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Hello all, and welcome again to the MNO blog where I try to bring you the latest updates from the biggest and most popular investment programs run by experienced admins with highest advertising budgets. You might have noticed that the last few weeks in the HYIP industry has seen a huge decline in interest towards both new and old programs and participation levels are among the lowest in the last few years. That has a lot to do with many factors which include fast scams, the general hit-n-run attitude of experienced investors, and a reduced stream of new funds from newbies due to a huge fall in the cryptocurrency values and the recent closure of Payza. Very few people can make profits in the HYIP industry now and that alone put many investors off or in hibernation mode if they are aware of the theory of seasonal factors that influence the industry as a whole. That reflects in the final results of the poll I’m going to discuss in today’s news article along with a new question connected with the latest lack of news from Payza and a truly excellent article from Octoin concerning the potential of investing in crypto-currencies at the very moment. More on that you can read below, but first off I want to share my first impressions from IntelligentInvestment – a new program that joined the Premium List on the MNO monitor just a few hours ago. So, keep reading for some information you might find useful on your way to riches.


The newly added Premium List program IntelligentInvestment started at the end of October 2017, but no one really heard of it until February 2018 when their threads appeared on major investment forums and new plans added to the original 0.5% for 100 days with principal back on expiry plan (still active and on default plan in the member’s area to be avoided, so be careful about that). The admin of IntelligentInvestment has since changed its design for the better and added a much more lucrative set of daily paying investment plans also returning principal on expiry. These include 5% for 21 days, 5.5% for 27 days, 6% for 35 days, 7% for 45 days, and 9% for 51 days, while only the first of them is available for smaller investors with $10+ deposits which can be made via PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, BitCoin, or LiteCoin. Withdrawals are promised to be processed instantly (in rare cases they might take up to 36 hours to be processed in manual mode), although I will be able to confirm it only tomorrow when the status of IntelligentInvestment is hopefully going to be changed to Paying. At the moment, I would not recommend investing in any other plans paying once on expiry as being either too risky or requiring too large a minimum amount to invest (or more often, both) – 1,000% after 5 days, 1,500% after 10 days, 280%-3,000% after 30 days, 600% after 50 days, 1,600% after 120 days. I still intend to cover all the available offers from IntelligentInvestment in the upcoming review which I plan to publish on Tuesday, after testing its withdrawal system and looking more closely at the other features.

At the moment I can tell you that an average investor shouldn’t have any troubles when browsing the website or making deposits or withdrawals, as IntelligentInvestment is running off a licensed GoldCoders script. The site is secured pretty well featuring the EV SSL-certificate from Comodo and being hosted on a dedicated server with the support and protection by AntiDdos Highload Systems. The IntelligentInvestment website is well designed and user friendly featuring a UK based certificate of incorporation on display and a professional video presentation outlining the main features the link to which can be also found on the MNO monitor under the tag Video. There is lots of text information on the website which some newbies might find useful and even some regular trading reports discussing the latest success on Forex markets posted in the News section of the site. The latest of them is re-posted below, just to give you an idea of how good the writers IntelligentInvestment have at their disposal. More can be read in the upcoming review next week:

Dear ladies and gentlemen, dear investors and visitors
In present time our firm is actively and successfully evolving, increasing the number of trading options and instruments, applying new products and advanced technology, moving forward with the help of constant cooperation with its partners and clients. Almost all financial instruments showed profitability this week. The only direction that did not please with its results was the cryptocurrency market.
We would like to briefly elaborate on the AUD/USD currency pair which is one of the most commonly traded pairs on the forex market. On Monday the 2nd of April, at the beginning of the bullish trend our traders opened positions and made several purchase orders at the level of 0.7667. Then, a little later, we made sales at the level of 0.7697 that has allowed extracting 30% of profit. At the time of writing this news, AUD/USD is trading at 0.7702, the instrument is moving below Ichimoku Cloud, which means that it may continue falling. The markets could indicate that the price may test the downside border of the cloud at 0.7710 and then continue moving downwards to reach 0.7610. And, as you can see, we have been able to catch an excellent movement and benefit from this. Trade in the stock market was also positive and our team will continue to work hard to provide a stable income for our esteemed investors and the company.


