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Beware! FatherBest has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everybody, and welcome once more to another weekend update of news and views and everything worth knowing in the HYIP industry! It was a quiet end to an otherwise busy business week, though we very rarely see a day when absolutely nothing worth talking about happens in this industry, that’s for sure. I have a couple of news items that might be of interest to you coming up in the second part of today’s update so keep reading for more info on that. The main topic of today’s update however is going to be a recently launched short term HYIP with the unusual name FatherBest, which I don’t think is named after a priest, lol. So as of the time of writing FatherBest has been online for slightly more than a week, nine days to be exact, out of which it’s been monitored on MNO for eight of them. As a short term HYIP that’s two full cycles of their investment plan already, so the first FatherBest investors are already comfortably in profit by now. How much longer will this continue? Well let’s take a closer look at the details and see what you think and whether FatherBest is still worth taking a chance on.

Starting as always with the investment plans, that being the most basic reason any online HYIP is operating, FatherBest offers just one. This in turn is divided into three categories depending on how much you want to spend, with the higher rates of interest reserved for the bigger spending players. A couple of things you need to know before I cover the numbers however is that the description of the plans you will find on the FatherBest website is a little misleading. Not “wrong” as such in terms of how long they run for or how much you can earn from them, but there isn’t really an accurate description of how they work in practical terms there. The other thing is that FatherBest works exclusively with digital e-currencies, so no dollars and none of the conventional third party payment handlers. That may change soon, I wouldn’t know for sure, if it does I’ll let you know, but as things stand I can only review the program for you as I find it on the day.

So, since there’s no traditional hard currency involved I think I’ll describe the plans using BitCoin. There’s others available though I guess BTC is going to be the most useful as it’s the most widely used. You will need a minimum of 0.0003 BTC to make an investment with FatherBest. At the moment that’s around $2 so one good thing about FatherBest is that it needn’t be much of a financial risk unless you deliberately make it one.

No matter how much you spend however, all plans run for a term of 4 calendar days. Now, if you invest anything from the 0.0003 BTC minimum up to an upper limit of 0.498 BTC what FatherBest tell you they are paying is 125% on expiry. Well, not exactly. In reality your account in the program is updated like a stopwatch, with earnings clocking up by the second in real time before your eyes. Over the course of a full 24 hour calendar day these payments add up to 6.25%, and 25% by the end of the term. This only becomes your profit if/when FatherBest then return your principal. So the 125% you are promised is made up of 25% profit that accumulates by the second, and your own money which is returned on expiry.

Bigger spending players investing between 0.499 BTC and 0.999 BTC are also committed to a 4 calendar day term. In this case FatherBest describe the outcome as 130% on expiry, though again what actually happens is you receive tiny interest payments by the second. These gradually build up to 7.5% over the course of a full day, and 30% by the end of the term. 30% is then your net profit only after FatherBest adds your 100% principal return in a separate payment.

Just for your information anyone prepared to invest from 1 BTC to 10 BTC is offered 135% after 4 calendar days. That’s the official version anyway, the reality is real time payments made by the second until you reach 8.75% in a single day, 35% accumulated over four days, and your principal then added to that on expiry.

Before I get to the payment options I should just clarify, in case this wasn’t already obvious to anyone, that as FatherBest makes by-the-second interest payments to your account with them you can also withdraw as often as you please. You don’t have to wait until expiry as might be implied by their own plan descriptions, nor do you even have to wait for a full day to be completed. The only restriction is that you must have accumulated at least 0.0003 BTC in interest payments, once you have that amount or more in your account then you can withdraw at will, as often as you please. Well, that’s just BitCoin. The same rules apply to the other e-currencies FatherBest works with using similar limits depending on the exchange rates. Check your members area for those figures. You may invest using Ethereum, LiteCoin, or Dash if you prefer any of those over BitCoin. As you might expect, and this is absolutely critical for any program with plans that operate like FatherBest, instant payouts are a must. Just log into your account as usual, make a withdrawal request, and the transaction should be processed in under a minute.

Let’s look now at some of the more technical aspects of the FatherBest website now, such as design and security. The hosting provider is Freenet Group who are keeping FatherBest on a dedicated server with their tech support and protection from malicious attacks. For an extra layer of security the website is further enhanced by the presence of an SSL-secured connection by Comodo for safer browsing and more secure transactions. The program runs off a specially developed custom made script, though requires almost no practice to navigate as it’s very user friendly throughout. The website is bi-lingual and available in either Russian or English. Just switch between whichever one you prefer by clicking the flag near the top of the FatherBest homepage when you land on it.

