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Hi everyone, and welcome once more to the MNO blog where for the first time ever I’m posting from the wonderful old city of Luang Prabang on the banks of the Mekong river in Laos. My travels have taken me to some pretty strange and diverse places over the years, so it’s always good to add a new name to the list and meet new people. There isn’t actually that much news to report on, though as usual Octoin take the prize for being the most active program in the HYIP industry, something they’ve enjoyed for a long time now. Barely a day goes by anymore without a major update from them, and today is no different. I’ll expand on this below but just to put it briefly they are expecting the ongoing issue of account area accessibility to be resolved soon. This has been a result of the ongoing plans for Octoin to (imminently) launch their own official cryptocurrency. Plus we also have some news from TudorGames. Keep reading for more about that, but the main focus of today’s blog post is the introduction of a new program to the MNO monitor called JSRentHouse. It launched in mid December but has only brought their eclectic mix of short, long and perpetual style investment plans to the MNO monitor today. I’ll talk about them a bit more below and will have a more detailed review of the project in a few days once I have time to study it in a bit more detail.

By the way, just before we move on with the news I think I should like to remind you about the currently running opinion poll on the MNO TalkBack page. You can still cast your vote on the subject of the best payment processor currently in widespread use in the HYIP industry. PerfectMoney have a rather commanding lead there at the moment with over half the vote at the time of writing. Whether you agree or disagree with that you have the chance to make your thoughts known on that by voting here.


I’ll start by introducing a newly added to MNO short-term instantly paying program called JSRentHouse. Despite proudly displaying 408 days running time on the main page of the website the site only started mid-December so in reality boasts about 40 days online. Besides, most of that time JSRentHouse was a “sleeper” featuring a deliberately unappealing design and lower paying investment plan. That’s all changed since then and a few days ago JSRentHouse started working in full swing with totally redeveloped website and a new set of investment plans. JSRentHouse accepts BitCoin, PerfectMoney, Payeer, and AdvCash, so basically all the most popular payment options are covered. The minimum to invest ranging from $20 to $200 for the longer-paying plans so is affordable enough for the average investor. Note that the withdrawal minimum for the traditional currencies (PerfectMoney, Payeer, and AdvCash) is $5 while for BitCoin withdrawals it’s $250, so make sure you avoid the situation when you cannot withdraw because you haven’t read the rules which are clearly specified in the program’s FAQ. The higher than average BitCoin minimum withdrawal is due to the extortion fees that members have to paid to miners for smaller transactions, so it does make sense in case with JSRentHouse, considering the program offers instant payouts to all the payment processors. By the way, I have already tested them and they are getting processed instantly, so JSRentHouse has been moved to Paying status on the MNO monitor and is ready to be reviewed on Friday. The investment plans will be properly analysed in the upcoming review for sure, but in a nutshell JSRentHouse has one plan paying 2.5% daily with no expiry date, i.e. “forever” or until the program eventually closes. So unless you are confident JSRentHouse can stay longer than the six weeks required to reach the profit zone on the first investment plan, you can take a dip into one of the once on expiry paying plans and choose among – 103% after 1 day, 120% after 5 days, 165% after 15 days, 260% after 30 days, or 700% after 70 days. Compared to other programs with similar offers, JSRentHouse doesn’t seem to care how much an investor is ready to spend and thus offering the same interest regardless of the principal as long as it’s exceeds the required minimum.

Let’s have a brief look at some other features in JSRentHouse. The site is bi-lingual and you can easily switch between the English and Russian versions by clicking the appropriate flag on top of the page. There is a UK certificate of incorporation you can independently verify by following the link and a short video introduction is also available (now embedded in the MNOVision page). The site is running off a licensed version of GoldCoders script, secured by EV (Green Bar) SSL by Comodo, and is hosted on a dedicated server by Hetzner with support and protection against DDoS attacks by CoverDDoS. The website has a few other useful features I’ll tell you about in the Friday review, so stay tuned for that, guys, and enjoy your profits as someone might have already won from JSRentHouse‘s one-day plan!


TudorGames (reviewed here) has been online for six weeks but for the MNO monitor it’s quite a new addition, only listed nine days. Despite that I cannot help but praise the program’s admin for his commitment to running it in an excellent fashion and on processing the withdrawals on time from both investment plans – 1% for 11 business days with principal back on expiry and 4.4% for 35 business days with principal included. The gradual addition of payment systems over the last few weeks eventually saw TudorGames accepting PerfectMoney, Payeer, and AdvCash starting from a $10 minimum while BitCoin deposits require $40. The latest updates from TudorGames include the announcement of the program’s first upcoming webinar which everyone is welcome to watch and participate in on Friday. The link to the webinar on Youtube and its scheduled turn of events you should expect to see there can be found in the first of two updates from TudorGames below. In the second one by the way, another Youtube link containing video testimonials from the satisfied customers of TudorGames many of whom are already in good profit:

Dear investors and partners, we are happy to invite you to our first webinar dedicated to TG LTD!
We offer you to have a brief overview of TudorGames history as an aperitif.
For a hot meal you will get a video message from the founder and irreplaceable leader of the company – Isaac Burton
But the most delicious meal you will get for dessert.
We are going to present you a pilot version of new economic investment online strategy, where you can spend a good time and earn good money. We hope that everyone will find something little special in this game, that he/she has never found before in other games.
START WEBINAR 26.01.201819:00 (London time) Language – English
Go to webinar https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oLS-KgfjRzk&feature=youtu.be

Video feedback from our customers!
Sooner or later every human being feels an urge to share his experience with others. So do our investors and partners from all over the world! Our company expands: new offices open across numerous cities and regions, and TudorGames will soon be on everyone’s lips. Using YouTube as a free and convenient platform for sharing ideas with many people, our investors upload their video reviews about their profits within TG: they tell how they got to know about the company, how they got started, they share their doubts and expectations and express their gratitude towards the company’s diligent work.
We are pleased to hear how much we are appreciated and know how much benefit we have brought to our investors and partners! And the information they tell about their profits in TG, their growth and the goals they achieve in cooperation with us, may be quite useful for you.


One of the biggest, indeed some might argue the only big program in the industry at the moment is of Octoin, who seem to have bitten off more than they can chew at the moment. It seems the program has a hand in almost everything with so much more to them than just the usual spend/earn investment plans. There’s been a few issues lately with members being able to access their account. The main body of the website remains unaffected, and while payouts can’t really be requested while this is the case, to the Octoin admin’s credit no new deposits can be made either. The crux of the current issue is the preparations for the launch of Octoin‘s own digital e-currency, known as OctoinCoin. I suppose if you are going to do something this grand then it’s important to get it right the first time. When this is eventually up and running, with the latest estimates from the Octoin support claiming the disruption should soon be coming to an end. It’s an ongoing situation that members have been told is coming to a conclusion many times now, but finally it looks like a completion of the project is on the horizon. The latest deadline is Friday this week. You can already see a demo version of sorts, but come Friday you will be able to download your OctoinCoin wallet as you would with any “regular” cryptocurrency. And of course if it actually works out as planned, this would be I believe the first ever successful transition from HYIP to cryptocurrency in the history of the industry. When that happens who knows, perhaps the flood gates will open for new deposits to the program’s variable paying investment plans running for terms between 30 and 150 calendar days. Payment methods when this resumes include PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, ZCash, or Dash. There’s no real need for me to repeat what’s going on with the technical details as Octoin readies itself for the big news, the admin does a good enough job of that himself below. A video showing how the site will look after the necessary work is completed is now available on the Octoin website and I must say it’s quite exciting. I’ll be embedding it on the MNOVision page later when the changes are actually physically implemented, but you can see for yourselves already on Octoin. Interesting times ahead!

In other news, one thing Octoin has become famous for is the offline promotional activities, particularly the holding of conferences that are open to public participation. While these have been international they have proven especially popular in Indonesia. As one of the most populated nations on Earth, this seems to form a core audience for Octoin and has been especially popular there. You can see information on the latest Octoin conferences also included below after news on the coin launch. Meanwhile for more information on Octoin, its investment plans and the ways in which members can earn money from it apart from investing (coin mining, trading, etc) can be read in the original review of the program first published on MNO here:

The latest news on OctoinCoin launching!
Dear investors!
Today we have prepared for you two important news: about the progress of the OctoinCoin network testing and something exclusive.
The main news is that the development team integrates the algorithms of cryptocurrency very carefully and responsibly. Also, at a moment there is ongoing testing stage of some important algorithms of the user wallets, such as:
• protection from dual transactions,
• signing of new blocks (mining),
• setting up of configuration which is responsible for the calculation of the total amount of remuneration in the system and its random distribution among all active nodes-users.
The process took more time than it was planned before.
We were assured that the release of the working network will take additional maximum of three days. We make every effort to ensure that the test period is completed as soon as possible. We apologize for our previously published inaccurate forecast on the timing of the launch and implementation of the cryptocurrency.
Next news: employees of all departments of our company are involved in preparation for the start of the OctoinCoin cryptocurrency. Right now there under the development are the following:
A complete set of instructions (in several languages) for downloading, installing and using the functionality of wallets. Also the technical documentation (white paper of cryptocurrency) on the open code of cryptocurrency, its purpose and integration into all possible external projects. Moreover, there is a registration of repository on the gidhab with the open access is in the progress.
Please note that during the technical work the program of accumulation and mining continues to accrue daily income in the usual operating mode.
And finally, for all those who read our news here is an exclusive video of OCC crytowallet testing directly from the host of Developer OctoinCoin. We have requested this video for your courtesy so you can appreciate the convenience and new technical solutions used in a cold wallet – https://youtu.be/owIbmSXoO5Q
Follow the official news of our project and do not miss a series of training posts from our department of analytics and training: “The sophisticated technology in simple words.”
Octoin is a new era of blockchain!