As we look forward to reviewing a new program on my monitor, it’s time also now to look back on the year so far in the HYIP industry and see how things have went for you during the first three months. With January, February, and March now all behind us that completes the first “financial quarter” as it were, not that many people in the HYIP industry think along those lines. After a generally successful 2017 which ended of course with the usual predictable slump that always occurs in the weeks preceding Christmas, it’s fair to say that expectations for 2018 were generally high. But is that how things have worked out for you so far? Unfortunately for a lot of investors the answer was a bit of a let-down. The question posted for readers in the last opinion poll on the MNO TalkBack page was:
How was the first quarter of 2018 for you in the HYIP industry?

Results were mixed, but ultimately disappointing. The single biggest and consequently most worrying reply was “I have lost money” which accounted for 43% of the votes. 29% of you are not quite so deep in crisis, but still could only vote “I’m probably just breaking even”, which isn’t bad considering the turbulent times facing the industry at the moment but honestly nothing to be excited about either. The remaining votes were split evenly between the remaining two options, with 14% of those who took part saying “I have made a good profit” and 14% saying “I made some profit but expected more”. Congratulations if you fell into the last two groups, you’re in an enviable minority at the moment.

So why is it so hard to profit, and why now at this particular time? Well, we can all speculate, there’s never really any one definitive answer to these things, it’s just happenstance. But one factor I think we could probably all agree that’s having a negative impact on the industry now is the crisis in the payment systems, namely BitCoin (market economics related) and Payza (related to legal issues). In just three months we’ve seen 65% wiped off the value of BitCoin compared to December values, crashing from $20,000 per BTC then to levels floating from $6,000 to $7,000 now. I guess that just goes to demonstrate how many BitCoin transactions were just acts of pure speculation and how few were actual purchases. Anyway, with the value dropping faster and by bigger values than a lot of HYIPs were paying, investments became less and less attractive as in real terms your “profits” paid in BitCoin turned out to be worth less than your initial principal. That bubble was always going to burst eventually, hopefully now we will see some stability.

The other big event of course was the seizure of the Payza domain by US federal authorities and the arrest of its joint founder and CEO who faces a 25 year maximum prison term if convicted. And while Payza itself wasn’t hugely popular in the HYIP industry towards the end, it did serve as a major conduit particularly for US based investors for BitCoin/cash exchanges and investing money indirectly in the HYIP industry. Despite still putting on a feeble charade that everything will return to normal after what they describe as “restructuring”. On the face of things it looks as if operations are continuing as normal on their new .eu domain (.com have been seized by the law) but take a closer look and we see that it’s actually been a couple of weeks now since anyone was allowed to make a successful withdrawal. Information is promised, but never delivered.

So, that brings me on to the topic for the next question I want to run on the MNO TalkBalk page. What do you think is going to happen next? Because the individuals behind Payza go back several years in the online payments business, not necessarily as Payza all the time but they’ve been around in one form or another. In its original incarnation we can trace them back a whopping 14 years to the establishment of AlertPay in 2004, older than even MNO by two years. Later they became EgoPay which they ran simultaneously with the consequently rebranded Payza. So do you think this history all comes to an end with the founder’s (some would say long overdue!) arrest? Or is this just too big of a hydra now for the imprisonment of one person (for the moment!) to take down?

The exact question therefore is as follows: What will happen next in Payza?

Possible answers are:
1) They are finished completely and won’t come back
2) They will drop the Payza name and launch another processor
3) Payza will restructure and run without US members

As always thanks in advance to everyone who takes the time and effort to cast a vote. The poll will run on the MNO TalkBack page here, and for your convenience will stay open for approximately another week or so. Long enough so that anyone who wants to vote has ample time to do so. Remember that voting is completely anonymous and untraceable, and it only takes literally a second to participate.