It isn’t clear whether the customer support is bi-lingual, but if you do have any further questions for the admin or any account related issues then there’s a couple of ways to get in touch. First check the FAQ page of course, and if you still have something to say then start with the Live Chat widget and see if there’s an operator there. It’s not a 24 hour service, so move on if it isn’t active at the time. You can either e-mail the admin directly at the listed address, or else fill in your details on the online support form and submit through the FatherBest website.

That’s about it I suppose. Officially we are told that the alleged line of business supporting the payments to members is MLM, or multi level marketing. Nothing much on offer to back that up, though to be fair it is a close enough definition of what selling HYIPs is all about. So remember to follow the same rules you would for anything else in this business and proceed with extreme caution. Set yourself a sensible spending limit you can comfortably afford to lose if things don’t work out, keep your expectations modest and realistic, and if joining FatherBest at all then try to use them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.

If you’ve already come to a decision about whether FatherBest is suitable for you or not then perhaps you wouldn’t mind sharing with the other readers and answering the following poll. Remember it’s 100% anonymous and untraceable, and will eventually tell us how many people were right to go with their first impressions of the program either for better or worse.

Will you make an active deposit in FatherBest?

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Nothing really to say about Bitcy (reviewed here) but to praise their exceptional performance over its first twenty-six days on MNO which was already enough to hoist the program up to second position on the Premium List. Bitcy offer a wide range of investment plans some of which offers daily (or hourly) payouts with the principal returned on expiry – 2.3% for 15 days, 2.6% for 25 days, 0.13% for 1440 hours – while if you join its much riskier plans you may end up with a nice chunk of profits paid once on expiry of the investment term – 155% after 15 business days, 550% after 20 business days, 1700% after 40 business days, 1200% after 60 business days, 7000% after 100 business days. Bitcy is working exclusively with BitCoin and in the latest update posted on its official Facebook page the admin gave a simple step-by-step instruction on how to invest your BitCoin and make a profit. It’s really that simple, so do check it out if interested:

How to start earning BTC?
Every day we receive questions from thousands of users who want to try to work on our platform but do not know how to make the first step. You can make sure right now that Bitcy Limited provides everyone with an opportunity to get additional income. Make an investment for the minimum amount using the simplest plan Casual. Your income will be 2.3% daily for 15 days, plus on the last day the return of the deposit body is made.
Start in three steps
1. Complete a simple sign-up procedure on our website
2. Select the Casual tariff plan and create a deposit of 0.005 BTC minimum.
3. Get the first income of 2.3% next day.
If you do not have BTC for investment you can earn them by participating in our Bounty program. Simply make reposts of the last three posts from our pages on Facebook and Twitter and very soon you will receive your first BTC. Personal experience is the best way to understand how our platform works. Remember that you can create any number of deposits at the same time and get income from each of them.
Bitcy Limited – your possibilities without borders!


If you look over the latest updates from ResonanceCapital on my blog you might remember about their recent conference that was held in Dubai. So, if you think it was all the hoax a short video from the members’ yacht trip was posted on Youtube of which the admin even issued a special update containing a link to the musical clip:

Hello, dear ResonanceCapital customers.
Warm memories of the first international RC conference in Dubai will remain in our hearts for life, and today we invite you to watch a short video from the yacht VIP party for just 100 of the most active agents of ResonanceCapital.
One can write a book on this subject, and believe us – it will be a success. Soon we will show you more materials from our first international conference. Just imagine – 19 different nations have united in one big family for 4 days, spoken the same language, expressed emotions, shared experiences, had fun, trained and charged each other with motivation to conquer the space with ResonanceCapital.
It was great and unforgettable. And soon it will be even better. Follow the news and keep your investors and agents posted.
Yours Faithfully, ResonanceCapital

If that video inspires you to try out this definitely different program you might need to read the review posted here, as ResonanceCapital is quite a complicated program in HYIP terms and has lots of additional features you should be aware of. In a nutshell though there are a few investment offers with weekly profits credited to your account at the end of every business week (Friday night) – 28% for 4 weeks, 6%-6.2% for 24 weeks, 3.3%-6% for 48 weeks – and investments are accepted from a $50 minimum via PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, NixMoney, and BitCoin. Be prepared to wait for a few business days before getting paid though, as ResonanceCapital gives itself quite a generous 2 to 5 business days processing time for the requested withdrawals.