Mining. Basics.
Today we will tell you a little about mining and its types. This will be useful for beginners. Also, the experienced crypto investors will be able to refresh the basic knowledge in memory.
In order to talk about the types of mining you need to know about the definition of mining. So, “mining” is the process of mining the cryptocurrency. This is a natural way of obtaining a cryptocurrency using the power of a video card or processor. They perform certain calculations releasing new data blocks. For doing this, the owners of the facilities receive a reward.
The classic and the very first type of mining is the one which was used for the obtaining the cryptocurrency is the PoW algorithm. It is still used for obtaining the tokens in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The core of this mining is to process as much information as possible. So it is required a huge power for this processing. The miners are purchasing more equipment and organise the mining farms.
This process is dynamic, it requires constant upgrade and modernisation of the mining farm. However, the lager is the power of such farm the greater is the chance to process a new block and get the reward.
It all works at the lottery principle. The more tickets you have got (the mining power in such case) the greater is the chance to win.
The main principle of PoW comparing the other types of mining is the stability. The minus is the constant need for upgrading the computing power and the monopoly of the large market players.
The second type of mining which becomes more popular lately is called Proof of Stake. In PoS, the creator of the next block is determined randomly. The probability that it will be chosen by the creator of the block depends on the size of the investment, aging, share and many other indicators that are laid by the creators of the cryptocurrency. The advantages of this method is that it is less expensive for equipment and also because of the complex algorithms of random participation in mining, this mining type is less monopolized. Disadvantages can be called the need for large investments, as well as the cost of electricity. PoS is used for the mining of such cryptocurrencies as OctoinCoin, Redcoin, Novacoin, Clubcoin and so on.
Also, there are hybrid systems that combine in one or another way both types which we considered earlier. For example, Proof of Activity is PoA. PoW units are searched together with PoS units, since the blockchain consists of blocks of both types. What are the advantages of this? First, “to rewrite the history” is not so simple at all, since PoW-blocks can serve as a kind of checkpoints. If we take into account the overall complexity of the work in the entire chain. Transactions that are included in blocks with “real” work inspire more confidence to sellers. Secondly, through PoW blocks, “honest” emission of new money can be made while and PoS can be considered as “annual income from a deposit”.
But just like many other hybrids, PoA is still only a theoretical project and the overwhelming number of cryptocurrencies are mined by the first two ways. If a new reliable method appears then we will definitely write about it.

The conference in Banjarmasin is over! on the 20th of January
Our representatives from Indonesia continue to share their successes!Not so long ago (on the 20th of January) a conference was held in the city of Banjarmasin.
At the conference, led by the leader of Panji Samudra, visitors could learn about the basics of blockchain, about cryptocurrencies and about our resource Octoin. All interested persons received a lot of new information about the sphere of cryptobusiness.
It is also worth mentioning the importance of feedback.Each visitor had the opportunity to ask any question of interest to the speakers from our team, than many used. As in the heart of the blockchain, teamwork and communication with people are more important than ever in our business.We are sure, many left that conference with the idea of investing in our prospective Octoin platform and the new OctoinCoin (OCC) cryptocurrency.
Our leaders from around the world will continue to work as actively as possible, to develop together with us and our investors
Octoin – new era of blockchain!

New meeting was held in Palembang! On January 21
On January 21, a large-scale Octoin conference was held in Palembang, Indonesia. Professional speakers, members of our team told future investors about blockchain and various cryptocurrencies.
Of course, our project Octoin was also discussed. Our lector had explained in details about the differences and the advantages of our platform, as well as about the convenient instruments for trading and fast p2p exchanger.
Leaders from Indonesia continue to surprise us with their enthusiasm and energy. The great progress of our company happened in many respects thanks to the members of the team from Indonesia. Thanks them for this and we hope that leaders from other countries will follow their example.
If you suddenly missed the conference – be sure to come next time.We will be looking forward to seeing you!
Octoin – new era of blockchain!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: CurrencyGlobal, TatWex, JSRentHouse (the first instant payments received).
From MNO Standard list: BISTInvestAutomatix, RenaissanceInvest, TudorGames.
From MNO Basic list: DiamondHours, InvestmentSlots.

Thanks for reading guys, that’s all I have for you today. I hope to see you all back on Friday when I plan to review JSRentHouse. And I’ll have the latest news from the biggest programs in the HYIP industry and give my personal view too. After all, I’ve been here for eleven years now and know all the admin tricks like my own hand. It’s definitely possible with proper due diligence, a bit of luck, and of course using MNO as your guide before making an investment to make some good money for yourself. That’s why it’s so important to make sure to follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook, or Twitter for real-time updates, monitoring additions and status changes. You can also subscribe to the daily news delivered directly to your mailbox on this page and contact me from this page. I’m always pleased to hear from and appreciate your feedback and input on how to make MNO even more useful for my readers. Stay with me for bigger and better investment opportunities and if you’re a wise investors then read MNO – For Money Lovers!

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