Have you ever thought of investing in cryptocurrencies as a supplement to your own income? Judging by the current mostly downward spiral in the whole cryptocurrency world nowadays less and less people treat it as a safe way to make money. More were burnt by believing all sorts of expert predictions of almost uncontrollable growth of cryptocurrencies (mostly we talk of BitCoin of course) to astronomical heights. Yes, such explosive growth did happen throughout 2017 by the end of which the price of BitCoin has reached $20K (that’s about twenty times higher than at the start of 2017), along with many others also having hit new record highs. They have all rebound to the previous levels within a few weeks and one BitCoin is currently worth about 6K to 7K, much lower than when it was on its peak, but still higher than a year ago. The question is – would it be wise at the moment to consider investing in BitCoin and other cryptocurrencies once again in hope of future possibly even higher levels. That question is worth a million dollars, but the administration of Octoin (reviewed here) that is currently working exclusively with their own cryptocurrency OctoinCoin (OCC) has tried its best to answer it in the article re-posted below. And in my opinion, the article is brilliant and well worth reading for sure, especially if the idea of investing in cryptocurrencies seems enticing enough to you and you’re a newbie aware of all the risks but also potential rewards it might bring in the end.

While the article itself will certainly give a general idea how the cryptocurrency market works and might even outline some possible bumps on the road to success, I wouldn’t take it as a guide to investing in OctoinCoin itself. And here’s why. Since the official launch of OCC back in January 2018 and then the forcible conversion of members’ Octoin balances into OCC, the currency has lost a whopping 97% of its original value being traded now at about $3 – well below its officially specified price on its launch of $100 per OCC. That’s why Octoin has been demoted to On Hold status on the MNO monitor and is despite payments still being paid to investors and you can freely exchange OCC to other currencies. The fact that the original members of Octoin have possibly lost 97% of their investment seems too unappealing to even consider investing in Octoin at the moment by purchasing the OCC cryptocurrency. However at the same time you should consider that most possibly it has reached its bottom and the next step will only be up. Otherwise, the OCC currency will simply reach a negligible value and be totally forgotten by investors unable to compete with the more popular names on the market. At least that is what is going to happen if the administration of Octoin isn’t going to do anything to revive interest in buying OCC and realizing this there are more webinars held lately. Education of new cryptocurrency investors is of utmost importance of course, but what would make Octoin‘s administration think that OCC is such a great investment opportunity after all, seeing how they treated their previous investors? Do you really want to trust your money to them once more? The mostly downward trend of the OCC cryptocurrency over the last few weeks show us exactly the opposite, and I would be very surprised if all those webinars, links to which are posted below, will make OCC popular in the short term period. I wouldn’t exclude a rise in value at some point, but I guess that will depend more on the general cryptocurrency market conditions rather than on their own efforts to win back the confidence of investors whose trust they have already betrayed once:

Investing in cryptocurrencies: how, when and how much?
During the anticipation of the New Year 2018 and immediately after it, we observed a strong drop in both Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in this new and large-scale market. In this connection, the question arises whether it is worth investing in this sphere? If it worth, then how much to invest? All this will be discussed in this article.
To start with, it is worth remembering that investing is always a relatively risky business. Investing in purchasing the cryptocurrency is even more risky. Therefore, when you are investing money in anything it is always worthwhile to have some other safety funds or deposit that will insure your stable financial situation. These funds are not for investing, they should help you live normal life for several months in case you will need it. First, even if your investments prove to be unsuccessful, you will remain paying your usual expenses from the safety funds and will not have to use any borrowed funds (loans). Secondly, it can happen that you will urgently need some money and in order not to sell your assets, you will be able to use your safety funds or deposit.
So, we have put some money aside and we are finally ready to start investing. Now the main question is: how much and where to invest? First of all, your passion and love of risk plays a role, as well as the goals you want to achieve. Do you just want to save money or to increase it? When we compose our investment portfolio, we constantly keep in mind these factors. The most common types of investments do not require you to have millions: shares, ETF shares, bonds, deposits in the bank.
Since the cryptocurrency is still a risky asset, they are most often given no more than 20% of all investments. It is important to observe the main rule of a good investor: not to panic and not to sell assets at lower price than you bought them for. The experience of the 2008 crisis shows that even if the shares fall almost to zero, they still grow afterwards (there will be the same situation at cryptocurrencies too).
Now, if you have some financial security fund and you are willing to risk a certain amount for the sake of potentially big profits, then you can invest in cryptocurrency.
How to do it? There are two ways: active and passive investment.
In the first case, you will constantly decide what kind of asset to go to (to buy), and from which asset to go out (to sell) in order to get a profit. The main goal of active trading is to show results better than the average on the market and to recoup the invested money, nerves and time. Typically, this type of investment is a full-fledged work, but some people engage in “semi-active” trading, combining it with other activities and making fewer deals.
With a passive approach, you also decide how much and in what cryptocurrencies to invest, but this time keep them until the moment when they can be profitable to sell. The main advantage of this method of investing is a small waste of time and nerves. However, while doing this, you give up the glory of a genius who steadily overplays other players on the market and constantly increases the deposit.
It is worth noting that both methods are suitable for investing in OctoinCoin. Its volatility makes it possible to engage in active trading. Its high reliability and liquidity allows long-term investments in this cryptocurrency, without fear of losing your savings.