As of today TradexTop (reviewed here) has been online for exactly three weeks, or twenty-one calendar days which was enough for the majority of MNO readers who joined the program on day one when it was first added to the Standard List to make a decent profit. The full investment cycle is complete for those who joined the shorter term daily plans with principal back on expiry – 2% for 7 days, 2.5% for 14 days, 3.1% for 21 days – and even two on expiry plans – 150% after 15 days, 190% after 20 days. Many others that trusted TradexTop for a longer-term and invested in one of the remaining plans – 3.8% for 28 days, 4.6% for 35 days, 5.5% for 42 days (all with the principal return on expiry) or paying once on expiry 240% after 25 days or 300% after 30 days – will hopefully see a profit soon as well. As TradexTop is paying instantly to almost all of the accepted payment processors (among them PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, NixMoney, BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, DogeCoin, BitcoinCash, Zcash, and Dash) you don’t need to wait before you see profits getting paid to your e-currency accounts, and many investors seem to love it. As TradexTop certainly needs to expand further to sustain the high rate of profits paid to its members the admin is applying a strategy of adding more language versions of the website on a gradual basis. After several additions it’s the turn of Spanish today as announced in this short update posted by the TradexTop admin:

Website version in Spanish language
Dear Friends, our website now supports Spanish. It is now even more convenient to invest and earn with TradexTop for Spanish-speaking Users.


Raizex has recently folded as the last payments from the program were reported on Thursday. I cannot blame the admin though as five weeks online with the program listed on MNO since day one made it possible for investors to make decent profits from the program’s 5% for 30 days plan with per second accruals and finish several investment cycles on the shorter 110% after 10 days plan. That’s a much better result achieved by Raizex than so many recently collapsed fast scams also accepting Payza have demonstrated for sure. Whether the admin of Raizex has reached his financial goal or just had to drop the payments due to poor support of the program that was mostly ignored by investors during the final week is hard to tell. There was no word from the admin regarding a possible reason for the closure, but judging by the overall performance I would certainly welcome any of his next programs on MNO and I have a feeling we will hear from him soon. Stay tuned for that, guys!


With so many unconfirmed transactions reported in Blockchain lately HYIP investors would certainly be looking at BitCoin alternatives soon which would be free from such high fees and slow confirmations in the network the father of all crypto-currencies is currently clearly suffering from. So for the latest poll that was ran on the MNO ShoutBox over the last week I asked you the important question – Which alternative to BitCoin would you like to see used more often in the HYIP industry? There were nine popular “altcoins” suggested for your consideration. And it was no surprise for me that they were largely ignored with only three getting any votes. Ethereum received the most votes with 58% of readers preferring it, closely followed by LiteCoin as another popular option with 38% of the vote, and BitcoinCash lagging behind with just 4%. Mind you, that was 4% more than any of the others! That poll proves that people do not need dozens of crypto-currencies to be accepted in the HYIP industry at the moment, as they’d be mostly ignored anyway, but are satisfied with the tried and tested small pool of the most popular BitCoin alternatives which is Ethereum, LiteCoin, and BitcoinCash as the result of the recent successful BitCoin forks to a much lesser extent.

Thanks to all those who took time to vote in the poll on the MNO TalkBack which was replaced by a new question as of today. I mentioned already that I’m extremely disappointed with the amount of fast scams now allowed by Payza which was once considered generally as a good sign telling us more about the admin’s experience. Alas, I’m afraid those days are gone and now Payza has either lowered their once rigorous demands made of HYIP merchants, or cheap scam admins just found an easy way around them. Whatever happened it all led to a string of fast scams all of which accepted Payza, and I even dropped them as a payment method for advertising on MNO for that reason. I was wondering if this shift was also noticed by my readers and whether they agree with my point that just the availability of Payza without taking other factors into consideration can be viewed as a sign of quality for a program or the experience of the admin running it. So, the question is:

Do you believe the acceptance of Payza still indicates a HYIP is more reliable?

– No, not after so many recent fast scams
– Partially, other factors should be considered
– Yes, I believe Payza is all a good HYIP needs

Thanks in advance for voting on the MNO TalkBack page and the results will be analysed sometime next week. So click here and have your say!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky listChainGroupService.
From MNO Premium list: LaserOnlineBitcyFatherBestTerminalSkyNetAlpexTrade, OctoinCryptoSolution, Ellir.
From MNO Standard list: LifeBitTradexTop, RenaissanceInvest (the first payments received).
From MNO Basic list: InfiniteAllianceBitWavesHouseHash.

That’s all the news for this quiet weekend, guys. I’ll be back on Monday with a full review of the recently added long-term HYIP, RenaissanceInvest, that added quite a few new investment plans that need to be discussed, so don’t miss it! The latest news and updates from the biggest investment programs in the HYIP industry and maybe some new additions will be brought to your attention as well. Don’t miss a thing on MNO by subscribing to my daily reports delivered to your email address here, or follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook, and Twitter for the live updates! The HYIP season is still hot so keep making money with MNO – For Money Lovers!

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