the year
– It can complete one more full cycle
– It’s living its last days

Thanks in advance to everyone who votes, I really appreciate it. As usual the poll will continue on the MNO TalkBack page for another week to maybe ten days, long enough to give everyone who wants to vote plenty of time to do so. Keep in mind also that voting is 100% anonymous and untraceable, and literally it only takes as long to vote as it takes you to make up your mind what you think the best answer is. In the event that LaserOnline was to collapse in the next few days however I would of course replace the poll at that point with something else, there’s hardly any reason to continue with that line of questioning if that happened.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 72 hours:
From MNO Sticky listCoinreumChainGroupService.
From MNO Premium list: LaserOnlineRespectativa, OscarBitBitcoin5, MedusaCapitalAlpexTradeBiostry.
From MNO Standard list: Raizex.
From MNO Basic list: BitcoinInvestClubRacerForex (the first payments received).

That is all the news for today, guys. I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend and will be refreshed to start another HYIP adventure on Monday. The new business week starts with a review of OrigamiCapital along with the latest news from the biggest investment opportunities you can only find online. You won’t miss anything important and be updated on all the latest additions to my monitor if you follow MNO on Facebook, Twitter, or Telegram, or subscribe for the daily news to be delivered directly to your email address from here. I’ll talk to you again on Monday and if you have anything to say don’t hesitate to drop me a couple of lines from here, or write to me directly at abramsonp@gmail.com, or chat with me in real-time on Telegram @mnoblog. Thanks for your attention and for reading MNO – For Money Lovers!

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