Speaker Mr. Li Youqian of China will hold a webinar on April 4th!
We invite everyone!
We are pleased to announce webinars for everyone who knows about octoin China. It will be held on April 4th at 8pm (UTC + 8 Beijing time).
The famous speaker from our company Mr. Li Youqian will talk about the complexity of the cooperation with the Octoin platform and provide important suggestions to the project participants. We are committed to communicating and collaborating with all visitors.
If you want to learn something new or ask an interesting question, we will be glad to welcome you to our webinar. Come and invite partners.
Subscribe to our notification to start receiving broadcasts via the link:
We look forward to your visit!
Octoin – Your reliable partner in the encryption world!

Webinars in English resumed! Watch the video report! On 4 April
On 4 April the webinars resumed in English and we are happy to announce the successful completion of one of them. Online translation was very important and useful for all its participants: spectators and the speaker, Kate Grace. April 6, on Friday we plan to repeat such an event.
During this event, Kate, talked about the technology of blockchain, about crypto-currencies and our project Octoin. Also, she showed by her personal example how to use our platform and the OctoinCoin cryptocurrency.
Each visitor had the opportunity to ask any question of interest to him. For us, it is very important feedback and open communication with people who are interested in self-development and improve their prosperity. Please send your questions for the next webinar to our profile in Telegram.
Our leaders from all over the world will continue to work as actively and develop together with us and all the participants of the Octoin! And if you suddenly did not get to this broadcast, then we recommend to watch the video report (https://youtu.be/itFY_skNqQw). And in the video section on our website (https://octoin.com/video/) you will find many other interesting materials.
Octoin – a new era of blockchain!

Training online broadcast – April 6!
Dear participants of the project, we are pleased to announce the continuation of a series of online broadcasts in English specifically for those who can not come to a live meeting. This time it will be held by the speaker Kate Grace. The webinar will be held on the 6th of March (London – 12 pm, Berlin – 13-00 pm, Beijing – 19-00 pm, Jakarta – 18-00 pm, Hanoi -17-00 pm) on YouTube using the link: https://youtu.be/GdGRLQt4Ux0
Kate Grace will talk about the blockchain, crypto-currencies and our project Octoin. Speaker will tell you about the advantages and features of the Octoin project, which will allow you to embark on the path to prosperity and wealth. Everyone can see how our platform works, how OctoinCoin breaks down and deals are made on the p2p exchange. You will learn how you can become successful and earn in this new, promising field.
Even if the speaker misses something – you can always ask him any question in the chat. Communication and feedback are integral parts of our cryptocommunity! We are looking forward to you and your partners!Subscribe to us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/OCC-151896525505566/), Telegram (https://t.me/occ_official) and follow the news!
Octoin – a new era of blockchain!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 72 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: AK47Capital, ETHMine, BitReliabilityMyPrivateBank.
From MNO Standard list: –
From MNO Basic list: WorldMining, Snowbit.

That’s all the news I have on this Saturday night. Thanks for reading MNO, guys, and I hope to see you all on Tuesday when the full review of IntelligentInvestment is going to be posted alongside all the latest events from the biggest programs in the HYIP industry. Remember that MNO is dealing exclusively with the best programs and the high listing prices is what makes my site your number one destination if you’re looking the best of the best. You can do yourself a huge favour by following MNO on Telegram, Facebook, or Twitter for all the latest updates or subscribe here to get regular updates sent directly to your email address. If you ever have any questions regarding the monitored on MNO programs or would like to try advertising your project on the most respected HYIP related resource for elite programs do not hesitate to contact me here or chat with me online on Telegram @mnoblog for a speedier response. See you again next week on MNO – For Money Lovers!

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